Thursday, August 21, 2008

Olympic Star Nastia Liukin Returns TO Dallas- Spends Time With Troops Going to Iraq and Afghanistan At Airport

I bet the troops liked that!!!

In fact it appears there was quite a few males that came to welcome her home. I am sure the Dallas Paper will have pics later. However the Dallas paper has this story they just put up Crowds, cheers welcome Nastia Liukin back from Beijing

A few parts that are fun

She was greeted Thursday afternoon by a crowd that clogged Terminal B at D/FW Airport with at least 200 people more than an hour before her arrival. While much of the crowd consisted of young female gymnasts and fans, there was also a contingent of young men seeking to "congratulate her and give her a big Texas welcome," as 22-year-old Jordan Campbell put it. He hoisted his 20-year-old football-player brother onto his shoulders for a half-hour so he could try to make contact with Miss Liukin.

Someone in the crowd asked if she had a boyfriend. No, she does not - news that elicited many cheers. Flowers and signs welcoming Miss Liukin home were in abundance, including a "Hey, Good Liukin!" sign. .......

Miss Liukin's flight landed shortly after 4 p.m., but she didn't meet her screaming fans until nearly 4:30 as she took time to greet about 150 American soldiers boarding a charter flight on their way back to Iraq and Afghanistan, according to airport spokesman Ken Capps. .....

She's said she's not sure where she'll keep her medals.
"I'm going to probably keep them in my purse for now," she said

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