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Kids Singing For Obama (Does This Creep You Out?)

I must admit I don't have a big problem with kids being in political ads as some do. I am also not quite creeped out as others about this vid (IT IS NORTH KOREA) but still I find it kind of weird myself. So I am not sure how those that are not in the weeds with either Obama or McCain would think. Needless to say if the Kid's were singing a version of fun song like Kennedy's High Hopes and harping away about moving that rubber tree plant then the reaction might be different

The Anchoress has Exploiting kids for Obama; 2 minutes hate - UPDATED (she has other links)

Wizbang has The Indoctrination of Children Begins

Hot Air has Singing the new Gospel of the New Messiah; Update: NBC chief behind the effort?

Oh and this is not exactly "grassroots" see Confederate Yankee's yes, the source is pretty elite

How to Do Altar Boys (Servers) Right

Father Longenecker of Standing on My Head has another great post on the subject of Altar Boys at More on the Servers of St Mary's .

Basically more really good tips on how the whole Altar Boy thing should be run from the people you choose to the dress. Good points. He also goes through the whole purposes of Altar Servers. Also like me he is not a fan of what he calls "most awful liturgical garment ever designed: the cassock alb".

I think there is a lot of good points here

Such as
Servers should arrive at least fifteen minutes before Mass starts. Once in the vestry they should immediately change into cassock, and any functions before the start of Mass in the sanctuary should be done by a server wearing a cassock. It's amazing how the cassock immediately changes the boy's body language and carriage for the better. Ever notice how a guy looks and behaves better when he's wearing an Army dress uniform?..

So true. Also lets face it and I think guys can relate. A lot of teenage boys (till that wonderful college Freshman year where one sort of fills out) are sort of still a tad goofy looking in some aspects. I know I was. So not only does the above help the perception from the pews it does a lot for a kids self esteem and his own confidence when you are in front of Literally God and everyone else.

I also liked this:

One other point: make belonging to the guild of servers something special. In arranging the liturgy try to avoid the AmChurch temptation to plop everybody possible into the procession. The lector, the person who reads the prayers of the faithful, the lady who did the flowers the person who runs the nursery, the choir director and the director of the soup kitchen are doubtless all worthy souls who are doing a wonderful service to the church. That doesn't mean they need to be in the procession. Servers and clergy only in the procession. The reasons for this would warrant another post.

Finally, it is my experience that many boys and young men like to belong to a guild of servers where the standard is high, the expectations are strict, the training is rigorous and the camaraderie is encouraged. They like to belong to a group of other boys who take their faith seriously, and who are expected to meet a rigorous standard of behavior

I think that is very true. Notice he keep talking about guys here. He promises a post coming up when you have "altar girls". I am not a big fan of altar girls for various reasons going from the theological to the practical. In fact I am curious about Father's future post because I seem to recall he would prefer altar servers just be male also. However sometimes it cannot be advoided

However the main reason beyond the theological is that Catholic boys really needs what he mentions above. The Catholic Spirituality of the young Catholic males is one of those things that really needs to developed and I think has sadly been ignored. I think having a Altar Boy guild like what Father describes is a good thing.

Food Ideas For the Feast of St. Therese Oct 1 - Éclairs and More

Catholic Cuisine has been posting up a storm lately.

She have several food ideas for The Feast of St Therese the Little Flower. Did you know her favorite treat was Eclairs? I did not. We sometimes have a difficult time thinking that Saints too loved these earthly pleasures. One can imagine Saint Therese going "Well I actually got along with Sister "annoying" now the hall today so to treat myself I will have an Eclair".

She has recipes here for Rose Cake and Punch for St. Therese and an Eclair recipe so easy even I can do it!! at Easy Mini Éclairs

Catholic Development of Doctrine and Why Heresies Do Not Develop

Army of Martyrs has a real interesting post that looks at the Development of Doctrine in the Catholic Church. Go see Heretical Doctrines Do Not Develop .

Deceased Louisiana Sheriff Harry Lee Huge Big Ole Bronze Statue To Be Unveiled

Ahh this might be of interest to my Louisiana readers. Yes it is hard to think a whole year has gone by since the controversial, much loved, much hated, but always entertaining Sheriff Harry Lee of Jefferson Parish died.

But Harry Lee will live on in a huge ole Bronze Statue that will tower over the Parish that he once ruled.

The Picayune has more here including a pic of the statute with a big covering over it just to tantalize us more.

The Picayune mentions that Harry Lee had a song wrote about him . You can listen to it here plus see Harry Lee on the album cover!!!

Republican Gives Funny Insider View of Prepping For Political Debates

Politicians are most fragile toward the end of their race. Lets face it is has been a up and down marathon and now they are expected to do a perfect sprint at the end. Part of that is the infamous debate!!! This of course is far worse than it used to be because the Internet now has a very critical public taking even greater fun in giving criticism of every facial tic.

Michael Murphy , who has run quite a view races, gives a insider view at what happens in these debate prep sessions. These two parts are pretty funny

Though it sounds secretive and glamorous, debate prep is magnificently unpleasant for everybody involved. The candidates have gripped and grinned their way through a savage jungle of fund raisers, powerful local idiots, soggy state-fair corn dogs and rabid, preening reporters just to get to the debates, a dangerous pinnacle where one slipup could cost the election. The campaign staffs are equally exhausted and by now more than a little frustrated with the candidate they have come to both love and hate. Put them all in a room together in what are often poorly planned prep sessions, and you have the perfect recipe for disaster: the staffers discover great catharsis in firing increasingly nasty "prep" questions at the candidates, who in turn become more and more itchy under fire until finally exploding with a gusher of recriminations at their staffs for failing to prepare them for so many impossible questions.

and this while also funny shows that in the end we are dealing with human beings

It is vital that your candidate not hear your opponent's answers for the first time onstage, since that will often lead to panic if a candidate feels the opponent's answer is far better than his or her own. Hmmm. Great answer. I've got nothing like that. I'm a loser. I'm going to lose this debate. In high school, Belinda would have wanted to go to the prom with him, not me. Anger. MUST ... ATTACK ... NOW!!! At that point something very bad usually happens.

Great Stuff. Read it all

Tip of the Hat to The Weekly Standard Blog

What Did the Orginal St Peter's in Rome Look Like?

This is pretty cool. I have never seen these drawing or paintings

Tip of the Hat to Catholidoxy

An All Catholic All Boy's Catholic School A Roaring Success in New York- Great NYT Story

Great story here from the New York Times:

At a Boys’ Catholic School, Tradition Fuels Demand

UNLIKE most Roman Catholic schools in the New York area, which embrace students regardless of their religion, Chaminade High School here requires a baptismal certificate to register.
“No exception,” said the Rev. James C. Williams, a cherub-faced priest who is the school’s president. “We advertise that pretty clearly because this is who we are. I don’t have room for all the Catholics who want to be here.”

Indeed, more than 1,600 boys from as far as Manhattan and Westchester County applied last year for 425 freshman seats at Chaminade, which many consider one of Long Island’s premier private schools and a relative bargain at $6,660 a year. Chaminade, founded in 1930 and now the Island’s only all-boys Catholic school, has thrived by staying unabashedly Catholic and traditional.

