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Louisiana Man Refuses to Have Sex With Fiancée Because of Religious Beliefs. Gets Choked and Bit!!

Maybe the living together was a bad idea. :)

There is a defense:
Cleveland told police she did try to choke and bite the victim, but she was “just playing.” The report stated the couple has lived together for three months and are engaged to be married.

That will be a fun day in court. :)

CNN Resident Theologian John Cafferty and Altar Boy Wolf Blitzer Gives Opinions On Catholic Women Priests

Political commentator and LUTHERAN Jack Cafferty gives his opinion over at CNN on the Catholic Church and if the Church should ordain women. Why does he care? Why does CNN care? Heck in the part of the Lutheran world in which he practices he does not view ordination as one of the REAL sacraments. So heck he should be disqualified from pontificating to start with!!

Shall they now be commenting on if Catholics should lower the age to receive communion? See for the latest Jack Cafferty's Latest Rant Against Catholic Church: Ordain Women

When is he as well as other secular media going to turn their gaze toward Eastern Orthodox. Where are the rants there? Why are they getting a pass from of the Congregation of the Holy Inquisition CNN Branch.

Better yet perhaps Cafferty should stick to just Lutheran matters if he thinks he needs to comments at all.

His eager Altar boy Wold Blitzer said
"I know a lot of people agree with you on that, Jack- a lot of people out there."

Big whoop!! Oh and Wolf Blitzer who is Jewish if I recall correctly kept calling Vespers the Mass when the Pope visited CUA.

Update- I have no problem with deep religious issues and news being discussed in the secular media. I want that .How about people though that are qualified to discuss it and give it the balanced attention it deserves.

A Play to Be Written About Founder of Knights of Columbus

Pro-Ecclesia has A New Play About the Founder of the Knights of Columbus

Priest Who Blessed the 9/11 Dead at Pentagon and Served In Iraq is Becoming A Military Bishop

Great story here

God bless our military and those Catholic Priests and others that serve it.

YACK- Look At The Sanctuary To Be Used By the Pope For Newman's Beatification

I am starting to think that this UK Papal trip is going to be a total disaster. Part of that might be because I am reading too much Damion Thompson that sees disaster lying everyone.

Anyway see his piece here The sanctuary for Newman's Beatification: the English bishops go for the Scientology look
That being said despite the past dire predictions and signs of bad omens on past Papal tryps the Holy Spirit seemed to take control. We can hope.

A Wonderful Piece On Pope Benedict XVI: Theologian of the Bible

A great article worth reading here.

Huge Book Long Interview With Pope Benedict Coming

Well this is sort of big!! Whispers has the details here!!

A Priest has Good Things To Say About His Boss- Bishop Guglielmone of Charleston South Carolina

Well of course he does he is the boss!! Yes Yes I know he is much than that. Standing on My Head has Bishop's Weekend.

I keep reading good things about Bishop Gugielmone that heads up this historic See. I would love to hear more.

Here Is the Newest Catholics Come Home Commercial

A nice one . Aggie Catholics has it here.

The National GOP And Pro-lifers Needs To Support Congressman Cao

This race is very doable for Cao. See the latest here.

I noticed Cao has yet hear from the GOP money people. THAT IS INSANE. That must change plus pro-lifers need to start sending money.I think Cao is hurt byt the perception his race is a lost cause. Politicos on the ground do that view it that way.

The Diocese of Kansas City -– St. Joseph Offers Recommendations on Reforming Campaign for Human Development

Catholic Key has an overview at A Model for Reforming CCHD

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Are Louisiana Folks "Wallowing in Katrina "

So says Wallowing in Katrina via Powerline!!

First yes I suppose people want to move on. There is a sense down here I believe that this will be the last hurrah as to anniversaries. I can deal with that.

However as one of the folks "down there" let me give another viewpoint. I actually thought a lot of the stories were showing how much we have improved. There were also a lot of stories on how people did a lot of things on their own.

However still after five years on the left or the right there is little sense of the danger of Coastal erosion. YES IT IS A FEDERAL PROBLEM. It might shock people elsewhere but we cannot just on our own divert the nation's largest highway , the Mississippi River, nor close down the Intra Coastal waterway. SHOCKING I KNOW. In fact you can't do anything down here without getting approval by the Feds.

Further if my fellow Conservatives have not noticed the President put about 23,000 people out of work "Down here" by executive fiat through his dandy deep water oil drilling moratorium. So we are losing out on all sorts of tax revenue to take care of our own problems. We started to get some attention on that but over riding issues such as THE MOSQUE seemed more important and now that story has gone off most conservative blogs.

Oh and its gets worse. We by State Constitutional amendment passed a law saying that all State Revenue from these oil leases (in which we get less than other States) would go to Coastal erosion so you would not have to deal with it as much.

But this is what happens when so much of the media focus just on New Orleans and does not go just miles outside it.

I hate to say it but after five years neither the left nor the right have realized the core problem.

The Crusades, The Sack of Constantinople, and The Massacre of the Latins

I used to talk to a lot of Eastern Orthodox Converts a good bit on the net but after a while I stopped. It might have been the type of Eastern Orthodox Convert I met up with but the conversations got nowhere. Within five minutes though it seems that every Convert would bring up the Sack of Constantinople.

Joe Hargrave has done a good post on this at Byzantine Villainy: The Fourth Crusade Revisited

As he starts out:
This post may not garner as much attention, since I am going to address relations among Christians, as opposed to those between Christians and Muslims, but I feel it is equally important. For another old canard is often floated around in discussions about the Crusades – that the noble, peace-loving Eastern or Byzantine Christians were the perpetual victims of the rapacity and greed of the Latin Crusaders.

He brings up something that must be known to see this in context. That is “The Massacre of the Latins

Now I am not sure why the Massacre of the Latins has allowed to be almost forgotten but Sack of Constantinople has not. Of course one does not excuse the other!!

However when engaging an Eastern Orthodox on this subject I think it is very important to bring it up.

We see sadly that the wound on the Body of Christ has fault on both sides

Interview With The U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See Miguel H. Diaz

Ambassador Diaz spoke at a rather important gathering in Italy last week. He also gave a related interview to this Italian paper. See COEXISTENCE/ Diaz, U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See: we all need bridges between diverse communities.

Nothing groundbreaking in it but since coverage of his speeches are hard to find we shall take what we can get.

I would love to know if his speech is online.

Cardinal Peter Kodwo Appiah Turkson - The African That Could Be The Next Pope

The Deacon Bench has a good post on this at Out of Africa: the next pope?

Congressman Cao Wants the Heat Turned Up On Vietnam and Human Right Abuses

From last week. See Rep. Anh 'Joseph' Cao says Vietnam has far to go on human rights

What Obama Said On Coastal Erosion At His Xavier Speech

The Hayride takes a critical look at some of his comments here as a whole. The full text of President Obama's speech is here.

We have to wait a while but about halfway through he offers this.
Even as we continue our recovery efforts, we’re also focusing on preparing for future threats – so that there is never another disaster like Katrina ever again. The largest civil works project in American history is underway to build a fortified levee system. And as I pledged as a candidate, we’re going to finish this system by next year, so that this city is protected against a 100-year storm. Because we should not be playing Russian roulette every Hurricane season. We’re also working to restore protective wetlands and natural barriers that were not only damaged by Katrina but had been rapidly disappearing for decades.

