Wednesday, August 31, 2011

No group loves its team quite as angrily as the LSU fan base

Best quote from this nice article on Jarrett Lee in SI. See Lee gets another chance at LSU

The Blessing of The Cadavers At A Catholic Medical School

Deacon Bench has the interesting article of the day. Actually it was yesterday I think. See Life amid death: the blessing of cadavers at a Catholic medical school.

There is an interesting comment that a student that wished this happened at his State school and that it would have been a comfort to him. I wonder if that happens in some places.

Tragic Murder Suicide At First Baptist Church in Bossier City Louisiana

People must be in shock over there. My grandfather is a member here as well as one time a Deacon. It's one of the major Baptist Churches in the State.

My Bossier has Bossier Church Shooting: Allan Haltom also faced criminal charges

Tennessee Judge Refuses To Halt Mosque

This was not unexpected and in my view quite the right opinion. Religion Clause has Judge Refuses To Reconsider Murfreesboro Mosque Ruling

No Viable Democrat Might Run For Any Louisiana Statewide Office

The progressive blog Daily Kingfish does not exaggerate it's plight when it said yesterday at Hitting Bottom when the bad news came from down state that Senator Joel Chaisson, of Destrehan was not going to run for Statewide Office. Which means that for the first time in modern history (since reconstruction) there is a real possibility that not on viable Democrat might run for any Statewide office.

....That's the state of the Democratic Party in Louisiana. There is none. But this story is more about Democratic politics in general. Think back, many ages ago (it was only 20 years ago perhaps) when Democrats dominated all of the top offices. Small, but passionate, pockets of Republicans forwareded their best candidates in hopes they would have a breakthrough. Dave Treen was that breakthrough when he was elected in 1979. Even despite being the minority party for decades, Republicans fought to forward their ideals upon the electorate, even if they were constantly rejected.

What will the Democratic Party do when that is their only option? That times seems to be approaching. The time when Democratic politics is an unpopular, but legitimate, alternative with a few passionate believers hoping to one day recapture popular opinion. The question is whether Democrats will embrace the obvious: the party and the leadership must be toppled and replaced, and then rebuilt as a leaner, more focused and determined core of individuals that want to win the argument about ideas. Present the alternative, give people a reason to take a second look at your ideas. Be bold. Because this is the very bottom

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Maybe the Schoolteacher is the Best Bet Against Bobby Jindal

John Maginnis makes the good point that Louisiana Democrats should just maybe go with the school teacher in the Bobby Jindal race. See Schoolteacher as good a foe as any

Looking at recent polls, as he points out, by possible Jindal foes seems to lend support to that argument. In the end would investing time and resources in lets say a Sen. Rob Marionneaux run generate evena net plus on turnout verus spending that money elsewhere and more locally.

I am an outside GOP guy looking but it seems his argument makes sense.

Beatification of First African American Born Catholic Henriette Delille Is On Track

This is good news. According to this report from the New Orleans Catholic newspaper Mother Henriette Delille’s beatification cause is very much on track at the Vatican.

New Papal Nuncio Getting "Promoted" Out of the Vatican To the United States

EWTN has this up at Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò expected to be next US Nuncio.

A good piece but this Vatican Insider article seems to indicate that there is a lot going on here behind the scenes not all of which is pleasant. See Vigano will be Nuncio to the U.S.

Of course from my understanding Vigfano might have intorduced some much needed reforms at the Vatican City State. When a person does that well some folk's feelings get hurt.

I am just hoping that Vigano has enough want for this job to be effective at it. Also one of the huge areas he will be working on is helping Holy Father assess Bishop candidates . We in the USA have been somewhat blessed that the last Papal Nucico seemd to have a real knack for that. I think we saw some of the best Bishop and Archbishop appoointments as a whole that we have seen in decades.

New York City Bans Dogs From Bars

This seems like a very Mayor Bloomberg thing to do but not an New Yorker thing to do. See New York City Bars Dogs from Bars at The Volokh Conspiracy

Geocentrism Catholics Get Their Day In the Sun

See Fringe ‘Catholics’ in the news, again via Get Religion.

Get Religion rightly points out that people are being a little bit too free with "Catholic" and "conservative Catholic" labels here.

Of course it should be noted that this view is fringe of the fringe. Though one can be a Catholic in good standing I suppose and believe that the earth is at the center of the Universe. What gets people into trouble is not so much the belief but the arguments they sometimes use to get there and defend the belief.

Robert Sungensis makes an appearance. Sungensis sort of an odd bird. He has done great apologetic work with his books on the Eucharist, Scripture and Tradition, and Justification. However when he starts talking about things relating to Jews and geocentrism it gets a lot in the Catholic community talking and not in a good way.

David Armstrong on his blog has done extensive back and forth with him on this topic as well as others.See David Armstrong's latest post.Neo-geos Come Unravelled (Guest Post by David Palm on Robert Sungenis and John Martin)

Archbishop O'Brien Named to Head Holy Sepulchre

Wow!! Was out of town yesterday so just catching up on the news. Archbishop 'O Brien of Baltimore has been made Pro-Grand Master of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre.

Whispers has The Grand Hon: O'Brien Named Holy Sepulchre Chief and From 408... To the 1100s

As Whispers points out this does not only make him a Cardinal in waiting but also means the search is now on for someone to fill the position of heading the Mother See of the United States Church.

Gaddafi’s hometown of Sirte in the Bible

This is pretty interesting. See Muammar Gaddafi’s hometown Sirte in the Bible.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Catholics Rally For Secular Media and Against Archbishop Chaput

Over at Vox Nova we see Another case of Chaput-in-mouth disease .AKA I don't like Fox News and EWTN.

First as you can see at the post this is the part the poster has called in question

“We make a very serious mistake if we rely on media like the New York Times, Newsweek, CNN, or MSNBC for reliable news about religion. These news media simply don’t provide trustworthy information about religious faith—and sometimes they can’t provide it, either because of limited resources or because of their own editorial prejudices. These are secular operations focused on making a profit. They have very little sympathy for the Catholic faith, and quite a lot of aggressive skepticism toward any religious community that claims to preach and teach God’s truth.

Let me hit two parts of the complaint they get into:

But Chaput is not interested in making a broad point about religious illiteracy. He is instead making a narrow point about select secular news agencies he doesn’t like. CNN and MSNBC. What is the glaring omission? Where is Chaput’s mention of Fox News? And while we’re at it, where is the mention of poisonous talk radio? Is he so entranced with playing to his audience that he is willing to ignore the shameful demagoguery, the overt appeals to racism and base motives, the violent rhetoric, the liberties taken with the truth, and the grave distortions of the Catholic faith? Why does Chaput not mention any of this? Is he so insecure that he cannot handle criticism of the Church in the New York Times, and must instead run to those who use the Church for their political aims? Does he see no nuance and complexity? Is he not aware that he can learn far more about the economic mess from Paul Krugman in the New York Times than anybody on any alternative media source? As a Catholic voice, does he honestly prefer Bill O’Reilly to Peter Steinfels?

One reason that Chaput might have not said anything about FOX news is for the most part they don't do Christian religious news. This has been noted with amazement , with some justification, by many that point out the huge religious demographic of their audience.

More to the point they don't do inside baseball Christian news compared to the others. How often do Catholic and Christian blogs link such stories at FOX? Hardly never because there is
In other words for the most part FOX for the most part through their reporting ( or lack thereof) seems agnostic on issues such as female ordination, the issue of remarriage and divorce in the Church, the standing of gay clergy and gay laity in the Church , etc etc.

Now some folks on Fox News might take some positions the Catholic Church might not like. But rarely is that done by attacking the Church. Such as " the Catholic Church is a bunch of open border fanatics" or "The Catholic Church" teaches socialism".

