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Will the Archbisop of Cantebury have A backbone

I hope. First Things has a rather optimitic viewpoint here at Rowan Williams and the Anglican Future

The problem is this. A choice must be made. You can't have two Anglican communion in North America at war with each other.

Natural Law Fans Rejoice- New Vatican Document Translated Into English

Hurrah!!!! Mirrors of Justice has the link at English Translation of the International Theological Commission text on the Natural Law

Franciscans Friars Go On An American Pilgrimage

Great Story via Whispers. Be sure to click on the Washington Post link for the full story

Dan Rather Says Obama Needs To Save the Press

This is in the category of the ten worse ideas ever.

Back in the Saddle Again

Nothing sucks like getting a FLU like Virus during the Summer. I have been pretty much on bed for two days and sick of it.

But Gone with the Wind is on TV and I am feeling more perky

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Most Stupid Traffic Ticket I Ever Got

Sorry for the lack of posting today. I was on the road. I must be the only guy in Louisiana that did not realize one must have your lights on when your windshield wipers are on!!! Heck it was a light mist and boom a State Trooper stopped me!! What is the point of this law!!!

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Jimmy Carter Shall Rule the World - THE ELDERS

O dear Jimmy

Pro-Ecclesia has this not the ONION piece at Forget About the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group, and the Council on Foreign Relations ...

Catholic Reality TV Shows!!

The Deacon's Bench has the story at Forget John and Kate, and the Kardashians. Here's a family worth watching.

This could be a big hit in Louisiana perhaps. Imagine a Catholic reality shows dealing with the Broussard family from Mamou.

Recalling the Death of Catholic Convert Bob Hope

They really don't make them like him anymore. McNamara's Blog has Bob Hope (1903-2003)

Gates incident Shows Greatness of America

I was very struck by with this article by Tunku Varadarajan in Forbes magazine The Professor, The Cop And The President and his concluding thought. word on how this episode, for all its sordidness, confirms the greatness of America. Where else could a humble cop--a Lilliput of a sergeant--stand up so publicly to a president? And not just stand up but invite himself over for a beer with the president?
What theater it has been, what entertainment. And yes, a teachable moment--for Professor Gates, and for President Barack Obama. Sgt. Crowley may believe that he had nothing to learn, but I'm certain he has grasped a small truth or two as well

Tip of the hat to instapundit

Why I am against Term Limits

There seems to be two ideas that people swear that will save the Republic and the various states. First is we need to get rid of the two party system- MORE PARTIES!!!. The second that everyone talks about is term limits.

On the first briefly, I am generally a big fan of the two party system. I also think it fits the American character and system quite well. There is a reason why despite brief periods of viable third parties they seem to fade away. Further I am looking at Europe and such where they have numerous third parties and it seems not to be helping. DO we really want to be like Italy? Oh but it will get rid of corruption!! Really? It seems in Israel all sorts of corruption monkeyshines are happening. The most obvious example is the "United States of Europe" the EU where it appears problems that a multi party is suppose to fix is proving well to be a problem.

The EU example brings to the topic of term limits which is somewhat related. First as rural American I recognize that this Seniority thing is a much needed balance. I also think there is something anti democratic about the whole thing. It appears that often people support term limits because they don't like who other people elect. WHY is that Ted Kennedy in there!! Can't we get rid of him. Also there is sort of a potential of democratic laziness. Hey no need for me to get involve in the battle of ideas and convince my neighbor to vote x out for y. He will be out in a couple of years anyway.

It is amazing but often when I talk to politicos and their staff that support term limits they say they think it is a really bad idea. But you know the people want it. The staffs tell me the obvious that often most folks miss. That is in the pursuit of "showing politicians who is boss" an amazing amount of power will go to unelected Government bureaucrats.

Think the old British Comedy Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister (except worse) where the British Civil Service is running the show. The fact is it takes a while for a Senator or Rep to become an "expert on a topic" Whether it is oil and gas to trade , to foreign affairs. At least those views can be debated and checked by the democratic process. It will be much more difficult to do this in this unofficial fourth branch of Govt.

Mickey Kaus sort of shows how this will look like in the extreme when is commenting on this very scary Broder article. See my post What In the heck is the Independent Medicare Advisory Council?

Kaus says
Blow #3 to Orszagism in the last 24 hours: David Broder--who as Lucianne notes will surely be one of the first the Juiceboxers send to the ice floe--notices that what Orszag's base-closing style Medicare cost-cutting panel is designed to get around is ... the ordinary practice of representative democracy. Orszag's Independent Medicare Advisory Commission, or IMAC, isn't (yet) as undemocratic as, say, the Fed: As drafted, IMAC's recommendations could be blocked by either the President or the Congress (two-house veto required). But they'd have to accept or reject the package of reforms as a whole, in the manner of the famous base-closing commission. ...

Hmm. Why isn't a base-closing style commission the solution to every one of our problems? After all, it's logical that the problems our peculiar system of government--featuring a Congress that gives powerful voice to regional and local interests--hasn't yet solved will be precisely the problems that our peculiar system of government is almost incapable of solving. Otherwise they would have been solved already! The solution is a quick suprise switch to a different system of government, featuring powerful judge-like bureaucrats subject only to a broad legislative veto. Trouble imposing energy caps? Base-close it! An Independent Carbon Advisory Commission! If the Midwest objects, let them try to overturn it. Heh, heh. ... Tax code riddled with loopholes? An independent Loophole Closing Commission, empowered to recommend any changes in the tax code as long as they don't result in the collection of less revenue. Immigration? A Comprehensive Regularization Commission, empowered ... well, you get the picture. Always be Base-Closing. ..........

The question term limit folks need to be asked is if their vision is implemented shall we see more of the above.

African Cardinal Blasts United States Catholic Church

Well he has a point in many cases

It does seem whether we are talking about American Anglicans, American Protestants, or even American Catholic Africa is destined to save us from our worse vices.

Tip of the hat to Spirit Daily

Catholic Comic Book Looks At the Battle of New Orleans

Ah I love when this guy at Inside Catholic does this Catholic comic book of old series. See Sunday Comics (after a long absence).

A little Battle of 1812 History. Does any one recall this song that caused a diplomatic incident with the British some decades back.

LSU Coach Paul Mainieri Don't Quit Your Day Job- Sings At Cubs Game

Good Grief that was horrible. The interview he did after though was great(there was LSU fans doing the colors too). Also Cubs won!!!

Vatican Give a Nod to American Southern Catholicism

Whispers has the story at For ATL, An AUX

What In the heck is the Independent Medicare Advisory Council?

Let me say I am not for this. Broder at the Washington Post has Our New Medical Judges?

Here is just a part:

Each year, IMAC would have two responsibilities. First, it would recommend to the president updated fees that Medicare would pay doctors, hospitals, rehab centers, nursing homes, labs, home-care and ambulance services, equipment manufacturers, and all other providers. That is now done by Congress itself, and the lobbying by potent hometown individuals and institutions is one reason Medicare costs keep growing. To control costs, IMAC's recommendations could not exceed the "aggregate level of net expenditures" under Medicare.

Second, IMAC would annually recommend a set of broader reforms to improve the quality or reduce the cost of medical care. On each report, the president would have 30 days to approve or reject the recommendations, but he would have to act on the whole package, not pick it apart.
If he approved, the package would go to Congress and could be overruled only by joint action of the Senate and House within 30 days. Absent that, the secretary of health and human services would order the changes into effect

As Broder points out this is the Military Base Commission model that was used. Heck no. We would be fools to allow this.

Mickey Kaus has thought here at ABC--Always be Base-Closing!

Here is a part:
Blow #3 to Orszagism in the last 24 hours: David Broder--who as Lucianne notes will surely be one of the first the Juiceboxers send to the ice floe--notices that what Orszag's base-closing style Medicare cost-cutting panel is designed to get around is ... the ordinary practice of representative democracy. Orszag's Independent Medicare Advisory Commission, or IMAC, isn't (yet) as undemocratic as, say, the Fed: As drafted, IMAC's recommendations could be blocked by either the President or the Congress (two-house veto required). But they'd have to accept or reject the package of reforms as a whole, in the manner of the famous base-closing commission. ...

