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VATICAN CITY, 31 MAY 2011 (VIS) - Pope Benedict's general prayer intention for the month of June is: "That priests, united to the Heart of Christ, may always be true witnesses of the caring and merciful love of God".

His missionary intention is: "That the Holy Spirit may bring forth from our communities many missionaries who are ready to be fully consecrated to spreading the Kingdom of God.".

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For Memorial Day The Homily of the Archbishop of the United States Military Services ( Archbishop Hannan Mentioned)

I had a big family day celebration like everyone . It is nice I got to spend time with Veterans including my Grandfather who served in the Pacific theatre in World War II.

Whispers in the Loggia has a great post that hits on various aspects of this day. See "To These, O Lord": In Memoriam... In Service (Be sure to read the whole thing that also has the Ancient Catholic Prayer for the United States. It has vids and a huge reminder that the Archdiocese needs PRIESTS

A nice link he has is to the Homily of the Archbishop of the United States Military Services
for this Memorial day that is also a tribute to Archbishop Hannan. :) As Whispers mentioned Archbishop Hannan "remains the Crescent City's first citizen and "Energizer bunny" ten days into his 99th year".

LSU Baseball Gets HOSED? No Post Season

This sort of a put a damper on Memorial Day for me :(

See LSU left out of NCAA field

I knew we were in trouble when Arkansas Little Rock won yesterday. Still though while not the greatest season I think we had a better argument than many to make the at large teams and it appears that most people making prediction agreed yesterday.

Here is the selection committee

Tim Weiser, Big 12 (Chair)
Deputy Commissioner
Big 12 Conference
400 East John Carpenter Freeway
Irving, Texas 75062
Office: 469/524-1000
e-mail: tweiser@big12sports.com

John Anderson, University of Minnesota
Dennis Farrell, Big West Conference
Larry Gallo, UNC
John Hardt, Bucknell University
Kyle Kallander, Big South Conference
Mark LaBarbera, Valparaiso University
Chris Monasch, St. John’s University
Gary Overton, East Carolina University
Bobby Staub, University of Louisiana at Monroe

So St Johns is on the Committee and Lo and behold the Chairman lives in Irving Texas and Dallas Baptist happens to makes the cut over LSU.

Here is Dallas Baptist schedule
(home series in bold)...

1. Indiana State
2. Texas-Arlington/Missouri State/South Dakota State
3. UNO/Texas-Arlington/Wichita State
4. Washington
5. Binghamton
6. Southern Illinois
7. Houston Baptist
8. Arkansas-Pine Bluff
9. Northwood University (only one game)
10. Seattle
11. Mississippi Valley
12. Texas A&M
13. Alcorn State
14. UNC-Charlotte

They went 39-17, we went 36-20.


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Pope Benedict Will Teach Bible Study and Prayer Via Lectio Divina At Audiences

I am going to be highlighting this a good bit. I have got away from hitting the Pope's Wednesday audiences like I used too. However with the important release of POST-SYNODAL
. recently it seems a great time to make that a focus.

See Study the Bible with the Pope via Idle Speculations. For more background on Lectio Divina see Lectio Divina in Verbum Domini

Archbishop of San Francisco Opposes Circumcision Ban

The Archbishop of San Francisco has weighed in on this attempted circumcision ban. This news report has the background at San Francisco archbishop calls proposed circumcision ban misguided

Is Canada Now More Pro Israel Than The USA ?


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Pope Benedict's Tough Stand Against the Powerful and Popular In the Church - Lap Dancing Nun Abbey Case

This part of John article Benedict's 'Quiet Revolution', and a check-up on Catholic health care really shows the determination of Pope Benedict it appears:

funny thing has happened as the story of a recent Vatican crackdown on a legendary monastery in Rome has made its way into the English-language press. I mean that literally -- the story has been turned into a joke, thereby obscuring its real significance.

For those with eyes to see, the suppression of the Cistercian abbey at the Basilica of the Holy Cross in Jerusalem, one of the traditional seven major pilgrimage sites in Rome, rates far more than placement in a "news of the weird" column. Instead, it's the latest chapter in what might be called a "Quiet Revolution" under Pope Benedict XVI, referring to a reform in clerical culture beginning in Rome and radiating beyond.

The essence of it is this: it's the end of the "by their fruits, you shall know them" logic that once translated into a free pass, or at least a strong benefit of the doubt, for superstar clerics and high-profile groups charged with misconduct. Once upon a time, the working assumption in officialdom often was that if someone is doing great good for the church, then allegations of sexual or financial impropriety against them were likely bogus, and taking them too seriously risked encouraging the enemies of the faith.

Without great fanfare, Benedict XVI has made it clear that today a new rule applies. No matter how accomplished a person or institution may be, if they're also involved in what the pontiff once memorably called the "filth" in the church, they're not beyond reach.

That's the deep significance of the Vatican's recent action vis-à-vis the Cistercians at the Basilica of Holy Cross in Jerusalem, though you certainly wouldn't get the point from most English-language coverage. A BBC headline on Thursday was typical: "Pope shuts down lap-dancing monastery," it said, playing off the fact that an ex-nightclub performer turned Catholic nun, Anna Nobili, once performed something called "the holy dance" in front of an audience at the basilica that included Vatican dignitaries.

In reality, however, the basilica was hardly a running joke.

First of all, the Cistercians have been at the basilica for almost five centuries, since 1561, and at one stage the Abbot of Holy Cross was also the Abbot General of the entire order. Given Benedict XVI's keen sense of tradition, as well as his reverence for the monastic life, it would take more than a dancing nun to trigger the suppression of the entire abbey.

Further, until quite recently the basilica was actually seen as a major success story. The consensus was that a renaissance was unfolding under Cistercian Abbot Simone Maria Fioraso, an ecclesiastical mover and shaker if ever there was one. Vocations were growing, and the basilica had become a crossroads for Italian nobility, political VIPs and pop culture icons.

In the autumn of 2008, Fioraso scored his greatest PR coup. He organized a six-day reading of the entire text of the Bible, called "The Bible Day and Night," carried live on Italian state TV. The marathon was kicked off by Benedict XVI, and concluded by the Vatican's Secretary of State, Italian Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone. A slew of other Vatican potentates took part, along with celebrities such as actor Roberto Benigni and the former president of Italy, Carlo Azeglio Ciampi. (American Cardinals William Levada, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, and Daniel DiNardo of Houston also participated. DiNardo was in town for a Synod on the Bible, which was the occasion for the Bible-reading festival.)

It's tough to overestimate what a media sensation the event constituted in Italy. Headlines proclaimed, "Holy Cross in Jerusalem becomes a superstar."

Yet around the same time, rumors began to swirl that something wasn't quite right. Some critics charged that Fioraso seemed more interested in cozying up to social elites than in the traditional disciplines of the monastic life, while others raised questions about money management, especially given that the monks ran a successful boutique and hotel, apparently without clear accounting of the revenue flows. More darkly, there were rumors of "inappropriate relationships" carried on by some of the monks, understood to be code for some sort of sexual misconduct.

