Monday, August 25, 2008

James Carville Representing Louisiana Well At Democrat Convention

At his “James Carville’s Cajun Bayou Bash" !!!!!

It must must be one those Freaky Retro 1970 Cajun Bash Parties where people bring polaroid instant cameras and ever one oohs and Ahhs at how wonderful it is one can have a picture in just minutes that seems to have a "Yellowish tint" look!!!

I must admit over the years even many Republicans at least in Louisiana have gotten to like Carville again. I think LSU football unites us plus he is pretty fun. I heard some speeches he has given and he is pretty good


One person that went to the party said

"I got a contact high from the bourbon coming out of his pores.”

Is that a problem? :(

Wonkette has more details and the PIC at James Carville Reeks Of Alcohol At His Offensive Cajun Party

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