One freaking sentence!! And a vague one at that!! Everyone one says they are working to restore wetlands!! What is the plan? How much money are you willing to pressure Congress to put into this? Compare the specific examples the President gives as to other activities to Coastal erosion projects!!

Disappointing. I don't expect we shall see our President down here again in the region except to perhaps try to push Richmond in the winning column if he needs it against Cao. I don't expect we will hear a good bit about Coastal erosion then either.

Katrina and Rita that happened just a few weeks later affected more than just New Orleans of course. Something that is missed in these visits.

Until Coastal erosion is seriously handled then we are just spinning our wheels.

The Worst Liturgical Vestment EVER Has Been Found

I can't imagine anything topping this EVER .Bad Vestments has BACK TO THE FUTURE .
Yes Yes like the people in the comments I cannot comprehend this is true but according to him it's legit and believes that this person is a Methodist.

Some Baptists Not Thrilled With Glenn Beck In Christian Leadership Roll

Joe Carter Via First Things at The Gospel and Glenn Beck. He links a pretty strong post by a important Baptist at God, the Gospel, and Glenn Beck. Further Denny Burke links it with approval though there is some interesting push back in his comment sections. See Beck’s Revival

I am not too concenred about Glenn Beck becoming the leader of a huge number of Christians. I might be wrong but I don't see that happening.

It seems at issue there are two things going on. First his Mormonism and by Beck becoming a "Christian Leader" theological and doctrinal concerns about Mormonism will be very much downplayed.

Well I suppose that could happen though Beck really is not preaching Mormon Doctrines. The closest he seems to get is talking about how American's founding documents were "inspired" and that seems to be a Mormon belief by some factions.

However besides that other points that I trust they would bring up if it was someone else than BECk and yes perhaps that has some validity.

Still this seems to be very much more akin to the Fourth of July God and Country Rallies we have seen in the past.

I am very doubtful that Beck is about to become a leader though to Christain Conservatives.

A Louisiana Blogger and President Obama Have Lunch Together

Well sort of but still pretty cool. See President at the Parkway

Mary Landrieu Gives Her Two Cents on the Glenn Beck Rally

I watched a good bit of the Beck “Restoring Honor” rally . I thought on the whole it was pretty generic as these things goes without much controversal being said. Get Religon had a nice take on it at Getting (civil) religion.

However that did not stop Landrieu from giving her two cents. See Sen. Landrieu Tries to Tie Beck & Restoring Honor Rally to Hurricane Katrina… Fails

First I am wondering how her brother the mayor feels about her mentioning him in these statements. Just seems like Landrieu would have the common sense to stay away from these. Perhaps he did not get briefed on it. At the very least I think I would have worded it better.

The Proposed Carmelite Monks Monastery in Wyoming Looks Impressive

Louisiana Democrat Primary Results Show Melancon In Big Trouble

Saturday night's Democrat primary vote shows big trouble for Melancon. While while the media was focused on how much Vitter Protest vote in the GOP primary there would be , it appears they should have been focused elsewhere.

Vitter had two opponents. The most formidable was Traylor that from North East Louisiana who had at least once managed to be elected the Louisiana Supreme Court race. Because of Traylor's own problems his race quickly went nowhere. Still he had some name recognition.

Melancon on the other hand had some problems that show up. He like Vitter had two unknowns running against him the primary. In fact they were much more unknown than Vitter's opponent.

He won with just 71% percent of the vote. From time the early voting time period results were released till almost the end of the night his two opponents were getting around 32 percent of the vote. It was only till Orleans came in that Melancon was able to to get their overall total under 30 percent.

In other words outside areas with a high black population or areas out his own district he shows considerable weakness. As this parish by parish breakdown shows.

These voters were in large part Democrats (with some Independents) voters who went out of their way to go out an vote a protest voter against Melancon for various reasons. No doubt these Democrats and Independents are very motivated voters that will be voting for Vitter come November

As can be seen above Melancon did got get the majority of primary voters in five North Louisiana Parishes. In many of the North Louisiana parishes where he did get the majority he struggled.

What looms large on the map above is the 4th Congressional District and 5th Congressional Districts in North Louisiana.

In November there will be Congressional General election with Democrat Melville and Republican Fleming. The problem is this race is seen as a very safe seat for Fleming It is doubtful the the National Democrat Party and other groups will be pouring money into this race. This is the last thing Melanchon needs in an area where he is showing already considerable weakness.

Melacon's biggest problem is the 5th Congressional District. Republican Rodney Alexander has now won this district by default since no Democrat is running. Alexander will face a little-known independent in the Nov. 2 general .Again as you can see this is the other big area that he is showing considerable weakness. Republican voters here look highly motivated Democrat voters not so much. Further this is a district that has some considerable number of black voters in places. This district is 33.9% black. So if Charlie is going to target Democrats that are likely voters for him then he will have to do it with little help.

Part of Melacon's problem can be seen in the important parish of Calcasieu in the Southwest part of the State. This parish because of it's demos is seen as a bell weather for State wide election. Here Charlies managed to get over 60 percents but his two opponents got some decent numbers. That is Chauvin 754, Deaton 592, to Melachon's 2,308. In this district where Calcasieu is located there will be no contested Congressional race either with the Republican winning by default.

Which brings us to Orleans that had a contested Democrat primary. Here the numbers for Melanchon look like what he would want and needs statewide among Democrat voters.

The problem is for Melancon and also that gives great hope for Republican Cao is the dismal turnout. Turnout despite the well run political machines down this Congressional District was only 7.57 percent of that potential electorate . To further complicate matters it appears that the Democrat might have potential developing scandals of his own to deal with.

No doubt the The Democrats will pour money into this District. Having Cao win re election here would be the embarrassment of the night for Democrats nationwide. So he is helped there a tad. Still it appears Charlies and the Louisiana Democrat party is going to have more resources into NOLA than they wished they had too.

What further must give Melancon some pause are that these are results that came after a rather negative media blitz against Vitter. So he will have to decide if perhaps another theme might be necessary to win.

Of course on election day there will be a LT Governors race at the top of the ballot. However I doubt that will drive democrat turnout. Further no doubt there will

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Veterans Upset At Some Conservatives Regarding the Flag

I forgot to post this earlier in the week. An So It Goes In Shreveport has it a tDistracted... which looks at a story out of Houma.

Conservatives as a whole have been very good at knowing Flag protocol in the past and we need to keep that up.

I am not sure how wide spread this isfor instance at Tea Parties. I suspect there are a lot of Veterans in the Tea Party movement and they correct people on this when they see it.

Still something to look out for everywhere. Again read the whole Houma story. I think flying the Flag upside down as a politcal statement is wrong and we should be not encouraging this. It will just get out of hand.

Looks Like The Germans Were Right And Obama Was Wrong On The Economy

Ouch!! See NYT's Brooks Bashes Obamanomics, Praises Germany's Far More Successful Fiscal Restraint

People Finding Catholic Sex Abuse Victims Are Great To USE For Many Agendas and Gripes

This time changes they don't like in the Missal. From the UK Telegraph Tablet compares publication of new Mass translation to child sex abuse. Time for Pepinster to resign

Some folks have no shame.

