Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Difference Catholic Democrat/Liberal Bloggers and their Counterparts in the Republican/Conservative Camp

I can not help but notice that Catholic bloggers in the Republican/ Conservatives camp and those in the Demcrat/Liberal Camp have a different viewpoint. Many Democrat Catholics were pulling for Pro Choice Catholic Governors and the fact that CATHOLIC Joe Biden (that used to be pro-life) is on the Obama ticket is no concern.

On the Repbuclican/Conservative side the thought of a Catholic PRO-Choice VP like Ridge or Rudy is horrible. So much so that many of us , inclduing me ,are rooting and pulling for McCain to pick the pro-life ex Catholic now Lutheran Governor of Minnesota for VP. Why?? Because we see the first PRO- ABORTION CATHOLIC in the nations' history in the Executive branch as a horrible thing.

IF McCain picks Ridge I will stick by McCain but there shall be mourning on my part and some post stalking about how in the election Catholics will have lost something no matter what.

Catholic in the Public Square has :

A Bit More Data on Biden

Joe Biden on McCain, Obama and his Catholic Faith

Joe Biden's "Pro-Choice Catholicism" - A Liability for Obama and a Scandal to the Church

On the Non Catholic viwpoint and also why I find this pick so strange for Obama g see the thoughts that echo what I am thinking at So Joe Biden is 'change'?

Update- As to Biden I guess I just expected Obama to be a tad bolder. There is a flip side. That is to a VP pick the person that can cause no harm is who you should want . Well I suppose Obama got that right to some extent.

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