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How An Evangelical Built and Then Lost A Winery

Thought this was intriguing and well written piece for the food section of secular publication. It it even has sort of an encouraging ending. See Crushed

Pope Benedict's Prayer Intentions For October 2011

The Pope's general prayer intention for October is: “That the terminally ill may be supported by their faith in God and the love of their brothers and sisters.”

His mission intention is: “That the celebration of World Mission Day may foster in the People of God a passion for evangelization with the willingness to support the missions with prayer and economic aid for the poorest Churches

Catholic Deacons Helped Archbishop Hannan Relearn the Mass and Hours After Stroke

I thought that was a rather uplifting image that is contained in this newspaper article.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Deacons of The Archdiocese Recall Archbishop Hannan's Life and Work

Abita Deacon has a nice personal reflection here at From living Saint to a Saint now in Heaven: Archbishop Philip M Hannan . He also has the nice reflections that the Deacon community of a whole made here at Permanent Deacons remember Archbishop Philip M. Hannan

Former Episcopal Priest Newest Seminarian For the Diocese of Shreveport

A little "local" Catholic news I saw in my Diocese's publication today. See New Seminarian Keith Garvin

He has an interesting background. He has mentioned North Louisiana family connections and was a seminarian for the Catholic Diocese of Fort Worth. Before that he was a Episcopal Priest in the what was then called Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth. As I mentioned before that Episcopal Diocese is very Anglo Catholic leaning so here is hoping if takes that final step we might get some proper and well done liturgy.

The article is not exact on this but I have to think he is pretty far along in the process. Which I think would be less than the average Catholic seminarian as to his background.

Well we need all the Priests we can get up here and I am glad he coming home to the Diocese of Shreveport.

Ole Miss Law Professor Writes on SNAP's Outrageous Campaign To Jail Pope Benedict

No one that has even taken a undergrad Business law class should take this seriously. SNAP is doing this issue of sexual child abuse no service.

See at National Review 's Accusing Pope Benedict

Rod Dreher Is Returning to Louisiana - A Nice Read for Louisiana EXPATS Too

I am very glad he is coming home. See South toward home .

The Folly Of Advocating That Justice Scalia Be Denied Communion

People sometimes don't want to admit but Catholic teaching does give some leeway to people on the issue of State Execution as many competent authorities have pointed out.

This issue has come up again as to "outrage" over comments that Justice Scalia has given as to State Execution at a Catholic University

See Can Scalia be denied communion now? and from another source Will Catholic Bishops Correct Justice Scalia?

What is striking is that people seem to forget unlike elected politicos we rarely hear call for Judges to be denied communion because of how they apply the law. We don't see that on the State, Local, or Federal level on issue from immigration , to execution , to even abortion.

Why is this? I am sure the matter might be complicated than Archbishop Chaptut puts it here but I think it's the general way of thinking. From The Political Obligations of Catholics: A Conversation With the Most Rev. Charles Chaput, Archbishop of Denver

WENDY KAMINER, THE PHOENIX: The majority of the Supreme Court – five of our justices – are Catholic. Given your sense of the obligations of Catholics to promote laws and policies in keeping with Catholic beliefs, is there a civics argument for religious diversity on the court, given its power to make law in a pluralistic society?

CROMARTIE: Let me follow up her question by asking one of my own, adding to it. What would you think about nine Catholics on the court? Is there a statute of limitations on the number of Catholics that can be on the court? Wendy, I know that you would probably appreciate that addition to your question.

CHAPUT: The Supreme Court doesn’t make law, as we know. It interprets the law. I think it’s much easier from a moral perspective to be a justice – a judge – than it is to be a legislator. Legislators are the ones who make laws and change laws. But to interpret the law in its fidelity to the Constitution is a much less morally compromising kind of position to have, I think.

I’d rather be a justice than a politician, in terms of dealing with my conscience, because if we write bad laws in this country that are constitutional, then the judges – the justices – have to interpret the laws as allowed by the Constitution, even if they don’t like them, even if they would think they’re not good for the country, it seems to me, even if they think they’re not moral. That’s what justices do. So I had the impression that Wendy thinks that the Supreme Court writes the law. Certainly that’s not my impression. I know it can’t write the law. In terms of not wanting all the justices to be Catholics, I agree with you, Michael. That would not be a good idea in the United States

Now if people are wanting the Church to starting sanctioning Catholic Judges well ok. But they need to lay out a grounds for such a dramatic switch.

Returning to Scalia as to abortion (which seems to be ignored)

..Scalia said he's "sometimes embarrassed" when abortion opponents thank him for being an advocate for their cause because he often sides in legal decisions with their attempts to limit access to abortion.

"I'm embarrassed because, of course, I did not champion their cause," Scalia said. "I would no more hold that the Constitution requires abortion to be prohibited than I would hold that it forbids abortion to be prohibited. In my honest reading of the constitutional text, it addresses the subject not at all, which means it is left for the people of the state

Why on why is that being ignored. Scalia does not think he can just by fiat stop all abortions. It would appear that under Chaput's reasoning he would be OK and would not get any Church sanctions. I have to think that is the case since I have heard hardly no calls to sanction Catholic Judges on that matter.

Baton Rouge Newspaper Front Page After LSU Football Players Had Charges Cleared or Downgraded

It was a rather big news story to the say the least yesterday. The Grand Jury even gave it decision at almost the 6 pm local News slot. Bet TV stations owners loved that.

The American Anglo Catholic Ordinariate Takes Another Big TEXAS Size Step

I am not sure what it is about Anglicans/Episcoplians in Texas but Anglo Catholic tradition takes root there it seems better than anywhere. Also it has several sucessful Anglican Use parishes already. It could be that by luck American Catholics Bishops in that State were on the whole hostile to the idea early on.

Another big step happened in the Diocese of Forth Worth. Rocco over at Whispers has a very good article on this at Anglicanorum "Unfolds Before Us": In Fort Worth, a US First

Australian Newspaper Article Ruled IIlegal

I suppose an democracy nad how its treat Free Speech and the press does not have be an carbon copy of the United States. However this just seems fraught with problems and I am glad "currently" it's not like this here.

See Illegal Article About Aborigines by Australian Journalist

Christian Just War and Rules of War Theory and Drones

Get Religion looks how this topic was handled recently at
Drone on about Just War

Despite What You Read Pope Benedict's Trip To Germany Appears A Success

And who knows what "seeds" were planted. The Anchoress has a good roundup of post trip thoughts at Benedict’s Mustard Seed in Germany

Rest In Peace - Archbishop Philip M. Hannan (links)

Archbishop Hannan has rallied before but not that time. On the Feast of the Archangels he met his Lord.