All that might once have been dismissed as envy or defamation, especially given Fioraso's reputation as a rising star, but not this time. The Vatican's Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life launched an Apostolic Visitation, which ended in the dramatic decision to suppress the abbey entirely and to send its roughly 30 monks packing. The decree was signed by Brazilian Archbishop João Braz de Aviz, Prefect of the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life, and by American Archbishop Joseph Tobin, his secretary. It was approved by Benedict XVI.

As is its practice, the Vatican hasn't provided a public explanation; in typically euphemistic argot, officials say only there were "numerous allegations of conduct incompatible with the vowed life." The gist is that there were real problems at the abbey, in terms of both financial accountability and personal morality.

As one official put it, "It was not a good scene."

The suppression is part of a pattern under Benedict XVI, which began with crackdowns against high-profile clerics such as Gino Burresi, founder of the Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and Marcial Maciel Degollado, founder of the Legionaries of Christ. More recently, in September 2008 Benedict laicized a well-known priest in Florence, Lelio Cantini, whose Queen of Peace parish was regarded as among the more dynamic in the country. Earlier this year, Benedict permanently removed Fernando Karadima from ministry, a legendary priest in Chile known as a spiritual guide to a large swath of the clergy and episcopacy.

All those cases, and others like them one could mention, pivoted on charges of sexual misconduct and abuse.

Also part of the picture are Benedict's policy moves to expedite procedures for weeding abusers out of the priesthood, including a recent set of revisions to canon law, as well as his decision earlier this year to create a new financial watchdog authority with the power to ride herd over once-untouchable entities such as the Vatican Bank or Propaganda Fide. The overall impression is that this is a pope weary of scandal, doing what he can to clean house.

Critics, of course, will object that this quiet revolution remains incomplete until it reaches into the episcopacy -- that is, until the bishops who presided over the sexual abuse crisis, or various financial scandals, or other forms of "filth" in the church, are themselves brought to account.

Whatever one makes of that objection, the fact remains that even an incomplete revolution is still a revolution. And that's no joke.

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Wall Street Journal Hits On Catholic Meatless Fridays Coming Back

BRING IT ON!!American Catholic has the link at Meatless Fridays.

It would not happen overnight and there would be the usual outrage but it would be a good thing.

How A Non Catholic But Baptist Louisiana Clergy Abuse Story is Reported - Angelo “Doogie” Golatt

My usual boilerplate. This post is not to "shift attention" from the Catholic abuse problem by saying whats the big deal it happens everywhere. It is not to indict good Baptists or their leaders without a fair hearing. However this post is being written to show the double standard on many levels.

First the tragic news from Alexandria Louisiana.

ALEXANDRIA, La. - A former church youth minister has been indicted on 13 charges of sex crimes with juveniles, including two charges of aggravated rape of victims younger than 13 years old.
On Thursday, a Rapides Parish grand jury found there was enough evidence to charge the 28-year-old Angelo Golatt, who was arrested March 29.
The indictment says one of the victims was 9 or 10 years old at the time of an alleged offense in 2003, and was reportedly attacked again at age 13 in 2006.
The Town Talk reports the district attorney's office has not released the gender of the alleged victims.
Golatt was youth minister at the now-closed Donahue Family Baptist Church in Pineville during much of the four- to five-year span.

We shall get to that "now closed" and Baptist part in a bit.

Please note he has been charged with over 60 counts of sexual abuse. The 13 counts referenced above is just what the DA has brought forth for indictment.

Billy Gunn on May 8th actually did a good report on this that hit the front pages that offers a lot of insight. Though as we shall see perhaps Mr Gunn and others at the Town Talk and other local media are not asking the right questions. Let me post this in full also. (The bolding is all mine and the red are my remarks)

Golatt also faced sex crime charges in Idaho

Angelo "Doogie" Golatt cloaked himself in the clothes and voice of a pious man of God, ministering to church youths, working with the mentally disabled, being front and center in singing and testifying in church.

He was a Louisiana College (A Louisiana Southern Baptist School) graduate in 2005, majoring in religious education, and a youth minister at Donahue Family Church (Note no mention of it's Southern Baptist affliation here) . Google his name and there are many hits on older social network websites: Xanga, MySpace and others, where Golatt thanks God for his many blessings.

Golatt worked with children at the majority of places he was employed, or with adults as vulnerable as children: youth minister positions at Baptist and Assembly of God churches; helping the developmentally challenged at a facility in Idaho; interacting with Head Start program youths in his recent employment at the LaSalle Detention Facility in Jena.

In his writings on the Xanga website, Golatt talks of his mission in Idaho, where in 2006 he was youth minister at the Buhl Assembly of God while also working at the facility for the disabled.
"It's just so awesome being up there and seeing our people worship our Savior," Golatt wrote in September 2006. "A couple of Sundays ago I looked out in the audience and saw one of our youths singing, but not JUST singing, actually agreeing with the words in his heart."

But despite the light that Golatt professed to spread, he apparently has a very dark side.
Golatt, 28, has been charged with more than 60 sex crimes involving children ages 13 years or younger from 2003 to 2007. Rapides Parish Sheriff's detectives said the investigation centers on Golatt's work as a youth minister at Donahue Family Church in Pineville, which no longer is open (Or is it).

Pastors Keith Dickens and Curtis Campbell ( Now both Southern Baptist Ministers are now down the road at another Baptist Church) , ministers at Donahue during the time Golatt allegedly committed the crimes, did not return messages left by The Town Talk seeking comment. (I pick up on these Pastors important part and statements later)

Golatt is behind bars now in the Rapides Parish jail, with a hearing scheduled Friday in front of a 9th District judge. Golatt's attorney, public defender Joe Kutch, refused a Town Talk request to interview Golatt in jail.

His March 29 arrest on four counts of youth sex-crime charges was the beginning. By April 11 the number had grown to 63 charges, including 52 charges of raping children 13 or younger. It wasn't the first time Golatt was accused of sexual crimes.

Golatt was arrested in Idaho in 2006 on two counts of sexual abuse of a mentally challenged adult when he worked at a Twin Falls branch of the Centers for Independent Living.

The crime in Jerome County, Idaho, was reported on Nov. 17, 2006. Golatt was arrested on Dec. 4 on two counts of sexual abuse/exploitation of a vulnerable adult, eventually pleading down to a misdemeanor battery charge, according to the Jerome County Prosecutor's Office.

Golatt was sentenced to 180 days in jail. He spent 30 days in jail. The remainder was suspended, a clerk in the county's prosecutor's office said recently.

Jerome County sheriff's deputies issued a warrant for Golatt in 2007 for parole violation on the battery conviction, but by that time Golatt was back in Louisiana and officials could not extradite him for violating parole on a misdemeanor.

A Town Talk request made Friday to Jerome County sheriff's officials for Golatt's 2006 arrest report was not immediately answered. The Prosecutor's Office said the case file on Golatt and his victim was sealed in 2007.

