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Pope Benedict's Pascal Wager

This is a very good piece over at Cheisa. See A Philosopher Reissues the Pope's Wager: To Live as if God Exists

Obama Republicans, Doug Kmiec, and St Thomas More

It is a shame that Doug Kmiec (Former Romeny supporter) now Obama Catholic hack has sold his soul. I saw this over at The Corner:

Dishonesty [Mark R. Levin]

This is pathetic. Doug Kmiec, I remember when you came to my office at the Justice Department — where at the time I was serving as associate deputy attorney general under Attorney General Ed Meese — seeking an appointment. I remember processing your papers and sending them to the White House for political clearance. I remember advocating for your appointment to a deputy assistant attorney general post in the Office of Legal Counsel and securing your appointment. And from there, Doug, you became the acting assistant attorney general for the Office of Legal Counsel in the last days of the Reagan administration. You have now used your resume to give cover to perhaps the most radical and unqualified person to be nominated for president. And your arguments on Obama's behalf have been nothing short of dishonest. I am extremely disappointed in you. But my guess is you've earned a judgeship should Obama win the presidency. Frankly, sometimes you think you know somebody when, in fact, you don't.
10/31 03:52 PM

How true. Kmiec has used his postion to gain access to the Catholic press and has transformed fully into a person that holds position 180 degree's opposite to what he held just a year ago!!!

Kmiec makes a big production about Judges that did to ground their view of protecting life in the Declaration of Independence. Does he really think Judges like Justice Breyer and Justice Souter are going to do that!!

Not only has he misrepresented his Faith he now appears to turning back on his legal and judicial view of the world. Well we have seen that happen for months.

Hopefully come tuesday his efforts will not be rewarded!!

What would Thomas More do?
The battle between ambition and principle is an ancient one. In the Robert Bolt play, A Man for All Seasons (the film adaptation of which won the Best Picture Oscar in 1966), More is finally betrayed by his one-time friend and protége, Richard Rich. After Rich offers his perjured testimony at the trial, More notices that he is wearing a chain of office, and inquires of Rich what it signifies. Informed that Rich is now Attorney General for Wales, More delivers a devastating blow: "Richard, the Lord said that it did not profit a man to gain the whole world if he lost his soul. The whole world, Richard ...but for Wales?"

Enjoy the Judgeship Mr Kmiec, But If I am going to fight like hell to try to prevent it on Tuesday.

BIshops Pushing Back On Obama "Catholic" Groups- NAMING NAMES

Well thank God for this . Hopefully this is not too late. I think the Bishops woke up and realized what was at stake.

Catholics That Converted to Catholicism on Their Death Bed

The Black Cordelias has this interesting post on the subject (among many others).

Happy Reformation Day Protestants!!! Luther Rap Vid

I must say "Reformation " day was never big with Baptists that I can recall in my younger days. But it is still celebrated. I saw this over at the Corner and found this funny.

Happy Reformation Day! [Mark Hemingway]
Yes, everyone seems to be under the delusion that the significance of October 31 is that it's Halloween, but we Lutherans know better. On this day in 1517, Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the door in Wittenberg. I realize there's a preponderance of Catholics here at NR, with just me and Chaka in the background bellowing "A Mighty Fortress is Our God." Regardless, I'm happy that after 500 years it's fairly safe to say that Lutherans and Catholics are more united by our common goals and enemies than a rift from five centuries ago. But in honor of today's occasion, I'll do the 21st century equivalent of nailing the theses to the door, and link to
this amazing YouTube rap about the 95 theses, which Luther himself would undoubtedly approve of. I highly reccommend it for Lutherans, Catholics with a sense of humor, theology nerds and Jay-Z fans. Now that has to be an unlikely Venn diagram...

10/31 02:17 PM

Another Conservative Pundit Against Palin!!! (Humor)

Oh I forget sometimes just how funny IowaHawk is. Go see As a Conservative, I Must Say I Do Quite Like the Cut of this Obama Fellow's Jib

By the way I shalll be talking about this AFTER The election.

Tip of the Hat to Pro - Ecclesia

Catholic Guys - Need A Infalliable Scent to Attract Women?

Try the Pope's Cologne. Oh too funny . Fellow Catholic Convert and sadly Geor**a (sorry that word has been banned in Louisiana now under penalty of imprisonment) fan Option C has the story at The Pope’s Cologne

More Reasons to Ignore Polls- The Supposed McCain /Obama Dead Heat in Louisiana

I keep posting how the public polls are off. Hence we see why Obama and McCain and Palin are still in Iowa.

We have a new poll in Louisiana -.Obama-McCain in virtual tie in Louisiana-

Of course no one in their right minds believes that. Needless to say if that is true Senator Obama would be down here. The last time he was here was months ago.

Again we are seeing this all over the country and the people on the ground are saying these polls are not right.

Here we have evidence of it

First Pregnant "Catholic "Priest." ?

No not really but you can rest assured the media ins hundred stories and their headlines will not make the effort to be correct.

The Deacon Bench has more at Great expectations

The Sad Case of the Diocese of Cleveland Ohio and the 08 Elections

Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good and Catholic United is a cancer on the American Church

Deal Hudson has more at A Sad Story in the Diocese of Cleveland


Benedict’s general prayer intention for November is: "That the testimony of love offered by the saints may fortify Christians in their devotion to God and their neighbor, imitating Christ who came to serve and not to be served".

His mission intention is: "That the Christian communities of Asia, contemplating the face of Christ, may know how to find the most suitable ways to announce Him, in full faithfulness to the Gospel, to the people of that vast continent so rich in culture and ancient forms of spirituality".

Catholic Bishops Making Last Minute Election Pleas

Opinionated Catholic Quit Talking Politics!!! We Shall get there trust me!!!

Whispers has a good post on how the Bishops are chiming in. NO Catholic that is half way paying attention can claim ignorance. See Into the Home Stretch

Wisdom Of Electoral College On Full Display

I do not think Obama is a "Demagogue" but I fully agree with what this author is saying at The Electoral College is Supposed to Protect America from a Demagogue Such as Obama -LINK

When you think of it McCain should not even be where he is at.

The Media and other powerful interest that control the news and information are in the tank for Obama

Obama is outspending McCain 5 to 1

The American people are emotions after the crazy economic cycle of the last few weeks

The whole weird Messiah thing of many of his supporters

YET YET YET McCain still has a real shot

Obama Supporter-"I won't have to worry about putting gas in my car, I won't have to worry about paying my mortgage"

Good Grief. If you noticed posting was again light yesterday. I again left early to make phone calls for McCain though I was not planningtoo. After watching stuff like this I think I might do it again this weekend.

Watch the last 30 seconds of the video. Sadly I suspect many of Obama's supporters think this.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Obama "Catholic" Report On Abortion laws Refuted

I really can't believe Catholics are putting out this nonsense. Thankfully it is sliced and diced here. A must read Pro-Life Laws Work

Aloysius Cardinal Stepinac- Villian or Real Saint?

Good piece at Inside Catholic on what sadly has become a controversal figure because of lets say revision of history. I of course vote Saint. See Nazi Collaborator or Catholic Hero?

Early Voting In Nevada I bet Is Causing Obama Heartburn

I notice this article yesterday and was pumped about it out of the Las Vegas Review and ealry voting. I am even more pumped now.

