Monday, August 25, 2008

Debunking Pope John Paul the I was Murdered Myths (Also other Pope John Paul I Stuff)

Yes this still goes around. We have seen in portrayed in the Godfather III movie, we have seen it in books, etc.

Anyway Lori’s Pilgrimage is examonign all this at Was Pope John Paul I Murdered? (Part I)

I think this quite useful because it does come up and there exactly a lot of resources that spend time debunking this nonsense.

Also she has some other stuff that is nice to see on this day we recall John Paul the I

See this vid John Paul I on Love - September 27, 1978
Also Pope Paul VI in the Words of his Successor and
Pope John Paul I and Pope John XXIII and
The Smiling Pope — 30 Years Later

Tip of the Hat again to Amy Welborn that has some great Catholic blogs I have not heard of on this post

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