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I Met Five German Bicyclists Today

They are going Coast to Coast on bike. Needless to say this is a rare event for people like this to pop into our little town. Nice guys. They came to the library to use do some emails and before you knew the guy from the paper was there and they were taken out to eat.

Here is their web site. The picture are pretty cool. Use google translate to get a sort of half decent translation.

Another Conservative Against the Death Penalty

There are actually quite a few. Funny it seems there are a lot more prominent Pro-Life conservatives that are anti Death Penalty than is often portrayed

From National Review Online We Have Kathryn Jean Lopez

Death Be Not Proud [Kathryn Jean Lopez]
Even worse than the state's killing of a man it is not morally obliged to kill (I appreciate the arguments, but I'm opposed to the death penalty) may be finding out he may have been innocent of the crimes he was convicted of. This may have been the case with
Cameron Todd Willingham, who was executed in Texas in 2004.
UPDATE: Readers point me to
his parting message, which included an obscene gesture. These things, too, do not require the state to end his life.
08/31 04:16 PMShare .



re: Cameron Todd Willingham [Kathryn Jean Lopez]
A (current) judge who helped prosecute the case takes issue with the innocence claim.
I should note that the debate over facts is not my moral argument against the whole execution business. I think the man shouldn't have been killed, period, with or without the New Yorker. Capital punishment isn't intrinsically evil, there are times when it may be necessary. But those strike me as rare — if not inconceivable — instances in the U.S. in 2009.Speaking of George Will, Ramesh wrote
this response to him when he announced his opposition to capital punishment.
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Emphasis and bold all mine. What I bolded seems very close to what the Catechism says.

Hawaii's Racism Problem

Sadly there is a lot to this.

Shopping For Your Unborn Baby's Casket

Pretty rough but inspiring stuff. Crunchy Con has it at They chose Thomas

Christopher Hitchens Novel Defense of John Edwards

Maybe he needs to go back to bashing Christians.

From Kaus:
From Resilience to Delusion: Is Christopher Hitchens really offering up the most ancient, cliched rationalization of infidelity in defense of his friends, Elizabeth and John Edwards?

In the unequal battle between life and death (as she understood in her father's case), Eros has its part in warding off Thanatos, and if this really was--as I believe--her husband's first lapse, it might have been partly because of the death-haunted context in which, for all his money and charm, he found himself.

'Thanatos made me do it.' This was also Warren Beatty's rationalization in Shampoo, if I remember right. ... P.S.: I think there is actually a significant possibility that Hitchens really believes Rielle Hunter was John Edwards' "first lapse"--that he's not just trying to be kind to his friends. He should stop being a fool. ... 12:26 P.M.

A Whole Blog Devoted to Funerals!!

Pretty cool. See Your Funeral Guy

Tip of the hat to Deacon Bench and his post For all you Catholic funeral junkies out there

George Will- Obama is the New Huey Long!!!

I guess it could be worse. He could be like Gov Earl Long. Except maybe we would be better off if Obama was having to fight to stay out of a mental hospital and was having open affairs with New Orleans strippers. Doing less damage as they say.

American Feminists For the Taliban?

Hmmm I would be interested in who these groups are too. Via First Thoughts see Pro-Taliban Feminists? (scroll down)

Congressman Melancon Under Fire For Lack of Meetings

This from a major paper in his district.

I would love to see the Dems and Repubs private internal poll numbers on how Vitter is looking against him in his own Congressional district.

Silly Ole Miss People at it Again

Can't they just stick to reading William Faulkner in the Grove or what ever the heck they do up there.
They do have the Blind Side movie Trailer up though that is pretty cool.

Dr Anna Pou article in the New York Times (Katrina Euthanasia)

I am pretty appalled that Pou is now treated as some hero in some quarters. The NYT's at least is saying there is a lot more to the story. I think she was damn lucky that AG Foti bungled the arrest and case and created such a wave of sympathy.

The fact is it is apparent it was the medical staff that was in panic. People died as a result. Baptist Memorial was not the only hospital effected. But one never heard of people being shot up with morphine (euthanized ) int hose hospitals did you.

See Strained by Katrina, a Hospital Faced Deadly Choices

General Honore Throws Cold Water On Senate Run Rumors

Well Vitter must be relieved. I think Honore is one of those that could have thrown a monkey wrench into what I view as a very likely reelection.

This is perhaps good news for the party as a whole. We don't need to be spending money on a bruising primary. Still a Honore run could have provided so needed party outreach to groups that are not normally GOP voters.

Defending the Cardinal of Boston- Kennedy Funeral

I mentioned last night that for me there are many issues about the Kennedy Funeral that go beyond politics. See Can People Pray For A Captial Gains Tax Cut At My Catholic Funeral? (updated) .

That being Cardinal Sean P. O’Malley has come under some heat. I think the Cardinal was sending some subtle messages here. There can be a debate if he should have not been so subtle but I think he was sending them. Get Religion has some interesting observations on this at Rites, wrongs and a letter from Rome

Don't Worry L.A. Catholic Cathedral Safe From Wildfires (Humor)

Well as they say might as well laugh instead of crying. American Catholic has L.A. Cathedral Safe From Wildfires

In Chavis We Trust-2009 LSU Defense Hype Video "Invincible"

I am not sure why this video keeps disappearing when I put it up. Check back. Till then go here to see it

Very Nice Catholic Vocations Ad From New York

The Anchoress has some could thoughts about this video and the overrll meaning of vocation. See “A pure gift…not a trophy.” (Scroll down)

Doug Kmiec Speaks Again- Religious Morals and the Law

Over at Mirrors of Justice they have a link to transcript to a panel discussion Kmiec was on. The topic of the panel was Matters of Conscience: When Moral Precepts Collide with Public Policy. Now that sounds kinda of dry but trust me it is not.. This panel has some pretty heavy hitters. There is a very good discussion on Conscience clause protections which is really the meat of the discussion. That merits a whole seperate post.

I am going to reserve extended comment on most of Kmiec's remarks later on. Just too tired now to cut and past his remarks and interact with them.

However it is typical Kmiec. A few observations I will give. I think that Kmiec is contradicting himself all over the place here. I will perhaps get into more detail on that later.

But we seen a line of argument that he has been advancing for some time and is not being called on.

First that basically the "modern Church" seems to just be some political animal instead of the good ole days where the Church instead of interacting in the public square tried to just change hearts and minds. Now I am not sure the date this "modern American Catholic Church" Kmiec is referencing started in his mind.

Did it start in 2008? Post Vatican II? I have to say at least in the United States the Catholic Church has been in the thick of it since the Civil War days. The Church was not sitting on the political sidelines from late the 1800's as to the American Labor movement for example. Is Kmiec saying that the Church should have stayed out of the Civil Rights struggle? Just racially integrate your own Parishes and live racial justice by personal example?

In effect Kmiec is setting up a straw man and in a sense seems to be saying the Hierarchy needs to stay out and I guess the lay Catholic just shut up as too some issues. As he puts it show it through your example and good works etc etc. Well he does not tell us why this has to be "either/or".

The second line of argument that he needs to start being called on references the famous St Thomas Aquinas teaching that we ought not to be trying to enact every virtue or prohibit every vice. I am not sure we can equate, and neither would Thomas Aquinas, abortion to the allowing of regulated controlled red light districts. Is Stem Cell research using unborn human life similar to allowing a few strip clubs? How do we jump from lets say laws tolerate of Homosexual behavior to the first time in history making homosexual marraige a Fundamental right?

