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Catholics Against Rudy Founder and Huckabee Advisor Says Hold Fire On Sotomayor

This is Freddie of course that not only has Southern Appeal but was has a pretty good political and legal ear.

Is the Episcopal Church In Miami THis Hard Up

Oh yes the Father Cutie that caught by the media with his hands down another woman's swimwear in a matter of weeks has become an "ordained" Episcopal Church Priest.

Now think about this. The Episcopal Church takes within weeks a Catholic Cleric

(1) That very well might have been living a life of sin outside marriage
(2) Was in the middle of emotional and public turmoil
(3) and within WEEKS WEEKS ordained him a Episcopal Priest"

My God when Anglican come over there is a huge period of discernment and evaluation.

What was this Anglican Bishop thinking over there.

Pray for Cutie and His bride

Is Being a Theologian and a Judge the Same Thing?

Our Mississippi born Priest In Rome Domine, da mihi hanc aquam! considers this at Theologians doing what Judges do?

More Reality On Two State Solution As To Israel

I really wish Deal Hudson over at Inside Catholic would address this reality one day.

Until there is Palestinian Sadat this is the reality. Heck I would take a Palestinian Ray Nagin for now.

Catholic Conservative William Donahue Rooting for Sotomayor

This is a trend I am seeing all over the place. In fact one I am advocating too. I thought that this was actually fairly predictable considering the overall picture. Though many pro-lifers may not be "rooting for her" they are not going to make a big deal over this.

The main ones that appeared not to see it were the media and as to Catholics those on the left that let sterotypes cloud their view.

I still think she needs to be vetted and not rushed through. But again this needs some important political sophistication here

Also lets be honest. She is going on the bench. Perhaps if treated right by the pro-life public she will not be overly hostile in the future. Judges are human too

Margaret Thatcher Meets Pope Benedict and Lays Flowers At John Paul the II's Tomb

It is so great to see some current pictures of her again

Lets Get It Right has the story and pics at The Iron Lady & the Cool Hat!

Sad News- LSU Football Player's Mother Murdered In Mobile

That is the mother of Sidell Corley

Info here

The parents listed on his LSU BIO are his Dad and Step Mom who raised him. The woman that murdered was his birth mother.

Sexual Abuse Scandal Hits Prominent Episcopal school


St. Stephen’s Episcopal School in Austin is one of the biggies. It has some impressive Alumni. One of my good friends attended there. In fact I would suspect a good number of Louisiana Episcopalians sent their kids there.

Sad to see this occur anywhere. Needless to say a a Catholic I feel for them I am sure this will rock Austin, Texas, and far beyond.

Don't Tweet In GUATEMALA

Another reason to be glad to live in America (Unless that horrible CYBER hate Bill passes by Rep Lopez in which case we might need to move).

Tip of the hat to Instapundit

Terry McAuliffe Sleeps In A Coffin (Updated- Wash Post Flushes Kinky Vampire Sleeping Habits Down Memory Hole)

God How WEIRDDDDDD. I think that alone would make me not want to vote for him in the VA Governor's race.

Updated(It appears the Washington Post Flushed that Down the Memory Hole Pretty quick. No longer in the story :) ) However the First Things link still has the text. DAMN INTERNETS and so Do I

Likewise, McAuliffe's traveling chief of staff, Justin Paschal, 34, who has worked for him for eight years, said McAuliffe never lets him see him sleep.
"On slow nights, Terry wanders over to the coffin he keeps at headquarters," Paschal said. "He just pops the lid and hops in. When he's in there, we can set our coffees and iPhones on top and everything. Terry doesn't care. He calls it 'putting on his thinking cap.' jokes that he's 'visualizing blackness.' Who knows what he does in there

First Papal Trip To American Soil Resulted In a Court Martial Proceeding

CUA is celebrating 25 years of formal relations between the Holy See and the United States today. I wanted to put up a link I did to a post that has some pretty entertaining history. See The First Papal Trip to "United States " resulted in a Court Martial Proceeding!!! ( AN Overview)

Other related post I have today on this subject

When The Most Important U.S. Papal Envoy Was An Episcopal

Catholic University Celebrates 25th anniversary of full diplomatic relations between the US and the Holy See.

Breaking- Pres. Obama chooses "Vatican" Ambassador

Why Are There So Many Catholics On The Court?

Prof Rick Garnett has good thoughts on this at Catholics and the Court

Also let me add that Catholics well are more wealthy now. It is curious but Evangelicals and Catholics have been in almost absolute identical courses on this.

It is pretty amazing as to education, social status, and wealth how they have mirrored each over the last Century.

I am often amazed how fast Italian Americans have risen. Especially in the South. PEople tend to forget the hostility toward Italian Americans espcially in the South. In fact just a generation or two ago Italain American were often living in the poorer African American areas of town. You can see this in my State in areas such as Shreveport and Baton Rouge. The upward mobility of this group after dealing with major racism for a good early part of the last century is amazing. We can thank Catholic Schools largely for that.

Many Evangelical were pulp wood drivers or rough necks in the oil field. Many Catholics were Blue Collar workers etc etc. There was a stereotyping of each by the more mainstream establishments. Both has rose together.

Kennedy was a breakthrough moment for Catholics. Carter was a breakthrough moment for Evangelicals.

If Harriet Miers had been given a fair sake she would have been of the first Evangelicals on the Court.

Is the Pick of Sotomayor Worth Trading Immigration Reform

This is a topic that I am noticing Catholic Social Justice Advocates in Catholic Circles are strangely silent on so far.

I think I understand their silence. How this played out was perhaps one of the biggest scandal of the last election cycle. Latinos and other groups might start asking questions of both their religious and political leadership.

Anti Immigration extremist (He is not just against the illegals) Mark Krikorian hits it I have to say on the head.

Hello Sonia, Good Bye Amnesty [Mark Krikorian]

Mickey Kaus notes that my observation that Sotomayor's nomination is a booby prize intended to string along the Hispanic pressure groups in the absence of amnesty has become instant conventional wisdom. Another example from The Hill: "Court pick could buy time on immigration."

Further evidence of the booby prize theory: Amnesty advocates are worried. See this from Daily Kos: "Nomination of Judge Sotomayor is no substitute for immigration reform." And Gebe Martinez writes in Politico:
But as Democrats celebrate Obama’s court move, which underscores Latinos’ political clout, the president is being warned not to assume that this nomination lessens the pressure to meet other demands from the Hispanic community, chiefly on immigration.
Latinos said Tuesday they still expect the president to keep his pledge to deliver a comprehensive immigration reform plan by the end of the year. It is a tough and complicated issue, one the White House would rather avoid.
“I am not going to view one [development] in any way relieving the need or the attention on the other,” said Rep. Charles Gonzalez (D-Texas) “We need to move forward on comprehensive immigration reform based on the merits of sound economic policy.”
At the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials, Executive Director Arturo Vargas shut down speculation that the White House might have bought some time on the immigration issue with this nomination.
“We are not a single-issue community,” Vargas said
05/27 05:45 PMShare

You will note that Doug Kmiec that is talking about Obama and Catholic Social Justice all the time will not bring this up. If he does people might ask him why he was supporting Romney that was beating McCain over the head with this.