A blogging Priest from the Archdiocese of New Orleans has links, thoughts, and some pictures too at In memoriam ~ Archbishop Philip M. Hannan (May 20, 1913 – September 29, 2011 he has also updated here at Hannan Roundups Continue

Update- Governor Jindal 's statement.

The Owner of the New Orleans Saints has a nice statement here.

OSV has some thoughts here

Whispers in the Loggia has dedicated several big posts today to Hannan. See:
Hannan, At Ease: NOLA Legend Dies at 98

"The Most Appropriate Commemoration"

For New Orleans' "Giant," A Fitting Sendoff

Here are some pictures of Archbishop During his WW II service that is being shared by the National World War II Museum.

I just saw this tweeted from anothe r"great" of that generation:

Statement from former Rep. Lindy Boggs on Arch. Hannan: Philip Hannan has done more for our city & our country than anyone I can think of.

Bruce Nolan of the Times Picayune has wonder piece here at New Orleans Archbishop Philip Hannan was a vivid, public force for his flock

As a reminder here is the Picayune page with all the Hannan links.

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Some Thoughts on the Catholic Sexual Diversity Conference

Here are some brief thoughts about More Than A Monologue: Sexual Diversity And The Catholic Church

1. Anyone 35 and over can tell you that the issue of sexual diversity has not been a monologue. In fact in the 80's and 90's there was practical rebellion by Priests and Religious in Parishes, on College Campuses, in publications, etc against many facets of traditional Catholic teaching on the subject.

2. There is no mention of scripture or tradition in this article. Again we see a crazy notion that the Pope etc can just alter revelation at whim

3. What do "women priests" have to do with any of this?

4. Why exactly when we are dealing with the most religious illiterate generation of Catholics in modern memory should their views hold that great weight?

5. Why do we assume the Church was wrong on such things as birth control and related topics. In fact a good case could be made that all the Church warnings of what would come too pass is coming to pass right now in live vid HF TV color?

6. What about schism? A radical change in Church doctrine would cause a schism like we have never seem?

7. What about the Eastern Orthodox -The second lung of the Church. They are still upset because we change some words in the creed up? Can you imagine if the Church without consulting them changed teaching on sexuality in a radical way.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Bobby Jindal Explains As Son Of Immigratns Why He Is Republican (VID)

Bobby a couple of days ago spoke at a important conservative Hispanic conference in New Mexico. I tried to follow that the best I could.

Bettinainclan's Blog has a vid of some remarks he made to the press at Governor Jindal explains why, as a child of immigrants, he is a Republican

Ken Starr Is A Huge Success At Baylor

I thought this was a interesting article on the President of the Baptist "Notre Dame" on the Brazos. See Ken Starr, an Improbable Unifier, Presides Over Baylor

Catholics Take On Texas - Perry

Hmm I am not sure attitude wins friends and influences people that much. Vox Nova has
Dear Texas: A Love Letter

Herzog ,Catholic Bishop of Alexandria, Bucks Trend Backs Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure

I say trend and maybe that is a exaggeration However some Bishops have come out saying that they have concerns about being involved with the Race for the Cure and other Susan G Komen projects.

It appears that the Bishop of Alexadria Louisiana is not one of them.

Secular Media Still Trying To Grasp Diocese of Phoenix Communion Story

Get Religion has Mass confusion in Phoenix 2.0

Justice Scalia Talks Death Penalty ,Abortion , And Catholic Education

I need to see if this presentation is online somewhere. It seems he hit on a lot of topics.

...Justice Scalia, the longest-serving member of the nation's high court, hailed the importance of a moral background in rounding out an education in law and praised Duquesne for its commitment to a notion that, he said, is out of fashion.

"Our educational establishment these days, while so tolerant of and even insistent on diversity in all other aspects of life, seems bent on eliminating the diversity of moral judgment, particularly moral judgment based on religious views," he said.

"I hope this place will not yield, as some Catholic institutions have, to this politically correct insistence upon suppressing moral judgment, to this distorted view of what diversity in America means....."

As to the hot topics:

...The justice's appearance, however, was not without its controversy as nine people outside the Palumbo Center carried signs and handed out material opposed to the death penalty. The Rev. Gregory C. Swiderski, who organized the group, said he did not expect to influence Justice Scalia; he hoped to reach some of those who came to hear him.

But Justice Scalia said he did see them and told the audience that he was aware of their position. Still, he said, he found no contradiction between his religious views and his support of the death penalty.

"If I thought that Catholic doctrine held the death penalty to be immoral, I would resign," he said. "I could not be a part of a system that imposes it."

He said his only concern on the court is law.

"What does it mean to be a Catholic law school? There is no such thing as Catholic law," he said. "The law is no different for a Catholic than it is for a Jew any more than it is different for a woman or a man or a white man or a black.

"Thus it is that I am sometimes embarrassed when sincere opponents of abortion sometimes thank me for championing their cause. ... I do not champion their cause," he said. "The Constitution addresses the subject not at all, which means that it is left up to the state

Prayers For Archbishop Hannan In What Could Be His Final Hours OR Days

See Archbishop Hannan 'not doing well'; Archbishop Aymond asks for prayers

He is still a rather beloved figure even by non Catholics in the Archdiocese.

Tensions Between Older Priests and Younger Priests Discussed in Archdiocese of New Orleans

The Priests of the Archdiocese of New Orleans have finished up their Convocation with one result being it appears they really like Archbishop Aymond.

What is interesting and talked about in that article is the tension between more "liberal "older priests and more "conservative " younger priests is discussed.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pope Benedict Loves those Lutherans ( Full Text of Speeches to Lutherans and Non Catholics )

I really love this piece because it shows the how huge the moment was yesterday. This artilce ( see it all) gets it:

...The Pope digs Luther, you see. He even digs Lutheranism. As John Allen Jr put it in his biography of Benedict, ‘The Lutherans are to Benedict what the Orthodox are to John Paul: the separated brethren he knows best, and for whom he has the greatest natural affinity.’

Benedict is German and his cultural sensibilities are therefore rather compatible with Germanic Lutheranism: he likes J S Bach and rigorous theology. In fact, as one of the world’s leading Augustinian scholars, Benedict has a natural rapport with Luther’s Augustinianis

And it showed!! There is a lot to unpack in two talks he gave the the Lutheran,.protestants including a lot to us Catholics.