The Most Influential Religious Figures in American History That Were Not Born Here

Joe Carter has a pretty good list at The 25 Most Influential Foreign-Born Religious Figures in American History

Is Louisiana Congressman Fleming the Taliban That Needs To Replaced By A Democrat Louisiana Methodist Pastor?

Tip of the Hat to the Progressive Louisiana blog The Daily Kingfish for alerting to me this. That is this KOS post Another proud member of the American Taliban .

OK before I do this partial defense of Fleming let me say up front I am not a big fan of his. He has always rubbed me the wrong way though we agree on most issues except for some crucial disagreements on a few. I think most of unease with him relates to style and tone.

Now the person that will be running against him David Melville. David Melville is a Methodist Pastor that also has been involved in politics and other civil affairs. He is also my marriage closely linked the political Roemer family.

Looking back at my political votes it appears I often have a default religious preference for politicos here in the protestant dirty South. That is vote for the METHODIST.

In fact it appears there are a lot of people like that down here . The congressmen before Fleming were both pretty conservative. We had then Democrat Buddy Roemer and the very conservative Republican Jim McCrery. They were also Methodists. In fact looking at my voting patterns of the year I could fill up a nice part of a small Methodist congregation with the politicos I have pulled the lever for it seems. One would think looking at my voting habits I was praying the Rosary while reading the The Upper Room

Republican or Democrat on the whole it seems their Methodist Faith is a good thing on the whole that tones them down. They might hold conservative positions but they do so without inflaming the entire world and thus you don't having to defend them nonstop.

In fact Methodist are just likable. Look at George Bush that I think had a likable quality about him. As to Bush I can recall some hairdresser's comments about why she voted for him. He just seemed to be the type you could sit down and talk your problems out too she said.

This might come as a shock to my GOP readership but I might just vote for Melville though there is no likely chance he will win. I would vote for him if :

(1)I was confident the GOP would take back the House without Fleming


(2) That he met my list of the Catholic non negotiable in voting as outlined here by the Pope.

Now the problem is Melville's web site sucks.

What does he believe as to abortion? What does he believe as certain forms of stem sell research? What does he believe about gay marriage? What does he believe about certain forms of stem cell research? What does he believe about school vouchers? WHO KNOWS!!

Now I suspect he is the kind of conservative Methodist Pastor we find down here that most likely meets my Five Catholic non negotiable on voting. However I don't know looking at his web site.

Beyond those Catholic non negotiables I have what are his views on defense (we have two major bases in the District) , or Free Trade? What is his plan for prevent coastal erosion? What is his view on the earned income tax credit? What about social security ?

So I am open to Melville if the above concerns are mine are met.

Further if he is truly a PRO LIFE DEMOCRAT I think it is important to reward that.

Which now leads us to John Fleming and recent controversial comments he made where he threw some red meat.

See at the Daily Kos Another proud member of the American Taliban . Now right there the title of that post leaves me cold and wants to go back into full embrace of Fleming. In fact what the Kos folks don't get they are just as bad as he is in their rhetoric. They are two sides of the same coin.

If I was dictator for a day I would exile all liberals that call social conservatives "Theocrats' and all conservatives that call liberals "Communist". It is apparent neither of these groups knows what in the hell they are talking about.

Returning to Flemings comments:
We are either going to go down the socialist road and become like western Europe and create, I guess really a godless society, an atheist society. Or we're going to continue down the other pathway where we believe in freedom of speech, individual liberties and that we remain a Christian nation. So we're going to have to win that battle, we're going to have to solve that argument before we can once again reach across and work together on things.

Daily Kos comes back with some rather unhelpful comments
It is precisely this sort of freakshow that Markos is talking about in his new book, American Taliban: How War, Sex, Sin, and Power Bind Jihadists and the Radical Right. The big difference -- as he argues -- is that the American Taliban do not have the same sort of control over this country as their radical brethren do in fundamentalist nations. But that doesn't mean they aren't pursuing it, and John Fleming is a perfect example of just how serious they are about their goals.

Oh the irony. Both Kos and Fleming are using the same stupid counterproductive talk. First the right is nothing like the TALIBAN and to call them that is a insult to your fellow countrymen. All social conservatives would balk at some theocrat system down here.

Now as to Fleming, first off this is where that helpful Methodist gene might kick in if he had it. Regarding everything but the last sentence he is largely correct in my view. In fact suspect that former Congressmen Roemer and McCrery would agree. But they would have been a lot more sophisticated about how they put that argument forth.

In fact what Fleming is saying is really not that different from what Pope John Paul the II and Pope Benedict have been saying. Yet they say it in a much more Catholic way or Methodist way.

Pope Benedict said at the White House in part:

From the dawn of the Republic, America’s quest for freedom has been guided by the conviction that the principles governing political and social life are intimately linked to a moral order based on the dominion of God the Creator. The framers of this nation’s founding documents drew upon this conviction when they proclaimed the “self-evident truth” that all men are created equal and endowed with inalienable rights grounded in the laws of nature and of nature’s God. The course of American history demonstrates the difficulties, the struggles, and the great intellectual and moral resolve which were demanded to shape a society which faithfully embodied these noble principles. In that process, which forged the soul of the nation, religious beliefs were a constant inspiration and driving force, as for example in the struggle against slavery and in the civil rights movement. In our time too, particularly in moments of crisis, Americans continue to find their strength in a commitment to this patrimony of shared ideals and aspirations....
In the next few days, I look forward to meeting not only with America’s Catholic community, but with other Christian communities and representatives of the many religious traditions present in this country. Historically, not only Catholics, but all believers have found here the freedom to worship God in accordance with the dictates of their conscience, while at the same time being accepted as part of a commonwealth in which each individual and group can make its voice heard. As the nation faces the increasingly complex political and ethical issues of our time, I am confident that the American people will find in their religious beliefs a precious source of insight and an inspiration to pursue reasoned, responsible and respectful dialogue in the effort to build a more humane and free society.

Freedom is not only a gift, but also a summons to personal responsibility. Americans know this from experience – almost every town in this country has its monuments honoring those who sacrificed their lives in defense of freedom, both at home and abroad. The preservation of freedom calls for the cultivation of virtue, self-discipline, sacrifice for the common good and a sense of responsibility towards the less fortunate. It also demands the courage to engage in civic life and to bring one’s deepest beliefs and values to reasoned public debate. In a word, freedom is ever new. It is a challenge held out to each generation, and it must constantly be won over for the cause of good (cf. Spe Salvi, 24). Few have understood this as clearly as the late Pope John Paul II. In reflecting on the spiritual victory of freedom over totalitarianism in his native Poland and in eastern Europe, he reminded us that history shows, time and again, that “in a world without truth, freedom loses its foundation”, and a democracy without values can lose its very soul (cf. Centesimus Annus, 46). Those prophetic words in some sense echo the conviction of President Washington, expressed in his Farewell Address, that religion and morality represent “indispensable supports” of political prosperity.....