As the school year began this month, Chaminade students bowed their heads for a 10-minute morning prayer, repeated in an abbreviated version before every class. “Here I Am, Lord,” drifted through the hallways as the glee club practiced for a school Mass. Shortly before noon, the chapel filled with teenagers for a lunchtime prayer service.

No talk here of squaring Catholic teachings with secular realities. In 2005, out of concern over excessive materialism and alcohol consumption, Chaminade canceled its prom and later replaced it with a modest dinner cruise around Manhattan. There is a strict dress code that also prohibits facial hair.

Despite a recent haircut, Dominic DaRocha, a freshman, spent an hour during the first week of classes cleaning up the school library because his dark brown mop fell below ear level — a violation. “I thought I kind of deserved it,” Dominic, 13, said after a second haircut. “I know it’s a good school, and that’s all that really matters.”

Enrollment at Long Island’s 11 Catholic high schools is up about 7 percent since 2002, to nearly 13,000 (though down about 20 percent at elementary schools), according to officials with the Rockville Centre Diocese, which covers Long Island.

Sean Dolan, a spokesman for the diocese, said, “What we’re seeing anecdotally is that people are saving their money and saying we can’t do both, so we’re going to put them in public elementary school and then put them in Catholic high school.”

But perhaps no place is more popular than Chaminade, which has top-notch academic and athletic programs and last summer expanded its campus with a $20 million sports and activities complex. Donations from a high-powered alumni network that includes former Senator Alfonse M. D’Amato, County Executive Thomas R. Suozzi and the television commentator Bill O’Reilly paid for the project.

Parents like Gina and James McGovern pay school taxes of more than $10,000 a year in Merrick but switched their 14-year-old son, Terence, to Chaminade this year so he could discuss issues like poverty, social justice and respect for life from a Catholic perspective.
“We’re not proselytizing or preaching, we’re simply looking for an opportunity to have a school system that supports the lessons we’re teaching in our home,” said Mrs. McGovern, a former PTA president. “I think the pendulum has swung so far in the other direction that it makes religious expression difficult or uncomfortable in public school.”
The tradition of parochial schools is strong on Long Island, where church officials estimate that Catholics make up half the population. But enrollment has also been growing at schools in the Archdiocese of New York, which oversees 55 high schools in 10 counties.

Much more at the link. Again why can't we duplicate these things elsewhere? The answer is there no reason why we cannot.

Top of the Hat to The Deacon's Bench

Politicians Sometimes Have A Duty Not To Listen to The Voters

I posted the following quote by Edmund Burke on a political Internet board once. I was immediately accused of being some liberal. Which is pretty laughable since Edmund Burke is one of the Fathers of Conservative thought.

I first came along this quote in the movie that was based on Musical 1776. In a scene one of the delegates of South Carolina is have a conversation with John Adams. The whole fate of Independence lays in the balance and this man is under some pressure from the people that sent him. He quotes part what Burke says below.

I keep hearing how calls to Congress on issue x like run 3 to one on a issue so the Reps and Senators must must votethat way. It is the Credit crisis today but on other controversial issues it is often the same.

Sometimes the public is right, sometimes they are misinformed, and sometimes just flat off wrong.

The one thing I can't stand is a poltician that takes a opinion poll on every issue and then proceeds to vote the way that will give him the most CYA

It is a delicate balance. I am not advocating that politicians just say screw off to the people that sent him there and their views are not important. However there comes times when a public servant MUST MUST have the courage to use his best judgment. So this quote sums up my view that twas posted on the Corner blog today at National Review Online.

Burke to the U.S. House [Peter Robinson]
A reader sends along a famous, and splendid, passage from Burke.

Burke didn't deliver the speech just a month before election day with letters to his office running a thousand to one against a bailout. But as members of Congress attempt to pick up the pieces, Lord knows, Burke is worth the re-reading.

Your representative owes you, not his industry only, but his judgment; and he betrays, instead of serving you, if he sacrifices it to your opinion....

To deliver an opinion, is the right of all men; that of constituents is a weighty and respectable opinion, which a representative ought always to rejoice to hear; and which he ought always most seriously to consider. But authoritative instructions; mandates issued, which the member is bound blindly and implicitly to obey, to vote, and to argue for, though contrary to the clearest conviction of his judgment and conscience,—these are things utterly unknown to the laws of this land, and which arise from a fundamental mistake of the whole order and tenor of our constitution.

Parliament is not a congress of ambassadors from different and hostile interests; which interests each must maintain, as an agent and advocate, against other agents and advocates; but parliament is a deliberative assembly of one nation, with one interest, that of the whole; where, not local purposes, not local prejudices, ought to guide, but the general good, resulting from the general reason of the whole. You choose a member indeed; but when you have chosen him, he is not member of Bristol, but he is a member of parliament.
09/30 02:39 AM

How Italian Americans Changed the American Catholic Church

This is a very nice read at the Deacon's Bench What the Italians taught the American Church . A little bit of our American Catholic history.

In my neck of the woods, northern Louisiana,there is a much more Italian Influence than lets say French or even Irish it seems. The Italian influence in the southern USA Church is quite profound. One is struck that when one goes into the Delta of Mississippi ho many Italians there are. Again they pop up where you least expect them

Henry Kissinger May Contribute to Vatican Newspaper

I very much like the changes tha thave been made at the Vatican Newspaper as well as other communication outlets of the Vatican. I still think we are moving at a snails space and both need to be available more to the worldwide audinece of Catholics but we are getting there.

Anywho, The Ratzinger Froum has translated this Piece from a Italian Catholic paper , La Stampa, that I thought was interesting:

A year of change in 'the Pope's newspaper':
Benedict XVI has encouraged its use of non-Catholic contributors by
Sept. 29, 2008 .

VATICAN CITY - Rabbis, Anglican bishops, Orthodox prelates, Muslim intellectuals, atheist opinion-makers (in the first line, historian and political philosopher Ernesto Galli Della Loggia and essayist Aldo Schiavone) and women: increasingly, L'Osservatore Romano has taken on board "non-Catholic and non-believing intellectuals' as guest writers.

Giovanni Maria Gian, professor and historian of Christianity, who completes his first year today as editor of the Pope's newspaper, points to the gains that have been made, at the behest of Benedict XVI, in partibus infidelium (on the part of infidels).

The objective of his 'publisher' Joseph Ratzinger, he said, is "to potentiate information to on other Christian confessions and other religions" by opening the Osservatore to 'a growing number of non-Catholic collaborators'.

Vian explained that the Pontiff "follows his newspaper with great attention" and had requested expressly for "a vast international breadth which takes all points of view into account" and to "publish more photographs, illustrations and art reproductions" and The Pope wants "a newspaper that is graphically inviting, with a greater use of color photographs; many interviews; one that can be influential in the cultural debate; and more room for women writers."

The golden list of those who have guest-written for L'Osservatore in the past year includes the Archbishop of Canterbury, Archbishop Rowan Williams, Primate of the Anglican Church, along with "representatives of Protestant and other Christian Churches, particularly the Oriental and the Orthodox".