During his time in Idaho, Golatt also was youth minister at the Buhl Assembly of God, where he raised no suspicions of deviant behavior until the arrest.

"While I was there I didn't have any issues whatsoever. I didn't have any concerns," said the Rev. Travis Hedrick, who was the pastor in Buhl in 2006 but left before Golatt got into trouble.

"I found out many years later that there was some sort of accusation against him, that the church "» asked him to step down for the better good of the church and him."
Hedrick is now a pastor in St. Louis.

Golatt returned to Louisiana in 2007, where he held jobs including student services coordinator at Blue Cliff College in Alexandria (Some odd Statewide Massage School thing ), and a position at the LaSalle Detention Center in Jena, where he was arrested March 29 by Rapides Parish Sheriff's deputies and deputy U.S. marshals.

Blue Cliff campus director Tracy Kazelski refused comment for this article. Pablo Paez, vice president of corporate relations for the Geo Group, said only that Golatt no longer works for the LaSalle Detention Center. The Geo Group is a private company that manages the LaSalle prison for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Questions posed to Kazelski and Paez included whether they had done a criminal background check on Golatt.

Golatt, in the first quarter 2011 Geo Group newsletter, wrote that the LaSalle prison teamed up with a local Head Start program, which helps educate very young and poor children, to deliver gifts to the kids.

"Seeing the children smile was enough to excite the LaSalle team to plan for a bigger and better next year," Golatt wrote.

Rapides Parish Sheriff's Detective Stephen Phillips said Thursday that the police investigation of Golatt has been completed and handed over to the District Attorney's Office. DA James Downs said his office would look at the findings and decide if it warrants bringing the case before a grand jury.

Assistant District Attorney Rocky Willson, who will prosecute the case if a grand jury indicts Golatt, said that although Louisiana law states the punishment meted out for aggravated rape can be the death sentence, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled otherwise.
Willson said, however, that if Golatt is convicted he'll be in prison for a long time.

The Rev. David Brooks, pastor at Calvary Baptist Church in Alexandria, said Golatt was never employed by the church, but that he did help out at Calvary functions when he was a student at Louisiana College. Golatt was among many other college students who helped at church functions, Brooks said.
Brooks said no church members have come forward with accusations against Golatt, and that he's asked youth leaders at Calvary if they've heard of anything.
"Nobody ever suspected anything, never heard anything, so we don't know of anything that happened," Brooks said.
Louisiana College spokeswoman Amy Robertson said school policy prevents any comment on Golatt's years at LC

There is a lot here and Gunn does a good job for the most part. However there are areas he does not go for some reason. That is the purpose of this post to explore that.

The social media site that is mentioned that accused has is incredibly still on the internet. One would think his lawyer would have that deleted by now.

I really recommend you read all the entries. However at his "blog" he highlights a very interesting and in retrospect chilling article from the local Idaho paper in this entry

It offers I think some items that a reporter would maybe check up on. (The bolding is all mine and RED are my remarks)

BUHL -- From the Bible's book of Nehemiah, the Buhl Calvary Assembly of God's new youth pastor, Angelo "Doogie" Golatt, explains to a handful of students that when you do something for God, you will face challenges and resistance.Golatt, who relocated to Buhl from Louisiana in April, certainly has faced opposition in stepping out for faith in God, but remains steadfast in believing he is where he's supposed to be."It took a while to make it happen," said Golatt, 23.

"But I got here and am ready to show the community youth that people love and care for them."Golatt is one of few blacks in this town of 4,000, which according to the Census Bureau is 84 percent white and 15 percent Hispanic. His journey began a year ago, when he was just wrapping up his education at Louisiana College, a 1,000-student Christian liberal arts school.

There he earned a bachelor's degree in religious education with a minor in special education.At that time he was serving as an assistant youth minister, in charge of the middle-school department at Donahue Family Church, an independent congregation (its not INDEPENDENT as will be documented) in Pineville, La."I was on a youth-minister Web site and a job opportunity page popped up," he said. "I saw the position here was available and ended up calling the pastor."But God wasn't ready for him to pack his bags, Golatt says. Instead he spent the next few months with his family."I was in limbo," he said. "

In June, my mentor told me he had been thinking and praying about me and told me to call the church's pastor and see if the position was still open."It was."I came and visited Buhl in September," he said. "And over six months later, here I am."...............

Ok this is crucial. This area of Louisiana is an interesting mix. Overlaying the religious overtones of Central Louisiana is a very Pentecostal along with their cousins the Assemblies of God presence and atmosphere. That in fact has a influence in many ways on both the Catholic and Baptist faith communities in the way of worship and ethos to a certain degree.

The Louisiana Assemblies of God like the Louisiana Baptist Convention are both based in Alexandria. It is indeed a small world where lets say a lot of interaction is happening.

Now here is a question that just is just booming to be asked. We have here a guy that appears to be raised Baptist. Went to a Baptist School, got job at Baptists Churches etc. Then all of a sudden this black Southern Baptist decides to (with the suggestion of mentor) to suddenly become a ASSEMBLIES OF GOD youth Minister thousands of miles a way in very WHITE IDAHO.

Here are a few questions that could be asked I would think since we know this move occurred smack dab in the middle of these now known over 60 charges of sex crimes in Rapides parish alone. They are:

What caused this Baptist to suddenly take a rather drastic step of leaving his faith tradition and taking a Assemblies of God position?

Who was his mentor?

Did any members of the numerous Baptists officials that had contact with the accused know anyone at the State headquarters of the Assemblies of God up the street?

Was there any contact between the various Baptists powers that be and their Assemblies of God friends up the street ?

Was this all done by a (I JUST SAW ON IT A WEB SITE) miracle or does the Idaho pastor have contacts with the Louisiana Assemblies of God Office and was there possible contact?

Why in the middle of what we now know to be a sex crime spree does it appear that by a miracle the accused finds himself as far from Alexandria Louisiana and the local Baptist powers that both can get?

Why would a young man with so many contacts being built up with Louisiana Baptists decide on this quite drastic faith tradition and geographical move?

I don't know but these seem to be questions that seem to be leaping off the page to me.

Incredibly these questions don't seem to come to mind to another reporter at the Alexandria town talk in his piece Background checks, policies help some Cenla churches prevent sexual improprieties. He does does talk to one Baptist Minister that had some contact with the accused but not the main ones. He calls up the Catholics and Pentecostals but does not call up the Louisiana Baptists headquarters that are in his own town where this all occurred. Not one call to the Assemblies of God that out of the blue enters this tragic story.

Lets look at this Church that the accused was at. As we see even recently we have no idea of it's Southern Baptist brand in a good many stories. We often see in these stories it is now closed/. EXCEPT ITS NOT. It has just changed names. The Donahue Church just became the Journey Church that also has a nice school attached to it (that has not changed names YET) that in the offical Louisiana Baptist publication is promoted as an Louisiana Baptist congregation’s school. Indeed we also have something called the THE CHILD DEVELOPMENT CENTER AT THE JOURNEY CHURCH via the Sec of State Web site also here.