But I will do that later.

For now see the full text of the Pope's messageA at "God Will Judge Us On How We Respond to Our Neighbor" and "This Is Where Luther Was Ordained"

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Will Anti State Execution Catholics Regret the Troy Davis Case

A little rant here.

I was gripped like many people over the recent Georgia execution of Troy Davis. For the record I was hoping his sentence would becommuted to life. I still wish it had.

A person can have many views of that case. One can think regardless of what he did he should not be executed. One could think that in this partucular case the facts did not merit death. However what got people in an uproar about this case was as the twitter hashtag said #toomuchdoubt.

The Troy Davis story was not on my radar until just a few days before when with a great splash it hit social media in the domestic USA. It appears thougt quite a campaign based on #toomuchdoubt had happened abroad.

The timing of this domestic wise struck me as odd. As Jeffery Toobin of CNN tried to explain to a foreign reporter that outside the activist community this story had not been big in the USA.

Two days before his execution I , and everyone else, was bombarded on how we were going to put a innocent man to death. That almost all the witnesses recanted and the machinary of death would not stop. At first I was outraged.

However I kept noticing as what was not being tweeted. Nothing was being tweeted or bloged about his appeals. There was no talk about what State or Federal Judges thought of all these claims. In particular no one was mentioning that in a unprecedented move the U.S. Supreme Court had a judge take a look at this case with a fresh mind.

There appears to be good reason for this. That is #toomuchdoubt looks to be as the a Federal Judge said " smoke and mirrors". See Troy Davis: guilty as charged.

I have just finished reading the 175 page odd Federal Judge opinion that reviewed this case and I feel hoodwinked. I don't feel hoodwinked by the State of Georgia or the Federal Government ,but by anti State execution advocates that left so much out their #toomuchdoubt story. So much so that it is basically a lie in my opinion.

Now as to Catholic anti State execution advocates it could very well be they were hoodwinked like everyone else and were not aware of those facts. However if they were NOT they were engaging in a huge sin of omission.

If I am going to go out and advocate a position to my friends and neighbors I expect to have some form of the truth to base it on. It is my credibility on the line and also I am speaking as a Catholic . In my area that conversation is too non Catholics.

The Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius Paragraph 22 of the Exercises has beautiful passage that says the following :

That both the giver and the maker of the Spiritual Exercises may be of greater help and benefit to each other, it should be presupposed that every good Christian ought to be more eager to put a good interpretation on a neighbor's statement than to condemn it. Further, if one cannot interpret it favorably, one should ask how the other means it. If that meaning is wrong, one should correct the person with love; and if this is not enough, one should search out every appropriate means through which, by understanding the statement in a good way, it may be saved."

Now I try to live my life by this little code more and more. In this instance, and I think it's very apt here , I am going to presuppose that reputable Catholics were not aware of certain facts.

I have no problem with people anti execution. I am getting more and more anti execution each day. However if you are going to make out a case that the State is basically acting like a reckless murderer then make it. Don't shade the truth to make your case look better.

The question is if people will come aware of all these facts that no one seemed to mention in the two day period before Mr Davis's execution. If the public does become aware I afraid they will not trust the assertions of anti execution groups. Even sadly some Catholic ones.

Today Where Martin Luther Prayed and Protested What Will Pope Benedict Say

Well I guess we are about to find out. This is one of those big symbolic wow image moments that is about to be combined with I expect some meaty statements from Pope Benedict.

Vatican Insider has Re the ecumenical meeting in Erfurt.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

NFL QB Phillip Rivers Talks About His Catholic Faith and Natural Family Planning

This is a nice interview. Here is hoping his brother can be a similar Catholic Football role model at LSU. See Catholic in the NFL: A Philip Rivers Interview

“Without justice – what else is the State but a great band of robbers?”, Pope Benedict to German Parliament (Full Text)

Just checking in on the Pope's German trip and it's moving pretty fast. The Holy Father gave a wonder speech to the BUNDESTAG. See "How Do We Find Our Way Into the Wide World?" for the full text.

It's a great address and in fact I like it better than the historic one he gave to the Parliament in the UK. He hits NATURAL LAW BIG TIME.I like this part :

....The idea of natural law is today viewed as a specifically Catholic doctrine, not worth bringing into the discussion in a non-Catholic environment, so that one feels almost ashamed even to mention the term. Let me outline briefly how this situation arose.

Fundamentally it is because of the idea that an unbridgeable gulf exists between “is” and “ought”. An “ought” can never follow from an “is”, because the two are situated on completely different planes. The reason for this is that in the meantime, the positivist understanding of nature and reason has come to be almost universally accepted. If nature – in the words of Hans Kelsen – is viewed as “an aggregate of objective data linked together in terms of cause and effect”, then indeed no ethical indication of any kind can be derived from it. A positivist conception of nature as purely functional, in the way that the natural sciences explain it, is incapable of producing any bridge to ethics and law, but once again yields only functional answers. The same also applies to reason, according to the positivist understanding that is widely held to be the only genuinely scientific one. Anything that is not verifiable or falsifiable, according to this understanding, does not belong to the realm of reason strictly understood. Hence ethics and religion must be assigned to the subjective field, and they remain extraneous to the realm of reason in the strict sense of the word. Where positivist reason dominates the field to the exclusion of all else – and that is broadly the case in our public mindset – then the classical sources of knowledge for ethics and law are excluded. This is a dramatic situation which affects everyone, and on which a public debate is necessary. Indeed, an essential goal of this address is to issue an urgent invitation to launch one
. ...

So It Begins- Pope Benedict Arrives in Germany ( Opening Remarks)

Pope Benedict perhaps begins what might be one of his toughest Papal trip as he goes home to Germany. What do they say about prophets and their home towns?

Benedict will not be in the friendly Catholic areas of Germany this time but in areas that are more Protestant or were part of the communist East Germany.

It's a big trip and looking at this huge agenda and schedule I our expect our 84 year old Pope to make some news to be made.

Pope Benedict has already arrived just a few hours ago and in his first remarks he says "I Have Come To Speak About God" . (Full TEXT)

Rocco has an overview of the trip at Back in Germany... and Into a Storm .

Next up the HUGE speech in front of the Parliament in which some members already are planning to protest and walk out on.

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If You Are In Mortal Sin You Must Still Go To Mass

Father Z touches on a subject that is so important. It is so easy , and I have done it, to take this attitude. It is also so dangerous. See QUAERITUR: Why bother going to Mass in the state of sin? Fr. Z rants with hellfire and brimstone.