Maybe Fox news realize their religious audience diversity not to get into this. Now on occasion this has occurred but it happens so few times I can barely recall linking and responding to those attacks.

...Chaput might be quiet about Fox News, but he does say what he likes: “Many of those choices include outstanding Catholic media like Catholic News Agency, EWTN, the National Catholic Register, and Our Sunday Visitor; Salt and Light and Catholic News Service; plus Catholic blogs, websites, and Catholic satellite radio stations.” Again, how thoroughly selective of him. .....

And then we have a rant against EWTN. I am not sure how that list is "selective". Also if memory serves me right ,VOX NOVA posters often have often promoted Salt and Light as an alternative to EWTN. But perhaps because Chaput mentioned them they are out of favor now.

PANIC!! The BYU White Boys Are Coming to Beat Up Ole Miss

LOL this a fun vid. ( ONE WEEK and we have football if you have not noticed)

Seems like a nice kid in all seriouness and I do like how he ID's his Faith so much. Still funny. I am not sure he has been let in on the secret that many of us would not be shocked to see them beat Ole Miss but still fun.

See BYU Warns Ole Miss, SEC: The White Boys Are Coming

Nice Picture of Diocese of Orlando's 30 Seminarians Plus Article

We have had some nice vocation news to report the last couple weeks as to the Priesthood on the dear ole blog. In fact I will highlight another Diocese on Sunday .

Today it is the Diocese of Orlando. According to the info here that was last updated March 2011 the Diocese had 26 people in some stage of Seminary development.

Though in the the baove nice pic related to this article here my rough count of faces shows maybe 4 have been added to the total number to make 30.

See Diocese of Orlando Seminarians that talks about the event that pic is related too.

Woo Pig Sooie - Arkansas Anglican Church Coming In To the Catholic Church

Pope Benedict is "calling out the Anglicans" to put this in Arkansas football lingo.

The Arkansas Catholic has a nice piece looking at a Church in Arkansas where this is happening. See

Rogers' Anglican community on journey to Catholic Church -Once personal ordinariate is approved, St. George Church in Rogers will become the first Anglican-use parish in Diocese of Little Rock.

The Front Pages of Louisiana Major Newspapers After LSU Players Arrest

As usual click on the pic to enlarge.

What a week!! The only "major" metro paper available online whose front page up is not up is the Lake Charles newspaper front page which you cannot get online

I will my own commentary on the "Shady" events later in another post.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Buddy Roemer Campaign Not Pleased Today - Its BullS#@#

I have to say I don't blame them. Seems like he should get at least one shot. See Incensed, Roemer camp cries ‘bulls*&t’

Regarding LSU

I have a lot of thoughts on the troubles. Will post after BRPD has their press conference on it. However Lee is our quarterback now and this season is far from over.

Geaux Tigers

If 2.5 Million Mexican Presbyterians Fell In A Forest and No One Heard It ....

Did it happen?

Well it just did.

I am sure Religion Dispatches is working up a article blaming this on right wing Anglo folks in the USA that control the minds of black and brown people and lead them by the nose.

Till then its woth pondering when Mainline Protestants vote on certain things that change doctrine if they truly consider the sin of schism that big of a sin.

Also if they truly believe in one catholic Church does the fact that such developments as this that can be forseen are never brought up important. To be "catholic" I think involves consultation with the world wide church. Was this on any one's mind.

So as too "catholic" and "schism" does anyone really care or are just necessary collateral damage in these matters.

HUGE Appointment Coming for Pope Benedict- New Head At Doctrine of the Faith

Vatican Insider has a good article up on this at Wanted, catholic orthodoxy caretaker .

This job has always been important but recently as taken on severl jobs of CRITICAL importance.

..The selection of his successor is not easy. The Congregation for the doctrine is a crucial-one and we must not forget that in recent years it has become even more so, for management of cases of sexual abuse involving some clerics. Under the responsibility of the former Holy Office, as a result of the recent reform desired by Benedict XVI, also fall other hot topics: the relationship with the Society of Saint Pius X founded by Archbishop Lefebvre, as well as that of ordinary Anglicans who wish to back into communion with Rome....

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Santorum is Evangelical, The Eucharist is Baggage, and Other Religious Nuts All In The New York Times Today

Oh where to begin. Start out with Catholic Vote on the Santorum issue at New York Times editor calls Santorum an evangelical and see Lisa Graas at NYTimes Claim: Rick Santorum is ‘affiliated with fervid subsets of evangelical Christianity’

For commentary on the rest of the wisdom that the editor at the New York Times gave us see from Get Religion NYT takes on aliens, baggage, Trojan horse faith

LSU Reveille Seven Member Who Fought Huey Long Has Died (Freedom of Press)

At age 96 I think that is a very good bet he is the last that group . An important passing to take note of here. One despite the history of Huey Long I was not aware of til yesterday.

See ‘Reveille Seven’ member dies at 96

World's Most Famous Jewish Cowboy Likes Rick Perry

Fun stuff here at Jews for Perry?

Title IX Advocates Show Little Sign of Common Sense Compromise

I am not for the repeal of Title IX by any means. However I really think one has to have one's head in the sand not too see the unjust effect it is having on young men.

However from Ralph Nader's Title IX group we see this horrible logic at Title IX Should Be Celebrated, Not Attacked

...Football has historically caused a lot of consternation among both Title IX proponents and opponents because of the large number of players on football rosters. There simply isn’t a comparable female sport with similar size rosters. Football can be a giant monkey wrench in the whole Title IX compliance effort. But the bottom line is schools can offer whatever sports they want. If one is football, then the number of opportunities for males in other sports is going to be less because of the huge numbers football requires. With Title IX, it’s the total number of athletic opportunities that’s the key, not the total number of sports programs...

I find it amazing that the some of the strongest advocates of Title IX cannot concede any especially on this point.

In this football culture the Football program is often the program that helps rally folks to other College sports teams. However here is the big thing. It is at many schools what is responsibility for FUNDING many of the other "non revenue" producing and Olympic sports.

In fact if we go the route of schools paying the "cost of attendance" for every College Athlete it will be because of the revenue that College football produces for many schools and the discussion surrounding it. Are Title IX advocates going to be fine with just the football players being paid? In your dreams.

The revenue often produced from football helps all sports male and female and that should be considered.

However besides revenue one must ask about the basic fairness that non revenue Olympic sports opportunities are getting more and more curtailed because of the football numbers. How is that fair or just or good policy?

Not every young boy has the ability to go out for the football team so for years he might develop another skill. The fact that this might be more difficult to pursue in college affects the High school sport. In fact in affects bigger things such as the OLYMPICS themselves. Just look at male Gymnastics has gone to hell in a hand basket.

Equality does not have mean the exact parity in the number of females and males playing at x time. This is one area of needed reform that would benefit all.

Is It Good News Rick Perry Signed Susan B Anthony Pledge On Abortion ?

Creative Minority Report has Perry Signs Pro-Life Pledge

Very reasonable pro life people can disagree I think if parts of this pledge are overkill. It appears that one major pro-lifer that appears to think that is a certain Romney adviser
that just happens to be the very PRO LIFE former Ambassador to the Vatican.

However let me focus on this part:

FOURTH, advance and sign into law a Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act to protect unborn children who are capable of feeling pain from abortion.

I am not sure people have thought this through in all cases. Cardinal rule is whenever you see Congress DOING something you need to ask WHERE does Congress have the GRANT OF AUTHORITY in the U.S. Constitution to do that.

The jurisdiction of the Pain Capable Unborn Child Act is based on the Commerce clause.