Faith also gives us the strength to respond to our high calling, and the hope that inspires us to work for an ever more just and fraternal society. Democracy can only flourish, as your founding fathers realized, when political leaders and those whom they represent are guided by truth and bring the wisdom born of firm moral principle to decisions affecting the life and future of the nation.

President Bush the Methodist responded:
This is your first trip to the United States since you ascended to the chair of St. Peter. You will visit two of our greatest cities and meet countless Americans, including many who have traveled from across the country to see with you and to share in the joy of this visit.
Here in America you'll find a nation of prayer. Each day millions of our citizens approach our Maker on bended knee, seeking his grace and giving thanks for the many blessings he bestows upon us. Millions of Americans have been praying for your visit, and millions look forward to praying with you this week. ......

Here in America you'll find a nation that welcomes the role of faith in the public square. When our founders declared our nation's independence, they rested their case on an appeal to the "laws of nature, and of nature's God." We believe in religious liberty. We also believe that a love for freedom and a common moral law are written into every human heart and that these constitute the firm foundation on which any successful free society must be built.....

In a world where some treat life as something to be debased and discarded, we need your message that all human life is sacred and that "each of us is willed, each of us is loved" -- and your message that "each of us is willed, each of us is loved, and each of us is necessary."
In a world where some no longer believe that we can distinguish between simple right and wrong, we need your message to reject this "dictatorship of relativism" and embrace a culture of justice and truth.
In a world where some see freedom as simply the right to do as they wish, we need your message that true liberty requires us to live our freedom not just for ourselves, but "in a spirit of mutual support."

See the difference? These three men at root are saying the same thing but Fleming comes off like he about to douse those that disagree with him in napalm. A counterproductive approach.

For a insightful review of how in many ways Fleming is believing the right thing but saying it wrong see Britain Can Benefit from Benedict . In fact if there is one thing to read in my entire rant read that.!! Fleming needs to make the argument that way because what the UK is facing is what we hope to avoid!!

Now as to that last line of Flemings that is pretty much nonsense. It is very Daily Kos like. Not every democrat is some Godless creature from the pit. Also he needs to be careful here because he is running against a Methodist pastor here. Further with a Louisiana delegation that is getting less powerful he better damn well reach across the aisle on some things or we are going to get screwed.

Fleming no doubt will win. Louisiana ,with cause ,is fearful of the Liberal Democrat and Obama agenda and it's effect on Louisiana. So the race is nationalized. However Fleming needs to be careful. Right now Obama and Pelosi are in a way his best friends in this election. In the future this act might wear thin and we might be looking for another good Southern Methodist to put in.

In other words there are a lot of folks like me that will vote for Fleming this time. However in the future if an acceptable Melville came our way hmmmm.

Update-Please don't take this as a put down of all Baptist politicos since Fleming is Baptist. I have voted for a good many of them too. Heck Huckabee should have put me in charge of Catholic outreach for the amount of verbiage I gave him.

No Jihad and the Crusades Are Not The Same

American Catholic has an excellent article on this at Enough is Enough: The Crusades & The Jihad Are Not Equivalents

Some Incredible Tornado Footage From Security Cameras


Tip of the Hat to the Bayou Renaissance Man

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Conservative Thinks Conservatives Being Played By Liberals On Mosque Issue

I agree!! At First Thoughts see Islam and America and his follow up at A Weakness of Conservatism

New Interview With Public-Interest Law Firm That is Defending Louisiana Coffin Making Monks - You Tube

Tip of the Hat to Instapundit that is doing the interview.

Archbishop of New Orleans Thanks You For Drinking A Lot of Abita Beer

Archbishop Gregory Michael Aymond

From The Archdiocese of New Orleans
Abita Brwery announced major gift to local Catholic Church from SOS Fund
Thursday August 26th 2010
Catholic Charities Archdiocese of New Orleans to receive $100,000 for ongoing oil spill relief
ABITA SPRINGS, La. – Today, August 26, 2010, David Blossman of Abita Brewery will present New Orleans Archbishop Gregory Aymond and Catholic Charities Archdiocese of New Orleans co-president Gordon Wadge with a check for $100,000 to help the church with their ongoing oil spill relief work.

The $100,000 gift from Abita’s SOS Fund will be used to help 40 families affected by the oil spill with direct gifts of $2500 each.

“We are extremely grateful for the generosity of the leaders of the Abita Brewery,” said Archbishop Aymond. “Their gift is proof that God is faithful, for as we began to fear monies for ongoing aid would run out, they have stepped up with this gift to help us continue our work and to continue to be the heart of Jesus Christ to those most in need.”

It was of great importance to Blossman and the Abita team that 100% of the funds be used for direct assistance, something Catholic Charities is uniquely positioned to do in the community.

“The response from our customers to Abita's SOS Charitable Pilsner has been amazing. The beer has only been on sale for a little over a month, so we're very pleased to be making our first donation so soon. Helping families on the Gulf Coast through these difficult times is exactly what we were hoping for when we created SOS,” said Blossman.

“We are committed to serving the people that are affected by this tragedy for the long term,” said Wadge. “Since the beginning of this disaster, Catholic Charities has been on the ground providing food, housing supplies, direct assistance and counseling to those whose livelihoods have been threatened. We will be there for the coastal communities through this tragedy.”

A Louisiana Born Priest Talks How He Came To His Vocation

Da Mihi Animas has a great post. See

Our Lady of Częstochowa and my vocation!

Bossier Parish Stops Massive Taxi Cab Prostitutes and Drug Scheme

Wow. Who said modern cabdrivers don't provide the services like they used too!! My Bossier has Four people arrested for for Promoting Prostitution, Drugs, Money Laundering, Racketeering

UK Travel Writer's Great Piece On New Orleans Five Years After Katrina

Nice piece

Tip of the hat To Red Stick Rant via Where Y'At, Mate.

Texas Episcopal Church School Will Not Admit Child of Lesbians

Get Religion has a interesting look at a story that is running in the Dallas Morning News. See Preschool and the culture wars

I am going to be curious if this gets the publicity the Catholic Ardicocese of Denver got got when they had a similar situation.

Now it might because this is one othe orthodox conservative Dioceses that broke away from Espicopal Church USA. So there is that angle.

Also the reporter throws in this timebomb:

Civil rights laws on behalf of the Harrisons could prevail over the school’s right as a private institution to pick its students, Bloom said. But without a specific federal statute protecting the rights of the Harrisons as a married homosexual couple or their children, the school probably faces no legal repercussions.
“Basically, you end up with constitutional issues on both sides,” Bloom said. “On the one hand you have freedom of religion and freedom of association, and on the other hand you have freedom from discrimination.”.

Uh what? It was my belief that the Feds could never touch this area? Am I wrong? Lackland Bloom Jr., that is quoted is a law professor at Southern Methodist University. I think that is one of the more interesting and in my view alarming parts of the story. I guess he is basing that on something? What is that and what would be the legal repercussions?

Update I thought this comment was apt:
I am a bit mystified by this bit here. They are a “non-denominational” lesbian couple with a child, and the school is affiliated with the ACNA, a conservative Anglican body which exists in large part because of its feelings on the ECUSA’s attitudes towards gay people. What exactly would give these people the idea that their “values would align”, and what basis does the reporter have for saying this?