As immigration reform advocates knew the time to do immigration reform was 2007. If the democrats got in they would spend capital on Health Care.

As predicted the twenty million living in the shadows will continue to live in the shadows. It was Democrats that helped kill immigration reform no doubt for many political reasons. TO make Bush look bad, to make sure McCain did have a signature win, for Union support etc etc. Our current President played a role in that.

The fact is there is a good chance that immigration reform will be harder to pass in the future not easier. With the economy and other things on Obama's plate such a big item will have to be done in the first two years . Things after 2010 become much more politically radioactive.

This is of course the Symptom of a much bigger disease as Prof Garnett pointed out so well last year:

It seems to be a premise of many of these "for whom should Catholics vote?" discussions that "on every issue that matters, other than abortion, the election of Sen. Obama will actually yield meaningful policy actions that are edifyingly in concert with the Church's social teaching, while the election of Sen. McCain will actually yield meaningful policy actions that are distressingly in conflict with the Church's social teaching."

But, this premise is false. It is false because it ignores, or at least downplays, the political, social, cultural and economic realities that will almost certainly prevent dramatic changes with respect to most matters, and so it overestimates the "good" stuff about an Obama administration that, it is proposed, outweighs the "bad" stuff. It is also false because Sen. McCain's views (or, more precisely, the policies likely to be pursued by his administration) on a number of matters -- not just abortion -- are, in terms of consonance with the Church's social teaching, preferable to Sen. Obama's. Or, so a faithful, reasonable, informed, non-duped, non-Republican-hack, Commonweal-and-First Things-reading Catholic could conclude. It's a sad thought, but . . . I'm not sure that productive conversations -- even among friends -- are possible so long as this false premise is assumed.

When The Most Important U.S. Papal Envoy Was An Episcopal

I noted that CUA is celebrating the 25th anniversary of Formal Diplomatic Relations between the Holy See and the United States today. This was anniversary was actually in January but CUA is having a huge day long presentation on it today.

Of course we are talking Formal relations. We have had in real terms relations for a good bit of our history.

Recently most Envoy's have been Catholic. However this has not always been the case. In fact when anti Catholic thought raged in the USA it was usually a Protestant

One cannot think that one of the most important of our Envoy's was a Episcopalian that served under FDR and Truman. Not only for US interest but as we have seen for the whole benefit of Europe and especially the Italian People.

Wiki has a good entry on the service of Myron Charles Taylor here.

We learn among other things he critical in limiting the bombing of Rome and through his efforts set up the main American organization to help the post war devastated Italians.

Of interest is this Time Magazine piece from that period that shows Time was as horrible covering the Catholic Faith as it is today. The sniping toward ENVOY Taylor and that silly anti Catholic Conspiracy theory they put at the end is telling of the times.

It appears Evoy Taylor's Personal Papers are at the Truman Library in Missouri. It would be interesting to review them.

The FDR Presidential Library also appears to have some important documants too.

Related post today
First Papal Trip To American Soil Resulted In a Court Martial Proceeding

Catholic University Celebrates 25th anniversary of full diplomatic relations between the US and the Holy See.

Whispers had the details at Capital Briefing . It appears it will be a day long event with lots of events that will be taped and available for view tonight!!

Anyway here is a good overview of our relations since the founding of the Republic with the Holy See and papal States. I might have a post on an interesting envoy we had during the FDR administration later

See When The Most Important U.S. Papal Envoy Was An Episcopal

First Papal Trip To American Soil Resulted In a Court Martial Proceeding

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Breaking- Pres. Obama chooses "Vatican" Ambassador

OK I know that it will not make difference but the United States does not have an ambassador to the Vatican. We have an Ambasador to the HOLY SEE. Really it is true go check out our Embassy's webs site. Oh well

Father Z has the details at Pres. Obama chooses Vatican Ambassador

Does anyone find it annoying that Doug Kmiec in an AP article has somehow again got himself mentioned. Well I am relieved it is not him. One gets the feeling that a good part of possible Kmiec Envoy career would be talking about Doug Kmiec and how everyone is so mean to him. So thank God for small favors.

The proposed Envoy's views on Theology do not so much interest me. I just want him to be competent. As John Allen pointed out this position is a unique listening post for the United States in matters that have nothing to do with the Catholic Church.

It will be interesting to see where our new Envoy focus lies. I think he would be very wise in continuing our efforts with the Holy See as to combating Sex Trafficking.

Related Post today-
When The Most Important U.S. Papal Envoy Was An Episcopal

Catholic University Celebrates 25th anniversary of full diplomatic relations between the US and the Holy See.

Are Conservative Judges Activists?

One more legal themed post (for now). I could not let this pass. Oneof the best Catholic blogs out there is Mirror of Justice-A blog dedicated to the development of Catholic legal theory.

It has many viewpoints and is a good read.

I enjoy their posts very much but I could not let this one pass.Father Joe and activism

I think, however, that the term "activist" has been used in a one-sided way and is not very helpful in any event. I would hope that the Sotomayor confirmation process would frontally attack the conservative claim that their justices interpret the Constitution and that liberals are “activists.”

When the conservatives disable Congressional power (contrary to many decades of judicial precedent - even conceding that commerce clause interpretations had gone quite far) and in some cases obviously mangling the Constitution, e.g., the eleventh amendment cases) and when they overthrow affirmative action (despite the original meaning of the 14th amendment all the while claiming that they adhere to original meaning), it is hard to understand why their decisions are not activist. Staring at the word activist does not help in the process of constitutional interpretation. It is just an ideological term employed by conservatives, and it should be understood as such.

I might just be an idiot with some State Law School education but I am not sure how the clear and original meaning of the 14 Amendment justifies modern day affirmative action cases. Perhaps it could be pointed out to me in the text.

But my main problem here is whole Conservative Jurists are just as activist. Please note that concession on "Commerce Clause interpretation"_ have gone quite far is quite a big concession. And lets be honest. Since the huge Commerce case of Lopez in the 90's has the power of Congress been really that curtailed? Even by these supposed activist Conservative judges. In fact despite having a a weapon at their hand (and many of wish they used it more) they have been - well pretty conservative in going in that direction

Now what gets me in this post is something I see far far too much. There is a theme that conservatives are activists on the bench if they have the audacity to say to Congress - Sorry you can't do that!!