I really think , as Father Z touches on, that this might come from a misunderstanding of mortal sin and how that "cuts you off from God" as we say.

Possible Future Female LSU Football Kicker And Her Very Public Intimate Christian Life

I was mentioning the other day I was having a time of it thinking that LSU might actually have a female Kicker on the team next year. See Female goalkeeper to try out for football team

It was just by chance I ran across her blog last night.

Mo Isom , who I am assuming from what I have read is an Evangelical from the tone, is really putting her Christian life out there in a very candid and intimate way. That takes a lot of guts especially since if she is on the team this will all get a lot more coverage no doubt nationwide. I know I would be fighting God kicking and screaming if I got that call. I might have a blog but I am very private person.

Her blog is interesting and has a lot of maturity to the writing. It is also gripping from from the standpoint of all that she has been through. The car wreck where from she says her father's appearance who had committed suicide earlier that year saved her life . To the very public fact that she is abstaining from all physical intimate contact as she goes on this very public mission that she feels called too.

Some people are called to witness to do this in very public way and others are not perhaps. But one has little doubt what category she is in.

I am in the process of reading the blog ,and I suppose on Christian theological matters there might be a matter here or ther I might disagree with but on the whole it is quite compelling and well written. There is a lot to learn from her blog.

Fearful Father Pavone and Priests For Life Situation Will End Badly

This will not end well I fear and everyone is a loser by it. See from the Deacon Bench On Fr. Pavone: his “last stand”?

Needless to say I think the Bishop did not handle this right from the start. However now Father Pavone and perhaps it is more correct to say also his supporters are escalating this to a new level that is bringing in other issues. Thankfully I think most of the Orthodox Catholic Pro-life community realizes this.

See from one reputable source these posts as just one example.

The issues we are now are approaching have less to do with the pro-life movement and look more like the Father Michael Pfleger situation in Chicago but with a more "conservative" face. Now Father Pavone has not got there yet but any means. However I am thinking more of that Chicago situation more and more which is not good.

The problem is I think Father Pavone's supporters are not helping. This is a situation that should be handled between Father Pavone and his Bishop in private. The fact that this war of tweets and web posts keeps going on is not making this situation better. Positions are hardening and as I mention ( and As In the Light of the Law shows in the above link) other unrelated non pro-life matters such as a Bishop's relationship to his Priest are coming in.

I wonder if ten years ago this matter would have been settled in a far different way.

John Piper's Article I Was A Racist Article Must Read of the Day

A good article from the evangelical Calvinist side of the world. Of course this sotry could be told by a many Catholic, mainline or even Jewish Southern ( and some others) perhaps sadly. But God's grace is good and it's amazing to see how times and attitudes change.

See John Piper: I Was Racist

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Been Nominated For Best Catholic Political Blog

I am going to lose big here but it will be nice to get a few votes? THANKS for whoever nominated.

The Crescat... has it's voting time...

Vote Early and often and raise the dead from the cemetaries to vote etc etc etc

Louisiana Versus Texas - Two Views From Allied Folks on Textbooks and "Evolution"

I found this article interesting since it shows how groups that are in the same camp on issues can have have two widely different viewpoints and strategies.

In Louisiana again we have had a rather long discussion of the ability of local School Boards to supplement their textbooks with additional material. This often revolves around the issue of evolution but does not have too. But intelligent design and evolution is always in the background. The theme being "those anti Science " folks.

But in Texas we see this position as summed up in a letter to the Austin paper from the Texas Freedom Network. See New law allows more local control in textbook picks

Now if you read the letter you can see from the tone what side of the cultural divide this author might be on. Of course the interesting thing, and I may be wrong, how she presents this the new Texas law also gives let say a school board the ability to supplement their textbooks with other material (maybe intelligent design) though I suspect he might be a fan of that. However she to think in the big scheme of things that is ok. LOCAL CONTROL. As you can see from her web site she is not a big fan of some on the religious right.

The irony is a somewhat similar proposed law was shot down by "watchdogs" of the religious right here in Louisiana. See Louisiana Coalition for Science: Frank Hoffman’s HB580 Is A “Stealth Creationism Bill”

So policy concerns that many of the same aligned groups share can have radically different strategies because they are separated by the Sabine River?

I am not a expert on this law and the devil is in the details. However at first glance it appears these folks are going for some local discretion with their view they will win on the local level for their aims while their friends in Louisiana are fighting it tooth and nail.

I just found that interesting.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Former Doctor and Cardiologist Now A Catholic Priest

THis is a pretty cool story though my first reaction was WOW that is bunch of school this guy has. See Former cardiologist is new priest at St. Mary Catholic Church in Jackson

Neighborhood Gearing to Fight Archdiocese Of New Orleans over Demolition of Building /Rectory For Parking Lot

This is some interesting and important new from the big ole Archdiocese of New Orleans to the south of me. See Neighbors organize to stave off possible demolition of St. Henry's rectory via Uptown Messenger.

Of course I know none of the facts here but as pretty pro Catholic pro can do with you land what you want to in things like this I look for reasons to take the neighborhood's side right off the bat. I get their concerns.

Southern Baptists Tonight Makes Concrete Moves TO Drop the "Southern"

Expect a good many more posts than usual this week. I had some major oral surgery today that will be keep me home bound for a few days.

On that note, I was following Southern Baptist Leader Albert Mohler on the tweet thing when he said he had some breaking news from meeting of the Executive Council of the Southern Baptist Convention that is taking place tonight.

He followed up by:
Bryant Wright: "Another move forward will be a committee to consider changing the name of the SBC." Explaining now. #SBC

Jimmy Draper to serve as chairman of task force to consider name change. Others named in minutes. #SBC

SBC Executive Committee member Darrell Orman of FBC Stuart, FL calls for a one year legal study prior to any other consideration. Speaking

That name carnage is dropping the "Southern". Which I think is a good move on their part. In fact there are great number of Southern Baptist Churches that have dropped both the "Southern" and "Baptist" all over the place.

I actually think dropping the "Southern" is more likely to happen than many Baptist think. Partly because that "Southern" comes from schism that revolved around a issue that most Southern Baptist realize they were on the side on.

From a pure ID point of view I think dropping the "Baptist" as to local Southern Baptist Faith Communities has been a mistake. I never saw how that helpsome of the Catholic Parishes that tried something like for instance "St Marys Faith Community" and other such 80's and 90 fads.

