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So If We Expand Social Programs Abortion Rates WIll Go Down

That is the theory at least we hear from the Catholic left and from people like Prof Kmeic. I have always bee doubtful of this. Partly because I don't think we see this trend in other nations that have more extensive programs and in fact many of the same programs that many Catholics and others want duplicated here.

The latest bad news is Spain which not the "welfare state" of some its neighbors still has some extensive. Over at the Corner yesterday:

Lights out [Mark Steyn]
As NR's in-house demography bore, I thought it worth a couple of updates on the biggest story of our time, the one that will determine the shape of the mid-21st century. From
The Guardian:

Japan's workers are being urged to switch off their laptops, go home early and use what little energy they have left on procreation, in the country's latest attempt to avert demographic disaster...
A recent survey of married couples under 50 found that more than a third had not had sex in the previous month.

Many couples said they didn't have the energy for sex, while others said they found it boring.

Well, it's no karaoke night. In formerly Catholic Spain, meanwhile, the land of the upside-down family tree (four grandparents, two children, one grandchild), they're still going forth but they're not multiplying:
Abortion Now Number One Cause Of Death In Spain

Under Spain's practically nonexistent restrictions, abortions have more than doubled since the mid 1990s, climbing from 51,006 in 1996 to over 120,000 in 2007. The abortion rate is now approaching one in five pregnancies (18.3%), according to the report...
The IPF report also notes that the proportion of women having their second or later abortion has risen substantially since 2000, from 23% that year to 31% in 2006...

Spain's abortion rate is a major contributor to the country's worsening demographic problems.
They've still got a ways to go to catch up with Russia, where two-thirds of pregnancies are terminated.
[UPDATE: A reader corrects me:
Lives are terminated, Mark, not pregnancies. Let's not cast in a euphemism the upshot of the abortionist's craft.]
11/29 09:12 AM

This bad news is followed closely by the UK which has a extensive social welfare network.

From the UK's Daily Mail:

The number of women having an abortion in England and Wales exceeded 200,000 for the first time last year.
There has been an increased figure almost every year since the legalisation of abortion in 1967 – and the indications are this year’s figure will be even higher.
Britain’s termination rate is already the highest in Western Europe, and if trends continue it will bypass the U.S. within a decade as the place where the greatest proportion of births are terminated.
The shocking figures came just months after MPs rejected moves to restrict abortion to under 20 weeks only, in a bid to call a halt to the year-on-year rises.
The limit for social abortions stayed at 24 weeks

Abortion laws differ greatly among Europe with an unfortunate trend toward less restrictions. The fact that this is occurring in countries that are literally dying out is mind blowing.

Besides the moral concerns of abortion we are seeing a very dangerous situation develop. Russia that has more abortions than live births is a case in point. There little jaunt in Georgia on the basis of the presence of "ethnic Russians" is a small example of that. If you don't reproduce look for a country to expand to get more warm bodies. If I was in Japan I would be very nervous.

The Demographic time Bomb we are facing worldwide and especially in the WEST should be a huge political issue. But is one that is never talked about.

Friday, November 28, 2008

LSU Loses Heartbreaker Against Arkansas

Wow I am really starting to hate Arky. I can't wait till next year. Anyway depressing way to lose.

We still have a Bowl Game to take some of the bad taste out of our mouth.

The hurtful seasons make us appreciate the high momenets even more in the future :)

Geaux Tigers!!!

Anyway I am heading off to see Haynesville play Oak Grrve in the Louisiana High School playoffs. Hopefully Louisiana Tech ( I am attending that game) will beat Nevada tomorrow

Pope Benedict To The Holy Land

Whispers has the story at Coming Soon: Holy Father, Holy Land?

The Catholic Bah Humbug Award Goes to Vox Nova

and their contributor Blackadder today. Blackadder is one VOX NOVA's more conservative contributors who I am usually in agreement with. Not today with his post No Virginia, There is No Santa Claus.

The theme seems to be "Look I was told Santa was not real and it is lying it is wrong!!!" Bah Humbug. I have never investigated this point but I do wonder if Jewish Children had fun harmless legends and fairy tales they were entertained by in Christ's time. If so did Jesus interrupt all this conversation and say no it is a big fat lie.? Maybe he did but I have huge personal doubts. It is a harmless fairytale. Once I start hearing vast number pf priests urging parents to go to confession for "deceiving" their children I might consider changing my mind :)

There are many valid concerns that get wrapped up in this. For instance that Santa Claus takes away from the celebration of Christ birth.

I truly think that if you are a Catholic or are a Protestant Christian in a Liturgical tradition you have a ton of tools to combat this without throwing Santa back up through the Chimney.

The Season of Advent and the numerous traditions and activities as well as the excitement of the approaching Midnight Mass and the various traditions of the CHRISTMAS Season all can be used here.

In the end it is your choice of course. However I did have a relative that decided to inform all her children Santa was not real. Needless to say the Grandparents were not pleased. First one has to deal with and dance around events where all the their kids are gathered and the Pro- Santa Family Kids are gathered.

Second and I think this is important. Family is about tradition and passing on traditions. I am not sure my nieces and nephews "realistic view" of St Nick was really worth the negating the joy of aunts and uncles and most important grandparents doing the Santa thing with their grand kids. No trips to the mall to take the picture, no excited shouts to the kids at the Christmas Parade that Santa is about to show any second, no passing down stories. This is all important and one reason adults need Santa. They , who still have great memories of "Santa Claus " and seem to be the no worse for it want to pass it down and sort of re live it.

I suppose in this day and age when kids starting getting on the Internet earlier and earlier the Santa thing is tough to maintain. Once they put in "Santa" into Google the gig is up (Or if you have a different viewpoint parents have to get a lot more creative all of a sudden which is part of the fun ).

However there are too many "American Traditions" I note that are getting tossed. Sometimes people cite this as an American tradition like it was curse word. It is helpful to have these things at times and SANTA has some variations in the American community.

Anyway their your own kids but I would think a little before throwing Santa to the trashcan.

Pope Benedict - There is no Contradiction Between Faith and Works

I suspect a good many American Catholic bloggers and others might have missed Benedict's extensive remarks on justification because of the holiday of Thanksgiving. I almost did myself but caught it when I got home last night.

For Catholics this is the Pauline year where we are celebrating Paul and studying his various works in scripture. The controversial issue of Justification (How we are saved) is of course a major issue. Pope Benedict greatly expnaded on his remarks he made last week during his weekly audience in Rome.

I shall put up the full text of his remarks in a little bit latter today. CNA though has a nice overview here at There is no contradiction between faith and works, Pope asserts

Kmiec will not become the new Vatican Ambassador

According to Vatican sources that the Vatican News Agency has talked too. See their article A Vatican official's case against Kmiec-Why Kmiec will not become the new Vatican Ambassador.

Note Everyone says Ambassador to the Vatican- This Technically incorrect. It is the Ambassador or Envoy to the Holy See.

A little good Thanksgiving Catholic News!!!

Today LSU and Louisiana Gets the Boot Back!!!

Book it!!!!! LSU vs Arkansas at 1:30 p.m. Central. That was such a game and a long drive back for me last year when we lost.

More here on today's game.

Here is the Wilki Page on the LSU/ Arky Rivalry

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Russian City Observes "Week Without Abortion" Week

Well this is interesting. The Brown Pelican has the story and link at Combatting Extremely High Abortion Rate! A Russian City Observes ‘Week Without Abortion’ As Country Battles Population Crisis

This of course touches on National Security Concern to the United States. There are people that think Russias latest adventures has a lot to do for the need for more warm bodies

Taking Communion Via the Internet?