Further we also have some called The Gathering Place that is also associated with this now "closed" Church Address. See for that this Sec of State incorporation entry in which was part of the old "closed" Donahue Family Church at one time.

So in other words this appears to be a huge Southern Baptist Asset that has a lot going on at it. Where under it's former name some massive sex abuse was happening.

BUT BUT BUT their web sites don't give an inkling they are Southern Baptist. Well no they don't and in fact this is not unusual. But they are Southern Baptist Churches in that well organized structure. They are not random "Baptist" Churches .

See the Louisiana Baptist General Convention report 2010 Annual LBC - Louisiana Baptist Convention

For The Journey Church see pages 75 and 174
For The Gathering Place see pages 83 and 175

Now lets return to the tragic events. The Pastors at the time of these events were I suspect a rather controversial figures. They were Pastors Keith Dickens and Curtis Campbell.

From UPDATE: Youth Minister Arrested For Alleged Sexual Assault

Golatt came to Donahue Family Baptist Church as a part of a merge with another church. Former Pastor Keith Dickens of Donahue family Baptist Church released the following statement to News Channel Five:

...."Harvest Celebration Church merged with Donahue Family Church in 2003. "Doogie" was a part of Harvest Celebration Church when they merged with Donahue Family Church. "Doogie" was highly recommended by the pastor of Harvest Celebration Church for the position of Jr. High Minister. After being interviewed by the other staff pastors of Donahue Family Church was placed in the position of Jr. High Youth Minister until he left Donahue Family Church sometime in 2005. He was under the direct supervision of the current Youth Minister at the time, who also recommended "Doogie" highly for this position. When I first heard of these accusations my heart was broken and my prayers go out to everyone involved in this situation."
Representatives with the former Harvest Celebration Church could not be reached for comment

Harvest Celebration Church no doubt was also a part of the Southern and Louisiana Baptist Convention.

Now Pastor Dickens if memory serves me right founded the above mentioned CELA Christian Academy. He later had to leave around this time period because of some rather controversal matters as to sports. However both Pastors are right dwon the road. From what I can tell Pastor Dickens is one heck of a CHURCH PLANTER so despite the uproar over the football team he is around.

He and the other Pastor are just down the road at HEART OF WORSHIP. Please note their web site nor name makes mention of their Southern Baptist affilation. But again referencing the 2010 Annual LBC - Louisiana Baptist Convention see their entry on page 74 and more details at page 194.

Now there is a lot of smoke here to say the least as to who knew what. I think at least as to the news reports I saw it does not appear that the accused took another youth minister position when he came back from Idaho . THAT WE KNOW OF NOW. He still might have had contact with children. Regardless it appears no one was warned. The fact it appears he could not get another youth minister job perhaps should be explored. If he could not why not? Who maybe knew what at this point.

I am not saying that there is a grand conspiracy here by the Louisiana Baptist Convention and some major power players lay and cleric alike. But what I am saying is here is a typical example of how abuse by clergy go so unnoticed in the Baptist system and others like it . The old joke was well there can be no Baptist sexual abuse because they don't keep records of it. Here we see an added feature. That is well if there was sexual abuses even the Church "disappear" so who can be held liable?

Last but not least, I think even in the good reporting we see a huge difference in tone as to Catholic abuse cases and the ones we see here. In the Catholic case if a Priest abuses no doubt the VATICAN itself knew about it. In little ole Baptist Alexandria Louisiana no one even bothers making a call to the LBC headquarters. We also get a slight glimpse here of why Lawyers that want to sue the Baptist Church for sexual abuse are defeated in large part by the structure of it.

That is the structure of the Church (and other faith communities likes it) all have some corporate veil of denilability that is difficult to pierce. However in reality they are very much more of a organized body and structure with centralized power than is let on.

In the end though when this tragic case is finished we might have more light and truth.

Let me say I am not saying as fact that in the Baptist Church important people looked the other way. People who abuse children can be the most charming people on earth and are masters of deceptions.

Perhaps during this rampage of sexual abuse in one Civil Parish alone not one person reported it. There was not one credible allegation brought to the board of Deacons, or LBC brass, or powerful and important money people. Perhaps there was not from what we have seen in Catholic examples some tearful remorseful meeting between predator and superiors where he asked for forgiveness and it was given. Maybe in these over 60 counts not one allegation was brought and not one LAWYER consulted. Maybe so. But again maybe not. It seems unlike the Catholic situation people are not too interested in exploring that possibility.

Obama's Dismal Poll Numbers In Israel

This is pretty bad. Contentions has Do Israelis Get To Determine Who’s Pro-Israel?

It will be interesting if this Israeli discomfort continues how it will effect some crucial various electoral demographics in various important States.

It's The 1980's Again- Matthew Fox Is Talking " Catholicism" Plus Bashes the Pope

I went through this way back at a retreat house in Alexandria Louisiana as a Louisiana College Campus Minister Sister was preaching his gospel and how it's fulfillment was right around the corner. The Progressive real "Second Coming" as it were.

Oh what a sad figure. MCJ has THE MATTHEW FOX SHOW!!.

Can't these folks when they leave just stay away.

For Your Liturgical Readings At Weddings Consult Westlaw

I don't know how I missed this that was performed at Boston Episcopal Cathedral earlier this year. See Boston Gay Marriage – TEC have Completed the Circle.

I truly wonder if these educated people with very expensive theology degrees have thought of the implications in a liturgical, scriptural, theological , or indeed an ecclesiological sense that scriptures of the Church chosen has indeed been replaced by a reading from the STATE.

In other news it appears Communion without Baptism is now an acceptable norm and oh yes no DISSENT will be tolerated on that other issue in Chicago.

....."The Q&A discussion says that clergy should not withhold a blessing ceremony based only on sexual orientation: “When it comes to Matrimony or the Blessing of a Holy Union, a priest may also refuse to offer the Church’s blessing to a couple because it is believed that the couple is incapable of entering into a relationship of lasting commitment as understood by our Church. However, these rites are never withheld because something basic to the very nature of the person has disqualified them, e.g., being a man, a woman, a gay person, a white person, a black person.”

Well the State of Illinois has given it directive of it's wishes or lets say the new spirit of things so whats the big deal?

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Art Community and Elite Ignoring Chinese Repression ?

Well it seems the thing to do nowadays so why not. See Have Our Cultural Stewards Abandoned One of Their Own?

The Interesting Diocese of Rapid City North Dakota Get A New Bishop

Whispers has a good overview of this pick here at Airborne: Davenport Rector to "Rapid"... and A "Beer City" Deputy . He was one of two Bishops "made" by the Pope today. The other being an Fr Donald Hying, 47 -- rector of Milwaukee's St Francis Seminary since 2007 -- to aid Milwaukee's Archbishop Jerome Listecki.

Both of these men have significant Seminary and and thus Vocation experience.