An expansive view of the Commerce Clause in fact.

An expansive view that legally sort of collides with Perry's view of the Commerce clause elsewhere. However that is not the point of the discussion.

It needs to be pointed out that bytrying to protect the unborn here we could be hurting them in the long term. What's to stop for instance pro-choice folks from using this authority grant of Congress to regulate abortion to wipe hard fought in the state State pro-life wins by a simple majority?

This is unpopular to say ,but if we want to think past next week I think we should discuss it . I have no problem with Congressmen that vote for the Protection act ,and if I was in their shoes I might do the same . I realize pointing out the potential long term problems here in a soundbite world might be a uphill task

Add to this is another real big problem. I am not sure one Supreme Court Justice ( that is viewed as Pro Life Friendly) would go along with this. So if this issue should be pushed now with the current make up of the court is another issue.

As I mention I think reasonable Pro-life can disagree on what I say above. However if a person thinks the above problem is a real threat to the pro life movement long term should they be signing this PLEDGE at this moment?

Catholic Priest Accused of Sex Crime Cleared By Jury But SNAP Attacks Him Anyway

Does not shock me. See
Shame on SNAP: Even After Priest Is Exonerated, Group Attacks Falsely Accused Cleric

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dog Refuses to Leaves His Master's Casket - Navy SEAL Killed In Afghanistan

It's so amazing what Dogs can pick up :( . See Loyal Dog Mourns, Lays at Casket of Fallen Navy Seal. There is a vid too.

Archdiocese of New Orleans Welcomes 11 New Seminarians

There is a interview with the Archbishop about them here. That makes 36 total . Hopefully this uptick will continue!!! Some good news.

I was hopeful about Archbishop Aymond and vocations. Maybe he is been there long enough so we are seeing some first fruits. seminarians

Jindal's Sex Offender Policy Comes Under Attack

And that criticism is from two sources in recent days. First James Gill in the Picayune has Broad online restrictions for sex offenders don't protect children: James Gill.

I largely agree with that. The Louisiana legislature has a fine staff of Lawyers that craft bills and work out the details. If it is worth doing as they say it's worth doing right.

It perhaps will not get the Statewide attention as the article in the Picayune but Mark Moseley of Lens Nola had a rather scathing attack. See Child porn sickos deaf to Jindal’s tough talk.

Now I am not in total agreement with all this. I mean we have pretty harsh sanctions for murder and just because murders still occur is no reason to by itself to get rid of the sanctions. However he makes some good points.

He concludes by saying:
I don’t claim to have a comprehensive solution to the problem posed by sexual sociopaths. But I’ve got a strong hunch: An effective plan almost certainly is going to require more than tough talk. It’s going to take leaders with the guts to propose initiatives as subtle and complex as the problem itself.

Well I agree with that and those leaders likely will have to emerge outside the political realm for it too happen. So far not happening.

The Catholic Church has emerged as about the sole whipping boy for this problem that we seem to not want too tackle. Yet when I look at the comments sections of newspapers and even Editorials in Newspapers , I don't see any effort even in the Catholic example to view it as a "subtle" and "complex" problem. My goodness I still see people that think people are going to abuse children because they are celibate.

The problem is we are quickly with over broad laws making the problem worse. In fact with out ever increasing category of sex offenders we might be lumping to many people together. However to mention that makes you part of the problem it seems.

For instance lets looks at the Catholic example. The Church has often tried to point out and make distinctions as to causes and remedies that there is a difference between Sex with "children" and sex with teenagers. When experts point this they get blasted. Now sex with teenagers is not great thing and can be damaging .Further you have ABUSE OF AUTHORITY ISSUES.

In the secular context we still people have walking around that were raised when the age of consent and being allowed to marry was at very much lower age than now. In fact some of our grandfathers would be put into Prison nowadays for the relationships they had with our Grandmothers.

I suppose my many Greats ( Grandfather) who helped found the Baptist Church in Mississippi who started courting a 15 year old girl and married her on her 16th birthday would be at the top of the list.

My point is not that I think we should revert back to the old days as to the age of consent. Society does change. However biology, desires, hormones do not change as fast. In other words we should perhaps grant some leeway in how we treat a 19 year old that has sex with a 15 year old than how we treat 19 year old that has sex with a 10 year old. While there should be an sanction ( even a hash one perhaps) one can just feel that calling and labeling the former a PREDATOR just does not seem right in all cases. If it were then quite a few of us were descended from predators.

These laws , which take more and more discretion out of the Judges hands, make this distinction impossible even too look at. Thus we spend time , money resources on some people that better might be used on others.

It goes beyond laws of course. We are sexualizing children at an ever increasing rate. Also while it's a taboo subject to talk about among Libertarians and Liberals, the question of the wide availability of porn that is becoming more and more "Hardcore" should be looked at.

There is some indication that in some cases people's sex drives become warped as they look for new sexual thrills. Beyond that one just has too look at the "Porn Stars" who often look like they can be 15 or 16 and one sees the disconnect in society. Thou shall be a sex "predator" if you have sex with a 16 year old girl but the fact that a good many women in porn fit that look is something we don't seem to care about.

Sexual abuse of children is a very dark place. Partly because as we have seen even with Catholic Clerics there is little remorse because they honestly don't think they have done anything wrong. There needs to be an effort in separating these folks from others as to degree of sanction and possible "treatment" so people will not offend again.

Over broad feel good laws don't do that.

Good News - Major Upswing In Military Priesthood Vocations

Very blessed News. See Back on track after years of decline
Archdiocese for Military Services reports surge in vocations for Catholic chaplains

Thanks in no small part to the leadership of Archbishop Timothy P. Broglio.

Monday, August 22, 2011

First United States Catholic Vice President In History Comments on China 's One Child Policy

Sadly as one could maybe predict it did not go well.

Louisiana Poll Data on Landrieu, Republicans , Edwin Edwards And More

Fun and good stuff even broke down by region. See all three polls.

MOST DEPRESSING are numbers deal with Edwin Edwards "reelect" numbers. Truly we are a State that is not safe having matches.

Poll shows very good numbers for Republicans and some trouble for Mary Landrieu. Though other questions show some surprising ( at least to me ) results.

Frank Schaeffer and the New York Times Part II

I commented on this NYT article at I Personally Find Frank Schaeffer To Be A Complete Loon

Get Religion takes a look at it and is quite critical at Evangelical royalty’s game of thrones. The comments are good and interesting because the NYT writer of the piece shows up to defend himself and the ever entertaining Jeff Sharlet also makes an appearance.

However I saw this in the comment section:

Any discussion of Frank Schaeffer’s account of reality should deal with the man’s own use and abuse of words. There’s plenty of examples from both his evangelical and his anti-evangelical days, but I’ll take this recent transcript from The Rachel Maddow Show, addressing people who speculate that Obama is the Antichrist:

But I think the larger point this brings up is that the mainstream—not just media, but culture—doesn‘t sufficiently take stock of the fact that within our culture, we have a subculture which is literally a fifth column of insanity, that is bred from birth through home school, Christian school, evangelical college, whatever, to reject facts as a matter of faith. And so, this substitute for authentic historic Christianity, and I may add as a little caveat here, I‘m a church-going Christian, really brings up the question: Can Christianity be rescued from Christians? And that‘s an open question.

And when you see a bunch of people going around thinking that our president is the anti-Christ, you have to draw one of two conclusions. Either these are racists looking for any excuse to level the next accusation or they‘re beyond crazy? And I think beyond crazy is a better explanation.
And that evangelical subculture has rotted the brain of the United States of America
and we have a big slice of our population waiting for Jesus to come back. They look forward to Armageddon. Good news is bad news to them.