He later says:

This notion of creating an ideal world through law is a
forfeiture of the faith and the power of the faith. It is directly contrary,
it seems to me, to Thomas’s teaching, to the Thomastic teaching about
not seeing to enact every virtue or prohibit every vice. The human
condition is just simply not capable of that and it is more variegated
than that.

But it doesn’t mean you give up on the transformation of
the culture. It just means you don’t expect the Supreme Court of the
United States to be the chief catechist. You expect yourself to in fact
embrace the Scripture and the Catechism, and through homiletics and
through good works and your own personal witness and what happens in
that parish community. That’s where the ideal world gets constructed.

Here we see the two themes combined. Again I think a straw man is being done here. I think Kmeic realizes the Church and other faith based communities do not think a perfect world is going to be enacted through law alone. But does Kmiec though think the LAW does not teach a moral lesson? Laws do that all the time.

Does he think in the famous civil rights Ollie barbecue case the Supreme Court was really concerned by the Interstate Commerce clause?. That Congress could effect a legal and indeed cultural and moral change through the Civil Rights act that forbid in part discrimination on the part of small businesses. I don't think the the Court's main concern was that less silverware and beef would be sold if blacks could not eat in some Restaurants. If we look at polls we see a huge swing in public opinion as to what Ollie's was doing. Before the Civil Rights Act large numbers of people thought this discrimination was ok. But within a few short years after the passage of these laws public opinion had switched- even in the South

Does he oppose the Court in that instance being as he puts it the "chief catechist"? I am sure Kmiec realizes that the major goal of the gay marriage debate is to give a moral anchor which the law provides that will effect all sort of different things.

Kmiec himself in his advocacy of Obama seems to want the law to enact a more ideal world that is aligned with his view of Catholic Social Justice.

Anyway more later

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Can People Pray For A Captial Gains Tax Cut At My Catholic Funeral? (updated)


The Kennedy Funeral I think in Catholic terms has shown on a grand stage the problem of the typical American Catholic funeral. And no having a wonderful AVE MARIA does not cover it up.

Canon Lawyer Peters in a biting review shows some of it Further this eulogy stuff is getting out of hand and we need to enforce the rules. That goes for everyone from important folks to the ordinary. Abuses are at both.

382. At the Funeral Mass there should, as a rule, be a short homily, but never a eulogy of any kind.
I understand that exceptions can be made I have no problem with a President showing up and giving some words. (In fact as Peters point out Obama the non Catholic at least offered a prayer for his soul)

Why Catholic funerals traditionally (and still prohibit eulogies) see here

He points out in part:

The Catholic Church was very wise to allow no place for such a dangerous form of speech for most of the last two thousand years. Save the stories for the Wake, which, unlike the contemporary bland "gathering" in a Funeral Parlour here in the US the night before the funeral, used to be in the family home and would involve "veritas" not from vino, but perhaps from Johnnie Walker (Black Label). We now have the contemporary eulogy, or eulogies, delivered by the new priesthood, who celebrate their liturgies via the medium of television. Truth, even in charity, or "caritas in veritate," is not a feature of the new eulogy.

Also see The inappropriateness of a eulogy at a Catholic Funeral Mass Finally this helpful guide that spells it out very clearly from A Catholic Parish.

It is indeed striking how American Catholics have stopped the wake and adopted the "Bland" American version of a funeral home. Stand in line see the body and get out of there. This is where eulogies should be conduct. The Divine rites of the Church are for worshiping God and in this case praying for the dead. Not for what we too often see today. This has reached an absurd height in the intercessions we saw yesterday. I have always said give Catholics a inch and they take a yard.

70. As a rule, the series of intentions is to be For the needs of the Church; For public authorities and the salvation of the whole world; For those burdened by any kind of difficulty; For the local community. Nevertheless, in a particular celebration, such as Confirmation, Marriage, or a Funeral, the series of intentions may reflect more closely the particular occasion
. and
In the arranging and choosing of the variable parts of the Mass for the Dead, especially the Funeral Mass (e.g., orations, readings, Prayer of the Faithful), pastoral considerations bearing upon the deceased, the family, and those attending should rightly be taken into account.

In this case the Kennedy Clan took a whole Football field and I suppose the Boston Hierarchy was too meek to stop it. Maybe they did not know what they would contain. From the Program

Intercessory Prayers: Kennedy's four grandchildren, and the youngest grandchild of each of his siblings, will read quotes from his speeches. (The family chose to honor the youngest children because Kennedy was the youngest in his family.)

Yeah right. The kids were chosen so they would be liturgical human shields. Hey you mean person how can you criticize those cute kids praying those prayers?

However when every intention started off with something akin to "For my uncle Teddy's call" ,For a new season of hope that my uncle Teddy envisioned ", "For my uncle's stand ", "As my uncle Teddy once told thousands and millions", that shows a tremendous amount of EGO and it is a liturgical abortion. There were other problems. If this catches on at the local level we have a huge problem.

The Mass was of course still valid (though for some reason the Memorial Acclamation was omitted maybe he was nervous) and I swear the Priest was using prohibited Gender neutral language. Still the Kennedy Mass showed a bad direction Catholic funeral masses are going in and hopefully the reform of the reform will straighten this out.

Update- An Interesting Comparison to the JFK funeral Mass. JFK was of course President and has been killed!! This page is pretty fascinating because it shows all the music that was played for all the events. As to the Mass

At the Cathedral

12:13 p.m.: The bronze doors of the cathedral close and the requiem mass commences. The choral music during the mass was sung by the St. Matthew's Choir, Eugene Stewart, organist and choirmaster, the tenor soloist was Luigi Vena. The program was as follows: "Subvenite" (choir); "Pie Jesu," Leybach (tenor solo), "Ave Maria," Schubert (tenor solo); “In Manus Tuus,” Novello (tenor solo); “Sanctus and Benedictus,” Perosi (choir). Mr. Stewart conducted the Perosi "Sanctus and Benedictus;" the Gregorian "Subvenite" and the "In Paradisum" were led by James Walsh.
1:15 p.m.: The bronze doors of the cathedral open as the requiem mass is concluded. As the coffin was replaced on the caisson, the Army Band played "Ruffles and Flourishes" four times, "Hail to the Chief," and the hymn "Holy God, We Praise Thy Name."
1:30 p.m.: The funeral procession to Arlington National Cemetery begins. The music used was the same as that for the march from the Capitol to the White House, with the service bands proceeding in the same order

Notice they are out in a hour!!! The Ted Kennedy Funeral with the "extras:"had not even got rolling yet. At RKF's funeral mass (when are in the Vatican II era) Teddy did give remarks. Again I think there can be exceptions. When a country is traumatized after a event like that it might be proper. The problem becomes when the exception for extraordinary circumstances becomes the rule.

Update II again of Historical interest is the details of the RFK Funeral located here.

This part struck me:
The mass began at 0955 on 8 June. Archbishop Cooke, the celebrant, was assisted by four other priests. Reflecting recent liturgical changes in the Roman Catholic Church, the clergymen wore purple instead of the traditional black vestments and Archbishop Cooke said the mass in English. When the mass ended, about 1035, Senator Kennedy's casket was carried out of the cathedral by thirteen bearers, among them a son of the senator and the senator's brother, Edward.