Hmm. Why isn't a base-closing style commission the solution to every one of our problems? After all, it's logical that the problems our peculiar system of government--featuring a Congress that gives powerful voice to regional and local interests--hasn't yet solved will be precisely the problems that our peculiar system of government is almost incapable of solving. Otherwise they would have been solved already! The solution is a quick suprise switch to a different system of government, featuring powerful judge-like bureaucrats subject only to a broad legislative veto. Trouble imposing energy caps? Base-close it! An Independent Carbon Advisory Commission! If the Midwest objects, let them try to overturn it. Heh, heh. ... Tax code riddled with loopholes? An independent Loophole Closing Commission, empowered to recommend any changes in the tax code as long as they don't result in the collection of less revenue. Immigration? A Comprehensive Regularization Commission, empowered ... well, you get the picture. Always be Base-Closing. .........

Why the Rush to Pass the Health Care Plan?

I talked to people at Church on this and they are scared to death. They have no idea what is in it and it is too put it blunting that is pissing them off.

I think I learned on School House Rock or something that Congressmen were suppose to come back and inform their voters of what is up. Perhaps even get their input to make it better!!! What a radical idea.

Some Have Hats has just the start of some darn good things we need to be asking about at The Devil's In the Details

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Would Jesus Go to A Stripclub and Have A Drink?

The hermeneutic of continuity has Would Jesus go to Stringfellows?

The Catholic Origins of James Bond

This is pretty cool. Fleming was indeed an interesting character. Roman Christendom has James Bond and the Bond family of Dorset who were Catholic recusants and Jacobites

When I was in Jamaica I had coffee on morning with a guy that lived on the Island. He was one of the actors you saw in the beginning of Dr. No. Anyway he knew Fleming all of his life and had some great stories to tell.

From Swords Into Plowshares-Alabama Catholic Church Built From Confederate Munitions Factory

This is pretty interesing.

More Obama Abortion Reduction-U.S Calls For Universial Abortion Access At U.N.

But But he just told the Pope he is working to reduce abortions.

It seems the theme is those that support the Obama reasoning hing everything on Obama's ability to lift up the poor and thus people will want to have less abortions.

Of course I suspect his ability to do that outside the United States is very limited. See Obama Administration Calls for Universal Access to Abortion at UN Meeting

Recalling America's Most Important Catholic-Cardianl James Gibbons

Whispers has a must read post at "Churchman and Citizen": Lessons of the "People's Prince"

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Tim Tebow and The Whole Virgin and Faith Question

My position is I liked Tebow's response. However I think the question was wrong for that particular forum. It would been more appropriate in this very interesting Sport's Illustrated piece that is running that Get Religion highlights. See A muscular “Jesus nerd” faces the press (Where they also tackle the Virgin Question).

I guess my concern is that for Tebow to answer this in THIS FORUM sets sort of an unfair standard for other Christian athletes in this gotcha media environment that wishes to ridicule faith

As one of the commente said

I have mixed feelings about the question. As a Christian I do feel like “Hey, bring it on!” I wouldn’t be offended and I am glad he was asked because he handled it so well. But what if his answer was more complicated? What if he had failed to live up to his principles in the past and his conscience forbids him to lie - does he really owe that information to the world?.

Also there is a double standard here. I cannot imagine this would be asked of a female athelete.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Two African Twins Are Priests In Louisiana

Cool Story from the most recent edition (July 22) of the Catholic Newspaper of the Dicoese of Alexandria Louisiana. It can be downloaded on pdf form here. There are pics and the sotry starts on Page 8.

Twin Priests Twin Brothers

Fr. Bartholomew joins his twin brother in Marksville
By Jeannie Petrus

CT Editor

As the tall, slender, darkskinnedpriest from Nigeria reached out to shake my hand and introduced himself as “FatherBartholomew Nwaukomadu Ibe,the twin brother of FatherIgnatious Ibe,” I smiled and said,“Oh, I know you’re just kidding me!”

Anyone who knows FatherIgnatious Ibe, pastor of Holy Ghost Church in Marksville,knows that he’s much shorter and lighter-skinned than this“jokester” claiming to be his twin brother.“We are fraternal twins,” he said proudly. “We are unidentical twins, but we are bound identically as brothers throughour vocation in the priesthood and by birth.”The twins brothers were reunited June 16 when FatherBartholomew, a diocesan priest from Obowo, Nigeria, (almost8,000 miles away) reached Marksville, Louisiana, where his brother, Father Ignatious is serving as a missionary from thereligious order of Sons of Mary,Mother of Mercy.

Father Bartholomew has been accepted by Bishop Ronald Herzog, as a diocesan priest for a term of three years. He is currently living at Holy Ghost Church where his brother serves as pastor. Father Ignatious was sent here by his order in 2007 to do mission work and will stay until he is assigned elsewhere.“I am very happy to be herein the United States and happy tobe here serving with my twin brother,” said FatherBartholomew.

“I am especially grateful to Bishop Herzog for this wonderful opportunity.”While the reunion was an exciting day for the twin brothers,it was a day that neither thought would ever happen.Bartholomew (five minutes older) and Ignatious were the last two of 11 children born of Bernadette and Philip Ibe.“We were very close as kids growing up,” said FatherIgnatious. “If a kid picked a fight with one of us a school, he picked a fight with both of us because we were a team. We looked after each other and were always therefor each other.”By the time they reached high school, both had wanted to enter the junior seminary instead of the free, public high school. But in Nigeria, a seminarian education is the responsibility of the family, not the diocese, and their father could not afford theexpensive education for two atone time.“My father told us we had to decide which one of us would goto junior seminary first — the other one would have to wait,”said Father Ignatious.

“Since I volunteered to wait, it was decided that Bartholomew would get to go to seminary first. It was a difficult decision to make.”On the day that Bartholomew rose early in the morning and prepared to leave for seminary, Ignatious woke up early too and begged his father to let him go to junior seminary with his twin brother.“I cried and pleaded with my father to let me go,” said FatherIgnatious, “but he said we had adeal and there was no way that I could go.

I felt very sad, but waited while my brother attended seminary. I rode my bike often to visit him at the junior seminary.”Soon after Ignatious graduated from high school and anticipated attending seminary,his father passed away. Once again, finances were tight, andIgnatious picked a job and saved his money to cover the cost of seminary.

In 1994, Ignatius joined Bartholomew in the seminary formation with some financial help from Fr. Bartholomew and the savings from work Ignatius did. Fr. Bartholmew was ordained on July 31, 1998, while Fr. Ignatius completed seminary formation and was ordained on Dec. 19, 2003.

Both were priests in different areas of Nigeria, including Mbano, Calabar, Aba, Obowo,Uturu, and Yobe. In 2006, FatherIgnatius was informed that he had received through his religious order, an invitiation from Bishop Ronald Herzog to come to America to the Diocese of Alexandria, Louisiana to work.“I arrived in the U.S. in January of 2007 and was very,very excited to be here,” said Father Ignatious. “

I stayed with Father Ken Roy at Sacred Heart Church, where I was treated like a brother. Fr. Ken helped me get a Social Security number so that I could get my driver’s license and showed me around. Once, when I was about to leave to go on a trip to Chicago, he gave me some money. He told me to ‘always have money with you on a trip to have a good time.’ I’ll never forget that.”While Father Ignatious was in the United States, Father Batholomew kept in close contact with him. He began hearing about the beautiful churches in America and the faith of the people and developed a desire to come. He soon petitioned Bishop Herzog, with the approval of his Bishop, to come to the Diocese of Alexandria.

