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Can You Condense The Declaration of Independence in One Tweet?

SISU has

I do declare: Tweeting the Declaration of Independence for fun and profit

The Episcopal Church Wants To Sell You a IRA

In the background of keeping the TEC together is the whole Priest retirement pension fund. This is a quite a big issue for Priests with families that don't want to be left high and dry after contributing for years. It is also the ultimate big hammer that the big TEC office has.

I try to explain this to Catholics but they do not get it. A lot of Catholics talk a big game about married Priests but these are the same folks that expect all the lay folks working in the Church to get paid peanuts. Their only experience with a Priest Pension fund is putting a buck or two in that second collection to help poor old retired Priests that are struggling.


I think this Priest needs to get off their mailing list. See

TOMMY TUBERVILLE Slams His New Football Conference



TOMMY TUBERVILLE SAYS FRANK iS BOTH A WAY OF LIFE AND A NICKNAME FOR FRANCIS. A man who clearly has moved past the giving of damns in his life:

I just don’t think this conference will last long because there’s just too much disparity between all the teams here. I’ve just noticed that – in the SEC, for instance, Vanderbilt makes as much money in the TV contract as Florida. Everyone is good with it, everybody’s on the same page, gets the same amount of votes...Being here for six months, I’ve just kind of noticed there’s just not a lot of camaraderie in this league like you have in the SEC. … It starts with the commissioner. And I think (SEC commissioner) Mike Slive has done a good job. (Former SEC commissioner) Roy Kramer did a good job of building a base where everybody was on the same page. And that just has not happened here in the Big 12. It’s just a matter of time, to be honest with you, unless they get everybody on the same page."

Dan Beebe, Tommy Tuberville. Big 12 media days will be so much fun this year, especially the aforementioned Pelini brothers Shotsfest sponsored by Captain Morgan, Jim Delany, and the online degree programs at Gof**kyourselfBig12 University.

I Don't Understand Why Punters Get No Respect


For some reason people have been having fun with Dooley on his new big USC signee. I don;t get it. Punters are critical . Hidden yardage and stuff.

Update- EDSBS tweets me and says this is also a opportunity to mock Tenn. Ok I am on board with that part :) Still lets give Punters some love!!

Louisiana Catholic Campus Ministry Critical To Young Seminary Student

St Landry's Catholic Blog has a short post here by a guy that has just finished his first year of Seminary for the Diocese of Lafayette. See Bio of our Seminarian this summer, Alex Albert .

Now there might be some confusion because he talks about attending "UL" and of course long time readers of this blog know there IS NO SUCH PLACE. However Our Lady of Wisdom is located at ULL (University of Louisiana Lafayette) and not ULM (University of Louisiana Monroe) so we can deduce he is a Rajin Cajun. :)

Still a nice piece and shows the importance of Campus Ministry on College campuses. I really think the Louisiana Bishops should try to come together and Foster this ministry. Some State wide Parish second collection. Efforts of have various Student leaders of this Catholic Student Centers to go around the State and talk to High School students and their parents their Senior year. Etc

Regardless it is key. How many Vocations (Lay or Religious) have we lost because we have not funded as we should and not put the best dynamic people in these postions?

It is nice to see Wisdom doing something right.

Is Journolist Really Like A Twelve Step Program?

Rod tries to make that argument here. See Save America, make $100K.

I am not exactly buying that argument. I mean what is really the expectation of privacy here. I would have to say zilch at least as to how I think this thing operates.

I mean you got 400 people on a List Serv for goodness sake and no doubt people are copying and pasting and sending in other emails to folks what they found interesting.

59 Years Ago The Pope Became A Priest (Pic)

Georg and Joseph Ratzinger were ordained as priests in the Cathedral of Freising, and would celebrate their first Mass in Traunstein one week later.

Tip of the Hat here.

Someone Is $100,000 Dollars Richer!! Archive of Journolist Now Online

LOL Iowahawk strikes again.

OH My Real Life Meets the Jetsons!! FAA Grants Exemption For Flying Car!!

Terrafugia, Inc., developer of the Transition ® Roadable Aircraft, or "Flying Car", has received an exemption from the FAA to allow the Transition ® a maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) of 1430 pounds (650 kg). This additional weight accommodates the structure and equipment necessary for compliance with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) which are not found in other Light Sport Aircraft. Items such as airbags, an energy absorbing crumple zone, and a protective safety cage will increase safety both on the road and in the air. Exclusively applicable to the Transition ® , the FAA's grant of an additional 110 pounds will allow a competitive useful load while providing a revolutionary level of crash safety in a Light Sport Aircraft. By giving pilots a convenient ground transportation option, the Transition ® reduces the cost, inconvenience, and weather sensitivity of personal aviation.

In addition to the enhanced protection afforded by applying automotive crash safety technology to light planes, the Transition ® reduces the potential for an accident by allowing pilots to drive under bad weather instead of potentially flying into marginal conditions. Classified as a Light Sport Aircraft, the Transition ® requires a Sport Pilot certificate to fly and is designed to drive on public roadways and park in a standard garage. Terrafugia successfully completed flight and drive testing of its Proof of Concept Transition ® in 2009. Refundable airframe reservations are being accepted with first delivery scheduled for late 2011.

White Supreme Court Justices Afraid of Honest Black History? (Justice Thomas Is Justice X)

This is a pretty good piece here on the Thomas Opinion in the recent gun rights case. See In Clarence Thomas's gun rights opinion, race plays a major role

Sadly the piece sort of ends on a sour note with this:
What Thomas has created, however, is a legal defense of the Second Amendment so thoroughly original and starkly race-based that none of the white justices would even acknowledge it, as if it were some blank sheet crafted by an invisible man.
That ought to be a clue enough for black people that this document is at least worth a look. You may not agree with his conclusion, but there'll be no mistake about where he's coming from

Uhh no that is not why they did not "acknowledge it" or deal with it. They did not interact with it because they don't know how exactly they can overturn the Slaughterhouse case of the 1800's and take a quite new radical step in shifting things from the Due Process clause to the P and I clause. However the fact they did not attack it shows in my view:
They know he is right
They might be going in his direction sometimes in the future.

Still a good piece despite that last paragraph.

My the way though the media will not let on to this this is not the first time that Justice Thomas has brought the black American experience to the forefront in his opinions. For that see Meet Supreme Court Justice Clarence X - Clarence Thomas The Black Nationalist!!!

Iranian Anglicans Not Happy Right Now

Who knew there were Anglicans in Iran!! MCJ has PARTY LINE

Of course this is all very related to events occuring in the USA. See COMPLIANTOUSNESS and HEY KIDS!! WHAT TIME IS IT?!! for the latest. Needless to say such actions make the Anglican Christian situation difficult in lands where Islam rules. In fact it at times it has been to used in some vry negative and potentally violent ways.

There is an article that is interesting on him at Interview with Bishop Azad Marshall of Iran. Also see Iran’s New Bishop Installed from a few years back

And here is the Diocese of Iran Anglican Web Site!!

The Vatican Lawyer in the USA Talks About Recent Developments Regarding the U.S. Supreme Court's Actions

Ahh the Vatican's very non silk stocking and interesting lawyer is speaking out on some recent confusion regarding the U.S. Supreme Court . (We saw horrid reporting as usual that added horrid legal reporting to boot).