If These Numbers Are Right, You Can Almost Call Nevada For McCain Now
Campaign Spot reader Laurence notes an interesting wrinkle in
the post below about Nevada. The guy doing the exit poll of those who have already voted, with 7,147 responses, puts Obama ahead, 50 percent to 48 percent.

If Republicans were a lot more of the early voters, McCain would be nervous. If Democrats were a lot more of the early voters, Obama should be nervous. And if they were split even, a 50-48 Obama lead is in the neighborhood of what we would expect.

In Clark County, "through Sunday, 55 percent of early voters were Democrats, 29 percent Republicans."

"In Washoe County, 51 percent of the early voters through Sunday were Democrats, while 33 percent were Republicans."

Clark County, which includes Las Vegas and its surrounding area, has 68.7 percent of the
registered voters in the state. Washoe County, which includes Reno, has 18.6 percent of the registered voters in the state.

In Clark County, Democrats hold a 46.3 percent to 32.3 percent edge in voter registration. In Washoe County, the split is 39.2 percent Democrat, 38.7 percent Republican.

With those numbers, you would expect Obama to be ahead by a much wider margin. Unless that poll of the early voters was way off — and this pollster managed to reach roughly one out of every 43 early voters; think about that when you see a poll of 1,000 designed to represent a national voting pool of 120-130 million voters! — a considerable number of Democrats and independents/unaffiliateds in Nevada are voting for McCain.

No pollster has had McCain ahead in Nevada since the end of September. So why is McCain so dramatically overperforming among early voters who are disproportionately Democrats?
10/30 12:36 PM

I so agree!!! Again we are starting to see problems with polling!!! GEAUX McCAIN

Update- It appears SO!! Obama is making what appears to be a emergency last Staurday trip out there

Ann Rice Talks About Her Catholic Faith and the Flat Tax!!!

This looks like a pretty nice podcast at National Review with the author Ann Rice.

Anne Rice's Confessions of a Former Atheist [John J. Miller]
Today's podcast interview is with novelist Anne Rice, on her new memoir about returning to the Catholic Church after many years away from it. This is an important public conversation—first and foremost, it's an embrace of faith and a rejection of atheism. From looking through her book, it's clear that Rice has some liberal theological views (ordination of women, for instance), but this is a footnote compared to the larger point. Her belief is deep and compelling.
In the podcast, we discuss why she left and then came back to Catholicism, what she now thinks of Interview with the Vampire and her other novels, the portrayal of Christians on TV and in the movies, and what book she recommends for Halloween.
At the end, we also talk about the flat tax. She's for it!
10/30 09:02 AM

Praying For Those Elected - St Thomas More

Weigel has a nice short column on this with the prayer. I love how in the Episcopal liturgy at each service they pray for, by their Christian First names , the Mayor, The Governor, and THe President. I would love if that happened in the prayers of the Faithful each Sunday.

Calling For McCain

I suspect after the elction (or a tad sooner) I shall have more regualr posting HABITS (INCLUDING THE LOUISIANA CATHOLIC BLOGGER UPDATE).

I have been doing the John mcCain Phone bank the last week so I am having to stop blogging early to start calling the East Coast. Thus I am always running behind. Any I am taking a break from that today. I am not sure I will be calling over the weekend but we shall see

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More Evidence Obama Clueless About America!! Doesn't Know Sitcoms

He doesn't know the difference between the Jeffersons and Sanford and Son!!!! What's next. Talking about how FLO lived in apartment with her two girls in One Day at a Time. Obama Confuses Black 1970s Sitcoms in NC Speech LINK

Obama not a guy that would get THE FAMILY GUY - WRONG FOR AMERICA

The O8 Election, Bush, The Courts , and Abortion

Over the past months I have been sicken by the claim made by many Catholic's that the GOP and Bush has done nothing on abortion. As I have said time and time again (and shown) that is dishonest.

Wait but Abortion is still legal they say!!! Well I am not sure what they wanted Bush to do. Send in the CIA and bump off Justice Stevens in his bed. Poision Justice Ginsburg food? Send in Federal Marshals and close all abortion clinics AKA something akin to a COUP.

Mirroris of Justice in a piece this morning tells us some news:

Elections and the shocking objective truth

Those who ask whether a Republican administration makes a difference for life or reason should read the left-hand front-page column in today’s (Oct. 29) NY Times, expressing deep concern that Bush’s judges have moved the federal appeals courts to the right. The lead evidence offered by the Times is this: “This past June, the full United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit voted 7 to 4 … that it is objectively true that human life begins at conception, and that the state can force doctors to say so. Mr. Bush had appointed six of the seven judges in the conservative majority.”

To recognize this objective truth regarding the nature of abortion is highly important -- not only for the future protection of human equality and dignity, but for public reason itself.

If the most fundamental of all issues—who belongs to the human community—is to be settled by Roe’s unreasoned doubt that actual human life exists before birth, it’s no wonder people stop talking to each other about lesser matters. If we can’t agree that a child of human parents who is active in the womb is human and alive and a member of our community, how can we trust each other’s good faith concerning less obvious and important truths?

In line with Roe v. Wade, many today aver that factual as well as value judgments are just stipulations and so need not be checked against reality. This is an excuse for indifference to others’ views. As a result, conversation comes to seem hopeless. Many become discouraged with logical, clarifying discourse and lapse into apathy. If Roe has not by itself caused this breakdown of public reason, it certainly has contributed mightily to the decline of civil debate in our nation—and not just on abortion. Our Catholic tradition, to the contrary, insists upon reason as an essential foundation for the rule of law.

Things to do for a Catholic Halloween

Canterbury Tales has a good common sense list over at Top Ten Things to do for a Catholic . Would it not be great to make Halloween really fun again

Great post by the Anchoress here at Loving Halloween (repost; new pics)

Mississippi Burning? Voter Fraud Galore

Nothing burns me up than when people outside Louisiana make broad statements about corruption and fraud in Louisiana. Hey there is still some but we have made major major improvement over the last decades. You can say alot about former Gov Blanco but one things she was not was dishonest.

Anyway this burn me up more as this election is showing me nation wide there are all sort of problems. On to Mississippi which looking at this news report makes me think we are opeating in the 1800's over there!!!

Voter rolls stuffed with dead and absent registrants

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Mississippi's voter situation is hard to believe. Places like Madison County have over 123% more registered voters than people over the age of 18.
Sue Sautermeister, First District Election Commissioner in Madison County, tried to purge the rolls, but ran into trouble when it was discovered it takes a vote of three of the five election commissioners and the purge cannot take place within 90 days of a federal election.
Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann is the first to admit the situation with voter registration in this state is terrible.

"It is terrible," he says. "Combined with the fact that we don't have voter ID in Mississippi, anybody can show up at any poll that happens to know the people who have left town or died -- and go vote for them."

"Whenever we have a third party determined by payment, for example, as they did in Benton County -- 'walking-around' money -- and they determine what that vote is going to be, they've taken your vote, whether they may have voted like you would have or not, they've still thwarted the process and they've still have taken your vote away from you," added Hosemann.
Sue Sautermeister is working hard in the First District of Madison County to start a purging of the voter rolls as soon after the election as possible. She has file drawers full of names of people who haven't voted in years and are known to be dead.

"We have people who registered in 1965 who have never voted," she says. "We have 486 people (registered who are) over 105."
Hosemann says 190,000 new voters have registered for this election and he believes the turnout will be historic

Election Battle Ground Catholic Bishops Watch (North Carolina!!!!)