This is just crazy. I am not sure how I missed this last month.

With a scrap of bagel and a sip of Crystal Light, Beth McDonald gave communion to her husband. Then, after a blessing, he gave communion to her. Music played as the celebrant intoned the ancient words, "Do this in remembrance of me." The experience was among the most spiritually powerful of her life. "I had my eyes closed," McDonald told me. "We were praying ... I got really choked up."
McDonald was not in church; she was in her living room in Minnesota. The celebrant was not at church; he was at home, in Santa Fe, N.M. Other participants logged on from Sri Lanka, Australia and the Netherlands. Through streaming video and the Internet, all were joined in holy communion

Good Grief

In Christianity, the sacrament of communion underscores the unity of the faithful; consuming the consecrated bread and wine binds Christians with each other, with the saints in heaven and with the Lord. Now, at the farthest corners of the Christian world, a few people are applying new-tech concepts of community to this ancient rite. The example above is among the most avant-garde. The celebrant, Zeph Daniel, is a musician who preaches online to a group of Christians disconnected from the traditional church. One of his slogans is "Leave religion and find God."..................

Hmmm I think "Pastor" Zeph Daniel here does not have a good grounding in the Theology of the Eucharist here

The experiment is underway in more mainstream corners of the Christian world as well. Two Methodist ministers have (in unrelated efforts) put communion services online. The Rev. Thomas Madron, pastor of Trinity United Methodist Church in Nashville, says he was moved to build an interactive communion site ( to help people get what he calls "spiritual buttressing" when they need it, regardless of whether they regularly go to church. A former technology-company CEO, Madron is convinced that religious institutions need to rethink the way they deliver their services. ...............................

Secular Press Starting TO Realize Bishops are Serious About Closing Catholic Hospitals If F.O.C.A Passes

Crunchy Con has a post up on Slate's Melinda Henneberger article on this. See Obama's threat to Catholic hospitals

Of course not what is being talked about as much is what other religious backed Hospitals might do. The Baptist and other run some too. For instance would Baylor to name one enity follow suit?

Archbishop of St. Paul and Minneapolis Is Educating His Flock About Confession

This is part 1 of what looks like a good series he doing. Father Z has the details at Archbp. Nienstedt’s initiative about confession: “a total re-catechesis”: part 1

Cardinal Dinardo Celebrates One Year Anniversary By Marching For Life

I very much like Cardinal Dinardo of Houston. Whispers has a nice post up on him at A Year Later, the Cardinal Marches On

Canon Law and Catholic legislative support for FOCA

Canon Lawyer Ed Peters over at In Light of the Law has a good piece on this at Canonical options for dealing with Catholic legislative support for FOCA

Tip of the Hat to Southern Appeal

Louisiana Culture Is Dying Because of Coastal Erosion

A rather depressing but realistic piece in the Lafayette Advertiser this morning.

Of course this does not have to be happening!!! I am afraid the country is still cluelss about the Crisis we are facing down here.

An Overview of the Concerns with the Catholic Campaign for Human Development Collection

American Catholic has a very detailed post with links here at Catholic Campaign for Human Development - Tainted by ACORN or Still Rotten Itself?

Catholic School to Leave Diocese of Arlington

This is a weird and troubleseome story. See Creative Minority Report's Catholics Need Not Apply (To Catholic School)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Is The Catholic Coalition To Oppose F.O.C.A. Already Falling Apart

I am very worried. F.O.C.A is the Free of Choice Act that President Elect Obama wishes to enact. In the days after the election were were assured by Obama Catholic Supporters of Faith they would oppose this.

Now I am seeing worrisome signs. I mentioned in passing the other day that one of the leading more Catholic left poltical magazines America starting downplaying FOCA concerns. Today one of the leading Catholic Law Profs at the Catholic legal site Mirrors of Justice linked with approval to this article at Commonweal (the other more left or progressive Catholic publication of record ) The FOCA Phantom: What will pro-lifers do without it? . That article completed the chain by linking to the granddaddy of Catholic Left and I hate to say dissent The National Catholic Reporter and their article How a bill doesn't become a law.

I discussed my thoughts on the Commonweal article and NCR article here at Commonweal Magazine- Fear of Freedom of Choice Act Passage Is Monkeyshines of Far Right Catholics

Now I check into Vox Nova and see these same talking points parroted at this entry On Outspoken Bishops

Good Grief. In many of the above article the concerns seems to "far right Catholics'. So much for all that Catholic vision of Politics goes beyond parties. I am getting the impression that some more "left" catholics might think they will get cooties from some their Catholic brothers and sisters on the other side of the political aisle.

Excuse me as perhaps being a tad parnoid. But as a Republcian Catholic of Faith that took arrows over immigration reform along with Catholic Senator Sam Brownback and non Catholics Bush and McCain I am tad anxious in getting stabbed in the back again by the "authentic" Catholic Social Justice crowd.

The fact that many of the articles seem to focus on supposed "right wing Catholics" and the not the main issue- that is that FOCA does not meet the light of day makes me worried.

Commonweal Magazine- Fear of Freedom of Choice Act Passage Is Monkeyshines of Far Right Catholics

Tip of the hat to Michael Perry at Mirrors of Justice that for some reason thinks this article at the Catholic publication Commonweal is worthy of note.

Basically we are told don't worry about Obama passing The Freedom of Choice Act and all this is the fear is the product of those scary right wing Catholics (that seem to include a lot of high Pro-life Church Folks that don't strike me as right wing).

See The FOCA Phantom: What will pro-lifers do without it? Like a similar article I mentioned the other day at the America Catholic outfit the main theme seems to be bad ole GOP and conservative Catholics.

He seems to base this "Don't Worry" viewpoint on a article at of all places the National Catholic Report that also seems to have as theme oh those poor Conservative Catholics.

He says:
Lost in all this prophesying is any recognition that the people who would need to pass FOCA think it’s a bad idea and that it’d never pass, much less get to President Obama’s desk. NCR’s new publisher, Joe Feuerhard, has a solid take on the politics involved here, including the apt observation that Obama’s 2007 pledge to Planned Parenthood to sign FOCA was political “pandering.” Joe’s bottom line: “FOCA has as much chance of passage as the 0-10 Detroit Lions have of winning the next Super Bowl.” (Ouch.)

Well excuse me but I am not overwhelmed by this "solid take" and great political analysis of the situation.

The NCR dude notes:
Further, the House already has a strong coalition of both Republicans and Democrats who either oppose abortion rights or do not want to see them expanded. And even if the bill were to make it to the Senate floor (which it won’t), it’s hardly a 60-vote lock. First rule of lawmaking: Know how to count. The pro-FOCA forces simply don’t have the votes.

But didn’t Barack Obama pledge during the campaign that FOCA’s passage would be his top priority? And doesn’t that change the legislative calculus?

Indeed, in July 2007 candidate Obama pandered to the pro-choice lobby. In response to a question from the Planned Parenthood audience he declared that to protect abortion rights “the first thing I’d do as president” is sign FOCA. But that doesn’t change the fact -- back to Civics 101 -- that President Obama won’t have the opportunity to sign FOCA.

Still, Obama’s victory does change the equation: It actually makes it less likely that FOCA will receive genuine congressional consideration. If John McCain had won, FOCA would have been a much livelier issue because the Arizona senator was perceived as a threat to Roe. “With Roe v. Wade [in place] there is no practical need for the legislation, there is no crisis,” a Senate aide intimately familiar with the bill told me last week. “And Roe v. Wade is going nowhere soon,” he said

See electing Obama makes it less LIKELY that such a bill will pass. Yeah right. Excuse me but the fact that NCR editor Dude ( I TALKED TO A SENATE AIDE DOES THAT NOT SOUND IMPRESSIVE LOOK I KNOW PEOPLE TRUST ME ) is a tad underwhelming to me as "solid take".