After being here only a few weeks, Father Bartholomew says that the biggest difference in both cultures is the way that Mass is celebrated.“In Nigeria, Mass is a big, joyous celebration — with lots of dancing, music, and energy,said Father Bartholomew. “The ceremony may last two hours sometimes because the celebration consumes you and brings you to your feet! If you feel sick or sad before Mass, you will not feel that way by the time you leave!”At the Offertory of the Mass, families bring to the altar gifts of goats, cows, or chickens, or food,according to Father Bartholomew.

The women always cover their heads and never wear pants or short skirts to Mass. The churches are large as well, accommodating 700-800 per Mass.“It’s different, but I love the reverence and sincerity of the faith here,” said Father Bartholomew. “America is beautiful and I love the organization and discipline of life here. I am so honored to be here and so thankful to Bishop Herzog and the Council of Priests of the Catholic Diocese of Alexandria for this opportunity to serve.

Catholic Reactions To Looking For A New Parish

This is pretty funny See Faves #2: The Super Duper Handy Parish Search Reaction Reference Guide via Acts of Apostacy.

Louisiana State Troopers ill After Suspicious Box- East Jefferson Hospital Closed Down (Updated)

This might be big. More when I get a news link. HAZMAT is on the scene

The basic synopsis is that during a "routine traffic stop," state troopers note a suspicious box in the back of a semi. 8 state troopers and 5 drug officials arrive on the scene and begin field tests. Mid tests they all begin to feel ill.

Update WDSU has vids up

METAIRIE, La. -- Thirteen law enforcement officials from several agencies were sickened by a suspicious substance they discovered in a package they believed to be drugs, a sheriff's spokesman said.

13 Officers Sickened By Suspicious Substance
Hazmat crews respond to East Jefferson General Hospital.
Louisiana State Police made a traffic stop on Interstate 10 and found what was believed to be cocaine, according to Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Department Col. Johnny Fortunato. As they began doing tests on the package, several of the agents began feeling ill and had to be taken to East Jefferson General Hospital in Metairie.
Officials told WDSU that eight state troopers and five narcotics agents were sickened. Narcotics officers from the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Department, along with officers from the Drug Enforcement Agency and Louisiana State Police were affected, Fortunato said.
Hazmat crews have responded both to the hospital and to the Louisiana State Police offices in Kenner in order to secure the scenes, according to the Jefferson Parish Fire Department.
Hospital officials were urging patients not to come to East Jefferson until the scene can be cleared

Update II-
From the Picayune
Eighteen officers sickened after exposure to unknown substance during traffic stop; East Jefferson General Hopstial emergency room shut down until substance can be identified

The emergency room at East Jefferson General Hospital has been closed as a precaution, as 18 police officers are being treated of exposure to an unknown chemical that occurred during a search of a tractor trailer early this morning, authorities said.
Kevin Harrison, assistant special agent in charge for the DEA office in New Orleans said State Police stopped a tractor trailer with two people in it somewhere in St. John about 5 a.m.
The DEA was called after that stop and agents directed the tractor trailer to Troop B State Police headquarters off the interstate in Kenner.
Officers from the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office, DEA and State Police went into the back of the tractor trailer, which was carrying a load of produce, Harrison said.
The officers also discovered a number of wrapped packages in kilo sizes - a little more than 3 pounds - which is often how some drugs are packaged. Officers began to perform field tests on one of the packages, which came back with a faint trace of cocaine, Harrison.
In the process, the officers began to feel nauseous and 18 of them were transported to East Jefferson Hosptial emergency room. JPSO spokesman Col. John Fortunato said the offices are being treated in a decontamination unit set up in the hospital parking garage. Some are recovering well, while others are still feeling woozy, Fortunato said.
The hostpial shut down the emergency room and began directing patients to other hospitals, and then set up the contamination unit in the parking garage. The emergency will remain closed until the officials know exactly what is in the tractor-trailer.
Meanwhile, a JPSO hazardous materials unit was at the scene about 11 a.m. to perform a more detailed sample of the kilo packages in the truck. If the test indicates the substance is safe, the emergency room will be reopened, officials said

What Do Catholics Mean By Redistribution of Wealth

There seems to a be a lot of confusion on this even among Catholic Social Justice advocates.

Joe Hargrave over American Catholic has a good post this.

Upset Dairy Farmers On Tractors Heading to the Vatican

Well this is interesting via The Black Cordelia.

Yes There Is Still A Crisis in Honduras

Lets Get it Right has the a major links update as usual at
Honduras-Nicaragua Border Epicenter

Tim Tebow Gate Solved- Steve Spurrier Takes the Blame

Our long national nightmare is over.

Nice Overview of the Episcopal Church Mess

St. John's Episcopal Church and Cemetery - Thibodaux, LA. Cornerstone laid by Bishop Leonidas K. Polk on February 9, 1843. The cemetery hold the tomb of Francis Tillou Nicholls, Brigadier-General in the Confederate Army, twice Governor of Louisiana and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the State of Louisiana. It was for him that Nicholls State University in Thibodaux . It is the oldest remaining church building of the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana west of the Mississippi River. More here

See Brave New Church via First Things. Also we learn that people are now attending Assemblies of God churches on weekday nights than worship in Episcopal Churches on Sunday mornings. See Assemblies of God Eclipses Episcopal Church.

When you think what the last few decades have brought on this body it is overwhelming.

Incredible Henry VIII exhibit at the British Library

Father Z who is in the UK says there is a must see. He has a full post on it here at The Henry VIII exhibit at the British Library . You can see such things as the:

Henry’s letter to Anne in gushy French reacting to her finally agreeing to marry him – set next to his writing desk decorated with his and Catherine’s arms

a letter of Henry to Wolsey describing the king’s hopes for the birth of Anne’s baby. It turned out to be a still-born daughter.

the last letter of Thomas More to Henry… "‘I shold onys mete with your Grace agayn in hevyn, and there be mery with you.’ ... along with the famous sketch by Holbein

a letter of John Fisher with a Holbein

The act of Supremacy of 1534

handwritten draft of the King’s oath

Henry’s will

an autographed copy of Henry’s Assertio sent to Pope Leo X

the document of marriage of Henry to Catherine of Aragon

a "to do" checklist of Thomas Cromwell including the execution of Thomas More and John Fisher "Item. what shalbe done father touching maister More … Item. when Maister Fissher shall go to execucion with also the other". Both "x"d.

a prayerbook with love note in the margins which Henry and Anne passed back and forth during chapel services

docs relating to the annulment/divorce and trial of Anne

the Valor Ecclesiasticus, or assessment of value of Catholic Church holdings which Henry raped

Papal Vacation Pic of the Day

The Latest Persecutuion of Catholics By Vietnam

Here they go again.

The Priest and Hero of the Maine

American Catholic has a a nice and substantial post on this at Hero of the Maine

Democrats Censor Republican Congressmen's Speech

I very much predict in 2010 Americans will show a love for divided Govt again.

Bishop Restores Order At Catholic Student Center In Arizona - All Hell Breaks Lose

Oak Leaves has the story at Changes in Tucson Catholic Campus Ministry.

I spent some time looking at the blogs and people's reaction to it. When I see the people's reactions to it that are opposed it gives me the strong inclination the Bishop is right. Their words and tone speak more than they realize.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Did Obama Lose Yardage On Health Care After Press Conference

It does seems what was 2 and 10 now looks like 3rd and 14. At least that is the impression I get after talking to a few folks today that are not political animals and who tuned in last night.

Good article here at Why Obama might have just killed Obamacare

Keep this Catholic Convert, Blogger, and Seminarian In Your Prayers

Exciting times coming up for him. See It has been a rough week.

Governor Blanco Testing the Waters? Report From Governor's Convention

I doubt she will run but we shall see. Her husband is certainly being vocal. Jim Brown has Governor Who (?) at National Governors’ meeting.

It's Raining Lutherans In New Orleans!! Jesus and Jazz

Article here.

Some Local Lutheran Bloggers are covering it. See Dancin’ in the Dome, 4:20 p.m.; Marriott Lobby, Emma’s Surprise, A New Orleans Centerpiece, Volunteers Told: “Be God’s Hands”, “This is Holy Ground”, Helping hands from Texas, Tuesday morning in New Orleans


Word on the street , “The Gathering Is On”, and Building up in the Big Easy

Louisiana Catholic Blogs Update For Thursday, July 23, 2009

Time for the Louisiana Catholic "Daily" update.

