Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gustav Updates for Sunday Morning

This looks like the ultimate scary HUrricane. It appears Orelans Parish this time will be a ghost town. It has is mvong way fast with now predictions of it hitting it Moinday morning.

The problem with storm will be state wide. As anyone that was in Mississppi can tell you the destruction of Katrina went up north to Jackson. It appears this will be the same and even up here and with the speed it is moving I am antcipating being with power for a couple of days perhaps.

Louisiana Dept. of Transportation Website
National Hurricane Center Website
Official State of Louisiana Website

Traffic Cameras: New Orleans Baton Rouge Lafayette Lake Charles

For Road CLosures and Evacuation Route Info- Louisiana State Police

As of 10:30 am Sunday- Parish Evacuations
Allen - Recommended
Assumption - Mandatory
Beauregard - Recommended
Calcasieu - 12PM Noon Sunday, Mandatory
Cameron - Sunday, Mandatory for residents south of Highway 14, Recommended for the rest of the parish.
Iberia - 7AM Sunday, Mandatory
Jefferson - 8AM Sunday, Mandatory for residents on the West Bank. 12 Noon Sunday, Mansatory for residents on the East Bank.
Lafayette - Voluntary
Lafourche - 9AM Saturday for residents south of the flood gate, 3PM for all others, Mandatory
Orleans - 8AM Sunday, Mandatory
Plaquemines - 12PM Noon saturday, Mandatory
St. Bernard - 4PM Saturday, Mandatory
St. Charles - 12PM Saturday, Mandatory
St. John - 8PM Saturday, Mandatory
St. Martin - Mandatory
St. Mary - 4PM Saturday, Mandatory
St. Tammany - 7AM Sunday, Mandatory for residents south of I-12 and residents living near a major tributary.
Tangipahoa - Mandatory
Terrebonne - 4PM Saturday, Mandatory
Vermillion - Saturday, Mandatory
Washington - 5PM Sunday, Mandatory for residents of FEMA trailers and mobile homes.


If people are now just getting on the road and plan to use 1-12 to EVAC to Houston that seems to be a very very bad idea. Espcially since parts of that area are not out of the woods yet and for hours we shall be stuck on the road. Traffic is horrible. Better to somehow work your way Northward in Louisiana and cross over into Texas somwhere mid Louisiana and head then head south


Anonymous said...

God bless you, James H., and everyone in Gus's path. I am way up here in Indiana, but be sure that the rest of the country will be praying for you all.

So many of us will be eager to hear from you when you are able.

God keep you and yours,
Fr. J.

James H said...

ks I think we shall be fine up here where I am at besdies perhaps power outrages