Friday, August 22, 2008

Obama Not TO Contest Louisiana?

The New Orleans Picyaune has the story at Louisiana not on the radar for Obama

I think this is bad news for Obama really. Even in 2004 the Kerry Folks were thinking for a while Louisiana could be in contention.

If Obama is doing so bad in a state like Louisiana at this stage that is very blue dog democrat how is doing elsewhere with similar demographics and many more electoral votes
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Michael D. said...

I can't blame him; RCP gives McCain a 16 point lead in LA

James H said...

It is kind of frustrating in a way for all the political discussion we have in Louisiana we are sort of not a factor lol

Michael D. said...

True, but this means I don't have to see stupid Obama ads on TV and at LSU football games, as well as not having to worry too much about my vote or having to worry that Louisiana will disgrace itself by adding its votes to the Obama tally.

besides, at this point every swing vote state puts mccain in jeopardy. i'll post about that later today.