The ecumenical dialog, in fact, is "a priority of the Holy See and therefore, of its newspaper as well". Open doors, too, for Muslim byliners, such as the Algerian-born Muslim scholar Khaled Fouad Allam, ex-deputy of the Partito Democrata; Hanna Salameh, member of the Union of Jordanian Writers, Jordn's League for Human Rights, and the scientific committee of the Oasis international center for study and research founded by Cardinal Angelo Scola, patriarch of Venice, in 2004; Khaled Abd ar-Ra’uf al Jaber, who has been a bridge for Islam-Christian dialog at the University of Petra (Jordan); and Ahmad Gianpiero Vincenzo, president of the Association of Italian Muslim Intellectuals and first director of the Italian government's department for inter-religious dialog.

Among the Jews - 'older brothers' to Christians, in John Paul II's words - besides Anna Foa and Giorgio Israel, who have both been writing frequently, soon to debut on the pages of the Pope's newspaper is Shear-Yashuv Cohen, chief rabbi of Haifa (Israel) and the first non-Christian ever invited to address a Bishops' Synod (on October 6). Preceding him was the chief rabbi of Rome, Riccardo Di Segni, who contributed his reflections on the papal letter to the Diocese of Rome regarding the educative emergency. "We have known each other for years, we worked together in the Enciclopedia Italiana, and thanks to Roberto Stangler of the Jewish Museum, we have maintained strong contact," says Vian of Di Segni.

The front page of the newspaper has dealt with the most controversial issues from biological wills to the frontiers of scientific research, in a 'secular mix' given the 'unlimited potential of the Vatican' - "Even the Dalai Lama would agree to write for us" - that has also included front-page commentaries on economics and finance by experts like Ettore Gotti Tedeschi and Simona Beretta. Vian expects to have international scholars to contribute articles in their areas of specialty.

One possible guest contributor is Henry Kissinger, a Jew, who was, of course, Secretary of State for Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, "whose byline will certain attract a lot of attention". He would be asked to contribute analysis of international affairs that are of greatest interest to the Vatican. "During the year, we have increased our international news coverage by 130%," says Vian. Not incidentally, L'Osservatore inaugurated its first Asian foreign-language edition a few months ago, publishing in Malayalam for the six million Indian Catholics in the state of Kerala. An indication of the interest in the newspaper is that ambassadors to the Holy See and Italy have been visiting the Osservatore editorial offices.

The newspaper first came out as the official organ of the Holy See on July 1, 1861, a few months after the proclamation of the Kingdom of Italy (marking the reunification of disparate states, including the former papal states, on Italian territory into the first Italian state). Following the Battle of Castelfidardo, the Vatican Interior Minister Marcantonio Pacelli thought it was important to have a newspaper that would defend what remained of the Pontifical State. It has come out daily (except Mondays) since 1862. It has only had 11 editors in its long history. Vian was chosen by Pope Benedict XVI last year to succeed Mario Agnes, who had been the editor since 1984.

Can Louisiana Tech Beat Boise State? Links and Preview-- GO Dawgs!!!

The Infamous Blue Turf

Besides being a huge LSU fan I am pretty big Louisiana Tech fan. I got a degree from both schools. We have a nice treat of a nationally televised game this Wednesday. Many viewers will be tuning in to see if Boise State falters and Tech becomes the BCS buster. The WAC currently has two possible BCS busters that being Boise and a very good Fresno State team. In fact this Fresno Team is one of the best I have ever seen.

I would love for a WAC team to get into a BCS Bowl again but my main concern is victory for Louisiana Tech.

Boise State is a very difficult place to play to say the least and their fans are some of the best not only in the WAC but in the nation.

However I really think Louisiana Tech could pull this off.

Here are some links related to the game

Aiming for Boise Shreveport Times, LA
Tech to open conference stretch at Boise State Monroe News Star, LA -
VENUE: Bronco Stadium CBSSports.com
Last game: Defeated Southeastern Louisiana 41-26 on Sept. 20 IdahoStatesman.com, ID
Broncos ready for WAC opener Boise State University The Arbiter Online, ID
La. Tech QB feeling deja blueIdahoStatesman.com, ID -
Petersen calls La. Tech "extremely scary"; injury update IdahoStatesman.com, ID - Sep 26, 2008
La. Tech coach impressed with Broncos, MooreIdahoStatesman.com, ID - Sep 24, 2008

Space.Com- Is Earth in a Unique Special Place in The Universe?

This interesting article caught my eye this morning. I am not sure what it all means but it is exciting to think about. See

Do We Live in a Giant Cosmic Bubble?

Solars Panels At the Vatican!!!

Cool Stuff

Head of Vatican Supreme Court - Democratic Party risks transforming itself into a 'party of death'

Oops. Will this get reported widely? Lets hope so.

Whispers that has a ton of good stuff this morning reports on prefect of the Apostolic Signatura, Archbishop Raymond annd a interview that ran in a influential Catholic Italian paper. Great but sad and true quotes in there.

See Burke: Dems Risk "Death"

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Louisiana Catholic Blog Update for Sept 27 2008

Ok I had to rush this one. If i missed anyone I am sorry I will catch you on the next one

Ville Platte Catholic Youth Group has a great video at Vote Catholic! (check it out)

Unskilled Labor has USC Finished

Moms and Kids At Home has Something's not quite right here. . .

From The Recamier has her update here . She has Saints todaay among other things (Saint Wenceslaus, Martyr (died 929) and Saint Lorenzo (Lawrence) Ruiz and Companions, Martyrs (died 1637).

The Louisiana Brown Pelican Society( lay Louisiana Catholic has their daily mega update

For The Greater Glory has Presidential Debate 1

Full Circle has a update on this entry Competitive sports and homeschooling . Also see Hurricane Ike: nearly 400 still missing and Another cool severe weather capture

Cajun Cottage Under the Oaks has It's a Beautiful Thing and Swaying, Sliding, & Sashaying

Thoughts & Ruminations from Fr. Ryan has Hello fine people of Janitoria!

Da Mihi Animas has Psalm 104: God is Good! (for all us of us distressed today) ,Feast of the Archangels
,John McCain: American Hero! .Remembering the Catholic Martyrs of China , anda n vid here at Pope Benedict: Before evangelizing, St. Paul encountered Christ!!

Senator Lindsey Graham is Right On the Bailout

I very much agree with Senator Graham here on the Financial stuff. By the way I do not endorsement Mr Nordlingers other statements on immigration reform. I needless to say supported those controversial projects. But Senator Graham is right also on this. (By the way I am very 'Graham Man"

From NRO

No Luxury [Jay Nordlinger]

In recent days, countless statements have been made about the bailout. But I think I like best something Sen. Lindsey Graham said. He said, “I’m going to choose the bad choice over the catastrophic choice.” And then he said, “We don’t have the luxury of kicking this can down the road like we did with immigration or Social Security and dealing with it another day, hoping somebody braver than us will come along and have courage that we can’t muster to deal with immigration or Social Security. This is on our watch.”

I have never been a Graham man, really — never a Graham cracker (although I’m very much a Gramm cracker). But I thought this statement was both insightful and standup. And what politician had the courage, by the way, to attempt a lasting answer on immigration and Social Security? The president, George W. Bush.

He may have been wrongheaded about immigration — too amnesty-minded. But he was certainly right about Social Security. That is clear even now, as markets are going nutso. Any “personalization” would have safeguards. And what safeguards does the current program have, heading as it is into poverty and bankruptcy?

09/29 04:10 PM

This is a real crisis folks.

