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Bipartisan Stupidity- Congress Making More Moves on BCS

I just can't wait to see what happens when Congress manages College football. Talk about not helping the economy of many cities besides that. New Orelans is a prime example of where the Sugar Bowl is a important thing.

The good news is this. As we expand the college season for all these playoff games there shall be more injuries to players. Some of these will be dramatic and end their career because they have taken a beating all season long. We need actually to get an extra bye week in the schedule not add even more games. Players are hitting harder than ever in the BCS schools. No doubt these young men will have the wonderful benefit of Obamacare though.

Catholics Meditate on The 4th of July 2009

American Catholic has started this week off with some good posts on this subject. As usual the comment sections are good. I will try to keep a tally of these post throughout the week. No doubt there will be the usual slew of posts from Catholics that have a hissy fit that there was a flag in Church or God Bless America was sung. So I shall include those during the week.


The Omega Glory
Simply Filthy
Uncomfortable Thoughts on the Declaration
Pope Benedict XVI & John Paul II on America’s founding
Read The Declaration on the Fourth

New Orleans Priest Closer to being Declared Saint (Father Seelos)

Great news. Please ignore the "Marlyand based title" of Inside's Catholic post on this Baltimore priest may be declared a saint . We all know Louisiana folks got dibbs on him first :)

Vatican Newspaper Takes Note of Michael Jackson's Death

Good grief. This Canon lawyer is not pleased with how it what done.

The Catholic South Shall Rise Again- Atlanta On Fire

Again I ask. What is happening in certain Dioceses. Why is what is happening there not being done elsewhere?. The fact that it is being thought that Atlanta could be made a Cardinal See and it's occupant Papal eligible would have been unthinkable a decade ago. He COULD BE A GEORGIA ALUMNI (Yikes). :)

Whispers has a great post here at Hotlanta: "Grain Once Scattered"... Now a Juggernaut The bolding is mine

In a recent list of the Stateside church's "hot spots," the archdiocese of Atlanta topped the bunch -- and not just alphabetically, either."The diocesan staff are openly disciples," the cite read, "orthodox, wonderfully creative and not driven by fear."

Suffice it to say, the fruit is considerable -- in the heart of the Bible Belt, the North Georgia church has seen a more than fivefold increase in membership over the last two decades, exploding from 150,000 in 1990 to within striking distance of 800,000 today... and -- as if that wasn't enough -- a concurrent increase by half of the diocesan presbyterate (121 in 1990 to 181 today), with eight more priests ordained last weekend... and, what's more still, they can't build or expand the schools quickly enough.Oh, and -- while we're at it -- over 2,700 adults were received into the local church there over the last year.

If all keeps up -- and by the looks of it, the rate of the rise just keeps accelerating -- it won't be long before a red-bird comes home to Peachtree Street. In the meantime, though, earlier this month the Southeast's second-largest local church (after Miami) hosted another edition of what's become its marquee event: the Eucharistic Congress, which (again) grew by half this year to an estimated attendance of some 30,000 and, in its 14th year, has entered the rarified realm of Stateside Catholicism's largest gatherings alongside Los Angeles' Religious Education Congress (40,000 yearly) and the 100,000-plus who throng to suburban Chicago's Maryville Shrine every 12 December for the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

In its last edition, the local Georgia Bulletin devoted the entire shebang to the weekend-long event -- its closing Eucharist presided over by the patron saint of the press -- so read up....Meanwhile, in an even more recent development, against his protests, The Wilt has gone a-Twitter.

New Orleans Meets Pope Benedict

Through their New Archbishop Elect. Whispers has the nice photo and post here at NOLA Meets Papa

Why Christian Figures In Art Look Like they Do (Pauline Discovery Update)

One of the better Catholic Journalist in Europe has a very interesting piece both on the Scientific test done on St Paul's Body and the oldest Image of him found. New Discoveries. Why St. Paul Was Given a Philosopher's Face

This part is very interesting and I quote the part dealing with the image.

The second discovery was announced by "L'Osservatore Romano" in its June 28 edition.It is the discovery of the oldest known depiction of the apostle Paul, dating back to the fourth century: the depiction reproduced at the top of this page.

This image of Paul emerged last June 19, from the excavations that are underway in a catacomb named after St. Thecla, along the Via Ostiense leading from Rome to the sea, a short distance from the basilica of the apostle.Using laser beams to clean the vault of a niche, the archaeologists saw a rich fresco decoration reemerge.

At the center of the vault appeared the image of the Good Shepherd, surrounded, in four arches, by the figures of Paul - the best preserved of the four - of Peter, and probably of two other apostles.The archaeologists Fabrizio Bisconti and Barbara Mazzei provided all of the details of the discovery in two extensive accounts in the newspaper of the Holy See. But one element is more striking than all the rest. And it concerns the reasons that led to depicting the apostle Paul as we see him in this fresco, and then in so many others that followed: with the appearance of a pensive philosopher, with the penetrating expression, the high forehead, the incipient baldness, the pointed beard.

In effect, in an art exhibition dedicated to St. Paul and inaugurated a few days ago in a wing of the Vatican Museums, two of the pieces on display are busts made in the Roman era, of two philosophers - one of which is probably Plotinus - who bear a strong resemblance to the ancient depictions of Paul, beginning with the one that has just been discovered.

The same question is posed for the apostle Peter, who is traditionally depicted with short, thick white hair, his face broad and his expression decisive, his beard also short and full. And so on for other characters of sacred history.Portraiture was very widespread in Greek and Roman art. But in Jewish culture, human images were forbidden, and therefore it was unthinkable that Paul and the others would have themselves depicted. It was only later that the Church accepted the depiction of figures of the Christian faith.

But how?

Here is the evocative explanation given by Professor Antonio Paolucci, director of the Vatican Museums and a great art historian, in presenting the exhibition on St. Paul:"The problem was posed between the third and fourth centuries, when a Church that had become widespread and well structured made the great and brilliant wager that is at the basis of our entire artistic history. It accepted and made its own the world of images, and accepted it in the forms in which the Greco-Roman stylistic and iconographic traditions had developed it.

It was in this way is that Christ the Good Shepherd took on the appearance of Pheobus Apollo or Orpheus, and that Daniel in the lion's den had the appearance of Hercules, the victorious nude athlete."But how could one represent Peter and Paul, the princes of the apostles, the pillars of the Church, the foundations of the hierarchy and doctrine? Someone got a good idea. He gave the first apostles the appearance of the first philosophers.

So Paul, bald, bearded, with the serious and focused air of the intellectual, had the appearance of Plato or perhaps of Plotinus, while that of Aristotle was given to the pragmatic and worldly Peter, who has the task of guiding the professing and militant Church through the snares of the world."If this is what happened, then the Church in the early centuries had no reservations about attributing to the apostles, and to Paul in particular, the title of philosopher, nor of handing down, studying, and proclaiming in its entirety his thought, which is certainly not easy to understand and accept.

The same can be said of the Fathers of the Church. In a phase of Christianity in expansion, in a phase in which the transmission of the Christian faith to the Gentiles was in full development, the Church never considered watering down or domesticating its own message in order to make it more acceptable to the men of the time.

The depiction of Paul the philosopher is an eloquent warning to those who today deny relevance to a pope theologian like Benedict XVI, a modern Father of the Church.

Obama's "Pro-Life" Legislation and Contraception

Causa Nostrae Laetitiae has some breathtaking figures at Obama's pro-life legislation missed the point

Why Does Fox News Suck at International News?