We (being McCain/ Palin) are going to win NC!!! However the Bishops are speaking there too. Whispers notes this morning

On a related note, with their state a sudden toss-up, potentially heading blue for the first time since 1976 (and, er, no less than Jesse Helms' Senate seat now hanging in the balance, to boot) the bishops of North Carolina have released a last-minute joint letter to remind their quickly-growing flocks that "the intentional destruction of innocent human life is an intrinsic evil that can never be supported, and the protection of human life from conception until natural death is preeminent among our moral values."In the hierarchy of truths," Bishops Peter Jugis of Charlotte and Michael Burbidge of Raleigh added, "this truth is never morally equivalent to all the other issues embraced under a consistent ethic of life."

Major Problems In Louisiana 5th Circuit Causes Suicide

Yeah there is a problem trust me on this.

Reason has the latest at Scandal in Louisiana's Criminal Courts

Paraguayan president (Former Catholic Bishop) Visits Bush at White House

Yes President Bush still exists!! Anyway I though this was an interesting news article. Tip of the Hat to Vox Nova

Paraguayan president says citizens hurt by poverty, youths' exodus
By Patricia ZaporCatholic News Service
WASHINGTON (CNS) -- Paraguayan President Fernando Lugo, a former Catholic bishop, visited the White House and told reporters he ran for office "in order to change the history of our country.""

We are profoundly hurt in our souls by poverty, by the exodus of our young people, by the lack of education, by people who don't have roofs over their heads," Lugo said in a brief photo op with President George W. Bush after their meeting Oct. 27. "We are profoundly moved by those people."Lugo, 57, served as bishop of San Pedro for a dozen years before retiring in 2005 to run for political office.

He was elected president in April and took office in August. In July the Vatican granted his request to be laicized, in keeping with church laws prohibiting clergy from being involved in electoral politics.In his remarks at the White House, Lugo said the pain of his people "is also impregnated with courage and decisiveness."

He said his administration comes into office "as Christians, because our Christian duty is to serve the poorest and the neediest of our people."Lugo noted that some people have asked why he would visit the White House so close to the end of Bush's administration."I think that it's particularly important to visit President Bush in his last days in the White House ... to impress upon the world the importance of democratic institutions," Lugo said through a translator. "Our personal history is not as important as the history of our respective peoples."

Bush said he was impressed by Lugo's commitment to his people and his strong stand against corruption in government. He said he told Lugo that the United States wants to help Paraguay aid its people."We want to help with education and health care," Bush said. "We believe in the social justice agenda" and in the importance of the United States helping influence "the lives of citizens that simply want a more hopeful day."

Lugo said his goal is to help Paraguayans such as a farmer who told him: "What we need is bread. We don't care if it comes from the left hand or from the right hand; we just need somebody to give us food.""That's why we're here ...," Lugo said, "to recover Paraguay's dignity as a nation.""I told President Bush that we have a lot of dreams, collective dreams, but also my personal dream," Lugo continued. "Our dream is that Paraguay be known not for its corruption, but for its transparency and for its dignity as a people and as a country. And we believe, we're convinced, that we will be able to achieve that."

CNN' Campbell Brown Not Buying Obama's Kool- Aid

Campbell Brown Speaks!!! She is also not bashing Palin this time. By the way Louisiana readers yes that is "Jim" Browns daughter. She was born in Ferriday but grew up across the river in Natchez . I actually met her once . I had friends that were part of the Ferriday Crowd and she was in town in my much younger days. I pretty much flirted with her pretty strong at the great bar "Natchez under the Hill" . She was pretty nice but alas my efforts were unsuccessful. I don't think I was Natchez Cotillion quality :) .
Anyway we have Obama NIGHT with his huge info commercial.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Culture of Death In Oregon

This to say the least is scary!!! Crunchy Con has the story at Dear Madam: Please kill yourself. Love, Oregon.

Major Movement In Gallup For McCain

AJ has the news as well as other links you should take a look at. See Gallup Stunner - Obama Down To 2% Lead Nationally!

By the way as I mentioned earlier OBAMA WILL BE IN IOWA on Friday. Both McCain and Obama's polling show a far more heated race than many polls that have bizarre party weights show.

Are White Southern Folks Against Obama Because of Race?

That is the question that is asked at VOX NOVA.

I respond here and here in the comment section. Please note the U.S. Senate race I reference occured in 2006 not 2004 as I typed

First Major Newspaper Going Completely Online

That is the very good Christian Science Monitor. The Deacon Bench has the details and the Link to the NYT story.

Joe Biden Catholic World Wide Scandal Waiting to Happen

Pro Ecclesia has a must read here at Deacon Fournier: "Senator Biden, Prop 8, Marriage and the New ‘Know Nothings’"

The Biden files continue. I hope Catholics understand the Bully Puplit that the White House has to the World.

As I said in my post today Michigan Catholic Governor Says Embryonic Stem-Cell Research IS Pro Life

The last thing we need is the leading Catholic Voice in the public arena on this issue to be Joe Biden and not the Bishops. We have already seen what Biden has done in other areas (see the disaster of the Meet the Press Interview) where good ole Joe started instructing the faithful on Catholic teaching on abortion.At the very least I can expect not to see John McCain doing the same.

All Saints and All Souls Day Coming Up - Lets Eat- Catholic Recipe Ideas

I love all Saints and All Souls day. I am going to be talking about All Souls day coming up. Anyway Catholic Cuisine has some great recipe ideas at Hallowed Days: All Saints and All Souls Fair

Michigan Catholic Governor Says Embryonic Stem-Cell Research IS Pro Life

It appears her Bishop pretty much disagrees!!!

This is one reason why many Catholics are fighting the Obama Biden ticket. I know the postions of McCain and Biden are similar on this. HOWEVER!! THe last thing we need is the leading Catholic Voice in the public arena on this issue to be Joe Biden and not the Bishops. We have already seen what Bidn has done in other areas (see the disaster of the Meet the Press Interview) where good ole Joe started instructing the faithful on Catholic teaching on abortion.

At the very least I can expect not to see John McCain doing the same.

Catholic Political Site Goes Bonkers On Attack In Syria ( What About Obama ?)

One of the contributors at VOX NOVA had a piece that give voice to outrage on the recent attack in Syria by U.S. forces.

Needless to say I think he is being a tad one sided on his views of the "facts". At this moment I support what we did. I have a feeling this was not a Syria version of Green Acres we were attacking.

That being said there is a irony here. I have talked at some detail about what I believe is the double stand of Catholic Social Justice groups and those that proclaim that voice in the public square. Needless to say we see this in this current election with Catholic Social Justice Voices ignoring all the McCain stands on important Catholic Social Justice issues. BY THE WAY on that topic REPUBLICAN Senator Graham of South Carolina is being attacked for his stand on immigration reform. I suspect these same voices will not care since he is the EVIL GOP.