The Teen Mass Is Like Putting A Tattoo on the Mona Lisa.

Dr Francis Beckwith not a fan in this rather funny but sad piece. See The Teen Mass Must Die .

Do the Eastern Catholics in communion with Rome and Eastern Orthodox have Teen Divine Services? God I hope not. But if they don't why not? Maybe because well there is no long term benefits to them ?

GOP's Ken Mehlman is acting "Lame"

I agree with Ann Althouse post here at Ken Mehlman comes out.

I think every conservative and liberal blogger knew he was gay. Most social conservatives did not care. Just do your job. I think my main reaction when with the " Is Ken Mehlman Gay" stories a few years back was to tell the liberal blogs and media to mind their own business.

I defended Mehlman in the comments section of one conservative blog today. However it is clear to me that he is looking to get some talking head spot on Cable news or maybe wanting to start some new blog venture.

Opinion Piece At CNN Attacks Beck For Rewriting Civil Rights History

The problem is with Glenn Beck rewrites civil rights history is there are really no facts to back up the headline. I am not a Tea Party guy and not a huge Beck fan. However despite a few quibbles I might have those shows have been pretty good.

Yes it might be embarrassing for some to know that Woodrow Wilson segregated Federal employment but oh well.

The Problems Is Not There Are Not Rational Arguments Against Same Sex Marriage

But as I said in the comments at Vox Nova and their piece The Difficult Position of Same-Sex Marriage Opponents:

The problem is not there are no rational argument against Same Sex Marriage. The problem is no one has been able to figure out how to make those arguments fit into a thirty second soundbite in a five minute segment of a cable talking head TV show. (slightly edited for misspelling )

It was nice that Jeff commented and he has a nice PDF file showing some of those arguments here .

It's Official. Louisiana 3rd District Congressional GOP Primary Has Got Out Of Hand

Sigh. This is not really good for the party and is very distasteful. The Hayride has The Military Flap In The 3rd District Race (UPDATED)

Louisiana Newspaper Publisher Calling Out By Name Those that Abandoned Chet Traylor In Louisiana GOP Senate Primary Race

The Hayride has the interesting link. See Chet Traylor’s Pre-Concession Speech. These mostly South Louisiana politicos main fault was I bet they did not the research their Vitter alternative. This scandal was widely know in north east Louisiana. Perhaps they have should have made some phone calls. I mean if Rep Noble Ellington had the money to broadcast this on ADS on CNN he would have. It was apparent there was a problem.

In many ways I don't think I am alone in thinking Traylor's past problems look worse than Vitters in a moral way.

There Was A Major Pro-Life Victory in Alaska and Why It is Significant

Lost in the whole GOP primary excitement was a major win for the Pro-life movement in Alaska. See via The Corner A Pro-Life Win in Alaska.

I actually think it influenced the Senate race and not the other way around. Regardless it is significant. While Alaska is very Republican it is not exactly that religious on the whole. It also has a Libertarian streak. Though Governor Plain is a social Conservative she really did not press social conservative issues in Alaska. She was just recognizing the political lay of the land.

I have to think this is another sign that inch by inch Americans are becoming more open in restricting abortion and confirm the polls we have seen on this matter.

Alaska Catholics Played HUge Role in the WIN!!

Ambassador Kmiec in Good Condition After Serious Car Wreck

Though many conservative Catholics are mad at Kmiec we all no doubt share relief that is doing good after his car wreck.

Southern Democrats Respond To Voting For Pelosi Problem - SHE MIGHT DIE SOON!!

Well I have to say that is a rather bold new way of dealing with the problem of having to vote for a Speaker most of your voters hate!! See Perhaps Bobby Bright… Isn’t. :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dinesh D'Souza. ,The King's College, and The Campus Crusade For Christ

Oh No!! To say the least there is some mild disappointment among Catholics.

This story have developed out of Dinesh D'Souza being named President of The King's College in NYC which is Evangelical. Let me say I from the outset I think King's College ,that is located in the heart of Manhattan, is a very good thing.

Dr Francis Beckwith has a great post on this at Does "mere Christianity" mean the rest consists in only "mere squabbles"?: More on the D'Souza hiring

Now this is a story that is important to look at as to many levels. The controversy will mostly come from the evangelical side I think. More on this later

Now there were signs that D' Souza perhaps was more difficult to pen down as to Faith matters than many Catholics thought.

I like many thought he was still a practicing Catholic attending Mass while he attended also attended an evangelical Church for the sake of his his wife and family.

Here are some reasons why these latest developments might come as a shock to some.

First he never renounced his Catholicism publicly.

Second he has often talked and incorporated Catholic arguments and spirituality into his arguments.

Third he works for National Review which at times has a Catholic Ethos about it. It is still linked in some ways with that Catholic Conservatism in the Belt Way

Fourth and lets be honest, Catholics are sort of theological intellectual and spiritual snobs at times. While Evangelicals have learned a lot from Catholics and engaged Catholic authors and thought in reality that has not happened on the other side among the people in the pew or the net.

In other words Dinesh D'Souza is brilliant so he must be a great practicing Catholic.

Now let's return to the Dr Francis Beckwith post that comments on the very informative Christianity Today article.

I thought there was an obvious question that was never asked. Has he been re baptized!! That too me is one of the more interesting things here. It seems to be that being re baptized is a very important public breaking with the Catholic Faith. He very well might have been but I doubt it. I suspect if he had that would have leaked out.

Now from the evangelical side I suspect that might be a issue too. If you read the Christianity Today article you see the ties the school has to the Campus Crusade of Christ. Though it appears that formal relationship might be breaking up.

Campus Crusade for Christ is sort of an odd bird in many ways. It's ethos might change from place to place but I have observed they go out of their way to say they have Catholic members when recruiting. Though it is clear to me there is a tension as can be seen in their Statement of Beliefs which seems to indicate a true believing Catholic could not be a member.

However at least when I was around them, there were some radical strains within the Crusade. This might have changed but I can recall some factions of it being very anti organized religion. Even if that was the local Baptist Church. Now those were not the majority but I observed it on my campus among some of their membership. No need to belong to one of the Churches let us gather together on Sunday among ourselves.

Again I am not sure how strong the presence of that faction is at Kings College. Also the fact that Statement of Beliefs does not indicate infant Baptism is wrong (though no doubt a belief among the majority) is important. This is one of those areas as both the Campus Crusade of Christ Statement and The King's College seem to include here:
"We accept those areas of doctrinal teaching on which, historically, there has been general agreement among all true Christians. Because of the specialized calling of our movement, we desire to allow for freedom of conviction on other doctrinal matters, provided that any interpretation is based upon the Bible alone, and that no such interpretation shall become an issue which hinders the ministry to which God has called us.'

So in other words evangelical Methodist and Reformed Presbyterians are OK and perhaps infant Baptized Catholics!!

Now there has been a good bit of tension between the Crusade and some Evangelicals. There has a LOT of friction at times between Fundamentalists and the Crusade.

The Crusade does not go out of their way to say certain beliefs of the Catholic Church are false and in fact have worked with Catholics. EVEN JOHN PAUL THE II . In fact we get a lot of the essence of the Crusade here at The Remarkable Joint Cooperation of Venerable Pope John Paul II and Campus Crusade for Christ. A must read.