That is do the unheard act of overturning a law!!! Who heard of such a thing!!! This is a common theme of a certain legal talking head at Slate that sings this tune when ever the "Conservative faction" on the Supreme Court declares a Law unconstitutional she likes. Well it has been going on since the start of the Republic. Contrary to what some might think Conservative legal thought has not been "Yes Sir Master Congress yall pass anything you want and we shall rubberstamp it Just keep sending the money up here for our paychecks and to pay the light bill in the Court room".

For instance in a recent case where the Conservatives are asking the sensible question why a supposed temporary measure of the voting rights acts is still just be applied to the old South(and ilooks very much like a Protect the Incumbents Act with Const protection) they are not being activist. They are asking why Louisiana is treated different than California. They are asking why my tax dollars as a U.S. Citzens is having to still go to comply with this act why another taxpayers in lets say Illinois does not. That is not being activist.

So no conservatives are not "activists" when they tell Congress their power is not limitless. I really wish people would stop making such absurd claims.

Non Divisive Catholic Commonweal Magazine Goes After Republicans

The irony is so rich here.

See Sotomayor

I think I have shown by my recent posts that a good bit of the "right" is taking a cautious approach to the nominee. They have concerns but all indications are there shall be a cautious approach.Still we all believe she should get a vigorous vetting. Oh and lets be honest. If the GOP had 50 seats in the Senate is there no doubt she would likely be confirmed. There is a double standard but most of the "right" still holds to that quaint view that a President should get some deference as to his pick. A view that shared it appears across the aisle

Let me pick up on a few funny and I guess in a way sad parts of this article coming from the non dividing side.

Although it originated with some anonymous smears in a Jeff Rosen article, the criticism has been picked up by the right and was repeatedly most recently last night by that unrepentant racialist and openly anti-Latino bigot Pat Buchanan (he of the “scrub stock” comment about Daniel Ortega a few weeks back). And it certainly draws its power from the standard stereotypes Latinos have to live with day in and day out, no matter how much we have accomplished.

It has been noting that on the left there was a little dust up over the nominee. They all wanted their person in. But please note how quickly this is not the lefts fault and now the rights. I mean Pat Buchanan? Me Peñalver might want to get out of his time warp. Pat Buchanan Who pays attention to him anymore. Isn't he exiled to MSNBC where he debates Chris Matthews


UPDATE: The suggestion that the right is going to use racial appeals in their opposition to Sotomayor got a boost from several recent posts. First, Mark Krikorian complains about the propriety of Sotomayor pronouncing her name correctly. Curt Levy says she was picked because of her race and gender. Tom Tancredo (!) accuses her of being “a racist.” Michael Goldfarb then chimes in with this post, which digs into Sotomayor’s college activism in the 1970s (I’m not kidding) to simultaneously try to paint her as a radical and as the lifelong beneficiary of affirmative action. This will, of course, backfire, and simply serve to bring more Latinos around to the conclusion that the modern Republican party is no place for them.

Hmm. While Mark Krikorian is hanging out in conservative quarters right now as pointed out by the WSJ and others whether his views are from the "right" are of great question. I have no idea who Curt Levy is. Tom Tancredo? Is that the guy that guy about 1 percent of the GOP vote in the primary and is wandering around trying to find something to do?

But the text I bold ed and enlarged is the big point. Does one get the sense he wants to the GOP to be unfair so Latinos will find the "modern day Republican party is no place for them". I need to go to some of these Social Justice events at my local Catholic Church. Last time I looked the objective of moving all Hispanics into one party was not what I understood Catholic Social Justice to be about. Perhaps I need to sign up for one of his courses at Cornell to get educated on that.

Things like this should be pointed out more I believe to show that some Catholic Social Justice Catholics (even those that teach courses) that proclaim the divisive nature of GOP catholics are being a tad hypocritical.

As to the Modern day GOP, the GOP was led for 8 years by a man that championed immigration reform not once but twice. It had as it leader for a short few months a man that also worked in a tiresome fashion for immigration reform. A view endorsed by his VP nominee Sarah Palin.

The Democrat party is currently led by a man that killed immigration reform for short term political gain by a poison pill at the request of Unions and has more and more Hispanics wondering if they were played for fools.

Perhaps Prof Eduardo Peñalver can teach a Catholic Social Justice Course on that at Cornell. I am not holding my breath. If that was examined one might start asking a good many Catholic Social Justice types who sold out whom.

I am sure that like on the right as on the left there will be attacks beyond the pale As we see in these things. The little scandal no one talks about is this has little to do with politics but with various political organizations outside both parties that must raise some money and expand their mailing lists (which they then sell).

However a full and honest vetting of a life long appointment to the Supreme Court should not be scared off by the likes of Prof Penalver over the charges of racism. In fact such an action would exceed to the very bigotry of low expectations. Something I suspect Latinos would not want.

Michael Novak Goes After Vatican Newspaper Editor

A pretty good piece. Father Z has it at Michael Novak rightly vents about L’Osservatore Romano

Regarding Scalia's Comment About Being A Catholic and a Judge

The Deacon Bench has the quote From Scalia up that we hear from time to time. See Quote of the day

I wished the Deacon's Bench would suggest to people to go to the First Things link he has highlight under the Scalia name to see what this means in context. I am afraid people would just move after seeing the quote

That link has a good quote by Prof Garnett of Notre Dame

To be a Catholic judge . . . is to be a judge in the way a Catholic, like everyone else, should be a judge: To take seriously one's obligation to decide impartially, to submit to the rule of law, rather than one's own preferences, and to have an appropriate humility about the task one is charged to perform. Obviously, this is not a distinctively Catholic way of judging, . . . but it is, I think, the way a Catholic should judge. It's also the way Justice Scalia thinks he should judge and, I'm confident, he thinks this way (at least in part) because he is a Catholic."

Lord Help Us- The Council of Conservative Citizens Conference Coming to Jackson Mississippi

It will be interesting to see if the CofCC has to moderate their speaker list and what they are doing on the side.

Usually this is held elsewhere. Republicans and conservatives should advoid this conference and all associations with it like the plague.

I wonder if the Klan/Nazi Storm Front organziation will be broadcasting it live again!!!

Update- I do not really share all the major Concerns Pink Flamingo has as to the Tea Party Movement. However for those going to the South Carolina Tea Party July 4th the word should get out that this stuff needs to be shunned. A Public relations disaster waiting to happen and most people there will likely not be aware of it

Louisiana Catholic Blogs Update For Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Memorial Day Weekend threw off the Louisiana Catholic update posts. So here is what Louisiana Catholic bloggers are saying

Oh let me Say SO SORRY to two of my Diocese Baton Rouge Bloggers. I somehow missed a couple of times Full Circle (that had some urgent prayer request) and Stranger in a Strange Land . I usually visit the Louisiana Catholic blogs and do my Louisiana blogs post all at the same time. I start with the Diocese of Lafayette links and move on up. Sometimes the links blur together and I miss one or two if I am not careful.