40 minutes wow.

Las Vegas Newspaper Resents Senator Reid's Bully Tactics


Pope's Annual Summer School Ends Monday

It would be fun to be in on this. Benedetto XVI Forum translates this from the Italian service of Vatican Radio There are pictures at the link

'Summer school' time in Castel Gandolfo
August 28, 2009

Today at Castel Gandolfo - the start of a three-day seminar at the Mariopoli Center of the Focolari Movement, of the Ratzinger Schuelerkreis, former doctoral students of Benedict XVI from his years as a university professor in Germany.

The seminar, always held behind closed doors, has for its theme this year "Mission in the ecumenical perspective'. The Holy Father is expected to spend all day Saturday with his former students and will preside at the concluding Mass on Monday morning.

Alessandro Gisotti reports: The annual seminar-reunion of Joseph Ratzinger's former students has taken place every year since 1977, when he was named by Paul Vi to become Archbishop of Munich and Freising, thus ending his 25-year academic career. After he became Pope in 2005, the seminars have taken place every summer in Castel Gandolfo.

In the past four years, the seminar topics have been: 'The relationship with Islam' (2005); 'Creation and evolution' (2006 and 2007); and 'The relationship between the Gospels adn the historical Jesus; and the salvific significance of the Passion of Christ' (2008).

Forty participants are expected this year, among them the Archbishop of Vienna, Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn, who spoke to Marta Vertse, in charge of Hungarian programming at Vatican Radio.

SCHOENBORN: Our topic this week is mission - the Church's missionary task - and it was chosen by the Holy Father himself.

What is the atmosphere like during these meetings? Is there still the professor-student relationship?

Of course, that remains, and one can see that for the Holy Father, it is a time of detachment from his daily routine so that he can be with his former students as he used to be when he was their professor.

On the subject of mission, do you see the possibility of undertaking a Christian mission in cooperation with other Christian confessions in Europe?

Yes, because the Lord calls us to bear common witness. It is an urgent call by Jesus himself.

Can Western Civilization Survive Without Religion?

Rod Dreher has a good post on this at Is religion necessary to Western civilization?

Let me add two contribution to this discussion for the "No camp". First an recent Op-Ed in an Italian paper. See EUROPE / From Schuman, Adenauer and De Gasperi to the Betrayal of its Christian Roots

Second this very good piece. See Jurgen Habermas: A Secular Atheist Changes His Mind on Religion in the Public Sphere

Reaction to "Obama" Taking Over the Internet Parnoria

I hate too see some conservatives acting like some liberals did when Bush proposed the Patriot Act. I agree both things need to be looked closely at. Yet CYBER DEFENSE is a huge part of these nations defense. I am not sure the President could not do this anyway under his already inherent powers as Commander of Chief.

See for a well balanced look at this Bill would give president emergency control of Internet

Update AJ has good thoughts here at Obama And A Secure Internet

Vatican Now Constantly Monitoring Blogs

Good move. Father Z has the news that is stuck in a Italian news story. See Non-denial denials

JFK went to Confession Before He was Killed

This is interesting and seems legit. The more we learn about JFK he seems the least attached to his Catholic faith among all the brothers. However this story makes me happy. The graces Jesus gives us are indeed great. See FROM THE MAIL: PRIEST RECOUNTS HEARING THAT JFK WENT TO MASS AND CONFESSION

Wait I thought Europe Catholic Church Officials Were More Sophisticated!!

At least that is what I hear from certain Catholics that try to make our concerns akin to a Protestant Puritan Taliban.

See War of words between Vatican and Berlusconi clan heats up

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What About Joan Kennedy?

I very much enjoyed the Kennedy stuff today. Though I was not a Kennedy fan I recognize the importance of the man and more the importance of the ideas he represented But what really got me was the commentary.

Of course no one wants to speak ill of the dead, especially liberal talking heads talking about a liberal icon, but still. It is amazing that during all the commentary kudos were laid upon VICKI but what about Joan ? Yes she has had a tragic life no doubt of in part by her own weakness but she was there standing by her man when all the crap hit the fan . Perhaps to bring up Joan brings up all those "not so nice things" because she stood by him during that.

So I agree with this article and I hope when she passes on it just doesn't get a mention on page a-14 of the NYT

What About Joan Kennedy: Doesn't She Deserve an Honorable Mention Too?

Update- I should make clear I am not speaking ill of Vicki. It 's just the almost going out of the way to mention Joan's contribution was a tad sad and unfair. Almost like she is disposable though for decades she was part of the "magic"

Update- Related- See my post Can People Pray For A Captial Gains Tax Cut At My Funeral? I am hoping to show that the Kennedy funeral shows a problem on a grand scale that we see at every day Catholic funerals. Whether they are Republican or Democrat!!!

Tim Tebow Converting All those Catholics

Update- On a fun note I seem for some reason to be getting hundreds of hits today from this post Twenty Secrets Tim Tebow Doesn't Want You To Know Ok main post below

It is almost College Football Season. One week to geaux!!! Vox Nova has an interesting post at Christianity and College Football: Is Tim Tebow Anti-Catholic? There will no doubt be some discussion in the comments. This thread has also been picked up a Catholic discussion thread so something might be there too.

Tebow is a rare creature in the SEC. In a league where we love to hate opposing players and Coaches TEBOW is largely an exception. Despite being the cause of many of defeats good gosh one just can't dislike Tebow. His sincere faith is a part of it. (Please note the controversy over when Tebow was asked if he was saving himself for marriage- He answered yes at SEC MEDIA DAYS).

But I have pointed out several times that Tebow when he goes on these Mission trips he ain't coverting agnostics , Hindus or Muslims. Most likely they are Catholics. I often wonder in the personal discussions with his Coach , who was named after a Pope and is Catholic , they discuss this .

In a prior post I said

I really don't agree with that Sport's writer at all. I like the fact that Tebow's faith is out there. What goes unnoticed and unsaid that some very prominent players that Tebow plays against do the same.
I have to admit I am always curious in some of these very CATHOLIC Countries Tebow goes to spreading the word who exactly he is converting. It would indeed be interesting to see what some of these services are like. I am curious if Tebow was caught on tape telling these kids to please stop your pagan Mary worship Cracker Worshiping Idol nonsense and come to the pure Biblical faith what the reaction would be.

Are Tebow parents in their Medical Missions PASSING OUT BIRTH CONTROL!!!!

NOT SAYING HE IS DOING THAT or passing out the pill . Still that is sort of the religious questions I would love a reporter to ask :) (I know I am devious ) because the thought has crossed my mind. If he is hopefully the Catholic Coach Urban (who was named after a Pope) will make him run gassers or Bleachers while reciting Rosary in latin.

No doubt if he transgressing this way God will make sure his Purgatory time is just being hit with marshmellows by sweet little Angels while having to watch Alabama play non stop.

In the end though the Faith of Tebow is important. It is a great Christian witness. Much better than the assorted scandals we hear about in College football and too often get overblown By the way at the NC game Tebow had John 3:16 under his eyes. That night according to google that was at the top of Google searches. I think that is perhaps what has got people upset. IT WORKS.We are called to all sort of vocations and those vocations rather the ministry or a priest or a religious or a football player is to be centered in Christ. In the end that is what Tebow does and he should be applauded.