I just saw this on the Drudge Report

HANNITY 2,345,000
GLENN BECK 2,053,000

Out of those the only ones I ever watch is Greta(I think she is very good), anything with Shep( Got to support the SEC even if he is from Ole Miss) and Special Report(My Favorite).

But why oh why if anything breaking is happening International wise do I always have to turn to CNN? I mean lets face it FOX News has to put people on the airplane and it is 48 hours before the real coverage begins. Then it is limited. CNN has people there on the spot. Just watch the CNN ratings bump for the period dealing with Iran.

Now Rupert Murdoch has a huge Global TV and Print Internet empire. Why is this not being incorporated into FOX programming so FOX viewers can get on the spot international news coverage?

Is there some U.S law against this. Why can CNN do it and not Murdock? I have never understood this.

Two Catholic Views Toward Novak's Thoughts on Pope's New upcoming Encyclical

I psoted his piece yesterday at Michael Novak On the Pope Upcoming Social Encyclical .

Father Z has a largely supportive view at M. Novak on liberal trembling over upcoming encyclical . (The Comment Section here both pro and con is quite good)

An opposing more negative view by this contributor at VOX NOVA Responses to Caritas in Veritate (see also his comment section that I expect will have more added during the day)

A few thoughts here. I think part of the problem in what is going on is that conservatives are viewed in the extremes. They envision no governemnt regulation and no need to have any input in the market. This is not reality. WHile many conservatives think less is often better that does not mean they want all aspects of life to be done by the market.

In fact please note that Novak cites with approval in his piece one of the best things President Lincoln ever did. That is the land grant college system

By contrast, in enterprise societies such as the United States, it is possible to become rich—even very rich—by methods that focus on innovation rather than greed. The great universities of the Middle West and Far West, were founded expressly to give spur to new inventions in mining, agriculture, and other technical fields. Texas A & M, Iowa State, Wisconsin State, Oklahoma State, and scores of others have been the hothouses of ideas in agriculture, engineering and electronics, geology, mining and drilling—ideas rendered practical by the makers of many fortunes. They have mightily served the common good of Americans and the entire human race.

Capitalism in its purest form of course is not holy writ. It needs to be tweaked at times for the common good. I think many conservatives recognize this.

The Anchoress Shows Why I am Looking FOrward to 2010

See Ok, concedo; the world is nuts

Not all that is poltical but much is. I have a feeling that Americans will have a corrective election cycle in 2010 and find their love again for a more divided Government.

Stop the Homophobic Hate In Cartoons

Really someone should pass a bill to stop this. (SARC) The Deacon Bench has

Blame it on Disney

With your help we can stop "heteronormativity" .

In other news we need to do out part. We need to make sure that LSU girls at football games do not wear attire that might give them the gaze of men and thus seen on television and thus continue this notion of heternomativity.

Hondurans in New Orleans Support Ouster of President

Well this is interesting.

Tip of the Hat to The Dead Pelican

Are Red States Bad? Porn, Divorce and Out of Wedlock Births

Vox Nova has a interesting stat and graph post here at Chart of the Day, Red States, Blue States, and Morality.

Let me say that I do think these problems are nation wide problems. Also as to the South I can see how some of this is inflamed a tad by our Scot Irish nature that has been a great curse and blessing at times.

Still Stats can be misleading. The Porn usage stats I think are problematic. Now of course people in the South and the other red states watch porn like their blue states brothers and sisters. That is from a moral perspective a problem.

But I would caution to make much of this study. As I noted in the comments you can tell something is just way off here. For instance look at Utah that is that top. Now Utah is at the top but Idaho that shares many of the same demographics is at the very bottom? States of course have their own personalities and culture and ethos. But they often move as a Unit with their neighboring states as to both elections and social and cultural norms. Here we see another problem. Why is about every state that borders Tennessee (which the stats show has a low porn use) while the rest have high porn usages rates. Again something is off.

Further , many of those red states are still in Internet dial up country in vast areas. I have a hard time imaging rural folks in great numbers are signing up and paying porn fees so they can download movies and pictures at 56,000 baud.

As to the other stats we have much firmer and reliable numbers. It would be interesting to see a county by county map as to these stats which I think would show a tad more complex picture.

However no one can discount the problems of divorce and out of wedlock births is going up in all groups where just a few years ago the problems were centered among certain demographics.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Coach Nick Saban To Play LSU Coach In Movie


Oh this will go over well in Bama Land

"I kind of knew once Nick said he'd do it, they'd all jump on board," she said. "I told him, 'You'd better play yourself. If you don't, I'm going to find a short, ugly guy to play you.' You know how vain Nick is. He probably thought about it and said, 'I'd better play myself.'"
Because the film is based on a story that happened five years ago, it did create some awkward moments for a few of the coaches. When Saban recruited Oher he was LSU's coach. He left after the 2004 season for the NFL's Miami Dolphins and now coaches at Alabama, one of the Tigers' fiercest rivals.
On the set at which Saban filmed his last scene for "The Blind Side," his office was littered with LSU memorabilia. There was an LSU game ball, a 2001 SEC championship trophy and reprints of pages from The (Baton Rouge) Advocate newspaper. There was even a replica of the key to the city of Baton Rouge.
Saban, who had just finished his second season with the Crimson Tide, told his Alabama players he would be appearing in the movie as LSU's coach.

Ralph Nelson/Alcon Entertainment Tommy Tuberville says he was comfortable portraying Auburn's coach in "The Blind Side."
"It's a historic event," Saban said. "I told our players at Alabama that it was a historic event and this happened when I was at LSU. I did this in honor of the Tuohys and Michael, even though he didn't come to LSU or Alabama. We have great fans at Alabama. Hopefully, everybody is big enough to understand that this film is documenting a true story

By the way that will be a great movie. I loved that book!!!

Good for Nick though. I agree it is a important and good movie

How A Catholic Should Bless Beer

Somehow I missed Alive and Young on My Louisiana Catholic Blogs Update. See Blessing of Beer Part Deaux

Sneator Mary Landrieu Must Be a Sure Vote Against Cap and Trade Bill

Because I am sure if she was not I could not turn on my television down here in oil and gas rich Louisiana and not have ads screaming for me to call her

I rarely say this but THANK YOU MARY

The Conservative Cajun , who I just discovered is a Public blog again and will be going back on t he links, says STILL call her. See Time for Sen. Landrieu to Show Her True Colors – Cap and Trade

Amazon Website Removes Review Critical Of Catholic Book

Well this is interesting. See Disconnections via Ten Reasons.

I note someone quickly put up a much smaller blub echoing the same thoughts today.

Is this standard practice at Amazon?

President Obama Promised AG Job to John Edwards?

See Thank God This Promise Came With an Expiration Date

Good grief. Hopefully Obama was just you know lying. I can not think he and his oppostion staff did not know the rumors that was being talked about.

Louisiana Catholic Missionary Blogging in Honduras During Crisis

Witnessing Hope has Incertidumbre (Uncertainty) and What will tomorrow bring?

Louisiana Catholic Blogs Update For Monday, June 29, 2009

I swear we shall try to make the Louisiana Catholics Blogs Update post more daily this week. I just felt so bad last week I rarely wanted to type. So let me post their entries from the last few days

Here we go

Ville Platte Catholic Youth Group has “The New Catholic Manliness” at Sancte Pater blog. Oh this is great see Did I become a father at conception?