A good transcript of a interviw here at Vatican Lawyer Jeffrey Lena on Immunity and Responsibility

Catholic Talk About the Christian Legal Society v. Martinez Opinion

First Thoughts has a good post that has a link to Arkes Piece (plus links to other Christian reaction) at More on CLS v. Martinez

Over at Mirrors of Justice Catholic Lawyers for the most part have misgivings. See
The Court gets it wrong on "discrimination", diversity, and speech
Christian Legal Society v. Martinez
Feeding the Perception That the Government Stands in Opposition to People of Faith
The CLS and other student organizations at Hastings
The significance of the CLS case
The Insignificance of the Christian Legal Society Case

I talked about one aspect of it here at Does Justice Kennedy Consider the Creed At Mass A Loyalty Oath (Christian Legal Society V Martinez)

I understand the Opinion itself is "narrow" and perhaps not a lot of new law was made. However I am very much more concerned about some of the dicta the Justices used to get there.

NRA Calls Off Dogs In Kagan Supreme Court Nomination Fight

Dissenting Justice has the link at Conservative Bloggers Claim NRA Issues Gag Order on Kagan

Needless to say this adds to some tension if true in the conservative community. However it does make sense.

I think conservative and republican activists forget that the NRA's main purpose is the protection of gun rights. We are often allied but that is their main focus.

The NRA works with both Democrats and Republicans on the gun issue. In fact partly because of this I think we have seen a sea shift in opinion. Now I think there should be questions asked. However politically it might seem wise not to be seen as just blasting a Democrat President's nominee that is very likely to be nominated.

In other words the political thought of the NRA might be that this form of reaching out might give benefits in the future as the struggle for gun rights are going to be hot as the news cases are applied at the local level. We have no idea who the NRA is talking too but it might not be beyond the realm of possibility that they have discussion with Obama's folks about possible future nominees to the lower court. This is of course where the battle will be fought over the next decade.

So who knows. People can disagree but I can see why the NRA is doing this.

A First look At the The Vatican 's New Head Ecumenical Guy

Big appointment that will hit tomorrow. Needless to say this position will be very important the next few years. Whispers has a look at Bishop Kurt Koch .

Jindal Signs Horrible Election Primary Bill

I like Jindal but he really should have vetoed this. BACK TO THE DARK AGES.

I really have no idea why a Republican Governor would sign this when we are trying to build the GOP in this State.

The HayRide has a good take on this at Jindal Signs Jungle Primary Bill; Edwards-Duke Congressional Races More Likely

Movies To Get You In the Mood For the Fourth Of July For Conservatives and Liberals

American Catholic has their Top Ten!! Where is Red Dawn?

I agree with the number ! 1776 is awesome.

I am hoping for controversy a certain Catholic blog does an alternative list. They might. It is usually the time of year where we have the "Why Are we Celebrating", "Why Do we Have American Flags in Church", "Why are we Singing God Bless America", post.

I will kick start it for them
(1) Anything by Michael Moore
(2) W
(3) Manchurian Candidate (New Version where Greedy Corporation with Republican like looking folks try to take over the Government.)
(4) Reds (This is actually one of my favorite political movies but not for the 4th)
(5) Wall Street (Because of Citizens United)
(6) Three Kings (This is actually a great modern war movie but has fallen out of favor since it implies Liberating Iraqi folks was good back then)
(7) 'Bob Roberts'
(8) "The American President" (Can do West Wing Flim Festival instead)
(9) "Runaway Jury"---(Timely because of the Gun Rights case)
(10) The China Syndrome - The Movie that set back Nuclear Power 20 years but good
(11) Arlington Road (Oh those darn Tea Party Folks)
(12) Norma Rae (Good one)
(13) Wag the Dog

Finally A Hot Looking Real Russian Spy

Wow this is like James Bond. Yes I know "alleged". Whoever her defense attorney is they need to really pay attention to wardrobe when she makes court appearances.

It is like she is Major Anya Amasova (codename "Triple X") from the Spy That Loved Me!!

Heck if she plays her role right she might get the guys at RED STATE feeling sorry for her.

Al Sharpton's Next Great Crusade- GUN RIGHTS?

I found this interesting from the great Civil Rights Fraud guy Al Sharpton. From Instapundit:

AL SHARPTON: 90% OF MY LISTENERS SUPPORT THE SUPREME COURT’S GUN DECISION. “I would say 90% of the calls I received yesterday were in support of the Supreme Court and people say they want to bear guns. They’re tired of the violence and it’s very very interesting. I have had a few on both sides today, but yesterday was overwhelming, it was stunning to me.” Given that disarming black people was one of the main purposes of gun-control laws, it shouldn’t be that surprising.
Some years ago we had a program at my law school where ex-Black Panther Kathleen Cleaver (with whom I went to law school) came to speak. It was heavily attended by Knoxville civil-rights veterans, and I think some of my colleagues were surprised when an elderly black preacher launched into a defense of the Second Amendment and the right to bear arms. I wasn’t

I am not a big Al Sharpton fan. When he was the History Channel's recent series on American History giving comments I wanted to throw up. There is no man that can rip off poor black churches, use victims, and screw up the hard work of good civil rights plaintiff lawyers better than him.

However because of that he has a good nose for what puts a little jingle in his pockets. I touched on this yesterday where I said conservatives need to get serious about repealing laws that do no allow people with non violent past convictions from having guns. I think that is a MAJOR CIVIL RIGHTS issue. You got people that have a few weed convictions or some shoplifting conviction not able to protect themselves. Insanity.

Anyway perhaps Sharpton can be a spokesman for the NRA.

Rescue Mission!!! Pope Benedict Gives Spokane Their New Bishop!!


At Docket's End, Blase of Glory via Whispers.

Also Whispers tells us that at the MOTHER SHIP (The Vatican) there were some significant appointments today. See Out With A Bang.

We Did It!!! SEC SEC!!! Congrats South Carolina!! Wins College Baseball National Championship

SEC getting it two years in a row!! Congrats for USC. THis is huge for the entire Cocks nation and not just their seance doing baseball team. Ahh hopefully LSU will be back in Omaha next year

The LA Times has South Carolina defeats UCLA, 2-1, for baseball title -Bruins are denied their first championship in the sport as Gamecocks rally in the eighth to tie and win it in the 11th.

SI has
South Carolina makes its own history in final CWS at Rosenblatt (great article)

ESPN has Gamecocks close Blatt with classic

USA Today has South Carolina's baseball championship a matter of team play

Unlikely champ supplies Rosenblatt send-off-Yahoo! Sports -

South Carolina says 'Bat's all, folks Yahoo! Sports

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Kagan , Justice Alito, Banning Books , And Women In High Heels!!

Another Supreme Court Post!

I am not thrilled with the Kagan nomination. She would be like my last choice.

But as a certain Senator from South Carolina says election have consequences and unless we conservatives can catch her in bed with a live teenage underage girl or dead boy in the next few weeks she is getting nominated. That is the facts of life.

Now I do understand that this is a important time and conservatives use these hearings (like the liberals) to give the public a judicial education and oh raise a lot of money sending out flyers how the Republic will stand or fall because of this nomination. So good grief please send 25 dollars NOW!!!

I also understand this is a contact sport!! That being said fair is fair So I am coming in the defense of Kagan here.