Now I used a little humor there. College football in the south is a Religion and the stadiums on Saturdays are the Cathedrals where we take our communion. As was pointed out in by a former LSU Football player in It Never Rains In Tiger Stadium :

Will the damn thing never come?" I yelled one day, loud enough for everyone to hear."What thing?" Coach Mac asked."Saturday. I want it to be Saturday.""Only trying to make you better."
He sat in the shade of his golf cart, watching from the middle of the field, so we had to run around him and waste more energy."Only doing this because we love you. Don't think about yourself. Think about the people of the great state of Louisiana. They're counting on you. Every last one of them is counting on you."The governor was counting on me. The rednecks in the northern part of the state were counting on me. The Cajuns in the south were counting on me. The black people and the Creoles were counting on me. The Asians and the Hispanics were counting on me. The Catholics and the Baptists and the Jews and the Jehovah's Witnesses and the Hare Krishnas -- even the nondenominationalists were counting on me. Under the stars in Tiger Stadium on Saturday night, we were all the same."Can't let the people down, buddy. Can … not … let … them … down …"

So one must be a tad sensitive in talking about this issue and our fellow Saturday Communicants. Humor helps that a tad. In the state of Louisiana with its traditional religious divides football has served as a common bond. Even an ecumenical one.

But it is something I have thought about. This is also why I go to some pains on here to point out Catholic role models in college football and the NFL.

Football players , for all the bad press they get, are often very religious folks. In the Christ haunted South the SEC has a ton of players that got saved at the Revivals.

IS Tebow anti Catholic?

Where first I think a couple of columns by Catholic Convert and Apologist David Armstrong should be noted as to this situation. David is constantly on the front lines dealing with Anti-Catholicism. First a good one is How Anti-Catholics Can be Catholics' Brothers in Christ. I think that is important to read to give the proper overview we should all have. Also see Prayer For Our Non-Catholic Brothers and Sisters (Especially Those Who Do Not Regard Us As Their Brothers and Sisters in Christ)

The term anti Catholic is one that should be discussed. I am sure that Tim Tebow thinks that the Catholic Church Theology is off its rocker in some regards. If not he would be a Catholic. So I guess he is anti Catholic in that way but so are then all Protestants.

Does Tebow think Catholics are Christians? Well I don't know. . That is the question. If he does not well I guess he is an anti catholic as the term is used today. I do suspect that Tebow is not anti Catholic in the way some Seventh Day Adventist are or those that truly hate Catholics. It just does not fit his personality.

Armstrong again has given several articles on this that are helpful in this regard to Catholics and Protestants. See

Definitional and Terminological Controversies
Use of the Term Anti-Catholic in Protestant and Secular Scholarly Works of History and Sociology (Dave Armstrong vs. "Romans 45")

The Legitimacy of the Term Anti-Catholic as a Noun as Well as an Adjective

Scholarly Use of the Term Anti-Catholicism in Precisely the Way I Habitually Use It (the Theological or Doctrinal Sense)

On the Objectionable Use of the Terms Romanist and Papist"Free grace's" Glaring, Ludicrous Double Standards Regarding Anti-Protestant and Anti-Catholic (see exchange in the comments thread)

Reiterating the Meaning of "Anti-Catholic" With an Anti-Catholic and Getting Nowhere, As Usual (+ Discussion) (Dave Armstrong vs. Peter Pike)

Defense of Scott & Kimberly Hahn's Use of Anti-Catholic in Their Testimony Book, Rome Sweet Home

Fruitful Discussion With a Protestant About the Definition of Anti-Catholicism, Knowing Jesus Personally, and Constructive Dialogue

Not "Any" Difference Between Catholics, Muslims, Moonies, and Hindus? (+ Discussion)

Dialogue With a Baptist About Sola Scriptura, Keith Mathison's Fallacious Critiques of Catholic Ecclesiology, and Anti-Catholicism

Those links I think are instructive for Catholics and the term "anti Catholic".

So what should we do. First Catholics should learn from the witness Tebow gives. Catholics Schools produce a ton of Football players in this Country and we should be seeing a ton of Catholic Tim Tebows running around. They have had a history of doing this.

Second of all pray for Tim Tebow. Boy his conversion to the Catholic faith would be something else.

Last but not least support MISSIONS!!! Catholics and even Protestants have had overall decrease in giving to Missions for some reason. If we are concerned about Tebow making those Philippines kids Fundamentalist then send some money and prayers to help prevent that. I would recommend the sites that this Catholic Convert is involved in. Be sure to email him to get more details.

Also but not least root against FLORIDA especially when they play LSU. :)

Louisiana Catholic Blogs Update for Saturday, August 29, 2009

Time for the update

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I am having trouble accessing the major mega Catholic focused news, faith, and political site The Louisiana Brown Pelican Society. There server might be down at the moment but no doubt as usual they have an mega update

Stranger in a Strange Land has The Martyrdom of John the Baptist , The Akathist Hymn , St. Augustine Quotes , St. Augustine on Faith , Seminarians in Diocese of Baton Rouge , Prayer, Persistence & Faith , and What Matters is Internal Not External

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Jean Restout - Pentecost
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Nine consecutive blogging days?!?
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I see there was some wind damage in Shiner, TX today
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Our new Law Student For The Greater Glory has Katrina anniversary . On the Law school note I am shocked he has not freaked out yet. At this stage I was wondering what the hell I was getting myself into.

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Finally our Expat Priest Fr. Victor Brown’s Catholic Daily Message in Houston has
Feast of Saint Augustine (28 Aug 2009)

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Coach Saban To Use Swine Flu To Open Up Scholarships


How Augustine Ended Up in Hippo

This is pretty interesting. Father Z has How St. Augustine came to be in Hippo

Time Magazine Wondering Why No Papal Announcement on Kennedy Death

CMR has Pope Not Sufficiently Acknowledging Kennedy?

Americans Selective Memory on Kennedy

I never got into the whole Chappaquiddick thing as to Kennedy. Partly it was before I was born so I could not relate to it all. Second though I found it horrid some uses of it against Kennedy were well tacky. Still it needs to be noted. There is a very good article on this at Mary Jo Kopechne and Chappaquiddick: America's Selective Memory I think it is very balanced. This part struck me:

.................For millions of Americans who never knew her, the tragic incident has fed a festering cultural grudge.

The idea that Edward M. Kennedy could be a viable national politician – let alone a much-admired and lionized political figure – has convinced millions of everyday citizens and succeeding generations of conservative activists that among the elites of academia, politics, and the media two standards of behavior exist: One for liberal Democrats and another for conservative Republicans. Along with sweeping changes in immigration law, soaring oratory, and strengthening the nation's social safety net, this reservoir of class resentment is also part of Kennedy's legacy.

Liberals in the media pretend not to see this. Or rather, they blame those who feel aggrieved. This very morning, my old friend James Fallows of The Atlantic Monthly employed the usual euphemisms about Kennedy's behavior in his post – and then launched a preemptive strike against anyone who might view Teddy's life with gimlet eyes. "A flawed man, who started unimpressively in life -- the college problems, the silver-spoon boy senator, everything involved with Chappaquiddick -- but redeemed himself, in the eyes of all but the committed haters, with his bravery and perseverance and commitment to the long haul," Fallows wrote.