An Intolerable Compliment (who I need to add to the links) has Pope to celebrate Mass in St. Peter's Square with Patriarch of Constantinople in attendance and Pope to celebrate Mass in St. Peter's Square with Patriarch of Constantinople in attendance

From The Recamier has her Daily Update: June 27, 2009. Plus a book review here at Martin Dressler: The Tale of an American Dreamer by Steven Millhauser

Footprints on the Fridge has And That's Only the First Paragraph and The Year for Priests: A Plan

Baby Cate has Cate Sized Hole

A Number of Things. has wordless wednesday :: biggest brother & littlest sister and lemon pound cake

Witnessing Hope has a improtnat post. Pray for her. I shall be highlighting this next. See Incertidumbre (Uncertainty), and What will tomorrow bring?

The Wolf Den has Memories of Michael and Farrah

Brown Pelican Society of Louisiana has
The Feast of St. Peter and Paul - On this Rock
How Much Longer Will America Be the Abiding Alternative to Tyranny?
HAVE YOU HEARD THIS ONE? A Doctor Helps With a Womans “Problem”
Speaking of Climate Change
The Eight Republican Cap and Traitors
SURPRISE, SURPRISE, SURPRISE! Obama Breaks Promise, Embraces Middle-Class Healthcare Tax
Sarah Palin Leads Republicans in Ratings as Obama Keeps Promoting Abortion
New Forms of Slavery: More Attention Turns to Sexual Trafficking Victims
Italian Newspaper Reveals Key Paragraphs from Pope’s Upcoming Social Encyclical
ARE YOU BREATHING FIRE YET? ACES Up Her Sleeve! Pelosi’s Corrupt Way Of Doing the ‘People’s Business’
Just Make Stuff Up: President Obama’s War On the Truth.
Pope Benedict Sums Up Pauline Year as Year for Priests Begins
ACLU Affiliate Sides With Diocese of Bridgeport Over Lobbying Investigation
Founder’s Quote Daily
Saint Peter and Saint Paul, Apostles

Stranger in a Strange Land has Who are the Laity?

For The Greater Glory has A thought about Michael Jackson Tributes: Remembering the unity

Astonished, Yet at Home! has Prayers for Honduras , Free Abita Beer and Sound Catholic Teaching , and The Divorce Will Be Televised

Journey to Rome has a good post here at Taylor Marshall gives “The Catholic Perspective on the Federal Vision” and Van Morrison – Hymns to the Silence

The Catholic Foodie has Photos (so far) from CNMC , Good Ol' San Antone , and Cooking with wine? Ask Bobby Flay

Life on the (L)edge has TOO FUNNY NOT TO SHARE

Fr. Victor Brown’s Catholic Daily Message has Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul (29 June 2009)

Our Expat Priest In New Jersey Da Mihi Animas has
Priests not born of an Angel
Fr. Benedict Groeschel and Archbishop Dolan speak ...
Cardinal Newman miracle accepted by Vatican
Modern Christian Persecution
Corpus Christi Procession 2009
The Voices of Glory: God bless America!
Saint of the day: John Southworth
Do you have a vocation?

Cap and Trade Bill Could Start a Trade War

Is anyone reading this stuff before they vote on it?

Catholics Bone Up On Your Calvinism- It's Coming Back

Get Religion has a good piece at Calvin: he’s hot, hot, hot

As I mentioned before as a former Southern Baptist Calvinism was not a big thing in our Church or area. It seemed we Southern Baptist (The mainstream ones that went to the main SBC Church ) and the Methodist were aware that the Presbyterians down the street believed in it and something called TULIP but aside for them and a few Churches it was not a big thing. Calvinism seems to come in waves in the Evangelical community and I suppose I caught it when was far from the shore.

But boy is it back. So Catholics might have to grapple with new terms and concepts as a Calvinist Evangelical questions you. I can recall a few years back I met my first really strict Calvinist Baptist preacher and I sort of taken back. Needless to say I never learned half of what he is saying in my Sunday School. So it takes a little work. We are going way beyond the typical conversations into something I have to admit is a tad deeper. It is no mistake that Calvinist are the important thinkers in the Evangelical history over time.

Thankfully we have a number of converts that came from a very Calvinist Presbyterian tradition. Scott Hahn comes to mind. Canterbury Tales is another that just engages one in this post Calvinism vs. Catholicism: A Response to the Lane Keister at Green Baggins blog

David Armstrong has a ton of links and posts talking about this. I strongly recommend his site.

This page is a must

Again check his blog out daily because it seems he engages Calvinist thought a lot.

Episcopal Talks About the Real Father Cutie Scandal

A must read commentary here at Episcopal Bishop Leo Frade -- the Real Scandal in Flight of RC Priest to TEC

This part is striking and I was not aware of. I also assumed for some reason the Anglican Miami area would be more conservative. This on Father Cutie'es New Bishop

Frade is a Latino. His journey from that impoverished part of the world to the Episcopal Church raised eyebrows, at the time, with many believing that Frade's flight had more to do with his desire for a better pension than for any desire to convert Latinos to the Lord in southeast Florida.As a newly minted Episcopal bishop, Frade soon abandoned whatever vestige of evangelical orthodoxy he had left by quickly rolling over into the pansexual zeitgeist of TEC's House of Bishops. He soon become a player in the liberal Episcopal house of the Lord with such notable plays as his declaration that heterosexual marriage is discriminatory and urging fellow Floridians to oppose Amendment 2 to Florida's Constitution, which would define marriage as only between a man and a woman.

When he marched with Anglican Primates and bishops through the streets of London during a Lambeth Conference promotion of the Anglican Communion's Millennium Development Goals, he wrapped himself in a rainbow flag declaring, "when we talk about justice and mercy, we need to remember that gay and lesbian persons are discriminated against by the church and the government."He also voted to depose two godly orthodox bishops for failing to conform to the doctrine and discipline of The Episcopal Church.

Oh and it gets worse. I really wonder has Father Cutie really thought of the views of the Bishop that he has put himself in Union with? I do pray for him

Michael Novak On the Pope Upcoming Social Encyclical

A very good piece here at Economic Heresies of the Left

Related is my post today Italian Paper Drops Major Hints On Pope's New social Encyclical

Resources on the Church Fathers and Catholic Stuff In Spanish

A good handy site to direct perhaps a growing Hispanic and Latino immigrant population that are at times getting picked off by our Pentecostal and Evangelical brothers and Sisters. Need to start thinking about the future. Well not the future it is now. I will add to the links

The Way of the Fathers has it at ¿Habla Español?

Justice Scalia Bluntly Tells Lawyers How To Argue In Front of the Court

Oh this is too good.

As far as the use of contractions, Scalia and Garner have agreed to disagree, but the justice favors leaving them out of briefs. Scalia dubbed them "Jacobin" and argued they "pull everything down to the street level." He asked rhetorically, "Is any judge going to get mad because you don't use contractions?" In addition, Scalia said that legal writing with lots of italics tends to read "like a high school girl's diary."......

He counseled lawyers to look judges in the eye; when faced with a hypothetical panel of nine justices, advocates should not gaze solely at the ninth justice, who may be the swing vote in a 5-4 decision. "He will be embarrassed, and the other justices will be mad," Scalia explained.....

Scalia's pet peeve: when lawyers respond to a hypothetical example by saying it is "not this case." Going through his mind at that point, Scalia said, is the thought, "I know it's not this case, you idiot." But appellate judges must make decisions that govern many cases, not just the one before them, he explained.


Could the U.S. Supreme Court Order the Military to Arrest President Obama?