An Intolerable Compliment has Authority, Obedience, and Selfishness

Servus Mariae et Jesu has Personal Prayer Intention

From The Recamier has her Daily Update: July 22, 2009 . She also has a book review at The Serpent Garden by Judith Merkle Riley

A Number of Things. has wordless Wednesday :: she's standing

Witnessing Hope has Bluffing again and Still playing the waiting game

Brown Pelican Society of Louisiana has
Catholic Health Care’s Demise — Is It Imminent?
Obama: “Let’s Not Get Distracted” over Taxpayer-Funded Abortion Coverage in Healthcare
Sotomayor Receives NARAL Endorsement
Catholic Nurse Forced to Participate in Abortion, Lawsuit Filed
GOSPEL & MEDITATION: Fighting the Good Fight of Faith

The EveryDay Catholic Podcast has Episode 14 EXORCISMS!

Stranger in a Strange Land has She Stooped to Look Into the Tomb and Oh Bless My Soul

For The Greater Glory has Hospitals Deporting People? , An ode to a thread (LOL), Good Post About Relationships and Holiness , Vatican Ambassador gets grilled , Give some love to Obama: Part II , Questions for the Catholic Anarchist , Good Call! , I want you to take my name...oh wait, you already have it! , That evil Vatican , and Caritas in Veritate: Part V

Journey to Rome has Pope is ‘not a true Christian leader’, most believers say, Feast of Mary Magdalene – July 22nd, and Thomas à Kempis on hearing the Word and guarding our affections.

The Catholic Foodie has The beach is where it's at! and MY GOODNESS DOES THIS LOOK GOOD Sausage-stuffed Grilled Jalapeno Poppers

Da Mihi Animas our expat Priest in NJ has
"Would you like to be like these Salesians?"
Little Sisters of the Poor celebrate profession of...
Pro-lifers fight back against taxpayer funded abor...
Could you survive without money? Meet the guy who...
New Again - Brad Paisley and Sara Evans
World Soccer Authority Bans Religion
Vietnamese Catholics, suffering and a miracle?
Saint of the day: Mary Magdalene
Darryl Worley : Awful, Beautiful Life
O'Reilly, healthcare craziness and the peasant rev...
Senator DeMint Speaks Against President's Governme...
John Piper: Be radical!
Saint of the day: Lawrence of Brindisi
Abortion funding will be part of health care refor...
Some Reasonable Ideas on Health Care
Switchfoot -"This is Home" - The Chronicles of Nar...

Finally our expat Priest in Houston Fr. Victor Brown’s Catholic Daily Message has his thoughts at Feast of Saint Bridget of Sweden (23 July 2009) (Keep Father in your Prayers. He served the Catholics of New Orleans for many years)

I regret that I have but one life to give for Tim Tebow

SEC media days meets the Founding Fathers

Tebowgate, Continued! Both Mark Richt and Nick Saban were grilled on the question upon which a world hinges: Who voted for someone other than Tim Tebow for 1st team All-SEC QB? Richt rolled over and admitted voting for Tim Tebow, while Saban-- by far the most adept media-grappler of SEC coaches -- took your feeble punch, spun, and locked it in an armbar in seconds:

"I voted for Tim Tebow ... but really, isn't that what our Founding Fathers fought for? People should be able to vote for whoever they want."

How the American Military Finds Out What Iraq Folks Really Think

This is a very interesting article from Michael Totten.

The Tax Payers Should Not Send Any More Money to New Jersey

Isn't that the song and dance I heard when so many peoeple were talking about Katrina aid. Oh what a waste everyone is corrupt down there!!! For all the talk of Louisiana corruption we don't seem to hold a candle to Illinois and New Jersey.

This is breathtaking

Still I am in a forgivng mood and I don't think New Jersey should be "cut off"

Ouch more here -human-organ trafficking.

Update -

In response to someone NO I don't think we should cut of New Jersey and Yes I am aware they give more taxes than they recieve. The point here is perceptions of corruption not that

When Will The Africans and Asians Arrive to Minister to the Heathen United States?

Joe Carter has some interesting facts here at The New Shape of World Christianity (scroll down)

Here is a part

This past Sunday it is possible that more Christian believers attended church in China than in all of so-called “Christian Europe.” Yet in 1970 there were no legally functioning churches in all of China; only in 1971 did the communist regime allow for one Protestant and one Roman Catholic Church to hold public worship services, and this was mostly a concession to visiting Europeans and African students from Tanzania and Zambia.
This past Sunday more Anglicans attended church in each of Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania and Uganda than did Anglicans in Britain and Canada and Episcopalians in the United States combined—and the number of Anglicans in church in Nigeria was several times the umber in those other African countries.
This past Sunday more Presbyterians were at church in Ghana than in Scotland, and more were in congregations of the Uniting Presbyterian Church of Southern Africa than in the United States.
The past Sunday more people attended the Yoido Full Gospel Church pastored by Yongi Cho is Seoul, Korea, than attended all the churches in significant American denominations like the Christian Reformed Church, the Evangelical Covenant Church or the Presbyterian Church in America.
This past Sunday the churches with the largest attendance in England and France had mostly black congregations. About half of the churchgoers in London were African or African-Caribbean. Today, the largest Christian congregation in Europe is in Kiev, and it is pastored by a Nigerian of Pentecostal background.
This past week in Great Britain, at least fifteen thousand Christian foreign missionaries were hard at work evangelizing the locals. most of these missionaries are from Africa and Asia.
For several years the world’s largest chapter of the Jesuit order has been found in India, not in the United States, as it had been for much of the late twentieth century

This is already happening. United Methodist are getting African Methodist to come to the aid. American Catholics look to India and Africa for Catholic Priests. And needless to Anglican Churches here and especially in the South have put themselves under the protection of African Bishops.

The Virgin Mary's Mom and Watermelon

Yum!! Catholic Cuisine has the recipes at Our Heavenly Grandmother

Don't Mess With President Obama's Friends

Obama answer to the Gates's question was one of the most bizarre things I have seen at a Presidential news conference. I am not sure if the answer to this is that Obama is sort of a jerk or we are seeing his inexperience come through. See Althouse Look! Over there! It's Skip Gates!

She says in part:
As he was speaking, I think, the President realized his words collapsed on themselves. He said he didn't know the facts, and yet he called the police stupid. To get out of that jam, he decided to veer into a riff about racism in general, asserting that "there's a long history in this country of African-Americans and Latinos being stopped by law enforcement disproportionately." (I love the way he threw Latinos into that.) He celebrates what he sees as or hopes you see as his escape from the jam by asserting "That's just a fact." He didn't know the facts of the specific case, but hey, look over here, here's a fact: There is racism in this country, we all know that. He then tumbles toward the end of the hour with an acknowledgment of what he knows a lot of people will say — that he made it to the presidency, and, yeah, there's been "incredible progress" — and a reprise about racism — it haunts us — and reform, reform is important. He worked in the Illinois legislature. Let's improve policing. Let's make everybody safer. He's just trying to wrap things up and get out of there looking reasonably okay. "All right? Thank you, everybody."

Who Cares About the Surgeon General's Weight!!!

The National Review in the voice of it's Senior Editor came to her defense.

I find the controversy surrounding Dr. Regina Benjamin one of the most depressing in memory. She is the southern doctor chosen by President Obama to be the surgeon general. She sets up medical clinics for the poor, etc. She is an example of the humanitarian in medicine. And what they’re saying — they, the controversy-makers — is that she’s too fat to be the surgeon general. She will set a bad example. What idiocy, what stupidity. To me, she is pleasantly plump: warm, inviting, reassuring. Also very pretty. She looks like she should look. She looks like a trustworthy doctor — someone you’d want to go to, or send your children to. She is well-nigh Norman Rockwellian (southern-black version). I am glad she will be surgeon general. And her body-crazed critics can go jump in a lake.(I was going to say something other than “jump in a lake,” but then I remembered this is a family column — most of the time.)