I like Jim Fallows, and stand in awe of Kennedy's effectiveness as a politician myself. But hold on a minute: The "college problems" were serial cheating. The "silver-spoon" stuff, I suppose refers to, among other things, the speeding and reckless driving that ominously foreshadowed Chappaquiddick. And that phrase "redeeming himself in the eyes of all but the committed haters," well, the problem with that is that to many people, redemption implies that a sinner has come clean.

Certain theological questions present themselves here, ones that are well above, as our president memorably said, the "pay grade" of most political writers. One of them is whether one can completely atone for a sin that is not truthfully confessed. Kennedy did say, in a wrenching 1976 interview with the Boston Globe, that his behavior that night was "irrational and indefensible and inexcusable and inexplicable."

Americans are free to furnish their own adjectives. Here is what is known:..........

Once A Priest Always A Priest

This Get Religion Story has a Louisiana angle too.

On that angle I am relived to here this

In an interview yesterday, Bourgeois, 70, a Louisiana native, said he has stopped wearing a clerical collar and celebrating the Eucharist and other sacraments out of respect for the church’s view that he has been excommunicated.
But, he also said at one point, simply, “I am a priest.”

Gov. Charlie Crist To Appoint Former Chief of Staff to U.S. Senate?

This seems sort of stupid for him to do if true.

Obama's Worse Nightmare? Senator Honore of Louisiana

Update II- General Honore Throws Cold Water On Senate Run Rumors

Boy that would be interesting. Especially in light of Does Obama Care About New Orleans? (Update) . The last thing Obama needs is a black /creole Catholic Pro-life Republican respected military guy nick named "The Ragin' Cajun" John Wayne figure (That even New Orleans liberals like) talking about the President's broken promises to Louisiana, and yelling the Congress is "STUCK ON STUPID" in a race that would I expect get a ton of National TV coverage.

I mean once the 5 second thrill for Democrats of defeating David Vitter is gone don't they have then a much larger long term problem in many ways?

I am sure the Democrat party will try to figure out how to funnel money to the Vitter Campaign if he runs. :)
UPDATE- Is not a winning issue for Honore that he could against Vitter and Melachon in the general Coastal erosion and how they are not producing enough? Honore will make war on the insufferable Corp of Engineers whose whims and often mind blowing choices affect the lives of so many folks!! I can see that.

Handicapping the New Orleans Mayor's Race

This guy does a pretty good job of it.

U.S. Ambassador-Designate to the Holy See arrives in Rome

A short press release from our Embassy here.

Related- No News on Doug Kmiec in Malta. Perhaps when he gets there he can spend a little time sprucing up the web site.

Does Obama Care About New Orleans? (Update)

I posted last week that even the liberals in New Orleans are getting fed up.

Now from CNN Commentary: Does Obama care about New Orleans? This was all pretty predictable IMHO.

Also here is the depressing fact. This is much more than New Orleans. It is a good bit of South Louisiana that is in need of massive help. The two are linked.

New Orleans seemed to be a priority of the left when it was a tool to bash Bush over the head. Now not so much. Again predictable.

Update- Lets look at what what Candiate Obama said:

Obama's Plan to Restore New Orleans New York Times
August 25, 2007 By Jeff Zeleny Washington -- On the cusp of the two-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, Senator Barack Obama will present a plan on Sunday aimed at hastening the rebuilding of New Orleans and restructuring how the federal government responds to future catastrophes in America. The Gulf Coast restoration, Mr. Obama said, has been weighed down by red tape that has kept billions of dollars from reaching Louisiana communities. As president, he said, he would streamline the bureaucracy, strengthen law enforcement to curb a rise in crime and immediately close the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet in order to restore wetlands to protect against storms.

Mr. Obama also said that he would seek to lessen the influence of politics in the Federal Emergency Management Agency by giving its director a fixed term, similar to the structure of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The FEMA director would serve a six-year term, under Mr. Obama's plan, and report directly to the president.

Mr. Obama, an Illinois Democrat, and several presidential hopefuls are scheduled to arrive in Louisiana this week to highlight how New Orleans has — and has not — recovered from Hurricane Katrina. Democrats have sought to use the city as an example of what they believe was among the Bush administration's greatest domestic failures ...........

If elected, Mr. Obama said he would establish a Drug Enforcement Agency office in New Orleans that would be dedicated to stopping drug gangs across the region. He also would create a "COPS for Katrina” program, which would allow communities affected by the storm to hire more police officers and prosecutors to fight crime. The city's recovery has been crippled by a shortage of doctors and the closures of hospitals and medical centers. Mr. Obama said he would create a program to forgive medical school loans in exchange for doctors agreeing to practice in New Orleans. In his plan, Mr. Obama will call for creating a National Catastrophe Insurance Reserve, which would be paid for by private insurers contributing a portion of the premiums they collect from policy holders. Working with the industry before a disaster, he said, would create a "backstop” to protect homeowners and business owners against catastrophic loss. Mr. Obama will also propose overhauling the levee and pumping system in New Orleans by 2011 to protect the city against a 100-year storm. To restore wetlands, marshes and barrier islands to help protect the city from a future storm, he pledges to close the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet, an old navigation channel that many scientists say destroyed wetlands and contributed to a funnel effect that increased damage from the storm

Yeah how is any of the above working out. It might be on Obama's web site but so far NADA

Nuns Popping out All Over the Place

We need to hear more about this. The Anchoress has a great round up of new Nun and Sister vocations. See Nun news roundup (scroll down)

Baptist: Don't Pray For Me Unless You Support Obama Care

Live the Trinity has a pretty good post here. See God and politics for me - but not for thee. A pretty astonishing story. He makes a good point here about the overal double standard of the Christian left.

Augustine for Dummies For the Feast of Saint Augustine

Lets Get it Right has St. Augustine of Hippo

Are Some Bishops Dissenting on the Health Care Bill

That is on issues that have nothing to do with abortion. The Deacon Bench has the New York Times article at

Health care reform: "It is the great tension in Catholic thought right now"

I really don't think they are dissenting. They correctly pointing out there are huge areas of prudential judgement here. I suppose they could in giving guidance to their flock say a Catholic Worth his salt must support any Health care bill (anything is better than nothing) but that would be a tad dishonest would it not.

General Honore Might Run Against Senator David Vitter (WOW)

Update Date August 31st- General Honore Throws Cold Water On Senate Run Rumors

Update- Related post Obama's Worse Nightmare? Senator Honore of Louisiana

In the Republican Primary.

In a breaking story, The Louisiana Weekly and have learned that the hero of Hurricane recovery, General Russell Honore is seriously considering entering the Republican Primary for the U.S. Senate seat against incumbent David Vitter. Honore, a Republican since the Reagan Administration and a registered Louisiana voter from his Zachary home, has spoken to friends and supporters in the last two weeks signaling that he is, according to one, "more than 50% sure that he will run."