When we talk about the “Left Behind” series of books that I talk about in my book “Crazy for God.” what we‘re talking about is a group of people that are resentful because they‘ve been left behind by modernity, by science, by education, by art, by literature. The rest of us are getting on with our lives. These people are standing on the hilltop waiting for the end.

And this is a dangerous group of people to have as neighbors, and they‘re our national neighbors. And this is the source of all of these insanities that we see leveled at the president. One way or another they go back to this little evangelical subculture. It‘s a disaster.

And this is him being MILD!! Why do people pay attention to this? Why is such a mean spirited person allowed a face of Progressive Christianity and not be called out more. Most progressive Christians ( serious ones) are not like this.

It Girl Altar Server Controversy Week In American Catholicism

I am not sure why in reality the fact that a Cathedral in Arizona has decided to have just males for Altar Servers is such a big story. But have no doubt it will be among the Catholic Chattering class and there shall be Op-ed and Pontifications from everyone.

For the record I am very much for it. Also here is the hard basic truth. When we have seen girl altar servers done we notice that the boys in large numbers just quit doing it. All the " we need to change attitudes" is not going to change certain facts about boys no matter how many OP EDS U.S. Catholic, NCR, and America runs.

Anyway Father Z has his good take on it here at Cathedral in Phoenix to have male only altar service (includes whimsical WDTPRS POLL)

Rick Perry Leads Among Louisiana Republcians But .....

He like every other hopeful should be asked about Louisiana coastal erosion and gulf dead zone issues. The Federal Govt is a huge part of what will done about that. No need giving our votes away for free.

See Perry leads La. GOP

How Should Republicans Target Conservative Catholics

If you are not following Tim Stanley from the UK Telegraph you should. He has an interesting post at America's conservative Catholics are on the warpath. Republicans should be courting them . He also talks about the controversial Michael Voris.

Catholics being involved in politics is nothing new. It just happens when a Conservative Catholic voice gets involved that the "Establishment" rushes in to tell us how horrible this is. If a College Catholic College Center or Parish is used as place help promote Card Check no one gets upset.

It's a good piece. I would differ with this as to McCain. McCain actually did well and in some places better than Bush among the Mass Going Catholics. However he is right as a whole Bush targeted Catholics better overall.

Of course it must be said that conservative Catholics are not one monolithic group either politics wise. But the targeting can be done. Just showing up and saying "you are important" does a lot.

Catholic Charities of The Archdiocese of New Orleans Had 23,888 volunteers

I saw this tweeted by the Archisocese Catholic Charities today.

Last fiscal year, we were blessed with 23,888 volunteers who gave 335,179 hours of service. THANK YOU!

Thats an impressive number.

Rick Perry Has Not Lost An Election In Ten Tries

Pretty impressive. Also I think this piece is right. Running against "Texas" is not a winning strategy . No one will buy it. See Messing with Texas by Douthat in the NYT.

Should The Episcopal Church Be More Aggressive In Targeting Catholics?

So ask a major TEC voice today. See Get those girls off the altar.

Actually the Epsicopal Church has tried this before so this is nothing new. Further I have found that some Episcopal Bishops are much more blunt in their remarks than their Catholic counterparts as to "targeting". While many defections to the Catholic Church among clergy is kept "low key" we see in the TEC some rather grand in your face attitudes. For instance see how the Father Cutie situation was handled in Miami

But heck its the market place of idea so I have no problem with this.

What struck me was the "discriminatory", "authoritarian" remarks. Well that is often in the eye of the beholder. I am pretty sure some Conservative traditional TEC members think that current leadership is "discriminatory" and "authoritarian" toward them. Further this is a strange remark to make as we see the Primate and the head office take on in just the last 5 years some unprecedented powers over the local Churches and Dioceses and it appears that trend will continue.

2011 LSU Golden Band From TigerLand Intro VID

Something to get our mind off the "troubles" in Baton Rouge.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

PETA To Get Into Porn Business

I wonder if these loons have really thought this out. See
If You Needed Evidence that PETA is Populated by Loons…

What Do You Do With 1.4 Million Unconsumed World Youth Day Blessed Eucharists

Now that is an interesting logistic question.

I caught tweets this morning that because of the storm last night most people at World Youth Day could not be able to go to communion. Thanks to some folks they got me the answer why. See WYD: Communion in doubt for many at Sunday's mass

So it does make sense when you have a Mass where 1.4 million are at s it's unlikely you are going to get a Blessed Host from the actual Altar that day I suppose. In other words you getting one that was in reserve like when the Priest adds some from the Tabernacle at Mass.

Now the interesting question is how in the world do you make sure 1.4 million ,or about, Bodies of Christ ( The Real Presence AKA JESUS) are handled properly and distributed in a way ( I suppose Spain) that they consumed in a timely matter. I am sure it is happening but something interesting to think about. I am not sure what Mass Attendance is in Madrid ( hopefully there will be an uptick after this week) but maybe one can do it there. But still that is work

Ah the unexpected details one has to deal with at these Liturgical major events.

Powerful Picture. Young Australian Pilgrims Handle World Youth Day Protest With Prayer

Thank to @xSupermanDAN for this

Senator David Vitter To Hold Events With Congressman Landry ( In Boustany's DISTRICT !!! )

To say this is bold, unheard of , and significant is an understatement. Roll Call from D.C. takes note of this at Vitter Holding Events With Landry — in Boustany’s District.

The implications of this seem clear as both GOP Landy and GOP Boustany will have to run against each other because of the new maps after redistricting.

I am anxious to see the reaction to this in Lafayette. It might actually help Congressman Landry. On the other hand Congressman Boustany loyalists in the Mother City of the District might really take offense at Vitter for this. While it can be claimed that this is for a specific reason ( as stated in the article) one would be naive not to get the other message.

As a political matter this is yet another rather bold and public move by Louisiana's GOP Senator in internal GOP politics. It will be interesting to see how all this plays out. This Congressional race is going to be a messy internal GOP affair next year. IF Vitter gets involved it has the potential of great reward for him or great fallout.

World Youth Day Madrid A Huge Success ( Full Text Of Papal Homily For Concluding Mass) (Updated with Full Vid)

Update- I updated with a full vid. There is no commentary and thus no various translations but in many ways it's nice to view it through that prism.

Well its nearly over , World Youth Day in Madrid that is, with the concluding Papal Mass. Of course this is not actually World Youth Day but World Youth Week with all the events.

This has too be deemed a great success. I am not sure if my favorite image and sounds were from the Way of the Cross procession (the best I have ever seen) or the images from last night's Vigil.

On a side note the Vigil last night had perhaps the largest crowd Benedict has ever spoken in front of ever with at LEAST by police estimates 1.4 million in attendance. Mother nature made an appearance last night and after a week of horrific heat a massive wind storm and rain storm came so some Papal remarks were cut short.

I have been pretty good at watching the Papal remarks and Homilies at my odd USA times but I nodded off right before the Final Mass was too begin ( 2:30 AM Eastern USA time ) and woke up in my chair right as it ended. But it appears to have been well received :) .I have to catch a replay today.

Here is the Full Text of the Papal Homily ( as we note the Gospel is quite apt for a Pope to give today) and the Angelus.

I will try to have a roundup post today or tomorrow with some links as to World Youth Day highlights and reaction .

Saturday, August 20, 2011

In Madrid For World Youth Day Pope Benedict Hears Confessions

One of the most powerful single pictures I have seen.

Friday, August 19, 2011

I Personally Find Frank Schaeffer To Be A Complete Loon

But it's a strange NYT's article that seems to just miss the fact that he converted to Eastern Orthodoxy. See Son of Evangelical Royalty Turns His Back, and Tells the Tale

I think he took that conversion seriously and he must not have just converted because of "right wing politics" or TV preachers. Seems a important part of the story.