I view Obama putting in very pro-choice people as more of a signal of what could happen . Also the fact that Obama put in a radical Pro-Abortion person as communication director of the White House whose former employer thought Senator Landrieu was too moderate on abortion is troublesome for the future on this issue.

Despite what various people that wish to make boogieman of some Catholic in the public square are saying very huge big Catholics ( Cardinals the Vatican) have major concerns. The way to make sure FOCA does not happen is too launch a immediate offensive (which is happening now) against it. This has little to do with "not liking Obama" but is common sense politics. This is in fact how legislation is defeated in many ways. You make darn sure people know the costs of bringing it up!!

How A Major Communist Returned to the Faith

If you ask people about major Communist of History the average Joe in the Street can name the usual Russians and Mao. However it is strange that most Americans have no clue about a Communist that perhaps had a more profound influence on their lives and the world scene in many ways. That is the Italian Communist Antonio Gramsci.

It is strange since we have such a large Italian Immigrant population that he is sort of an unknown to many. Maybe Italian Communists make boring books and movies.

Anyway I did not know he returned to the faith in his final days. Father Z has a short post on this at “The Lord doesn’t resign Himself to lose us”

I do note that on his Wilki page it says he is a buried in a Protestant Cemetery. I asked Father Z in the comment section why this was.

Update - The Wonders of the Net and a good example how I can get sucked into it. Wiki has article on the Protestant Cemetery in Rome. Some interesting people buried there and is perhaps worth a visit if you are that way.

The American Thanksgiving- Catholic Version

I am sure that this will not make the brutal winter at Plymouth, Massachusetts Tourist Commission happy but it is true!!! I think our good fols up there in Plymouth get nervous every time the folks at St. Augustine, Florida open their mouth on this subject this time of year

See Is “Thanksgiving” Catholic?

Tip of the Hat to Pro- Ecclesia

Why Are Social Conservative Treated So Unfairly?

This is becoming a major problem and I will point out what I think the major problem is. But first Pro Eccelsia has the latest rant against Social Conservatives at Deal Hudson: "A Warning to the GOP"

The problem is this. The media, the pundit just see Major successful "Social Conservative" leaning politicians and just see that.

Lets look at Huckabee. This guy ran a state was a major success and all people want to talk (besides the lying idiots are the Club for Growth) about was DOES HUCKABEE BELIEVE IN EVOLUTION. I mean the social conservative issues are important but know one seemed to give a big darn in the media about what else he did. What did he do in Arkansas ? Well who cares lets talk about the "God"questions 99 percent of the time.

The above link references Sarah Palin. What did she do in Alaska?. Alaska and the challenges they face must be interesting. NO lets not talk about and have a million articles if she spoke in tongues. Isn't this strange since social conservative issues have not been a huge focus of her agenda in Alaska nor was it exactly something she was booming on the stump in 08.

I bet you dollar to donuts that if Jindal runs his management of the State of Louisiana will not be a huge area peole will run too but his social conservatism views. DID HE PERFORM A EXORCISM!!! I suspect will be a topic tather his Governing during major Hurricanes and other issues

Again this is getting annoying. Social Conservatives must fight not only for social conservative concerns but fight to make sure that we are mot put into a box

The Glorious Eighties

Mommy Memoir has a nice post here at The 80s .

She is a little older than me. I was in High School in the 80's. Still I thought it rocked generally!!!

One think that strikes me about the 80's. THere were concerts galore. It was a big deal to go to a concert. Shreveport had huge acts coming to it. Now not so much now. Now you can go to the Casino boasts and basically see old acts in an a much smaller performance. Wgat happen to concerts? I can can recall goingot the Hirsh or Monro and hearing Bon Jovi, Poison and other Heavy Metal bands. Heck I even saw Huey Lewis and Tina Turner.

Why Do Methodists Get A Pass By Anti Catholics

A post I did earlier brings this question to my mind again.

Methodist are always in the background in the Bible Belt and elsewhere. They do things like baptise Babies, have confirmation(thought is is not a Sacrament), have some form of Bishops (though quite different from the Orthodox and Catholic viewpoint), and the whole how are you saved business is a tad murky. I can recall when the local Methodist Church experimented with some form of "Altar Servers'. I think they called them acolytes .

This seems to go over in the American Black Community too ( that has it share of odd anti Catholic polemics for some reason) as the AME (The African Methodist Episcopal Church) which is a pretty powerful and robust body still.

IN fact in the Methodist tradition the aspect of a Social gospel and works (though I don't think they are explicitly call it that) are in play.

When the World Wide Methodist Body( That includes most American Methodist) signed on the historic Lutheran Catholic accord on Justification know one batted a eye. See at the Vatican Web site

Other important Documents between Catholics and Methodist are located here at the Vatican

I always enjoy Methodist and for the most part they are pretty Catholic friendly. The fact that Methodist on the whole are sort of anti Calvinist in a way and in their theology makes the lack of attention given to them by the usual suspects even more striking. Add to that the fact their founder was pretty friendly to Catholics and it seem strange. Perhaps Methodists are so much of the Social, business, and political scene it is unwise to go after them than the anti Christ Pope Following, Mary and Bread Worshiping Catholics

David Armstrong has a nice post here on John Wesley and Catholics here.

There are still major difference of course between Catholics and Methodist but the lack of attention given to them by the usual suspects is sort of interesting.

Anti Catholic Material In Homeschooling Materials

I just mentioned this blog On the Road to Rome at Former Louisiana Anti Catholic Becoming Catholic

She is also home schools. She has a interesting posts about anti Catholic material that I suppose is seen in a lot of Home Schooling material. Since most Home School folks are Evangelical I guess this not shocking. See Cleaning House (or, Regarding the Truth - pt. 2) .

I guess of course you see this in the history stuff. THe fact that American Catholic history is not noted or even acknowledged for the most part in Public schools I guess sets the background for that. One would think it was just all Protestants in the beginning.

Fo those interested I have a number of Catholic Home Schooling folks on my list and quite a few Louisiana folks

I suppose the Grand Godmother of that Louisiana Home School Catholic Blog category is Cajun Cottage Under the Oaks . She writes books and stuff followed closely by Moms and Kids At Home .

Full Circle , Footprints on the Fridge ,The Wolf Den , and Forty Four also are Louisiana Catholics that Homeschool and bring up the topic on occasion.

On my general Catholic links former Louisiana resident Vox Feminae , and The Catholic Spitfire Grill . I thnk there are one of two others on there that also homeschool but these leap to mind.

Former Louisiana Anti Catholic Becoming Catholic

No not Jimmy Swaggert just an average person but God still rejoices.

Tip of the Hat to Army of Martyrs for leading me to this convert blog that is of great interest. That is On the Road to Rome .

I find her conversion story very interesting for several reasons. First she seemed to experience the three Christian communities that are at the heart of Louisiana life and often bumping against each other. That is Catholicism (though as we shall see she never practiced it but was very ant it), the Baptist Faith, and the United Pentecostal Church which a unique bird to say the least.

This is pretty amusing about trips she would make with here friends to this Catholic Church in Marrero (This is right outside New Orleans Proper).

I was quite fervent in my honest desire to serve God. “Surely there is such a thing as absolute Truth,” I thought. It was here that I was introduced to the necessity of “right” doctrine and to the demonic works of the Catholic Church. My friends and I would often steal away to the local Catholic Church – Visitation of Our Lady Parish, on the corner of Barataria and Ames – and pray quietly for the conversion of these “deceived” souls, “rebuking” devils and “spirits of false doctrine.” Never did we think to pick up a book BY a Catholic and find out what they believed for ourselves. Surely, these people who “worshipped” statues and practiced “vain repetition” couldn’t be believed on ANY point.