The news comes mere hours after Third District Congressman Charlie Melancon announced his firm intention to be the Democratic challenger to David Vitter in the fall of 2010. Melancon, who represents the critical swing areas of Central Acadiana--a region known for crowing statewide candidates--has already proven a serious obstacle for the incumbent Senator to keep his job. Even if Vitter should emerge victorious from the closed Republican primary, a bruising fight against Honore could leave the Senator financially and visibly weakened before the onslaught of a Moderate Democrat like Melancon--one of the leaders of the fiscally conservative Blue Dog Caucus in the House.

While polls show Vitter as the clear favorite in both the primary and the general election, one very senior Louisiana Republican predicted that if Honore runs, "He wins." As that GOP party elder further explained to the and Bayoubuzz on the promise of confidentiality, "All he has to say is 'Stuck on Stupid', and Vitter is toast."

Military voters, who constitute a plurality of the Republican electorate, will flock to Honore, and the party leader in question also believes that the General's race will matter to primary voters less than his social stands. Honore admitted through aides to the Weekly that he is "pro-life and pro-family".

In fact, Charlie Melancon's announcement video centered on his relative social and fiscal conservatism as well, citing his support for small business tax cuts, a balanced budget, higher military and veteran spending. He only said he was a Democrat once, but with the words, "I'm a pro-life, pro-gun, Southern Democrat. I have an "A" rating with the NRA, and I have been an avid hunter and fisherman my entire life. I am a proud centrist -- a Blue Dog -- a straight-up-the-middle fighter for he little guy who is struggling to make ends meet. That's why my most rewarding moment as a Congressman came from a partnership with private organizations, Republicans, and Democrats after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. We came together to alleviate the suffering and ensure people received the help they needed. Party politics was the last thing on my mind. I got into public service to help people, period."

The word "Independent" was Melancon's most common theme in his announcement speech, eschewing partisanship with the words, "Well, first, those insiders in Washington need to spend A LOT less time scoring political points or sticking it to the other guy -- they need to come out of their corners and bring people together. Because no matter if you are in Mamou or Monroe, it's not whether it's a Republican idea or a Democratic idea - the only question is: does it make sense for Louisiana?"

Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Chairman Sen. Robert Menendez also sounded distinctly non-partisan as he endorsed Melancon praising his "Independence", a curious turn of phrase from a party leader--unless he is trying to help a Democrat in an increasingly Republican leaning state.

Vitter countered playing that specific partisan card, however. Less than an hour after Melancon officially jumped into the race, Vitter was citing Melancon’s votes for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker, his endorsement of Obama, and his 80%+ voting record with the Democratic Party. He also attacked the Third District Congressman on health care stands, drawing an instant retort from Eric Schultz at the DSCC, reminding the media that Melancon not only opposed Obama's public option on health care reform, but that Vitter had admitted publicly that the two men had essentially the same position on the issue.

The challenge for David Vitter are polls that on the surface look strong, but may turn weak when faced by a strong primary challenger like Honore' and a general election contender like Melancon. No one has polled Honore in a head to head contest with Vitter. None the less, the Senator's internal polling with Republican primary voters remains strong, over seventy percent, yet only half of the general electorate strong approves of the job the incumbent U.S. Senator is doing, on the surface a strange result in an increasingly GOP state that went for McCain by twenty points.

The DSCC Chair reported courted Melancon with the truism that John Treen and others have often noted about the nature of Louisiana state elections, "All things being equal, Cajuns vote for Cajuns. "In every statewide race where a candidate faced someone "who was either Cajun or represented Acadiana in Congress", he or she lost, regardless of which political party in which he or she was registered..

The only two historic exceptions to that rule, the one-time political strategist and brother of Gov. Dave Treen noted, were the first Roemer/Edwards Gubernatorial race, where extenuating factors of court cases and corruption sealed the incumbent's fate and the 2004 Senate race where Democratic divisions did essentially the same thing.

U.S. Senator David Vitter likely hopes that extenuating circumstances will also protect his incumbency against his newest Cajun challenger, Congressman Charlie Melancon, though they are less likely than in the past, especially if the incumbent has a bruising primary battle against a General who was dubbed "the John Wayne who saved us after Katrina". Honore has the status of a demi-God amongst some voters who were trapped in a devastated city after the storm. His presence and command rescued and fed thousands trapped in the aftermath of the floodwaters breech.

Add a primary battle with such a figure that might weaken GOP resolve and empty Vitter's campaign coffers, the incumbent goes into the General Election in a far different state than most incumbents typically enjoy. Consequently with Melancon's strong base in Acadiana, he could draw swing votes from Cajuns that might otherwise vote for Vitter. Match that with Democratic leaning New Orleans and the skepticism that still remains in North Louisiana about casting a ballot for a candidate from Metairie (despite Vitter's tireless attempts to reverse those attitudes in countless campaign sweeps).

Moreover, Vitter won his 2004 race after bitter divisions in the Democratic ranks minimized liberal turnout while Vitter as the only Republican candidate benefited from George W. Bush's coattails. And, his just over 51% victory came in large part because of motivated voters in his First Congressional district who turned out, not only for the Presidential race, but to put Bobby Jindal in (his brief sojurn in) Congress.

Melancon, though, has a difficult task before him, regardless of Vitter's weaknesses. The incumbent Senator has amassed a multimillion dollar warchest that even the DSCC's help and Melancon's popularity with powerful Louisiana constituencies like sugarcane farmers can do little to match. Next year's election, as a midterm, will likely be a referendum on Democrats in Congress, whose approval ratings have fallen to almost a tie with the GOP. Vitter can frame himself as a check on excessive spending and brand Melancon to the contrary thanks to his vote for the Obama stimulus plan.

And, while Mary Landrieu's 2008 re-election showed that electing a Democrat to the U.S. Senate remained possible in increasing Republican-leaning Louisiana, she had Obama's coattails. Now according to the latest Gallup polls, the President's job approval rating stands at 52%, drastically down from the overwhelming support he had at his inaugural. That signals a public backlash and a GOP revival. Of course, if Honore is the GOP candidate instead of Vitter, he could benefit from these trends. But then again, so could the incumbent Senator.
Still, Vitter cannot do what others like Woody Jenkins and Suzie Terrell attempted with Mary Landrieu, brand Melancon as socially out of sink with Louisiana voters. The Napoleonville Democrat is ardently pro-life and opposes same sex marriage.

And, all things being equal, Cajuns DO vote for Cajuns. Whether Republicans will vote for an African-American hero General over their own incumbent GOP Senator remains to be seen

Today We Text E.T.

I suppose if in a few year a bunch of planet x space battle cruisers show up this was a bad idea.

What Does Inglourious Basterds Tells us About Society

Contentions has an interesting post on this.. I see this happen all the time. The sort of Liberal mindset changes in film. I see situations in the lets be honest WEST WING tv series that the liberal President have to deal with that now liberals yell about. I will not even get into the the great movie THREE KINGS and the underlying theme that so many liberals were cheering but now have seen to have forgotten.

Now comes this new movie. From Contentions:
But I have one complaint, and it is not really about this particular movie but about the entire genre of films in which the Nazis are presented as purely evil and those who pursue them as purely good. These films seem to be the only way that the concepts of good and evil can find expression in our popular culture today, and they come at the expense of our ability to distinguish good and evil here in our time. When President Bush called the perpetrators of 9/11 “evildoers,” he was condemned with eye-rolling and derision by enlightened people everywhere. What a simpleton to speak in such terms!