First a big Congrats to Footprints on the Fridge and her new edition to the family. See 2009
Wordless Wednesday: Baby Bryce Edition

Ville Platte Catholic Youth Group has Go to Mamou; set your VCRs. See also St. Philip Neri, and Just for laughs…

Just Another Seminarian Blog has Finally!!!!

From The Recamier has her Daily Update: May 26, 2009

Catholic Underground has their new Louisiana Catholic Podcast to the World up. See CU Episode 103: Montalbanaño

University Catholic- has a interesting post up. See Masculinty on Campus

Brown Pelican Society of Louisiana has
A GOVERNOR WITH SENSE! Nevada Gov. Jim Gibbons (R) Unwilling to Gamble on Marriage
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My Fellow Americans: We’ve Been Putting (and Continue to Put) Clowns in the Cockpit!
Catholic Obama Campaign Adviser Wants to Replace All Legal ‘Marriages’ with ‘Civil Licenses’(Kmiec Again)
Sotomayor: “Empathy” in Action
Political and Editorial Cartoons
Defeating a Hitler With Nukes: Nothing Else Matters
Obama Supreme Court Pick Lacks Abortion History, but Criticized for Judicial Activism, Racism
Politics: Climbing Down the Ladder of Success
Novak Fed Up with Vatican Newspaper: “We Asked Rome for Bread They Give Us Stones”
GOSPEL & MEDITATION: Sent into the World

Teen Catholic has First Post in a Long Time!!!!

Stranger in a Strange Land has a very interesting post I will highlight later. See From St. John Chrysostom Homily on Natural law

For The Greater Glory has In other SCOTUS news... and Sotomayor for SCOTUS

Thy Nose to the Marble. by Father Decker has Joe points at the camera.

Astonished, Yet at Home! has A Prayer Request and A Quick Rundown on the News

Shreveport Area Catholics Heads up. North Louisiana Diaconate has New RCIA Inquiry

Cajun Cottage Under the Oaks has Lots of Little Babies, Busy Beehive Daybook, Annie's Life, and I Love Louisiana

The Catholic Foodie has Win $100 Gift Card for the Cutest First Communion Photo , and CNMC in San Antonio - Register Now!

Maudie in Mandeville has Obama's headlines , Would God give America eight years of Cheney? , and Our prisons are tough enough...So What?


Our expat Priest in Houston Fr. Victor Brown’s Catholic Daily Message has Feast of Saint Bede the Venerable (25 May 2009)

Finally our expat Priest Blogger in New Jersey Da Mihi Animas has
Saint of the day: Augustine of Canterbury
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Feast of Mary, Help of Christians!

L’Angelus - Louisiana Catholic Band to Perform Thursday, May 28 On EWTN

Nice. Ville Platte Catholic Youth Group has the details and little bit on this band at Go to Mamou; set your VCRs

More Good Republican News- This TIme From North Carolina

This time last year Senator Vitter from Louisiana was looking very shaky. I am convinced he has shored up things down here. Now from North Carolina

Sen. Richard Burr, Looking Surprisingly Healthy
With Barack Obama's victory in North Carolina last year and Elizabeth Dole losing her bid for reelection, Sen. Richard Burr looked like he might be another vulnerable Tarheel Republican. But so far, that's not the case,
according to Public Policy Polling:

2010 Senate - General Election (all trends)
Sen. Richard Burr (R) 46, Elizabeth Edwards (D) 35
Burr 48, Walter Dalton (D) 29
Burr 44, Dan Blue (D) 33
Burr 47, Richard Moore (D) 34
Burr 47, Bob Etheridge (D) 47
Burr 44, Heath Shuler (D) 28
Burr 42, Cal Cunningham (D) 34*

Mind you, the PPP sample splits Democrats 47 percent, Republicans 32 percent. On Election Day, the state's voters split 42-31.
As mentioned earlier, if Etheridge runs for the Senate, Republicans would have a decent shot at winning his House seat.
05/26 04:35 PMShare

I expect to see similar numbers outside the South( North Carolina I might add has a dynamic politics wise that is not exactly deep South).

I do think the American Electorate is going to show they like Divided Govt again.

Huckabee Returns the Favor- Will Endorse Rubio For Florida Senate

CNN has a short story on this.
Also of note Jeb Bush's son seems to like Rubio too.

Some Catholic Blog Reactions to the Judge Sonia Sotomayor Nomination (Updated)

Tip of the hat to Pro-Ecclesia for this. See at Catholics in the Public Square
President Obama nominates Sonia Sotomayor.

Again we see a theme. That is to be careful with this nomination and that it could be worse!!! When I say it could be worse I do not mean that this nominee is a light weight or unqualified. I find those arguments going around a little dubious so far.

For Conservatives one does not want a Liberal Scalia on the bench. Liberal law students often have grapple with Scalia. A common reaction is "How can something that sounds so good be so wrong".

Now of course when are talking about the conservative movement we are talking about different factions. If you are part of the Chamber of Commerce Crowd it might be indeed be very bad..TO say the least she is an advocate of the Plaintiff bar. See Business and the Sotomayor Pick

These non sexy issues do not usually get a lot of attention but affect every day Americans. Still it is hard to say because she appears to have a leaning to the pro-plaintiff bar that this would be disqualification. Roberts and Alito for instance had leaning toward business.

In a sense what is interesting is what we do not know about her. For instance she is a total blank slate on National Security issues.

Republicans Need to make sure this nomination is not rushed. There is plenty of time.

They need to
(1) Use this as a platform for a little adult education on our views of the LAW
(2) To fully vet her (on issues of National Security, important Conservative legal precedent, 2nd amendment, Federalism issues, etc etc)
(3) to prepare in the public minds the fight over the next Obama nominee which I suspect will be far more threatening.


(4)To get in the public minds that ELECTIONS MATTER. That is contrary to the CW Republicans and Democrats are not all the same or similar foolish notions. The Picks on the Supreme Court Show that in a dram tic fashion. A lesson one would think many would know by now. If not for Ohio President Kerry would have replaced The Chief Justice and O'Conner. A bullet we nearly missed. It is also helpful to recall that Scalia is not exactly a young chicken anymore.

At this point though I think it would be a waste of resources to do a to the mattress fight over her.

The Sensible Darwin over at Americn Catholic has similar thoughts. See This Is Not One To Fight

By the way I hope the usual voices that proclaim RepubCathollcs are just shrills are taking notice of this.