Keeping the word Baptist would reinforce a "catholic" like identity and also help Baptist kids from going to another evangelical like Church in the future even if it differs on the details.

I have little doubt the "Southern" might be dropped from the Convention and again that truly reflects the worldwide nature of the Convention. Baptist though ain't going anywhere

WARNING THOUGH!! Baptist and Catholic are taken so don't yall go there :)

Some Rather Big Church Property Law News Comes Out Of Louisiana ( Dennis Canon )

I missed this when it was announced by the Louisiana 1st State Circuit Court of Appeals last week. See New Signs of Trouble for the Dennis Canon

Thus Louisiana is starting to contribute to the the rather conflicting jurisprudence that we are seeing nationwide as to the Dennis Canon issues and related property matters..

The First Circuit pretty covers a good bit of the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana for what it is worth. I am sure the Bishop and individuals in the Diocese of Western Louisiana are looking at this case with interest too as we see events unfold nationwide as property and jurisdiction fights.

There is a "view" that the Diocese of Louisiana is more "liberal" and in sync with the leadership of Episcopal Church USA than the The Diocese of Western Louisiana.

Well that might be so but there pockets of resistance in the Diocese of Louisiana. Further the Bishop of the Diocese of Western Louisiana is not keen on a schism either ( though one can argue if one has in fact took place with Anglicanism) . We shall see how that plays out there.

I have a feeling in Louisiana among the faith group affected in the near future , like this case, the real action will be with the Presbyterians. We shall see if another state circuit Court takes this up or if the Louisiana State Supreme Court decides to take this current case up itself.

Catholics In Diocese of Phoenix To Recieve Communion Under Just One Form

This is rather huge if true. See “Take this, one (or two) of you, and drink from it…”

Praytell seems to me to be aquality Catholic blog that one might should be following this story. They are picking up "something".

What Is the " House of the Rising Sun " in New Orleans

There is a house in New Orleans
They call the Rising Sun
And it's been the ruin of many a poor boy
And God I know I'm one

What was the House of the Rising Sun? Appears we don't know and there are many candidates. GONOLA has WAS There a House in New Orleans They Called The Rising Sun?

Live Free Catholic Or Die - Pope Benedict Gives New Hampshire A New Bishop -Bishop Peter Libasci's

The Pope made a rather big appoitment today to one of those United States "State Wide" Dioceses. That is the Diocese of Manchester.

See Granite Gets Rock: Long Island's Libasci Headed to New Hampshire and a follow up here at In Manchester, "Arise and Walk"

The poor Diocese of Fresno , the longest on the list, without a Bishop is still waiting. Though as can be seen here and as Rocco explains there are reasons to move quick here.

It should also be noted ( though I am not sure it played a role in Benedict's thinking and those that advise him) that Pope Benedict has appointed two New York Long Island folks to "State wide Diocese" that play play critical roles in American politics each year in that they play a big role in deciding who is will be a President.

The other being Msgr Bob Guglielmone who was named bishop of Charleston (South Carolina) in early 2009.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Happy Feast Day to the The Our Lady Of Sorrows Sisters in The Diocese of Shreveport

The sisters have a meditation up for this important feast.

First Louisiana Tigers Were Honorable Terrifying Men ( Including Some Terrifying Drunkards and Criminals) - Beat Mississippi State

Boy Mississippi State is reved up for this game tonight. I was following their "cowbell" religious ritual last night on the twitter and about 10,000 students showed up. It will be a war.

On that note this is a good and fun piece on the first Louisiana Tigers that LSU takes their mascot from. See from the NYT The Terrifying Tigers.

Archdiocese of New Orleans " Confession Night " Was Amazing For Priest

Last night the Archdiocese of New Orleans had at least two hours of Confession time in each Church starting at 7 pm. One Priest gives his brief thoughts not that many hours later. See Confessions Tonight

Furor Over Pat Robertson's Comments Grow On Divorce and Alzheimer

I am suprised that the MSM is taking so long to get on this story with a fury. What Robertson is saying here is ar worse in a practical sense than the observations he makes about hurricanes and sin.

A big blogging Baptists makes this point at Pat Robertson Would Make a Man Worse Than an Unbeliever

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Watch Out Catholics On The Move In the South- Example North Carolina

Mirrors of Justice looks at this at Southern Catholics Today

Of course that 40 percent growth is not by converts but transplants. I also suspect "some" ofthose North Carolina Catholic transplants "might" be a tad more liberal in many ways over home growned Catholic southerners. Just a hunch. We are talking several demographics of Catholic transplants to North Carolina do it's hard to make assumptions. That being said North Carolina is not a typical Southern State either as to ethos and politics that can be easily put into a box.

However I do think over time the cultural forces shall moderate even that "excessive" (in my view") Liberalism in both Church and as to State matters to a certain degree I think. At least that is my theory.

Louisiana LT Governor GOP Hopefuls - We Love Democrats

In John Maginnis: Republicans have only themselves to oppose there is a good point made:

...For an actual contest, one has to move down to the lieutenant governor race, which, in tone, already is headed in that direction. Ignoring Ronald Reagan's 11th Commandment, Lt. Gov. Jay Dardenne and Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser, both Republicans, already have made unkind remarks about the other, and they have barely dug into their opposition research.
Both candidates got discouraging news when the governor took the air out of their election with one word, "Yes," when asked at qualifying if he would complete his second term. Thus, the next lieutenant governor must do the same, with remote prospects of succession.

This election cycle will prove that Louisiana is still a two-party state. There's the Republican Party and the Tea Party, which includes many of the more conservative Republicans who have been trying to get rid of Dardenne, without success, through two previous statewide elections. Adding muscle to the cause this time is U.S. Sen. David Vitter, pre-cursor of the Tea Party, who is backing Nungesser

There is, of course, another party. And Democrats, without a candidate, are going to decide the lieutenant governor election by choosing the least objectionable Republican to them.

I think that is a pretty good point and what will make this race interesting. I know little of Nungesser political dynamics. But Jay Dardenne has shown some strength in the past as to black boxes in Baton Rouge ( His home turf) and in some races if I recall correctly in black boxes of New Orleans. If he can translate this into bigger black democrat support statewide I don't know. One would think that Jay is more connected with important black political figures because of resume than lets say Nungesser.