Whispers actually overs states the population of the very small Diocese of Rapid City. According to this press relese this morning the Diocese actually has only 25,ooo Catholics . It should be noted as United States Catholic Vocations to the Priesthood are recovering this very small Diocese has 10 men in various stage of Seminary development. While we need that number to gorw that seems a very postive sign.

Louisiana Legislature Debates Scheme To Get Around Electoral College

I had no idea this foolishness was being debated in the Louisiana legislature. The fact that this is the first I have heard of it is concerning. The fact that this dubious scheme to get around the electoral college will been done without a lot of Louisiana Citizens engaging it is outrageous.

See La. House committee approves electing president by popular vote

The good news is that the Jindal administration appears opposed.

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When Sin Should Be Private Even As To Public Figures

Tip of the Hat to Mysterious Things for this.

Here is something that I don't hear quoted a good bit from the Catechism of the Catholic Church:

2492 Everyone should observe an appropriate reserve concerning persons’ private lives. Those in charge of communications should maintain a fair balance between the requirements of the common good and respect for individual rights. Interference by the media in the private lives of persons engaged in political or public activity is to be condemned to the extent that it infringes upon their privacy and freedom.


2489 Charity and respect for the truth should dictate the response to every request for information or communication. The good and safety of others, respect for privacy, and the common good are sufficient reasons for being silent about what ought not be known or for making use of a discreet language. The duty to avoid scandal often commands strict discretion. No one is bound to reveal the truth to someone who does not have the right to know it.283

There appears to be some political scandal in the UK that has got people talking. The Catholic papers over there have picked up on it and offered some wise comments. First see Nobody has any right to know about the sex lives of footballers and incompetent bankers from the UK Catholic Herald.

Now to take this beyond the Press and legal issues that we see in the UK versus the USA, there is a good follow up to this article that was done by a UK Catholic Priest also in the Herald. See Sins are not meant to be a form of public entertainment-The existence of the seal of the confessional reminds us that these things belong firmly in the internal forum.

He says in part (BOLDING IS MINE) :

....There are two reasons, I suppose, why people make such efforts to keep their private life private. The first is the obvious one: some things are simply private of their very nature. No one could possibly want strangers to pour over one’s bank statement or one’s tax return, could they? Likewise, when it comes to ordinary (that is, non-criminal) sexual matters; these are no one’s business but our own. The desire to pry (or what is called voyeurism) is very strong, but it ought not to be indulged. There was a good example of this recently when Ann Widdecombe stoutly repulsed Piers Morgan’s efforts to get her to talk about her private life on television. “Some things are meant to stay private,” she said to him; and the audience, quite rightly applauded; that shut Piers up.

The second reason is this: if facts about our private lives are made public this exposes us not to the sympathy of the general public, but to the fury and cruelty of the mob. There is a very long history of the so called gutter press using sexual imagery and stories to torment people they do not like. Witness what happened to Marie Antoinette in the years before the French Revolution. Mr Giggs is now open to ridicule at the very least, torment at the worst, by a crowd that is itself not noted for its moral standards. Moreover, this crowd is not motivated by anything other than cruelty and the desire to humiliate someone who has until now been its idol. We often hear the phrase “sense of fair play” and of its association with the British character. If only this were true. People should leave Mr Giggs alone. Yes, he has sinned, but we are all sinners. We should remember what our Blessed Lord did when confronted with another adulterer...

He ends his piece:
.....Finally, we need to reflect on ourselves. Do we rejoice in the wrongdoing of others? Do we enjoy reading about their failures and misdemeanours? Taking pleasure in the sins of others is in itself a sin. St Paul says as much in one of his most famous and memorable passages.

I actually thought of this in my the reaction to the whole PORN and Bin Laden episode. First it should be apparent I am not out defend the HOLINESS of Bin Laden by any means.

However it was quite a leap to first make the assumption it was his in the first place. But what got me what was the hypocrite charge. LOOK HE WAS A TOTAL FRAUD!! Really? No matter what you think about Bin Laden I am not sure that charge is well founded. His cause might be evil, his view of Islam misguided but I am not sure a few porn tapes tend to show his lack of insincerity . Perhaps I had no illusion he was a Radical Islamic Superman. Note I have no real objection of how this was used against an evil man and terrorist. But the fact that people seemed to focus on that sexual vice with such gusto made me think. Instead of focusing on the butcher he was we are talking porn tapes. Which led me to another what if.

Lets say , and I am picking a name out of hat here, that after Billy Graham dies they find a stash of Hustlers magazines in his home. Has his whole life been a fraud or was he like any human being that struggled in that long race St Paul talks about. Regardless you can bet dollars to donuts that charge would be made. If Billy Graham had porn does that mean that harms of porn should not be talked about because Christian Ministers and Priests might engage in that sin from time to time. What if it came out Billy Graham in the 80's had an affair for a couple of months but He later repented. Would that invalidate everything he taught? Well I hope not and I am not sure how society would function if such a standard was imposed on everyone on many issues of sin.

That is not to say Ministers and Priests should not be held to a high standard. But when I now see calls that Priests that might have violated their vows decades ago WITH AN ADULT be exposed to the public I have to ask for what purpose.

We see this often on attacks on what are labeled "Family Values" politicos in the USA. To be fair this sinful voyeurism is quite bipartisan. Some aspects of digging into President's Clinton's life was well uncalled for.

But we see this all the time. A person that is anti abortion or pro traditional marriage or speaks up for the family once he has a failing is condemned as a HYPOCRITE. Well the Church is full of hypocrites by that standard. That is why we have the Sacrament of Confession. I am much more concerned about the small lines at Confession than politicos or public figures in religious , political, or cultural life that do not always meet the mark.

I also wonder about the people that love to indulge in the piling on when someone fails or sins. What are their private lives like? They might be not be in the public square but I hope they are teaching lessons to their kids. Does their "private" sin make everything they teach their children a BIG LIE. Should their kids disregard their parents and extended family members passing down lessons and rules of moral conduct? Does the fact that they might have a private sin invalidate their entire role as moral teacher?

The other troubling aspect of this is the tendency to try to make hypocrisy impossible. That is solving the problem by a constant lowering of standards and morals.

Lets get out of the political field. Did we REALLY need to know all that about Tiger Woods? One gets an uneasy feeling that too many people are taking a "sinful" enjoyment of this public morality play they were feeding and demanding. A play that one further suspects that if their private lives were exposed would perhaps not be such a great comparison. That so many people can not comment and lash out t behind the safe wall of the anonymous social media of social media makes it seem even more distasteful.

I agree with the Priest above that some sin is just private. This is not to say I am taking sin (sexual sin or other sin ) lightly. I just not sure how the common good is often helped by exposing it for all to see. Maybe I am wrong and there are a lot of SAINTS walking around. However I know I am not one of them.

Bobby Jindal Gets Democrat Opponent In Claiborne Parish School Teacher - Meet Tara Hollis

I don't know what it says about the local media that I have to read about something happening literally up the road from me in a Lafayette news publication. See This week in quixotic: North La. teacher running for gov . I guess Louisiana's First Lady's recent visit to Haynesville public schools fail to persuade her as to her political outlook :)

Well welcome to the political world Mrs Hollis though I suspect I will continue to back the Baton Rouge guy .. As the article notes she has a web page.