Anyway what about Obama. We heard a lot about the war mongering McCain and such. I have noted I am atad concerned about Obama's public statements on Paksitan. Thought I suspect VOX NOVA has not made the link others have. In the Weekly Standard

Obama Votes Present on U.S. Attack on al Qaeda in Syria
Noah Pollak
notes the apparent contradiction between Obama's support for fighting al Qaeda in Pakistan and his silence on the U.S. cross-border attack into Syria on al Qaeda:

Obama says that the United States should strike at al Qaeda in Pakistan without the consent of the Pakistani government. So, he favors attacking al Qaeda in Pakistan, but presumably not in Syria, even though al Qaeda thrives in Syria not because of lawlessness (as in Pakistan) but because the group enjoys the hospitality of the Syrian government. Maybe if the Pakistani government began openly collaborating with al Qaeda, Obama would withdraw his support for military strikes.

If Obama was consistent, he would applaud the Syrian operation. His silence on the matter indicates otherwise. You’d think there were a few curious journalists out there who might wish to get him on the record about all of this…

I emailed the Obama campaign yesterday asking if they would issue a statement on the attack, and I received no response. Perhaps the mainstream press would prefer that Obama not have to take a position on a controversial foreign policy matter just days before voters have the opportunity to make him our commander in chief.
Posted by John McCormack on October 28, 2008 10:34 AM

Hmmm good question and after people quit pontificating about "pro life Catholics" see comment section and ragging on the evil Bush perhaps they will make the connection.

National Public Radio and Angola Prison

Yesterday I forced my self to listen to the Obama Public Radio. It was the usual measuring the drapes in the Oval Office for "the One"/

There was a very interesting segment on Angola. (Write up and Audio at the Link)

Part II will be today.

Now anyone familiar with the Louisiana Dept of Corrections knows it is a unique place. Through the years my life has really at times been part of the Louisiana Dept of Corrections. I knew various wardens including the head of the Department and had a close loved one that worked in its most inner workings.

These wardens operate these places like their personal fiefdoms. Also it was the one place where literally people can sleep themselves to the top . I will not even get into the corruption.

Now this segment kinda of talked about the curious life of living on Angola as a guard. But its main focus was on two inmates that killed a guard. A guard that had been raised in Angola all his life. This murder occurred in the early. Every 90 days since then every warden has signed a order keeping these guys in solitary confinement Now these murder occurred in the bad ole days. This was when some Angola Convicts (trustees) were actually given firearms to help oversee other prisoners. Needless to say that resulted in not such a great hierarchy of power and abuse

Anyway very interesting story and perhaps one people might should listen too

So Obama is Going to Iowa The Friday Before the Election!!!


By CHARLOTTE EBY, Courier Des Moines Bureau DES MOINES --- Democrat presidential nominee Barack Obama will head to Iowa Friday for a rally in the Des Moines area, just four days before voters are scheduled to head to the polls. The event will be open to the public, and details will be released later in the week. Obama had to cancel a planned trip to Iowa last week in order to visit his ailing grandmother in Hawaii. “Barack Obama’s campaign to change Washington has deep roots in Iowa, so it is fitting that he returns once again to remind Iowans what is at stake this election,” said Jackie Norris, Obama’s state director in Iowa.. Obama’s trip comes after Republican John McCain and running mate Sarah Palin visited the state for a campaign swing this past weekend. A Lee Enterprises poll released over the weekend showed Obama with a 15-point lead over McCain in Iowa.

So McCain and Palin spent all day Saturday there and reports are the not very Cash rich McCain posse (compared to Obama) has hired more staff there. The response was is McCain crazy!!!!

What are Obama and McCain seeing in their internal polls?

The Nuns That Answer the Phone At the Vatican

Good Grief talk about something that should wipe out all your Purgatory Time!!! :)

Father Z has the great LA Times article at “Pronto, Vaticano”

McCain ,THe Polls, and Why The Bradley Effect Might Not Be All About Race

I will not do a listing of polls but I like the trend. I am also of the mind that when looking at the polls there are two universes. Those polls that have in their weight models way way way to many self ID Dems and too few few few Self ID Republicans in their election breakout predictions. Then there are polls that show a much more realistic election day breakdown!!!

From what I ma seeing there is breaking of "undecideds" toward McCain. It will be very close.

Plus to be honest I am wary of polling this election. This race is different and I think we saw that in the Dem Primary where the polls in many cases were way way off. Especially in some key battlegrounds.

Which brings us to the Bradley Effect that is so discussed. The Bradley effect DOES not measure racist voters but is something that measures voters that don't don't want to be viewed as racist.

Now I have never been a huge believer in this. Still with the tone of this election I believe it could account for one or 2 percent. We shall know soon.


I just keep seeing comments on various political boards that seem of genuine questioning and not knowing what is up.

That is the issues of Bumper stickers and Signs. Yes I know yard signs are not a great indicator of election success. However in many areas people are commenting that compared to 2004 there are hardly no yard signs this year .Why is that?

Now one could say this is the Bradley effect in some ways. However I keep noticing that this is occurring in very Pro- Union States. The Unions want Obama in because he will support the new law that will basically get rid of the secret ballot.

This is a issue that is really not getting the play it should in the media but I think it is pretty hot. So when you see polling in Union States that might be something to keep in mind. That is a reluctance of Union Households to broadcast who they are voting for to some yahoo that just calls them up.

So if Obama on election night it appears seriously over polled many will scream BRADELY EFFECT. I am not so sure.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Head of Catholic Democrats Talks About Catholic Voter "Pelvic Theology,"


Really this sad that Catholics believe this sort of thing. His statements and his understanding of Catholics that have serious concerns about the murder of the unborn is something else.

The Deacon Bench has more at "Pelvic theology"?

I love this part (actually I hate it because it saddens me that he is so blind)

Roth, who claims to promote “civility” in intra-Catholic disagreements about abortion, told Maese that the American Roman Catholic Church is split between "believers in social theology" who are most concerned about poverty, health care and war, and "those with a firm adherence to pelvic theology," who are driven to the polls by issues such as abortion and same-sex marriages.

The fact that Mr Roth does not see that the so called issues are part of "Social Theology" ( I think he means Catholic Social Justice" shows the sad sate of Catholic education

Vatican Rumor- Bishops Retirement Age to Be Raised

Well this is interesting

Governor Palin's Effect on Feminism

I have seen this elsewhere discussed in some unlikely places. Especially on forums where Clinton Supporters that are usually pro-choice mingle. The Washington Post had a good piece that can be accessed here on this subject at the good Catholic Legal blog Mirrors of Justice. Now if we can just keep Obama out that wants to pass the FREEDOM OF CHOICE ACT with what might be a Supermajority we might be on the edge of real progress as to abortion in the poltical square. Here is a part:

The unexpected recognition of a conservative as a role model for women has forced some traditional feminists to reconsider the movement's mission. "It's going to take us a while to find our bearings," said Sarah Stoesz, who runs the Planned Parenthood office that oversees Minnesota and the Dakotas. "As feminists, we've always thought that a core aspect of women's equality is about being in control of our reproductive lives. But Sarah Palin is throwing the calculus out the window and demonstrating a view that some people would call feminism: I can be governor, I can have five children, I can shoot and field-dress a moose, and I don't need access to abortion.
"There's a big debate inside the leadership of the women's movement about how much abortion should be a key political issue."
. . .
The next big issue for women, Bernard surmised, is to determine whether both sides of the ideological spectrum can find common ground. "Is there a big enough tent -- can we all find the common ground in the push for women's rights regardless of women's position on abortion?" she asks.
In recent years, vocal groups such as IWF and Feminists for Life have stepped forward to fight the perception that only liberal women can be in favor of equality and independence. By calling herself a feminist -- once considered a dirty word by the religious right -- Palin proclaimed that feminism is no longer synonymous with liberalism but something that could be shared and celebrated by all women.
. . .
"It's just nonsense to say you can't be a feminist and be against abortion," says former Clinton fundraiser and supporter Lynn Forester de Rothschild, who now backs McCain. "Democrats use [abortion] as a noose around your neck," says de Rothschild, who is in favor of abortion rights. "Sarah Palin," she says, "rocks all the stereotypes of feminism and can only enhance progress for women. "

Good Stuff and I think very true

Dog Bites Man Story- National Catholic Reporter Attacks Pro-Life Bishops

This is about predictable as the Sun rising and so so sad. The National "Catholic " Reporter has an op-ed attacking Bishops speaking out this election season. HOW DARE THEY. Creative Minority Report takes it apart here at NCR Attacks Pro-Life Bishops and so does Erin Manning at Balderdash .

