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THe Leader of the Episcopal Church Talks To her Priests In Dallas

Tip of the hat to RED STICK RANT and his post Inch By Inch (At A Time), Row By Row, I'm Gonna Make This Church Not Grow. which led me to this.

Standard Disclaimer- I love Anglicans and I am just counting the days when this historic community does not have to suffer the leadership of "Bishop" Katherine Jefferts Schori. I thought the last presiding Bishop was a real doozy but she takes the cake. If I had one of those Anglican Use Parishes where the Mass was sort of like the Book of Common Prayer, I would be there on most Sundays.

Needless to say there will be no return to the Anglo-Catholic roots of this tradition while she is in charge. In fact there might be an end to the ANGLICAN COMMUNION tradition itself because of her leadership. Something that would not be a good thing IMHO for the US Anglican Church .That also means that I will have less and less Episcopal buds to hang out with since in the south many of us view each other as sort of cousins

Anyway this Deacon blogger went to the meeting where she had a "listening", "sharing" and Q@A session with her priests and Clergy. We also learn that she thinks that the Centurion and his sick servant we see in the Bible were a gay couple and thus it ok to have gay marriage. Something I never heard before.

Anyway it is interesting and somewhat funny( you might as as use humor when things are tragic) recount of the meeting. GO to the The Deacon's Slant and his post Bishop Shori's Visit to Dallas

Real Lesbians Fed Up and Taking Faux Lesbians to Court

This is pretty funny. Go see Cruncy Con's Lesbians against lesbians

"My sister can't say she is a Lesbian," said Dimitris Lambrou. "Our geographical designation has been usurped by certain ladies who have no connection whatsoever with Lesbos,"


Much more at the link

Catholics Go To Catholic Schools For Free in Witchita Kansas!!

One thing I have learned since becoming Catholic is

(1) We are pretty clueless about what is doing great in other Dioceses


(2) When we do learn it we don't often explore duplicating it or asking WHY NOT HERE. I have learned the Diocesan Office is often great for giving reasons why things will not work or cannot be done before we can even start the conversation or study it

This is truly amazing. Go see Go Wichita! and the other related post that is linked Tuition-free Catholic schools . We learn that
Of particular interest is the story of the Wichita, Kansas Catholic School System. With but 120,000 Catholics in the diocese Wichita maintains 39 Catholic schools. 36 of these are parish schools (including 34 elementary schools), one is a free-standing preschool, and four are Catholic high schools. According to the report, "What makes the Wichita system truly unusual in this day and age is the fact that all Wichita Catholic schools have eliminated tuition for Catholic students."This has been accomplished by pastors and the bishop calling on all "parishioners to live a 'stewardship way of life' that involved a greater commitment to their parish and Catholic ideals."The response has been nothing short of amazing. Learning from the example of one parish that had been modeling a stewardship program throughout the 1960s an 1970s, the bishop encouraged all his people to do the same starting in 1984. Support has grown so much since then that the last Catholic school to be charging any tuition to Catholic students stopped doing so in 2002.

Why not here!!! The Diocese of Wichita is one of those amazing places where great things are happening on several levels.WHY NOT HERE? Why not where you are at? It is Kansas for goodness sakes

We have a huge new wave of immigrants and we need these schools. We hear there are problems with Catholic Schools closing yet here we see the opposite!! Why not here?

What about non Catholics and Catholic Schools? Well the article linked to touches on that.

Many years ago I went to Chicago on a Church based mission trip. We attended a Catholic Church that was nearly all African American. It was a beautiful old Church but you could tell that there were fewer people attending Mass than once was.

I asked the Priest how in the world did so many of these African Americans , that were came from the South mostly via the great migration, become Catholic? His answer was the Catholic schools.

Pope Equals Warren Jeffs According to Chicago Tribune Op-ed Piece


Go see Men of the cloth. Pretty breathtaking in it's silliness.

Former United States Ambassador to Vatican Endorses Clinton

Actually it is the Envoy to the Holy See. However Ray Flynn did it regardless. Fidelis has the more on this at Ray Flynn vs. Ray Flynn

Rich Rodriguez's Secret Weapon? -Sisters of Mary Mother of the Eucharist

Well we don't know if they are praying for Michigan Football but they might!!! If Michigan start going gangbusters we need to talk to Les Miles about getting a chapter house down here in Baton Rouge. Don't bother ULL fans. One would have to move the Vatican to Lafayette to help with that program :)

All kidding aside this is a great vocation story. Inside Catholic has the story at Ann Arbor Sisters Getting Bigger...

By the way Check out the Anchoress's great roundup of posts here at Quick vocation round-up

Oh and Alive and Young has a a link how we can all help vocations this weekend at Run for Vocations

Louisiana Catholic Blog Update for April 30th

I was out of town yesterday so there was no Louisiana Catholic Blog update. I last posted in the wee hours of Monday Morning. So these are entries since then our Louisiana Catholic blogs have been doing

The Ville Platte Catholic Youth Group has a nice post here called Doctors of the Church

Catholic Tube has The Daily Offering and Don’t Call Me A Saint(which is Dorothy Day)

Full Circle has a cool idea here. Go see Working on an iPhone rosary. He also has Why do so many Catholics not know their faith?

Thy Nose to the Marble. has what I suspect is a funny vid ( I have no speakers on the computer I am currently at) because it come from the Onion News Network Go see it here

Catholic Underground, The Louisiana Catholic Blogcast to the world has CU Special #5: For the Parousians About to Rock, We Salute You.

Apprentice of St. Joseph has got An Open Letter to the Folks at U.S. Catholic . How many times I wished I sent that letter. I really wish libraries would quit carry that magazine. Does anyone really like it?

The Lake Charles Latin Mass Society has a reminder of a LATIN MASS(1962 form) that will had for the Feast of the Ascension this Sunday in the Lake Charles area. Go see Reminder

Cajun Cottage Under the Oaks has Author Fiesta and The Beauty of Windows. She also on a personal note gives us an Update on Shop

Fr. Victor Brown’s Catholic Daily Message has his daily meditation here at Feast of Pope Saint Pius V (30 Apr 2008)

Thoughts & Ruminations of Father Ryan has the Papal Prayer Intentions for May 2008

Alive and Young has Run for Vocations . That is a great idea and I hope a lot of take part. I shall be doing that later and signing up!! Also see Miley Being Edgy and Science a Figment of Human Imagination

Footprints on the Fridge has been busy. Go see On Being Intentional: Routine, The Liturgical Tree: Ascension and Pentecost and A Week Worth Celebrating

From The Recamier has her daily update here She starts out with the saints of the day for the last time she updated which was April 28th. They are Saint Louis Marie de Montfort, priest (died 1716) and Peter Chanel, priest and martyr (died 1841) She hits all kinds of other fun stuff

Lastly The Brown Pelican has a ton of links and news. I have to leave a tad early to go the store so I can't link them all today. But be sure to check them out.

Hillary Clinton Gets Endorsement of Odd Puerto Rico Pentecostal Group

Creative Minority Report got me interested in Hillary Clinton's campaign in Puerto Rico in his post. Nuns Invite Clinton to Campaign

I decided to a do a little research on what else happened under the radar down there. In the AP article we found that besides visiting a Catholic Nursing home that the Nuns run that Chelsea was scheduled to meet with a Christian youth group, followed by a visit to a gay rights organization. She refused questions from reporters.

