Friday, August 22, 2008

Pope Benedict Gives His Brother Some Loving

This is nice. The Pope older brother, who is also a priest, is a interesting character.

At 6 p.m. on Thursday, the Mayor of Castel Gandolfo, in the name of the commune's administrative council, conferred honorary citizenship in this Lake Alban city on Mons. Georg Ratzinger, brother of the Holy Father Benedict XVI. Te ceremony was held in the presence of the Pope at the Swiss Hall of the Apostolic Palace. Here is a translation of the Holy Father's words at the ceremony:

Eminences, Excellencies, respected officials, dear friends, It gives me profound joy that my brother now belongs to the illustrious college of honorary citizens of this beautiful city. And so - if it is possible - Castel Gandolfo becomes even more dear and near to my heart.

So thank you all for this gesture, even on my part. From the very beginning of my life, my brother has always been for me not only a companion but also a reliable guide. he has been a point of orientation and reference with the clarity and resolve of his decisions. He has always shown me the road to take, even in difficult situations.

You, Mr. Mayor, with your beautiful words, have made me think back on the years I spent in Regensburg, where truly, the beautiful music that one listens to in the Cathedral, Sunday after Sunday, was for me comfort, consolation, intimate joy, a reflection of God's beauty.

My brother has referred to the fact that meanwhile we have both arrived at the last stage of our life, old age. The days to be lived are progressively less. But even at this stage, my brother helps me to accept the weight of every day with serenity, with humility and with courage. I thank him for this. And I thank the Commune of Castel Gandolfo for this gesture, which is really gratifying even for me. Let us conclude this beautiful ceremony with the benediction.

Here some pics of the Pope and his brother as they vacationed together just last week.

I wish I had a brother :(

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