Must reads. The national Catholic Reporter is so predictable. The people that run that rag no doubt talks about the good ole days when they could bash Pope John Paul the II with immunity and the great days of the Nuclear Freeze movement.

Sadly they are clueless. They are also sell outs. I have been overwhelmed with the articles over their how McCain has been on the forefront of several Catholic Social Justice Issues (Sarc). Like you know immigration , torture, etc.

Sadly these is because Republicans do not exist in their world except as some cartoon parody.

When will the folks at NCR realize that when the Bishops are ignored on abortion no one is going to give a damn what the Bishops and the least of which NCR says on the poor. I don't think it even crosses their mind.

Why Are People Shocked At Obama New Founded Spread the Welath Comments?

I share what the Law Prof Instapundit said :"Maybe it's just because I'm a law professor who's followed Obama, but this is no surprise to me. Or to Jennifer Rubin. In fact, this is pretty standard stuff in large parts of legal academia."

Of course it is wonder this was not found during the primaries or by the Clinton Folks. Bu the media was too busy telling Hillary it was over to do investigating. Just like they are a tad busy trying to tell McCain supporters it is over to do investigating now.

As Rubin states in the above link:

First, a person often identified for the Obama Supreme Court actually does believe in an extreme version of the Constitution, a version which confers all sorts of economic “rights,” so I’m not sure even his supposed caution about using the courts as welfare agencies is to be given credence. Second, it is fairly obvious that Obama was saying nothing extraordinary in his own mind. This is the sort of thing left-leaning “intellectuals” bandied about. It’s the outlook that underscored the bent of not just his closest comrades at the time ( e.g. Reverend Wright and Father Pfleger), but the activist organizations he and Bill Ayers supported through the Woods Fund. It is absurd, really, to write off all these associations as an aberration or exaggeration, or to ignore them as some imagining of paranoid conservatives. What comes through loud and clear was that Obama shared the classic anti-capitalist, redistributionist philosophy accepted as dogma by many on the Left.

Remember, this isn’t ancient history. Obama was sharing Socialism 101 with radio listeners just seven years ago. At the same time, he was sitting on the board of the Woods Fund, going to Trinity United Church, and a enjoying a robust professional relationship with Bill Ayers. Has he given all that up? We don’t know, because no one in the media has taken seriously Obama’s intellectual and professional development. No one has asked him basic questions about the past (e.g. Did he share the ideological vision of the Woods Fund grant recipients? Did he agree with Ayers’ radical educational theory?) or even his current economic philosophy. Doesn’t he still believe in spreading the wealth? He certainly did seven years ago

The Pope Is going To Africa

As expected by many the Pope's next big trip is to Africa. Whispers has more at Off to Africa

LSU Loses , Louisiana Tech Loses, Saints Win in London!!!!

Good grief what a horrible football Saturday. The LSU / Georgia Game was tragic with our interception machine QB. I mean the very first play!!! Then Tech loses ( I don't know the answer in Ruston) in fact besides Northwestern it was a pretty bleak day for Louisiana College Football.

Well at least the Saints won in great ole London (looked like a fun game) though my gosh they tried to give it away at the end.

Anyway on to regular blogging that will include Catholics stuff and needless to say McCAIN, McCain, McCain!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Louisiana Catholic Blogger Update For Saturday, October 25, 2008 (Beat the Evil Georgia Folks Edition)

Geaux Tigers and Go Louisiana Tech Bulldogs Beat Army. In fact go all Louisiana Football Teams today even TULAME!!!

I missed the Louisiana Catholic Update Thursday and yesterday. Yesterday the big Evangel Powerhouse came to town. We lost . First half was great and the second half was a comedy of errors. The night ended by me having car trouble at the gas station. I decided to walk home by cutting across the woods , across the rail road track across the City Golf course and up the hill to my house. In trying to save 15 minutes I Went into a area I was not familiar with, went into a briar patch fell down a ravine and because I could not see my hand in front of my face fell into a creek. All at 10 pm at night with the temps in the low 40's!!!

Anyway these are the posts I have missed from Louisiana Bloggers the last couple of days

Moms and Kids At Home has two very good posts one in which I will highlight later. See Are You Smarter Than a Celebrity? and Let's Start with Ethanol, or Not

From The Recamier has daily update here. She has Saints Saint John of Capistrano, Priest (died 1456)

From Comayagua, Honduras our Louisiana Mission Gal Witnessing Hope has Feels like Katrina all over again…

Our Homeschooling dad from baton Rouge The Wolf Den has Do I need an "employee review"?

For The Greater Glory has My LSAT score came back... and I have an AWESOME new banner ( I agree it is great. The Church in the center of his banner is one my favorites in all of Louisiana. That is St Patricks in New Orleans)

The Ghost of Lincoln Talks to McCain Supporters

McCain Versus the Juggernaut” [Rich Lowry]

Bill Kristol editorial in TWS. A particularly nice ending:
If Obama wins, we wish him well. But for now, we can only echo the words of the 30-year-old Abraham Lincoln. On December 26, 1839, responding to the confident prediction of one of his political opponents "that every State in the Union will vote for Mr. Van Buren at the next Presidential election" and that Lincoln's opposition to the Van Buren forces was therefore bound to be in vain, Lincoln responded:

Address that argument to cowards and to knaves; with the free and the brave it will effect nothing. It may be true; if it must, let it...The probability that we may fall in the struggle ought not to deter us from the support of a cause we believe to be just...Let none falter, who thinks he is right, and we may succeed. But if after all, we shall fail, be it so.

As it happens, the Whig ticket Lincoln supported won that 1840 election. So might the party of Lincoln again.
Good advice always no matter what you believe.
I have noticed there is a wave of "It 's over McCain Folks" and " give up can't you be classy and honor Obama achievement" BS going around. First Obama has not exactly achieved anything yet. Can we have this election thing and count the votes.
Still the Obama astro turfing internet campaign as well as in other media is huge. I have seen more "its over posts deal with it" comments and post and media segments this week as McCain continues to tighten in the polls. AP shows it tied a wave of that crap happens. Good news for McCain in Ohio, Florida , and North Carolina and another wave happens.
Don't listen to it and recall Lincoln.

10 Great Halloween Costumes

You can be Vera from the old tv show ALICE!!! These are great. Creative Minority Report has them at Ten Greatest Halloween Costumes Ever

Communist Regime In Vietnam Fears Catholic Church

Great article at Chiesa . The Church in Vietnam Isn't Afraid. But the Communist Regime Is

Baskin Robbins Has Obama Ice Cream?

