Saturday, August 23, 2008

Does Obama Think the Gun Issue is Non Issue Now With Biden Pick

One other thought before I move on to a few non political posts.

Does Obama hope that the Supreme Court saying by a 5 to 4 vote that the Second Amendment is a private right to Citzens now makes the issue moot in peoples minds. Even thought the Case says (Scalia) we are just now at the beginning in deciding what that means?

This is not being covered right now on the news but BIDEN gets a big ole fat F by the NRA. While we keep hearing how Biden will help in Penn and Ohio , I am wondering how many folks there that has a strong gun culture will think about this?

This will be a issue if pushed (and have no doubt it will be) in blue states ranging from Michigan, Wisconsin to even Vermont!!!

It appears that Reason Magazine had picked up on Biden's gun problem along with a not so great VID of Biden responding to a gun owner.

Mickey Kaus who is linked above said as to that moment:
Monday, July 23, 2007
Historic CNN YouTube Historic Debate II: Ryan Sager has some afterthoughts. I agree that the Biden response to the gun-toting You-Tuber was revealing--it showed Biden lacks even moderately calibrated snap judgment--and it was revealing in a way that a) wouldn't have happened with a non-YouTube debate, in which the questioner most likely wouldn't have gotten past security, let alone the screeners, and b) reflected Biden's alleged fatal flaw (or one of his several alleged fatal flaws), namely his cringe-making, unhinged spontaneous reactions. (See also: "I think I probably have a much higher IQ than you do"). Sager goes off on the politics of the "gaffe":
Biden's obnoxious response when he insulted the gun owner toward the end as being nuts. It wasn't so much a personal gaffe as a moment that projected an ugly image of the Democratic Party as out of touch with rural voters and gun owners — big problems the
party has been trying to overcome. He got a huge cheer from the audience, but that just compounded the problem.
So Obama that is talking about people clinging to GOD and Guns has now picked Mr Gun Control?

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