There is video/audio circulating around see via American Catholic Elena Kagan Says It Is Fine If The Law Bans Books and The Anchoress It’s FINE if law bans books – UPDATED

This is like on a million sites right now and going out in MILLIONS of emails no doubt.

The comments at the Anchoress (which I think has a conservative crowd) are generally pretty good . There are some that make the obvious argument "Heck lawyers represent folks she is representing you because your Congress passed this legislature and sometimes well the argument is just going to suck" It happens. Sometimes there is no alternative than the sucky argument.

This happens a good bit at the Supreme Court where the Justices can make the most seasoned legal minds look like they have never represented anyone in parking ticket case after they are thought with them. (For the record actually winning a Parking Ticket or Speeding Ticket case is pretty hard if not next to impossible so perhaps we shoudl retire that tired ole example)

That being said I don't think it is really fair to say that Kagen REALLY thinks banning books is a good idea. She had to go where the Judges hypos took her and well at times you get that sinking feeling as to argue back.

I left this comment at the Anchoress (I have edited some for Clarity oh and I keep wanting to spell her name KAGEN which is incorrect. Got to break that habit):

Returning to the issue at hand let me give a apt example of where this came up this past term. A issue where Justice Alito and Kagan were on the same page. In fact Alito was the only dissenting Justice.

The issue was Crush videos. Crush videos are for people that have a particular sexual fetish. That is watching women wearing high heels kill small animals with their shoes.

The Case was U.S. V Stevens and Slate does a good and fun job of looking at the case and arguements here

Now in reality we are dealing with the same issues. The Statute was seen as overbroad!! Justice Roberts and other Justice (minus Alito) were having fits.

Kagen like here had to fall back on the ole trust us prosecutors would never files charges against someone that perhaps had filmed video that showed the killing of animals that had some legitmate value.

Roberts in one of his best quotes of the term said:
“Not to worry, the Government says: The Executive Branch construes §48 to reach only “extreme” cruelty, and it “neither has brought nor will bring a prosecution for anything less,” The Government hits this theme hard, invoking its prosecutorial discretion several times. But the First Amendment protects against the Government; it does not leave us at the mercy of noblesse oblige. We would not uphold an unconstitutional statute merely because the Government promised to use it responsibly.”

Now I largely agree with that sentiment by Roberts .

However , Alito did not like seeing Kittens getting crushed by women in High heels and fully thought we could trust the Govt to act in a responsible manner.

In other words he agreed with Kagan who had to fall back on that old line of defense that the GOVT would not do that and in fact if it did would not succeed in all these hypos that Roberts and Scalia and Stevens were doing all over the place .

Now I know people get upset about images of banning books but in reality for the issues involved the Law that was discussed and the Crush videos are involving the same principles and arguments. Both in the Courts view involve statutes and implications of other statutes that perhaps are over broad.

Now I highly suspect that many people APPALLED at Kagan comments on books perhaps were singing a different tune when Kagen went it is outrageous to think the prosecutors would arrest people that do hunting videos when all they want to do is help save Alito's kittens from performers in high heels.

How silly!!! What does this have to do with the first amendment.

Needless to say I did not see a lot of post on FILM BANNING ALITO and his threat to our liberties.

Well I am glad we did not because that would have been overboard.

Well it is all the from one’s viewpoint. So just like I don’t think Alito’s dissent was “unethical” because in a proposed hypo his view of the world if enacted MIGHT somewhere down the line could have been used to ban permitted speech I then have time seeing how Kagan’s is unethical here or there

So while entertaining conservatives , and I agree I like the theatre of it, this is going nowhere. We would be better off staking out her house waiting for the live girl or dead boy to show up than waste our time with this.

If Conservatives Want Gun Rights To Prevail.......

They are really going to have to think about some attitudes making it crime for people with a wide variety of misdemeanors and non violent felonies of possessing a firearm.

We can't talk about in one breath it being a Fundamental Liberty and then in the next breath taking that right away when the offense that people have been convicted of offenses that has LITTLE relation to violence or gun violence.

Pope Benedict Homily - Being Connected to the See of Peter Brings Freedom!!

The Pope gave a rather nice homily at the big ole pallium Mass that of course occurs on the Feast Peter and Paul. See pics of the American Archbishops getting their palliums by the pope here at "A Bond of Love, An Incentive to Courage"

The Homily is as usual rather good and the Pope hits on various subject. Whispers has it at "The Guarantee of Freedom"

This part is interesting and indeed seems relevant to current events.

The theme of the freedom of the Church, guaranteed by Christ to Peter, also has a specific relevance to the rite of the imposition of the pallium, which we renew today for thirty-eight metropolitan archbishops, to whom I address my most cordial greeting, extending with it affection to all who have wanted to accompany them on this pilgrimage. Communion with Peter and his successors, in fact, is the guarantee of freedom for the Church's Pastors and the Communities entrusted to them. It is highlighted on both levels in the aforementioned reflections.

Historically, union with the Apostolic See, ensures the particular Churches and Episcopal Conferences freedom with respect to local, national or supranational powers, that can sometimes hinder the mission of the ecclesial Church. Furthermore, and most essentially, the Petrine ministry is a guarantee of freedom in the sense of full adherence to truth and authentic tradition, so that the People of God may be preserved from mistakes concerning faith and morals. Hence the fact that each year the new Metropolitans come to Rome to receive the pallium from the hands of the Pope, must be understood in its proper meaning, as a gesture of communion, and the issue of freedom of the Church gives us a particularly important key for interpretation. This is evident in the case of churches marked by persecution, or subject to political interference or other hardships. But this is no less relevant in the case of communities that suffer the influence of misleading doctrines or ideological tendencies and practices contrary to the Gospel. Thus the pallium becomes, in this sense, a pledge of freedom, similar to the "yoke" of Jesus, that He invites us to take up, each on their shoulders (Mt 11:29-30). While demanding, the commandment of Christ is "sweet and light" and instead of weighing down on the bearer, it lifts him up, thus the bond with the Apostolic See – while challenging – sustains the Pastor and the portion of the Church entrusted to his care, making them freer and stronger.

Does Justice Kennedy Consider the Creed At Mass A Loyalty Oath (Christian Legal Society V Martinez)

I will post about this disturbing case in much more detail later on today. However I wanted to pointed out one of the most annoying features of the Court Opinion. That is Kennedy's concurrence. Kennedy at times has been at times criticized by both the left and right in letting his wild verbiage get out of control. I have to admit this is the case here. This is not the only strange thing he said but it is the most striking.

The case above dealt with a group that mandated that members and leadership belief and attempt to live up to a statement of official belief to a part of the association. That is to more specific they require members and officers to sign a "Statement of Faith" and to conduct their lives in accord with prescribed principles . This statement reads:

The Statement of Faith provides on must agree too:

"Trusting in Jesus Christ as my Savior, I believe in:

One God, eternally existent in three persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
God the Father Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth.
The Deity of our Lord, Jesus Christ, God’s only Son conceived of theHoly Spirit, born of the virgin Mary;
His vicarious death for our sins through which we receive eternal life;
His bodily resurrection and personal return.

The presence and power of the Holy Spirit in the work of regeneration.
The Bible as the inspired Word of God."

Sounds pretty creed like to me!!!