Who knows perhaps Christ in the Blessed Eucharist in her trips to the Catholic Church to pray for the poor heathen affected her in some way she did not know.

The anti Catholicism she was around is interesting and how it affected her.

People assume as a former Southern Baptist I was around it too. I really was not. In the Northern part of the State in the rural Parishes there are few Catholics. Frankly Southern Baptist didn't give the Catholics must notice down the street. Plus there is a weird social dynamic in some of these Northern Louisiana small towns. Calling out another faith in a very explicit way( who are your neighbors) is tricky business. For instance I can never recall a Baptist Homily (sermon) on how the Methodists and Presbyterians were out of the gourd to baptize babies. I am sure it was occurring in perhaps other small Churches and the UPC perhaps but when you go to the ESTABLISHED SOUTHERN BAPTIST CHURCH of the Town ( The Church where all the big shots go and odds are the Board of Deacons has the town's Bank President on it) well it is just different terrain.

Anyway back to her blog. She highlights a lot of eventual faith journey that went back and forth from UPC to Baptist and serious entry into the reformed Calvinist community to the Catholic Church.

Keep her and her husband in your prayers. I might give her blog the Opinionated Catholic "Baptism" and declare her a Louisiana expat and thus put her on the Louisiana Catholic update. Till then she will be in the general links.

Saints Vs Packer Game - Awesome

Wow that was the doctor ordered for me after a overall blah football weekend!!! That game was great to watch. Great night to be Saint. Brees leads Saints to 51-29 win over Packers.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Louisiana Catholic Blog Update For Monday, November 24, 2008

Tine for the Louisiana Catholic Blog update. Let us see what Louisiana Catholic Blogs have been saying over the weekend since my last update.

From The Recamier has her Daily Update: November 23, 2008 ( She has Saints!! today) That is Saint Clement I, Pope and Martyr (died 101), Saint Columban, or Columbanus, Abbot (died 615), and Blessed Miguel Agustín Pro, Priest and Martyr (died 1927).

Or Louisiana based Mission folks Anthony , Holly, and Elijah in Missions are Home for the Holidays

Works and Prayers of a Fils Prodigue has The Start of Reflections On this Semester

Witnessing Hope our Louisiana gal that is currently in Comayagua, Honduras has Pictures and a Post from a Fellow Missioner

The Louisiana Brown Pelican Society( lay Louisiana Catholic organization) has their daily major update as usual.

I must have missed these post on the last update but For The Greater Glory has A quick thought on the Catholic response to the Obama election and Picture of the Day Nov 21th 2008

Full Circle is playing around with something I saw mentioned on a few blogs the other day. See What type is my blog

Astonished, Yet at Home! has A Prayer Request ( I am praying), Thank You Les Miles ,The Most Pro-Abortion President Ever? , Pro-Science and Pro-Life , New Oxford Review on Jindal the Exorcist and the Daily Kos (Good Article here and I will highlight later) , Alan Colmes Leaving Hannity & Colmes ( I have to admit I like Colmes too), and Jindal Says No in Iowa

Thoughts & Ruminations from Fr. Ryan has My Blog is a Thinker, I'm a Feeler (Like Full Circle hs is playing around with this new net gadget too)

IN HOC SIGNO VINCES our soon to be Catholic in the Ruston area has My Sunday ( He got to go to our Catherdral and heard a Homily from of my favorite priests in the Diocese). See also The Catholic Church , and The Feast of Christ the King

Cajun Cottage Under the Oaks has Not Me Monday and We Spent the Last Three Days... ( I never knew when Lake Charles Area folks say "..."down East." that was in reference to Lafayette.

Maudie in Mandeville has Where is Robert Kennedy, Jr.? and 'Peace be with you, you're absolved'

Our Catholic Deacon in New Orleans Life on the (L)edge has HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GISSELLE! and I MIGHT WALK A MILE FOR THIS CAMEL

Our Expat Priest in Houston Fr. Victor Brown’s Catholic Daily Message has his daily message at Feast of Saint Andrew Dung Lac & Comp. (24 Nov 2008)

Finally our Expat Priest in New Jersey Da Mihi Animas has 188 Japanese Martyrs to be Beatified Today in Nagasaki ,Saint of the Day: Andrew Dung Lac and the Vietnamese Martyrs ,Pope Benedict XVI's Life , Anthem to my King! , Cristo Rey, Blessed Miguel Agustin Pro and the Cristeros , Pope Benedict XVI: The Monastery is an oasis of ascetic life , The Servant of God Jan Tyranowski on the way to the altars and Pope Pius XII: Vatican Exhibit Reveals the Truth

End of an Era - Lady Techesters and Tennessee Volunteers in Basketball

This is pretty sad. Hopefully this will not be the last meeting between the Laay Techsters of Louisiana Tech and Tennessee. I grew up with Lady Techster basketball and the Tennessee and Pat Summit were huge parts of the backdrop.

On a double sad note TECH LOST yesterday in this game. However I listened to the broadcast yesterday and hope it will not be the last one as to that wonderful series

Anyway the Tenn Site has a nice article on this at End of an era between Tennessee, Louisiana Tech

Pope Benedict- There Would Be No Liberalism Without God

This post will be of some length but I think it is worth posting this material. It appears that the Pope has written a preface to a book which to say doesn't happen every day. I think there is a lot to chew on here. Plus the Pope is a busy guy. He is interesting to see what he is reading. Also again we are seeing here Pope Benedict's gravitation to people that are influened by Alexis de Tocqueville and the Founding Father among others.

This has been translated from Corriere della Sera which is a is an Italian daily newspaper published in Milan. The Ratzinger Forum has the Pope Letter (which is the Preface) and review of the book Perché dobbiamo dirci cristiani [Why we should call ourselves Christians, Mondadori, 2008) translated here.

Update- ALso check out Pope Benedict's engagement with one of Europes leading athiest on related topisc that is quite interesting too after reading the verbage below at Jurgen Habermas: A Secular Atheist Changes His Mind on Religion in the Public Sphere

I will post the Pope's Letter (The Pr eface)and the review

'There would be no liberalism without God' A LETTER FROM THE POPE: A review of Marcello Pera's new book

Translated from November 23, 2008

Dear Senator Pera,

These days I was able to read your new book Perché dobbiamo dirci cristiani [Why we should call ourselves Christians]. It was a fascinating read for me. With a stupendous knowledge of sources and cogent logic, you have analyzed the essence of liberalism starting from its foundations, showing that such essence is rooted in the Christian image of God: man's relationship with God of whom he is the image and from whom we received the gift of freedom.

With irrefutable logic, you show that liberalism loses its very basis and destroys itself if it abandons this foundation. Not less impressive is your analysis of liberty and of 'multi-culturality', of which you show the internal contradiction of this concept, and therefore, its political and cultural impossibility.

Of fundamental importance is your analysis of what Europe could be, and what a European Constitution could be in which Europe is not transformed into a cosmopolitan reality, but will find, on the basis of its Christian-liberal foundations, her own identity. And particularly significant for me is your analysis of the concepts of inter-religious and inter-cultural dialog.

You have explained with great clarity that an inter-religious dialog in the strict sense of the word is not possible, and thus, inter-cultural dialog becomes even more urgent in order to explore in depth the cultural consequences of underlying religious decisions.

