Thursday, August 21, 2008

Louisiana Catholic Blog Update for August 21 2008

Time for the Louisiana Catholic Blog Update!!

Here we go. Excited yet!!

Moms and Kids At Home has Protect those baby blues...or browns...or greens

From The Recamier has her daily update here at Daily Update: August 20, 2008 She has Saints today to start off her post. That is Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, Abbot and Doctor (died 1153) who we honored yesterday. She also talks about her day trip to the big city of New Orleans. Including the Audubon Zoo (they all axed for you) :)

Baby Cate has What Words Do You Hear?

The The Louisiana Brown Pelican Society( lay Louisiana Catholic organization) has a major update again

For The Greater Glory has McCain like Churchill? (I gave a rushed comment there and I might hit on one of objections sometime later . I have hit on that once before especially as to the Bishops Latest document on Iraq -THAT KNOW ONE PAY ATTENTION TOO LEFT OR RIGHT which is not coming into Glory's calculations there I feel)
Also see Prayer Request and Catholics and College Football: Part III

Thoughts & Ruminations from Fr. Ryan has How To Block Porn Pictures And Images With SafeSquid Proxy Server, and Unknown insect discovered on eBay

Cajun Cottage Under the Oaks has Thursday's Simple Pleasure

Finally Da Mihi Animas our expat Louisiana and LSU Priest in Jersey has A Cuban Salesian Saint? , and Remembering Our Lady of Knock!

If you know of a Louisiana Catholic blog that talks on occasion about the Faith( it doesn't have to everyday) let me know inthe comments

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