In the Society's brief they stated:

The chapter’s constitution also sets forth guiding principles for the chapter and those who publicly associate with it. “Officers must exemplify the highest standards of morality as set forth in Scripture” in order “that their profession of Christian faith is credible.” Id. at 102a-103a. Officers also must “abstain from ‘acts of the sinful nature,’ including those in Galatians 5:19-21; Exodus 20; Matthew 15:19; Romans 1:27; 1 Corinthians 6:9-10.” Ibid.1

To confirm its position amid contemporary religious controversies regarding sexuality, national CLS adopted a resolution in March 2004, which explains: “In view of the clear dictates of Scripture, unrepentant participation in or advocacy of a sexually immoral lifestyle is inconsistent with an affirmation of the Statement of Faith, and consequently may be regarded by CLS as disqualifying such an individual from CLS membership.” J.A. 146. The resolution applies to “all acts of sexual conduct outside of God’s design for marriage between one man and one woman, which acts include fornication, adultery, and homosexual conduct.” Ibid.
This policy applies to heterosexual as well as homosexual conduct. Nationwide, CLS has only once had to expel a member for beliefs inconsistent with the Statement of Faith, and it is unaware of any homosexual person being expelled from any chapter. J.A. 232.

So what does the CATHOLIC Justice Kennedy that no doubt (well we hope) says the Creed, recites his Baptism promises one a year, etc etc say? On page 48 of the Opinion:

The school’s objectives thus might not be well served if, as a condition to membership or participation in a group, students were required to avow particular personal beliefs or to disclose private, off-campus behavior. Students whose views are in the minority at the school would likely fare worse in that regime. Indeed, were those sorts of requirements to become prevalent, it might undermine the principle that in a university community—and in a law school community specifically—speech is deemed persuasive based on its substance, not the identity of the speaker. The era of loyalty oaths is behind us. A school quite properly may conclude that allowing an oath or belief-affirming requirement, or an outside conduct requirement, could be divisive for student relations and inconsistent with the basic concept that a view’s validity should be tested through free and open discussion. The school’s policy therefore represents a permissible effort to preserve the value of its forum.

So creeds matters are now akin to Loyalty Oaths that can be well discriminated against. I find this breathtaking especially coming from a Catholic Justice. Needless to say Knights of Columbus Chapters on College campuses could be booted as well. Disturbing.

Supreme Court Thinks All Gay Folks Out Of Control Sex Machines (

I have just finished reading for the first time through Christian Legal Society v. Hastings College of the Law which is a incredibly mixed up case on several levels.

I will have more of a overview on this tomorrow but for those that read it a question. It appears that the Christian Legal Society had a rule that said it members must adhere to and believe to the "concept" that human sexuality was to take place between a man and woman under the sacrament/contract of marriage. I see nothing in their by laws saying people that same sex attraction or inclinations cannot join.


However does it? I was reading the Catholic Bishops Friend of the Court brief they filed and they made the pretty obvious point that this "discriminates against both heterosexuals and all others with degrees of same sex attraction. In other words if you straight and not married you better be going around advocating FREE love, living together and having sexual relations, etc ,etc.

In other words both the straights and the gays that were not married (in the Christian way of course) better be celibate.

Why is the Court making the jump here? Am I missing something.

Let us say at Hastings Law a Catholic chapter of Courage wanted to form on campus. Courage is group for people that have some level of same sex attractions or are gay. They help men and women live chaste lives. Would this be allowed to form or is the Court saying THEY ARE GAY THEY CAN'T HELP YOURSELVES so of course you have to admit sexually active gay folks that ignore the prime teachings of your support group !!

Update- I am aware on stipulation issue that Ginsburg brings up and Alito responds too.. More on all this later. I am not so sure this opinion is as narrow as some are saying. More after I get some sleep and read it again.

Update II- I have not my full post on the opinion but I have added another thought here at Does Justice Kennedy Consider the Creed At Mass A Loyalty Oath (Christian Legal Society V Martinez)

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Going to Have A LotTo Say On the Gun Case

Later!!! I just finished reading McDonald. I will focus a lot on Thomas's concurrence which might be his most important concurrence ever.

Plus a look at the complicated Christian Legal Society case

A Felon Becomes A Priest (And We are Glad)

This is quite a story. People might recall the reporting of wreck and deaths when it happned. It struck me as so tragic. I had no idea things were occuring to give this story another sort of ending than I imagined.

Get Religion has A priest’s rocky road to forgiveness

Congressman Flemming Gets Another Opponent (A Methodist Pastor)

and the brother in law of Former Governor Buddy Roemer!!

My Bossier has the details at Methodist Minister plans to run for congress . Interesting.

A Supreme Court Action Affects the Vatican

Slightly Bad Reporting here

US Supreme Court deals pedophilia blow for Vatican
(AFP) – 1 hour ago
WASHINGTON — The US Supreme Court declined Monday to hear an appeal by the Vatican in a landmark case that opens the way for priests in the United States to stand trial for pedophilia.
Allowing a federal appeals court ruling to stand, the decision means Vatican officials including theoretically Pope Benedict XVI could face questioning under oath related to a litany of child sex abuse cases.

The Supreme Court effectively confirmed the decision of an appellate court to lift the Vatican's immunity in the case of an alleged pedophile priest in the northwestern state of Oregon.
The Oregon case, which was filed in 2002, does not directly address questions raised in a separate lawsuit in Kentucky alleging that US bishops are employees of the Holy See.
In recent months, large-scale pedophilia scandals have rocked the Roman Catholic Church in a number of countries, including Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Pope Benedict XVI's native Germany and the United States.

Senior clerics have been accused of protecting the priests involved by moving them to other parishes -- where they sometimes offended again -- instead of handing them over to civil authorities for prosecution.

The pope, who has himself faced allegations he covered up the scandal, has repeatedly said priests and religious workers guilty of child abuse should answer for their crimes in courts of law.
Copyright © 2010 AFP. All rights reserved

First off unless I missed something Priests have been on trial for some time for sexual abuse. This is nothing new.

Further I am not sure I would be using the word "confirm" here. We have these suits all over the place and by not taking a case it does not mean the Supreme Court is agreeing with the Circuit Court. They very much could be waiting to see if there is a split in the circuits and then take it up if they wished. It is of some significance no doubt but the reporting is a tad misleading here.

The Kentucky case is one to watch though.

Saints Not Going To the White House Because Owner Hates Obama?

I find this "Theory" very very very doubtful. It is New Orleans for goodness sake and Benson does business and entertains with some of the biggest liberals in the State and the city.

Catholic Men Returning to the Rosary

A nice article done by a secular paper. See Catholic men find spiritual sustenance in rosary

Tip of the Hat to Spirit Daily

Former MTV Real World Contestant Likely To Win GOP Nomination in U.S. House Race

Wow this is cool. Althouse has the link at Wisconsin's Sean Duffy — "a lumberjack athlete who has been both a county district attorney and a star of MTV's 'Real World'... trying hard to become the next Scott Brown."

UK Appoints Rude Colorful Catholic Convert to Be Envoy To the Holy See-

This woman sounds great :)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Perhaps The Media Needs To Talk To the U.S. Envoy To the Vatican (Religious Freedom Versus Freedom of Worship)

I have noted this slightly disturbing change in language from the State Department and the Obama administration for months. Now it appears the Washington Post is fleshing out the possible underpinnings of it. Get Religion has a good post on this at Got news? Religious freedom edition.

I suspect the Vatican Sec of State is noticing it too. It would seem that the media would be interested in hearing the thoughts of our Envoy to the Vatican on this matter. Has their been a policy shift. It would seem because of his unique position he might have some insight.

