Monday, August 25, 2008

Founder of Taizé -Calvinist pastor or Catholic or Both

Chiesa this morning has an good article up that sadly will be Cannon fodder for the extreme right of the Church and no doubt misused by the far left (sorry to use political terms but I think we know what we mean by them) I believe. No doubt the extreme traditionalist will use this to say look at these illicit Popes , and the extreme progressives will use it for let everyone go to communion and false ecumenical stuff (that is really not ecumenical) and related garbage.

However I found this to be pretty interesting

Go see
Was the Founder of Taizé Protestant, or Catholic? A Cardinal Solves the Riddle
Fr. Roger Schutz was both. He adhered to the Church of Rome while remaining a Calvinist pastor. Wojtyla and Ratzinger gave him communion. Cardinal Kasper explains how, and why by Sandro Magister

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