Good Grief. . Does your Baksin Robbins havbe Obama Ice Cream? Mickey Kaus reports:

Thursday, October 23, 2008
Everybody's Pitching In! I got home to find a staccato message on my phone machine from a Republican friend:
OK. So depressed about this election that I had to go to Baskin-Robbins and just buy a pint of ice cream and some caramel cones for [my son].
And of course, of course, I get there trying to drown my sorrows, and the flavor of the month is
"Whirl of Change."
"Whirl of Change" with a little Democratic donkey sign.
It's like peanut nougat ice cream with chunks of chocolate enrobed in more chocolate.
And I think it's also some kind of horrific multiracial metaphor.
But anyway so "Whirl of Change." Flavor of the month at Baskin Robbins.
I can't even listen to NPR. I get two NPR's and I switched the channel to the other NPR which usually isn't political and they were talking about the Davenport Zither Society and it was great. Fantastic.
I listened to that for like twenty minutes.
Baskin-Robbins is doing its part! ...

Background: Here. ... 12:52 P..M.

As you can see in the link Obama won just by a hair against Straight Talk Crunch

When You Send Death threats To Pollsters

I suggest that you are a little too intense into a political race. In the race to see what side has the most kooky supporters on their extremes:

Death Threats Sent to Pollster
After releasing this morning’s numbers showing McCain ahead in Ohio and Florida, the
Strategic Vision polling company received several death threats through the contact e-mail on the company’s web site.
David Johnson, the CEO of Strategic Vision, shared the messages with National Review Online.
One of the messages stated:

My goodness, your polls stinks. There are 3 polls that have Obama by double digits and only yours has Obama down. WOW!. How come your poll is the only one giving Palin high favor ratings? I think you need to be careful tonight when you get in your car and might want to check underneath your car. SCRAP YOUR IDIOTIC POLLS OR ELSE!

Another stated:

A poll that gave Sarah Palin and Barack Obama the same favorability rating is wrong off the bat. Be careful going outside tonight because you might not see tomorrow.

A third message stated:

Why would your presidential election poll results be so drastically different from every other reputable poll taken over the same time period? Are they that dumb or are you guys that smart? Smart guys wind up dead.

The company has contacted the FBI and appropriate authorities, Johnson said. There was, thankfully, nothing in the messages that indicated that the sender had actually sought out the location of the company or its employees. Johnson noted that while the messages came from different addresses, they all came within a short period of time, and that it was possible they were from the same person.
Johnson said he’s not fearful, but taking appropriate measures.
“It’s probably just a bunch of nut cases, but this is first time we’ve ever experienced something like this,” Johnson said. “It’s highly, highly unusual. We get messages in the vein of 'your numbers are wrong, the other guy's numbers are right' all the time. But this has never happened before.”
10/24 03:36 PM

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Louisiana Catholic Blog Update

Shall be tomorrow. We will pick up on what Louisiana Bloggers have been saying since Thursday

I am having to prepare to get ready for the big High School Football tonight. The Mighty Evangel High School (Louisiana High School Football Fans know the significance of that Power house) is coming to my little town to play my Pelicans. We are hoping for a Upset!!!

Catholic Bishop Run Radio Ad Against Obama

Well needless to say this will be controversal

U.S. Catholic Bishop Rene H. Gracida Releases Radio Ad Stating no Catholic can Vote for Barack Obama in Good Conscience

Contact: Randall Terry, 904-687-9804
MEDIA ADVISORY, October 24 /
Christian Newswire/ -- Today - perhaps in an eleventh hour answer to prayer for the unborn - Bishop Rene H. Gracida has released a stunning radio ad concerning Catholics voting for Barack Obama. His ad is recorded in English and Spanish.

Bishop Gracida boldly states:

"This is Bishop Rene H. Gracida, reminding all Catholics that they must vote in this election with an informed conscience. A Catholic cannot be said to have voted in this election with a good conscience if they have voted for a pro-abortion candidate. Barack Hussein Obama is a pro-abortion candidate."

The commercial can be heard in English and Spanish at
Bishop Gracida has offered this radio spot without charge for all who want to use it. All faithful Catholics are invited to download the mp3 file, and place this ad on their local radio station(s).

They must simply contact their local radio station(s), and pay for the ad as an "independent expenditure." The station can download the audio file to play on the radio. The mp3 file is also available at

Moreover, permission is granted for the ad to be downloaded, sent as a file, or posted on any web site in America.

If this ad receives the airplay it deserves, it could sink Obama's campaign by jolting Catholic voters back to their senses and moorings. Over 50% of Catholic voters have been seduced into ethical quicksand by errant Catholics who are partisan supporters of Obama and have betrayed the lives of innocent unborn children.
Contact: Randall Terry. 904 687 9804

Update- I think this Bishop is retired so that answers why he is being so vocal as to a Candidate. Note Louisiana Connection

Indian bishop Suspended By Vatican For Adopting 26 year old Woman

A little follow up on this bizarre story. Whispers has the details at Taking "Fatherhood" Too Far

U.S. Soccer Player Goes to The Seminary

I just saw this very good article at ESPN.

Chase Hilgenbrinck, from the pitch to the priesthood

Lake Charles Family Not Happy McCain Sign Stolen -Sends Message (LOL)

Dead Pelican has more

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bishop of Tucson, Ariz Says Pope Should Maybe Blog

LSU's Mike the Tiger Preparing to Eat Georgia Mascot

IT'S MIKE!!!! Ok that is not really the Georgia bulldog but you get the point. Geaux Tigers!!!!

In LSU Daily News See
Johnson’s versatility comes in handy for LSU

LSU Tigers have plenty of options on offense

LSU Notes: Jean-Francois expected to play Saturday

Stakes Higher When LSU and Georgia Meet

LSU's QB merger working

Conscience Protections in Medicine and Other Vocations

Tip of the hat to Mirrors of Justice for this very interesting post over at the Catholic Thing.

See Conscience Protections and Medicine by Joseph Capizzi who is associate professor of moral theology at the Catholic University of America. Be not afraid click on it is not very long , it is not boring , and is very readable.

He says in part:
Conscience protections exist to allow people to heal the sick without having to kill the vulnerable. The vocal representatives of the entrenched pro-abortion, pro-contraception view propose legislation to overturn or amend “conscience protection” laws designed to permit Catholics (and others) to express in our wider society the commitments of their communities to the sanctity of life. Any attempts to advance conscience protections are presented as affronts to others’ potential freedoms, with little or no mention of the actual restrictions on the freedom of those interested in healing without killing. There is much discussion in our society about the content and limits of freedom. But freedom by any name should permit men or women of character to do what they know is right. In like manner, freedom is meaningless when a person is coerced to do what he knows is wrong.

It is a good read and also highlights what the evil George Bush (SARC) was trying to do in this department that would have been helpful

Should this not be a huge thing for us!!! It goes beyond Doctors and Nurses but into other Professions as well. As a Church that supports the tradition of conscientious objector and in fact a GOVT that allows it under certain circumstances in war why not!!!

If we can not be successful on the Federal Level what about pressing issues like this at the State Level? Should this not be a place where Catholics need to be in the forefront

Catholic Kids In Ville Platte Get Election- Do Adults? (Freedom of Choice Act)

Ah thank God for the Ville Platte Louisiana places of the world. I suppose as the Culture of Death more and more intrudes and Catholics having to make choices this will be one of the Catecombs we will have to retreat too. (see next related post)

So take up Sugar Cane Farming or Rice Farming for the Future Move :)

GO see Ville Platte Catholic Youth Group and their post Who Supports the Freedom of Choice Act?