Will LSU Tiger Football Tickets Go Down During this Great Depression

Well trying to look on the bright side of the failure of the House ot pass the bailout bill as we wonder if we face some major economic devastation.

Since everyone is for the markets correcting itself (behind the safety of their computers) I hope at least this happens.

Needless to say if we have a Great Depression they are not going to be able to fill Tiger Stadium at these prices. Maybe Coach Paul Mainieri and the baseball team can give out free butter and cheese ( I suspect younger readers will not get the Butter and Cheese reference) to entice us out of towners to come in so to negate those expenses of travel with giving us a food benefit.

I heard that the prices for Georgia tickets are already dropping. Wait, maybe that has to do with something else...

Recently Found St Augustine Manucripts Authentic Reports Vatican Newspaper

Yes I am ignoring the Financial Crisis right now.

As people are awaiting to see if another Depression unfolds I doubt my little post on the Lost works of St Augustine will be a huge hit today in the google hits. Still it is significant. There was quite a buzz last year that there were new St Augustine manuscripts founds. Well they appear to be authentic. The Vatican Newspaper had a nice piece on this.

The Way of the Fathers has more and details on them at Augustine Lost and Found

Pope Benedict Being All Pre- Vatican II and Talking About Angels and Stuff !!

By the way the post title is in a sarcastic tone!!!

They exist!!! The Pope was talking about them today since it is the Michaelmas - Feast of St. Michael and All Angels, 29 September . Go to Pro Ecclesia and see his entry on that.

I am With Bob Livingston on the Bailout!!

I have not talked too much about the "bailout". Recall Rep Bob Livingston? He was about to ne the the Speaker of the House till fate dealt Louisiana a cruel hand again and there were allegation of phone sex or something. Anyway really smart and nice guy. Great Public servant

He says as to the bailout:

It's a Livingston [Kathryn Jean Lopez]
I asked former Louisiana congressman Bob Livingston the same question. He said: "I would have wanted to test the sources who say the economy will blow up if some fix isn't passed. If I believed them, I'd likely vote for an amended version. If I didn't, I'd vote 'no."
09/29 11:08 AM.

Well after weeks of this and talking to non political types that know a thing about fiance , markets etc they had one conclusion. They were scared to death!!! So I am going with them and not the thousands of amateur economist on Internet boards that think it is great fun playing a purest form of "the Invisible hand" here. Sorry that is not worth risking a great depression over.

Young Protestant Minister Gets Catholic Altar Rails and the Bigger Issue!!!

Father Z has a must read here at A Protestant Pastor reacts to the Communion rail entry . This Church of Christ Minister gets it!!!! This Protestant Minister is commenting on a article that Father Z did on Altar rails

Great insight!!! I wonder how many Catholic converts have thought the same thing. I entered the Catholic faith while I was at College and was very involved with Catholic Students groups at my University and on a state wide level. Campus Ministers back then were sad to say "radical" and not in a good way.

I can recall the Louisiana Catholic College Students were having their annual Summer Week retreat at Maryhill in Pineville Louisiana. This nun was one of the speakers and after giving a talk on "We are All Eucharist" she started going on about how Priest and Clergy were nothing special blah blah blah blah.

I sort of was not very popular with her when I stood up and announced as a former Southern Baptist that my very non hierarchy priesthood of the believer former faith would find what she was saying was far far too radical.

In the above link the Minister says in part:

Part of the reason I wanted to be a minister is because it seemed like I couldn't be the best Christian I could be unless I was a minister. All the best Christians I knew were pastors (I now see how wrong that was), which suggested to me that clergy were on another spiritual plane that couldn't be accessed unless on was clergy. Furthermore, if it was acceptable for me to preach as a 15-year-old, then I wasn't doing enough, and was therefore less of a Christian, when I wasn't preaching. The thought never entered my mind that I may have a vital role to play in worship as a member of the congregation.

I wonder if I would have felt this way if there were a greater distinction between clergy and congregation growing up, if the creep of egalitarianism wasn't so strong. What if there were places I wasn't allowed to go on the altar? What if someone had explained to me that there are things the pastor does that the congregation can't do, and things the congregation does that the pastor can't do? What if I knew that both are essential for worship (and, by extension, we do great harm to the worship of the church when we don't show up)? I wonder if I would have valued the sacraments and the preaching of the Word more if I had a better understanding of the differences between ordained and lay

Again read it all. Please note the Anglicans in my town, the Lutherans and others were not tearing down altar rails. Heck even the good ole Southern Methodist were still kneeling at an altar rail in my litte part of the world. BUt not the Catholics goodness no!!

Such silliness and silliness that has made a problem worse that the Advocates of "Tear them out " said they were trying to combat.

The Sad Case of Catholic Social Justice Advocates Selling Their Soul in 08

We often hear that Catholic in the public square should think about Catholic principles as neither right or left. This statement is true though it is used way way too much on too many issues.

For years we have been lectured ( we being Catholic Republicans or Conservatives) that we were putting partisanship ahead of the Catholic gospel. I often disagreed but I listened to various arguments they made to form my opinion so it would be in line with the Catholic faith. Despite people telling me that these voices were just in bed with the democrat party I never fully agreed with that. Now however I do and I must say that is sad to me. The voice of Catholic Progressives and liberals has now lost any authenticity to me.

This is troubling far more than just if McCain or Obama gets elected. No it is apparent that that there is a fight over Catholic Social Justice Issues in the United States Political square. This fight is about:

(1) who will be the Catholic voices of those concerns and what voices are not allowed at the table (It appears that Catholic Republicans do not need to apply)


(2) Will Catholic Social Justice concerns and other related eggs in the basket all be put in one party.

Point number 2 is very troubling and I am sorry to say the hypocrisy of many Catholics is in full force.

For instance Catholic Conservatives and Republicans have been lectured non stop that the PRO-ISSUE (I am speaking of Abortion) cannot just be a issue of the Republicans. That we must fight for democrats that share this vision. I think that is very correct. In fact I have voted for Democrats over Republicans because I had a interest in making the Democrats more pro-life. It appears it does not work in reverse.

We saw signs of this early on. There was very little interest in Catholic Progressive, Liberal, Social Justice circles in Senator Sam Brownback of Kansas that ran for in the GOP primary. One prominent liberal Catholic blog that was mentioned in this NCR article on blogs main point of concern with Brownback was that he was not on all board with all facets of evolution as a personal matter and what a character fault that was!!!

Let me remind you that Boston Cardinal Sean P. O'Malley praised Sen. Sam Brownback as the candidate whose views most closely reflected Catholic social teaching .

Brownback got more attention from Evangelicals than Catholics. A sad state of affairs.

I saw this with Huckabee to a certain extent. Huckabee was even talking VERTICAL POLITICS. Yet when Huckabee was being attacked as some big socialist, for not balancing the state budget on the backs of the poor, and other Catholic Social Justice concerns by radical anti tax groups hardly no Catholic voices came to his defense!!

Why is this and why do see this happening to McCain right now? The answers came to me in a interview I saw by an Evangelical that took some time out to work for Huckabee in Iowa. He talked about what he had learned in his post The Short, Fast Ride:My 30-Day Crash Course In Presidential Politics. One of his observations was:

The Other Side Doesn't Matter (At All) -- No one on the campaign ever seemed to take an interest in what was going on with Clinton, Obama, Edwards or any of the other non-GOP candidates. For all we cared, the Democrats might as well have been in an alternate campaign universe. All that mattered was what was happening on our side.