Since the National Press pretty much reports nothing on Puerto Rico , I decided with the help of Google Translate see what the papers are saying.

First about the Christian meeting we learn: That the she attended a Pentecostal Church where the leader/pastor of the temple of the Congregation of Mita endorsed Hillary. Pentecostals have often been friendly to Bill Clinton in Louisiana where they vote in block.

However we must note these are not Louisiana Pentecostals. The Wilki entry on this group says:
The Mita Congregation is a Christian Pentecostal congregation based in Puerto Rico. The congregation has chapters in the United States, Canada, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico,Spain, and in the Dominican Republic.
The Mita believe that "Mita" (a
woman who was born as Juanita García Peraza) was the living incarnation of the Holy Spirit. According to their beliefs, the Holy Spirit once acted through "Mita" and anointed Teófilo Vargas Seín as the first prophet of God in the new era, what they call the era of "Mita". Vargas was renamed "Aarón", who became "Mita"'s heir when she died in 1970, and is today the spiritual and material leader of the congregation.
Unlike what many believe, members are not required to wear
white during their religious ceremonies. They wear white if they feel like it. Also, a member can have as many children as he or she wishes.
The religion was rocked in 2004 when a man named Samuel Beniquez alleged on Puerto Rico's television and newspapers that he was "Aaron"s son; these charges were never substantiated. see "
Teófilo Vargas Seín" for details.
This religion was formed in 1940

Fun Stuff!!!! More here on the leader from a Catholic blogger down there at Our Lord is back on Earth and he's Puerto Rican. It appears that he is a must stop for many politicians so I suppose this is significant.

I guess this group is quite active in the United States and I would be curious to hear more about them. I suspect people of all parties go after their endorsement but I am not sure.
For instance do we Have Mitas for McCain? Does this effect Florida and especially Central Florida where the Puerto Rican vote is important. I often feel I have no clue about Hispanic political dynamics

Is Obama Smoking the Key to Victory in Indiana?

Maybe. Confession time here. I am smoker that now knows it is time to quit. However Crunchy Con has a link to a pretty funny and good article/letter Let Barack smoke!

Part of the letter says:
One little cigarette might even help Barack with white working-class voters! Think about the pure gold of "Barack outside smoking with the boys," like he surely used to do, talking sports with the friendly janitors who were having a smoke outside the University of Chicago Law School. If Hillary had stopped smoking, believe me, she'd have started again (and denied she ever stopped), and then reminisced about her smoking breaks with the gals back when she worked as a hair-netted cafeteria lady in a Terre Haute elementary school.
Can Barack please have a cigarette?

How true. I have a more personal connection to him already. I can see him in LSU's Tiger Stadium where I among thousand others are contemplating the best place to get a quick smoke.

The Bathroom or some hidden part of the Concourse Obama would be thinking as the Tigers are trying to make another last seat of your paints comeback in the Fourth quarter while they are down by 14. . I already see Obama knowing how it feels for little ole me in not having the Ushers find out and kick me out because the Tigers are really causing me to start needing one.

We can see Obama , before he had his own Private airplane, contemplating how much time he has in changing planes to get outside the airport to get one quick cig. I start contemplating this before we even liftoff!! When does that thought process kick in for Obama? Does he avoid the Airport bar too because it is No Smoking!! Does he go what having a beer and not having a cig- sorry does not compute? Already I am thinking less of Obama the Messiah and more Obama the person I can relate too.

I can imagine Obama after a tough day kicking back and taking one of those deep drags and going relief!!! Smokers understand. It also is a nice counterweight to all the Obama is the Messiah stuff that honestly turns a lot of people off.

Many folks would say look he is fallible just like us. George Bush had this and it helped him. People knew he was wild boy in the past and did things that many of us did. Those experiences while we might wish to take back form us. We also like talking about them. Many the average joe could relate the Bush- The Frat Boy- Bush the guy that got a DWI, Bush the guy that made some mistakes but had to grow up. Bush was a guy many felt you could sit down with and talk about your woes. Even drink a beer with if he still drank.

Now I am not out to help Obama. WE ARE McCAIN ALL THE WAY here on this blog. Also I would not recommend he start chaining out there on the campaign trail. But a few pics leaked of Obama taking a deep drag off a cigarette at the end a day when Rev Wright mouths off again would produce him votes.

The Pope Talks about the USA in His Weekly Angelus

It is Wednesday Papal Audience Time. Thanks Again to the Ratzinger Forum for the translation. By the way on this thread in the Italian section there are a lot of pics from today.

The Pope talks about his United States trip. In fact his trip to the United States and his comments make up almost all of his Angelus which is significant

The General Audience was held today at St. Peter's Square, with some 30,000 faithful present. Before the 10:30 audience, the Holy Father went to Via della Fondamenta to bless the statue of San Giovanni Loenardi (1541-1609), founder of the Chierici della Madre di Dio. As he announced earlier, the Holy Father used the occasion to report on his recent trip to the United States and visit to United Nations headquarters. Here is a translation of his report.

Dear brothers and sisters, Although several days have elapsed since my return, I wish to dedicate today's catechesis, as is usual, to the apostolic voyage that I made to the United Nations Organization and the United States of America on April 15-21. First of all, I renew my most heartfelt acknowledgment to the United States Catholic bishops conference and to President Bush for having invited me and for the warm welcome that I was accorded.

My 'thank you' extends to all those who, in Washington and New York, came to greet me and to show their love for the Pope, or who accompanied and sustained me with prayer and offering their sacrifices. As you know, the occasion for the visit was the bicentennnial of the elevation to a metropolitan see of the country'[s first diocese, Baltimore, and the foundation of the dioceses of New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Louisville.

On such an ecclesial occasion, I had the joy of coming, for the first time as the Successor of Peter, to visit the beloved people of the United States of America, to confirm Catholics in their faith, to renew and increase fraternity with all Christians, and to announce to all the message of 'Christ our Hope', which was the theme of the visit.

In the meeting with the President at his residence, I paid tribute to that great nation which, from its beginnings, was founded on the basis of a happy conjunction between religious, eethical and political principles, and which still constitutes a valid example of healthy secularity, where the religious dimension, in the diversity of its expressions, is not only tolerated but valued as the 'spirit' of the nation and the fundamental guarantee of human rights and responsibilities.

In such context, the Church can develop with freedom and commitment its mission of evangelization and human promotion, and even of being a 'critical conscience', contributing to the construction of a society worthy of the human being, and at the same time, stimulating a nation like the United States - which everyone looks to as one of the principal actors on the international scene - towards global solidarity, which is ever more necessry and urgent, and towards the patient exercise of dialog in international relations.

Naturally, the mission and the role of the church community were at the center of my encounter with the bishops at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington. In the liturgical context of Vespers, we praised the Lord for the path taken by the People of God in the United States, for the zeal of its pastors, and the fervor and generosity of its faithful, manifested in their high and open regard for the faith, and in innumerable charitable and humanitarian initiatives within the country and abroad.