Or put in the name of another person as President. A sort of question related to my post Did the Obama Adminstration and the World Jump the Gun On Honduras ? See this timeline here

The major legal blog The Volokh Conspiracy has that as their question of the day.

If a nation's military, acting under the orders of its Supreme Court, moves to arrest the president of the country for openly violating its constitution in ways that will promote his own power, is that accurately described as a "coup?"

The comments are interesting. Now of course the Constitutions are different. But what if Congress could not convene in time for impeachment proceedings and it was a time of much peril because the President was going to do x that was a threat to the Republic and was so in the face of the Const. Would the Court find it in it's inherent powers to act? Could it? Would it be a Coup?

This is the Oath that Supreme Court Justices take

"I, [NAME], do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will administer justice without respect to persons, and do equal right to the poor and to the rich, and that I will faithfully and impartially discharge and perform all the duties incumbent upon me as [TITLE] under the Constitution and laws of the United States. So help me God."

Here is the oath of the Armed Forces

I , (NAME), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.

In the National Guard (Army or Air)

(NAME), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States and the State of (STATE NAME) against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the Governor of (STATE NAME) and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to law and regulations. So help me God.

Thankfully I never think we will be in this situation Or so we hope.

Shocking- Ark of the Covenant Was Not Revealed On Friday

I really wish Conservatives would not associate themselves with World Net Daily. It is the like the National Enquirer of Conservatives .

Catholic Key has Ark of the Covenant Story was Bad Translating, Hype

Did the Obama Adminstration and the World Jump the Gun On Honduras ?

From what I have been reading on the blogs the last 12 hours the situation is a lot more complex that what was portrayed . The WSJ has a piece up now.

If this is true and I think it is it shows the sorry state of State Department in giving advice.

Are Catholic Conservatives In a Panic Over Obama Meeting the Pope

I have often commented that many more liberal or progressive Catholics have a cartoon version of their conservative/ Republican United States brothers and sisters. I suppose this works in reverse too. The problem is that the more liberal voice is what is hear in the Catholic and secular media at times.

America magain via Michael Winters has struck again. Winters by the way is one of the writers there I can tolerate because at least at times he appears open. Still this is bizaree.

Pope Benedict XVI will receive President Barack Obama in audience at the Vatican on July 10. Let the gnashing of teeth begin.
Admit it, wasn’t your first impulse to call Dr. Mary Ann Glendon and ask, "If you were still the ambassador, would you show up or would you boycott?" The Cardinal Newman Society, which spent the better part of the spring telling the world that no Catholic could in good conscience share the stage with President Obama, perhaps now they will start issuing press releases entitled "Pope Creates Scandal" or "Outrage at the Vatican." The Catholic News Agency, which featured the headline "Vatican announces Pope’s vacation without confirmation of Obama visit" just a few weeks ago, has nary a mention of the visit on its website this morning. Cat got your tongue?

Obama’s Catholic critics need to re-calibrate their message and it is difficult to see how they will compete with the pictures of Obama in the frescoed halls of the Vatican, his beautiful wife and children in tow, shaking hands with the Holy Father. Actually, in addition to shaking hands, it is traditional that the Pope will present a gift to the President. Does that count as an "honor" of the kind forbidden by the bishops’ document "Catholics in Political Life"? Notre Dame, of course, has a tradition of conferring an honorary degree upon every new president that pre-dates presidential visits to the Holy See

Now of course the only ones that thought there would be gnashing to teeth were silly people that think conservative and Republican Catholics have no brain. I might add sort of "snarky" op ed is coming from the same magazine that proclaimed the rhetoric was getting too hot among American Catholics

Catholics in the Public Square has a great response to this puzzling piece and another response to the response.

Obama to visit the Vatican; the triumphant vindication of Michael Sean Winters?

Tip of the Hat to Pro-Ecclesia and his post President Obama to Visit Vatican

Father Z has a great frisking of this nonsense too at Amerika Magazine gets it wrong again

How A Great Philosopher Became Catholic - Mortimer J. Adler

Deal Hudson has a wonderful piece on well known and well read Philosopher that is quite interesting. See The Great Philosopher Who Became Catholic

Where the GOP Doctor Congressmen on Health Care Reform

Most Congressmen are not Doctors. In spite of that Louisiana has three of them. Fleming, Cassidy, and Boustany. I think come news people would want them on TV!!! One would think the GOP would have them all over tv shows. Where are they at?

Earliest Image of St Paul Found in Rome

Cool story here(with pic).

Tip of the Hat to Spirit Daily

Related today is my post New Science Tests In On St Paul the Apostle's Body

President Obama's New Pastor Is a Southern Baptist(Updated- Maybe)

Good post here at Obama chooses worship over spectacle via Get Religion.

I do have a feeling though that Obama will on occasion follow the Presidential Custom and pay Sunday Visits to St. John’s Church, in Lafayette Square on occasion.

By the way that is NOT St John's in the photo. St John's is a much more smaller and simpler Church.

See the Update at the above post

Possible Louisiana Senate Hopeful Involved in Fist Fight!!!

Oh dear will the scandals ever end. From Stormy Daniel's Twitter site Via a email to me.

I have a bruise on my cheek bone, but I broke his nose...I think I won that one...and @m0nster_one did a number on him after me about 22 hours ago from web

No clue why he did it..he wasn't arrested because I fought back and also would have to be arrested! WTF! Since when is self defense a crime? about 22 hours ago from web

Tonight was a first...never had a grown man punch me in the face for no reason before...don't worry, he looks worse than me! about 23 hours ago from web

Maybe she will try to spin this as a I will fight For Louisiana too thing too. What a circus this Senate race might be. I was looking over her tweets(they are all g to pg rated by the way and are mostly COME SEEM ME PERFORM AT CLUB X Tonight etc etc) and noticed that the Senate race at least the last few days did not seem to be a big item. No talk on Cap and Trade, The Supreme Court nomination, etc etc.

Well we can hope that means something.

New Science Tests In On St Paul the Apostle's Body

Father Z has what was revealed over the weekend in Rome. See St. Paul, Apostle - new finds

Italian Paper Drops Major Hints On Pope's New social Encyclical

We should be getting this next week. The Pope mention yesterday that he had signed it. Father Z has a good post regarding an Italian newspapers that it appears had seen it. See Hints at content of the new “social” encyclical .

Of special notice is this observation

According to Vecchi, the encyclical will hardly be “good news to the liberals and bad news to the conservatives,” as claimed by some analysts who have not seen the text of the document.

The New American Archbishops Get Their Palliums

Time to get up too speed again after being sick for a good part of last week. Lots happened over the weekend. Including that the America newest Archbishops and those moving to new Archbishops Sees Got their Pallium by the Pope in Rome. For Louisiana readers that includes the Archbishop of New Orleans Greg Aymond of New Orleans.

Whispers has the pics at Behold the Lamb(swool)....

The New Archbishop of New York is of course stealing the show. Whispers has a story on that at The Great Gotham Road Show

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Obama Promised To Help CAO in Relection If He Voted For Cap And Trade

I suspect Rep CAO realized that promise like others of Obama would come with a expiration date.

Learn Your Catholic Faith in a Louisiana Brewery

Astonished Yet At Home has the details at Free Abita Beer and Sound Catholic Teaching

Internal Strife at The Vatican?

If this is true I hope Benedict gets it under control quick. He has a lot of good work to do.

