Saturday, August 23, 2008

Katheryn Lopez at National Review On Biden Pick- Can't Wait to See Romney /Biden Debates

One last post. I had to go over to the Corner and see what they are saying. Mrs Lopez gave me a good laugh.

Wow. This promises to be a colorful general election. I look forward to the Biden-Romney debates.

Goodness got to give to her always spinning and promoting her guy. She is good at that. She was talking about the Pope's speech here in American a few months back and somehow it turned into a Romney for VP post. Got to admire the attitude Well we shall See if McCain picks Romney but if I was Mrs Lopez I would not be measuring the drapes for her Chief of Staff to the VP Office in the White House yet.

If McCain picked Huckabee I suspect we would have to get Lopez out of Rehab in January in time for the inauguration

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