Old Pics of Catholics In the Military

Ah The Greatest Generation .Hallowed Ground has more.

Governor Plain Speaks Out On Immigration Reform (Catholic Social Justice Double Standard)

Pro Ecclesia has the link at Gov. Palin Supports Path to Citizenship for Undocumented Aliens .

Yes I know this will make certain heads explode in the GOP. Oh well according to gop exit polls in the primary about 50 percent of us are jut fine with it.

Pro - Ecclesia points out

This will lose her some support from some Catholics on the right (take it up with the Bishops, folks), but kudos to Gov. Palin. By the way, don't look for her to get any credit for her stance from the Usual Suspects on the Catholic left, either.

Yep that is true. In fact on all the Catholic Progressive sites and where the issue of Catholic Social Justice issue are discussed immigration is rarely mentioned. Why is that? Is it because McCain led the fight on it? Is it not sort of relevant since besides abortion it was the leading Catholic Social Justice Issue of the decade? Is it because if we get to far into the weeds of this debate we find out that Obama at the request of Unions killed it with a Poison pill.

The immigration issue has opened my eyes to how much many Catholic Social Justice Advocates are in the Democrat weeds. When the leading Republican that has been fighting this battle in the House ( and also fighting some extreme forces that have other agendas besides the illegals) Chris Cannon goes down there is a hardly a peep. How is Senator Graham in SC doing that led the fight too? They don't care. He is not on their radar. Senator Brownback isn't either. I could go on and on.

It was largely this issue that told me what I was hearing from the Catholic Left was often just a much of balderdash.

By the way Mitt Romney in the primary hit John McCain over the head with this issue in a million places. It was part of the discussion. It should be noted that Prof Kmiec (now well noted Obama Catholic hack) that is always talking about Catholic Social Justice Issues and how we should vote for Obama supported ROMNEY!! Again what is up with that!!

SO despite being lectured for the 1,000,000 time how we Republicans that are Catholics are doing something wrong and that we are PUTTING ALL OUR EGGS IN ONE BASKET (this is really not true)we see Catholic Social Justice Catholics in the political square doing what they are pontificiating against.

Again a case of not walking the talk.

Palin on the blogs and in the conservative pres will get hammered on this. However in the Catholic press there will be sadly little discussion

Drunk California Democrats to Call Voters In Nevada For Obama!!

Oh how funny. I urge all Republicans in the areato show up and mind them numerous rounds.

As Mickey Kaus stated:

My neighbors here in beautiful, rich West L.A. are busy setting up phone banks to call into neighboring swing state Nevada. I'm not sure that will help! The "smooth, half-price margaritas" could prove especially counterproductive. ... 2:22 A.M.

The ACORN Scandal / Catholic Church Link Shows We Need More Christian Journalists in the MSM

There has been some buzz on the religious blogs and in the news about how evangelicals are missing from MSM newsrooms lately.

It should raise alarm bells. It should raise alarm bells because the general public that these newspapers and Networks serve are being done a huge disservice.

Get Religion points this out so well as to the Catholic Church Funding of ACORN in this very good story here at Click here. Click here. Think ghost.

The article compares a NYT story on the problems of ACORN and a Catholic News Article on how the Church has suspended all funding of Acorn and in fact has hired its on investigators to see if OUR CATHOLIC COLLECTION PLATE money was used wrongly. I would think this would well be of interest. How many Catholics that are following this story know that money they put in the collection plate might have funded some of this.

The article concludes:

The key, of course, is that these two stories have not been combined anywhere that I have found — please correct me if, in my haste, I am wrong.
Instead, they exist in separate media universes. Rare is the Catholic who will hear about these issues, because even the most faithful of parishioner is more likely to hear information in the mainstream news stream than in Catholic niche media.
If you search the story in the Times for the word “Catholic,” you get — nothing.
If you
run a Google News search for “ACORN,” “Catholic” and “funding” you get all kinds of material, but all of it — you guessed it — in the world of tiny niche media where American Catholics and pro-Vatican Catholics duke it out week after week, month after month, year after year, world without end. Amen.

Is there a religion ghost here? What are the legal and financial ties between Acorn and other mainstream religious groups, drawing money from offering plates and ecclesiastical bureaucracies? And this question may be even more interesting: Is this struggle over Acorn and Catholic money linked, in any way, to the doctrinal debates inside the American church over Obama’s stance on abortion and gay rights? That’s the question that matters the most to me. That’s the religion story.
Hmmmm . . . I wonder what the coverage of this will be like on Comedy Central? That’s what really matters, I guess

Again what are the other angles. Did Episcopal USA, the Lutherans and other bodies also contribute? Maybe so. Is that perhaps something the media should check out and alert its readers that are members of those Christian communities.

Again I think we again see that the religion reporting department is either being clueless or no one in the other parts of the news departments seems to be consulting them where issues intertwined

At least Christian Journalist would have a working knowledge somewhat of the scene of Christian news where these things come up

Economic Crisis Delaying Pope's New Social Encyclical.

Perhaps. Though I do think the theory that the Pope delayed the new Encylical because of concerns over the Italian and United States elections is alos . Now it appears though there might be a further delay. Whispers has a good post on this as well as some other Papa Benedict wirting habits and gossip at Ratzi Standard Time = More Delays

The Differrence Between Obama's Redistributism and "Catholic" Distributism

I am not very familiar with all the "Catholic" Belloc and Chesterton views on Distribution. They have a following (especially among a segment of conservatives) and one day I need to delve into it. Mostly when I try to get into these discussions I don't see how this can work on a practical level (Trade Guilds?). However again I am not well versed into it to have a huge conversation on it. However I do know enough to realize there are big differences between a Obama "spread the wealth view" and the Belloc/ Chesterton view of Distribution.

I was happy to these short post that went into it yesterday at Distributism vs. Redistributism

Tip of the Hat to Instapundit

Newlyweds Gets Papal Blessing

Hmm I did not realize this went on on a weekly basis.

Newlyweds Start Married Life With Papal Blessing
Couples Reflect on Meaning of Sacrament
By Carmen Elena Villa BetancourtVATICAN CITY, OCT. 22, 2008 (

Every Wednesday dozens of couples arrive to the papal general audience dressed in their wedding garments. "They must be getting married at St. Peter's" is a typical comment from tourists and pilgrims.But the couples are generally already married and have requested from the Holy See a privileged place at the audience, very close to the Pope, where they will receive a special greeting from him, some of them individually.

There is no charge for these seats, or any others at the audience.Today there were couples in St. Peter's Square from Italy, Germany, the United States, Poland, Ghana and Mexico.At the end of his catechesis, following the tradition, the Holy Father addressed a few words to the newlyweds. "With the fresh energies of youth," he told them, "with the spiritual support of prayer and sacrifice, and with the potency of conjugal life, learn to be missionaries of the Gospel wherever you go, offering your concrete aid to those who make an effort to take [the Gospel] where it is not yet known."