Whereas a true inter-religious dialog is not possible without placing one's faith 'within parentheses', we must face in public confrontation the cultural consequences of religion-based decisions. In this case, dialog with mutual correction and reciprocal enrichment is possible and necessary. The significance of all this for our contemporary crisis is evident in what you say about the trajectory of the liberal ethic.

You show that liberalism - without ceasing to be liberalism - in order to be faithful to itself, can link to a doctrine for good, particularly, the Christian doctrine, with which it has the same origin, and thus offer an authentic contribution to overcoming this crisis.

With your sober rationality, your wide philosophical knowledge, and the power of your argumentation, this book, in my opinion, is of fundamental importance today to Europe and the world. I hope it will be widely received and help to give the political debate - beyond a discussion of urgent problems - the depth without which we cannot overcome the crisis in the present historical moment.

Thanking you for your work, from my heart I wish you the blessing of God.

To the Review

Christianity as a chance for Europe: Marcello Pera's new book has a preface by the Pope by Maria Antonietta Calabrò

Translated from Novemeber 23 2008

My position is that of a layman and liberal who turns to Christianity to question the reasons for its hope" - possible hope for our society, for politics, for the world of institutions.

Hope especially for old Europe - 'the most de-Christianized place in the West, and which boasts it". Where living as if no God exists "has not given the promised results". Europe which should turn back to Christianity "if it truly wishes to unite itself into something that resembles a nation, a moral community".

In his new book, Perché dobbiamo dirci cristiani [Why we should call ourselves Christians, Mondadori, 2008), Marcello Pera follows the footsteps of Immanuel Kant (who in the Critique of Practical Reason said, "Hope begins only with religion"), and of Benedetto Croce (who wrote Non possiamo non dirci cristiani - We cannot not call ourselves Christians).

But even more, he follows the 'scientific' lesson of English empiricism in John Locke (who wrote The reasonableness of Christianity), of the Founding Fathers of the United States, and of Alexis de Tocqueville.

It is precisely from the study of the dramatic problems of moral, political and religious order posed by contemporary human coexistence (from bioethics to cultural integration) that impels Pera [an agnostic], to go farther - from "we cannot not say we are Christians" to 'we must say we are Christians'

The changes in the last years of the twentieth century demand, according to Pera, through their internal logic, this development, with respect to the times in which Western society was still largely permeated by Christianity and its religious spirit. That is why he maintains - and demonstrates - that "to raise the Christian standard" is the only chance for, not just the West, but every single human being (since liberalism is, by nature, not ethnocentric but universalist) to still have a positive outlook, a 'chance'. "

It has nothing to do with conversions or illuminations or second thoughts.... (which) are all important, sensitive and respectable, but involve personal conscience only", he notes. "It has to do with cultivating a faith - there is no other appropriate term - in the values and principles that characterize our civilization and to reaffirm the cornerstones of a tradition of which we are the children. "

The great fathers of classical liberalism saw this problem clearly... Now that liberalism has become anti-Christian, it is without foundations and its freedoms rest on a void." It can be said that the 'secular equations' of Pera - professor of the philosophy of science at the University of Pisa, an expert on Karl Popper, and co-author with then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger of the best-selling Senza radici(Without roots) - on the level of Kant's 'practical reason' or Aristotle's phronesis (practical wisdom), matches what Goedel's theorem is - which demonstrates the necessity of the existence of God - to metaphysics.

On the one hand: "God must necessarily exist, as has been demonstrated". On the other: "Because of this, and in conclusion, we must call ourselves Christians".

Pera writes: "Liberalism and Christianity are congeners [having the same roots]. If you take away from liberalism the faith of Christianity, then the it will disappear. " The liberal, he points out, is 'Christian by culture'. For him the 'gift of God' that Christians see is merely "a patrimony of virtues, customs and civilization - ours". And that's different from 'the Christian by faith', who has faith in Jesus as someone personally encountered, followed and loved. But being 'Christian by culture', in this first decade of the 21st century, no longer suffices, according to Pera. "

Whoever limits himself or feels limited to being only a Christian by culture" should not rule out the possibility of believing in Christ as well. "It is necessary that the richness of the human experience not be amputated by the presence in our life of a sense of the divine, the sacred, mystery, the infinite".

Of course, he says, this is "an appeal, motivated and dramatic, which is not yet (if it will ever be) a solution that is already theoretically available". There are issues that have 'political' consequences that remain wide open.

Pera rejects those which in recent years have become veritable taboos in the public discourse, both Italian and international. For instance, that there can be so-called 'inter-religious dialog'. Benedict XVI himself, in the letter which introduces the book (an exceptional if not unique event) and which we have reproduced in full, openly agrees with him on this, saying one should speak, rather, about a 'dialog between cultures'.

In the same way, Pera shows the self-contradiction intrinsic in the concept of 'multi-culturalism'. In order that what reason recognizes as necessary can take place in the life of anyone and in in the history of nations and peoples, decisions are needed. "In the end, it is up to us to choose... the Christian choice, to give oneself to God [the Christian by faith], or to behave velut si Christus daretur (Christian by culture), has produced the best results.

That choice has great advantages in the field of public ethics... Let us not separate morality from truth; let us not treat individuals - about to be born or about to die - as things; let us not agree that every desire be transformed into a right; let us not confine reason only to scientific limits; let us not feel alone in a society of strangers or more oppressed in a state which appropriates us because we can no longer orient ourselves".

But, he points out, such a decision, which one cannot evade, can only be generated by an encounter with a fact that inspires faith and/or hope. A fact that keeps reason 'open' to the possibility that everything about modern liberalism (relativism, the aggression of religious fundamentalism, the 'thing-ification' of man) calls forth as a 'necessity'. Of Papa Ratzinger, 'the Pope of Christian hope', Pera writes: "

I can only say that notwithstanding all my own interior reflections, this work would not have been possible if Benedict XVI had not written and said - and borne witness to - what he writes and says". Only hope, that which St. Paul writes about in the Letter to the Hebrews, can fill the gap between reality and the condition perceived by reason as necessary. That is why Charles Peguy in his Portal of Mystery to the second virtue, makes his God say, "The faith that I love best is hope".

Whitewashing Problems With the CATHOLIC CAMPAIGN FOR HUMAN DEVELOPMENT Collection Is Counterproductive

Vox Nova has a post called The House That Neuhaus Built which I think is sadly counterproductive.

Despite the poster viewpoint Neuhaus is not the problem nor was he the main reason many Catholics are in a outrage.

I have posted on this a good bit. I urged a common sense approach here last week at Should Catholics Boycott This Weekend's Campaign for Human Development Collection?

The concerns are not just ACORN, that despite the spin there, was not some McCain fabrication. The problem is other groups that might be funded as well.

Catholics involved in Social Justice Work need to be the ones holding peoples feet to the fire that money is well spent. Also by doing that we make people more comfortable in contributing to the collection and thus help the people that collection helps.

Again I was hesitant about a full boycott for the reasons I gave. But there are concerns that need to be addressed. Concerns that I am afraid will go away after the heat of the elcection cycle is raised.

I am not naive and realize that there are some partisan agendas on both sides of this issue. Still I think there are valid concerns being raised as we saw here in this article The Chickens Have Come Home To Roost: Obama, ACORN, and the Catholic Campaign for Human Development by Stephanie Block

It also points out here what I call a Non Acorn Concern:

While he was in Chicago Obama was trained by the top Alinskyian organizers. One mentor was the ex-Jesuit, Greg Galuzzo, lead organizer for Gamaliel. The Developing Communities Project operated under the Gamaliel Foundation, a network of Alinskyian organizations that receive 4-5% of all Catholic Campaign for Human Development grants each year.