I am unfamiliar enough with Nungesser to know how lets say the more liberal Uptown like white democrat voter would react to Nungesser versus Jay. The experienced , urbane , Jewish, experienced, viewed as more "moderate" sort of appeal I think gives it to Dardenne. Though In New Orleans Metro I can see Billy Nungesser playing well. Nungesser's outspoken rural "cajun" Bayou Parish style would appeal to Acadiana and I highly suspect the importnat redneck North Louisiana democrat vote.

At this point I am saying advantage Dardenne because I have a feeling he might have the ability to get better black support statewide. But anything could happen in going after this vote.

We should have a clearer picture in a few weeks of how some of this is lining up.

An American Bishop Goes to Catholic Bishop School

I always thought this was an interesting part of the elevation of a Priest to the office of Bishop that does not get enough attention for some reason. That is what some call "Bishop school"!!

Hey I am Bishop Oh good grief what do I do !!

Bishop Coyne who was recently elevated is at the Vatican's Bishop's school and he blogging about it at "Pellegrinaggio alla tomba di san Pietro:" The meeting of the new bishops of the Catholic Church, 2011

Southern Baptist Female Author Causing Controversy In Methodist Church

This is an interesting controversy among United Methodist and I among expect a lot of UMC Churches in the South. I was not aware of this till today.

See Methodist Kudzu – The Problem of Beth Moore-If someone is setting fire to your house, why let them in?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Catholic Football Fans Shout "We Got Jesus" at Opposing Team

They should have added "and MARY too".

I know I should take this more seriously perhaps but it made me laugh. See ‘We’ve got Jesus’ chant angers losing football coach

I thought this was interesting :

The sad reality of this situation is that our entire faculty has absolutely handcuffed us in terms of what we are and aren’t allowed to chant because they are so worried about our public relations,” one fan told the newspaper. “The chants that our student section chant are nothing compared to what the teams we play are able to stay us. How about you report on the constant anti-gay chants we have to deal with week in and week out?”

Now that would be interesting to explore. Why would they be shouting anti gay things at the Catholic players and fans. Or is more likely this is sex abuse related and something akin to "Yall are a bunch of child molestors" like we see on the net. If so how often does that happen. Or is it that because it's a all boy school and thus is "gay". Or a combo of both?

An interesting angle that would have been interesting to explore more.

Pat Robertson's Shocking Advice On Alzheimers and Divorce

I really expect some major craw fishing and "clarifications" from him on this tomorrow.

I think some of this is old age.

Time For Lefebvrians To Fish Or Cut Bait With The See of Rome (Vatican)

Vatican Insider has a good piece on this at Judgement day has come for Lefebvrians and the Vatican

I get the sense that Pope Benedict is not a fan of endless discussions and meeting that produce dealy that might just make the problem worse.

Can United Methodists be Neutral on Gay Issues ?

I think this Pastor in the Methodist Church is being very naive. See COMMENTARY: What if UMC agreed to both sides of gay issue?

The United Methodist Church has dealt with the "gay" controversy in many ways better than the Episcopalian Church and the Presbyterians . There seems to be some awareness that they are not in their view an American Church but a worldwide "Church" or as we Catholics would technically call them a Faith Community.

This can be seen in how they treat the views of non American ( read mostly African) members. That history goes way back as one can see by watching the movie Amistad and digging into that important Methodist history.

Besides that it will not work. As they say once Orthodoxy is optional it soon shall become proscribed. We are seeing this in the American Episcopal Church and other faith communities. Advocates of various gay causes have moved passed the tolerence stage to declaring traditional views are a REAL SOCIAL JUSTICE EVIL that crys out to the heavens to be corrected.

If you have this view then you do everything you can to correct it. Pastor John Elford really gives us no insight why he thinks Methodist are protected against the trends and actions we see against the more traditional "believers" in other faith communities.

If you believe the Holy Spirit is at work in those Faith communities well that is one view. But it seems the fruit of that has mostly been a huge amount of new case law on Church Property and who controls it that no doubt will end up in the Supreme Court.

Bishop of Amarillo To Prohibit FR. Frank Pavone From Acting Outside DIocese As Priest ( Priests For Life)

I just saw this tweeted by a Catholic News service with (details to come). This will be bad on some many levels . Will keep this page updated with links throughout the day.

As you can tell I have changed the title. (HE HAS NOT BEEN "SUSPENDED")

This is what Catholic News Service is tweeting:

Bishop's letter cites "deep concerns' over finances of Priests for Life.

To clarify, Fr. Pavone suspended from ministering outside Amarillo Dioc.; says he will function as priest there.

Well this does not sound great but to be honest its not dealing with sexual abused which is what I suspect 99 percent of people that saw that tweet thought. Still a rather big deal in that he Pavone is on EWTN and his ministry is national. Expect the pro choice folks to hit this hard today.

Update II

Here is the article Father Pavone placed on leave by Bishop Zurek of Amarillo (Note he is returning to act as a Priest in the Diocese according to Pavone)

Update III

The Anchoress has thoughts at Fr. Frank Pavone Facing Restrictions

Update IV

Offical statement for Father Pavone. ( a pretty strong statement)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Auburn Eagle Hit WIndow Attacks Crowd (Vid)

I have to admit this is the most awesome thing they do in the SEC , but this vid is both funny and awesome. Glad Eagle is ok.

Not sure if the Eagle usually gets that close to the crowd after he hit the window. (DUCK)

Mass Readings, Pope Benedict Remarks , and Links For 9/11 Anniversary

Today's Mass reading for Sept 11 are quite apt. My Priest took advantage of it to talk about them in the context of we as a Nation and we as individuals. He hit the topic of forgiveness is not forgetting, Justice, etc. On a personal note I think every Catholic should read those every day. Quite a required standard that have some severe consequences if we don't meet it.

Returning to the holiday the Pope today had a few remarks during his prayer.

THe Anchoress has one of the best link sections for 9/11. See 9/11 Anniversary Linkfest

Anglo Catholic Ordinariate Sighting In the Diocese of Shreveport

Blogger finally fixed the problem that was not allowing me to log on to my blog so after a few days absence I am back again.

The Anglo Catholic had a piece that caught my eye because it happened in my own Diocese of Shreveport Louisiana. See the The Red Mass. That Red Mass happened in the very wonderful
St. Matthew's Church of Monroe, Louisiana.

What caught my eye was the writer of that post ,Fr. Christopher G. Phillips , and also who gave the Red Mass Homily is a big gun in the Anglican Use / Anglo Catholic /Ordinariate He is pastor of perhaps the most successful Anglican Use Parishes and schools in the USA.