Sotomayor and Religious Freedom- Some Good News?

Rick Garnett has a link to her views and wirting on this. He is encouraged. See at Mirrors of Justice Justice Sotomayor and religious freedom

Attention Frustrated American Episcopalians - Catholic Anglican Use Conference In Houston

Canterbury Tales has the details.

See Register for 2009 Anglican Use Conference in Houston!!!

I think if there was interest exhibited in this by more Anglo/Catholic leaning Episcopals then we might see local Bishops making this a more available option in their Diocese. I don't think there will be a mad rush of people becoming Catholic. But if you come over it might be nice to bring some of your tradition over for the benefit of the whole Church.

I think this is a more realistic option thna the every 6 months wide rumors coming out of Australia as to this matter.

More American Catholic Church Looks Like Organ of GOP Nonsense

There was a post over at Inside Catholic that is worth reading. See The Vatican and the U.S. -- A Failure to Communicate

The comments are interesting because it repeats a now regular line of thought I am seeing in comment sections at Catholic blogs( I think there is some political astroturfing going on) that I believe is false. Here is a comment I left (currently awaiting moderation and fixed bellow for misspellings.)

I have to say the comments have got me a tad confused. Again I think this post does show the cartoon version Europeans have of American Politics

Let me say NEOCON is a overused word that is becoming meaningless. I have no idea what it means nowadays

The Bishops sided with Bush on

Stem cell to a certain degree

The Defense of Marriage act

Abortion policy

Immigration Reform (why is never noted I thought this is a big issue in Europe too)
As to the ISrael/Palestine Issue was it noted that Bush advocated a two state solution and kept the the money going to the PA?

As to the war and Europe I think it would be wise to note two Europes. Eastern Europe and the Catholic Church located there were not nearly as hostile to Bush. Why this is glossed over I don't know

That being said, the Bishops must be careful to support pro life policies, but not become an organ of the Republican party, and must not take orders from GOP bosses.
This is a delicate balancing act, and requires some nuance [at which the Vatican is probably more adept]. If the Bishops can be outspoken about abortion [which they should], they should also be outspoken on issues of war and peace, etc. You can support pro life candidates, but be critical of them in other areas of policy. Perhaps the US Bishops need to be a little more outspokenly pro peace?

Austin I always wonder why no one was concerned when for most of last Century the Bishops were known as the Democrat party at prayer and the UAW and Teamsters was seen as something as infalliable
Catholics have finally gone more into a two party system and people are in a uproar all of a sudden.

How can anyone get the impression the Bishops are taking orders from GOP bosses in beyond me.

I think you're on to something with this. War, peace, the death penalty and blatant human rights violations such as occur in Gaza, Sri Lanka and other places in the world are not topics one hears such an outcry against from the US. I think greater outspokenness on abortion along with other issues would help dissociate US bishops and Catholics from being an extension of the Republican party. Remember, too, the Christian Democrats in Italy are a failure. They are no more "Christian" than others. The perception that US Catholicism is associated with the Republican party doesn't help.

What? The Bishops are not outspoken against the Death Penalty? Chaput who is widely criticized by some was critical in anti Death Penalty legislation in Colorado. What about New Mexico and Richardson?

As to the war I note the Bishops were critical. But they also issued a second statement (that I suspect had the view of the Vatican on the war) that is often ignored. That is a new set of moral questions dealing with the consequences of rapid withdrawal.

One final word on GOP Bosses. I can not help but notice that the attitude at America magazine and others is to reach out to the Obama administration. That is not a bad thing but I think it shows at times we forget who Caesar really is in this Republic.
The Republican Catholics on issues as abortion, stem cell, etc seem to have the opposite approach. That is holding their GOP Bosses feet to the fire. See the Catholics against Rudy movement , and the actions of Catholics on the possibility of a GOP VP pro choice pick.

Look at the conduct of organizations like Catholic Democrats and Catholics United. It is all praise praise praise for Obama. They are closely linked to the Democrat party. There is no similar "Catholic Republican" organization that has such power.

Can you really imagine Catholic GOP pro-lifers defending a President Giuliani visit to Notre Dame?

Reactions To Obama's Court Nominee

The Anchoress has them at Sotomayor for SCOTUS? (UPDATED)

Mostly Republican Chrysler Dealerships Being Closed Down

I don't know what to think of this. It seems so in your face. But the evidence looks like it is piling up.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Conservatives and Pro-Lifers Should Be Cautious Fighting Over Judge Sotomayor

Mainly because it could be far far worse. I think that sentiment is appearing more on the conservative blogs.

I agree with everything Pro-Ecclesia is saying here at My Advice for Conservatives Re: Judge Sotomayor [UPDATED]

Part of the problem as to nominees from both parties is that groups use this as fundraising tools and to expand their mailing lists. ROBERTS WILL BRING FASCISM and no doubt we shall be hearing soon SOTMAYOR IS THE MOST LIBERAL JUSTICE EVER.

Not saying there should be a good Senate look at her record. This is a chance again for Conservatives to be involved in a little bit of adult education for the public.

That being said I would resist donating 20 dollars to no doubt the many pieces of direct mail that says we must fight her nomination to save the Republic. Looking at the other choices I am breathing a little sigh of relief.

Yes I know there is a double standard here how Democrats treat our judges. Still I think it is the wise course

All Crime Shows Scripts Must Now Be Re written

I am not sure I am going to get the Louisiana Catholic Blogs update up. My internet service keeps going in and out. How LSU's own For the Greater Glory pointed out a significant Supreme Court Case that came down today( that by the way deals with a Louisiana Case.

See other SCOTUS news...

I am looking forward to reading this. It appears Alito really got in some bards in his concurring opinion. Also Scalia talks about "Precedent"

Vietnamese Man Keeps His Promise- Becoming A Preist For Kansas City

Interesting tidbit-Six percent of all men to be ordained in the U.S. this year are from Vietnam.

The Catholic Key has Awesome Vocation Story - From Saigon to Kansas City

New Archbishop of Westminister- Don't Listen to Tony Blair For Catholic Teaching

Good for him

Holy Smoke has Tony Blair 'not a good guide to Catholic teaching' says new Archbishop of Westminster

Eucharist by Mail?


Will The Media Give Us Another Anti- Catholic Cartoon Over Obama's Pick

Somehow I doubt it.

How About Some Real Diversity On the Court

All this talk of diversity makes me yawn. Why? Well as Instapundit so helpfully links

UPDATE: Heh: “I can’t even work up any outrage at this kind of tokenism. It’s expected, like her being a Princeton/Yale Law alumna. Just once in my life I’d like to see a president nominate to the court a graduate of, say, University of Tennessee Law School. That would be diversity. Instead, she’s just another Ivy Leaguer. Yawn.” Hey, don’t expect me to disagree . . . .