The Developing Communities Project, which hired Obama as lead organizer, was an offshoot of Jerry Kellman’s Calumet Community Religious Conference. Kellman, another of Obama’s mentors, was himself trained by Alinsky. The network of community organizations Alinsky founded, the Industrial Areas Foundation, receives about 16% of all Catholic Campaign for Human Development grants annually

First let me suggest that right off this smells. 16 percent going to one foundation. 4 to 5 percent go to another organization. The first thought that came to my mind is who is this ex priest and who is his buddy in the Bishops Office.

The politics of these groups makes this messy of course. I think the people that are raising the arlarm are a tad too free with throwing the word marsit around. But still I think there are some valid concerns.

That being said I hope all people call their Dicoese office to raise concerns they might have a to find out where there money is going. I suspect a better and more vibrant collection that helps the poor and those in need will result.

The Weekly Standard hit on this too at From Little ACORNs, Big Scandals Grow . THe following is a problem:
One area of potential impropriety detailed in Strom's story is the relationship between Project Vote, registered as a tax-exempt charity with the Internal Revenue Service since 1994 and thus barred from engaging in partisan political activities, and ACORN itself, a membership organization incorporated under Louisiana law that is nonprofit but not tax-exempt and is thus free to be as partisan as it wants. ACORN's political action committee, for example, endorsed Obama in February, and the Obama campaign in turn paid an ACORN consulting affiliate, Citizens Services Inc., more than $832,000 for its work in helping Obama beat Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primaries.

ACORN has a contract with Project Vote to conduct voter-registration drives using ACORN employees, who initially claimed to have signed up 1.3 million new voters at a cost of $16 million, then lowered that figure to around 450,000 (according to an October 23 New York Times story) after eliminating fraudulent registrations, duplicates, and incomplete forms. The internal report, by Washington lawyer Elizabeth Kingsley, pointed out that until very recently, Project Vote's executive director, Zach Pollett, was also ACORN's political director. (Pollett resigned from Project Vote in July but continues to work for the charity as a consultant via another ACORN affiliate.) Furthermore, the report noted, Project Vote has had only one independent director (who served only briefly) throughout its entire tax-exempt history. The rest of the board has consisted entirely of ACORN staffers plus two dues-paying ACORN members. Some of them told Strom they had no idea they were on the Project Vote board, which, like the boards of many ACORN affiliates, met seldom, if ever, and failed to keep minutes.
The potential for abuse in an interlocking arrangement governed top-down from New Orleans is as obvious as a thicket of "Change" signs at an Obama rally. ACORN's using Project Vote to trawl for voters for ACORN-backed candidates--such as, um, Barack Obama--would be a clear violation of the IRS's ban on partisan activity by a charity, as Kingsley noted in her report. Strom pointed out that ACORN is already facing demands for back taxes from the IRS and "various state tax authorities

The problem and concern I have is that these organizations where everyone seems to know each other is if this happening elsewhere and is similar activity happening with Catholic Collection money. Those concerns have not been addressed to m satisfaction.

Also see Obama's Long-term Relationship with ACORN and Alinskyism Show Church Membership a Political Means to an End

The Washington Post had a story that touches on similar themes at For Clinton and Obama, a Common Ideological Touchstone

A Catholic and Knights of Columbus Is Running For Chair of the Republican Party- Chip Saltsman

Micheal Steele who is also Catholic, and who I also like, is running to chair the Republican Party. Thought there are concerns among some pro-lifers about his abortion stance.

I very much like Chip Saltsman who is running. He ran the Huckabee campaign. What he did on such limited dollars is amazing. He had a very good track record in Tennessee too.

Chip is young and I think one that can work with all the factions.

He , like Steele, considered the Priesthood at one time. During the Huckabee days I had a post Meet the Catholic Campaign Manager of Governor Huckabee .

Here are the people that can vote

Here is neat little story:
CBUer running Huckabee campaignEx-Tennessee GOP chair makes national name

WASHINGTON -- Chip Saltsman was instantly a "big fish in a small pond" when he arrived at the Memphis campus of Christian Brothers University in the mid-1980s, a retired Christian brother and confidant recalled recently.Saltsman, 39, the former Tennessee Republican Party chairman now running former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee's national campaign for president, was active in Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, the Knights of Columbus and student government after arriving from a Catholic prep school in Nashville."

Chip showed a lot of leadership," said Brother Patrick O'Brien, 70, who retired two years ago after 35 years at CBU.In the current CBU alumni magazine Belltower, Saltsman credits O'Brien for teaching him the basics of fund-raising. Saltsman ran the "Senior Drive" in his last year as an undergraduate. He later returned for an MBA."When he left the university, my thought was that he might join the (Christian) brothers or go into the seminary, and I wanted to encourage that," said O'Brien. "He was still thinking that way but the political opportunity came open and that fit him."His first big race after college was George H.W. Bush's loss to Bill Clinton in 1992.

Two years later, he was active in then-West Tennessee Congressman Don Sundquist's successful run for governor. Sundquist brought him to Nashville as an administrative assistant.Saltsman left the governor's office in 1998 to become GOP state chairman and ran the successful George W. Bush effort to beat favorite son and Vice President Al Gore in 2000.Later, he worked with the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

A snuff-dipping confidant of former Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, whose VOLPAC leadership political action committee Saltsman ran when it looked like Frist was considering an '08 run for president, he is well connected in Tennessee in the run up to Tuesday's GOP primary.When Frist dropped his presidential bid at the end of 2006, Huckabee took Saltsman on a duck-hunting trip and made the pitch. Saltsman joined the Huckabee effort on Feb. 1, 2007.Frist calls Saltsman "a multi-talented superstar.""

He's demonstrated uncanny, remarkable leadership in every endeavor he's undertaken," Frist said.Some say they were surprised that the snakeskin boots-wearing Saltsman would go to the Huckabee camp."When he signed on, many people scratched their heads and said, 'What's this guy doing?' " Shelby County GOP Chairman Bill Giannini said. "He obviously saw something in Gov. Huckabee and was able to take the very limited tools they had available to them and parlay that into a very, very credible national campaign."

Giannini added: "Whatever Huckabee does in the presidential primaries, Chip Saltsman has made a name for himself in national politics and certainly on a presidential campaign."Jim Steinbrecher, a CBU fraternity brother and Bartlett High School teacher, said he and Saltsman were "starry-eyed freshmen," who tried to start up a campus radio station but learned they couldn't afford it."It was a good lesson in learning, hey, dream big and you never know what's going to happen, and that carries through to the Huckabee campaign," he said."Chip has an unbelievable sense of timing," he added. "And it's not just about schmoozing. It's about getting in and working with these people and for these people."

PLEASE CALL YOUR REPS. The Number of the GOP in Louisiana for instance is (225) 928-2998

Chip has met with the voting members of the Louisiana Delegation already!! Call and tell of your support and have others call for him!!!

Obama Appoints Abortion "Extremist" as White House Communication Director

Cue useful Catholic Obama supporter Doug Kmiec to explain how this is really a good thing. At least she is not Vatican Ambassador.

Catholic News Agency has the report here at Obama selects vocal pro-abortion leader as Communications Director

A little Louisiana note and also what I mean by extreme:

The List’s support for abortion-on-demand is so strong that it has cut funding from politicians who voted against extreme pro-abortion positions. Two examples of this are Senators Mary Landrieu from Louisiana and Blanche Lincoln from Arkansas who lost funding from EMILY’s List when they voted to ban the gruesome practice of partial-birth abortion.

Yes believe it or not Mary Landrieu was too moderate!!!