He in all likelihood knows Bishop Duca but it would be nice if perhaps while he was here he met with possible Ordinariate curious folks. Perhaps he did since Monroe has one of the most Anglo Catholic Episcopal friendly Churches in the area. Regardless it is nice to see that Bishop Duca seems friendly to him and perhaps the Anglo Catholic Ordinariate.

Quite a honor to have him up and the text of the Homily (at the above link ) is good.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Rick Perry Give Us Opportunity To Explore the Galileo Myth ( By A Non Catholic )

If you watched the GOP debate last night we saw Rick Perry mention Galileo in a not very coherent way.

Joe Carter, a non Catholic, uses this as an opportunity to explore the "myth" that we often hear at The Myth of Galileo: A Story With a (Mostly) Valuable Lesson for Today

Archbishop of Philadelphia Chaput 's New Coat of Arms

Fun stuff. I always enjoy reading about heraldry . Description of what all that means here.

Archbishop Chaput - Don't Take Nicholas P Cafardi's Advice

I have some advice for the new Archbishop of Philadelphia . Don't take NICHOLAS P. CAFARDI advice.

See Advice for new archbishop: Real Catholic agenda is way broader than abortion. There is so much FAIL with this piece one does not know where to start. The biggest being there is no mention he was a important Catholic adviser to the Obama campaign.

Cafardi to be blunt uses the abuse of children to advance his own political views it appears to me. A harsh claim I know in view of his previous work but it seems apparent. Can one imagine him telling Chaput to be quiet if this was another issue. I can't.

I find it amazing that Cafardi is lecturing Chaput on immigration policy. Chaput got a lot of grief by his own flock in his own Parishes over his ( and the Church's ) immigration position. Chaput has mentioned that is the one issue himself where emotions would get the highest. Cafardi should know this but just presents the cartoon version of Chaput.

Further Cafardi should know , and I expect he does, the real progress that Chaput has done on the State execution issue.

He says:

...As a former chairman of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops' National Review Board for the Protection of Children and Youth, I encourage Chaput to bring fierce urgency to the daunting task of rebuilding trust among the Catholic faithful in Philadelphia who have been wounded by the clergy's sexual abuse of children and his predecessors' collusion in it.

Until this task is accomplished, Chaput would be well-advised to leave politics aside. Issuing divisive political rebukes will only undermine his ability to minister to a city in desperate need of healing

Abortion is just politics? I have huge doubts that Cafardi thinks Chaput should be silent on the rights of workers, the poor, the immigrant , budget cuts, and various other items of Catholic Social Justice. Is he really advising that? Of course not. But why is abortion being singled out?

Rick Perry In Trouble On Immigration? Really?

I watched the very entertaining debate last night. There was a bit of sad commentary on where we are at when the wise enlightened Anglos of MSNBC just trotted out the Hispanic journalist for the immigration question. Who thought that was a good idea? Like Latinos don't have views on other issues.

Bryon York has a column up at Perry comes out strong, but faces grave danger .

I agree with him that Perry's social security answers last night might be problematic for him to say the least. But is Perry's immigration views that cannot be reduced to a soundbite really that big of a deal?

The other area in which Perry is extremely vulnerable is immigration. When asked what would make the U.S.-Mexico border secure, Perry, a border-state governor, called for "boots on the ground." But he offered no clear strategy for actually securing the border. And since he opposes a border fence, he could not cite the one measure that is overwhelmingly popular among Republicans. Perry was lucky that he was not pressed on his opposition to other popular measures, like the e-verify system that forces employers to establish that the people they hire are in this country legally. Nor was Perry pressured on the Texas policy of offering in-state tuition to illegal immigrants.

Romney, asked the same question, ticked off a plan. "First, we ought to have a fence," he said. "Number two, we ought to have enough agents to secure that fence." The third measure needed, Romney said, was to "turn off the magnet" of employers hiring illegal immigrants. "Sanctuary cities, giving tuition breaks to the kids of illegal aliens, employers who knowingly hire people who are here illegally -- those things have to be stopped," Romney said.

The two men didn't get into a confrontation about immigration, although Romney was clearly ready for one. But there will be such a confrontation in the future, and Perry will probably lose. And that will mean big trouble with the Republican primary electorate

Does history back up the claim that Perry will be in big trouble on that. It seems not to have hurt George Bush. Further the last time we revisited this issue when it was hot I can't help but notice that John McCain got the nomination. That despite the fact that Romney was blasting ads every five seconds in places like California bashing McCain's illegal immigration position. If memory serves me right Romney won all of 3 or 4 counties.

Perry's nuance on the immigration issue might be his greatest asset in a general election where the Latino vote will play a huge factor.

French Immersion Classes Under Threat In Louisiana Public Classes Because of Funding ?

This is a interesting news video from the LBP news program. I am a general big fan of the immersion programs for various reasons.

We Seem To Have Got No Where With The Society of St. Pius X

SURPRISE!! Though I don't fault the Pope and other with trying.

Vatican Insider has The Lefebvrians: “They are trying to shove the Council down our throats but they will not succeed”

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Catholic Church Near NASA Has Hubble Images In Stained Glass

In this Houston Chronicle story Lunar Bible up for sale in NASA auction I saw this neat fact.

.....Many of the pioneering astronauts were Christians whose faith inspired them to explore the heavens. John Glenn, Buzz Aldrin, Jerry Carr, Charlie Bassett and Roger Chaffee attended Webster Presbyterian Church, called the “church of the astronauts.”
Astronauts were also members of Catholic parishes near Johnson Space Center, like St. Paul the Apostle in Nassau Bay, which depicts Hubble images in its stained glass.

That pic above is the best I have found so far. The Houston paper ran a story on this recently here.

Of interest is this 2009 story too. See Cardinal to dedicate new St. Paul Catholic complex from the Galveston newspaper :

But the real draw for any lover of architecture or art could be the stained-glass windows. St. Paul has become the first Catholic Church to incorporate images from outer space into its worship space. The windows were delivered to Texas from a special production plant in Germany. The new worship complex, 18223 Point Lookout Drive, will be dedicated today by Cardinal Daniel DiNardo.“Our theme was ‘The heavens declare the glory of God,’” building co-chair Kim Noto said. “The pictures from space fit into that theme perfectly. ”The windows include vistas from the Hubble Telescope — the Orion and the Omega-Swan nebulas — as well as those inspired by the Anders’ Apollo 8 Mission.The Hubble tie-in comes from another astronaut and parishioner, Michael T. Good, who did repairs on the 24,500-pound orbiting observatory during the space shuttle’s visit earlier this year.While Good spacewalked, the Space Shuttle Atlantis carried symbols from the church as it orbited the Earth. The symbols included Eucharistic items and an official Vatican flag. Both tokens are now in the new facility.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

David Vitter On A Crusade To Destroy His Louisiana GOP Foes ?