Yet one does not hear complaints from the same people as Brad Pitt carves swastikas into the foreheads of Nazis or when any number of other films depict World War II in Manichean terms. Inglourious Basterds in isolation is a tremendous movie, morally and cinematically. But it comes, like all films of its genre, at the expense of our current struggles. What would truly be brave is a film that places al-Qaeda and the U.S. military in such stark moral categories, or, God forbid, the IDF and Hezbollah. But that would require a difficult and unpopular acknowledgment from our filmmakers, that evil exists in the present and not only in the past.

Update: A friend passes along a quote from Johannes Gross, a German writer: “The resistance to Hitler and his kind is getting stronger the more the Third Reich recedes into the past

Indeed!!!! View the full post

No Ones Wants To die After A Kennedy

Heck I have to admit till I came across this on the net I did not know even knew he died.

Another thought. Are we now entering an era where a ton of ICONS will be dying off. This seem to be happening every other day.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Catholic Left Must Distance Itself From Violence!!!

Where is the the outrage and condemnation toward leftist firebombers and vandals!!! I am outraged. Where are the posts from VOX NOVA and America magazine distancing themselves from this!!! WHAT WILL THE CATHOLIC LEFT DO!! WE DEMAND A STATEMENT

Of course I do expect them not to respond. To say these my Catholic brothers and sisters on lets say the more progressive side endorse this or to even think the "left" as a whole endorses this would be nonsense.

If only we can have the same respect. That is why I find some of the more vocal voices saying that Catholic Social Justice politics as they practice it is some sort of pure third way is nonsense. Too often they engage in the same B.S. In the end is this post by VOX NOVA It’s not just a few “nutcases” just a liberal version of the wacko stuff we see on World Net Daily. BUT THEY ARE ORGANIZED THEY HAVE A WEB SITE. Horrors.

How about a deal progressive Catholics. I will not demand you make multiple statements that take time away from you agenda because you have to distance yourself from every left wing kook. On the other side you will not demand we spend days distancing ourselves from every militia, Lyndon Larouche kook in the world that happens to show up at a town hall meeting. We all know what is going on here. We can be adults or act like we are the bizarre left and right kooks on late night radio shows one has to get on the am radio.

We all know either side is not like that. Maybe time to act a tad more Catholic and maybe just sane. Besides yelling in our own echo chambers most Americans on either side are not buying this. They know their neighbors and they are not dangerous kooks even if they disagree on politics.

Child Ordered Back to Public School Because She is Too Religious

I usually take these stories with a grain of salt. The truth is often more complicated. But we have the text of the ruling and it is truly frightening.

Creative Minority Report has Court: Homeschooler Too Religious, Must Join Public School

Think Michael Vick Supports NAACP Pro Vick Rally

I so so doubt it See also Eagles hope to avoid 'ugly scene'.

There is a great scene from the movie TIME TO KILL that the NAACP is showed up. They did not have the interest of the defendant foremost but their interest . The author of that book that was really involved in making the movie is of course also an Mississippi attorney. When that scene came on no doubt many viewers knew exactly what he was talking about.

Micheal Winters- Please Don't Bring Up Abortion Issue As to Kennedy Death

Ah America magazine is at it again. Father Z does a great job here fisking this at America writer attacks critics of Sen. Kennedy: don’t mention his abortion record

Oh and Madrid has responded

America Magazine Goes After Me for My Response to Sr. Maureen Fiedler

Related post with tons of links see my Catholic Reaction to the Kennedy Death (The Good , The Bad, And the Ugly)

College Students Abortions in China Half Off

Culture of Death Alert. Crunchy Con has more at Chinese students! Abort your baby, half price! Have no doubt tht Planned Parenthood is jealous they can't run such open Back to School Specials.

Anglican Nuns in Maryland About to Become Catholic

Deacon Bench has Here they come: Anglican nuns joining Catholic Church in Baltimore

Crowley Louisiana (Home of Kennedy Wife) Recalls Senator Kennedy

A nice little article here at the local newspaper . Vicki of course comes from a big cheese Louisiana polticial family.

By Howell DennisNEWS EDITOR
Edward Kennedy, the youngest brother in one of the most powerful political families in American history, has died at the age of 77. Kennedy was married to former Crowley resident Victoria Reggie, the daughter of Crowley native Judge Edmund and Doris Reggie, for the past 17 years.

He had been fighting brain cancer since he was diagnosed in May of 2008.Kennedy was the patriarch of the Kennedy family and one of the most powerful and longstanding members of Congress over the past several decades. His death marked the possible twilight of a political dynasty.Known as “Teddy” he was the brother of President John F. Kennedy, who was assassinated in 1963, and Robert Kennedy who was fatally shot while campaigning for the 1968 Democratic presidential nomination, and Joe Kennedy who was killed in World War II.When Robert Kennedy was killed it was widely assumed that he would take his brothers place in the a run for the presidency. However, a scandal involving the drowning of a young woman after a car he was driving plunged off a bridge into a tidal canal on Chappaquiddick Island after a night of partying ended those hopes.

He did eventually seek the Democratic nomination in 1980 but lost to incumbent President Jimmy Carter.He devoted the remainder of his life to his career in the Senate where he became known as “The Lion of the Senate.”Republican John McCain called Kennedy “the most effective member of the Senate if you wanted to get results.”

He made a few visits to Crowley following his marriage to Victoria “Vicki” Reggie and had made some friends in the area.“My heart goes out to Vicki and the entire family,” said Crowley Alderman Elliot Dore. “I was in Vicki’s class in high school and I remember at our reunion he introduced himself as “”Ted” and just tried to blend in as one of us.”“

Well I first met him in Washington, Vicki was working for me at the time,” said prominent Crowley resident Bill Broadhurst. “He was really a wonderful man with a great sense of humor.”“I recall he once visited Crowley during Christmas season and made a trip to Wal Mart,” said Broadhurst fondly. “

He was with Vicki at the time and the clerk told him that he looked just like Edward Kennedy. Vicki told the clerk that he was Edward Kennedy to which the clerk replied ‘What are you doing at the Wal Mart in Crowley during Christmas season?’ Edward replied ‘Well I’ve heard that the Crowley Wal Mart has the best Christmas sales in the country’.”

Kennedy was a strong supporter of President Barack Obama’s healthcare plan, having called health insurance to all Americans the “cause of my life.” Knowing that his days were numbered, he recently urged Massachusetts lawmakers to change state law so that the governor could quickly fill a Senate vacancy as the chamber debates the contentious healthcare issue.

National Endowment for the Arts To Artists- BACK OBAMA!!!

Sigh. You know I am starting not to be able to be shocked but this is shocking. The legal site The Volokh Conspiracy has NEA conference call directs artists to push the Administration's agenda on health care and the environment.-- There is a ton here and I hope people read all of it.

Update- Hint to the Obama Administration. If you are tired of all the Hitler and Stalin References(which I do not endorse) perhaps having the GOVT direct artist to do direct their art toward the aims of the Dear Leader is not a place you want to go.

Who Is In the Panic Mode?-Sports Writer Glen Guilbeau or Coach Les Miles

Yes a Little More Football stuff

I surely hope for Guilbeau's sake this bit of nonsense stays on his blog and does not appear in the Gannett papers all over the State tomorrow. See Is Practice Closing a Panic Move by Miles?