9/11 World Trade Center Hero Ordained A Catholic Deacon

This is an uplifting story via a Tip of the Hat to the Deacon's Bench.

See Kelly: 9/11 encounter saved two lives . The Angels Walk Among Us by Judith Toppin that is mentioned in the article can be read here.

Meet The Catholic Annie Oakley of the Diocese of Baton Rouge

Fun story in the Diocese of Baton Rouge Catholic newspaper. It can be downloaded or previewed here at the May 18th entry.. It is on page nine and is titled "Haase has two lives: social ministry coordinator, sharpshooter."

One Louisiana Super Board For Louisiana Universities Dead On Arrival

If we can't can't merge UNO and SUNO then I expect the likelihood of one Super Governing board for all Louisiana Colleges is a tad realistic.

Between the Lines has a post up on a certain piece of legislation. See Diluted board merger better than nothing, but still may fail . I think we can just get rid of the "may".

There is the Conflict between the historic Black colleges and the rest the state systems.

There is conflict between the LSU system and everyone else.

There is conflict within the Louisiana system that mistrust some in the University of Louisiana system as well as the LSU system.

There is fear of North Louisiana Universities and versus the much more populous and thus numerically superior South Louisiana Legislative delegation.

There would be folks at ULM , ULL, and LA TECH that would be convinced this was just a huge plot to destroy athletics anywhere but LSU BR.

Problems Problems Problems!!

Now I am not advocating we should move to one super board. Perhaps we should. Just saying it is not happening this legislative session. In fact I have often wondered if behind the scenes one reason the SUNO / UNO merger went down was because others feared if that happened then what was next.

Obama Trip To the UK Reaffirms " Essential Relationship" ?

President Obama's trip to the UK has not quite got the headlines can coverage I expected. A large part of this is because the United States seems to be going through horrific natural disasters every 5 minutes. So that needless to say has got people's attention in the USA .

Still there has been some coverage and one does not have to be a die hard Anglophile to see the image of the President speaking at Westminster this morning as very dramatic.

A UK Catholic voice gives an update at America on the events. See Obama in Westminster Hall seals 'alliance of values'

Well I hope it has gone well overall as portrayed there. I have not read all of the President's speech but I like this part that was highlighted in the above article:

Being British and American, he said, was about "believing in a certain set of ideals -- the rights of individuals and the rule of law"; the speech was peppered with other examples: believing that "everyone is endowed by our Creator with certain rights that cannot be denied"; tolerance; self-determination; dignity.

Perhaps the most interesting -- and daring -- part of the speech was about immigration and assimilation. In the US and the UK, he said, "it is possible for people to be united by their ideals, rather than divided by their differences" and "possible for hearts to change and hatreds to pass". This assimilation through acquiring shared values made it meant, he said, that immigrants "can pledge allegiance to our flag and call themselves American"; "in Britain, they can sing 'God save our Queen' like any other citizen."

That led to the line that caused the 1,000-strong audience of MPs and peers to applaud. It was this openness, he said, that enabled "this grandson of a Kenyan cook who served in British army to stand before you as President of the United States

Now there is a lot of meat there. Of course the UK faces some challenges as to assimilation that we do not. However I do like the overall tone of that on many levels. It would be interesting to explore all the facets of perhaps that natural law and indeed Western Civilization that is tied to Christianity that Obama is mentioning in passing too.

Regardless this is an ESSENTIAL relationship and I am glad to see it reaffirmed by all sides.

Editor of Vatican Newspaper Life Saved As Child By Intercession of Saint Pope Pius the X

I saw a very good Italian Journalist that covers the Vatican beat tweet in English that this was a must read this morning. Sadly while the tweet was English the article was in Italian! I was about to haul the ole google translate.

Thankfully Father Z , whose Italian is very good, has translated this cool story. See
Editor of L’Osservatore Romano cured as a child by the intercession of St. Pius X

Bishop Duca Thinks 25th Anniversary Of Diocese of Shreveport A Rather Big Deal

IT EVEN HAS IT'S OWN WEB SITE for the big event to celebrate it. It also appears all Saturday Vigil Masses (except at the celebration) have been canceled on that day so all Priest and Laity can attend.

I like the web site. Thought I might change the color on the top tabs that lead to a lot of info. The yellow is so bright I almost missed it.

I am not really one of these small group breakout session folks but I better attend. Though every small group/ breakout session I have attended that has been entitled "Parish Models" has either been boring as watching paint dry or slightly heretical. But this is ta new day and our Bishop is pretty Orthodox. Further the other topics are important. ESPECIALLY EVANGELIZING.

I like the Hispanics are getting highlighted. This a good time for the local Church as a whole to realize their importance.

A Little Local News- Barrow Peacock Running For Louisiana State Senate

This caught my eye over at My Bossier. See Candidate Forum: Barrow Peacock for State Senate .

He is running for State Senate 37 which is currently held by State Senator Buddy Shaw of Shreveport. Buddy Shaw IS NOT TERM LIMITED but will not run for reelection . Here is some info on him.

Here is a map of the old District before redistricting. It take in a lot of the "Highland Area" of Shreveport and a good bit of Bossier City. This the new map. There appears to me to have been some changes but nothing that substantial.

Peacock will have another Republican running against him .That is Rep. Jane Smith (R-Dist. 8, Bossier)who is being term limited out of the House. Here is an article on her announcement.

I will get on the Twitter doo dad and figure out if the Dems are planning to put someone up.

Barrow actually ran against Shaw for this seat in 2007.

You can view the results here.

It will be interesting to see what coalitions Barrow has built the last four years. This is a very interesting district and one of the more entertaining ones to watch for me during election season. Will the Blue Bloods rally behind Peacock? Will it be a classic war between Caddo Parish Republicans and Bossier Parish Republicans? What role will the Democrats play and do they have an opportunity here. Sometimes parts of this District have a sort of "progressive element" so who knows. Though that would be a uphill struggle.

For now my money is on Rep Jane Smith but it is still very early.

Why Catholics Are Going To "And With Your Spirit " In the Liturgy

This will be one of the most dramatic changes in the new requirements in the Liturgy that will be the most notable.

OSV has a good piece on the why of the change . As Pointed out this can actually be viewed as "not a change" also

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

2011 Louisiana Democrats In Tons Of Hurt

The Independent has a pretty good and well quoted article up. See Dems In Distress. It is the cover story for this month. Tip of the Hat to the Dead Pelican for this

The state of Louisiana democrats this year , and for the foreseeable future, has been much discussed . However as the article rightly points out it is not all doom and gloom especially when one looks at the mayors.

I thought Cedric Glover of Shreveport and Kip Holden of Baton Rouge should have been highlighted a bit more. They are both black democrats that have shown success in getting not only "white" vote but conservative white vote at times. I think officeholders like that are critical for the Democrat party on the statewide level.