At the same time, I sustained my brother bishops in their not-easy task of sowing the Gospel in a society marked by not a few contradictions which threatens the coherence of Catholics and even the clergy themselves. I encouraged them to make their voices heard on actual moral and social questions and to form faithful lay persons in such a way that they may be good 'yeast' for the civilian community, starting with the fundamental cell of society which is the family. In this sense, I exhorted them to re-propose the sacrmament of Matrimony as a gift and an indissoluble commitment between a man and a woman, the natural environment for nurturing and educating children.

The Church and the family, together with schools - especially those of Christian inspiration - should cooperate to offer young people a solid moral education. But in this task, those who work in communications and entertainment also have a great responsibility. Thinking of the sorrowful events of sexual abuses committes by ordained ministers against minors, I wished to express to the bishops my closeness, encouraging them in the committment to bind up the wounds and to strengthen their relationship with their priests.

Responding to some questions posed by the bishops, I was able to underline some important aspects: the intrinsic relationship between the Gospel and 'natural law'; a sane concept of freedom with includes love and is realized in love; the ecclesial dimension of the Christian experience; the exigency of announcing in a new way, especially to young people, 'salvation' as the fullness of living, and to educate them in prayer, from which generous responses to the call of the Lord may germinate.

In the great festive Eucharistic celebration at the Nationals Park Stadium of Washington, we invoked the Holy Spirit on the entire Church in the United States of America, so that, firmly rooted in the faith transmitted by their fathers, profoundly united and renewed, it may face present and future challenges with courage and hope - that hope which "does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit that has been given to us" (Rm 5,5).

One such challenge is certainly that of education, and therefore, at the Catholic University of America, I met the rectors of Catholic universities and colleges, the diocesan officials responsible for teaching, professors and student rerpresenatives. The educational task is an integral part of the mission of the Church, and the ecclesial community in the United States has always been very engaged in it, rendering at the same time a great social and cultural service to the entire nation. It is important that this goes on.

It is equally important to look after the quality of Catholic institutions, so that they may truly be able to form students according to 'the full stature' of Christ (cfr Eph 4,13), uniting faith and reason, freedom and truth. It was with joy that I confirmed the educators in this, their precious task of intellectual charity.

In a multicultural country like the United States of America, my meetings with the representatives of other religions were especially important: in Washington at the John Paul II Cultural Center, with Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and Jains; in New York, the visit to a synagogue. These were very heartfelt moments, especially the latter, which confirmed a common commitment to dialog and to the promotion of peace and spiritual and moral values. In that nation which may be called the homeland of religious freedom, I wished to underscore that this must always be defended with united efforts to avoid any form of discrimination or prejudice.

And I pointed to the great responsibility of religious leaders, both in teaching respect and non-violence as well as in keeping alive the most profound questions of the human mind. The ecumenical celebration in the parish church of St. Joseph was likewise characterized by great cordiality. Together we prayed to the Lord so that he may increase in Christians the capacity to give reason - especially with increasing unity - for the great hope that is in us (cfr 1 Pt 3,15) through our common faith in Jesus Christ.

Another principal objective for my trip was the visit to the central headquarters of the Untied Nations Organization - the fourth by a Pope, after that of Paul VI in 1965 and John Paul II's two visits in 1979 and in 1995. On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Providence gave me the opportunity to confirm, in the widest and most authoritative [forum for] universal consensus, the value of that declaration, recalling its universal basis, namely, the dignity of the human being, created by God in his image and likeness, in order to cooperate on earth with his great design of life and peace. Like peace, even respect for human rights is rooted in 'justice' - that is to say, an ethical order that is valid for all times and for all peoples, that can be summarized in the famous maxim, "Do not do to others what you do not wish done to you", or expressed positively in the words of Jesus: "Do to others whatever you would have them do to you." (Mt 7,12).

On this basis, which constitutes the typical contribution of the Holy See to the United Nations, I renewed - and even today, I renew - the concrete commitment of the Catholic Church to contribute to the strengthening of international relations that are imprinted with the principles of responsibility and solidarity. Also firmly impressed in my spirit are other moments of my stay in New York. At St. Patrick's Cathedral, in the heart of Manhattan - truly a 'house of prayer for all people' - I celebrated the Holy Mass for priests and consecrated persons who came from every part of the counhtry.

I will never forget the warmth with which they wished me well on the third anniversary of my election to Peter's Chair. It was a moving moment, during which I directly experienced - in sensory form - the support of the entire Church for my ministry. I can say the same for my meeting with the young people and seminarians which took place in the diocesan seminary, preceded by a very significant visit among handicapped children and youths, along with their families. To the young people, by nature thirsting for truth and love,

I proposed the example of some men and women who testified in exemplary manner on Amerian soil to the Gospel of truth which gives us freedom to love and to serve in a life spent for others. Facing the shadows which threaten their lives today, the youth may find in the saints the light which disperses these shadows: the light of Christ, hope for every man! This hope, stronger than sin or death, also inspired the emotion-charged moments which I spent in silence at the vortex of Ground Zero, where I lit a candle and prayed for all the victims of that terrible tragedy.

Finally, my visit culminated in the Eucharistic celebration at New York's Yankee Stadium. I still carry in my heart that feast of faith and fraternity with which we celebrated the bicentennials of North America's oldest dioceses. The small flock from those beginnnings has developed enormously, enriching itself in faith and with the traditions of successive immigrant waves. To that Church, which is facing the challenges of today, I had the joy of announcing once more "Christ our Hope" -yesterday, today and always. Dear brothers and sisters, I ask you to join me in giving thanks for the comforting success of this apostolic voyage and in asking God, through the intercession of the Virgin Mary, that it may produce abundant fruits for the Church in America and in all parts of the world.

In English, he said:
My recent Apostolic Journey to the United Nations and the United States of America was inspired by the theme, "Christ our Hope". I am most grateful to all who helped in any way to make the Journey a success. My visit was meant to encourage the Catholic community in America, especially our young people, to bear consistent witness to the faith, and to carry on the Church’s mission, especially with regard to education and concern for the poor. American society traditionally values religious freedom and the need for faith to play its part in building a sound civic life.

In my meetings with President Bush, and with Christian leaders and representatives of other religions, I reaffirmed the Church’s commitment to cooperation in the service of understanding, peace and spiritual values. My address to the United Nations stressed the importance of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which grounds respect for human dignity in a universally valid ethical order.

In a particular way, my visit to Ground Zero, charged with sober silence and prayer, was a moving testimony to the hope which is stronger than evil and death. I ask all of you to join me in praying that this Visit will bear abundant spiritual fruit for the growth of the faith in America and for the unity and peace of the whole human family.

I offer a warm welcome to the participants in the third Christian-Buddhist Symposium, meeting in Castel Gandolfo during these days. Upon all of you and upon the English-speaking pilgrims from England, Ireland, Scandinavia, Malta, South Africa, Korea, Thailand, Canada and the United States, I cordially invoke the joy and peace of the Risen Christ.

Later, in his greeting to Italian-speaking pilgrims, he said:

Today, the liturgy commemorates the Holy Pontiff Pius V who, moved by profound love for the Church, promoted with tireless ardor the propagation of the faith and the reform of liturgical worship.

May his example and intercession ecnourage you, dear young people, to realize in an authentic and consistent way your Christian vocations; support you, dear people with afflictions, to persevere in hope and offer your sufferings in union with those of Christ for the salvation of mankind; and make you grow, dear newlyweds, in a reciprocal commitment of faithfulness and love.