24 Hours of Hitchcock Movies

Sorry for my absence the last few days. I have been in the sickbed. Getting near a computer was the last thing I wanted to do

Anyway I spend and am now spending a delightful day watching 24 hours of Alfred Hitchcock movies on Turner Classic Movies. He always had a wonderful habit of getting the best leading man and leading lady together.

They had much of the biggies I love. Rear Window, Vertigo, The Man that Knew Too Much, North by Northwest, Notorious , etc etc.

Still there are a few they did not have that are my favorites. Rope , based on a true story, I think is a masterpiece. Again he uses Jimmy Stewart in a wonderful way. One other that is not on is wonderful sort of dark Comedy called the The Trouble with Harry which I have to admit I can just watch over and over.

Check them out

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Mark Sanford Roundup

The Anchoress has it at Mark Sanford: Crying in Argentina? UPDATES!

I think he is going to have resign. The whole being AWOL for a week is going to be what kills him. Needless to say with all the things going in the world the media and public do not need to be sidelined by this.

Baton Rouge and New Orleans Paper's Front Page On LSU Baseball Win

As usual click on the pic to see larger picture.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

LSU 2009 National Champions In Baseball

I am so happy right now. Jindal needs to declare a State Holiday. Much more in the morning. I think I will have best sleep I have had since the SEC Tourney began.

Geaux Tigers

Geaux SEC

Stud Chad Jones Enters College World Series and I get Hundred Hits

on this past post in like five minutes


Silly Hit Piece On Bobby Jindal By the Independent

I am a Jindal Supporter. But the Independent should consider hiring me to write hit pieces on the Governor. At least they would have some logical flow. Lets examine this silly piece that was for some reason highlighted by the The Dead Pelican. The red comments are mine.

Who the heck does Bobby Jindal think he is? I’d like to know, because I have no idea who he is. The intellectual policy wonk working hard to clean up Louisiana politics — appearances be damned — or just an ambitious politician using his home state as a means to an end, namely the White House? (Is this not getting tiresome. It is apparent to everybody paying attention that Jindal is not running in 2012. But this keeps being parroted) His birth name is Piyush, (this is is really getting old. Booby like many immigrants in our families changed their name to be more understandable. Bobby like did this as a Kid and I doubt he had poltical motives in mind. But this silly attack is still done and it has a whiff of racism) but he calls himself Bobby. An Indian-American — an overwhelmingly Democrat-leaning demographic( I have no idea if Indian Americans are an OVERWHELMING democrat leaning demographic but so what if they are. Does Bobby need to engage in Group think)— Maybe the writer of this piece can give us the voting stats of Louisiana Indian Americans. I doubt he can)

Off and on he’s beginning to look like a one-termer. (WHAT? What is this based on. I must say for a supposed one term guy there is little talk on the ground of a serious Democrat out their raising money to run against Bobby. Something Walter "Braintrust" Pierce" does not note)

He certainly had “four years and done” written all over him a couple of weeks ago when four former governors — Kathleen Blanco, Mike Foster, Buddy Roemer and Dave Treen — descended on Baton Rouge to lobby for higher education. It was an intervention, these elders stepping in, and Jindal, squirming in the background, seemed sufficiently humbled (LOL yes and those Governors are partly responsible for the mess we got ourselves in Mr Politico you notice offers no suggestions where the money is to come from)

Even fellow members of the Grand Old Party in Louisiana have at times been so beside themselves with Jindal they’ve openly violated one of the Gipper’s central tenets: Thou shalt not speak ill of a fellow Republican. They’re not just speaking ill, they’re tearing him the proverbial new one. ( What? Can he give some examples? Just one? Please just one?)

Yet many observers expected Jindal to get more roughed up than he has in this session,( I don't know where this guy has been bit the story has been how Jindal has handled the legislative session fairly well) considering the bad taste in many lawmakers’ mouths after the pay-raise veto last year, not to mention Jindal’s “do as I say, not as I do” stance on ethics reform. State lawmakers and appointed members of boards and commissions are now subject to some rigorous ethical standards. But the same do not apply to the governor. Bobby Jindal’s administration remains the most opaque, the most impervious to sunlight, in these glorious states united. Last year he vetoed on technical grounds a bill that would have tracked political appointees who were also campaign contributors. This year, with the same bill retooled and humming, he outright opposed it.

One suspects that when Timmy Teepell twisted the wind-up mechanism in Jindal’s back (This is a tad inside baseball with Teepell and shows the motivations of this writer are not being truly given) and he marched mechanically from behind the staircase in the governor’s mansion and into national embarrassment for his much-mocked response to President Obama’s speech to Congress early this spring (that is so old news. I mean we have had a legislative session and a ton of news and we are going into this sad)— blank-eyed, flat-toned and programmed with the flaccid axioms of Reaganism — PiyushCo (Notice here the whiffs of racism again and of course a non original spin on the BushCO thing. Good grief Independent hire me to write Anti Jindal pieces they will not be so embarrassing) saw a horizon sparkling with unimpeded ascent. That was then. But volcanoes, like public perception, must be monitored.

Somehow, some way, Louisiana has gone in 20 years from a $4 billion state budget to a $29 billion state budget,(So Jindal is responsible for 20 years of State Government. Hell can we blame him for the bad Choices that You ARE MY SUNSHINE GOV Jimmy Daivis made or Earl K Long for that matter) . with a population that has remained essentially flat and human-welfare ratings that have remained at the bottom nationwide. And Jindal, like Bush, inherited a surplus and will leave office — whether he’s a one-termer or wins a second term — with a state in dire straits. Like Bush, he has spent a lot of time away from the office. (WHAT LINKS PLEASE BOBBY GOES DOES A FUNDRAISER A FEW NIGHTS AND HE ACTS LIKE BOBBY IS AWOL) But it’s not to the bramble-clearing sanctuary of Crawford; it’s to out-of-state fundraisers and speaking engagements. (Oh Lord Help Us.)

Jindal insists his aspirations are parochial. But it just doesn’t square with his actions. (What are his actions. Have you noticed you have read all this verbiage and the writer of this piece has not engaged hardly any of Bobby's plans) Clearly the man has ambition, and who can begrudge him that? But if governance of Louisiana is merely a stepping stone, beware the slippery slope.

Save us from idiots

Getting Caught in Bed With a Dead Girl or A Live Boy

That was the famous quote from Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards on the only way he was going to lose the election against Republican Dave Treen.

There is politics wise a lot of wisdom in that quote.

I thought of that today as I watched the sex scandal of the Governor of South Carolina.

I actually think voters regardless of party are pretty forgiving of the sins of the flesh. It shocks people but in my experience people of faith are very forgiving. They know the struggle. Plus they like to see politicos humbled a bit.

Most Politicians can handle sex scandals as long they are too bizarre.

What goes unnoticed often is it is not the sex but the other related matters that sinks people.

In Clinton's case it was not his affair but the fact he lied in front of Federal Grand Jury

In the Governor of South Carolina's case it is not he sex that will sink him but the fact he went AWOL for a week from South Carolina. It is all just a little too bizarre.

South African Catholic Bishop- Can't Really Teach Those African Savages

Well he might as well have said that. Is someone at Headquarters in Rome asleep at the switch. I would have to think people might think of moving him to another postion where he can do less damage

Will Catholic Conservatives Hate the Pope's New Encyclical

That seems to be the talking points I am hearing. If one listens one would think us Republican and Conservative Catholics wish for the days where he could send 8 years olds into the coal mines. Father Reese , who sort of has a cartoon view of conservatives, over at the Washington Post seems to be in the Amen Corner on this.