Elliot Stonecipher is of course quoted. I like Elliot but at times I wonder if his advice or insight is that great lately. However in this article he has some good points .

Congressman Cedric Richmond is rightly spotlighted. Also is spotlighted as to him that he may not get reelected in this new district.

What seems missing from this article is the fact that conservative democrats could be both conservative in the past and get the "black vote". I am not sure why it's assumed there are loads of tension there.

Further perhaps it's me but I get a feeling that the progressives (both white and black) are much more activated as to the grass roots. A sort of liberal tea party as it were that we might be missing. How this works out in the general elections we don't know. If they elect too liberal democrats well that will not work that well I suppose.

A good article though

Archdiocese of Miami - Beauty In the Liturgy

Another sign that things are now going in the tight direction in this important Archdiocese. See M.C. of Archdiocese of Miami on Beauty in the Life of the Church via NLM.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Tornado Destroys Joplin Missouri Catholic Church and Parish School

I can not recall nature just be so destructive on the USA in a just a few months.

This is of course just down the road just a few miles from the City of Carthage where one of America's largest yearly events takes place. That is Mary Days.

From the Diocese of Springfield web site

Devastation in Joplin

Please keep the people of Joplin in our prayers, especially those whose lives were taken as well as those who lost loved ones. We pray especially for the people of St. Mary’s Catholic Church and school who suffered a total loss as well as St. John’s Mercy hospital which sustained major damage.
Bishop Johnston

Devastation in Joplin

Please keep the people of Joplin in our prayers, especially those whose lives were taken as well as those who lost loved ones. We pray especially for the people of St. Mary’s Catholic Church and school who suffered a total loss as well as St. John’s Mercy hospital which sustained major damage.
Bishop Johnston

We have received word that Fr. Justin Monaghan, pastor of St. Mary’s, Joplin, is alright and was well cared for last evening by parishioners.

Fr. J. Friedel, pastor of St. Peter’s in Joplin, reports that he is well. Fr. J shares these thoughts via his Facebook page:
Just got back from closing down the Catholic High School which was opened as an overflow triage center. Our area of town was untouched, though the neighboring parish (20 blocks away) has probably lost their entire physical plant...I know you've all seen the footage of St. John's, our Catholic Hospital, which is probably also a total loss! Please keep our community in your prayers...there has been and will be much suffering. Such destruction and violence.... Thanks, everyone, for your calls, texts, and messages of support. Going to sleep now, so we can be at it again in the morning.

Those wishing to send financial aid to the victims of Sunday evening’s devastation in Joplin my send them to the Catholic Charities of Southern Missouri Office:

601 S. Jefferson Ave.
Springfield, MO 65806

Please note on the donation “Joplin”. As we work through this tragedy we will discover more ways we can best serve the needs of Joplin.

CCSM continues to assist those in the Poplar Bluff area with deposit and housing needs from the flooding in that area. Please keep all of these people in your continued prayers.

Those wishing to send financial aid to the victims of Sunday evening’s devastation in Joplin my send them to the Catholic Charities of Southern Missouri Office:

601 S. Jefferson Ave.
Springfield, MO 65806

Please note on the donation “Joplin”. As we work through this tragedy we will discover more ways we can best serve the needs of Joplin.

CCSM continues to assist those in the Poplar Bluff area with deposit and housing needs from the flooding in that area. Please keep all of these people in your continued prayers.

Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi Speaks On Hisotoric Bloggers Meeting A The Vatican

Whispers has it at Quote of the day

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pope Benedict Calls Up the Space Station (VID)

Pretty cool. Interesting and personal question dealing with one of the Italian Astronauts and a situation I was not aware of

Friday, May 20, 2011

Catholics We Are All Priests Now- Well the Right People

One has a feeling if these people had achieved power they would have been ruthless in stamping out "dissent".

See For the Dissidents, We’re All Priests Now .

These people took themselves REAL seriously in the 80's.

Rapture Day With Catholic Links

I have not commented on the rapture stuff but today is supposed to be the big day!! I have not commented because I think the tone and mocking has gone a bit too far.

I am glad that this has happened because a good bit of "False Teaching" and error has had an opportunity to be refuted.

That being said these folks are Baptized Christians and thus while very much in error are brothers and sisters. In fact many are in the Catholic Church but in a imperfect way. So I do worry what will happen to these folks when in the 99.999999 percent chance it does not happen I worry about these people faith.

Think what happens ( and I am saying just WHAT IF) the Church says the Medjugorje apparitions are false. That will not be pleasant for any of us so I am holding back a tad on the mocking. Further we Catholic believe in a lot of stuff that is getting more mocked. NOT saying that some mocking or satire cannot be had when attacking a false belief. But I think we need to realize a lot of people are likely going to be disappointed and I am worried about thgem.

Anyway here is a good Catholic roundup of links via THE ANCHORESS see
It’s the Rapture Round-up! which I think is done in a respectful way.

Media : Baptists 1 Gays 0 In Louisiana School Bully Fight!! (Updated)

(UPDATE- See bottom)

That might as well have been the head line from what I saw on the reporting as to this matter.
The Gambit had an article that is typical yesterday of the reporting and emphasis we have seen. See Anti-bullying bill fails in Louisiana legislature .

For the record I do not think the Louisiana Conference of Catholic Bishops had position on this. That is understandable since they don't want public schools intervening with Catholic schools. So we Louisiana Catholics in the public school system are left to fend for ourselves.

Now is that legislator correct that the gay rights lobby is behind this. Well I suspect he is to some degree.

Though it's close cousin , the over broad concerning CYBERBULLY legislation passed last year, was supported by a broader coalition. So it does have allies elsewhere I suspect.

Do Baptists and others have a need for concern? Well maybe they do. One has to be blind not to see that a enormous amount of behavior is being called "hate" I am told constantly that being opposed to gay marriage is "homophobic" and "hateful" . There is also a tendency among these groups to try outlaw all sort of actions and words as hate speech and to impose all sort of official and unofficial sanctions. So yes that is in the background and so lets not be naive. However was that the real problem here?

The current law can be found here in full.
2) For purposes of this Subsection, the terms "harassment", "intimidation", and "bullying" shall mean any intentional gesture or written, verbal, or physical act that:

(a) A reasonable person under the circumstances should know will have the effect of harming a student or damaging his property or placing a student in reasonable fear of harm to his life or person or damage to his property; and

(b) Is so severe, persistent, or pervasive that it creates an intimidating, threatening, or abusive educational environment for a student.

(3) Any student, school employee, or school volunteer who in good faith reports an incident of harassment, intimidation, or bullying to the appropriate school official in accordance with the procedures established by local board policy shall be immune from a right of action for damages arising from any failure to remedy the reported incident

(4) The provisions of this Subsection shall not apply to the parishes of Livingston, East Baton Rouge, East Feliciana, West Feliciana, St. Helena, and Tangipahoa.