That is a major truth. The reason not many in the self proclaimed Catholic Social Justice circles commented on the Catholic Social Justice issue in the Brownback, McCain, and Huckabee campaigns because they were NOT PAYING ATTENTION BECAUSE THEY WERE FOCUSED ON THEIR GUYS . No wonder there was silence.

However nothing is worse than what I am seeing as to McCain. Obama and Biden's Position on Gay marriage and abortion are excused non stop. However McCain views and advocacy on issues such as immigration reform (DO CATHOLIC SOCIAL JUSTICE TYPES RECALL THAT) or torture, or his history of reaching across the aisle is ignored.

They are putting all the eggs in one democrat basket. I have a big newsflash for the Catholic Social Justice and others that are pontificating all the time. Next time you go to a Politician's office and ask them to stick their neck out for your concerns they at least expect to get some attention for it. At the very least they do not expect to be attacked non stopped and made some silly caricature not one year later. This is the danger and I am sad to say Catholic Progressives are causing great harm.

Like I said it appears this is not a two way street. If Obama had done on abortion what McCain did on immigration , and torture, and other concerns we would be demanded to vote for Obama .

I thought the other nights debate was telling!!

Even the comment section at VOX NOVA , that is very pro Obama sensed the very hawkish tone of Obama. Something they complain about John McCain non stop.

However even here we sense there will no reappraisal

For Catholic Social Justice types the fall back argument is IRAQ, IRAQ, IRAQ. Thought for some reason Joe Biden is not held to this standard nor his goofy plan in he advocated as late as last year to divide Iraq into three sections. Again a horrible double standard.

Though on the issue of Iraq war Catholic Social Justice types have been horribly deceptive or perhaps we can hope just ignorant.

For instance the only question they pose about Iraq deals with the choice to invade or not. For them it is always the day before the invasion. Though they proclaim themselves to be the voice of authentic Catholic Teaching on the subject( FOR INSTANCE THE VATICAN IS AGAINST THE WAR OR THE VATICAN SAYS THIS) they sadly are not.

For instance the Bishop' latest statement on Iraq( No doubt made in consultation with the Vatican is just ignored). Especially these part:

We do not have specific competence in political, economic and military strategies and do not assess particular tactics, but we can, as teachers, share a moral tradition to help inform policy choices. Our Catholic teaching on war and peace offers hard questions, not easy answers. Our nation must now focus more on the ethics of exit than on the ethics of intervention. The grave moral concerns we and others raised prior to the war now give way to new moral questions. In the current situation the traditional principles of “noncombatant immunity” and “probability of success” suggest these questions: How can we minimize the further loss of human lives? What actions will do the most good and least harm? What elements of a responsible transition are attainable? How can theybe achieved? What actions should be avoided? How can decision-makers take into account both the realities and setbacks in Iraq and the likely human consequences of rapid withdrawal? What are the financial costs and global consequences of continued war and occupation? And, how can our nation effectively counter the perversion of religion and ideologies that support terrorism, which in all cases merits condemnation?


The dangerous political stalemate in Iraq that blocks national reconciliation finds a parallel in our own nation. We are alarmed by the political and partisan stalemate in Washington. Some policy makers seem to fail to recognize sufficiently the reality and failures in Iraq and the imperative for new directions. Others seem to fail to recognize sufficiently the potential human consequences of very rapid withdrawal. These two forms of denial have helped contribute to partisan paralysis.


What does USCCB mean by a “responsible transition?”“Responsible transition” is a morally and politically demanding, but carefully limited goal that allows for a responsible withdrawal at the earliest opportunity. The moral demands of this transition begin with minimizing further loss of human life and addressing the humanitarian crisis in Iraq, the refugee crisis in the region, and human rights, especially religious freedom.Each course of action in Iraq should be weighed in light of the traditional moral principle of “probability of success,” i.e. the likelihood that the action will contribute to a “responsible transition” and withdrawal as soon as appropriate and possible.

Needless to say sadly in the Catholic Social Justice world in the United States these questions and insights from our Shepards are not even talked about. It is very deceptive and intellectually dishonest. This also has played a part in now my look of disdain at many leading advocates of Catholic Social Justice principles in the United States. In essense I don't trust them anymore to to even give me good information.

So this election will be a sad event for me regardless of the outcome. Though I sometimes disagree with my fellow Catholics that are on the forefront of this issues as to the proposed solutions I never viewed them as being purely partisan hacks. That now has changed. They are on the whole no better than the people that they condemn

Pope Benedict talks John Paul the I, The Parable of The Two Sons , and Says Don't Be a Showoff In his Weekly Sunday Angelus ( ANGELUS OF 9/27/08 )

The Pope gave his Sunday Angelus from Castel Gandolfo yesterday. These are generally shorter than the one's at The Vatican because he has to stand at at he Villa. Thanks again to the Ratzinger Forum for the English Translation and the pics.
Here is a translation of the Holy Father's words before and after the noontime Angelus today, which he led from his balcony overlooking the inner courtyard of the Apostolic Palace in Castel Gandolfo:

Dear brothers and sisters! The liturgy today proposes the Gospel parable of the two sons sent by their father to work in his vineyard. One of them immediately said Yes, but does not go. The other first refuses, and then repentant, follows his father's wish. With this parable, Jesus shows once again his inclination towards sinners who are converted, and teaches us that one needs humility to accept the gift of salvation.

Even St. Paul, in the passage from the Letter to the Philippians that we meditated on today, exhorts us to be humble. "Do nothing out of selfishness or out of vainglory; rather, humbly regard others as more important than yourselves" (Phil 2,3). These are the every sentiments of Christ, who having stripped himself of divine glory out of love for us, became man and humbled himself to death by crucifixion (cfr Phil 2,5-8).

The verb used - ekendsen - literally means that he 'emptied himself', which places in clear light Jesus's profound humility and infinite love, the humble servant par excellence. Reflecting on these Biblical texts made me think right away of Pope John Paul I, whom we remember today on the 30th anniversary of his death. He had chosen as his episcopal motto that of St. Charles Borromeo - 'Humilitas'. A single word that summarizes the essence of Christian life and indicates that indispensable virtue which, in the Church, is called service to authority.

In one of the four General Audiences that he held during his very brief Pontificate, he said, among other things, in that informal way that characterized him: "I will limit myself to recommending one virtue which was so dear to the Lord, who said, 'Learn from me to be am gentle and humble of heart... Even if you do great things, say, 'We are humble servants'". He observed further: "Instead the tendency, in all of us, is rather the contrary: to show ourselves off" (Teachings of John Paul I, p. 51-52).

Humility can be considered his spiritual testament. Thanks to that virtue, 33 days sufficed for Papa Luciani to enter the hearts of the faithful. In his speeches, he used examples taken from the concrete life of everyday, from his memories of family life, and from popular wisdom. His simplicity was the vehicle for a solid and rich teaching, which, thanks to an exceptional memory and vast culture, he enriched with numerous citations from ecclesiastical as well as lay writers. Thus, he was an unequalled catechist, in the footsteps of St. Pius X, his fellow northerner and predecessor, first in the See of St. Mark (Venice) and then on Peter's Chair.