Big Day For the Supreme Court Tomorrow!!

Or today if you are reading this on Monday.

SCOTUSblog live-blogs the Supreme Court’s handing down its opinions, and provides both the results and the links to the full opinions pretty much as soon as they are available. This coming Monday, the Court should be handing down opinions in four cases dealing with very significant issue — whether business methods are patentable (Bilski), whether the Second Amendment applies to state and local governments via the Fourteenth Amendment (McDonald), whether the appointment procedure for members of the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board is constitutional (Free Enterprise Fund), and whether public universities may apply their antidiscrimination rules (including bans on discrimination based on religion and sexual orientation) to the officers of religious student groups (Christian Legal Society).

Of major news and blog interest will be the gun rights case and the Christian Legal Society case.

However one of the more important ones that could have huge effect will be the Bilski case. There are many software folks that are watching that case very very closely!!!

The smart on the gun rights is that the second amendment will be "incorporated" somehow against the States and local Govt. The real question that is of interest to many conservatives and in fact has divided them is how.

Husband of Justice Ginsburg Has Died

Ah sad. Here is the Court's statement. See

Marty Ginsburg Has Died

I actually met him once when he was with Justice Ginsburg when she came to LSU. He and the Justice was at a Senior tradition call Hat and Canes where you basically wore a top hat had a cane and drank mimosas.

I also recall that day because it was raining cats and dogs and LSU football got beat by Alabama in football.

Belgium Raids On the Catholic Church Producing Outrage In Many Corners

I expect we shall hear a lot more about this here in the USA this week.

Whispers has a good overview here at

In Belgium, the Church Raided

"Surpising and Deplorable": B16 Slams Belgian Raids

Also on this page there are another of European Articles that have been translated.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

U.S. Embassy to the Holy See Holds Louisiana Night!!

Looks like a fun evet that was held last month. By the way looking at the background of the pic it appears the Embassy "lifted one of the ULL Campus Ministry T Shirts.

The Weekly Standard Article on Glenn Beck and the Tea Party Is Fair

There has been a slight dust up btween the Weekly Standard and Glenn Beck this week over an article that the WS wrote.

As in many cases involving Beck I am not sure if he really outraged or just wanting too look outraged so he can gin up ratings numbers.

I thought the piece was well thought out ( in fact it praises Beck a good bit). It appears other conservatives agree. See Of Beck and the Birchers via The Corner.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority Chairman Blasts Federal Efforts On Protecting Coast From Oil SPill !!!


Gosh this looks bad

See CPRA Chairman Graves Blasts Inept Feds On Sand-Berm Kibosh via the Hayride

A Special NBA Player ,Humanitarian and Political Activist Dies (Manute Bol)

Not sure how much ESPN or the mainstream press carried the story of this great man. Get Religion has a lot on this at Manute Bol: Tall tower of faith

SEC SEC SEC!! We Did It!! We Won Wimbledon! (Well Not Yet) (Pic)

John Isner sporting a #UGA shirt on ESPN after his historic win at Wimbledon
Well not yet but it feels like it after watching that one match :)
We do know one thing SEC > FRANCE

Lawyers Through Their Typos Show Their Desire to Be Free!!!

In a very interesting case the Supreme Court decided , that I might or might not blog about later, Law Prof Althouse gives me a laugh.

At 7 new Supreme Court cases — including a win for Jeffrey Skilling.

.....SCOTUSblog falls prey to the statue-for-statute typo. I picture a ghostly statuesque demon that swipes at the hands of anyone trying to write statute. We all know how to write statute, and lawyers and lawprofs have far more occasions to type the word statute, but something drags us to statue. Perhaps it isn't anything supernatural, but a desire to escape from the legal structure we've imposed on our lives and to experience the freedom and beauty of art. No, no, not another statute! I would prefer a statue!

But of the subject of imposed confining structures: Will Jeffrey Skilling, the Fiend of that Terrible Corporation Known as ENRON, break free of the iron grip of federal prison? From the opinion (linked above):...........

Judge That Overturned Oil Drilling Moratorium Getting Death Threats

See Judge Faces Death Threats After BP Gulf Oil Drilling Moratorium Ruling

It Appears Boycott BP Movements Are Counterproductive!

I actually have been saying that for some time. I KNOW NOT POPULAR.
From King Instapudit

UNEXPECTEDLY! ‘Reasonably high’ chance BP files for bankruptcy.
There is a reasonably high chance that BP could file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the next few years, or even months, and the result would be an “absolute horror” for the government, according to a bankruptcy expert.
Peter S. Kaufman, the President of investment bank Gordian Group and head of the firm’s Restructuring and Distressed M&A practice, told me that if he had BP’s ear, “I’d advise them to explore the option of bankruptcy.” If he had the government’s ear, he’d tell them to stop berating the company
to the point where BP would find it appealing to use bankruptcy to limit its liabilities.
Berating is what they do best.
Posted by Glenn Reynolds at 8:38 am

Expelled From Catholic School In the 11th Grade To Priesthood in 2010

A cool vocation story from Arkansas. See As faith deepened, so did Sharbaugh's call

Amazing - Harvard Grad and Future Catholic Novice Gives Her Salutatory Address in Latin (VID)

Wow this is really cool. The Anchoress has the vid, and the translation here at Mary Anne Marks, Harvard ’10

Catholic Dissident Father McBrien Gives List of Favorite American Catholic Bishops!! (Ex Louisiana Bishop Makes the List)

Oh boy Father Z has a great post on this with the infamous list at Richard McBrien’s favorite bishops! Make popcorn.

Father Z makes a good observation why Pope John Paul the II had to move slowly in appointing lets say Orthodox Bishops.

Father McBrien though seems not to be pleased with John Paul the II and needless to say Pope Benedict's choices:

McBrien says that the bishops appointed by Pope Benedict, and John Paul before him are "ciphers at best, hopeless reactionaries at worst".

Well there!! I am amazed McBrien named Weakland even after we have discovered everything we wished we did not know about Weakland puts him on the list. As the Lazy Disciple notes:

Rembert Weakland? The disgraced homosexual embezzler of archdiocesan funds? I really don't begrudge anyone the right to a political agenda - even an ecclesiastical one: but, geez! Has Fr. McBrien entirely abandoned even the most basic tenets of human decency? .

Father Mcbrien gives this note according to Father Z:

He adds a caveat: perhaps from his "innocence or ignorance" he might have included a bishop who didn’t belong… in other words a bishop who was perhaps not liberal enough.

I don't know every Bishop on this list but I recognize enough to see many were unqualified disasters.

However let me examine one. He only names one Louisiana Bishop. That Bishop was mine. His name was William Friend. So since I knew him the best a few observations.

William Friend was until recently the first Bishop of the one of the more younger Dioceses in the nation. That is the Diocese of Shreveport.

The Diocese of Shreveport was canonically erected on June 16, 1986 when Pope John Paul II split the former diocese of Alexandria-Shreveport into the Diocese of Alexandria and the Diocese of Shreveport. Friend has been appointed Bishop of the Diocese of Alexandria Shreveport in 1982. So a good bit of his time there was spent preparing for the painful split.

In the end Shreveport got William Friend and Alexandria got Bishop Jacobs who is now Bishop of Houma Thibodaux.

