Friday, August 22, 2008

United States Bishops Release Election Year Novena Prayer!!

Well this is interesting.

The Text of the Prayer is in PDF format and also one can listen to the daily NOVENA PODCAST!!

They say:

Options for praying the Novena for Faithful Citizenship:
Start on September 2 and pray for nine consecutive Tuesdays, up until the general election.
Start the Novena on any day of the week, whenever people gather, and pray on that day every week.
Begin praying the Novena on October 26, nine days before the election, and continue each consecutive day.
Create any combination that works for you and your community—and feel free to pray the Novena more than once (1 Thes 5:17).

I just took a brief look a the Novena prayers and readings and it looks good. However I just gave it a glance.

On a more practical level this is of course a great thing. However how many United States Catholic will know this even exists? Will there be a serious Nation WIDE effort by Individual Bishops to get these materials and each of their Parishes and have the Priest PREACH ON IT?

I am not holding my breath but I will hope

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