Sunday, August 31, 2008

Best Place for Louisiana Hurricane Gustav Information Across the State (Updated Through Out The Night)

It might shock people but the Other Topic Board at Tigerdroppings. I guess people will be reporting in as it comes in including this idiot at in Houma wish us luck

Blogging Updates Below the Important Link and otherInformation

Also see Live streams of WWL CHANNEL 4, WGNO 26, WVUE FOX8 AND WDSU CHANNEL 6

Three Drunk Guys from Houma having a Hurricane Web Cam and Web Feed. God Help us LINK

Other Important Links
Important links: Louisiana Dept. of Transportation Website National Hurricane Center Website Official State of Louisiana Website Traffic Cameras: New Orleans Baton Rouge Lafayette Lake Charles

Any Phone Number you need from pets to EVAC info to Missing Person to fraud

I shall probably not hit my regular Catholic and Political stuff till Tuesday. I will be updating with Stories as they come in. This post will be stuck at the top for a while.

12:37 AM-
Last bus leaves Lafourche The Houma Courier

11:45 PM-
SAVE ABITA BEER FROM GUSTAV RAVAGE!!! lol. Crunchy Con has got the story at Save the Turbo Dog from Gustav!

11:30 pm
I laughed pretty hard when I saw Mayor Nagin say all looters would be sent to the infamous Angola State Prison pronto. It appears the threat is working Angola threat deters looters in St. Bernard .
By the way I seriously doubt this threat is "real" if there were mass looting. The first major question is how exactly do you get the looters to Angola which is not exactly in the neighborhood if the raod system is out . Though in the pre storm hours a couple of guys got sent there as the article says. I think the presence of so many Louisiana National Guard in the city and the fact they are not tied up with Shelters of Last resort in Orleans will put a end to this problem

11:16- PM
Any other Louisiana residents find it odd that Louisiana Public Broadcasting TV is sticking to its regular broadcasting schedule? IT seems that LPB would be one of those great statewide one network for information that is needed?

11:14 PM-
Ahh Poor Plaquemines Parish. Plaquemines Parish furiously building makeshift levee

10:59 PM-
This is a pretty interesting blog Coast Rat - Thoughts from a Mississippi Gulf Coast Hurricane Volunteer. He is down on the Mississippi Coast right now and just updated GUSTAV UPDATE: Aug. 31 - FINALLY, IT’S HERE!

10:53 PM-
Contrary to what a lot of people think GUSTAV is not Spanish . Gustav - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

10:21 PM
Yes Johnny White's on Bourbon St. - OPEN!

10:10 PM
What About Our Beloved LSU TIGERS :(
ESPN has Waiting is hardest part for LSU players. The Picayune has Tigers taking Monday off, plan to reassemble Tuesday, USA Today has After opening win, LSU turns attention to Gustav

10:05 pm-
Michael Moore is a Idiot alert. See Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise is calling on liberal filmmaker Michael Moore to apologize after he said Friday that the timing of Hurricane Gustav

10:00 pm
CNN and FOX is doing a good job of showing how much of the USA's Energy comes from Louisiana and all those little oil wells out there. As well as the pipeline places (that also is where the imported oil comes in) Refining Operations etc. They have not even touched on how much of the seafood come from Louisiana. If I can hold down the vomit I will do a post later on doubt he ton of articles about "why do people live down there!! Why should we pay fo rebuilding that region!! That attitude comes from a dangerous ignorance.

This is why Louisiana is called a working Coast. We can not just evacuate every time a tropical storm comes into the Gulf or you would be paying about 8 dollars at the pump right now. All this stuff is not run by robots but real flesh and blood Americans that have kids and live in communities. It is indeed a national security concern. You start talking about the Intracoastal Canal the Mississippi River and few other things Louisiana importance to the rest of the nation comes into clarity

9:45 pm
On a Football Note what is the Poor Tulane Football program doing? Last time they camped out at Louisiana Tech. Here we have a update Michael Parenton taking a strong role with Tulane's football team from the Picayune

Almost all North Louisiana Schools are closed including Universities to prepare for the Crisis
See Louisiana Tech braces for Gustav KTBS and ULM, Delta cancel classes until Thursday Monroe News Star World

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