For some of the couples, receiving the apostolic blessing shortly after getting married is a family tradition.Such is the case for Marcela and Juan Carlos Gallegos from Mexico, who got married Oct. 4 and made the trip to St. Peter's part of their honeymoon. Marcela's sister did the same thing five years ago, with Pope John Paul II."Marriage is the beginning of a life together to form a family," she told ZENIT. "It's to have God always present.""To be in Rome after my marriage is an opportunity that not everyone gets," Juan Carlos added. "It's a very beautiful way to begin our union.

For me, this is to begin a new life, a different stage, to share it with another person, always to be beside God and to await the arrival of a family."Italians Cecilia and Daniel did not have to travel far to get the papal blessing. But they still value the opportunity."This meeting is very beautiful," Daniel said. "There are many couples from all around the world, not just Italians. This shows us that all of us as a Church are one family."His bride added: "The Pope says that couples should love each other and seek to overcome difficulties, which are so many in life, and be together till the end."

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Louisiana Catholic Blog Update For Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It is a short one today!!!

Ville Platte Catholic Youth Group has a must read Who Supports the Freedom of Choice Act? ( I will highlight this later also)

Moms and Kids At Home has Clean-as-new Ballet Tights

From The Recamier has her daily update here

The Louisiana Brown Pelican Society( lay Louisiana Catholic has their huge daily update

Full Circle has a funny voter guide that sadly shows in some instances how the media portrays things(especially against McCain!!!) See The Full Circle totally serious voters guide

Cajun Cottage Under the Oaks has Soccer Shirts with Stains and Smiles and Enjoying Life ~ Nature ~ Family

Life on the (L)edge (Catholic Deacon) has PROTECT LIFE

Finally our Catholic Priest expat in New Jersey Da Mihi Animas has Sarah Palin: Champion of Special Needs Families , and On a Chant and a Prayer!

Pope Benedict's Weekly Angelus For 10/22/2008 (Pics and Text)

Update- Sorry for the Delay in getting the English Translation. ZENIT News Agency has it all here in a nice to read

Here on this post are the pics from the Holy Father's Wedneday Audience. More here. I expect the English ttanslation of the Pope's always great Wednesday Audience to be done in the next hour or so. So check back and I have the full English translation up. Today he in his catechetical cycle on St. Paul, the Holy Father today spoke about the apostle's teachings on Christ. So checkj back tonight!!!

AP POll- McCain and Obama Even In The Home Stretch

Good News for McCain and for the Pro-Life Cause. (Tip of the Hat to Southern Appeal)

This is one reason we have seen more desparate of accusations of racism and the Obama camp acting strangely. Their Internal polls like those of McCains show a very tight race

Father Z Goes to Gettysburg

I am a Civil War Buff and wanted to post these pictures. I seems apt since again the Great State of Pennsylvania will help decide the fate of this great nation.

What is At Stake With The Hispanic Vote

One of the contributors (also a new citizen) whom I enjoy reading over at Vox Nova has a post on the Hispanic vote and their support for Obama. The depressing news is that Obama has a 39 percent lead but among Hispanic Protestants it is a much much much less.

Now of course to the term Hispanic or Latino is a huge ole group and the term is fluid. However there are causes of concerns with these numbers.

Part of this I am afraid is fall out from the immigration reform battles. Also as to Protestants Hispanics not enough engagement with Hispanic Evangelical leaders. Conservative Evangelicals in the pews often to the point of distraction worry about people like Jame Dobson. I could name about 3 Hispanic evangelical leaders we should be much more concerned about.

What is depressing about this is of course is that McCain risked his political career twice on the Catholic Social Justice Issue of the decade( outside abortion) and that is immigration reform. The fact that Catholic Social Justice Advocates and other Social Justice Advocates have all but ignored this is even more depressing and shows a extent of partisanship that has to be dealt with.

I must address this comment though where the person said that it appears Catholic Hispanics understand the "Seamless Garment of Life" idea better than Protestants.

I am very sad that is very wrong and it 180 degrees from reality. It is sadly Hispanic and Latino Protestants (ex Catholics or descendants there of ) that understand what is called the Seamless Gar met of Life doctrine better at least as to the voting booth. They engage all issues.

They are huge on defense of Life, the defense of marriage. However on economic Social concerns Hispanic Protestants are very much more open to other viewpoints and ideas than many of their conservative evangelical bothers and sisters in the pews.(Though this might me changing as we saw in facets of the Huckabee Campaign ). This has been seen in other numerous polls and attitudes.

I saw the other day that a Catholic Bishop chimed in from California on the issues of Catholics and voting.

In an interview yesterday, Gabino Zavala, an auxiliary bishop in the Los Angeles Archdiocese, said his fellow bishops have long insisted that "we're not a one-issue church," a view reflected in their 2007 document "Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship.""But that's not always what comes out," says Zavala, who is also bishop-president of the Catholic peace group Pax Christi USA. "What I believe, and what the church teaches, is that one abortion is too many.

That's why I believe abortion is so important. But in light of this, there are many other issues we need to bring up, other issues we should consider, other issues that touch the reality of our lives."Those issues, Bishop Zavala said, include racism, torture, genocide, immigration, war and the impact of the economic downturn "on the most vulnerable among us, the elderly, poor children, single mothers.""

We know that neither of the political parties supports everything the church teaches," he added. "We are not going to create a culture of life if we don't talk about all the life issues, beginning with abortion but including all of them."Zavala was careful to say that he did not want to take issue with any of his fellow bishops. But his view contrasts with that of others in the hierarchy.

Well I agree with Archbishop Zavala but I must say looking at the voting patterns of flock , especially immigrant Hispanics, they seem to be tied to a party that very much does not give a big darn about abortion. We have now seen Hispanic politicians after politician in that area embrace the pro-choice mantra!! Why is that? Again this not something just as to Hispanics. We see this in other traditional Catholic Bastions where the Pro-Life Democrat is about extinct as the DODO bird.

Who is doing a better job of having Catholics and in Hispanic circles especially engaging the whole doctrine of the "seamless Garmet"

I would suggest that people like Rev. Sam Rodriguez of National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference who was named by Christianity Today as one of the most important top 25 Evangelicals) is doing this in a far more effective manner.

However people like Rodriquez and others are strangely off the radar of being Catholics and Non Hispanic Evangelicals.

What is at stake. What is at stake is that the Hispanic people of faith (regardless of Chistian Community ID) do not all become solid Demcorat forever much like the african american population has over the years. That would be a disaster not only to the party but the Country as a whole and would be a unhealthy development on many levels

Mel Gibson " Not a Catholic Church" has 42 Million Dollars

And it has than One Hundred Members-WOW

Traditional Latin Mass on the USS Theodore Roosevelt

Cool pics. Breviarium Romanum has them at Ad Altare Dei

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Yankee Catholic Churches Moving South In a Literal Sense

I swear reading this entry makes me think of that great ole song by Reba When Whoever in New England is Through with You.

When whoever's in New England is through with you And Boston finds better things to doYou know its not too late 'cause you'll always have a place to go When whoever's in New Englands through with you

I think us Southern Churches could use this as a jingle as we save American Catholic Patrimony. Might work.

Whispers has the amazing , and yet sort of sad story, at American Church Moves South. Literally. This is a great idea. Because of migration and sadly some traditional icons of American Diocesesof Catholicism going to the dawgs we can help save it.

Us Southerners had our share of Catholic and architiectural terrorist but we still value tradition. Southern, Catholic , tradition it is a perfect match!!!