Saturday, July 19, 2014

Canary in the Coal Mine- Religious Liberty Attack On Vancouver Catholic Schools

Well what can you say to this except as Rod Dreher says thank goodness for the First amendment that FOR NOW offers Americans religious some protection . See Bullying Canada’s Catholic Schools .

Friday, July 11, 2014

It's Good Bobby Jindal Is Silent On Louisiana Catholic Confession Case ( For Now )

What a issue and post to try to get back into more active blogging. The Louisiana Catholic Church has a crisis down here dealing with the seal of confession and the Louisiana Supreme Ct.

The background on this crisis and Bobby Jindal 's silence on this ( so far ) can be found in this article from the New Orleans Times Picayune Bobby Jindal declines to take a stand on Louisiana religious liberty .

I have no idea or insight on what the Governor thinks of the Louisiana Supreme Court's Opinion on this matter that was just released . For all I know maybe he thinks the Court is right !

However if Jindal does not think the Court opinion was correct I am glad he is not rushing to a microphone right now and that might be by design.

Needless to say when a issue involves sex abuse the response must be delicate and well planned . We have that here is spades. The Catholic Bishops need to consult with Jindal as well as other key folks in the legislature . I presume there will be some attempt to introduce legislation to counter the Louisiana Supreme Ct opinion. I have to think well before the next legislative session  that the Bishops will have perhaps some news conference where some proposals will be  talked about .

From the Catholic standpoint I want to make sure we all have our ducks in a row before any Jindal comment is blasted across the national airwaves. That is a particular concern in an environment that is becoming more hostile to the rights of Faith and Church. The Louisiana Bishops are reeling as to to this development. Before Jindal makes this a talking point MSNBC issue we need some time to key our response. In other words  in an era where every thing is made a national issue  we must be ready for the PR campaign  for hearts and minds.

Now that does not help resolve the situation of the Priest in Baton Rouge that needless to say can't wait for the next legislative session for some relief. However a Jindal comment today or this week or the next is not going to help him either. There is a little time yet to try consider options as to his immediate predicament