A Military Canine Gets A Well Deserved Retirement

Oh goodness these dog stories in the military always make me choke up

People That Praise High Gas Prices Live In the Cities

I really wish that these folks would realize for many of us of in rural Parish/Counties we can just can't get on the subway or elevated train to get around. Maybe I missed it but I am not noticing that the largely urban districts that all go ape over this are not looking to do an Amtrak line between lets say Lafayette to Baton Rouge or Monroe to Ruston. Why? Because that means they get less funding for their pleasure while they are lecturing us down here.

Here is the deal. Fund a train to get me from my town of 5000 to Shreveport and then fund service in Shreveport where I can get around and then we shall talk. Till then don't pontificate till you come down here and explain how rural folks can get to work and visit family with 20 dollars a gallon gas. Such a urban liberal mentality of folks that when they go to the grocery store or fill up their tank have no idea how it got there.

There is an amazing disconnect at times between the city folks and the rest of us serfs that produce the energy to fuel their lights and the food on the table. Live the Trinity has more at NPR celebrates $20 gas and the forced hyper-urbanization of America

I love Chicago and I love the L. But for us folks in North Louisiana that is not quite feasible. Oh and as to biking can one imagine a 65 year grandma huffing up these steep hills in a 115 heat index while avoiding the log trucks!!! Good grief. I read stuff like this and I realize that the disconnect is not so much conservative versus liberal. Or GOP versus Dems. It is urban versus rural.

Some Catholics In Cincinnati Are Missing the Point

Ten Reason's has Getting beyond speed .

I posted this because every Diocese has one of these Church's where for some reason people flock too. In fact I went to one like this in Baton Rouge and it was not because the Mass was "shorter". Like the poster explained it took me some time to get too. Again some people are afraid of critical self reflection.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Governor Blanco's Husband Having Spat with Speaker of the House

Interesting news for those of us outside the Lafayette /Baton Rouge media markets

A Kansas Woman Becomes A Catholic Hermit

What a wonderful story via the Anchoress. Be sure to go to the link and read it all.

I was struck by this part:

But she has strict rules, and people first must find her.
"People have to look for me really hard, and those are the only ones I’d permit to come. There’s really nothing out there that says where I am," she said.
They must make an appointment, and no more than two people may visit at a time.
"Most are not Catholic, but they have deep spiritual lives," she said. "There is some counsel. They really are seeking God: ‘What do I do? What does it mean?’ If the Holy Spirit enlightens me, I say something," she said. If not, she prays with them

Obama Does Not Even have Susan Estrich Onboard

Goodness Gracious. I don't think tonight's press conference helped.

I Watched The President's Press Conference On Health Care

and I still don't how in the hell is this is suppose to work. I think that is a problem.

I think the President needs to do more than just talk about how this is magically paid for by cutting "waste".

I did hear this would be "mandated" Well how much will I have shell out for this magic insurance? 10 Dollars a Month? 50 Dollars?

Seems basic questions are not being asked

Sotamayor Photoshopped into Our Lady of Guadalupe Picture

American Papist has it at Picture: Sotomayor photoshopped into Guadalupe Image

Acclaimed Band Director of St Augustine High School In New Orleans Dies

He will be missed. Lots of good links at the article with a nice bit of history. See Edwin Hampton, band director at St. Aug's, dies at 81

Swine Flu in UK Causes Churches to Bring Back Bubonic Plague Rules

A interesting article at the Financial Times. See Swine flu triggers change to church ritual. Why is it hitting so hard in the UK and not here. At least I am not reading it about as much here.

The article talks about intinction. I was actually under the impression in the Latin Rite this was forbidden. I guess not. Still it rare to see it. In fact I don't think I have ever been to a Mass and see someone receive the Sacrament this way.

Conservative American Anglicans Making Their Move (What is Rome Thinking)

I think this is going to get interesting fast.

As a Catholic of course I am wondering what Rome is thinking. This is all very delicate. But no doubt they are paying attention.

In 1995 this letter was sent

October 9, 2003
From Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger

The Vatican, on behalf of Pope John Paul II
I hasten to assure you of my heartfelt prayers for all those taking part in this convocation. The significance of your meeting is sensed far beyond Plano, and even in this City from which Saint Augustine of Canterbury was sent to confirm and strengthen the preaching of Christ’s Gospel in England. Nor can I fail to recall that barely 120 years later, Saint Boniface brought that same Christian faith from England to my own forebears in Germany.

The lives of these saints show us how in the Church of Christ there is a unity in truth and a communion of grace which transcend the borders of any nation. With this in mind, I pray in particular that God’s will may be done by all those who seek that unity in the truth, the gift of Christ himself.

With fraternal regards, I remain
Sincerely yours in Christ,
+Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger

When the Pope Came to the United States this and met with Leaders of Christian Communities he said in part:

Too often those who are not Christians, as they observe the splintering of Christian communities, are understandably confused about the Gospel message itself. Fundamental Christian beliefs and practices are sometimes changed within communities by so-called “prophetic actions” that are based on a hermeneutic not always consonant with the datum of Scripture and Tradition. Communities consequently give up the attempt to act as a unified body, choosing instead to function according to the idea of “local options”. Somewhere in this process the need for diachronic koinonia – communion with the Church in every age – is lost, just at the time when the world is losing its bearings and needs a persuasive common witness to the saving power of the Gospel (cf. Rom 1:18-23).

Faced with these difficulties, we must first recall that the unity of the Church flows from the perfect oneness of the triune God. In John’s Gospel, we are told that Jesus prayed to his Father that his disciples might be one, “just as you are in me and I am in you” (Jn 17:21). This passage reflects the unwavering conviction of the early Christian community that its unity was both caused by, and is reflective of, the unity of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This, in turn, suggests that the internal cohesion of believers was based on the sound integrity of their doctrinal confession (cf. 1 Tim 1:3-11). Throughout the New Testament, we find that the Apostles were repeatedly called to give an account for their faith to both Gentiles (cf. Acts 17:16-34) and Jews (cf. Acts 4:5-22; 5:27-42). The core of their argument was always the historical fact of Jesus’ bodily resurrection from the tomb (Acts 2:24, 32; 3:15; 4:10; 5:30; 10:40; 13:30). The ultimate effectiveness of their preaching did not depend on “lofty words” or “human wisdom” (1 Cor 2:13), but rather on the work of the Spirit (Eph 3:5) who confirmed the authoritative witness of the Apostles (cf. 1 Cor 15:1-11).

The nucleus of Paul’s preaching and that of the early Church was none other than Jesus Christ, and “him crucified” (1 Cor 2:2). But this proclamation had to be guaranteed by the purity of normative doctrine expressed in creedal formulae – symbola – which articulated the essence of the Christian faith and constituted the foundation for the unity of the baptized (cf. 1 Cor 15:3-5; Gal 1:6-9; Unitatis Redintegratio, 2).

My dear friends, the power of the kerygma has lost none of its internal dynamism. Yet we must ask ourselves whether its full force has not been attenuated by a relativistic approach to Christian doctrine similar to that found in secular ideologies, which, in alleging that science alone is “objective”, relegate religion entirely to the subjective sphere of individual feeling. Scientific discoveries, and their application through human ingenuity, undoubtedly offer new possibilities for the betterment of humankind. This does not mean, however, that the “knowable” is limited to the empirically verifiable, nor religion restricted to the shifting realm of “personal experience”.
For Christians to accept this faulty line of reasoning would lead to the notion that there is little need to emphasize objective truth in the presentation of the Christian faith, for one need but follow his or her own conscience and choose a community that best suits his or her individual tastes. The result is seen in the continual proliferation of communities which often eschew institutional structures and minimize the importance of doctrinal content for Christian living.
Even within the ecumenical movement, Christians may be reluctant to assert the role of doctrine for fear that it would only exacerbate rather than heal the wounds of division. Yet a clear, convincing testimony to the salvation wrought for us in Christ Jesus has to be based upon the notion of normative apostolic teaching: a teaching which indeed underlies the inspired word of God and sustains the sacramental life of Christians today.