STEVEN SEAGAL in New Louisiana Plice Reality Show

Actor Steven Seagal, center, salutes during funeral services for longtime Jefferson Parish Sheriff Harry Lee at Lakelawn Cemetery in Metairie, La., Friday, Oct. 5, 2007

I had no idea that Steve Segal was and is a Jefferson Parish Deputy!! He worked for Harry Lee!!!

Well it appears the exploits of Segal and the wacky pople of Jefferson parish is about to hit tv sets. God Help us :)

GO see Seagal plots cop reality show

Tip of the Hat to Dead Pelican

Major Godfather Mobster Turns to God In Prison

This is a pretty interesting story from the Times of London.

Tip of the Hat to Spirit Daily

Are Tigers a Thing of the Past At This Louisiana Truck Stop

I think a good many people on the way to New Orleans have stopped off at Grosse Tette to see the Tiger. Well you better go quick if you want to see him. I have mixed feelings on this. I suspect this is not the best place for him.

GO see Trouble in Tigerland

Tip of the hat to The Dead Pelican

A Medical Student Decides If She Will be an Abortion Doctor

The Deacon Bench highlights a chilling Washington Post article that was in Sunday's edition-A Hard ChoiceA young medical student tries to decide if she has what it takes to join the diminishing ranks of abortion providers.

Go see To be or not to be: a woman decides whether to perform abortions

It is indeed a troublesome article but it shows the nits and bolts on how people become abortion doctors. I don't think I am reading too much into the article but I think you can tell the young woman was struggling with what she saw and WAS DOING!!!

How did German and Japanese Doctors do what they did? Well it is amazing that once you embrace evil how easy it becomes as we see a tad in this article.

Ireland having a Vocation Boom?

The Deacon Bench has this interesting story at Ireland's surprising priesthood boom .

Now it is nothing like the old days where Ireland seemed to evanglize the world. From Africa to large parts of the USA especially in the South. It is not like it used to be but one can still hear a few parishes in rural Mississippi where older priest have that thick accent for instance.

Still good news

Ancient Nestorian Church and Monastery Found in the UAE

This is a pretty interesting story relating to the ancient Nestorian heresy. Go see Nestorian church in the UAE.

Tip of the Hat to the Way of the Fathers

188 Japanese Raised to Sainthood This Past Weekend In Japan Plus Thoughts on the Atomic Bomb

Christianity in Japan is one of the most fascinating parts of the Church History. It is a subject I have wanted to read more about. James Clavell books give hints as to this neat history.

Anyway Whispers has a real nice overview at what happened in Japan this past weekend and the Saint raised up at Sanguis Martyrum....

The fact that is occuring at Nagasaki of brings up to mind the atomic bombing of that city. There are a couple of Catholic stories related to Nagasaski that I would love to try to confirm if they are are true or just part of Catholic folklore.

David Armstrong talks about this here. He quotes the following people:

Fat Man exploded directly above the Catholic cathedral in Nagasaki. The city was the historical center of Catholicism in Japan and contained about a tenth of the entire Catholic population. The cathedral was filled with worshipers who had gathered to pray for a speedy and just end to the war. It is said their prayers included a petition to offer themselves, if God so willed it, in reparation for the evils perpetrated by their country.(Karl Keating: e-letter of 3 August 2004)

It is ironic that this most Catholic of Japanese centers should have been targeted for the second atomic bomb of 1945. One of the original martyrs executed at Nagasaki in 1597 was a Mexican-born Franciscan friar, canonized in 1862 as St. Philip of Jesus. As he was about to die on his cross, he is reported to have foretold that one day Nagasaki would be destroyed by "a ball of fire dropping from the sky."(Fr. Robert F. McNamara, Japan's Blessed Martyrs)

Yes It Sucks to Lose TO Ole Miss

Ane the Les Miles Hatera are out in droves. Yack!!! If you live in North Louisiana expect James from Homer voice to be heard ESPN radio this afternoon when I call in :)

ON a happy note at least for me Louisiana Tech won!!! Looks like we are going to a bowl. I will be going to the Tech Nevada game this weekend

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Washington D.C. Churches In Battle For the Obamas

This is interesting from the Washington Post at Churches Vie to Attract The Newest First Family

As a personal matter I do hope like the Bushes and like every many Presidents before them they attend St Johns Episcopal across the street. I would not be surprised in you see them there quite a bit just because of security and it being right there.

Tip of the Hat to Spirit Daily

Terrorist Boy Scouts in Lebanon!!

I don't think this is what the founders of Scouting had in mind. How do the Christians there live among all this stuff.
The NY Times profiles the Hezbollah Mahdi Scouts
Tip of the Hat to the Media Blog at NRO.

Pirates Good For the Economy- Maybe Louisiana Folks Need to Do It

In these tough economic times is it time to return to the era of Jean Lafitte? New Orleans could have an economic revival!!!

Action Inst has the interesting and disturbing story at Pirate Morality

Donate Your Body To Science and Get Used As A Crash Test Dummie

Hmm that and other uses of bodiess that I expect the deceased in many cases did not have in mind. The Catholic Key has Crash Test Bodies Revealed

Is Monasticism A Waste of Time?

What is the Use of It one hears many people say. The Anchoress has a nice post on this at Benedict on Monasticism

Sign of Peace Might Be Moved in the Mass

I would love for this to happen.

"Catholics" For Choice Writes New York Times About Heath Worker Conscience Rules!!!

What trash. Father Z deals with this letter at An evil letter in the New York Times about primacy of conscience .

I love this part from this anti - Christ organization:
Catholic teaching also requires respect for others’ consciences. Doctors and pharmacists cannot dismiss the conscience of the person seeking a medication or a procedure to which they themselves may object. For example, they may not ignore the needs of patients who may not be Catholic, or who have made conscience-based decisions to use contraception.


How Louisiana Catholic Schools Did In 2008 Second Round of Football Playoffs (Links)

Well the second round of the High School Football Playoff were last nights. I had a over view of wha the Catholic Schools did last week here at How Did Louisiana Catholic Schools Do in Football Playoffs - Week 1 .

So lets talk about last night and what is next. When the day started where every fan and football player in the playoffs can dream of winning for a few hours we had 13 Catholic Schools that had advanced to the second round. 5 won last night and 8 went down last night

Lets go by Classification


Catholic Schools in 5-A have Epic Fail in Second Round

St Thomas More(Lafayette)- St Thomas More hosted State Power West Monroe. They got beat . West Monroe 41 St Thomas More 28. Sadly for St Thomas More the third time was the charm for West Monroe as they got over their 2 year jinx of getting defeated in the 2nd round of the playoffs. I am pretty sure a lot of St Thomas More fans are wondering what the hell happened. STM was leading West Monroe at one point 21 to 0. West Monroe plays their neighbor Ouachita next week in the Quarterfinals.
The Home Town paper of the Victors , the News Star has Amazing comeback by West Monroe sets up rematch with Ouachita.
The Advocate has West Monroe tops St. Thomas More
The Lafayette Advertiser has Highs & Lows: Cougars blow 21-point lead as Rebels win

St Paul ( Covington) - Speaking of what the hell happened I am sure St Paul is wondering the same thing!!! St Paul went down to Thibodaux and got beat. Thibodaux 25 St Paul 22. Here is the rub in this wild game.Thibodaux was behind 22 points at the Half!!! and kicked a kick a 42 yard field goal with 4 seconds on clock to win the game!!! Oh poor Catholic Boys. Thibodaux goes and plays Barbe next week.

