Sunday, August 24, 2008

Does The National Review Worry About Selling Magazines? More Huckabee Bashing!!!

I think while I am watching the Dems this week talk about Hope ,Change and free butter and cheese for everyone I will have to start a new category on my blog. The Lopez Files!!! I have lot of entries I could put in that category.

The National Review and their NRO Online Editor in Chief is bashing Huckabee again. I think the Weekly Standard , the other conservative magazine of record, really missed out on a marketing opportunity. Huckabee Supporters Buy the Weekly Standard- We Don't Think You are From Dogpatch!!!!

Anyway this person , who is not a really a Huckabee Supporter, wrote a rational piece on Lopez's latest comment this morning at Huckabee Derangement Syndrome

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Anonymous said...

At first I supported Mike Huckabee but after I found out that he lied about his pro-life history it was a real turn off for me.

Mike assured us that he was pro-life and stated his history supported such postion. However, if you review Mikes spending bills while gov you will notice he did sign of on spending bills which did in fact support abortion.

I noticed you have a very postive view of Mike as I once did but if you dig deeper you have only two choices.

1) You will support mike regardless of the fact I pointed out or...

2) You will review the facts for yourself and begin to oppose any support of Mike for 2012 or any other year.

In short Mike lied.

James H said...

OH goodness I must say this is the first time I have heard this and I have heard a LOT!!!!

What exactly did Hucakbee support or sign?