Only by “holding fast” to sound teaching (2 Thess 2:15; cf. Rev 2:12-29) will we be able to respond to the challenges that confront us in an evolving world. Only in this way will we give unambiguous testimony to the truth of the Gospel and its moral teaching. This is the message which the world is waiting to hear from us. Like the early Christians, we have a responsibility to give transparent witness to the “reasons for our hope”, so that the eyes of all men and women of goodwill may be opened to see that God has shown us his face (cf. 2 Cor 3:12-18) and granted us access to his divine life through Jesus Christ. He alone is our hope! God has revealed his love for all peoples through the mystery of his Son’s passion and death, and has called us to proclaim that he is indeed risen, has taken his place at the right hand of the Father, and “will come again in glory to judge the living and the dead” (Nicene Creed).

Jimmy Carter Quits the Southern Baptist Church Again or Did He (Updated)

Oh Jimmy!!!

First Things has Jimmy Carter Quits the Southern Baptists. Again. Sort of.

Is it me but does anyone think that the former President has a huge degree of narcissism in him

Former Baptist Deacon now Catholic Pro-Ecclesia has thoughts at How Many Times Does Jimmy Carter Plan On "Leaving" the Southern Baptist Convention?

Evolution and the Sistine Chapel

The Anchoress has a great post highlighting how the Faith is not hostile to science and a fascinating new book. See Genesis, Evolution the Sistine Chapel (scroll down)

Come Forward and Be De Baptized!!!

Oh goodness. See The absurdity of religious atheists via Crunchy Con

Why are So May Catholic Statues "Crying" Worldwide?

I don't blog on these things often but I am I am noting it.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Only In Sabine Parish- Assistant D.A. Murder Suspect (Update)

Oh goodness.

This has movie of the week written all over it. Sabine Parish is one of the more "interesting" Parishes in Louisiana. All sort of monkey shines occur there. It is just enough off the beaten track no one pays attention at what goes on there. If you have legal problems in Sabine GET A LOCAL LAWYER. I had a few cases there and it was like being in a perverted version of the twilight zone. I did enjoy going down there because I swear as a smoker it was one of the last Courtrooms likely in the nation one could "light up". I mean the jurors, the Judge, the Lawyers were all puffing away. How law should be practiced :)

Good people, well I liked them because I love eccentric things , but boy that mix of Indian/French/Spanish/Anglo blood causes some hot tempered people. Plus everyone is related to everyone else! This area was disputed territory between Mexico and the United States for a good number of years. So it was a no man's land where there was not law. Needless to say the original settlers were something else and so are their descendants

Tip of the Hat to the Dead Pelican


Asst D.A Passes Lie Detector Test!!! tip of the hat to this Great Site THE SABINE REPORT

One Year Later Barksdale Air Force Base Honors the Fallen

I can recall the day this happened. It was all so tragic. See Fallen B-52 crew honored here and in Guam

More Americans getting Buried In their Backyard

The Deacon Bench has this interesting story at Death be not cheap: the rise in home burials.

I really wonder if there will be a huge demand for this. This is not like the 1800s where the Family Homestead is passed down from generations to generation. What happens if the family moves. Will the House be difficult to sell. I suppose that the family will have a agreement that the body can't be moved. Can the family visit the grave if new people move in.

This all reminds me of a humorous article dealing with William F Buckley and his son

The next morning I drove from Washington to my parents’ home in Stamford. There’s something to be said for a long, solitary drive — it concentrates the mind. Death presents you with a to-do list, and at the top of the list was the most urgent detail, namely the disposal of the last remains.

Some years before, Pup commissioned a large bronze crucifix from the Connecticut sculptor Jimmy Knowles. It’s a beautiful piece of modern art. He placed it in the middle of the lawn in Stamford, to a distinct grumbling by Mum, who viewed her garden as off-limits to my father’s artistic (and in this case overtly religious) intrusions. Mum’s ashes were now inside the cross, in a heavy brass canister that looked as if it had been designed as a container for enriched plutonium. Pup’s instructions were that he, too, should be cremated and join her in the cross. The idea of Mum, who wasn’t very religious, encased for all eternity inside Pup’s crucifix had afforded her and me a few grim giggles over the years.
“Just sprinkle me in the garden or send me out with the trash,” she told me. “I most certainly do not wish to be inside that object.” But Mum died first, so that was that.
Pup expected me to keep the Stamford house, but beautiful as it was and fond though (most of) my memories were of it, it’s expensive, and after paying all the death taxes, I doubted I’d be able to maintain it. But not wanting to hurt his feelings, I went along with the fiction that I would keep it. This, however, left me with a conundrum: what to do with the cross. One evening during his convalescence I tiptoed into this minefield over our martinis.
“Say, Pup, I know you want your ashes in the cross. . . .”
“I absolutely want them in the cross,” he said, in a pre-emptive, “Firing Line” tone of voice.
“Right. Right. I was only thinking, what if, you know, the house, if I, well, you never know . . . if I ever had to sell it. . . .”
“Your point being?”
“Well, I mean, a new owner . . . surely . . . might, uh. . . .”
“Why wouldn’t a new owner want the cross?”
“Well,” I said, taking a deep swig of my frosty see-through, “they might be, I don’t know, Jewish, or whatever. They might not want an enormous crucifix in their garden.”
“Why not?”
I stared.
“It’s a work of art,” he said.
“It is. It is absolutely that. (Clearing of throat.) Still. . . .”
“I wouldn’t worry about it.” How well I knew this formulation. “I wouldn’t worry about it” was W.F.B.-speak for “The conversation is over.”
Thus I was left with the impression I had committed lèse-majesté by suggesting that a future owner — Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Amish, Zoroastrian — might be anything less than honored to have William F. Buckley Jr.’s last remains in his garden, encased in an enormous bronze symbol of the crucified Christ. Certainly it would present the real estate broker with an interesting covenant clause. Now, um, Mr. and Mrs. Birnbaum, you do understand that Mr. and Mrs. Buckley’s ashes are to remain in the crucifix, in the garden, in, um, perpetuity?

Thoughts On My Aunt's Adventist Funeral

I touched on my Aunts funeral a tad at Seventh Day Adventist Love Food!!! .

A few other observations that might be of interest.

As I have noted before I have some Adventist influence in my family. My Great Grandmother was a devout Adventist and so were a good many of her children to this day. My grandmother was raised in that but sort of became a Baptist because of my grandfather. In the last decades of my grandfather's life though they became Adventist. I think my Grandmother had something to do with this Though I am not sure how Adventist my Grandfather really was. I asked him if he was Adventist why we are eating all this bacon and why he is grilling steaks. He informed he was Baptist that went to a Adventist Church. So in his mind he sort of accommodated the two in some odd combination of a Steak Eating Baptist that believed in Soul sleep. Anyway one does not get into theological debates with the grandparents so I left it that. Though my gosh they quit drinking coffee which could be highly annoying when you woke up at their house in the morning.

Despite her being "Baptist" for most of her life there was the Adventist theme around. Signs magazine being sent to everyone and all the family getting copies of the Great Controversy. My mother in fact was sent to a Adventist college for a period of time. Still the family remained Baptist except for my Aunt and Uncle who in their later years turned Adventist.

Now a few observations.

First my Aunt was the type that loved life to the fullest. She never over the past 6 years let her cancer get her down. My Aunt and Uncle were always in love with each other. I mean they started dating as Freshmen in High School. I will miss her.

It seems large areas of this country have no hardly no Adventist and with out warning poof there are a ton. There seems to be a good many in Northwest Arkansas. My mother was explaining to me that among some Adventists they think in the "last days" they need to go the mountains. Now the Ozarks are not exactly the Rocky Mountains but I suppose they qualify. Also Little Debbie's snacks has a plant there, where my Uncle works, and that is a Seventh Day Adventist owned company. So that might explain it as to North West Arkansas.