He might be shocked that the people at the Action Inst are not showing indications that they will be "shocked and disappointed". See Pope Benedict’s Encyclical and a New World Economic Order

Governor Palin Gets Some Commander In Chief Training

Need to get her ready.

Vatican Website For the Year of the Priest Is Up

Nice Be sure to Check out the Church Fathers section

Will Pope John Paul the II Body Be Taken To Poland

Not thrilled with the idea myself

Tip of the hat to Spirit Daily

Why Is Obama So Stubborn As A Mule

Its seems like I am picking on our President today. However I think we are starting to see a trend.

There is danger in electing relatively new politicians to big offices. A good politician for a big job needs to have some history of failure. It makes them more receptive to other ideas and brings them down a few pegs. I have seen that in my home state. I am seeing it with Senator Vitter that was in some big need of some humbling. Needless to say that has happened and I find that he is better for it.

Obama is showing this attitude in many things lately. We see it on Iran.

We get this news

"The Obama administration is seriously considering not extending invitations to Iranian diplomats for July 4 celebrations overseas, senior administration officials tell CNN. The officials said intense discussions on the issue were taking place, but the final decision had not been made."

Seriously Considering? Even some of his most liberal supporters have been voicing concerns over this for a week. It is a very bad idea. I would have to think anyone that would not have an absolute tin ear would realize that. However the President seems to have a plan as to IRAN and their shall be no deviation at all. Despite the fact that current events have strangely not decided to conform to wishes of the White House.

President Obama Releases Terrorist That killed American Soliders

Perhaps at the next Press Conference in between the questions on smoking he will be asked about this. This looks bad

Tip of the Hat to Wheat and Weeds

Nixon on Abortion and Interracial Children

This will go up there no doubt with Nixon's thought on Jews that were on the tapes. Like many things Nixon was a complex man.

I will be curious to see how much coverage this will get. Hopefully it will be pointed out that Nixon did the real heavy lifting as to Civil Rights for African Americans during his terms.

Diocese in the Church of England Offering Free Beer to Get Men to Church

Maybe this will catch on.

Prison Rape - Not A Laughing Matter- Where Are the Catholic Social Justice Folks

Over at First Things (You know that evil neo Conservative place) Joe Carter has a good post Between Smirks and Silence: Ignoring the Epidemic of Prison Rape

This is a scandal. It seems countless trees have be used(or the internet version) and much ink split over the waterboard of three people and what is torture. However on this there is silence. Why?

Gov. Mark Sanford Has Returned From His Nazi Hunting Trip in Argentina

or whatever he was doing down there

I have to admit this story is getting more bizarre by the day.

Perhaps he will have a political coup and announce he has landed some huge Argentina plant for the good people of South Carolina. Or perhaps landed a Soccer player to be a kicker for Clemson

Can Catholic Obama Supporters Use their Influence To Stop Silly Plan Against Charities

I would have to think various Catholic Charities and Catholic Social Justice groups would be up in arms over this and Writing letters to the editor. Sending out the warning to the Parishes. So far nothing really.

Why are Libertarians Silent on Iran? (Updated)

Strange. Sad too since as I type this a massacre is taking place.

From the Corner:

Where Are the Libertarians on Iran? [Jonah Goldberg]

An interesting complaint from the Libertarian Republican (via Instapundit):
What a reversal. Freedom is breaking out across Iran. We are witnessing one of the most historical events of our lifetimes, comparable no doubt to the fall of the Berlin Wall. Yet, Libertarians, outside of this political news blog, Atlas Shrugs, the Libertarian Defense Caucus, and a few other libertarian Republicans, are for the most part silent. Virtually no reportage at Reason.

In the last week, just two articles on the whole Iranian Revolution at Reason, and one was more of a criticism of how CNN was covering the event, than coverage of the event itself. Cato is similarly unengaged. The usual suspects on the Libertarian Left, LewRockwell.com, Justin Raimondo and AntiWar.com, and the Ron Paulists, are preaching the same "stay the hell out" line, they've been arguing for years. Some are even cheering on Obama for not making any statements seemingly in support of the protesters. Incredibly, not a single press release has been sent out by the Libertarian Party on the biggest issue of the day. So, where are all the freedoms lovers in the United States to be found?On the Conservative Right.

He left out Will's Churchillian refusal to paint his Twitter Avatar green.

Update- Be sure to go the Blog linked above in the Corner post for more. I find this interesting:

Where's the International Libertarian effort?The libertarian movement was far more supportive of the last major freedom revolution: the Fall of Communism across Eastern Europe and Russia. Cato even sent a delegation of Economists, and other Cato leaders to Moscow in 1991 to steer the country into developing a more market-based economy. No such plans are in the works for the aftermath of the Iranian Revolution. In fact, even so-called Libertarian International groups who are supposed to be actively organizing such efforts, are silent. ISIL (Individual Society for Individual Liberty), a group that was supposed to act as a sort of Libertarian International, has only one single link on their home page about Iran. Instead, articles about the upcomming Libertarian National Committee meeting, "Liberty English Camps," and ironically, Human Rights Watch with no mention of Iran, is currently on the front page. This from an organization that boasts:

A vital part of spreading the ideas of liberty around the world is to make available literature in the local language. ISIL has sponsored the publishing and distribution of thousands of introductory libertarian books in former communist countries, including the works of Ayn Rand in her native Russia.Funny. You'd think this would be precisely the time that the Iranians need the works of Rand, and free market economic books the most.

Something is seriously, seriously wrong, when someone like Huckabee, who has expressed utter disdain for movement libertarians in the past, is sounding more libertarian, than movement libertarians themselves. Who knows? Maybe it will be social conservative Mike Huckabee next, doing a "Money Bomb" off his site to support the distribution of (atheist) And Rand's "Atlas Shrugs," Hayek's "Road to Serfdom," and Milton Friedman's "Free to Choose," to the brave young Iranian protesters? While Ron Paul will still be saying that the press reports out of Iran about repression of the freedom fighters shouldn't necessarily be believed.

Louisiana is Canada's Third Largest Trading Partner in the USA

I am surprised.

So It Is Southern Baptist Convention Time

As a former Baptist I always take some interest in the Southern Baptist Convention. The last couple of years there has been friction between the Calvinist branch and non Calvinist branch. I will say this about Southern Baptist Conventions. Unlike many Bishops Conferences I have seen things seem to get done and are applied in a aggressive fashion. I might be doing some more Baptist post than usual this week

I note below that Huckabee is at the Convention. That should be interesting. I suspect Huckabee is not very pleased with some folks there because of what he perceives as lack of support for his run.

Here are some headlines

Leader plans Southern Baptist shake-up
Black pastor: Southern Baptists should honor Obama
Southern Baptist Head: We Have a Vision Problem
Mike Huckabee slams Obama on Iran, abortion in speech to SBC pastors
Southern Baptists look for cures to stagnation
My Thoughts on Today’s Southern Baptist Convention Meeting 6:23:09
The Confusing Future Direction of the SBC

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

YACK- Texas Wins Game Two of College World Series

Well needless to say the Omaha Chamber of Commerce is thrilled.

I have confidence in my TIGERS and we shall win it tomorrow

Congrats Texas for tonight.

President Obama Despite Pay Grade Tackles When Life Begins

See Obama Admits Life Begins at Conception?

Potential Gifts That Obama Will Give Pope Next Month

LOL. Creative Minority Report has the final selections.