Bishop Jacobs in Alexandria had to deal with a very strong Pentecostal presence in his Diocese. Needless to say it helped that Jacobs was a Catholic charismatic so he was a logical fit there. The Diocese of Alexandria while having a somewhat south Louisiana feel in parts of it is in reality like the Diocese Shreveport a very North Louisiana Diocese that is in Protestant land.

It has a current Catholic population of 44,003 out of a population of 387,579 . Over the years the number of vocations in a Diocese that has suffered some of the worse of Louisiana economics bouts has been steady and healthy. In fact over the years compared to its population pretty darn robust. Currently they have 9 Seminarians which for them seems kinda of low but still not bad. For comparison the Diocese of Shreveport has a Catholic Population of 39,951 with a slightly higher overall population basis

First the negative.

In the view of many of us here Alexandria got the much better deal. That can be seen by the very healthy Vocation numbers that occurred during this period and robust growth in certain areas . Something that continues to this day.

Some of us looking back in hindsight wish we have never split.

The situation in the Diocese of Shreveport gets more irritating during Bishop Friend's reign looking at the two other Dioceses that border us. First the youngest Diocese in the United States that being the very small Diocese of Tyler Texas. It was created just months after the Diocese of Shreveport. This Diocese is growing but it is in perhaps the most Baptist areas of Texas. It's Catholic population is not really huge. As of 2007 it had 61,000 Catholics that comprise less than 4 percent of the East Texas population.

Now get this. According to the this report in 2007

The diocese boasts an astounding number of 21 men currently enrolled in seminaries, one who has been accepted as a seminarian and is finishing up his undergraduate work, another who has been accepted as an aspirant, and two transitional deacons active in full-time parish ministry and awaiting ordination to the priesthood.A third transitional deacon, Paul Key, was ordained a priest Sept. 1.In addition to priestly vocations, the diocese has some 40 men nearing ordination to the permanent diaconate and 13 young women beginning a yearlong process of discernment for the religious life. Six young women from East Texas have entered various religious communities over the past couple of years, according to Father Nevares.

It appears the current number for 2010 is 15 seminarians.

This in freakin Baptist East Texas!! If you are just across the border in the Diocese of Shreveport where we had an absolute drought in vocations you don't know whether to laugh or cry. Vocations of course indicate an alive and on fire Catholic community.

This year we saw this

New US bishop was one of nation’s most successful vocation directors
Pope Benedict XVI has named Father Eduardo Nevares, the vice-rector of the Pontifical College Josephinum, as Auxiliary Bishop of Phoenix. Father Nevares served as co-vocations director of the Diocese of Tyler (Texas) from 2001 to 2008.
A 2007 Catholic World Report analysis found that in three of the previous four years, the Diocese of Tyler was one of the nation’s dozen most vocation-rich dioceses– that is, dioceses with the highest ratios of seminarians to Catholics. Father Nevares attributed the diocese’s success in attracting seminarians to Bishop Alvaro Corrada del Rio, SJ., who, he said,
has called all of the pastors to follow the newest directives from Rome concerning the renewal of the liturgy so that our faithful Catholics may enjoy the beauty of the Catholic liturgy in all of its fullness. He has called all of the faithful to be as faithful to their individual vocation . . . Bishop Corrada hopes that this new awareness and love for the truths and beauty of our Catholic faith will lead to a new evangelization . . . showing forth the splendor of truth found in the Catholic Church

Then we look at the the Diocese to the north . That is the Diocese of Little Rock which is basically the whole state of Arkansas. It also has a small Catholic population. It has a population of 122, 842 Catholics out of a total 2009 estimated Arkansas population of 2,889,450 .

As the Stats show they have 27 Seminarians and needless to say a whole much of Deacons. They do things like have Seminarian Signing Days which is pretty cool to go with the traditional College signing days for High School Athletes.

So we see in Dioceses that border the Diocese of Shreveport and share much of the ethos and culture Dioceses that are holding their own in difficult times or just going gangbusters!!

Now like in many Dioceses Catholics have no clue what is going on next door. If you told a Catholic in Shreveport what was happening just down the road in Tyler they their jaw would drop.

Which brings us to the Diocese of Shreveport and Bishop Friend one of McBrien's favorites.

The Positive

Bishop Friend was recently replaced By Bishop Duca. One can already tell a difference in outlook. I for one am thrilled.

Now no doubt Friend was a liberal but he was not a outspoken one. He did not bash the hierarchy or was in the Catholic public square raising the banner of Catholic progressive thought. This was both in the political and theological realm.

Still I think there was tension between him and the more lets say Orthodox voices in the Diocese both as to Priests and laity.

I always like Friend and he was indeed very very smart. He was also a good business manager. There is no doubt that he set the Diocese of Shreveport on a good financial footing. We were also blessed not to have any Catholic Clergy Sexual Abuse scandals and for that we are blessed. Still as a Spiritual leader to his flock? Well he never really struck me as Pastoral. Also it did seem the more Orthodox crowd was on the outs during his tenure. HOWEVER he was not hostile and trust me we could have done far worse. Though we differed on things no doubt he was a good man. There were positives. However it does seem for about 20 years we just stagnant.

Still I am a tad shocked he was McBrien's list because I cannot figure out what exactly made him so outstanding in his eyes. Which goes to show perhaps he was much more progressive behind the scenes than we were aware of at the time.

Regradless I find it fascianting that it appears the Bishops and past Bishops of the Other Dioceses I mentioned did not seem to make McBrien's list. Perhaps they can be thankful for that.

Americans Might Wake Up One Day and Find the Electoral College Has Been Eliminated!!

Ouch!! Perhps the media needs to start covering this. See Attacks on the Electoral College Gain Momentum

Also see How To Win the Presidency. . . with 15 percent of the popular vote.

Will Obama Run As A War President in 2012?

I have said for some time I thought Obama was missing a great opportunity not embracing his Commander in Chief Role. If things get worse I expect him to embrace it more perhaps. See “Obama’s 2012 campaign could be all about war.”

Is It Raining Oil In Louisiana?

This is vid is going aound today.I am skeptical but open. See Raining oil in Louisiana.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

LSU Family Needs Help After Car Accident In South Africa

BATON ROUGE - Tragedy hit the LSU soccer program last week as junior midfielder Kellie Murphy, her brother Brian Murphy and her sister Nicole Murphy were struck by a car in South Africa, where they were attending the 2010 FIFA World Cup with their family. As a result of the accident, Kellie, a rising junior on the LSU soccer team, sustained a mild concussion; Brian, a sophomore at LSU, was left in critical condition in a hospital in South Africa; and Nicole, a medical student, was killed instantly.

The Murphy family is incurring extremely high expenses as they work to bring their injured and deceased children home to Lafayette, where they reside. In particular, there are concerns about health-care and repatriation costs, as it is unclear what will be covered by the family's insurance policy, since they were in another country when the accident took place.

For those who would like to make a contribution to assist the Murphy family, a fund has been set up through Home Bank. The account number for the Murphy Family Support Fund is 2057873802. A check can be dropped off at any Home Bank location (account number must be included) or can be mailed to: Home Bank Account #: 2057873802 Attn: Murphy Family Support Fund P.O. Box 81459 Lafayette, LA 70598

SEC Fans Are Big At Expressing Feelings Through Billboards

Not A Good Day For David Vitter

Never say I try to sugarcoat things when "my side" has a bad day. Vitter ever since the "scandal" has actually had a good run politics wise.