Clinton, Puerto Rico, Catholics, and Nuns

Wow what a great photo for Catholic outreach from the Clinton Campaign they have got.

Creative Minority Report has the story at Nuns Invite Clinton to Campaign !!!! It's Chelsea spreading the word about Mom in a very Catholic in the most Catholic setting. There are Nuns and not just Nuns that go out of their way not to look like Catholic Nuns but with the full garb. Ann a Nice Statute too!!!!

As you can see her schedule of events look interesting. I shall try to check the local papers down there to get more scoop

What Would the Church Fathers Think About Pro- Abort Politicians?

The various open Pro-Choice American politicians that took Communion at the recent Papal Masses has open up the floodgates again as to this issue.

I must tell you it is tempting to think that these politicians knew this would happen and are doing this to attract attention to themselves. I have no proof of that and it is indeed dangerous to try to get into a person minds and make various conclusions about intent. Still I wonder.

Father Z has what looks like a interesting post and podcast on this called PODCAzT 54: Pro-Abortion Politicians and Communion; St. Ambrose and Emperor Theodosius

Vox Nova got into it and the comments sections are lively here

The Anchoress touches on this at Rudy, Novak & taking Communion and Rudy, Novak, etc, (cont.). Again the comments on her posts should be looked at

I am Still here


Yesterday was quite tiresome.I had to so some legal research in two parishes yesterday. Something that usaully with drive time wold take about two hours.

Problem is a new gas reef has been found up here in the Northern Parishes. The two parishes I wentt too are two of the ones where it is located. The result being normally sleepy Clerk Of Court Offices are flooded with people working for Oil and Gas companies checking titles to land!! One computer had to be shared by like 20 folks!!!

Monday, April 28, 2008

How Omaha (and the Midwest) affects Louisiana

No we are not talking about the baseball College World Series in Omaha and LSU wanting so bad to get back there.

The always provocative Louisiana expat Mighty Favog discuses this at Living on the Death Star

I truly think people outside Louisiana think we are a bunch of complainers with our hand out. That is why can't yall just fix it and be normal like the rest of the nation. Louisiana Bashing is a easy thing to do.

Yet many of our problems cannot be fixed by ourselves because they are truly national Problems that require a national Solution!!! He touches on Coastal erosion but also brings up another point when he says:
we can crap on your seafood industry with the tons and tons of chemical fertilizers we dump into the watershed to grow more corn that will go not into hungry people's stomachs but, instead, into more ethanol that will go into our SUVs' gas tanks.

Now I do not want to talk about the ethics of Ethanol. However 99 percent of the country does not realize that all that fertilizer that is used for crops to feed the nation and indeed the world goes someplace!! It does not just sit there but much of it goes into the Mississippi River and thus off our Coast. Creating a huge dead zone that is not only killing fish life but killing us in Louisiana in many ways!!! It appears with Farmers wanting and needing to plant every acre they can the problem will get bigger.

Because we have such weak(number wise) Congressional delegation we can't get any movement on this problem.

It is indeed frustrating I don't think it is intentional neglect or malice from our Sister states. I just think they are clueless. If Americans realized what a National Security issue this Coastal erosion problem was there would be immediate action. You Can't get the gas and oil out of the gulf if there is no liveable land for people to live and raise families. Katrina and Hurricane Rita should have brought this home to the nation. However sadly it was not broadcast because for some reason the worldwide media could not locate a roadmap it seems to find their way out of New Orleans.

The Pope Has Left the USA- What is Next?

How to put into action what happened with Pope Benedict's visit is now the job at hand.

Often we do not have a great job as Catholics here in the USA of implmenting plans of action. That is partly to do with the fact that it will done differently, if at all, in 119 individual Dioceses. In reality for all the talk of a United States Catholic Church it is truly up to the local Bishop.

Amy Welborn has a challenging article on "What is next" at Come and Gone?

I totally agree with this part and I have a idea of what Conference she is talking about:
I think in these present confused times, there are just a lot of missing links that Benedict is trying to help us refit.
Two examples.

A conference was recently held in which many involved in Catholic ministry, ordained and lay, came together to contemplate the future. The focus of the discussions and papers and conclusions was all on, well..ministry. How can we make members of the Church more aware of and appreciative of lay ministry? How can we interest people in lay ministry? What structural changes need to happen?

Could, perhaps, a pastoral letter be written to highlight these issues?

Thousands of people. Good-hearted, faithful people. Challenging each other, not to go out and evangelize, but to revision, refashion, and think yet one more time about structures. Very anxious about numbers, about energy, about the Spirit, but totally blind, either through ignorance or a kind of bigotry, to the new movements and initiatives right under their noses which are drawing people to Christ through the Church, seeing all of these things, somehow, as problems instead of as good news. (I wish she was more explicit here on what movements some are seeing as problems but I can guess)

It is so ironic to me that so many who have so much disdain for the institutional Church in terms of structure and even teaching function are fixated on structure and can’t seem to think about much else......

That is so true. I think this is often because meetings like this have as some of their leaders people that truly irked at the Church and have been for years. They often approach it through the lens of "power".

Catholic Actor Jim Caviezel Truly Pro-Life

I had no idea he and wife did this. Great story at the The Intersection post TAKE A CHANCE ON FAITH

Tipof the Hat to Amy Wellborn

Leon Barmore to Baylor Fallout Continues at Louisiana Tech

The Fallout over Former the Louisiana Tech Lady Techsters Coach ,Leon Barmore, going to Baylor is just still overflowing today.

The Shreveport Times had a hard hitting article on this today at Jimmy Watson: Tech drops ball on Barmore which slams the Louisiana Tech Administration. I think he hits it on the head. THis article is being discussed at the Louisiana Tech Forum here

Needless to say about 3:00 pm Fox and Company on ESPN 97.7 will be must listen radio (available over the net at Link) for Tech fans.

In happier news!!! Louisiana Tech Lands Former Georgia Tech QB

More Silly Bobby Jindal as Vice President Talk

The story that will not die. By the way Governor Jindal will be on Leno tonight.

The Louisiana Weekly has Was Mitch a reason that Bobby won't be asked to be VP?

The answer is no!!! Bobby Jindal has only been a Governor for a coule of months. That is the reason why he will not be picked

Cardinal Egan Not Happy With Rudy Giuliani For Taking Communion at Papal Mass

I also think there is a problem because he previous marriage has not been annulled(I think) and he is remarried. Which creates another major public scandal which incorrectly might give the impression there is a double standard

Pro Ecclesia has the story at CBS: Cardinal Egan "Rips" Giuliani For Taking Communion

Italian Paper- George Bush To Become Catholic?

I know this is all fun speculation but I have to to agree with Father Z that much of this is pure fantasy. Go see Panorama: claim that Pres. Bush may convert to Catholicism

Father Z also has a good article and post on the latest Catholic Conspiracy theory at Sistine secrets?

Helen Alvaré has been appointed by Pope Benedict XVI to the Pontifical Council for the Laity

Great news. Vox Nova has an entry onthis as well as links to a lot of her works. She is a major pro -life activist and was the only appointment from the U.S.

Alabama Immigration Related Laws Clashes With Catholic Church Canon law

Vox Nova has the story from NPR.