Now we see here that the law is imposing an affirmative duty on schools here. But we also see that there appears to be needed most of the time some pattern of abuse that is occurring. That is not one isolated action necessarily gets the anti bully hearings and disciplinary machinery rolling.

I think that is very fair and a good system. At least it provides some sanity and safeguards as we go into the complex area of children learning socialization skills. The sad fact is children can be very cruel. If one thinks that can be legislated out with a combination of harsh sanctions they are fools.

What shockingly has not been commented on the news media is the new bill would have changed that. The text of House bill 112 as it hit the House Floor yesterday can be found here. Read the whole thing and one can see the dramatic change.

Now note the "AND" is deleted and Added is :
(b) Any intimidating, threatening, or abusive gesture or written, verbal, or
physical act
by a student directed at another student occurring on school property,
on a school bus, or at a school-sponsored event that a reasonable person under the
circumstances would perceive as being motivated by any actual or perceived
characteristic, such as race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, sexual
orientation, gender, gender identity or expression, physical characteristic, political persuasion, mental disability, or physical disability, as well as attire or association with others identified by such categories

That is quite a significant change and you can bet it got the attention of school boards and their defense lawyers very fast. We have gone from a situation where a student is engaged in a persistent pattern of making a person's life hell to one incident triggering all sort of things. Including liability on school boards.

Also what triggers this? For instance if a child goes "Fu** you Republican you are evil "and then proceeds to give him the middle finger to boot would it start the whole anti bully process? My past interactions with having to protect the rights of kids labeled "Special needs" who get into trouble does not give me a lot of confidence in the just nature of the system.

The fact of this major change seemed to go unnoticed as papers around the State wanted to have this as a show down between the gays and Louisiana Family Forum /Baptists. However this is a critical change in the law that would have consequences. We are setting up a process and going down a road to where fear of litigation resulting from a possible violation of a legislative mandated duty sets up absurd results.

Now as noted in the article the following language was taken out on the House floor that dealt with “race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity or expression, physical characteristic, political persuasion, mental disability, or physical disability, as well as attire or association with others identified by such categories"

Now that does not mean any of those categories could not be used in a determination of this one act. However the Gambit seems to miss the bigger point as it returns to the comments of a North Louisiana legislature. That new PART B is still there. I suspect that was the huge problem.

This is the sad fact. We cannot nor should not want to try to legislate and sanction all hurtful words and actions of childhood. You really can't do it and when you try injustice is likely to occur.

I feel quite strongly about this because I have seen how ZERO TOLERANCE policies on school violence create idiotic results. I have seen how these polices have caused kids get lost in the system of "alternative schools" where they have to go when they are disciplined or "expelled".

I also have seen that the effects of this seem to fall on certain people of demographics that face challenges already. Further I have seen how teachers and principles have used these rules to get rid of "problem" students. It's a big mess. I am not even getting in the other speech and religion issues that one encounters.

I do not advocate that students or parents should not have a recourse when their child is being abused in the schools. But we must be careful about it so not to cause more harm than good. In other words we need to make sure what might be a classic "moral panic" causes well an evil.

Now some faith groups came in and supported this legislation. From last week :

..The Rev. Priscilla Maumus of the Episcopal Church said the "vows of my baptism and my ordination," both referencing "the dignity of every human being," compel her support....

Well that is all well and good. But why in the real world do I think that an average Episcopal Child , IF THEY ARE EVEN IN THE PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM, that like other children say hurtful things will get benefits that children from other backgrounds will not. Heck add children of journalists from the Gambit to other papers as to that "unofficial" more protected class.

Update- A supporter of the bill is not pleased with Rep. Alan Seabaugh, R-Shreveport. See here post Anti-bullying bill FAILS in Louisiana legislature -- Professional bully, Alan Seabaugh (R-Shreveport), calls me an idiot. FUN EMAIL EXCHANGE!

By the way I should be finishing revamping the links this weekend on my blog. My Louisiana link section will be politically diverse and I am adding her. Should be a fun ads.

Regardless my many obejctions to this bill for the reasons I stated above still stand.

Extreme Make Over of Blog Continues

Would have posted more last night but I want to finish the housekeeping on my blog my tomorrow night :)

I you go to the link you will see I have added a Priests/Deacon/Religious link section. That took some time because its one of the newer section I have added that I went ahead and put in the new links. Which means I spent forever looking at their blogs last night.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Prominent Conservative and Catholic Robert George Comes to Cornel West's Defense

Now this will get noticed in some quarters.. Cornell West has come under some criticism from all quarters and all sides for some criticisms of President Obama.

At Mirrors of Justice Robert George mounts a defense of his colleague and friend. See The Cornel West I Know

Confederate General Longstreet- Catholic Convert

General Longstreet is one of my favorite Confederate Generals. He is also one of those men found in both the North and South that jumped into the reunification business of our country with full heart and soul. Those people at times were not too popular. Sadly Longstreet suffered for that as his reputation got unjustly trashed by many of his fellow Southerners.

Post war while in New Orleans he converted too the Catholic faith. That story and indeed that also of his wife are very interesting. American Catholic has the story here.

On Nice Sunny May Rome Day Pope Talks Sodom and Gomorrah (FULL TEXT)

How Confederate Battle Flags Lost the White House For Democrats

Flags cause controversy today like they did yesterday. American Catholic has some interesting history here at Grover Cleveland and the Great Confederate Battle Flags Furor

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Like 1927 Catholics In Small Louisiana Town Pray To Virgin Mary For Protection Against Flooding

I saw this story and vid here KLFY at Prayer for Protection

As residents throughout Louisiana brace for rising flood waters, St. Joseph the Worker parishioners in Assumption Parish are turning to their faith, more specifically, the virgin Mary, who they believe will be their saving grace.

On the tiny island overlooking the Pierre Part Bay, nearly 100 devout Catholics gather every day to pray the rosary.

Anna Mabile organizes the gathering. "It brings a calmness to all of us as we say the rosary and ask for her protection," she said. Residents here have found that sense of calm in praying to this statue of the Virgin Mary.

"We look at the statue and we think of her," said parishioner Janice Pintado.

They believe their connection to the blessed Mother is what will save them from the rapidly approaching flood waters, just as it has for over a hundred years.

"If you ask for her intercession it is never known to have failed and I strongly believe that," Roland Pintado, a parishioner, explained.

Years after the statue was first erected, the great flood of 1927 swept through Pierre Part. The devout gathered here and prayed the rosary begging the Virgin Mary to save their community. The water continued to rise but never above the Virgin Mary's feet and the town was spared.

Just like the town it watched over through wind and water, the statue itself has stayed strong. Parishioners pray that the approaching flood will be no exception.

"We're not saying there won't be water, but we are praying damage will be minimal and definitely the loss of life for no one," Janice Pintado continued.

"The spirits I guess take care of us. Something's going on, I can't explain it and I'm not even going to try," said Roland Pintado.

The statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary has been on the island across from the chapel and overlooking the Pierre Part Bay since 1892.