"We should feel ourselves small before God," he said in that same audience. "I am not ashamed to feel like a child before my mother - one believes in Mama, I believe in the Lord, and what he has revealed to me" (ivi, p. 49). These words demonstrate the weight of his faith. As we thank God for having given him to the Church and to the world, let us cherish his example as a treasure, committing ourselves to cultivate the same humility which made him capable of speaking to everyone, especially to the little ones and those who are said to be 'distant' from the Church. For this, let us pray to the Most Blessed Mary, humble servant of the Lord.

After the Angelus, the Pope had a special message:

Summertime has gone and the day after tomorrow, I will return to the Vatican. I thank the Lord for all the gifts he has given me during this time. I think, in particular, of World Youth Day in Sydney, the holiday rest in Bressanone, the visit to Sardinia and the apostolic visit to Paris and Lourdes. I am also grateful for the opportunity for me to stay in this home, where I can best work and rest during the hottest months of the year.

I address an affectionate greeting to the community of Castel Gandolfo, with heartfelt thanks to the Bishop, the Mayor and the forces of law and order. Thank you all, and Arrivederci!

In English, he said:

I offer a warm welcome to the English-speaking visitors gathered for this Angelus prayer. My special greeting goes to the students from Aquinas College in Australia and to the members of the Fatima pilgrimage from the Philippines.

In today’s Gospel, the Lord asks us to reflect whether we are obedient to the Father in word alone, or truly committed to following his will in our daily lives. May his words inspire in us a spirit of genuine conversion and an ever more generous commitment to the spread of the Gospel. Upon you and your families I cordially invoke God’s blessings of wisdom, joy and peace! He had special words for the people of Poland: I affectionately greet all the Poles who have come to Castel Gandolfo.

I specially address today the faithful who are gathered in Bialystok, Poland, for the beatification of the Servant of God Michał Sopoćko, confessor and spiritual guide of St. Faustina Kowalska. On his suggestion, the saint described her mystic experiences and the apparitions of Merciful Jesus in her well-known 'Diary'. It was also thanks to his efforts that the image of Divine Mercy with the words, "Jesus, I trust you', was created and shared with the world. This Servant of God became known as a zealous priest, educator and propagator of devotion to Divine Mercy.

I share the joy of the Diocese of Bialystok and Vilnius and all those who hold dear the message of Divine Mercy. My beloved predecessor, the Servant of God John Paul II, must be rejoicing in the house of the Lord at this beatification. It was he who entrusted the world to Divine Mercy and so, I repeat to all his hope: "May God who is rich in mercy bless you!" To Italians, he said: As I extend my best wishes to all students who have just begun the academic year, I express my appreciation for the campaign started by the Society of St. Vincent de Paul called "Fatemi studiare, conviene a tutti" (Let me study - it will be good for everyone).

In the spirit of St. Vincent, whom we remembered in the liturgy yesterday, this initiative aims to prevent the poverty of illiteracy.

I wish everyone a good month of October, month of the Holy Rosary, during which, God willing, I will make a pilgrimage to the Shrine in Pompeii on Sunday, October 19.

Thank You Slate - Palin Rape Kit Myth Debunked

Kudos to Slate online Magazine for debunking again that Palin was making rape victims pay for their own rape kits at hospitals. This myth is not only frustrating it is evil. Though as the Slate article points out the NEW YORK TIMES seems not to care looking at their Op-Ed page today.

I wish to point at what what Mr Gerraghty at NRO said on this matter this morning.

Recognizing Intellectual Honesty
God bless
Rachael Larimore of Slate, who looks at the rape-kit charge against Sarah Palin and finds the evidence lacking. (She refers to my article on the topic from last week.) I'm not exaggerating; this has been a maddening cycle for watching misinformation spread, and at times it feels that no one wants to shoot down a blatant lie if it is helpful to "their side."

I wonder if it would be worthwhile if, say, once a month, everyone in the ideologically-aligned press had to spend a day weeding out disinformation about the candidate they oppose. I've done it from time to time. (I admit, I was particularly persnickety after Time magazine attributed my discovery of the "whitey tape" rumor resembling a plotline of a novel to "Obama sleuths.")
If righty publications ran "no, Obama's not a Muslim" and "no, there's no evidence of the whitey tape" stories, and the MSM ran "No, McCain didn't say he wanted to fight a war for 10,000 years" and "no, Sarah Palin's town never charged a victim for a rape kit" stories, the world would be a far better place.
09/29 10:12 AM


We really need to keep these people in our prayers. I also wish to remind people if you are able to give. Early indications are that Catholics across the nation are not quite giving like they should to help out these Catholic communities in need. I know times are tough but goodness some of these places are total losses.


............... Catholic Charities is reporting "scant" response to its appeal for relief donations following this season's Gustav and Ike.Among others, the head of Louisiana's Houma-Thibodaux diocese -- where at least 20,000 homes have been damaged, as have close to 90% of its parishes and schools -- has put out a pitch for $10 million to maintain its level of providing needed services, including meals, cleaning kits and gas cards. As schools reopened Thursday in its neighboring diocese of Beaumont -- where a $25 million capital campaign has been suspended for at least a year to focus on rebuilding -- the situation's said to be "in flux" in the archdiocese of Galveston-Houston amid estimates that half of its 151 parish plants sustained "widespread" damage and heavily-hit school communities were temporarily relocated until their buildings could reopen.

Whispers in two articles I am highlighting today has a great post on Cardinal Dinardo's visit to Galveston this weekend at The Will to Hope .

Update to Help those in the Diocese of Houma Thibodaux that is huge need Individuals, Catholic Church entities or corporations wishing to help are asked to send their contributions to: Disaster Relief Fund, Diocese of Houma-Thibodaux, P.O. Box 505, Schriever, LA 70395. Additionally, contributions may be sent through bill pay or PayPal on the diocesan Web site: www.htdiocese.org.

Democrats Buying Ads Targeting Religious Folks Talking About McCain Playing Craps

Good Grief. I don't know how many read that silly story n the NYT yesterday but now the DNC is getting into it.

Obama: My Weekly Poker Game With Lobbyists Is Okay, But McCain's Gambling Isn't

Politico: "The DNC is buying ads on religious Web sites to highlight the McCain gambling ties reported on Sunday’s New York Times front. BREAKING: “Watch for Obama to use the story about McCain and gambling in the NYT yesterday to drive his change message, especially on the economy and the influence of lobbyists.” Team Obama will argue this reflects on temperament and judgment."
That would be this
New York Times story, describing McCain playing the craps table with Rick Davis and Scott Reed. Davis is a longtime McCain friend and associate, currently his campaign manager, who runs a lobbying firm that represented Indian tribes with casino interests. Reed also worked as a lobbyist for Indian tribes, but he was also Bob Dole's campaign manager in 1996, where McCain is a top surrogate. To define these longtime buddies of McCain as lobbyists, you would also have to define David Axelrod as a lobbyist.
Beyond that, are we supposed to ignore the fact that the criticism is going to come from the guy who used to have a weekly poker game with lobbyists?
USA Today, July 6 of this year: "On Wednesday nights during Illinois General Assembly sessions, a group of lobbyists and lawmakers used to gather at the headquarters of the Illinois Manufacturers' Association for a weekly poker game. Barack Obama, who represented part of Chicago as state senator from 1997-2004, was a regular."
I guess gambling with lobbyists is scandalous, but if a Democrat does it, it's okay.
09/29 09:40 AM .