Or at least those that don't meet Vitter's seal of approval or were deemed "unloyal" during his recent troubles maybe.

There is a excellent column on this today at What does David Vitter want?

If Vitter wants to do this well it's own business though I think his apparent interference in the South Louisiana GOP FRATICIDE race between Congressmen Landry and Boustany is fraught with danger. Right now we have two United States Senators who can barely talk to each other which bleeds over to their staff. If Vitter's apparent guy ( Landry) does not win that might occur as to Boustany. That is not good for the State.

Though I suspect one of Vitter's top targets is of course Jay Dardenne ( whom I am supporting ) in his reelection for Lt Gov.

From the piece:
...Dardenne, it turned out, was saved for last, when Vitter endorsed Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser over the elected incumbent Republican lieutenant governor. The senator did not directly criticize Dardenne, but his own ad consultant Jim St. Raymond, who will work on Nungesser's campaign, did so for him, calling Dardenne "very liberal."
Dardenne is no liberal, though neither is he a tea party favorite, nor Vitter's. His greater offense could be that he entertained and did not discourage talk of his challenging Vitter last year. In the senator's view, that is truly a serious sin, to be punished....

Well that is all rather unfortunate at least for me in supporting Dardenne but who knows. This might backfire yet.

Of course one wonders what Bobby Jindal is thinking looking at all this. I suspect Jay does not view Bobby as Loyal enough either and to be honest I think Bobby should have been more active in Vitter's reelect. However Bobby may or may not want to run against Senator Mary Landrieu in 3 years so no doubt Vitter will have thoughts on that if it occurs.

While Republicans seemed to have a wonderful opportunity here with Louisiana democrats in disaster mode , I do hope we don't cause some unnecessary long term damage to ourselves in the GOP. People have long memories and not all of those folks go by the name of David Vitter.

Diocese of Baton Rouge Gives An Brother To The Brothers of the Sacred Heart

I sometimes worry in the zeal to have Catholic men discover if they have a vocation to the Priesthood we are forgetting that they might have a vocation to being a Brother.

So its nice that the Diocese of Baton Rouge highlighted this story at Kevin Piper professes vows as Brother of the Sacred Heart

Catholics Come Home Spur September 14 Archdiocese of New Orleans Confession Push

I am anxious to get some stats on the sucess of the Louisiana Dioceses that participated in the Catholic Come Home Program. It appears to play a part in the September 14th Confession in every Church push down in the Archdiocese of New Orleans. Would be great if this was a monthly thing.

The Archbishop has a column on it here

10% of Mental Health Problems in Women are Directly Attributable to Abortion Says Major Study

This has been published in a pretty reputable journal. Wonder if it will be noted. See HELL (WHETHER YOU ADMIT IT OR NOT)

What is amazing was at least at one point I heard that abortion should be "safe , legal, and rare" as a common mantra. From abortion advocates I don't hear that rare as much as I used too.

LSU On Front Cover of Sports Illustrated After Oregon Win

Great win!! However why do I have the feeling this game against Northwestern St might be typical LSU as to these type of games the last few years. If we look at several of our opponents in the Northwestern St range the last few years they have been frustrating wins you were glad were not on nationwide tv.

Qualifying Has Become for Statewide Positions in Louisiana. Is it Doomsday For Democrats?

Qualifying has begun for the major statewide offices in Louisiana and we shall soon know if the unthinkable has happened. That is if the Louisiana Democrat party will fail to field a single viable person for any Statewide elected office.

The progressive Daily Kingfish blog pulls no punches in laying out the bad news for the Democrat faithful. See While Hope still lives, the Dream Shall Never Die .

As of 11 a.m. on the first day as of this posting no one yet.

Blogging and Facebooking in Tongues

Suppose one can twitter in tongues next. MCJ has PENTECOSTALS GONE WILD

Labor Day Weekend Recovery

I need a vacation day my Labor Day vacation.

Had fun but I feel exhausted today. I was able to use tweetdeck on my Uncle's computer but about everything else would be slow as Christmas on it. So got some catching up to do

Friday, September 2, 2011

Off to Mississippi ( Happy Labor Day Geaux Tigers)

I got pretty much engrossed in the poll data I referenced at Lots of Evangelical Young Folks Approve Same Sex Marriage New Poll Says so did not post anything last night liked I hoped.

Will do it maybe tonight from my Uncle's house.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lots of Evangelical Young Folks Approve Same Sex Marriage New Poll Says

I have to rush out the door as we speak so I can't speak too much on this poll and this article in the New Orleans Time Picayune. See Young evangelical adults stand apart from elders on same-sex marriage

Lot of issue here that go beyond gay marriage and as usual the poll internals get more complicated as we look at them closely. I just don't have time to do justice to it.

But before dawn breaks tomorrow , I hope to have a serious post on it.

The Rick Perry Theocracy: Where Jewish Twins Who Are Pre Med Grads Of Catholic Colleges Are NFL Cheerleaders

Maybe Religious Dispatches will take time out from reporting about supposed legions of crazy Texas Domionists and their supposed servant Rick Perry and report on this important story.

See Texans go for 2: Pre-med Jewish twins make exclusive NFL cheer squad . Many more pictures can be found via "google image" ( If Christian "Mullah" Rick Perry has not banned them yet)

Catholic Archdiocese of Washington Gives $25,000 To Repair National Cathedral

Glad to see this. It's an important place in our Nation's spirtual patrimony. How other Faith groups are helping out can be seen that that same article.

Pope Benedict Prayer Intentions For SEPTEMBER 2011

Here they are:


VATICAN CITY, 1 SEP 2011 (VIS) – Pope Benedict’s general prayer intention for September is: “That all teachers may know how to communicate love of the truth and instil authentic moral and spiritual values”.

His mission intention is: “That the Christian communities of Asia may proclaim the Gospel with fervour, witnessing to its beauty with the joy of faith”.

International Network of Catholic Legislators and Parliamentarians Meet In Private Session At Papal Estate

I would be curious who the Americans were. Vatican Insider has The “conclave” of Catholic parliamentarians at Castel Gandolfo