Anyway he seems to be type that always has to be angry at something and more importantly SOMEONE or SOME PEOPLE. Personally I would watch my back if I was allied with him.

See this take at by a Catholic Convert that talks about anti Catholicism and other matters which might show a pattern.

Pope Benedict Plays With His Food At World Youth Day Lunch (Update With Video)

Fun Cute photo from the Youth Lunch today in Madrid.

Oh there is a VID

Rick Perry And The Real Texas Dream Act- A Conservative View In the Houston Chronicle

The immigration ( illegal) and in yes in some quarters LEGAL immigration debate is complex. A lot depends on where you live as to viewpoint thus I think it's folly to say that all ( insert ethnic group) ,(insert party) , ( insert political leaning) , (insert Faith Tradition), all think the same.

In fact my experience is people have rather diverse views on the subject what to do with all the complications of illegal immigration that involve real live human beings and legitimate competing interest.

An example can be found here in this article as an Texas Democrat operative tries to patiently explain to the "Austin" bunch that Texas Democrats are a tad conservative.

....The conservatism of Hispanics is clearest — and most surprising — when you look at the immigration questions in that 2008 poll.
It found that a third of Hispanics supported building a border wall, and that was the good news for liberals.
Fully 35 percent of Hispanics voting in the Texas Democratic primary opposed giving preventive health care to illegal immigrants because it could provide an "incentive for illegals to have children here."
That's right. More than a third of Texas Hispanic Democrats were worried about anchor babies

Yet those same TEXAS Hispanics no doubt cringe and oppose some things some in the GOP say on the issue. As to Hispanics it seem both parties and many pundits assume a view. Again Hispanics like everyone else seem to be grappling with the issue and have their own set of possible solutions they are grappling with.

Which brings us to nice piece of immigration sanity by a conservative voice in Texas. See Gov. Perry and The Texas Dream Act that appear in the Houston Chronicle.

I am not sure there is "one" true conservative GOP way to handle the illegal immigration problem. At the very least I think there has been too much demonizing views and not enough discussion on this.

Pope Benedict Speaks To Women Religious and Young Professors ( FULL TEXT of Both)

The big event today Papal wise at World Youth Day is the Way of the Cros tonight. However here are two events that sparked some interest that have already happened.

See Meeting with women religious at Patio de los Reyes de El Escorial (August 19, 2011)


Meeting with young university professors gathered in the Basilica de San Lorenzo de El Escorial (August 19, 2011)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Can Catholic Aggies and Catholic Texas Longhorns Get Along?

As an outsider of course in SPORTS related matter I am in the #SECede camp for A & M. Anyway this is a good article that touches on Catholic Campus Ministry and the overall environment at both places from her UT alumni standpoint . Good news on the UT front is FOCUS is coming there.

See Longhorns and Aggies Can Get Along via the Austin Catholic New Media. There is a interesting back and forth in the comments.

Eastern Catholics From Canada Leading Way In Filling World Youth Day Gap (Madrid)

I am glad to see this. Also note they have a web site that is linked at the article and HERE that talk about their pilgrmage. They also have gone into Northern Africa as a part of it too.. I think more attention to the EASTERN Catholic presence for Catholic World Youth Day is much needed.

Tough and Complicated Times For Syrian Christians

Plus those in Libya too. See Sunny in Madrid, Stormy in Damascus – Sandro Magister, Chiesa

Arkansas Times Informs Us Pope Benedict Is Not In GOP OR Tea Party

Max Brantley helpfully informs us that Pope Benedict is not a Republican or a Tea party person which I thought was evident since the Pope is not an American and there are no elections (except one special one) at the Holy See.

See The pope is not a Republican

Of course I am not sure Republicans and Tea Party folks are against ethics in business. If so that is news for me.

For a more thoughtful take on the Pope's remarks he made earlier today see World Youth Day: Pope talks profits and people via the Action Inst.

Full Text of Pope Benedict's Opening Message To World Youth Day In Madrid

Whispers has the link. See "Build Your Lives Upon the Firm Foundation of Christ"

Was very impressed at the images I saw on the TV feed earlier.

Because of " Cost " Catholics Should Not Gather Together In Large Numbers

Basically that's what being said in these article about the "cost"of WYD. Get Religion has Nothing but costs and protests at World Youth Day

Address of Pope Benedict at Airport Welcoming at WYD 2011 ( Full Text)

Whispers has it here at "Why Has This Multitude Come?"

Bandit Blond - LSU First Beer Label (PIC) (Update)

LSU was pretty quick to respond this name has not been approved yet

LSU Beer Name Not Yet Official: and are reporting that the LSU/Tin Roof beer will be called "Bandit Blonde." The label and name were submitted for review by the Collegiate Licensing Company and final approvals have not yet been given. Neither Tin Roof nor LSU has released any label designs.

Full Text of Pope Benedict Airplace Press Conference ( World Youth Day 2011)

SO the Papal Trip begins. WYD in Madrid has been happening for a few days already. I hope to keep post all the significant Papal stuff and other related items here.

First up
Press Conference on Papal Flight to Madrid

Saturday, August 13, 2011

12 Year Old Homeschooled Boy To Bishop Of Baton Rouge- Help Me Play SPORTS!!

Twelve year old Jonathan Farnet wrote a short but to the point letter to the Bishop of Baton Rouge's Newspaper. See Homeschooler wants to play on Catholic school team

If the Catholic Bishops got behind it the Louisiana High School Athletic Association (LHSAA) would have to listen. Would they not?

Archdiocese of New Orleans Catholic Newspaper Gets A Whole New Internet Look ( Plus Other LA Catholic Newspapers)

Ahh this is so much better.

The Archdiocese of New Orleans newspaper has gone through several forms. That is a slow loading PDF with enticings things such as ( WARNING TAKES TIME TO LOAD DOWNTIME LOAD COULD TAKE A WHILE) to a better but still rather awkward linking system to their PDF , to now this. I would like a PDF option too but heck I will take this any day of the week. PLUS THEY ARE ON TWITTER. KUDOS.

I still think they need to have the link more prominent at the Archdiocese Web site. I mean if we are going to spend so much on it why not? However the "product" placement of the newspaper so people can find it ( or even be aware it's online ) is a problem we see elsewhere.

The various Catholic Dioceses are slowly but surely getting better as to their web sites and putting their often very good newspapers online.

The Diocese of Lafayette thankfully has their publication FINALLY online ( right lower corner).

It's a start and I like the ability to look at the whole paper ADS and all. However you really can't link it, you really can't copy and paste parts of the article, and that format seems to have the annoying habit on my computer to FREEZE around page 15. BUT its a good start and better than what was before which was nothing.

I really can't complain too much. Up until just a few years ago the Dicoese of Lafayette and Dicoeseof Baton Rouge were both in a neck and neck race to see how who had the best Commodore 64 era Diocese Web site. Thankfully as we see here times have changed.

The Diocese of Houma-Thibodaux also has one of the better papers in the State that also includes all these fun supplements on Hunting and Fishing and such during the year.

Though today one has a hard time finding it on it's web site. Go here!! Now again I like this PDF format because I am looking at the whole paper. However for those of us with the standard Adobe reader it's kind of hard to ( or at least I have not figured it out) to copy and past those articles. Also you really can't link articles in it and spread the word about all the wonderful things happening without sending the whole blessed PDF and giving exact instructions where the article is at. That hard to do on twitter in such few character.