Catholic Churches Need More Glass Coffins

I agree with this. The Anchoress has Whither Glass Coffins?

Will Trash Restore Coastal Louisiana

One final interesting Louisiana story for the day (That is until LSU win the College World Series Tonight :)

Roll Call- Melancon's Seat Prime Pickup Opportunity

I very much agree with this. Let me say I would thrilled if HUNT DOWNER entered the race. I think he is one of Louisiana's best Public Servants.

Political insiders on both sides of the aisle are convinced that Rep. Charlie Melancon (D-La.) is set to challenge Sen. David Vitter (R) in 2010, which begs the question of what happens in Melancon’s south-central district next year. Judging by all the noise out of the National Republican Congressional Committee over the news that Melancon is considering the race, there is little doubt that the Bayou State’s 3rd district is about to rocket to the upper echelon of GOP targets. Republicans have yet to unite behind one candidate, but state Rep. Nickie Monica has already said he’s thinking about the race.

Other credible GOP names that have surfaced are former state Speaker Hunt Downer, who is the assistant adjutant general of the Louisiana National Guard, and Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser Jr., whose father is the former chairman of the Louisiana Republican Party. Democrats have been less willing to come forward with possible open-seat candidates until Melancon makes a formal announcement about his Senate plans, but one name that has emerged is Ascension Parish Sheriff Jeff Wiley.

Louisiana Democratic Party Chairman Chris Whittington would say Monday only that the 3rd district is going to remain in Democratic hands in 2010 and beyond. “We have a lot of good, strong Democrats in that district should Congressman Melancon decide not to run for re-election,” Whittington said. When news broke last week about Melancon’s renewed Senate interest, the chest-thumping from the NRCC began in earnest. In recent months, the NRCC had been ratcheting up the pressure on the three-term Congressman with a radio and print media campaign challenging his claims of being a fiscal conservative and criticizing him for his votes on issues such as the economic stimulus bill. In addition, the committee has continually promised to put up a well-known, well-funded challenger in 2010 regardless of whether Melancon opts to leave the House behind.

With Melancon’s jump to the Senate race now seen as likely, the committee believes it has an even better shot of flipping a district that Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) won with 61 percent in 2008. “After months of being confronted with negative ads and hostile crowds, it seems clear that Charlie Melancon has decided he’d rather risk losing statewide than be defeated for re-election,” NRCC spokesman Paul Lindsay said Monday. “This is a district that has trended more conservative while Melancon has become more liberal.”

The last time the 3rd district seat was open, Melancon beat the son of the district’s outgoing Congressman in the closest election of the 2004 cycle. In the open primary that year, Melancon took just 24 percent of the vote to Billy Tauzin III’s (R) 32 percent but ended up winning the runoff by 569 votes. Monica said that in 2010 — when Democrats won’t have President Barack Obama on the ballot to motivate the party’s base — the 3rd district will revert back to GOP control. “Mr. Melancon beat a young man with no experience in government to get in by a small margin,” Monica said. “The district is very conservative. It is pro-business, pro-industry, and some of the votes the Congressman made in the last six months are not going to sit well in the district. It’s going to go back Republican. I’m just hoping I’m the one” who is carrying the Republican mantle.

Downer, a gubernatorial candidate in 2003, was once considered a possible GOP candidate in the open 3rd district race in 2004. He passed on the contest because, he said, he needed to rest coming off the gubernatorial race and 28 years in elected office. “It was a time to take a little respite from politics and focus on a few other things,” he said. Today, Downer said, he’s rested and a House bid “is something I would consider at the appropriate time.” But Democrats are far from giving up on the 3rd district. One Democratic strategist said Monday that having Melancon at the top of the ticket in a Senate race would give Democrats an advantage in holding his 3rd district seat. But Democrats might have to find someone besides Wiley to carry their banner. “I don’t have any plans at this point” to run, Wiley said.

He said that his pro-business, pro-gun, anti-abortion-rights views wouldn’t “mesh well” with Democratic leaders in Washington, D.C. He also pointed out that his support of Republicans such as Gov. Bobby Jindal, Rep. Bill Cassidy (La.) and former Rep. Richard Baker (La.) probably wouldn’t go over well with national party officials. But Louisiana political pundit John Maginnis, who on Friday broke the news that Melancon had decided on a Senate bid, said that a Democrat who stands up to the national party is probably the only kind of candidate who can hold the 3rd district next year. “I think it will be very tough,” Maginnis said of Democrats’ chances. The right Democratic candidate for the district “has to be able to appeal to the business interests, raise money and say they’re going to go [to Capitol Hill] and not vote with” Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

Melancon’s Run Against David Vitter Sign of Weakness For Melancon (Updated Link Fixed)

I pretty much agree with this post by this LSUS Poltical Scientist. See Melancon eyes Senate out of weakness, not strength

Bayou Perspective , who is not a Vitter fan, seems to agree and gives his thoughts at Congressman Melancon Jumping To the Senate? Prof. Sadow and Bayou Perspective's Take

Update- I left these comments at Bayou's site

I am supporting Vitter but I think you are right on. There is no way he would be making this run if his Congressional Seat was about to disappear.

On this part:"
The best case scenario Congressman Melancon can hope for is that President Obama doesn't come to Louisiana for any fundraisers, Jay Dardenne, Stormy Daniels, and a few other candidates of either substance or controversial standing will jump in the race.....and the hope that Congressman Melancon can raise money and use his blue-dog middle of the road conservative appeal to bring some Vitter votes over to his side"I think it is very very unlikely that Jay will jump into the GOP race.

The whole Stormy Daniels thing is interesting. I am sure David is not thrilled about her entry. But the question is will the Press care. I mean it has some of that been there done that quality to it Further in the end who does she hurt. She and her backers are going to want to get the most bang for their buck. They want this race to go to Nov. So I find it unlikely that see will run in the DEM or GOP Primary.

So she goes third party. I would be very curious too see what some of the third parties are doing as to her. That has been in the news but who does she hurt. In every election there is a protest vote, an anti incumbent vote, and a what the hell vote.What if Stormy gets those votes. That hurts the DEM and helps Vitter.

Two other Thoughts

As to the sex scandal. I think on the whole Louisiana citizens regardless of party are very forgiving of the sins of the flesh.

I mean look at Edwin Edwards. My Conservative Southern Baptist relatives just thought he was great and looked on the sex stuff as no big deal. I can think of other politicos not quite as out there as Edwards they have that attitude with. Plus I think Louisiana voters had already factored that in when he ran. It was not exactly a secret

Second-What I thought was going to cause Vitter far more trouble was his endorsement of RUDY for President.

The most baffling endorsement ever
Rudy - Pro Choice -Vitter Pro-Life
Rudy - Gun Control Problems- Vitter PRO NRA
Rudy For Immigration Reform -Vitter opposes it ( I disagree with Vitter on this)

and so on and so on. I guess Vitter had National Security and Economic Reasons for supporting RUDY.

Regardless that infuriated many activists down here. However since RUDY never got traction it has largely been forgotten and or forgiven by most.

Episcopal Priestess Upset Over Prayer Calling Abortion A Sin

I hate to do two Episcopal Church posts in a row because it looks like I am picking on them Still this is pretty sick.