Sadly the fix is in. Justice Scalia on the hiring of Law Clerks (which is often the beginning of the path to these greater and bigger things said hey if you go to a "State School" so sorry

Even In California There Is Sanity- Prop 8 Survives the Supreme Court

Good News

As soon as I can link to the text I will update.

Here is the Text

Oh Those Troublesome Catholic Republicans

Darwin over at American Catholic has an excellent post on lets say the "double standard".

Lets Eat- Making Edible flowers To Honor the Virgin Mary

Catholic Cuisine has the coolest post up. See Sugared Flowers for Mary's Month of May

She also gives some helpful suggestion for flowers so one does not poison one self

Nice Article on the Famous Marucci Bats Made In Baton Rouge

Forest and People by the Louisiana Forestry Association is one of those publications that most people probally don't give a second glance to in their public library which is a shame. They often have good articles

Here is one on the Marucci Bat Company in Baton Rouge.

Kudos to President Obama On Sending Wreath to Confederate Memorial (Updated)

Well Done. While I have some concerns about "neo Confederate groups" and other organziations that seem to be taking over honorable associations like the Sons of the Conferacy I think this was a great move.

There was some considerable opposition from groups that are sort of extremist on this issue.

Update Jonah Goldberg has good and interesting thoughts on this here

Aide To Obama - “It is not our goal to reduce the number of abortions"

Oops they are going off script. Pro Ecclesia has more at Obama Culture of Death Update™: Obama Advisor Says “It is Not Our Goal to Reduce the Number of Abortions” [UPDATED]

THis should come as know shock really since they are are in the backpocket of Planned Parenthood where theri Abortion Clinic brings in the billions ot the coffers

Sinatra Coming to the BIg Screen!!

It appears so. Inside Catholic has the story at Ol' Blue Eyes Coming to the Big Screen?

No doubt the Vatcian Scoop blog Whispers will be happy since in his area Frank is almost like an unofficial Saint:)

How Is the New Supreme Court Nominee the Child Of Immigrants?

Just curious since I am seeing this all over the place this morning. Puerto Ricans are Americans.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Some Catholic Thoughts For Memorial Day

Posting has been light this weekend as I have been doing the typical MemorialDay Weekend stuff

American Catholic has a set of nice posst as we wrap up the three day weekend.


Memorial Day 2009
Father Corby Remembers Gettysburg
Jesuit Grunt
Catholic Chaplains

LSU Gets #3 Seed, Tulane Screwed, Big 12 Owns College Baseball Committee

Well the seeding is out!! I have to say some of the selections were baffling.

I agree with the talking heads Rhode Island got screwed.

Cal-Irvine kind of hosed too ( I feel sorry for VA) but I don't think this Regional is nearly hard for Irvine as some people are making out.

How come LSU is seeded #3 I think we are a two At least.(More on this later)

Poor Tulane. First I think the body of work for Tulane is better than Southern Miss. Even so they should have got in.

The Big Twelve appears to own the selection committee.

College Baseball put it best at Big Ignorance Rewards Big 12

I didn’t think the Division I baseball committee could make an at-large choice much more egregious than taking Oklahoma last year, but at least it got the other 63 teams right in 2008. On the whole, that was a very well constructed field.

The committee really outdid itself this year, taking both Baylor (10-16 in the Big 12) and Oklahoma State (9-16 in the Big 12). These choices are irresponsible and indefensible, and I’m embarrassed for the committee and for college baseball.

I’m certain committee chairman Tim Weiser will use the Ratings Percentage Index as a fig leaf in his conference call with media this afternoon. The Cowboys rank 25th in the RPI, according to, while the Bears rank 31st.

But the RPI is a crutch for the lazy and the ignorant, and it’s time for the committee to start doing its homework. Baylor lost 12 of its last 14 regular-season games. The Bears were swept in their last three series, including a horrendous sweep at the hands of last-place Nebraska last weekend when they were desperate for a series win to salvage their regional hopes. I understand the Big 12 is a strong league—I have been banging that drum all year—but Baylor finished 10-16 in that league and was swept by a Nebraska team that entered that weekend with a 5-19 conference record.

Still, you could at least build a case for Baylor (albeit a bad one). The Bears did win three good series earlier this year—against Kansas State, Missouri and Kansas—and they availed themselves well in the Big 12 tournament, going 2-1 with wins against Texas and Kansas.

No possible case can be made for Oklahoma State. The Cowboys finished in ninth place in a 10-team league! They won just two out of their nine conference series! I don’t believe any team that fails to qualify for its own conference tournament should be in regionals, but it’s one thing to miss the Southeastern Conference tournament, where just eight out of 12 teams make it. The Cowboys missed the Big 12 tournament, where eight out of 10 teams qualify.

I do give Oklahoma State credit for playing a stout nonconference slate, which included wins against East Carolina, Gonzaga, Oregon State and Cal State Fullerton in early-season tournaments. But OSU’s horrific performance when it really mattered—in conference play—should trump the first three weekends, easily.
Of course, maybe I’m not giving the committee enough credit. Maybe its members are not ignorant at all—surely they must have at least glanced at the Big 12 standings. I would hope that all of those highly educated men and women can at least count to two; you need not count any higher to tabulate how many Big 12 series Oklahoma State won this year.

But if the committee’s atrocious judgment can’t be pinned on ignorance, it must be attributed to politics. It bears noting that Weiser is a Big 12 man through and through; he spent six years as Kansas State’s athletic director and now serves as the deputy commissioner of the Big 12. There’s nothing wrong with Weiser making sure the Big 12’s interests are fairly represented with the committee. But for the second straight year, the Big 12 received far more than fair treatment. It got the red carpet treatment, at the expense of logic, equity and the integrity of the NCAA tournament field

So Baylor comes to LSU while Tulane and others are looking from the outside. As a LSU fan I am glad we don't have Tulane in the Regional. Those games make me nervous. But I do feel sorry for the Greenies.

Anyway on to the LSU Regionals (where of course anything could happen)

Baton Rouge, La. #1 L.S.U. vs. #4 Southern U.

#3 Baylor vs. #2 Minnesota

We (LSU) will be paired with Rice, who is also a number 1 seed in their Regional.

Houston, Tx. #1 Rice vs. #4 Sam Houston State U.

#3 Xavier vs. #2 Kansas State.

I think the two teams standing at the end of the Regional will be LSU and Minnesota

Here are their schedules and who they played
Minnesota Baylor Southern

Minnesota is an intriguing team. Unlike many Northern teams I believe they play in a Dome a nice part of the year when the weather i bad. Also typical of Northern Teams they come South a good bit in order to get their guys out on the field in good conditions.