Louisiana NFL Draft Weekend Roundup

Many Louisiana players that were not drafted this weekend are still in play. I am just aware of the LSU players in that situation but no doubt many other Louisiana guys are in play
Several former Tigers quickly signed free agent contracts Sunday night: linebacker Ali Highsmith (Arizona), cornerback Jonathan Zenon (Cleveland Browns) and offensive tackle Carnell Stewart (New York Giants).
Punter Patrick Fisher has been offered a tryout with the New York Jets

Josh Booty from Shreveport Louisiana (Evangel)- USC QB Drafted to the Vikings-fifth round 137th pic
Go see the Picayune's Booty correct about Minnesota

Matt Forte From Slidell (HS) - Tulane RB- Drafted to the the Bears- Second Round 44th pick
Bears draft RB Matt Forte in second roundChicago Tribune

Chris Horton from New Orleans(De La Salle)- UCLA Free Safety - Drafted to the Redskins

Tracey Porter- from Port Allen (Pelican)-Indiana CB- Drafted to the Saints (His dad played for LSU) 2nd round 40th pick
Saints bring Porter home from Indiana Alexandria Town Talk
Porter promises to make impact The Times-Picayune

Bryan Smith from Newton, Texas (HS) -Mcneese State Linebacker -Drafted to the Eagles-80th pick of the third round.
Birds go light with Smith, PA

Jonathan Wilhite from Monroe(Ouachita)- Auburn- Drafted to the Patriots-Fourth Round 129th pick
Jonathan WilhiteBoston Globe
NFL DRAFT: New England Patriots pick Ouachita product Jonathan Wilhite Monroe News Star

Kareem Moore from Okolona, MS -Nicholls State's cornerback -Drafted to the Redskins- Pick 14 of the 6th round

Robert Henderson from Ponchatoula- Southern Miss -Drafted to the Giants-199th pick
Henderson drafted by NY GiantsHattiesburg American, MS
JSU, USM carry state banner in NFL DraftJackson Clarion Ledger

Demetrius Bell from Summerfield (HS) - Northwestern State OT- Drafted to the Bills-seventh round 219th pick( I was rooting for this kid. He is from Parish and I know his family. His High School didn't even have football)
Demetrius Bell Buffalo Bills Insider,
OL Bell drafted by Bills; puts father Karl Malone behind himThe Canadian Press, N.Y

Chris Williams from Glynn (Catholic High)- Vanderbilt OT- Drafted to the Bears. First round 14th pick
Dedication pays for late-blooming Bears pick WilliamsChicago Sun-Times

Glenn Dorsey from Gonzales (E. Ascension)- LSU DT - Drafted to the Chiefs- First Round 5th pick
With Dorsey in tow, Chiefs may be draft's big winnersUSA Today
Dorsey just happy to be in KCThe Times-Picayune

Chevis Jackson from Mobile, Ala. (St. Paul’s)-LSU CB- Drafted to Atlanta- Third Round 68th pick
Jackson tabbed to replace HallPress-Register -, AL

Jacob Hester from Shreveport (Evangel)-LSU FB/RB-Drafted to the Chargers -Third Round 69th pick
Chargers deal for LSU running back Jacob Hester from

Early Doucet from St. Martinville (HS)-LSU WR- Drafted to the Cardinals- Third Round 81st pick
'There's a plan': With plenty to prove, Doucet's career is headed to Arizona The Daily Advertiser, LA

Craig Steltz from Slidell (Archbishop Rummel)- LSU Safety- Drafted to the Bears--Fourth Round 120th pick
Steltz to Bears The Times-Picayune
NFL DRAFT: LSU's ‘Surfer Boy’ Steltz is ready for football in the snow Monroe News Star

Matt Flynn From Tyler Texas(Lee High School)- LSU QB- Drafted to the Packers- Seventh Round 209th pick
Notebook: LSU's Flynn joins QB mix Sheboygan Press, WI
QB Flynn Has Fought For His Chance

Keith Zinger from Leesville (HS)- LSU TE- Drafted to the the Falcons- Seventh Round 232 pick
Ex-Leesville star Zinger gets drafted by Atlanta Alexandria Town Talk
Other Articles

Bears pick Louisiana pair and Strong showing TheAdvocate, LA

NFL draft mines more La. talent The Ledger

Six Tigers Taken on NFL Draft's Second Day- LSU Sports net

Louisiana Catholic Blog Update For April 28th!!!!

I might be out of town for a good part of Monday. Therefore I am doing the Louisiana Catholic Blogger update a tad early. I usually on Monday hit the posts our great Louisiana Catholic bloggers did over the weekend. SO here we go.

Ville Platte Catholic Youth Group is Still Busy but he has a good link on Newman you should go too until he gets back to regular posting tonight.

Catholic Tube - Catholic Videos and News has Cardinal Arinze on Theology of the Body

From The Recamier has her post up for the day. She hits on a good bit. Including a Naval tragedy that occurred during the civil war that hardly no one recalls. However I suppose that horrible war had the effect of making the horrible and even the heroic easy to forget because so much happened.. Our good Catholic blogger works in a casino by the way and relates a incident at work in her entry today.. I am always amazed at Casino workers, I am not a big gambler but I go with friends that gamble bcause well so I can drink for free and listen too some good bands without cover.

My friends get annoyed with me because after a hour I keep asking if they won enough so we can go eat for free. They then give me ten or so dollars to pay the slots to get me out of their hair. I just really do slots. I am so afraid I will do something wrong and have a pit boss scold me that I get nervous doing anything else. By the way at least in Shreveport all the Pitt Bosses look like they came from the cast of the Sopranos that even makes me more nervous. My good girl friend went on a streak on blackjack and I swear I felt we had every eye in the sky looking at us.. Anyway how Casino folks keep up with all that stuff I never know. It seems so complicated and then you have to do it with a smile!!! She has bought the The Bad Catholic’s Guide to Good Living: A Loving Look at the Lighter Side of the Catholic Faith, with Recipes for Feasts and Fun so I am hoping for a review soon. Anyway she has a lot of cool stuff so read her entry.

Life on the (L)edge , who is our Catholic Deacon from New Orleans, has a great post here I want to give a great AMEN too. Go see TO BE OR NOT TO BE... CATHOLIC, THAT IS . I never understand Catholics that want to remain Catholics but pervert the faith. At least Protestants are more honest and have the guts to act on their convictions and leave!!!! Who will be judged to be the better Christian. I have my my own ideas

Cajun Cottage Under the Oaks has a lot of nice pics at Saturday Morning. Please read her post Ban Human Cloning in Louisiana

Thoughts & Ruminations of Father Ryan from always wonderful Diocese of Alexandria has some posts up. By the way I am going to be in his area soon so I shall give a full report on his Homily skills :) at one of Louisiana most historic churches and towns, Go see The Governor of Alaska is a witness to Pro-Life and Christian Love. He has G. K . Chesterton here.