The Diocese of Lake Charles sadly still does not have their paper online though it appears they put a few of their Diocesan article on their web site. For the record the Diocese of Lake Charles is the only paper not to have it's paper online. I don't think those links ( while nice, are only things in their paper they publish. (BOOOOOOO!! )

The Diocese of Alexandria for a rural yet dynamic Diocese has always had a good newspaper. The problem is one has to hire an Amazon River explorer to find it on their new and improved web site.

On the old web site it was much more apparent. It's called the "Church Today" on the right under Download Documents click on it and then click on current issue. PRESTO!! Now again I like having the PDF option. But in the age of social media as we are competing against the world to get our message out is it best to have that as the only option?

My little ole Diocese of Shreveport I think combines the best of all worlds. Though if you are a lapsed Catholic , or just interested how would know the Catholic Connection link (top of the page) is the newspaper. It sounds like perhaps a dating service. Here you can view the format in a form like you can as to Lafayette or Alexandria or as you can see they have each individual article available to be LINKED.

Which brings us the Diocese of Mike the Tiger The Diocese of Baton Rouge. The Catholic Commentator is at the bottom. ( I think I would again make it known this the Catholic Newspaper and make it more of a big deal). I think as of this moment the Catholic Diocese of Baton Rouge has the best web site for their newspaper. Such a vast improvement from just a few years ago when it took like 20 minutes for their PDF to load. KUDOS!!

Is Tim Tebow the Blasphemer Article By Sports Writer Really Out Of Bounds?

Wow this is getting some attention. See Evangelical Football Star Tim Tebow Targeted for His Faith? – Christian Post

First let me say I respect Tim Tebow even though he was and ever will be an evil Florida Gator. Though I am glad Verne and others at CBS Sports are not promoting every Saturday from the booth Tim Tebow's Dad's Catholic converting operation in the Philippines from the booth. That got annoying. They were not exactly preaching to atheists over there.

However that being said Tebow is a good role model.

Now after you read the above link read the entire CBS article by Gregg Doyel.

Now to be honest I LIKE how sports media often don't ignore the "religious ghosts" that are in sport's stories. In fact unlike other secular media they get that RELIGION matters to both the people they cover and the people that read their articles. The writing is far from perfect but at least it's there. So I want to encourage that.

On the whole I think this opinion piece is valid. I don't think that Tim Tebow is a blasphemer which I thought was a tad out of line.

However Tebow is quite out there with his Christianity and even among us "Orthodox" believes this conversation mirrors a theological one that happens often among us. Just think of that certian popular preacher that packs them in at the former Astrodome in Houston and the ink spilt on him among Christians. So it's fair game I think.

Now if Mr Doyel is accurately portraying Tebow's Christian theological system, and if this is a good researched SPORTS/Religious themed reporting on this subject matter I will leave to others too examine.

Louisiana Democrats Go Under 50 Percent For First Time In Modern History

Pretty significant. The link below references 1957 as a baseline only because that was when records were kept of such things.(which seems strange)

However it's a safe bet ,since after Reconstuction for a period of 90 years one could have a Republican Convention in a street car ,somewhere in the 1870's to 1880 should be seen as the baseline.

As late as 1978, Democrats made up 90 percent of the Louisiana’s registered voters.
The Brown Pelican has LOUISIANA POLITICS: Democrats Lose Voter Majority–GOP, Others More Than 50% of La. Voters

Dickie V (Dick Vitale) Meets the Pope!

This is a nice story. Deacon Bench has “Awesome, baby!”: When Dick Vitale met the Pope

I Have Entered the 20th Century!!!

Maybe soon I can enter the 21st :)

After a week of fustation finally got new computer and now hooked up high speed internet at home!! I expect posting to increase a lot. This is like going from discovering fire to warp factor 5 at the house as to internet in a few minutes.

So much more pleasurable .

Friday, August 12, 2011

Even Martin Luther Would Not Have Given Communion In the Hand

I LIKE THIS MAN!! See Auxiliary Bishop Says Communion In the Hand is a Calvinist Novelty

Oh OH but the early Church take communion on the tongue all the time so so so ...

Well ok:

The Options are

..........The antique Church had practiced a completely different form for the reception of Communion.In that period the hand in which Communion was received was purified before and after.Additionally, the faithful would take the Body of the Lord from their hand in a disposition of prayer with his tongue:"If anything it was more of an oral reception of Communion than in the hand".After Communion, the communicant had to lick their hands with their tongues, so that even the smallest particle should not be lost.A Deacon supervised the purification.

The Auxiliary Bishop cotinued: "This concern and care stands in direct opposition to indifference and carelessness with which so called Communion in the hand is dispensed."Women never held Communion simply on the flat of the hand.They spread a white cloth, a manner of corporal over their hand.Then, they would receive Communion directly to their mouth from the linen cloth....

Or in the age of the SWINE FLU where perhaps some not too thrilled with their pew mate licking their hands all over the place we could just

(2) Do Communion on the tounge

Louisiana Baptist Farmers Help Out Drought Stricken Texans

Farmers always stick together.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Only Four Popes Did Poetry

That is Before John Paul II, only three pontiffs did poetry: Saint Damasus I, Pius II and Leo XIII.

.He wrote and published poetry in Latin from his youth up to the last months of his life...Leo XIII (Pope from 1878 to 1903) was actually a contributor to the arts journal Arcadia under the name Neandro Ecateo. .

They don't talk about Pope Saint Damasus but the Roman Martyrology is based on the fourth-century poem of Pope St. Damasus.

See From Saint Damasus to Blessed Wojtyla, the stories of the poet popes.

Diocese of St Petersburg Florida Has 33 Men In Some Stage of Seminary Development

This is very good news. In fact in the State of Florida we learn that all Dioceses are seeing increases. See HOPE FOR THE FUTURE.

Again the question should arise as to Catholics in the USA. What are some Dioceses doing right.

National Catholic Reporter After the Famous Father Z

It has been quite a week. I am in the middle of trying to get my computer to some recognize the new High Speed AT & T Internet I have at the house. So far not very successful and it has been time consuming. So I am catching up.

I can't believe I missed this. See Waiting for Zagano

Governor Rick Perry and the Baptist Female Pastor Issue

Who knew there was a connection. But this writer must think there is because he makes sure the good Governor makes an appearance.

In an article ,Opinion: Same old battles, same old demise , about an controversy dealing with female Baptist Pastors that is now playing out this appears:

Flat Rock’s situation reflects a larger rift at work within the larger American Christian fabric. From Gov. Rick Perry to “Christians for a Sustainable Economy,” we see repeated attempts to demonstrate superiority over people -- not solidarity with people. Expelling a church because a woman is a pastor says to the larger social context, “You are less and unworthy of association with us because a woman is a pastor.”

Well if you say so. Now I don't comment a lot on on the Baptist female pastor issue because:
1- Baptists and Catholics have widely different views on what a Ordained Minister does in some regards.
2- In fact we have different view on what an Ordination actually does
3- Baptist don't even believe in Sacraments

So at some point what can I contribute to their discussion?

However why does Rick Perry make an appearance. Is the author assuming that only liberals in the perhaps both the political and theological realm support this move? Is he sort of telegraphing what viewpoints he envisions female Baptist pastors should bring and on the flip side SHOULD NOT BRING.

He must because if you wish to win friends and influence people I am not sure why Rick Perry is making an appearance.

I know some "conservative" Baptists that would have no problem with female preachers.

I know political conservative and theological Methodists that have no problem with female Preachers.

Now I know the Southern Baptist Church is different and has it's own ethos .

Again I found it just an curious add on to an article that made little sense to me if you are trying to get people to listen to your point of view.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Chinese State Newspaper Takes Aim At Catholicism and the Holy See

Just gets worse and worse. I love this line:

Why can't the Chinese pick their own bishops, ideally without the interference of any state, whether local or foreign? Excommunicating them was a medieval tool that has no place in 2011 in China or anywhere.