Of course LSU must first get past Southern from 10 minutes down the road. I trust the Coaching staff and LSU players no not to take any game for granted

More later

Friday, May 22, 2009

American Catholic Soldiers Seek Healing At Lourdes

Nice story here at MilCatholic.

A Health Care Conscience Right Victory In Louisiana

La. Supreme Court rejects hospital’s appeal in nurse’s rights of conscience lawsuitHospital wanted court to rule against nurse; instead, she will get her day in court

Tip of the Hat to the Dead Pelican

Louisiana Tech Treating Hawaii Like Second Home (Another Impressive Baseball Win)

I wanted to highlight this because the Dawgs need some credit :) It is always a impressive feat to win on the Islands.

See LA Tech makes itself right at home Honolulu Advertiser

Notre Dame Has Dialogue On Abortion

Tip of the Hat to American Catholic

Hopefully One Day the Jesuits Will Be Catholic Again

You know you just hear so many stories like this that one does not notice anymore. The reform of the Jesuits needs to be a top priority.

Nice Pic Of LSU Baseball Being Presented SEC Champ Trophy

VP Biden Says Obama Has Opened Up Pandora's Box

From the UK Telgraph- “Out of the loop” Joe Biden says decision to shut Guantanamo was “like opening Pandora’s Box”

Will American Religious Freedom Depend on the Catholic Bishops?

Well I suppose this might be true to a certain extent. Crunchy Con has Religious freedom depends on Catholic bishops

The problem is getting to them act in one coordinated effective voice.

How times have changed. I imagine a lot of folks that there scared of the Katholics in 1780 would be thinking this would be the situation today.

Cool Moment With Obama and McCain's Son At Naval Academy Graduation

U.S. President Barack Obama congratulates John Sidney McCain IV, son of Arizona Senator John McCain, during the graduation and commissioning ceremonies at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis May 22, 2009

All Louisiana College Baseball Teams Are Still in their Tournaments(Updated)

What a great day for Louisiana College Baseball as all the Louisiaa teams survive to fight another day.

First a big shout out to Louisiana Tech that is playing the Wac Tournament in Hawaii. I stayed up till 3 am to hear the finish of that Game. GO Dawgs


LA Tech stuns Hawaii Honolulu Advertiser
LaTech stings Hawaii Honolulu Star-Bulletin
WAC baseball: LA Tech beats UH with 2-run walk-off homer in 9th Honolulu Advertiser

WAC TOURNAMENT: Ewing's walk-off propels Louisiana Tech to 4-3 winMonroe News Star

LA Tech makes itself right at homeHonolulu Advertiser

Other Schools

LSU (Geaux Tigers)

LSU bounces back, defeats Alabama 9-6 in SEC tournyWWL

LSU eliminates Alabama Shreveport Times


Tulane's Prince gets 5 hits, 5 steals in win vs. UCF 2TheAdvocate

UCF concludes season with a 7-3 loss to Tulane
Southern Miss advances; Tulane to meet East Carolina in Conference ... The Times-Picayune -

Southern and Grambling

SWAC TOURNAMENT: Grambling falls to rival Southern; Tigers face elimination today

University Louisiana Lafayette

Cajuns keep on Ragin'Troy Messenger

Baseball: Cajuns double the fun with win over Blue RaidersNewOrleans.Com

University Louisiana Monroe-

SUN BELT TOURNAMENT: ULM makes big rally, avoids elimination Monroe News Star

Update- I forgot Southeastern
College Baseball: Running down a dreamSan Marcos Daily Record

Also they just won their game today and will advance to play Sam Houston State

Thursday, May 21, 2009

American Idol I am clueless

It seems the whole world is talking about the controversy. However I am clueless over it :(

I feel so left out

Louisiana Catholic Blogs Update For Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sorry for the delay I went to the watering hole to watch the LSU VS Alabama baseball game.!!! LSU won. Go to hell Bama :) Seriously great game and got tense at the end.

So here we go.

Ville Platte Catholic Youth Group has The Dumb Ox Explains … the Ascension

Servus Mariae et Jesu has History of the Niceno-Constantinopolitan Creed - Nicene Era (Creed, Pt. 2)

Just Another Seminarian Blog has Reporting In

From The Recamier has her daily update at Daily Update: May 21, 2009,. Two book review here at Grave Goods by Ariana Franklin and Tea Time for the Traditionally Built by Alexander McCall Smith

Footprints on the Fridge has Watercoloring the Seasons and Nesting: The Plan for Survival Mode

Brown Pelican Society of Louisiana has
The Practices of Effective Catholic Leaders
Was Lying Part of Pelosi’s Plan to “Clean Up Washington”?
Obama’s ‘Common Ground’ on Abortion is Killing Ground
U.S. Senator: Do As I Say, Not As I Do! Yeah, Whatever!
Empathy Versus Law
Next Archbishop of St. Louis: No Communion for Pro-Abort Politicians
Controversial Obama Faith Advisor Seeks to Dismantle “Heteronormative” Fatherhood
Words of Encouragement: Every Knee Shall Bow!
Congressmen Call on Obama to Honor Pro-Life Consciences by Keeping HHS Regulations
GOSPEL & MEDITATION: Letting the Lord Work (Ascension Thursday)

For The Greater Glory has Do You Hear Anything About Human Dignity? , Honeymoon is Over , You Know How Obama & the Vatican were Tight? , WHO DAT? WHO DAT? WHO DAT GONNA HOST DAT SUPERBOWL! , Obama Shows His Love for Notre Dame , and Torture is not the cause of all evil

Astonished, Yet at Home! has The Parousians Summer Reading Group , No More Reverse Mojo for the Houston Astros , and Me . . . A College Graduate?!?! (Congrats) Good Lord thought Astonished is about to got to the University of Slow Learners (the old USL) ;)

Full Circle has (well I am on dial up and having problems loading his blog. Likely he has updated)

Cajun Cottage Under the Oaks has Potato Harvest and Late Night Issue DaybookSee alsoMother's Day---9 Days Later and When Bees Enter in

Thoughts & Ruminations from Fr. Ryan has Words from Pius XI that ring true today...

The Catholic Foodie has 5 Favorite Cookbooks and A Sensational Sensation Salad

Maudie in Mandeville has David Duke and Pat Buchanan laughed. ,
Obama killing your children ,Libs hold 'prayer' breakfast ,Carla knows best , and Found!: Obama's Notre Dame 1st draft

Life on the (L)edge has C-E-L-E-George Tiller named Notre Dame 2011 Commencement speaker! B-R-A-T-E GOOD TIMES, COME ON!!

