Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Inside Catholic Article Questions Catholics Loyalty That Supported Immigration Reform

Inside Catholic that has articles from all points of view has a article up called Render Unto Caesar: The Church and Immigration . I am in the weeds right now on another work related project so there is much I want to comment on I can't right now. Immigration Reform is a hot button topic and there is too much either or in this debate.

All sides have valid points and there needs to be a coming together on this issue. I will examine his argument and article later on. However I must comment on this:

"If we let our sacramental sympathy to the fellow Catholic who might sneak across the border overwhelm our duties to the community where we live -- the United States -- we are not serving a "higher loyalty." We are committing a kind of treason. Likewise, when we snicker -- as so many Catholics quietly do -- that "America is just a Protestant country anyway . . . but we'll soon take care of that." "

This is outrageous. I rarely hear people saying this. Most Catholic Dioceses are not thrilled with the influx of people we have because we are not ready for them to say the least. We also know CHANCES ARE EVANGELICALS WILL PICK THEM OFF.

However because I backed and fought for Immigration reform I was called a traitor and a Quisling countless times. Sort of like how this article implies. This attitude was part of the problem and not one that could bring people together to discuss this matter in a calm rational manner. I will hopefully hit on this article later and try to fairly show where it is right and where I think it is deeply wrong. However questioning the patriotism of Catholics that might have a different viewpoint should not go unanswered.

My views on this and countless other Catholics and other Christians are no motivatedt to get more "butts in the pews"

There are valid points here and ones that sadly I think try to put those that are not for a Deport them all big and small policy all in one box.

Anyway more later. Perhaps we can meet a happy common ground. Those that support Immigration Reform will not assume that everybody that is against it is racist . Those that oppose it will not assume all their opponents have some alternative motive or are not loyal to their country

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