Monday, August 25, 2008

New Orleans Catholic Families Make New Life In Shreveport After Katrina

I will be hitting a few more Louisiana based Catholic stories the next couple of days. The Catholic Louisiana News Papers are sort of out of their summer doldrums and have a lot of great stories.

I like this one because I actually attended St Josephs in Shreveport and they were crucial in helping Katrina folks from New Orleans and the rest of the affected areas.

Though it sad to see New Orleans loss it is nice to see these people now sharing all their talents in their new hometowns.

The Catholic Newspaper of New Orleans , The Clarion Ledger , in its August 23rd 2008 issue has the story in pdf format . Download the pages here .

This edition of the newspaper is very Katrina based as to be expected for this time of year. There are stories also of New Orleans transplants in Baton Rouge and Texas as well as how the New Orleans Diocese is recovering

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