Fr. Victor Brown’s Catholic Daily Message our expat priest in Houston has his daily thoughts at Feast of Saint Eugene de Mazenod (21 May 2009)

Father Allen’s Site has The Advocate

Finally Our expat Priest in New Jersey Da Mihi Animas has
The Mystery of the Rosary and the Real Presence
Nation of Whiners to Adam Shepherd A Self-Made Win...
Pledge of Allegiance Pastor dies at age 97
More May Feelings
Laura Ingraham tells it like it is!
St. Bernardine of Siena and the Holy Name of Jesus...
Hasta La Vista, Arnold!: What California's Budget ...
New Orleans is awarded the Super Bowl in 2013!

THe Myths About Gitmo

This is perhaps one of the best short articles I have seen. See SPECIAL PREVIEW. The Gitmo Myth and the Torture Canard . I think this is helpful because it lays out a timeline tht I think is confused in the publics mind

To the surprise of no one I guess we also see part of the problems we had were too many Roosters bumping into each other.

I will note something else that was on the net a few days ago. Every wild rumor coming out of Gitmo was assumed for some reason to be fact.

I notice Amy Goodman has this interview on her web site the other day. Jeremy Scahill: “Little Known Military Thug Squad Still Brutalizing Prisoners at Gitmo Under Obama”

Do people actually believe as everyone is concerned about their own skin this is actually occuring under Obama

Are Young Folks All Becoming Progressives? Is the GOP Dead?

A true progressive has his doubts. See Dissenting Justice and his post Are Young People Really Progressive As New Study Claims? I think he makes some good points.

Also we have been this before had we not. As he mentions:

Because public opinion is contextual and shaped by the media, social movements, politicians and contemporaneous events, it is very difficult to discern ideological commitments from short-term viewpoints. The Madland and Teixeira study focuses on "hot-button" social issues that have informed much of the "adult" lives of the Millennials. Hillary Clinton took "the bullet" on healthcare reform in the 1990s, but today, her thinking on the subject informs the so-called progressive commitment of the Millennials.

The shift in public opinion on the subject resulted from years of political activity and statutory reform that predated the 2008 election. The older folks in the Madland and Teixeira study engaged in vigorous protests over Vietnam, racism and sexism, and they showed a commitment to progressive causes that went far beyond simply casting a vote for certain issues or candidates. Yet, Madland and Teixeira describe these individuals as being more conservative than younger people who oppose the Iraq War and think race and sex are irrelevant.

I think this is very correct!! With all this talk of the GOP going the way of the Whigs and Social Conservatives being a Museum piece is that really true?

In 1974 the GOP just got slaughtered. The Democrats in the House picked up 49 seats from the Republican Party and increasing their majority above the two-thirds mark.

In the Senate after the dust settled Democrats possessed 61 seats to 38 for the Republicans, with one Independent who caucused with the Democrats and one Conservative who caucused with the Republicans.

I am sure the GOP death was predicted. You know all these young hippes and liberals and such.

Well In 1976 Carter had limited Coattails and the Dems just picked up one House Seat. There were no decisive gains for the Democrats in the Senate.

In 1978 The Dems lost 15 seats in the House

IN 1980 well you knew what Happened Not only did Reagan get elected but the Republicans gained Republicans gained a net of twelve seats in the Senate (the largest swing since 1958) an gained control. In the House they Republicans gained a net of 35 seats.

This all occurred in a the short span of 6 years!!! I am willing to be quite a few of those "liberal" young folks were a part of this.

Libertarians For Obama - How Did that Go?

Over at the The Volokh Conspiracy there is good post and amusing comment section at Libertarians and Obama

I could barely understand how a Pro-lifer could vote for Obama. How a Libertarian could just floors me. The comments are amusing because there are still some saying McCain would have been the same or worse!!! What!!

Thankfully people come in an correct that silly misconception pretty quick. Denial Denial Denial is pretty rampant

Justice Bryer Suggest A Lord Chancellor To the President

Well I suspect this will not fly.

I suspect the main view of the "judiciary’s viewpoint " they want expressed has to do with money!! If you ever can watch C-Span when one of the Justices has to go to the Congress and beg for money. You can tell it is not their favorite thing.

Also the fact that Federal Judges have to often watch their Law Clerks make more than them in their first year after leaving I am sure is grating.

New Orleans African American Priest's Speech At Alternative Graduation at Notre Dame

This is an pretty incredible speech by African American Priest .Rev. John Raphael, SSJ . He is the Principal of the famous St Augustine Catholic High School (that has served the African American community forever) in New Orleans

The Speech and video is available at ND Response as well as the other speeches.

Here are some parts:

If indeed you are a minority on campus—and I know a little bit about being a minority on campus, it wasn’t all that bad!—You are not a minority in the rest of this great nation of ours! Recent scientific polls (Rasmussen and Gallup) tell us that 60% of American Catholics are with you, 52% of all Americans are withyou, and even 51% of Americans identify themselves as being PRO-LIFE! YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!

Your witness has been conducted with dignity, with charity and with respect for all. Like all witnesses for truth, you have come under attack. You have been called names and your intentions have been impugned. Because of the historic dimensions of the election of the first African American president of the United States, and because you have rightly challenged the university’s decision to honor him, you have even been called racist!

What shall I say

Blessed are you when men revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account.Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven, for such did they treat the prophets before you!

The truth is that you are anything but racist!

Racist is Planned Parenthood’s conscious targeting of African American and Latino communities for surgical and chemical extinction through abortion and contraception.Racist is the fact that 37% of abortions in the United States are performed on African American women and their babies, who comprise 13% of the American population.

Racist is the genocidal magnitude of the 447,000 African American babies whose precious lives are destroyed each year before they ever get a chance to see the light of day.

Racist and sexist is the presumption that a poor, unwed mother, with the right kind of support and assistance, does not have the capacity to love her baby enough to allow him to live—with her, or with another loving family—despite the circumstances of his conception............

Sadly this is not the first time an opportunity has been missed by Catholic leadership in the United States to stand for the oppressed and to speak truth to power. One hundred seventy years ago a Catholic Bishop, John England of Charleston, South Carolina setout to explain to America that an Apostolic Letter of Pope Gregory XVI condemned the international slave trade and said nothing about American slavery.

Bishop England was not a bad man; he was not in favor of slavery, nor was he was a racist. In fact, he exercised a cherished personal ministry to black Catholics in Charleston. He drew his arguments from scripture and from natural law, and he carefully parsed papal documents addressing slavery. But in the face of strong anti-Catholic sentiment and prejudice, he wanted to show his fellow ante-bellum southerners that Catholics could be just as American as everybody else, and that tolerance of their cherished institution, slavery, was not in any way opposed by the Catholic Church.

It was a lost opportunity for the Church in America to become a pioneer in the quest for racial equality, and many would later invoke his letters as expressions of a “Catholic” position on slavery. The slave was given the sacraments, but he continued to be denied his freedom.