However this might stick some to him. Vitter is going to have to handle this quickly over the next few days. Oh and that picture of the cut. It is not the DWI stuff (no one cares) as to the staffer that will hurt him but the whole KNIFE/ CUT lets put him on women's issues stuff. I mean ouch.

Of course I suppose we shall get some clarity on this soon

It's A Home and Garden Web Site (Catholic Style)

Tip of the hat to Dymphna's Road

Christian Love For the Pedophile

Wel I am not sure how popular this will be to the readers of OSV but it does need to be said. See Untouchables

I think the story touches me because I have been around people that have abused children and it appears they were abused themselves. Many of today's victims quickly become those that are notworthy of any compassion tomorrow it seems. In many ways some get the world's most dreaded STD.

I don't know why this is and it does seem mighty unfair. This is a dark ,mysterious and evil world that we don't have a clue how it operates.

I am not a Catholic Charismatic but there is a Priest I follow on twitter that talks about generational curses and generational healing. See a little on that here. Now I am not sure what I think about all that but he is Priest in good standing here in the US of A.

Now I am not saying that Pedophiles can be "cured" by some charismatic service. Needless to say I think we have learned the hard way that prayer is not the magic cure all here and misguided Christian love wrongly applied seems to have caused a great many evils.. Still I do wonder if it would be helpful.

Regardless a good message from OSV and good for us to recall when enter into conversations on this topic and our justifiable anger and rage morphs into something else.

Can Seventh Day Adventist Have Liturgical Worship

That thought blows my mind since I would have to think it would give them a serious case of the Catholic heebie jeebies .

I uspect a lot of people might not be interested but I have a rather strong Adventist influence in parts of my family so oh well its my blog :)

This former Adventist turned Catholic has some interesting posts he is doing on this. See

Are We Worshipping?
Are We Worshipping? II: Video
Are We Worshipping? III: My Difficulties
Are We Worshipping? IV: Clarifications
Are We Worshipping? V: The Genius of Liturgy
Are We Worshipping? VI: The Vertical Orientation of Liturgy
Are We Worshipping? VII: An Adventist Liturgy

Corporation loving New Orleans Federal Judge Feldman That Is Making War On Environment Is Another Crazy Right Wing Catholic Convert!!

Thankfully I think we can say we shall not see that headline on even the most radical left of Catholic sites. BUT THEY MIGHT BE THINKING IT :)

An interesting Catholic note on the Louisiana Federal Judge in the news. I actually met him years ago but I did not know this

OH and the devious Catholic Scalia. We knew he had to be involved!!

Finally, we ask, who is Martin Feldman, the trial judge who’s on a fast track to prominence or notoriety, depending on your perspective? WSJ’s Dionne Searcey offers some interesting glimpses into the 76-year-old judge.

He is well read and has a literal take on the law, according to lawyers who know him. “It’s no secret he’s a conservative judge,” one plaintiffs’ attorney said. He’s also friends with one Antonin Scalia. And, Searcey reports, several years back he converted from Judaism to Catholicism. Several lawyers said they see Feldman walking down the street to attend a Catholic Church almost daily

Louisiana Returns To Political Insanity- Federal Party Primaries Now Eliminated

Well it was fun while it lasted. I guess we shall go back to the bad ole days in 2 years. What is ironic is I see a lot of people that rant about the two party system (Gop and Dems) thinking this is a good idea. They don't seem to realize that this move is very very counterproductive to them.

Good thoughts on this here

Roger Ebert Talks About His Possible Vocation as A Priest

Ahh Roger Elbert!! He has a interesting and respectful post , not full of his angry rants that sadly we have seen lately on topics a to z, on the Catholic faith of his youth. Safly he lost that faith but who knows he might get it back before the end.

See My vocation as a priest

The Pope Joan Movie Is A Religious Version of Olivers Stone's JFK

That is full of fantasy!!

Get Religion looks at this movie and how the media is covering it at Is it Saint Swithin’s Day Already?

The Injunction Against the Off Shore Oil Moratorium and Jeffrey Toobin's Not So Great Legal Analysis

I am not a big fan of most legal analysts on the cable news shows. I don't care if they are liberal or conservative. Of course most have a liberal slant besides the folks on FOX.

Now I understand thatall these folks have a particular world view. Law Profs are the same way. However in Law school in an effort to educate their students Law Profs on the whole do a good job of playing Devil's Advocate to their students in order to educate. On the cable news not so much which is a shame because that is needed.

Which brings us to CNN's Jeffrey Toobin. I am not a Toobin hater but I have never found him all that brilliant either. I am not sure why he is still around. Perhaps at CNN he is like the furniture you get used to him. I always thought that a good liberal to replace him would be Dahlia Lithwick of Slate. She might be an annoying liberal at times but at the very least she has an ability to explain process in an entertaining way.

Last night the subject was the Federal Judge lifting the moratorium against some kinds of offshore drilling. I so wished I could get a trancript to link.

Now Toobin liked many seemed to be shocked at the outcome. I was not very hopeful it would be overturned but I was not shocked at all!!

Toobin appeared to me to not even had read the opinion by the Judge that he was criticizing left and right. Here is the ruling. Further it seemed to me that he seemed sort of fuzzy on administrative law which seems strange for a Legal analyst covering the Washington scene.

He said the JUDGE looks Activist. What does this Judge know that the Obama's "experts" do not. I suppose in the Toobin world he would just the eliminate the Judicial function the Administrative Procedure Act (APA) gives to the Judicial branch in these cases. The Government just wins all the time I suppose.

What was telling was that Toobin said the Judge was ignoring the Obama administration's own experts!! That is one reason why I don't think he really read the Opinion!!

From the Opinion
If the MMS and the Department truly were incompetentand corrupt, as the intervenors insist, the Court fails to see howthis conclusion supports the government’s position. Indeed, whilethe government makes light of the fact that several of the expertsdisagree with the recommendations in the Report by noting that theydo not disagree with the findings, of greater concern is themisleading text in the Executive Summary that seems to assert that all the experts agree with the Secretary’s recommendation. Thegovernment’s hair-splitting explanation abuses reason, commonsense, and the text at issue.

Rules of thumbs:
Consulting experts is good
Ignoring their advice is bad
Trying to "mislead" the Judge on what the experts said not very good at all.

The real story here is the Dept of Interior and its Lawyers really messed up!! They were sloppy. It might be shocking but something that appears to be of Presidential whim and fiat is not going to pass muster.

Judge Blocks Offshore Drilling Moratorium is a good post at The Volokh Conspiracy where there is a lot of good comments. One comment sums up the Government problem as to the case

Oh? Can you explain why the moratorium is for 6 months and not 7? Why not 12? Why not 20? The MMS didn’t explain why they chose 6 months and none of the documents they considered explained why a 6 month delay is the appropriate amount. That is the definition of an arbitrary agency decision — as in “arbitrary and capricious.”

Similarly, the MMS never explained why the moratorium was to be applied to all drilling under 500 feet, rather than, say 1000 feet. In fact, the judge pointed out that many of the documents relied on by the MMS suggested a moratorium on drilling below 1000 feet, not 500 feet.

No explanation for the 500 feet ban is in the MMS order or the documentation the MMS cited. Again, that’s the definition of an arbitrary agency decision.