Brother Martin (New Orleans)- More bad news!!!! I knew this would be a close game but I thought Brother Martin would win this one. Brother Martin hosted Central of Baton Rouge. Score was Central 13 Brother Martin 7. I really thought Brother Martin had a chance to go all the way this year. Central plays a very talented as usual Acadiana team next week.
The Picayune has Baton Rouge Central stuns Brother Martin, 13-7

Archbishop Rummel (Metairie)- Goodness. Rummel went over to the Lafayette area and played Acadiana. Score was Acadiana 21 Rummel 14. Rummel toward the end of the game did an onside kicked and recovered it. Sadly as they are marching to tie the game they threw a interception at like the 15 yard line. Acadiana plays Central next week.
The Lafayette Advertiser has Acadiana holds on

Moving on to


Archbishop Shaw (Marreo)- Archbishop Shaw traveled way up North close to me and played Benton. They had a impressive victory over a good Benton team. Shaw 20 Benton 0. That was a impressive victory and I expected Shaw to have a lot more trouble. Next week they travel and play one of the more impressive teams in the State Breaux Bridge which beat Neville last night to advance.
The Shreveport Times has Shaw stuffs Benton.
The Times also has a photo gallery here at Benton vs. Shaw .


Notre Dame (Crowley)- Notre Dame just beat the snot out of Church Point. Notre Dame 54 Church Point 7. Notre Dame goes on the road and plays Richwood next week. Richwood beat Booker T Washington of Shreveport to advance.
TheLafayette Advertiser has No contest as Pios pummel Gents

Redemptorist and St Charles (Baton Rouge and La Place)- This was the only Catholic vs Catholic match up of the night. Redemptorist won. Redemptorist 27 St Charles 14. This sets up a Intra City Baton Rouge Game as Redemptorist plays the evil Baptists of Parkview Baptist next week. Redemptorist will host. Parkview beat Rayville last night to advance.
The Advocate has Physical Redemptorist advances
The Picayune has Redemptorist dumps St. Charles, 27-14

St Louis (Lake Charles)- St Louis got dominated by Luthers it appears. Lutcher 40 St Louis 10. For those interested Lutcher advances to play Amite next week.
The Picayune has QB Webster paces Lutcher to 40-10 rout


St Thomas Aquinas (Hammond) -On a Sad note for me my poor home town Homer Pelicans went down to battle the evil Catholics of St Thomas Aquinas. They got whooped . Aquinas 28 Homer 0. Talk about a long bus ride home from Hammond for my poor Pelicans. I guess they will come in about 4 or 5 am if they are lucky. St Thomas gets to travel and play John Curtis next week. Of course we all know what great teams John Curtis puts out year after year. John Curtis beat University Lab last night to advance

St John (Plaquemine)- I am a tad shocked by this score. St Johns got beat by Farmerville. The score was Farmerville 22 St Johns 2. This is another game where the Catholic School was ahead at the half. The half time score was St John 2 Farmers 0. Farmerville is a good team that really developed over the year but I though St John could score more against them. Farmerville advances to play Calvary Baptist where I predict their season will come to a screeching halt. Calvary beat Newman pretty good last night.
The Advocate has Farmerville rolls past St. John

Loyola Prep (Shreveport) - I am so pumped for Loyola Prep of Shreveport. They had another HUGE upset tonight. In fact it might be one of the biggest upsets of all the games tonight They played Donaldsonville and beat them . Loyola was 22nd seed in the 2A Louisiana State High School football playoffs and beat a undefeated and 6th-seeded Donaldsonville,

The score was Loyola Prep 26 Donaldsonville 7. I like the direction the Loyola program is going and the fact that it is doing it in a very more competitive Shreveport /Bossier area of late is impressive. I also get sick of hearing about Evangel and Calvary Baptist all the time. The good News is they advance and get to the host the next game. The bad news is it's St James!!! I saw Homer play St James last year in the Playoffs and wow are they fast. St James beat Episcopal of Baton Rouge last night to advance.
Photo Gallery here via Shreveport Times at Loyola vs Donaldsonville
The Times has Loyola pulls upset


St. Frederick (Monroe)- St Freds was the only 1 A Catholic school to advance last week. Sadly they got beat by
Christian Life. The score was Christian Life 48 St Freds 29. Still it was a good season for St Freds. I am hoping that our new Bishop in the Diocese of Shreveport after seeing the success of Loyola and St Freds this year might get pumped about our Catholic High Athletics and help raise some change for it in his spare time. Christian Life goes and plays Ouachita Christian next week.
Photo Gallery of the Game here at Christian Life vs. St. Frederick .
The News Star has St. Frederick stumbles at home.
The Advocate has CLA pounds St. Frederick

Friday, November 21, 2008

Louisiana Catholic Blog Update for Friday, November 21, 2008

Missed the Louisiana Catholic Blog Update yesterday so we have some catching up

Ville Platte Catholic Youth Group has Presentation of BVM

Unskilled Labor has Hunting Report 11/19/08 ( It was successful)

Moms and Kids At Home has Searching for a New Science Curriculum

From The Recamier has her daily update here at Daily Update: November 20, 200( By the way it is really worth the time reading the books about the event she is talking about.

A Number of Things. has random thoughts & little known facts

Works and Prayers of a Fils Prodigue has The Ice-Wind Hath Cometh

The Wolf Den has some thought and pics of the kidos.

The Louisiana Brown Pelican Society( lay Louisiana Catholic organization) has their mega daily update.

Astonished, Yet at Home! has a lot. One of his posts I hope to highlight tonight again. See On Sleep and Dreaming , Will New Voters Refashion the Democratic Party? , If There Ever Was an American Pope , You're Not My Real Mommy , He Knows So Much for an Ivory Tower Celibate , Natchitoches Festival of Lights , Man-gagement , The Challenger Approaches Obama on Abortion , The Pope and the President-Elect , Pointing to Peter , The Prince of Darkness Does Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night , The Best Hope for Republicans in 2012? , Getting Georgia Off Our Minds , and Heroism in Doing the Ordinary

Cajun Cottage Under the Oaks has Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Our Deacon in NOLA Life on the (L)edge has DO THEY REALLY SUCK?* and ANSWER ME THIS . See also ANYONE REMEMBER CHILLY WILLY?

Our Expat Priest in Houston Fr. Victor Brown’s Catholic Daily Message has a good post here at Feast of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary (21 Nov 2008)

Finally our expat Priest in New Jersey Da Mihi Animas has The Presentation of the Blessed Virgin and the Cloistered Life , Fr. Patrick Peyton: The Cause for Sainthood moves forward! , and Pope John Paul II: Champion of Vatican II

Catholic Recipe Ideas For the Feast of Christ the King.

That is coming up this Sunday. Catholic Cuisine has some ideas at Food Fit for THE King

Update On Soon To Be Excommunicated Priest From Louisiana

Again he is not excommunicated yet and he has rights. However it appears even he expects it to happen. The National Catholic Reporter (YACK) piped in in their usual biased agenda way.

Father Z has the article and very useful commentary at More from dissident NCRep on Bougeois’s excommunication

I will second Father Z's comments here

It is all so sad.We see the public wreck of a clerical career. It’s an ugly thing to watch an autopsy, but sometimes it must be done. We have to keep cutting up these cadaverous articles for the sake of showing people what caused death.We also see the NCRep’s sriral around the bowl. It could do so much good. In publishing articles like this, it undermines any good it might do otherwise.

United States Government Warning On New Madrid Fault

Well this is not pleasant.

I watched a not too happy show on this last night on the National Geographic channel. When this goes off it will make Katrina look like a nice afternoon in the park.

I can recall back in the 80's when I was a kid some Scientist predicted the fault would go off. People in North Louisiana were buying Earthquake insurance my Grandparents cancled a Doctors visit ot Memphis. It was something else. But that episode was useful in getting people to think about what we must prepare for.

I think there is more concern because the New Madrid has been a tad more active than usual lately.