Apprentice of St. Joseph , yeah a Catholic blogger in my Diocese, has been busy. Go see Sunday Scripture: "I Will Not Leave You Orphans" . Then go see Interview with the Blogger . I very much enjoyed his entry Personal Testimony . By the way this blogger is doing a lot of good educational work in a Parish here in Louisiana. So please give him a visit

Vox Feminae is sadly leaving Louisiana soon to go to Texas. However she will be going to the general Catholic links so her posts will still be a feature on here. Like in much of life her leaving the Bayou state is our loss and is Texas gain. However through her gift of sacred music she has touched lives that will leave an imprint. May someone take her place. She is going to to the big Dallas/Worth Metroplex and she stopped off at the Cathedral of Forth Worth as she is house hunting. She has blessed with us with a ton of pictures here at St. Patrick's Cathedral, Ft. Worth, TX , and More photos... St. Patrick's Cathedral, Ft. Worth, TX . Did you know they still did Cattle Drives sown downtown Ft. Worth? Well they do. Go see her post Longhorn cattle drive .

Alive and Young our Expat Catholic Louisiana blogger has several fun post as usual. I really like this post here at Dave Brubeck and the Mass . He has another Not Said By Jesus Sunday . See also Jenny and Tyler and Movie Review: Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

Anthony , Holly, and Elijah in Missions has a great post Abstinence Training Weekend . I really encourage people especially Louisiana folk to read this entry. These are our Louisiana based missionaries and they are basing a program on what what we are doing here. Perhaps we Louisiana folks should take of our own and SEND THEM A DONATION.

By the way I am so pumped. When I do the Louisiana Catholic Blogger Update I just go through the list. I get to Footprints on the Fridge and what do I see? She is involved with doing a fundraiser for our missionary blogger s above :). Go see For Our Missionary Friends. Just imagine what a couple of Youth Groups or Knights of Columbus Councils can do for out friends in Grenada :)

Thy Nose to the Marble. of Father Decker from the Diocese of Baton Rouge has a entry up under his April 26th entry.

Last but not least is The Brown Pelican Society. He will be doing the Monday update within a hour of this post submission so please check all his important posts out

If I missed anyone I will catch you Tuesday!!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Tragic Case of Patricide In North Carolina

To make it worse it is regicide also. From Oedipus to the modern day. Tragedy as old as the ages repeats itself in North Carolina

Handy Catholic Quotations

Phat Catholic Apologetics has a nice list of sources here at Popular Catholic Quotations

Congrats LSU's Keith Zinger - Drafted to Atlanta

The Picayune has the story.

Zinger near the wire

Posted by
James Varney/The Times-Picayune April 27, 2008 5:01PM
With time running out on the NFL's 2008 draft, LSU tight end Keith Zinger was chosen by the Atlanta Falcons in the seventh and final round.

Zinger was the 232nd player chosen over the two-day draft and became the seventh member of the Tigers' 2007 national champions taken in the draft.
The tight end was somewhat of a surprise choice, as more heralded LSU players such as linebacker Ali Highsmith and cornerback Jonathan Zenon remain on the board. Zinger missed all but three games his junior year with a stomach ailment, and was overshadowed last year by the emergence of Richard Dickson at tight end.
On the other hand, at 6-3, 270 pounds he provides the Falcons a bruising presence on the line.
Zinger will be reunited at the professional level with cornerback Chevis Jackson, who was drafted by Atlanta

early Sunday in the third round

An all Louisiana Roundup of NFL Draft pics and a look at FREE AGENTS to watch from the Bayou State coming up soon

Sure Sign People are Worried About 08 Election- Mandatory Bashing of the South Has Started

Newsweek has such a offensive and ignorant article on Southerners it is breathtaking. The reason we are seeing this is of course there is a tad of panic in some political circles. This article is very similar to the ones we saw that were mean spirited that were published around the GOP convention in New York City and in the aftermath of the 04 election. Basically look at those ignorant , backward Jesus freaks.

GO to Southern Appeal and his post Newsweek frets over “Southernism” triumphant. I am sure that many bloggers will be commenting on this screed so I shall try to update.

IF you want to see a far more balanced way of approaching the topic that is engaged in that article go see From Burke to Kirk and Beyond... post From U.S. News & World Report...Old Hickory Lives!

I find these articles amusing in some ways. They fail to note the obvious. That is perhaps politicians have in some Northern States are not representing their own people's views. That the values and yes religious values we see are not just some "Southern thing".

Look for updates as bloggers react

Instapundit takes note and says usually they wait till after they lose to pull this stuff.
Eugene Volokh calls it a rant
Fore Left in Halp us, Michael Hirsh says Pardon the New Orleans French but such a croque of crappe is rarely seen in print.
Deans World has thoughts at Hirsh, Church, And Jefferson
Victor Hansen over at the Corner gives his two cents at The Problem With Kansas? It's all those crazy white westerners and neo-confederates
Pax Plena points out a glaring error with his piece at Misunderstanding American Culture
Hick Politics after a 24 hour colling off period wites his thoughts at The Civil War Rages Anew

Congrats Matt Flynn- Drafted to the Green Bay Packers

I am putting up one my favorite Pics again. Flynn with Doucet that I posted earlier when Doucet got drafted to the Cardinals

I am very happy for Flynn. Watch Matt Flynn in five years he will be more than just a back up QB!!!! I really thought Dallas would pick him up but I am excited that one of my favorite LSU players is involved with a NFL team I love.
We know this about Flynn after sitting behind Russell at LSU for four years. He is very patient and very much a team player.
The Picayune has Long wait for Flynn that has just come up
As I have stated on my other draft posts I shall be doing a Overall Louisiana Draft day post with all players that have a Louisiana connection with realted news articles on all of them

G. K. Chesterton tells his Catholic Posse to Get a Life

This is pretty funny from Inside Catholic Chesterton's Ghost Appears, Suggests Fans Find "Other Interests" Here is a part:
Griffin and Chesterton had a 45-minute chat, in which the latter told him about Heaven, saints he's friends with, and his desire that his fans would quit trying to out-Chesterton each other."He is really tired of reading Chestertonian platitudes and proverbs," said Griffin. "He is tired of fans dressing like him, imitating him, talking about how brilliant he is. He said the last straw was when someone named his dog after him."

"He told me that 'it's one thing to inspire people like Michael Collins, Ghandi, C. S. Lewis, and Martin Luther King, but quite another to inspire a generation of Catholics under 50 to be plain annoying.'"Of Collins et al., Chesterton told Griffin, "They were inspired and they did something.

I'd prefer you not be inspired and do anything."Chesterton joked that while his friends Dorothy Day and Thomas Merton led lives that convinced people to help the poor and commune with God, that he, Flannery O'Connor, and Walker Percy were quickly becoming the patron saints of people "who just read all the time."

Be sure to scroll down and see the funny Latin Mass Attendee Still Feeling 'Kicked Around' Despite Motu Proprio

Congrats LSU Safety Craig Steltz - Drafted to Chicago Bears

Craig Steltz(far right) at the White House

Steltz became the fourth player taken today for the LSU Tigers after being selected with the 21st pick in the fourth round (120th overall) by the Chicago Bears.

Geaux Tigers

I will being a post late tonight/early Monday morning on every player attending a Louisiana School or was from Louisiana that was drafted. Also I will be talking about players not drafted but expected to be picked up later by pro-teams

Pope Benedict Ordains 29 Priests- Full Text of Papal Homily

Pope Benedict ordained twenty -nine priests today to serve the Church. Twenty- Eight of these are for the Diocese of Rome and one is for Iraq.