The Rev. Nina Churchman of Denver, Colorado writes in part:

After reading the 3 June article, “Pregnancy-loss Prayers”, I found the text for Rachel’s Tears online and was sickened to discover that the rite for abortion is couched wholly in terms of sin and transgression. The Episcopal Church, by resolution, has long held that women have the freedom to choose an abortion. It is not considered a sin. That this new rite begins with the words, “I seek God’s forgiveness…” and includes “God rejoices that you have come seeking God’s merciful forgiveness…” is contrary to the resolution. Women should be able to mourn the loss of an aborted fetus without having to confess anything. God, unlike what the liturgy states, also rejoices that women facing unplanned pregnancies have the freedom to carefully choose the best option - birth, adoption or abortion - for themselves and their families. ...........................

Much more at Midwest Conservative Journal and their post MOLECHING IT

This Priestess also appears to agree with this depressing organization called Religious Institute on Sexual Morality, Justice and Healing that has even a longer depressing list of people that agree with them that are Christian Clergy. I am shocked how many Methodists are on that list.

What a Scandal.

The American Episcopal Church Split Enters A Dramatic New Step

Big events happening in Texas this week. See at Get Religion The archbishop’s sword.

I have to think may EUSA Bishops are worried about this. Of great significance is that the Archbishop of Canterbury sent an official representative.

Midwest Conservative Journal is cautious. See TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE?

Anti-Defamation League Mad at Catholics Again

It appears that they are upset that Catholics are not forbidden to talk to Jews about Jesus.

Could American Army Chaplain Be On the Road To Sainthood

The Deacon Bench has a great post on this at A miracle for Emil?

President Obama's Clean Energy Plan Pollutes and Kills Louisiana

I am listening to the President press conference as he was talking about his" Clean Energy Bill "and how it will paid for by all the polluters.

I hope this includes the farmers in the Midwest that as a part of this will be producing much more ethanol with that high nitrogen based fertilizers.

You see the problem is much of that gets into the various rivers and eventually drains into the Gulf of Mexico off the Louisiana Coast. Producing a huge Dead Zone bigger than some states where nothing can live. Needless to say that is not good.

This year it is projected to be bigger than ever. See Gulf of Mexico 'dead zone' expanding and Gulf 'dead zone' to be size of New Jersey

I am curious when when when the media is going to start asking about this. I guess once it effects TEXAS maybe somebody will notice.

President Obama To Meet Pope Benedict July 10th

The date has been set.

Maybe We Should Not Be Partying With Iran on the 4th

I think there are valid arguments supporting and against how President Obama is handling the Iran thing .Still I think in light of current events this is not good . AJ has Partying With Cold Blooded Killers On The 4th Of July

President Obama To Sell Useless Gold Reserves

LOL. A little humor from the ONION via American Catholic

First Military Chaplain Wounded in Iraq Dies- Father Tim Vakoc

Father's long stuggle is over. Whispers has a nice post on this at "A Man of Peace"

Monday, June 22, 2009

Hell Yes LSU Beats Texas In the 11th Inning

Good Gosh I thought I needed to call in heart pills for that game. Oh and for all those NEGATIGERS I saw in the forums that come out when things are going bad HAHAHAHA.

Great Game

Game 1: LSU 7 vs. Texas 6 FINAL/11

Live By the Levee Die By the Levee in Louisiana

One more Louisiana story that here is highlighted by the New York Times. This is not too far from me.

Destroying Levees in a State Usually Clamoring for Them

There is a important balance here. If Louisiana Coasts are to be saved some of these choices are going to have to be made and they are tough.

At a recent Town Hall Meeting up here I asked Lt Gov Mitch Landrieu if we get Federal Funding for Coastal erosion comes through if some communities are in fact having the realization they may have to be sacrificed. He said they were and that painful conversation was happening. I hope so. I rarely see it in the papers.

New Study Shows Louisiana Charter Schools Out performing Traditional Public Schools

This seems like a significant study.

Tip of the Hat to the Dead Pelican

Kansas City Royals Cancels Right To Life Night

Creative Minority Report has more at Pro-life Money is No Good Here

Governors Jindal and Perry Make Their Bet On College World Series

Too bad Perry is going to lose :)

Geaux Tigers

Louisiana Catholic Blogs Update for June 22, 2009

Time to see what Catholic Bloggers in the Bayou State have been saying since Friday.

First we have another Catholic Blogger!! Thank to the person below. I will be adding him to the Louisiana Catholic Links(Lafayette section) tonight. See An Intolerable Compliment . He has Peace! Be Still!

Ville Platte Catholic Youth Group has June 2009 Ice Skating Photos (yes you can Ice Skate in Lafayette) and Memorial of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and Another Ville Platte Catholic Blogger.

Just Another Seminarian Blog has Immaculate Heart of Mary Pray for us and My homily for the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Servus Mariae et Jesu has A Critical Mandate (NEED TO READ THAT BOOK) and The Immaculate Heart of Mary . I am not sure I had his other post on the last update. See Creed of the People of God - An Introduction (Creed, Pt. 5)

From The Recamier has her Daily Update: June 21, 2009

Footprints on the Fridge has Babymoon: A Photoessay (Or What We've Been Up To)

A Number of Things. has thrifty loot

University Catholic- kindly links a post of mine Free speech on the university. See also Faith, Reason and the University - Memories and Reflections

Brown Pelican Society of Louisiana has:
Sarkozy Says Burqas ‘Not Welcome’ in France . . . A Sign of the “Debasement” of Women
Pro-Lifers Gear Up for Battle Under Pro-Abortion Regime
YOU PAY WHILE THEY PLAY! We Are Talking About a Serious Expenditure of Tax Payer Dollars
The Obamacare Horror Story You Won’t Hear About; It’s Called Patient-Dumping
To Live an Authentic Catholic Life in America Today….
ACORN Drops Tarnished Name and Moves to Silence Critics; Will Become “Community Organizations International”
Homily of the Day: Be Quiet and Listen!
Sonia Sotomayor and American Catechesis
New York State Plan to Pay for Eggs (Up to $10,000 for Each Retrieval) Used in Research Called ‘Grossly Unethical’
Palin Criticizes Obama Stance on Abortion
Sit in the Corner, Bishop!
Key U.S. Bishops: No Ecclesiastical Sanctions Against Notre Dame
Fatima: Antidote to the Crisis, Bailouts Not the Answer
Founder’s Quote Daily

Teen Catholic is going to start a New Blog!! See NEW BLOG!!!!!! That blog will be on the links. Sadly he will delete his old blog in a few weeks( I hate when people do that :) ) Over at this new place see Carmelite Spirituality Part 2, ,Carmelite Spirituality and Welcome!


Ok the rest is below :)

Stranger in a Strange Land has The Sacred Heart of Jesus

For The Greater Glory has What Good comes out of the state of Texas? (LOL) , Father's Day Post , Pro-Life Democrat to Oppose "Pro-Life" Vitter , and Wedding page

Father Decker at Thy Nose to the Marble. has Higher Quality Joe Catholic

Thankfully Astonished, Yet at Home! is posting. See 99 Balloons , The Type of Therapy Society Needs , and Don't Call me a Conservative . See also A Syrinx

Journey to Rome has Dr. Francis Beckwith – Evangelical and Catholic(Great post) and Pope Benedict XVI on the Apostles Creed and “the Holy, Catholic Church” (anther one)

Cajun Cottage Under the Oaks has Happy Father's Day

The Catholic Foodie has Summer Hiatus?

Maudie in Mandeville has Muslim attack! More government needed.

Our expat Priest in Houston Fr. Victor Brown’s Catholic Daily Message has his thoughts at Feast of Saints Thomas More and John Fisher (22 June 2009)

Life on the (L)edge has THANKS FOR A GREAT DAY!!!

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