I am here to report Adventist anti Catholic theology has not abated one bit. I spent some time at the Church where the memorial service was held looking at the free Church literature. Now I was not shocked at this. It is so ingrained in Church theology to change it would be problematic. It would be sort of like the Pope announcing that the Jesus is not present in the Sacrament.

Note to the Diocese of Little Rock. Better bone up on educating Hispanic Catholics about Adventist arguments. They seem to a prime group they go after.

Despite their wacky anti Catholic views, the Church is the Beast and this is because Revelations and Daniel all foretold that Napoleon would imprison the Pope but it survived this mortal wound etc etc, I really like Adventist.

They are very friendly people. In fact one gets a sense that an Adventist Church is sort of like how the old Catholic Parish of the 50's and 60's used to operate and in fact should operate today. Now part of this might be because like Catholics of old Adventist are sort of viewed as the "other". They go to Church on Saturday, rant about why business are closed on Sunday, have different dietary laws, believe pretty much that the protestant Churches are bastard children of the Catholic Church that changed the Sabbath, and well have a persecution complex. A quite literal one. I mean in the last days they will all be getting their heads chopped off. So that might explain part of it. But still there is a lesson to learn there. They all truly love each other and help each other out. It makes you sort of long for the days where Catholics were not so "assimilated".

That being said I noticed something odd. The Pastor was out of town so a young elder, that was doing his first funeral, handled the whole thing. They were very close to my Aunt and Uncle. But after years of knowing and visiting them he announced "Something I did not know about Janet was she was in the insurance business". How do you know people for years and not know what they do? My Baptist aunt said this might be because Adventist just discuss Church things. Maybe. Or it could be just a quirk of being resident of Northwest Arkansas.

Adventist seem to be ok with the inter racial Church worshiping thing. This is a big plus. Now Northwest Arkansas does not have a ton of black folks. In fact for guy like me from the deep south this can be kind of weird. I can't recall seeing many black people at all in Fayetteville. I am sure they are there because of the University but still. However in Mississippi where there seems to be some Adventist presence I noticed the same thing. Maybe there is no such thing as a Black Adventist spirituality like we see in a Black Catholic spirituality, or a Black Baptist spirituality. It might exist but I guess in many areas there are not enough Adventist around to have that. So they are sort of hang together. The Elder that gave the service was a young African American.

I really liked the service. Unlike my grandfather's service the largely Baptist family was not hit over the head with Adventist Theology and lectures on soul sleep. This all can create some tension by the way. My Evangelical Aunt went out of her way to explain to my Momma that her daddy was not just lying in a grave and he was with Jesus at this very moment.

Not that there is anything wrong about that. I want my funeral to have tons of talk about how I hope they are praying for me. It was this Elder's first funeral and he did a fine job. He was very friendly and you could tell he was Christ filled. The only objection I had was when he sort of called out my Aunt's boys. That is my Aunt dying wish was for them to get right with the Lord. I think that could have been handled in a more private manner. My Family largely thought this was fine I guess. At least I heard no objections. But as I pointed out for kids raised Baptist I think it is likely the rapid switch to Adventist was a sort of a shock. That is it might have soured them on religion on a whole. That is not to be critical of Adventist but that would a shock to the system to anyone. It is a whole different mindset.

Anyway keep my Aunt in your Prayers. I will miss her a lot.

Yes Catholics Believe Christ Is Head of the Church

I was discussing One Saved Always Saved and Calvinism on my political board when out of the blue and off the topic I hear:

Sorry Bayourant, you know I take issue with Catholicism on several fronts. The bottom line is: the Catholic church does NOT equal salvation.. It is not about Church, or association. It's about heart for Jesus/God. When the Pope comes out and says. "I am just a mere not bow or kiss my ring, Jesus is the the head of the church, not me". That is biblical. Catholics like to get all deep into opinions on this and that...What does the bible say? That's the authority for an disciple!

Blah Blah Blah Blah

I am Glad that he posted though. Because in response I revisited and posted one Benedict's best preaching on this subject

Obama- Just Take A Pain Pill

If I was over 50 I would be scared to death

Even Ray Nagin Would Not Do This-Michael Jackson Toy Funeral

Detroit makes New Orelans look like Plato's Republic :)

Forgetting It's Christian Roots Is Why the European Union Has Gone Off the Rails

I have discovered this English section of a Italian paper that I intend to add to the links. I saw this article that is quite interesting. From Schuman, Adenauer and De Gasperi to the Betrayal of its Christian Roots

It is quite interesting how this seems similar to related topics we are discussing in the USA.

I was never a big "European Union" fan and I could never understand why Republican and Democrat administrations alike seemed so gung ho on it. I found what happened sadly predictable. In other words the EU did not follow the intent for the "founding fathers"

He says in part

........The European Union has very little to do with the people; it is dominated by economists, planners, bureaucrats and technocrats. Created to bury authoritarian regimes, it is almost entirely lacking in democracy, and its policies are made between governments, regardless of the will of the people.

In other words, this is a Europe which not only forgets its historical foundations in writing its Constitutional Treaty, but often exalts and promotes behavior which is at odds with the European tradition. It is not enough to dictate the size of beans; the measure of condoms; the noise of a flushing toilet; the fourfold classification of peppers and eggplants, peas and asparagus; the arithmetic formula to differentiate tomatoes from tomatoes: it addresses issues that belong to freedom and privacy of the person, with amoral proposals from technocrats from the supposedly more "advanced" countries, which are not infrequently the most degraded.

Too often the actions of politicians, economists and technocrats are a continuous invasion into areas that, according to the principle of subsidiarity, should belong to the Member States, not the Council of Europe, in a delirium of omnipotence that takes little account of national traditions and the sovereignty of states. This is especially so when those decisions enter the personal and intimate sphere of the person and when they do not hesitate to reject European traditions associated with the law of nature. Also in this the legacy of the three founding fathers has been betrayed. Think of the resolutions in favor of homosexual marriages; for the liberal use of embryos; and promoting abortion, cloning and euthanasia..........

Well this seems like the United States. Europe is the canary in the coal mine. Not only are we rejecting our Christian tradition and natural law but we have an ever expanding Federal Govt.

I have always found it quite odd that the main Advocates of Catholic Social Justice seem to forget the principles of subsidiarity. The Federal Govt is spending like mad and for programs that many Catholic Social Justice Groups support. However what is not on their radar is the deficit and National debt. This becomes truly frightening when you realize that we have to deal with the pending Social Security funding crisis. All this borrowing is far beyond the relative small structural deficits of the Bush years. What does this have to do with Subsidiarity? Well at some point the United States has to pay off all these bonds we are selling to the Chinese and such. Bonds that are going to demand a higher rate of interest as we go forward.

This means more taxes on the Federal level. Who gets squeezed. Well the States and local Government. At some point people cannot be taxed anymore which means local and States Governments are going to have cut back on services. Subsidiarity in other words gets the shaft.

You heard grumblings of this at the recent Governors conference.

The Pope made some waves of course with recent misquoted comments on the need for more global governance. Now linked to that (and not reported on) is the whole subsidiarity angle.

The objection I think people have is that they are wary of such Government models until we get this whole subsidiarity thing down. That is there needs to be a political and social mindset of that before we have more EUs.

Tony Alamo Blames It All On the Vatican

People of a certain age will recall Tony Alamo. He was one of the big anti Catholics. He was a common thing to see in big cities plastered on lamp post and sides of building huge tracts proclaiming the Vatican and the Jesuits controlled the CIA, the White House, and the IRS.

He however became much of a kook and even the most anti Catholic of folks find him embarrassing.

Well as you might have heard he is in a tad of trouble.

For the Greater Glory has That evil Vatican

Journalists Grapple with the Vatican Newspaper Talking Oscar Wilde

Get Religion has a good post on this at A walk on the Wilde side.