The Homily and pictures from these Papal ordinations are always interesting. Vatican Radio has the full homily translated in English up at Pope Tells New Priests to Be Messengers of Joy

Whispers in the Loggia has the full text as well as some cool pics at his entry "If You Love Me" as well as at a previous entry Buona Pascha

As usual for a Sunday I am linking the wonderful Ratzinger Forum left and right. In their NEWS ABOUT BENEDICT thread there are many more pictures located on this page. I would also keep my eye on these Threads in the Italian Section of the forum for more pics here and here to perhaps be put up

French Paper Questions Pope's Health- Vatican Reaction Fast and Furious

The French Magazine Le Figaro in the most flimsy and irresponsible of reporting has a article out about Pope Benedict's health. The reaction has been furious and fast. The Le Figaro article as well as other Vatican reaction has been translated here at the Ratzinger Forum

Vatican Reporter John Allen has piece up on this silliness here at Le Figaro declares papal primary season open
The Pope's Personal Secretary has already responded as we see here in this translated article

'The Holy Father is very well, thank you' -
Mons. Gaenswein by ORAZIO LA ROCCA Translated from La Repubblica April 27, 2008

VATICAN CITY - "False news, devoid of any basis. The Holy Father is very well, thank you. He has no health problems, and that was obvious during his recent visit to the USA. Sinee he returned to the Vatican, he has not cancelled any appointments. He carries on his ministry every day with the same tireless dedication. There has been no change." Mons. Georg Gaenswein, personal secretary to Pope Benedict XVI, almost never grants interviews or makes any statements. But this time, he broke his traditional reserve to refute what he calls 'plain falsities printed in the French newspaper Le Figaro."

Mons. Gaenswein, Le Figaro is one of the most authoritative itnernational newspapers. Is it possible that they could have committed such a blunder about the health of the Holy Father?

I'm not interested why they wrote what they did. What I would like to say with absolute certainty is that the report is completely false and devoid of any basis. I do not understand why they published it and to what purpose, all the more because it came just after the whole world saw the Holy Father undertake a series of important pastoral activities on the international level.

You are referring to the trip made to the USA and the United Nations...
Exactly. The Holy Father, as he usually does, even in this pastoral visit to America and the UN gave of himself with passion and love, he spoke, he prayed, he faced all the commitments scheduled - and added a few. Everyone saw him. I do not uderstand how stories like this begin and how they take flesh! But it is all false. He works everyday, whether in public or in private. And he usually works till late at night.

But it is true that the Pope has reduced his public commitments. As Le Figaro points out, last Wednesday, he did not hold a general audience, and he did not celebrate the funeral Mass for Cardinal Trujillo. At the concert on Thursday in Aula Paolo VI, he had limited contact with the public.

Plain coincidence. The Holy Father has his own pastoral style. Whoever speculates about his health, like that newspaper and those who would give it credence, are simply indulging in cheap ‘dietrologia’ [Italian neologism for ‘trying to fhind out what’s behind the scenes’ for those who never take anything at face value]. No one should be concerned. The Pope is not cutting down on his pastoral acitivity and the government of the universal Church is in good hands.

Repubblica, 27 aprile 2008

Louisiana Tech Fans In Shock. Legend Leon Barmore to Baylor

As someone said to me at Mass this morning about this and I quote "Sweet Tap Dancing Moses" what a sad day. My Presbyterian Parents told me this was the topic during Sunday School this morning

Louisiana Tech Fans and much of North Louisiana are talking of the stunning news that Former Louisiana Tech Women's basketball Coach Leon Barmore is going to be an Asst Coach under former Techster Kim Mulkey at Baylor. This also opens up the old wound and anger by many Tech Fans toward the Tech administration that did not hire Mulkey when they had the chance. President Dan Reneau no doubt did not have a pleasant morning at Church this morning

Needless to say it is melt down mode in some quarters. I am still in shock. However I think many, including myself, will wish Barmore all the luck in the world

The News Star World has TECHSTER SHOCKER: Leon Barmore joins Kim Mulkey's staff at Baylor.

ESPN has Ex-Louisiana Tech coach Barmore joins Mulkey's staff at Baylor

The Louisiana Tech's Women's Basketball - Leon Barmore's Legacy board is the place to watch for news and reaction. As I have mentioned before there are some people in the know on this board and I would be watching it.

Threads they have up right now on this subject
Announcement Tonight There

I'll tell you what...

My stomach turns

Oh this is just not a dang bit funny

misguided anger and frustration

Baylor fans are talking about on their own board here. More here from a Baylor point of view.

Needless to say on ESPN Sports Talk Radio 97.7 this will be the main topic on Monday. Tech fans might want to tune too the sports show Fox and Company starting at 3 pm Central via the net if you are not in the local area. I expect some fireworks by the callers

Pope Benedict Talks Africa In His Sunday Angelus(Full text)

The Holy Father has a short Sunday Angelus today. He also made public remarks today in his homily when he ordained 29 men to the priesthood. I shall post that coming up. Thanks again to the Ratzinger Forum for the translation. Also go here and here for pictures of Holy Father and today's Angleus . Pope Benedict indicated that his trip to the USA will be talked about in Wednesday Audience this week

Dear brothers and sisters,

We just concluded a celebration at the Basilica of St. Peter during which I ordained 29 new priests. Every year, this is a moment of special grace and great festivity: new lymph is infused into the tissue of the community, both ecclesial as well as civic.

If the presence of priests is indispensable for the life of the Church, it is precious for everyone. In the Acts of the Apostles, we read that the deacon Phillip brought the Gospel to a city in Samaria: the people adhered with enthusiasm to his preaching, having also seen the prodigious signs that he worked with sick people; and "there was great joy in that city" (1,8).

As I reminded the new priests during the Eucharistic celebration, this is the sense of the mission of the Church, and in particular, of priests: to sow in the world the joy of the Gospel!

Where Christ is preached with the power of the Holy Spirit and is received with an open spirit, society, even with so many problems, becomes 'a city of joy' - the title of a famous book dedicated to the work of Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

Therefore, this is the wish I have for the new priests, for whom I invite you all to pray: May they be able to spread, wherever they are assigned, the joy and the hope that spring forth from the Gospel.

In fact, this was also the message that I brought in recent days to the United States of America, with an apostolic voyage that had as its theme "Christ our Hope". I thank God that he blessed so much what was for me a singular missionary experience and has allowed me to be an insturment of Christ's hope for that Chruch and that nation.

At the same time, I thank him because I myself was confirmed in the hope of the Catholics of America - indeed, I found in them a great vitality and the determined will to live and testify to the faith in Jesus.

Next Wednesday, at the General Audience, I intend to deal more amply about my visit to America.

Today, many Oriental Churches celebrate, according to the Julian calendar, the great solemnity of Easter. I wish to express to these our friends and sisters my fraternal spiritual closeness.

I greet them from the heart, praying to the one and triune God to confirm them in the faith, to fill them with the brilliant light that emanates from the Resurrection of the Lord, and to comfort them in the uneasy situations in which often they must live and bear witness to the Gospel.

I invite everyone to join me in invoking the Mother of God so that the road of dialog and collaboration that we have taken for some time may bring us soon to a more complete communion among all the disciples of Christ, that they may be an ever more luminous sign of hope for all mankind.