So what about that imprisioning and kidnapping of Bishops and Priests that fail to go along with the State party that is happening every other day?

See Catholicism should adapt to local conditions

China is not interested in the Catholic Church but just a Church in which she can control.

Major Elected Education Positions With No Pay and Major Headaches Gives Louisiana Teacher Unions A Opening

This must be giving Bobby Jindal a headache too trying to ensure people he would like to see run actually do. See John Maginnis: Education leaders need to step up

...Increasing that majority became a cause for business groups that pledged to raise money for like-minded candidates. But their problem has been finding the candidates. Fewer public-spirited citizens are willing to run for an office that comes without salary but with strict financial disclosure requirements and that entails enduring long, often contentious board meetings, all to advance policies that often are rejected or sidetracked by the Louisiana Legislature.
On the other side, the new group Coalition for Public Education, comprised of the teacher unions and local school officials, has formed for the purpose of picking off one or two seats held by administration supporters and thus flipping the board majority. Besides his three appointees, the governor can count on the votes of only three of the eight elected BESE members — and now two of those seats are in doubt

Also of major interest long term and beyond the BESE Board is this bit of news in the article:

..Almost as uncertain is the situation in the capital region, where the member pegged by some to be the next chairman, Chas Roemer, has yet to declare whether he will run again, after saying earlier this year that he might not. His silence is keeping other like-minded candidates from getting into the race, leaving the field so far to the coalition candidate, respected retired Ascension schools Superintendent Donald Songy.

Roemer, oldest son of the former governor, is every bit as intelligent and eloquent as the old man but also smoother and cheerier. He possesses all the political gifts except the burning desire that would put ambition before his young family and business career. Part-time service on BESE seemed to suit his lifestyle. Yet, as simple a step as running for re-election, given mounting expectations of him, could set him on an irrevocable course in his father's footsteps that he may not want to follow

Children At Barksdale Air Force base At Disadvantage As To Louisiana School Sports and Athletics

I don't know if this is a Bossier Parish rule or a Statewide rule but this needs to be changed. In the Shreveport Times today in Landrieu meets with Barksdale PTA we learn among other things:

Alisha Hayes, Barksdale PTA president, said among concerns shared by parents were military students new to the system having the ability to play sports. Currently such students must wait a year before becoming eligible to play.
"The goal is to get as many voices heard and to continue that discussion to address real issues impacting military families," Hayes said. "Oftentimes, school districts or others may not realize a military student may need when they move into a community, but making Sen. Landrieu and others aware of our concerns is a great way to being to make things better not only for our kids but all of the kids in our local school systems."

Catholic Food and Drink Blogs Get Noted By the Smithsonian (Including a Louisiana One)

See To Grill or Not to Grill: Commemorating a Saint’s Martyrdom .

Note Catholic Foodie that is mentioned is from Louisiana and is from the Archdiocese of New Orleans.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

How Pope Benedict Views World Youth Day In His Own Words

I forgot about this 2008 Curia address. I think Pope Benedict is a big hit with the "kids". I am looking forward to this week. Lots of COVERAGE HERE.

See A Star Shines in Madrid

New Orleans Priest - Vietnam Refugee and Advocate For Coastal Erosion Issues

Nice interview See Faces of the Delta: Father Vien

It is truly an issue that one of the biggest the USA faces yet outside Louisiana not enough attention sadly.

The Faith of Senator Mark Hatfield

I suppose Senator Hatfield was before my time but I never realize the huge FAITH component to his story and political career.

Get Relgion has a nice overview at Memory eternal: Sen. Mark Hatfield. Also Southern Baptist Pastor Russell Moore has a nice tribute over at Chrisitianity Today Mark Hatfield Changed My Life in Three Minutes

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Press and the "Rick Perry" Prayer Rally

Get Religion had a post yesterday looking at the press coverage leading up to this event at Breaking news: Rick Perry prays

I might do another post looking at this from a more Catholic viewpoint depending what the coverage of the aftermath looks like today.

First let me say I sort of disagree and agree with the Get Religion poster. I think because of his potential run for the White House this is sort of a deal to cover. Though because of where I live perhaps I think in some ways the coverage has been overblown in some aspects. As I told someone the other day I was getting really tired of the coverage since you know I don't live in Texas.

Let me focus on this part they highlight from a AP piece:
Openly and deeply religious, Texas Gov. Rick Perry organized what seemed like a slam-dunk event for a politician in a state where religion and politics walk hand in hand: He would fill Houston’s Reliant Stadium with fellow believers in a seven-hour session of Christian atonement by some of the nation’s most conservative preachers, exhorting believers to pray about the nation’s moral decline...

The gathering could give the Texas governor a chance to further demonstrate his bona fides with the Republican Party’s social conservatives, who are being aggressively courted by several candidates already in the race. Others worry a rally of Christian fundamentalism, and one involving several controversial religious organizations, could alienate independent voters and conservatives who are more focused on economic issues...

Of course there is that term "Fundamentalism" thrown out so easily again. However what is "openly and deeply religious". I have no idea why reporters from human interest stories to politics go into this "vague" mode so often as to religion. IF Rick Perry must be the focus of the story can we get more details.

It might be because for the first time I am not actively backing anyone in the GOP primary YET and thus have not checked out all the backgrounds of the people running, but I have no idea what Rick Perry "is"/ Is he a Baptists?, one of those Texas Methodist? one of those unique Texas Church of Christ folks?, a Presbyterian ? some non descriptive Evangelical? Who Knows?

I suppose I can google it ( He is A Methodist it turns out).

So is it because Perry is a practicing adherent from a mainstream "respected by the elite" Faith Community that it's just not sexy to go into his Faith. Had be been lets say a conservative Southern Baptist or Pentecostal would it have been mentioned? I am sure in some pieces it must have been mentioned. But as I said before this nothing strange to me so I am not going out searching for the news of this event. Thus like most people I am just getting news from traditional sources like AP and others that have a national distribution.

Rick Perry seems to be the center of the coverage of many pieces but I come out knowing little about his faith life from reading most of them.

Former Envoy To The Holy See Mary Ann Glendon To Advise GOP Hopeful Mitt Romney On Judicial and Homeland Security Matters

Plus as we see from this Harvard Press Release Robert Bork is in the mix too. See Glendon to advise Romney in his bid for the White House

New Orleans Columnist Looks At Firestorm Between St Augustine and the Josephites

And of course the Archbishop. See James Gill's column at St. Aug's paddle proponents hit back: James Gill

Here is the problem. I don't think anyone can say at all that the one side is doing any sort of "tame submission" that is for sure. However as mentioned there it now might have got to the position of being out right scriptural flaunting of any authority by some.

It's a tough situation

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Four More China Catholic Priests Arrested ( While On Retreat )

Where is the State Department? Where is ABC, NBC, PBS, CBS, MSNBC, FOX, CNN, etc?

See Four Priests Arrested in China

Bishops To U.S. Government- We Serve People Because We Are Catholics

...HHS’s reg conveniently ignores the underlying principle of Catholic charitable actions: we help people because we are Catholic, not because our clients are.!"?] There’s no need to show your baptismal certificate in the hospital emergency room, the parish food pantry, or the diocesan drug rehab program. Or any place else the church offers help, either...

Father Z has USCCB Media Blog reacts to Dept. of Health and Human Services

An Interesting Catholic Obit In the Shreveport Times - Retired TSgt Lynn Alexander (USAF)

Since I was a kid I always go to the OBIT section first. I have always found reading about people's lives interesting. One Obit struck me as different and got me thinking about what Bishop Duca of the Diocese of Shreveport said and his push on Evangelicalism. That is how that should be a BIG part of each of our faiths and it starts before we get to any sort of program with our lives.