As McCain would MY FRIENDS, this will backfire and be seen by mnay of those religious voters they are targeting as stupid. Oh yes Obama is for the repeal of DOMA and is MR Abortion but oh Lordy he doesn't play like McCain so lets vote for him.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Explaing Catholic Liturgy To High School Kids -It is Like College Football

I referenced this post earlier in my Louisiana Catholic blog update for today. Blogger Alive and Young teaches religion to High School kids and he recently talked about the Liturgy. He asked them to do a paper on what they would change. Well of course the standard complaints -ITS BORING etc etc came. However I like how he compared the Liturgy the a Football game here (Insert your own non LSU example if you are not a fan of the Tigers)

GO see A Liturgical Parable

Louisiana Catholic Blog Update For September 27, 2008 (Beat Mississippi State Edition)

Well It is Saturday morning so not many Louisiana Catholic blogs have updated but there were a few since yesterday.

From The Recamier has her daily update here . She has Saints!!! They are Saint Cosmas and Saint Damian, Martyrs (died 303) plus she talks about her day, LSU football , USC losing (haha) and gives a parting quote from some old greek dead guy that traveled alot including living a decade in our little ole State of Louisiana.

Footprints on the Fridge has Have a Party Without Leaving Home

Witnessing Hope our Louisiana Mission gal in Central America has her prayer intentions for this week at Please pray…. Also she gives us a overview of her first month at Después de un mes (After One Month) (this is a very interesting post).

The Louisiana Brown Pelican Society has a ton of very interesting links up for this morning.

ALIVE AND YOUNG has a post I very MUCH like. What does LSU football Have to deal with the Liturgy? GO see A Liturgical Parable ( I shall re post this later)

Full Circle hits on a post I did earlier. Please see Competitive sports and homeschooling .

Cajun Cottage Under the Oaks has Autumn Treasures & Pumpkin Recipes and I'm in Love...(Home: Part II)

Finally Our Catholic expat Louisiana Priest in New Jersey Da Mihi Animas has Fr. Benedict Groeschel Speaks About Modern Culture , Money Crisis Video: Must See TV! , and Go out to all the world and proclaim the Good News!

Is There a " Gold Mass " In Your Diocese ? Mass for People in the Performing Arts

My small Diocese has an wonderful Red Mass. If you have a chance go. The Red Mass, celebrated for lawyers, Judges and all thos ein the legal area. The Blue Mass is for law enforcement officers.

Now we have a Gold Mass. That is a Mass bless those working in the performing arts. Sounds like a WONDERFUL IDEA.

The Deacon's Bench has more at Going for The Gold

Homeschoolers and Playing High School Sports

IT's Tebow (Blessings Upon Him)
Creative Minority Report has great post up that talks about a ESPN article that is out. Go Homeschooling and Sports

It has sort of has been amazing to me that you got a the Stud of Football, A HEISMAN WINNER, and someone that was homeschooled and I am seeing little action on the front of allowing Homeschool children to participate in local high school athletics.

Now what I am referring too is down here in the South. For instance one would think places like Louisiana would jump on this. But perhaps not. There are invested interests that would oppose I would suppose. It would be interesting to see the history of the Florida Legislation and how that battle went that allowed Tebow and countless others to play.
Update I- Full Circle , A Louisiana Home Schooling Dad From Baton Rouge hits on this too today. Please see Competitive sports and homeschooling .

The Morning After Debate Thoughts

I went to the football game last night. My Mighty Homer Pelicans by the way beat the evil Catholics of Loyola Prep.

Congrat to LSU's For the Greater Glory. I noticed last night hig diabolical Jesuits High New Orleans Folks beat Baton Rouge Catholic in Overtime.

Anyway I watched the replay of the debate. I thought McCain did real well. McCain must do a better job of showing that Obama is not from the Sam Nunn./John Breaux wing of the Democrat party but from the far liberal wing. Watching Obama out there he has a amazing ability to make himself look centrist which is not true at all. It is a amazing talent and it is akin to if Rep Tom Tancredo was out there making himself look like some moderate.

I was very pleased McCain looked "good". I can recall that at one Republcian Primary debate held on the same day as a bitter fight on the immigration bill was happening McCain looked sort of old and tired though his answers were good. I swear it looked like McCain had gotten off the beach last night looking at his complexion. Oh yeah I am reminded again OBAMA has HUGE OLE EARS. I will say Obama got rid of a lot of his "uhs" last night.

I very much agree with some Jonah Goldberg said last night. He said:

I gave a speech tonight and then had to sign books afterward, so I missed the first half or so of the debae. I've got to watch the whole thing from the beginning, but one thing really stuck me. It was interesting, even oddly refreshing, to see what a good politician McCain is. I sometimes forget that. I'm not sure why, though I have some theories. One of them: I've heard so many of his lines so many times, I was jazzed to hear how good he can be when he's extemporaneous (or when he's good at being extemporaneous). Obama is a good politician too, of course. But he can give the sense that he's merely a politician; a talker. McCain doesn't give the sense he's a talker, so it's actually more surprising — and encouraging — when he shows himself to be a good talker.

I think this is very true and this is often ignored by people on both sides of the aisle that are not big fans of McCain.

I though it was a good night for John McCain and Obama made no huge gaffes. I will talk about the Catholic Aspect of this later

Friday, September 26, 2008

Ku Klux Klan Members Plan to Appear at Presidential Debate Site But Will Be Invisible!!!

What? The Wall Street Journal is reporting under headline Ku Klux Klan Members Plan to Appear at Presidential Debate Site.

The Mississippi White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan plan to be on campus for the face-off between Republican nominee John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama, the first African-American nominee of a major party, according to a Friday report in the university’s student newspaper.
University officials haven’t commented. But, since winning the bid as host a year ago, they have used the attention to promote the university’s efforts toward racial reconciliation.
The university newspaper,
the Daily Mississippian, first reported earlier this month that the white supremacist group planned to appear among the throngs expected on the Oxford, Miss., campus. The emperor of the White Knights group, whose identity was withheld as a condition of the interview, said his members would be “invisible … Our people won’t be in regalia or demonstrating. So, I guess you’ll just have to guess which of the people present are Klansmen.”


So -They won't demonstrate.-You won’t know they are there and won’t even see them.-Unnamed source.

Yeah right. Heck they might be there but if this is the extent of their presence (of course how do we know if they are there or not) it is sad this great Moment for Ole Miss is being tarred by such a stupid headline

Diocese of Little Rock Arkansas Has Priest Vocations Galore

Ok lets get this straight. THAT IS ARKANSAS. There is a slight Catholic presence in the north that could be termed slightly significant but on the whole it is very small. The Diocese of Little Rock is the entire state of Arkansas.

Da Mihi Animas has the story and the link at Little Rock Vocations!