After the prayer, he said:

The news which comes from some African countries continues to be cause for profound suffering and great concern. I ask you not to ignore these tragic events and our brothers and sisters who are involved in them. I ask you to pray for them and to be their voice!

In Somalia, especially in Mogadishu, bitter armed encounters are bringing increasing tragedy in the humanitarian crisis of those dear people who have been oppressed so many years by the weight of brutality and poverty.

Darfur, despite momentary glimmers of hope, remains an endless tragedy for hundreds of thousands od defenseless people who have been left to themselves.

Finally Burundi. After the bombardment in the past few days which have struck and terrorized the residents of the capital Bujumbara and which struck even the Apostolic Nunciature there, and in the face of the risk of a new civil war, I invite all parties in the dispute to resume without delay the way of dialog and reconciliation.

I trust that the local political authorities, responsible officials in the international community and every person of good will will not neglect any effort to put an end to the violence, and to honor commitments that have been undertaken to place a solid basis for peace and development.

Let us entrust our intentions to Mary, Queen of Africa.

In English, he said:

I am happy to greet all the English-speaking pilgrims and visitors present for this Regina Caeli.

In today’s Gospel Our Lord speaks to us of the mystery of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. May we always remain faithful to this divine communion by living the commandments that he has given us.

God’s blessings of joy and peace be with you all!

Congrats LSU's Early Doucet- Drafted to the Cardinals

The above picture is one one my favorite of this past season. Early(on the right) and QB Matt Flynn(on the left) were best friend on and off the field. In fact they are so close they were nicknamed salt and pepper. Anyway I thought this captured a great pregame moment between Flynn and Early. If people recall after Doucet got injured our Offensive Line just started doiing weird crap like jumping offsides all the time. I think this picture was taken when he Docuet was able to play again. Needless to say Flynn was more relaxed when Doucet got back and Doucet had a calming effect on the line and the other young recievers. All was good when he came back.

Congrats Early!!!! I think it is a odd team for him to go too. He was the 81st pick of the draft. I thought he would go late in the second round but anyway I am glad he off the boards. COngrats Early!! Geauz Tigers.

I shall have a mega post on Louisiana players (not just LSU) that got drafted later today

Boom!!!! LSU Jacob Hester to the San Diego Chargers

WOW!!!!! I must get a Jacob Hester San Diego Jersey as soon as they come out!!!

Hester went number 69 in the draft right after LSU's Chevis Jackson number w3as called at 68 for him to go the Falcons.

I am so happy for Hester. This kid is going to surprise a ton of people. San Diego wanted him bad. The Chargers gave up a 2nd round pick next year to trade up to get Hester.

Doucet has to go soon. This kid is the steal of the draft now and I can't believe he will fall much further. That stupid freak groin injury that kept him of the field forever this year is costing him mega bucks. Still I can't but help to think he goes soon

I am going to have a mega Louisiana Draft day post later but here is Jackson, Hester go back-to-back from the Picayune

Update -

From the San Diego papers
The Chargers had no third-round pick Sunday, but A.J. Smith knew what he wanted.
He targeted LSU fullback Jacob Hester as Michael Turner's replacement, so Smith made the New England Patriots an offer they couldn't refuse for the 69th pick.
Smith traded a second-round pick in 2009 and this year's fifth-round pick to New England to get back into the third round and then selected Hester, a 5-foot-11, 230-pound fullback from LSU.
This is the guy we wanted," Smith said.
Asked when he targeted Hester, Smith said, “When I left the LSU campus in November.”
Listed as a fullback, the Chargers had Hester announced as a running back at the podium in New York Sunday. And that's what he will be in San Diego.
He is expected to take over for the departed Turner as LaDainian Tomlinson's primary backup. Turner left as a free agent last month.
The Chargers sent the Patriots the 160th pick in this year's draft, so their next scheduled pick is at 166th

Congrat LSU's Chevis Jackson!! Drafted to the Falcons

Congrats. I hate Atlanta but I will be rooting for you!! Geaux Tigers. He was the the 68th pick.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Best Catholic Commercial Ever?

Cruncy Con thinks so at Best religious commercial ever The second one he links too sounds intriguing and I intend to watch it when I am on my computer with a faster connection

It appears according to this article that the results have been great so far.

A Catholic Comedian Apologist

I have never heard of this guy. Zenit news agency has a nice story on guy at Stand-up Apologist; Best of the 1800s-John Zmirak Called to Be Church's Comedian

Catholic Insight had a post on him just about a month and half ago here at Funny and Effective . This is a pretty funny repsonce to the 1000th Catholics practices are pagans claim:
In the late 19th century, scholarly skeptics such as Sir James Frazer attempted to explain away the uniqueness of Christianity by finding precedents for its practices among the pagan cults. Unsurprisingly, they looked to the cannibalistic custom of the Baccantes as the origin of the Eucharist. We must admit the close resemblance: whenever we attend a bloodless offering of bread and wine conducted by a celibate Irishman, our thoughts turn to gangs of naked Greek women, roaring drunk, gouging flesh out of passersby with their fingernails. It's positively distracting, some Sundays.


You Know You are In Louisiana When Prom Dresses Go.....

Tip of the hat to the The Dead Pelican that brings us this story from the Alexandria Town Talk.

Camo blends in at proms

By RT Morgan (318) 487-6346

Shonda Seals, 18, wanted yellow.
Her boyfriend, Derrick Lambert, 17, had another idea: camouflage.

Heeding his suggestion, Seals will don a flowing, camouflage dress for her senior prom at Montgomery High School. To match her, Lambert will sport a camo vest. Seals admitted it took her mother a little while to accept the choice of dress.

"It's not ugly, just different," Seals said last week as she modeled the dress in Formals Etc.
Asked his opinion, Lambert said, "I love it. She looks great."

Seals and Lambert are not alone in their choice of tree-mimicking, formal wear.
Formals Etc. has manufactured 76 camouflage dresses in the past month, the same amount of time they've been offering the wood-inspired gowns, Kaeryn Bass said. Bass designs and makes the special-order dresses, which come in a few different patterns.

The store's orders range from proms to bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses. And the Formals Etc. customer base isn't just Central Louisiana. Bass noted customers in Virginia, Nebraska and Arizona.
"To be different" was her reason why women are choosing camo.

"All brides are looking for something different," she explained. "It's a big thing to be different."
While nobody has mentioned it by name, Bass said some women are probably getting ideas from My Redneck Wedding, a bridal show that airs on CMT.
It's an inspiration that Seals mentioned when explaining her dress. She also cited Montgomery's reputation for being a popular, outdoor-sports location.

Lambert said now that he and Seals are going camo, all of his friends are envious.
"They think it's original," he said. "They all want it."
And while all of Lambert's friends may want it, they're not going to. That's because Formals Etc. makes sure it sells only one camouflage dress per girl per school.
As for getting it at another store, Bass said that may be a problem, as well. There aren't other stores she knows of that make or sell dresses similar to Formals Etc. A niche market "which we've been looking for," Bass confessed.

And while camouflage material can be purchased at Hancock Fabric, she explained, it was either a heavy cotton or denim. Camouflage fabric used by Formals Etc. is a light, satin material.