To see some of these tensions between Protestants of different flavor here are three articles I just got off the net in seconds . See Campus Crusade for Christ(Crusade for Who?) (Which indicates in some Countries abroad they have had Catholics on staff) , BILL BRIGHT JOINS HANDS WITH FALSE GOSPELS , and Campus Crusade for Christ and My Past.

This mirrors some of the tension I saw between the Crusade and other Protestant groups on Campus. For instance back in the day I observed on the surface relationships between the Baptist Student Union and the Campus Crusade were great. Indeed among many members it was!! However there was some grumbling I could detect at the BSU on among some.

Francis Beckwith knows a lot about theological signing statements to say the least relating to the controversial issue of his membership in the Evangelical Theological Society. Now I might be incorrect on this, but I sense the The Crusade and perhaps the ethos of King College is a lot less concerned about certain rules and might gives more dispensations than the ETS.

He does point out that signing statement is in fact very Protestant. But perhaps the College has decided hey he is "born again" so let's not have JUST the ordinance of Baptism or that pesky rule about believing in the Protestant Canon Only get in the way.

Again I am not sure how prevalent attitudes of some members of the Crusade as I discussed above are at the college. However I think it might have something to do with how Kings College looks at the whole affair.

Now the signing statement does say:

God admonishes His people to assemble together regularly for worship, for participation in ordinances, for edification through the Scripture and for mutual encouragement."

Also see above links on the Canon of the Bible

So there seems to be tensions and contradictions as we see sigbning statements the Crusade in reality.

The Crusade might have changedwhile I was at college. I saw there was peer pressure to conform to all the things in the above statement of beliefs but it was never indicated to me parts of it were real requirement to be a member of Campus Crusade. Though I suspect they get a lot more strict rules when it is a leadership position.

Now I have no idea what is the teaching of this Calvary Church that D'Souza attends. I suppose it is possible they are very Campus Crusade like.

However, I can see why D' Souza might be comfortable at KING'S College. It does appear there might be "Formal Rules" but in other cases the rules are informally let go.

So I suspect this might be the real issue. The Crusade might put on general orthodox Evangelical Clothing in public and might in it's heart believe them ,but sees many things in reality negotiable. .

Did Some Louisiana Resident Throw Away or Misplace 85 Millions Dollars

From KATC:
The winner of a $85.7 million Powerball drawing still has not come forward to claim the prize.

The ticket was sold at the Circle K on Airline Highway in Baton Rouge for the July 31st drawing. The winning numbers: 1-16-17-41-57 and the Powerball :15.

The winner can come forward to claim the prize within 180 days.

Now maybe they are just waiting but by this time it seems they would have made arrangements to get it.

Japanese Ambassador to the Vatican On Why Christianity Has Little Success In Japan

Yes Yes I know it is Envoy or Ambassador to the Holy See but everyone says Vatican so what can you do

Sandro Magister
has a pretty darn interesting piece on this at Why Christianity Is "Foreign" to Japan

There is a lot here.

Here is the intro to his piece with the fascinating speech given by the Envoy which can be seen by hitting the above link.

Why Christianity Is "Foreign" to Japan

Annihilation of the "self," divinization of nature, rejection of a personal God. The cornerstones of the Japanese culture, explained by the ambassador of the Rising Sun to the Holy See

by Sandro Magister
ROME, August 19, 2010 – Once already, this year, www.chiesa has brought to light the extreme difficulty that Christianity still encounters in making headway in Japan.

This is a difficulty that also involves other great Asian civilizations and religions. Cardinal Camillo Ruini – when he was the pope's vicar and president of the Italian episcopal conference – repeatedly identified the main reason for this impermeability in the fact that in Japan, in China, in India, there is a lack of faith in a personal God.

It is for this reason – he added – that the challenge posed to Christians by Asian civilizations is more dangerous than that of another monotheistic religion like Islam. While Islam, in fact, at least prompts Christians to deepen and reinvigorate their own religious identity, the Asian civilizations "instead push in the direction of a further secularization, understood as the common denominator of a planetary civilization."

As for Japan, an authoritative confirmation of this premise comes from a lecture given last July 1 at the Circolo di Roma by the Japanese ambassador to the Holy See, Kagefumi Ueno.

The lecture – reproduced below almost in its entirety, by the gracious permission of its author – highlights with rare clarity the abyss that separates the Christian vision from the culture and religious sensibility of Japan.

Ambassador Ueno says he is Buddhist-Shinto in his outlook. And in the lecture, he speaks not as a diplomat, but as a "cultural thinker," as in effect he is. For many years his interest has centered on civilizations and cultures. He has written numerous works on this theme, and has spoken at various congresses.

An essay that he published shortly before going to Rome as an ambassador, four years ago, is entitled: "Contemporary Japanese Civilization: A Story of Encounter Between Japanese 'Kamigani' (Gods) and Western Divinity."

A summary of his lecture at the Circolo di Roma was published in "L'Osservatore Romano" on August 14.

See above link for it. Worth your time reading.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Great Interview With J.R.R. Tolkien Plus Silly College Students

This is great. Standing on my Head has Tolkien Interview

Key For Blog Hits On Catholic Blogs Is Beauty Pageant Talk -We Love Miss Mexico 2010!!

I just so far have got over 2000 hits on this 2008 blog post Miss Mexico 2008 - I Love the Knights of Columbus!! .

Thank you Miss Mexico / Miss Universe 2010 !! Now what is Jimena Navarette, Miss Mexico now Queen of the Universe position on the KNIGHTS of COLUMBUS!! We are in your corner!!!

If I knew there was such a developing interest (yes I was watching) I would have done a LIVE POST THREAD.

Associated Press Does Predictable Story on Catholic Missal Changes.

As Get Religion points out SADLY predictable. See AP’s tour de force on the Roman Missal.

They funny thing is I predict in about two years I think the Laity will very much enjoy the changes. Just like if they brought back Altar Rails as the norm !! The Catholic American Liturgical elite would scream but about 80 percent of Catholics would love it.

Great Part of SEC Football Season- Seeing Tracy Wolfson On TV Again

I really dig her :)Espcially when she say "coach".

Best Tracy Wolfson / Les Miles moment ever

Union Politics Kept Louisiana Schools From Being in Obama's Race to The Top Winners?


Hadley Arkes Talks About Being Catholic

A nice article and interview here as to the famed Hadly Arkes. It took me a couple of years listening to him here and there before I realized he was not even Christian. I had assumed for some reason he was Catholic back then.

Oh NO!! "Greetings, greetings, fellow star gazers!" The Famed Star Hustler Is Dead

I love watching that on TV!! :(

American Catholic has some vids at RIP Star Hustler

Excellent Eastern Orthodox Paper On Revelations And the Eastern Church Fathers -Plus Podcasts

I hope to engage this a good bit later. We are very fortunate that Dr. Jeannie Constantinou put her PHD paper online. There is a slight review and link where you can download it here at E. S. Constantinou, Andrew of Caesarea and the Apocalypse. It is a rather large file but worth it.