Thus this interesting Obit today:

Retired TSgt Lynn Alexander (USAF)
SHREVEPORT, LA - A Funeral Mass honoring the life of Retired TSgt Lynn Alexander (USAF) will be held at The Cathedral of Saint John Berchmans, 939 Jordan Street, Shreveport, Louisiana 71101, Saturday, August 6, 2011 at 11:00 AM. Interment with Military Honors will follow at Lincoln Memorial Park Cemetery, 6915 West 70th Street, Shreveport, Louisiana 71129 . Vigil will be held at Friday August 5, 2011 at 6:30 PM, Winnfield Funeral Home 3701 Hollywood Avenue, Shreveport, Louisiana 71109 .

Retired TSgt Lynn Alexander (USAF) died July 27, 2011 while visiting his daughter in Jacksonville Ar. He was born April 1, 1921 in Shreveport, Louisiana, the son of Willie Mae Allen and Mack Alexander, he grew up in LaChute, Louisiana. He met the love of his life the former Mattie Pearl Thomas, of Forbing Louisiana, they were married June 15, 1947, and in this union they were blessed with seven childred, six girls and one boy. Retired TSgt Lynn Alexander (USAF) joined the Army Air Forces (formally the Army Air Corps) in 1940 and when Army Air Forces dissolved in 1947, with the creation of the Air Force, Alex enlisted in the Air Force in 1947. He served 25 years during World War II, Korean Conflict, and the Vietnam War, with tours of duties in France, Turkey, Germany and stationed in various cities throughout the United States, he also served under Major General Kenneth D. Burns and Major General William E. Eubank Jr. as their personal Chef. After retiring from the military, he immediately began to work at the NCO Club at Barksdale Air Force Base, where he retired as Head Chef after 30 years of service.

He was a devoted father, husband, and grandfather, and he taught by example the meaning and importance of love of family and of God. He was affectingly known as Alex or Sgt. He loved being active physically and mentally, he would take long walks around the neighborhood and was consistent in reading the daily newspaper in the mornings with a cup of coffee, he loved to keep up with current events. He loved to tell stories of his past, the military, growing up in LaChute, Louisiana, and how he met and fell in love with his wife. He accepted Christ at an early age and was baptized at Mt Pleasant Baptist Church in LaChute, Louisiana. He reaffirmed his faith in Christ and on March 24, 2011 was re-baptized as a Catholic.

He is preceded in death by his wife Mattie Pearl Thomas Alexander, Daughters: Rhonda Jean Alexander, and Judith Carol Alexander Singleton. His mother Willie Mae Allen Sewell, father Mack Alexander, sister Johnnie Mae Sewell, brother Thomas Singleton and grandson Robert Hanson Jr. and a host of Aunts and Uncles.

He leaves to cherish his memories, his Daughters: Mardess Lynetta Alexander, Myrna Dee Alexander Penn, Joyce Marie Alexander-Marshall, Linda Ellis Alexander, one son Lynn Alexander Jr.; his brother James Grant (Chicago IL), his Uncle, Clinton Haynes, his Aunt Adell Claiborne (Los Angeles, CA); two Sons-In Law: Dave L. Marshall and L.D. Singleton. His grandchildren: Ret. TSgt Towondna Bernadette Thompson (North Carolina), Raymond Lynn Alexander (Dallas, TX), Contessa Michele Alexander (McKinney, TX), CQuvator Evette Alexander-Williams( Rowlett, TX), Anson Alexander Penn (Dallas, TX), Sean Christopher Singleton (Carrolton, TX), Ontario Lynn Alexander (Los Angeles, CA), Fabian T. Thomas, Antonio Thomas, LaTasha Thomas and Tracey Maurice Cook (New Jersey). 15 great grand children, numerous cousins, nieces, nephews, great nieces and great nephews and a host of life long friends and neighbors.

Now this is unusual. First you usually don't see Baptists after a long huge life in their final year become Catholic. Second the fact that he is African American makes this even more unusual. I would love to know why he was re baptized. Did his Baptist Faith Community just baptize him in the name of "Jesus" or could he not recall and to be on the safe side we just re Baptized him?

However I am really interested in the how and perhaps WHO the Holy Spirit had used to help MR Alexander to become a Catholic in his final year.

Was his now dead wife an lifelong Catholic? Was it the example of of one his children or grandchildren. Was it a friend he made in his last days? Who knows maybe it was someone whose Catholic Faith had impressed him during World War II? Maybe it was just his observation of Catholics over the years? Or perhaps he just came upon a piece of Catholic Apologetic or heard a Priest that got him thinking. Maybe he just flipped on EWTN one day. Maybe it was the Faith he say in local Parish? Maybe someone asked him one day if they just wanted to go to Mass with them?

Who knows but that is an interesting part of the story that the Obit does not give us. Anyway I highly suspect it was someone or maybe a combination of people that we see a lifelong Baptist become a Catholic in his final year and have his funeral Mass at the Cathedral.

Perhaps the people who had this influence on him never knew.

Anyway a cool obit for the day.

Update- I have no idea whats up with the blog today and why you can't
see all this post.

Friday, August 5, 2011

From A 100 Year Monk To A 22 Year Catholic South Carolina Woman (Vocations)

From 100 year Monk ( the 2nd oldest in the USA) at 100-Year-Old Monk Sees History Preserved to a 22 year College Student raised in South Carolina at Griswold finds missionary work in campus program Southern Catholicism is on display today.

May their number increase.

New York Times Thinks A Constitutional Crisis Will Help Economy ( 14th Amendment Debt Limit Nonsense )

Either the NYT OP-Ed folks were drunk or distracted by Maureen Dowd doing a table dance at the meeting when they decided to write this piece up.

See End the Debt Limit

.....The debt limit should ideally be dispensed with, but, at a minimum, it can no longer be held for ransom. The president and Congress are free to continue talks to reduce the deficit, but not while the economy is dangling in the balance. The president should assemble a coalition of business leaders, mayors, governors and ordinary Americans ready to spend the next year explaining to voters why the debt limit should be eliminated, or blunted as a tool to change budgetary policy. If Democrats continuously remind the country how dangerous this path is, Republicans may think twice about repeating it.

If they do not, Mr. Obama could meet their challenge with a legal threat. The White House has repeatedly demurred when asked if a provision of the 14th Amendment could be used to declare the debt ceiling invalid, saying it was an untested theory. There is more than a year for administration lawyers to find ways to put it into practice.

The 14th Amendment, adopted during Reconstruction, says the validity of the public debt of the United States cannot be questioned. Threatening the economy with calamity to achieve partisan goals does just that. President Obama should use every power at his disposal to fend off Republicans’ irresponsible threats and invite them to meet him in court if they want to resist.

To meet him in Court ? Despite the fact that hardly no one of any credibility in the legal field ever thought a President could do this the NYT is supporting such a move.

It would grant to the Executive , as so many experts have noted, an unprecedented increase in power and who knows where it would end. If the NYT could think beyond next week they might realize that a ton of Democrats might jump ship. There is not just tension between political parties but BUILT IN DESIGNED tension between the branches. This would throw the whole system out of balance.

It would also cause Constitutional crisis and heck maybe some valid calls for Impeachment. Not sure the market needs that really.

Plus who would buy this "suspect" securties and at what price. What if the Court said Obama could not do it and thus the United States did not have to pay those illiegimate bonds? What would happen to our credit rating then?

Has the NYT thought about any of this?