Some LSU fan reaction here.

The Archdiocese of of Cincinnati Vocations Seem to Be Going Well

Christopher Osgood has

Seminarians for the Arch-diocese of Cincinnati

Providence Bishop Thomas Tobin's Smackdown On Archbishop Weakland

I have to admit I am too shocked that Bishop Tobin wrote this. Though I agree with about everything in it. The Catholic Key has

Bishop Tobin on ‘Archbishop Weakland’s Perplexing Pilgrimage’

Louisiana Tech Coach Likely To Succeed Spurrier At South Carolina

This little bombshell was inserted in Glen Guilbeau's LSU football predictions.

LSU 37, LOUISIANA TECH 14: With Louisiana Tech coach Derek Dooley considered the favorite to replace retiring Steve Spurrier at South Carolina, the Bulldogs play well and lead 14-10 in the second quarter. Randle catches two long TDs in the second half.

Where does he get this stuff? I know Dooley is a Coach on the rise and the money is that he will land in the SEC. But that seems an odd fit.. He does have sources of course but still.

It's OFFICIAL Congressman Melancon to Run For U.S. Senate (Updated)

The Shreveport Times has an article here at Melancon running for U.S. Senate

Now these raises interesting possibilities about his House seat. This seat is very likely going bye bye after the Census(one reason Melancon is running against Vitter) So that will that influence potential people of either party that might for for it?

Update Vitter Responds

Sen. David Vitter today issued the following statement regarding Charlie Melancon's announcement that he will challenge Vitter in the 2010 Louisiana U.S. Senate election:
"I welcome Charlie to the race and look forward to an important, spirited debate. We are at a true crossroads in our history. And our two very different records - on who we supported for president and where each of us stands on health care reform and the bailouts, stimulus and the Obama budget that triples our debt - present a very clear choice," said Vitter

Louisiana Tech To Host Another SEC Football Team In Ruston

The series , and date are being held until both schools agree on when to announce it.

That cool I just hope Dooley and LSU AD Joe Alleva do it soon . :) (Hey as Tech fan and grad too I can dream)

The Times has the article at Tech to host SEC team in future game

LSU is Really Operating Under the Radar

There are two teams I follow really close. LSU and Louisiana Tech. Much more on Louisiana Tech this week. But as to LSU am I alone in this ? I think this is the best Pre Season LSU has had in some time. The number of Freshmen standing up and producing is amazing. I am a guy that sees the glass half full as to my teams but I tell you there is something special happening in Baton Rouge. See this morning's Advocate's article Time to reflect on Tigers’ first three weeks of practice . I don't think that is HOMER spin. I am just hearing too many good things.

The one things that worries me !!! ARKANSAS!!! Why do I have a feeling that team could be explosive this year.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Maureen Dowd Is Saying Look At Me!!!!

A recent column Dowd has written has gotten some attention. Dowd is a liberal but I am can recognize good writing. In the times she was fascinating but over the years just became a uninteresting hack. It appears she needs attention now(lets face it her conservative and Republican foes pretty much are ignoring her now and have been for some time) so she has written a column to get noticed. LOOK AT ME!!!! She is sort of the liberal version of Pat Buchanan that has to say something bizarre nowadays to get noticed by liberals or conservatives.

It has some jewels as this

If I read all the vile stuff about me on the Internet, I’d never come to work. I’d scamper off and live my dream of being a cocktail waitress in a militia bar in Wyoming.

Militia bars in Wyoming? Are they in the yellow pages? Good grief

See An obligatory fisking of Maureen Dowd

Why do I get the impression that Dowd's main gripe is not the mean ole stuff on the Internet but no one cares about her enough anymore to write mean ole stuff about her. Lets face it since lets say since the first term of the Bush administration when she was ranting have not conservatives and republicans got bored of her not to respond

Why Do Today's Christians Ignore the Democracy of the Dead?

My favorite quote from Chesterton

"Tradition means giving a vote to most obscure of all classes, our ancestors. It is the democracy of the dead."
"Tradition refuses to submit to the small and arrogant oligarchy of those who merely happen to be walking about. All democrats object to men being disqualified by the accident of birth; tradition objects to their being disqualified by the accident of death. Democracy tells us not to neglect a good man's opinion, even if he is our groom; tradition asks us not to neglect a good man's opinion, even if he is our father."

But seems some in the Catholic world and whole Christian Communities in the Protestant world are doing this. This issue is sort of touched on in a back and forth exchange that is going on at Mirrors at Justice. I might get into the main theme of that exchange later. But this Jesuit Priest and Contributor at this Catholic legal blog said something that made think of the above quote.

The fact that the ground on which any of us stand may be shifting and roiling is not an excuse not to remain faithful to what one has pledged—the turbulence of our times, or any other time, is not a pretext for not “hanging tight.” Holding on is an option, and it is viable in spite of the challenges that have been presented in the past and continue to be present today and will likely continue in the future. Fidelity is an option for priests, for husbands and wives, and for vowed religious. The fact that challenges exist and are known by the person who remains faithful to what he or she has pledged does not imply that that person is an unthinking, unreflective individual.

To the contrary, I believe with the utmost conviction that it takes authentic knowledge and it takes serious reflection to hold on to the belief in Christ and his Church and what she asks of all her members. For some, this is not possible; for others, it is not only possible, it is imperative in spite of the challenges, in spite of the roiling terrain, in spite of what the culture suggests or dictates or forces. To succumb to whatever temptations the present age may offer as a lure is not the option for some who are committed to their vows (as priests, as religious, as married husbands and wives), to their Church, to their faith, or to one another. It would be wrong to assume that only the present age has experienced “cultural transformation.” This transformation—this roiling—has been going on since the beginning of human history. For those who place stock in the doctrine of original sin as I do, cultural transformation has gone on since Eden and continues to the present age. But, cultural transformation is not an excuse, not a justification, not a permission to abandon what a person has vowed in faith, with knowledge, and with reflection. I think God has very much to do with the fidelity of which I speak and little to do with the cultural transformation of which Susan’s friend speaks.

How true. When did Christians become so arrogant that they think they NOW have the full wisdom of truth and can turn Christian Doctrine on its head at whim. Is it because as Chesterton said they happen to be "merely happen to be walking about."?

UPDATE- One of my favorite things I do is go say my Rosary in a graveyard. I started doing this when I was in South Louisiana. There it is very effective because so many tombs are above ground and the DEAD are right in your face. In reminds of you of your place in the world. Perhaps a lot of Theologians should do the same.

Good news Justice Souter Has Donated His Personal Diary

Bad news no one can read it for 50 years-booooo. See Justice Souter has kept a lifelong diary, and he's donated it to the New Hampshire Historical Society.

If You Go To A Bar In Lake Charles Prepared to Be Filmed

I am getting pretty tired of these legally manadated cameras all over the place.

Tip of the hat to the The Dead Pelican

I suppose they will have to keep tapes for a certain amount of times. WHo might want to issue a subpoena for those huh. DWI cases?, Custody Cases?

Chris Matthews Unhinged- Obama Is Last Kennedy Brother

I can recall when Matthews was at least interesting. Since he got the tingle up his leg not so much.

Pro -Ecclesia has Chris Matthews: Barack Is The Last Kennedy Brother [UPDATED]