Several commenters keep suggesting that it’s manifestly obvious why a moratorium is appropriate. It is not obvious why the moritorium is for 6 months and for drilling under 500 feet. More importantly, the MMS didn’t demonstrate these “manifestly obvious” reasons or rely on them in making its decision.
The judge got it right

This in many ways is the real story. This is also why it appears that the Obama administration realized appealing to the 5th circuit is likely to be useless. They have to start over because well the Govt Lawyers were sloppy. In fact the real issue I suppose is not the lawyers but the Obama administration thinking they can bypass all this Administrative law stuff. Which is kinda of shocking. If you are going to interfere with hundreds of millions of dollars worth of contracts, workers livelihoods, and the survival of entire businesses then one would seem that that it would be important to dot the i's and cross the t's.

Parish President Billy Nungesser Regarding Obama Administration- "They all need to rot in hell for this."

A little miffed as you can see. See Nungesser furious with White House

Top of the Hat To the Dead Pelican.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Questionable Gay Magazine Ethics Regarding "outing" A Lutheran Pastor

I saw this on twitter.

Uhh disturbing!!! Go to the link at the link where a gay journalist inflitrates a Catholic group that helps men and women deal with varying degrees of same sex attraction.

What is troubling is this "journalist" seems not to question if he broke a important social contract. Whata next going to AA meetings and reporting who is there? What if a someone is vocal against drug use but attends NA meetings. I suppose some gay activists will go that is different!!

Well what about someone that opposes porn but goes to a porn self help group in order to overcome that addiction? Shall that be reported too?

I guess what I find disturbing is this "journalist" broke confidences so easily and does not seem to think there is a moral problem with any of that.

I am sure the journalist here has all sort of justifications for what he did. However it does seem a unfortunate line has been crossed.

Also is not in the background the whole "bisexual" flys out the window issue. Thereare differing degrees of Same Sex attraction that people might have over their lifetime. I am not sure that because a man might be tempted to have same sex relations with a man at a certain point makes him a hypocrite. Again troubling.

Update- Abbey Roads has a great post on this here. See the whole thing and the good comment that is posted too. I am going to excerpt a portion of that because it touches on another aspect that made me MAD!!

The tragedy in this article is how the participants involved in the support group have been presented. I've never been to a support group but from what I've seen in documentaries and heard from those who have, there is a candor amongst participants due to the private nature of the meeting, a vulnerability expressed while speaking of their interior struggles which might otherwise sound laughable in other circumstances, or to an outsider who is convinced their struggle is unwarranted in the first place. In fact such comic scenarios - taken out of context - work very well in sit-coms and stand-up. Nevertheless, such conversation and self revelatory dialogue must be assessed in the privacy of the setting.


Also see the related entry Closet case...

Is Louisiana Saved? Official Ruling Overturning Offshore Drilling Ban Full Text (Other Links To Come)

Note this is an preliminary injunction which I will take.

Thank GOD!! Here is the ruling. More links to come!!

Well this is true:

After reviewing the Secretary’s Report, the Moratorium Memorandum, and the Notice to Lessees, the Court is unable to divine or fathom a relationship between the findings and the
immense scope of the moratorium.
The Report, invoked by the Secretary, describes the offshore oil industry in the Gulf and offers many compelling recommendations to improve safety.

But it offers no time line for implementation, though many of the proposed changes are represented to be implemented immediately. The Report patently lacks any analysis of the asserted fear of threat of irreparable injury or safety hazards posed by the thirty-three
permitted rigs also reached by the moratorium.

It is incidents specific and driven: Deepwater Horizon and BP only. None others.

While the Report notes the increase in deepwater drilling over the past ten years and the increased safety risk associated with deepwater drilling, the parameters of “deepwater” remain confused.
And drilling elsewhere simply seems driven by political or social agendas on all sides.

OUCH look at this footnote:

If the MMS and the Department truly were incompetent
and corrupt, as the intervenors insist, the Court fails to see how
this conclusion supports the government’s position. Indeed, while
the government makes light of the fact that several of the experts
disagree with the recommendations in the Report by noting that they
do not disagree with the findings, of greater concern is the
misleading text in the Executive Summary that seems to assert that
all the experts agree with the Secretary’s recommendation. The
government’s hair-splitting explanation abuses reason, common
sense, and the text at issue
Double ouch- The question here does the Govt have to do this? I am not sure:
Word is that the government will appeal. Doing so would put the case in the U.S. Fifth Circuit, widely regarded as the most conservative and pro-business of the nation’s appellate courts. The chances of the Obama administration winning in the 5th, which like Feldman’s court is based in New Orleans, aren’t great.
Furthermore, as the Times-Picayune noted last night in quoting Loyola Law professor Blaine LeCesne, appealing is an expensive proposition.
But LeCesne noted that if the government wants to stay any preliminary injunction, it could be required to post a bond equivalent to the damage faced by the affected parties, such as Hornbeck. “It could be billions,” LeCesne said. “It could be cost-prohibitive to appeal.”


National Review Notes That Congressman' Cao's Chances Are Getting Better

If this happen pro-lifers this race is very very winnable. See Could Independent Candidates Save Joseph Cao?

Depressing Mazazine Covers For The Month

Good Grief. I feel old.

Some of the Most Incredible American Catholics and Citizens Are Vietnamese

I mean I hear stories like this all the time!! The Deacon Bench has "I overcame these trials because God is calling me"

Here Are the Earliest Known Images of the Apostles.

Three Cheers For Progressive Catholic Schools- The Best Buy For Atheists and Wicca Folks!!

I saw this link at Pewsitter. It is like reading the ONION but sadly true. See Daily Show's Samantha Bee: Mocking Catholics 'Joyful for Me, Pure Pleasure for Me via newsbusters.

This part caught my eye:
GROSS: Now you write in your memoir that your Catholic school was considered a progressive Catholic school. What did that mean?

Ms. BEE: It was a progressive Catholic school. We did not, you know, we had Seder meals and those, those adorable traditions from other religions and we just learned about other religions and other cultures and that was just an important part of our -- when we took, we had to take a religion course, of course. But it wasn't just our religion. It was quite inclusive and we didn't have to do -- we didn't wear uniforms and we had to go to church occasionally but it wasn't a huge part of our curriculum. And we didn't have big gory Jesuses everywhere. They were monochromatic so you couldn't see the blood dripping from the wounds of Jesus. (Laughter)
But, you know, my Catholic church was fairly modern. It was on the modern side. I mean listen, it's not that modern but as Catholic churches go, it was kind of on the more modern edge.

GROSS: You say that the Jesuses that were pictured in your school looked more like Kris Kristofferson, circa "A Star is Born." (Laughter)

BEE: Well, sure. Very sensual.

GROSS: And that you had a crush on Jesus.

BEE: I don't know, you know, I've spoken to a lot of lapsed Catholics since I wrote the book and we all had a crush on Jesus. I mean, he was really designed that way for young girls to find him sexy and attractive. I mean, did you ever see the miniseries? You know the miniseries "Jesus of Nazareth." I mean, that guy was...

It truly gets more bizarre. Read it all.

Now as you read she calls herself a Lapse Catholic but this is sort of strange since her Dad was a atheist and her mom a Wicca.

Now to be fair I suspect her parents were total whackjobs so the Church cannot be blamed totally here. Still it seems the above "modern" Catholic school did not help matters.