A Couple Adopts Two HIV + Children From Ethiopia

I read this last night and was really struck by it. The Anchoress has the links at Faith is a process of Incarnation – UPDATED (scroll down)

Congress Launches Fake Pro-Life Bill (Where are the Catholic Pro-Life Obama Supporters?)

Pro Eccelsia as the story at Dems Propose Fake Pro-Life Bill That Increases Funding For Planned Parenthood

I do wonder when all these pro-life Catholics for Obama are going to start holding the President's feet to the fire.

There is constant talk of Repubcaths and such. The implication we are more Republican than Catholic or hold that our Conservative viewpoint is more important than out Catholic Faith.

However the truth is quite the opposite. In fact I am usually the one that trying to urge caution to my Catholic pro-life conservative and/or Republican friends on that threats to the GOP

But regardless from the Catholics against Rudy movement, to keeping a close eye on nominees to the Bench , to the VP nominee conservative and Republican Catholics are often out in the forefront applying the heat.

Why does it seem the Doug Kmiecs of the world have been AWOL. Doug Kmiec now does not have to explain all this since he no doubt will say that explain this state of affairs would be improper since he is now an American Envoy to Malta.

One notable exception is Michael Winters at America who has been vocal but besides that I am not hearing much.

In a few short months we have a reversal of a stem cell policy, the reversal of the Mexico City Policy, An aggressive Abortion rights Foreign Policy, a D.C. Federal funded abortion bill steamrolling through the Congress, threats of Federal funded abortions in the Health care bill , and a Supreme Court nominee that set on the board of a fierce abortion advocate. This is all breathtaking when one considers that we are just six months into the Obama term.

I can tell you if there had been a Republican Rudy Giuliani in the White House doing this conservative and Republican pro-life Catholics would be raising Holy Hell.

This is not to disregard the work of true Democrat Pro-life organizations. But they really need some help. If no one has noticed the President is not really paying attention to what Republicans are saying right now so our hands are sort of tied. The ball is in your court.

Another Major Second Amendment Victory Possible?

It does seem since Gore lost that basically the tide turned toward gun rights. The Washington Post has Democrats Fear Defections on GOP Gun Proposal

Meet the Catholic Bishop of the Moon

Cool story via Whispers at "The Bishop of the Moon"

Sharing Communion in Space

Well the Presbyterians beat us Catholics up there

See Communion on the Moon

For the Catholic

"When I behold Your heavens..."

On this 40th anniversary of the moon landing may we one day feast around the same table.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Seventh Day Adventist Love Food!!!

I have yet to talk about my Aunt's funeral I went too last week. I am the type that the mourning sort of hits later. So I am dealing with that now.

She had a memorial service which I will go into later this week. It was one of those memorial services where as a part of it they pass around the microphone and ask everyone to tell stories!!

I swear about 3/4's of the stories had to do with her cooking. Now my family has a much of good cooks but I don't recall her cooking being like 5 star stuff. Good but maybe I am spoiled. But it hit me.

Seventh Day Adventist are pretty much Vegetarians. Which in the South make them look as suspicious as communist to some folks . All I heard at the funeral was about all the potlucks they would have and my gosh the desserts. It appears to be a great part of Church life for obvious reasons.

As I have mentoned before I have a Seventh Day Adventist influence in my family . I started thinking about it and boy were desserts a big deal. In fact they were often great. So I guess for what Seventh Day Adventist lack in meat they make up in desserts.

Just a observation

Louisiana Catholic Blog Update For Monday, July 20, 2009

It is a real light one today. Not too many people updated since Saturday.

From The Recamier has her Daily Update: July 19, 2009

Brown Pelican Society of Louisiana has
“Handle with Care”: The Language of Loss… and Family
As Health Insurance Debate Looms, Budget Director Refuses to Rule Out Federally Funded Abortions
Government Health Care Plantation Looms
Jennifer Roback Morse: Primacy of Culture in “Caritas in Veritate”
Cong. Mike Pence to Offer Amendment to De-Fund Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz
‘Do Not Be Discouraged!’ Pope Benedict Tells Faithful in Economic Crisis
Founder’s Quote Daily
GOSPEL & MEDITATION:Jonah, Dodim & Ahabà

Stranger in a Strange Land has Children Are a Detriment to the Selfish Masses

For The Greater Glory has Hide the Puppies! , Affirmative Action in 2028? , ESPN to attack Subsidiarity , 1,000 More Abortions in DC Due to Democrats , and a substantial post here at Caritas in Veritate: Part IV

Our expat Priest in Houston Fr. Victor Brown’s Catholic Daily Message has some thoughts at CDM for the Feast of Saint Apollinaris (20 July 2009)

Life on the (L)edge has an update on his life at THIS SPACE AVAILABLE*

Finally our expat Priest in New Jersey Da Mihi Animas has
Pope Benedict visits Archbishop Bertone's Hometown...
Woman drives her Chariot to the moon and back!
‘Do not be discouraged!’ Pope Benedict tells faith...
Ronald Reagan on Socialized Medicine
Saint of the day: Apollinaris
Salesian Cardinal Bertone on his Vocation Story
"Remember them, not me!"
Come to me, all who are weary...

ESPN Attacks Catholic Doctrine of Subsidiarity - Vatican to Excommunicate Kirk Herbstreit

LOL. For the Greater Glory has the headline of the Day at ESPN to attack Subsidiarity

Michael Yon Has Nice Observations on the Marines In Iraq

Nice article. Very proud they are serving this nation. See One Giant Leap

When Obama Loses the Ann Althouse's of the World

The gig is up.

So the President Delays Releasing The Budget Numbers

How Convenient. Hopefully he will be called on this. The Anchoress has her take at No, you can’t see the numbers; the King is a Fink


Why Does Christianity Give Anger a Bad Rap?

Rod over at Crunchy Con has a nice post on this at Anger and Christian virtue

Have A Harley Davidson Hearse Funeral In Louisiana (What a Way to Go)

C.J. Matherne poses July 8 with his converted Harley-Davidson Road King, which hauls a hearse, outside St. Mary Nativity Church's mausoleum in Raceland. (AP Photo/ Emily Schwarze/The Houma Courier)

This is pretty cool. Via the Shreveport Times.

Offering a final ride behind a Harley

RACELAND — It's a hard time to start a business and a slow season for funerals. But a Raceland man has a fledgling funeral business, figuring he's not the only person who will want a final road trip behind a rumbling steel horse rather than the usual hearse

A funeral is not something you look forward to," but it's part of life, said C.J. Matherne, owner of Steel Heart Memorials.
"You want to make it special," said his wife, Lauren Matherne.
The business was her idea.
They first heard of motorcycle hearses in 2001, when a friend showed C.J. a photo of one. They remembered that picture when reworking their life insurance policies last year, Lauren said.
C.J., who bought his first street bike at age 18, owns two Harley-Davidson motorcycles and usually rides with friends every weekend.
"If something were to happen to him, that's what I would want for him," Lauren said. "(But) there's nothing like that anywhere around here, and it would have cost thousands of dollars to get it here."
C.J., a 51-year-old forklift mechanic, underwent two operations last year to repair wear and tear on his shoulders from more than three decades of mechanic and offshore work.
Driving a motorcycle hearse would be easier on his body and allow him to provide a service for other avid bikers. "I just thought he'd be perfect for it," Lauren said.
So they bought a third Harley-Davidson — a Road King converted into a three-wheel motorcycle, or trike, and a Victorian-styled hearse just big enough for a coffin.
They came from Tombstone Hearse Co. of Bedford, Pa., which began creating and selling such hearses in 2001.
Tombstone Hearse has affiliates in more than a dozen locations, mostly in the Northeast and Midwest. Steel Heart is the first on the Gulf Coast, the Mathernes said.
The company's other Southern sites include spots in Tennessee, Georgia and South Carolina, according to the Tombstone Hearse Web site.
The Mathernes believe their motorcycle hearse is the only one of its kind in Louisiana, with the nearest similar service in Houston. ...............

More at the link