Of great interest she makes the very good case that the traditional view that John is the writer of Revelations is correct. There is a good run down of that at biblicalia and his Eusebius and the Apocalypse . Fun stuff and show the many reasons why there was a effort in some quarters to be hesitant about this book. In other words there were other concerns and agendas perhaps than the book itself.

Of course the great part of this is she gives us a English translation of Andrew of Caesarea on the Apocalypse which I take fro the post and comments from Evangelical Textual Criticism at their post Andrew of Caesarea and the Apocalypse in the Ancient Church of the East: Studies and Translation was a rather big deal.

I really enjoyed her commentary and I think is very useful for a Catholic in getting some needed historical context.

She also has a number of pod casts presentations on Revelations (including talking about the Rapture theory) here .

I hope to engage some things she has to say in particular the ever popular controversy of when Revelations was written which Catholic (maybe in Orthodox circles too ) debate a good.

Do not be intimidated by the size of her paper. Itis very easy reading.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Study Shows That Conservative Students More Happy At Small Liberal Art Colleges Than Big Public Universities

Even if that Liberal Arts College is LIBERAL.

First Thoughts has some good thoughts on this at College and Conservatism

Adding More Links To the Sidebar

OK time to do part II of links I am adding to the sidebar. I shall have a several more of these posts. I am also going to get rid of dead link and updating others. Plus moving to giving the blog a new look.

Liturgy- A very good Anglican blog by a Priest in New Zealand that should be liked by all liturgical Christians

Almost Chosen People. - A very cool United States history blog.

Cajun Conservatism - A conservative Republican Louisiana blog with a good focus on national and Louisiana politics.

A Catholic Deacon blog from Voorheesville, NY, USA see Deacon's Blog

The Daily Kingfish which a progressive liberal Louisiana themed blog.

Whosoever Desires is group blog by some young Jesuits. One of those Jesuits is Nathan O'Halloran, SJ who is in New Orleans.

Bob's Sports Blog
focuses in College Sports mostly LSU

I should have this up before the morning. More to come.

Freedom of Worship Different From Freedom of Religion

Wheat and Weeds returns to the point that many of us are trying make more and more as the year has gone on. See Christians Expelled From Morocco

Would We Be Having A Huge Controversy Over the Mosque if It Were Not August

Every August that rolls around we seem to have some "controversy" to fill in the news. Another Conservative Catholic is not getting the controversy either.

See Just Build the Damn Thing

I also like this part:
But the media must earn a crust and find a way to fill the time, and so it’s time that we have one of these tiresome “national conversations” — this time about religious freedom and forgiveness and building bridges and the nature of Islam. Perhaps I’ve turned grumpy or obtuse, but I think it’s rather a tremendous waste of time. The idea that much of anything would be out of place in New York seems rather hard to credit. And once all the fuss has died down, and it’s become clear that there’s really not much of anything that can be done about how the owners want to develop this particular piece of real estate, then the thing will be built and people will walk by it every day, and it will be just as forgotten as all the other national conversations we’ve felt the unaccountable need to have over the last few years.

The problem with these national conversations is it they mean much if we have them every few months.

In Rome Catholics Still Trying To Figure Out Obama

See There's a Strange Prophet in the White House via Chiesa.

A Look At Seth Mannon -LSU Freshman Placekicker With Just one Arm.

It is LSU Kicker day in the Advocate!! They have a very good article on Josh Jasper Senior Jasper returns to lead LSU kicking game

There is also cool article on Seth Mannon. See Missing arm no drawback for Mannon-LSU kicker has booming leg

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The First Amendment Meets A DWI Case-No Campus Police At Religious Schools? (Updated)

I really want to read this opinion. Update- Here is the Opinion

It's not every day that First Amendment issues get raised in a drunk-driving case. But last week the Court of Appeals threw out a DWI case involving an arrest by a Davidson College police officer, agreeing with the defense that Davidson is a religious institution and giving police powers to the school is unconstitutional. "We hold that the delegation of police power to Davidson College ... is an unconstitutional delegation of ‘an important discretionary governmental power' to a religious institution in the context of the First Amendment," Judge James A. Wynn Jr. wrote in a unanimous opinion before his departure to the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals. Allen Brotherton, who represented the defendant, said he thinks the opinion should have an impact on the way campus police departments on all church-affiliated schools in the state operate.

Tip of the Hat to Instapundit

Update this get more interesting:

Nomination under Clinton

On August 5, 1999, President Bill Clinton nominated Judge Wynn to serve on the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit to fill a vacancy created by the decision by Judge James Dickson Phillips, Jr. to take senior status.

Wynn's nomination never received a hearing from the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee.

President Barack Obama nominated Wynn and North Carolina Superior Court Judge Albert Diaz for seats on the Fourth Circuit on Nov. 4, 2009. [5][6][7] Obama's renomination of Wynn and nomination of Diaz were jointly endorsed by North Carolina senators Kay Hagan, a Democrat, and Richard Burr, a Republican.[8] The Senate Judiciary Committee voted 18-1 on Jan. 28, 2010 to send Wynn's nomination to the Senate floor.[9] His nomination was confirmed by the full Senate on August 5, 2010 by unanimous consent.[10]

More World Wide Signs That Catholic Priesthood Vocation Crisis is Abating- Australia

This time in Australia. See AFTER years of decline, the number of priests in the Catholic Church in NSW is on the rise.

We see here :
There are around 577,000 Catholics in the Archdiocese, with a total population of 2,085,000. The Catholic population is 27.7% of the total. There are 139 parishes, in the pastoral care of around 246 diocesan priests. There are some 480 priests in total, including religious priests, working within the Archdiocese, including those on lesser duties and retired priests. There are 1,238 religious sisters and 275 religious brothers and 5 permanent deacons.

Well no doubt having a Orthodox Cardinal at the helm is a important factor in this increase. However what is interesting here is what the story was just a couple of years at World Youth Day.

A constant sub theme in the media coverage was the Australian sex abuse scandal and no one entering the Priesthood. Also people leaving the Church/The sex abuse scandal like in the USA was traumatic. However we again see signs that when the Church undergoes a period of purification it comes out stronger.

If you see these numbers of Priesthood vocations then no doubt things are stirring elsewhere.

Now if we can get Europe back to speed we shall be in good shape.

Update- This Aussie Catholic blogger has a post on the whole Australia situation. I am actually going to comment on something else he mentions later.

CathNews has it all!

It is a nice article, but well it can be misleading. Now you can gauge how many priests you will have roughly by the number of seminarians you have. Please note the article only refers to diocesan seminarians.

What affects numbers are:

Importing seminarians
Seminarians returning who had previously left
Religious and diocesans seminarians transferring diocese

So it isn't perfect, but with regards to local priests it is fairly easy to determine.

Now the article doesn't take into account the seminarians who are studying in Rome or any other place in the world.

Ok now for their numbers.

They tell us Melbourne Seminary has 50 seminarians for Victoria and Tasmania (they have a guy?) Fairly straight forwardly ambiguous.

But wait for it! Brisbane was built for 16, it will be enlarged to 32. Um ok ... that's how many seminarians? Oh 21, thanks for that. Oh well at least I know how many rooms you will have if I ever wish to stay. Also dear people please NEVER refer to a seminary as being "at capacity", it is far too relative and frankly doesn't really mean anything. A seminary of one room is at capacity.