The Diocese of Little Rock is emerging from a 41-year priest vocations slump, with 29 seminarians currently studying in seven different schools in the United States, Italy and Mexico. The diocese has not seen numbers that high since 1966, the last full school year before St. John Home Mission Seminary closed in Little Rock.

Much more at the link. Again why is this happening in places like Little Rock and in other Dioceses. Especially Dioceses with many more Catholics!! Click on the article to found out and then hold your own Diocese accountable or at least ask questions!!!

I will Have No Huge Thoughts On Tonight's Presidential Debates Because I Going to Watch Football

The Evil Catholics of Loyola Prep of Shreveport are invading my small town to play my mighty Homer Pelicans. As I said before why are is there a Presidential Debate on a night where parents , friends , family, go out and watch their kid play football, or in the band, or in the pep squad!!

Anyway I look forward to seeing what the buzz is after the debate!! So any thought I do propose will be what others are saying

New Orleans Archbishop Responds To Louisiana Legislator That Wants To Sterilize Poor Folks

A update here to my post Outrageous "Catholic" Legislator From New Orleans Metro Area Proposed Paying Poor Folks to Sterilize Themselves!!!

Needless to say speaking as a conservative any talk of the Govt involved in sterilization gives me nightmares!!!

Archbishop Hughs of New Orleans tears Rep. John Labruzzo, R-Metairie a new one. See Hughes: Sterilizing the poor 'blatantly anti-life'

Tip of the Hat to the Brown Pelican Society

Louisiana Catholic Blog Update For September 26, 2008

Time for the Louisiana Catholic "Daily" blog update. Yes I know I missed doing yesterday's update.

First I am very very exciting that Full Circle seems to be back blogging after his Hurricane recuperation. See his post The power of the boxes ... , Embryonic stem cell research soon to be irrelevant debate? , My severe weather warnings page in action (this is really cool) , and Church opposition to gay marriage .

The Ville Platte Catholic Youth Group has an excellent post here at The Truth About Birth Control: Part II.

Unskilled Labor remind people that last night USC LOOOOOOSES! . He also has a wonderful vid that also reminds us how ESPN was all praising Sanchez last week. He also $700,000,000,000.00 Bailout (let me answer his question- Full Collapse of Financial sector that is why!!) I intend after the game tonight to try find a web site that explains all this. My freinds in the financial sector and those that rely on credit for their business are scared out of their minds.

From The Recamier has her update here.

Wow this looks fun!!! Footprints on the Fridge has Cave Art from Cave Boys.

Baby Cate has Surprised by Design .

The Wolf Den has Multi-tasking is not for me! But it will be .

The Louisiana Brown Pelican Society( lay Louisiana Catholic organization) has their daily update full of links. (I am linking one of their post next).

Thy Nose to the Marble. has a vid up from the Onion News Network.

Cajun Cottage Under the Oaks has Can I Cry on Your Shoulder and A Name by Any Other Name Would Be So Sweet (Home: Part I)

I am glad to see Looking at the Birds and Considering the Lilies has updated (he was about to taken out ) but I hate it is such a sad topic. See One month

Our Catholic Deacon in New Orleans Life on the (L)edge has SORRY J... MY BAD

Great news!! Our Louisiana Expat Priest in Houston is back up!!! That is Fr. Victor Brown’s Catholic Daily Message. God Bless him. See his post at CDM for the Feast of Saint Finbar (25 Sept 2008) and Feast of Saints Cosmas and Damian (26 Sept 2008)

Last but not least is our Louisiana Expat Priest in New Jersey. That is Da Mihi Animas . See his posts Little Rock Vocations! (great news and will be linking later again) , Cistercian Abbey Stift Heiligenkreuz; Gregorian Chant , The Cause of Salesian Bishop Stepan Czmil is Introduced! , Update: Archbishop Chaput’s book makes NYT Best Seller List , Saint of the Day: Blessed Hermann of Reichenau , and Pope Benedict challenges new Bishops to be like St. Paul!


Yes the Economic crisis is scary (DO SOMETHING NOW Congress) but on a lighter football note Every Day But Saturday brings this news FEDS CALL FOR 38 POINT BAILOUT OF USC

POpe Benedict- Catholic Schools Maniest A Right To Freedom of Education and Governments Should GIve Parents the Freedom to Choose

I thought this was interesting news item. I shall post in full and give some comments afterward. Needless to say these thoughts do not just apply to Italy.
Catholic Schooling Is a Right, Says Pope
Affirms It Contributes to Common Good of Society

CASTEL GANDOLFO, Italy, SEPT. 25, 2008 (
Zenit.org).- Catholic schools are a concrete manifestation of the right to freedom of education, says Benedict XVI.
The Pope expressed this conviction today during an address in the apostolic palace at Castel Gandolfo to representatives of Italian Catholic educational centers, who are taking part in a meeting organized by the Italian episcopal conference's Center of Studies for Catholic Schools.
"The Catholic school is an expression of the right of all citizens to freedom of education, and the corresponding duty of solidarity in the building of civil society," said the Pope, quoting a document of the Italian episcopate.

"To be chosen and appreciated, it is necessary that the Catholic school be recognized for its pedagogical purpose; it is necessary to have a full awareness not only of its ecclesial identity and cultural endeavor, but also of its civil significance," he explained. This "must not be considered as the defense of a particular interest, but as a precious contribution to the building of the common good of the whole society."
In this connection, the Pontiff called for equality between state and Catholic schools, "which will give parents the freedom to choose the school they desire."

"It has become evident that recourse to Catholic schools in some regions of Italy is growing, compared to the preceding decade, despite the fact that difficult and even critical situations persist," he noted.
The Catholic school has an important role, Benedict XVI concluded, as it is the instrument of the "Church's salvific mission" in which "the close union is achieved between the proclamation of the faith and the promotion of man
Hmmm What Candidate in the 08 races approves of vouchers that "will give the parents the freedom to choose the school they desire" ? Maybe this guy?
Politics aside the Pope is often talking about the importance of Catholic schools and the rights to that education. I wish those statements would get more play in the United States

Obama Team Does Not Like NRA Ads- Making Legal Threats

Good grief more Help and Change. This is indeed scary

Instapundit has all the links

Internet Blogging Priest Talks Confession

I very much liked these post Father Longenecker has done on Confession. See Why Confession?
and More on Confession .

I truly believe confession is part of the renewal of the Catholic faith or getting back to it.

I like this insight here and I admit this is a mistake I make

When people come to confession they often have something on their conscience which makes them feel guilty, ashamed or scared.

Most often this is something where they've lost control. Maybe it is a sin that is 'below the belt', something to do with food, drink or drugs, losing one's temper, being violent etc. This sin of passion makes them feel guilty or ashamed or scared, but despite their strong feelings it may not be the most serious sin, or the thing which is keeping them from God.
The amount of guilt we feel or don't feel does not necessarily reflect accurately the seriousness of our sin.......

This is why an examination of conscience is so necessary. A good examination of conscience (and you can find them online or in any good Catholic prayer book) makes things much more objective. The questions simply take us through what we've done and what we've left undone so that we can come to confession simply, objectively and honestly. We do need to confess the things we're ashamed of, but we also need to consider the amount of guilt and shame we feel with some distance.

The dirty shameful thing we did may not be as serious an offense as the harsh word, the hardened heart or the lack of prayer or love for God which we don't feel guilty about at all.