Now they do the trip, Wagga Wagga has 20 (amongst various dioceses) and Perth has 40 among two seminaries (also include various dioceses).

Sydney however has a whopping 63! (Amongst various dioceses and across two seminaries). Which is a bit deceptive since I am sure the bishops of the country dioceses are going to be a bit miffed that their seminarians are being used to massage the figures for the Metropolitan Archdioceses.

So sounds good

Racial Politics in Mississippi Redistricting

An interesting article here from the Northern Mississippi/ Memphis area.

OXFORD -- DeSoto County's black residents, who say they generally have been shut out of local elected offices, want state legislators dealing with a decade of population changes to create at least one minority district that will represent their interests.

The Joint Legislative Committee on Reapportionment and Redistricting is holding 12 meetings across the state to gather citizen input into how Mississippi's 52 Senate districts, 122 House districts and four U.S. House Districts should be redrawn to ensure equality of representation.

Such redistricting must be done after every U.S. census to make sure no district is substantially larger or smaller than another to comply with the Supreme Court's one-person, one-vote requirements........

"We'd ask you all to really consider moving the (district) lines so an African-American can be elected," said Rev. Nathaniel Partee of Lake Cormorant.

Partee and a handful of other speakers laid out their concerns to the redistricting committee during an hour-long hearing at the University of Mississippi's Fulton Chapel.

"We feel we haven't been properly represented. That's the bottom line," Partee said

DeSoto County presents legislators with a particularly difficult challenge because the county's population has grown faster than any other in the state, with an estimated 42 percent growth between 2000 and 2010.

Many of those new residents are minorities and live in the northern part of the county, said Michael Smith of Southaven, vice chairman of the DeSoto County Democratic Party.

Smith told legislators that DeSoto County had more than 34,300 black residents, about 22 percent of its total population, according to 2009 estimates.

"Ask them (legislators) to consider a majority district that's representing a minority," he told committee members.......................

DeSoto County should have dramatically increased influence at the state Capitol after redistricting.

Legislators have said DeSoto County could wind up with eight state representatives -- three living in the county, three living outside the county but representing large parts of the county, plus two new members -- and three state senators........................

This is rather interesting because the growth of this County appears not to be just fueled by white Flight. According to this 2005 estimates showed the County was 11 percent black. Therefore we are seeing a huge black migration out of Memphis it seems. Why? At first I thought this might be black middle and upper class "black flight" and it very well might be. However according to the Wilkipedia page:

DeSoto County had the second highest per capita income in the State of Mississippi. However, as of 2008, the per capita income was declining, and the wealthy demographic clearly preferred other counties in the area, particularly Fayette, TN, or although not in the Memphis metro area, Lafayette County, MS.

No doubt some of this migration is Casino jobs related in the neighboring Tunica county. However that still does not explain why most of these new black residents would be living in the northern part of the County. I am sure I am missing some local factor.

Looking at the rather blunt comments it is interesting that both sides in this don't see the bigger picture.

I am sure the Mississippi State GOP is all for this new District. While I understand the want and very well possible need to have a African American politico elected, the people that support such a move make a somewhat illogical jump of logic that this will cause better representation of black concerns.

Minority majority districts I believe dilutes minority voting power and influence rather than enhances it. If you believe that black voting interest is best represented by lets say Democrats then arranging a district that will take in most of the black population would seem counter productive with whites trending more and more GOP in some areas.

In effect you give up possibly being the power broker in the other districts in exchange for one elected black official. You are also possibly laying the ground of long term GOP dominance in the county with all these new districts of because population growth.

A Post and Vid On the The Catholic Signer Of The Declaration Of Independence

I am very excited that it appears American Catholic will be going more posts on him. See The Catholic Signer

Louisiana GOP Not Fearful of Stupidity of Louisiana Voters - Wants Closed Primary Back

Hmm to bad they had little influence with the legislature and the Governor a couple of months ago.

.......The current fall federal elections are being run on the closed-party primary system in which Republicans can vote only for Republican candidates. Non-affiliated voters cannot participate in the GOP contests — a decision made by party officials.

Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal signed into law legislation that returns the federal elections to an open primary system in 2012. Other state elections are open primaries.

Proponents of the change said the closed system was too confusing to voters and added unnecessary election expenses.........

IT'S CONFUSING!!! Really? I think most people get it. They watch TV. They understand the concept of closed primary. It's new that is all.

New Orleans Catholic Newspaper (Aug 21 Edition) Has Lots of Katrina Stories

See here

The Most Unpopular License Fee / Tax Ever? License Fees For Blogs

I would hate to be the politico that thinks this is a good idea. See Philly Requires $300 Blogging License via CMR

Immigration Debate Gets No Where By Calling Lindsey Graham A Dred Scott Republican

Daily Kos has The blessings of liberty which visits the birthright citizenship issue.

When I read article like this and their tone I really don't think they care about the immigration issue. They just want to throw arrows.

John Kyl is mentioned too.

I am not sure how it helps the battle to get comprehensive immigration reform by trying to demonize some of the Republican allies of it which you are going to need in the future. Both Kyl and Graham are in this camp.

Further I think it is perfectly clear that the reason they are mentioning this as a possibility is to get immigration reform and give some sort of legal status to millions of undocumented people.

Now maybe it is not a good idea. But still I really wish liberals would be more careful with their verb age as to certain GOP allies they might have on the broader issue of immigration reform.

This article is not the worse offender I have seen but still.

Don't Speak English Lose Your Baby

I really cannot imagine this is widespread. I have no clue why in the two cases reported the people thought they could get away with it.

No More Restraints On LSU Quarterback

A very positive article here.

Should The Head of the Louisiana Republican Resign?

I have to admit there does appear to be a conflict of interest here. Further running for State wide office is pretty time consuming so no doubt he is focusing less on other GOP state matters.

Can McCain Be Picked Off By the Democrats?

Highly unlikely. See J.D. Hayworth: A toast to McCain’s imminent defeat!

This race is interesting on a lot of levels. First for a faction of conservatives that just hate McCain have again overestimated the McCain hate among GOP voters. They did it in the general and again earlier this year did it as to the AZ GOP primary. Anything can happen I suppose but I think it is a safe bet that McCain beats Hayworth..McCain has pretty much ran a brilliant campaign.

Now to the general.

Democratic contenders and other observers say they believe that McCain has turned off too many voters by shifting hard to the right in his fight against Hayworth and by taking inconsistent positions on immigration and other issues.

Democrats often seem to pick up some conservative spin that McCain is some moderate GOP guy. In reality he is pretty consistent in his voting patterns which tend to the conservative side.

On immigration McCain is really not saying anything new. He recognizes that the voters before considering any pathway to Citizenship want the border secure. McCain was never a "ppen borders" guy.

The problem Dems will if they wish to portray him as extreme on the border issue if the Giffords Congressional race. Giffords the Democrat is in a tight and important House race. When you look at her statements it is hard to tell the difference in positions on the issue. So the Democrats can hardly run ads against McCain trying to portray him as extreme on the immigration issue without hurting Gifford. As usual the immigration issue is a lot more complex than either the right or the left outside AZ likes to portray.