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Glory, Hallelujah! Glory! Glory, Hallelujah! Louisiana Tech Won

Just got back from the game. It is up there with the best top Five Tech games I have been too in my life. Everyone was on fire. The fans the team etc.

Louisiana Tech 27-Hawaii 6- FINAL!!!!
A very nice game day. Can't wait to see it again. I taped the ESPN broadcast. We have beaten Hawaii before and it is often a tough game. But I think the domination tonight was something I have never seen. Can we bring down Boise State?

Beating Hawaii is special because gosh darn it they are a team that has talent and a lot of pride. Good game on all sides.

I must think that Louisiana Tech got a great info commercial on all angles with the game tonight.

Looking at the Evil Catholics Of the University Of Hawaii (Go Louisiana Tech)

Do not be deceived by their innocent smiling faces!!!

How is it to be a Catholic in paradise each day. Well I guess it is paradise. Sometime that Hawaii based Bounty Hunter TV show gives us insight it is not all beaches.

Anyway we are continuing to look at the state of Catholic Campus Ministry around the country. The vehicle I am using is to take a a glance at the Catholic presence of at Universities that my two favorite schools play. That is LSU (Geaux Tigers) and Louisiana Tech (Go Dawgs).

Tonight the evil devious dirty Hawaii Football team is coming to Louisiana Tech. See Go Louisiana Tech Beat Hawaii Tonight (News Links) . When I mean dirty I mean dirty. Wow those Samoa guys don't play around :)

It is always a fun game and often exciting. Tech for some reason gives Hawaii a much closer game in Ruston than they do on the Islands.

Here is the Newman Center page for the University of Hawaii if one wishes to give it a glance.

I like it . It is very well organized. The History section is interesting There we learn that JESUITS have been pretty much running the show there forever. More reason to keep our guard up.

They have their bulletins and Priest's Homilies on line too. Which can give you an overview perhaps of what they are doing.

Sadly the photo gallery seems down which means I could not do any good farking fun.

If any evil Hawaii Catholics come by this post leave a comment and tell us what is going on.
So I will do my best to make sure Hawaii Catholics behave themselves at the game tonight. There seems to be nice Univ of Hawaii presence in Dallas and they usually have a Nice crowd that comes over. Though on a Wednesday Night we shall see how well they represent.


Next up we look at the evil Catholics of the University Georgia that LSU plays this week

Our Sunday Visitor Looks At Catholic Bishops Subsidiarity Arguments On Health Care

This is sort of significant. For those outside Catholic land Our Sunday Visitor is a paper that a Parish often buys and gives away free at Masses. So this issue might get a more major look than usual.

See What the Church teaches about (big) government
Cited by some U.S. bishops, the Catholic principle of subsidiarity is providing a new wrinkle in the health care debate

Tip of the hat to the Catholci Key at OSV Reports on Bishops, Subsidiarity and Health Care Reform

Supreme Court Grants Cert In Major Gun Case (Huge)

Well this is the one we have been waiting for. If the second amendment shall be applied fully to the States and local government is pretty much inthe hands of Justice Kennedy I guess.

From Instapundit

SECOND AMENDMENT UPDATE: Supreme Court grants cert. in Chicago case. “It chose one of the Chicago cases — McDonald v. Chicago (08-1521) — a case brought to it by Alan Gura, the Alexandria, VA. lawyer who won the 2008 decision for the first time recognizing a constitutional right to have a gun for personal use, at least in self-defense in the home (District of Columbia v. Heller).” Interestingly, they’re asking about Privileges And Immunities, too. Some background here.
Posted at by Glenn Reynolds at 11:39 am

Lets Pray the Queer Rosary!!!

Ohhh goodness lets not. When You think you have read everything.

.............According to the California Catholic Daily, McMullan and a Rev. Jim Mitulski taught a two-part class on “Praying the Queer Rosary” at an event for the New Spirit/MCC Church of Berkeley. The announcement for the class said it is “based on stories from the bible [sic] which depict Queer Families or Relationships.”
Another event was hosted at Berkeley’s Newman Hall – Holy Spirit Parish, which announced a Rosary “in solidarity with LGBT Catholics” facilitated by McMullan and Mike Campos, another doctoral student at the Graduate Theological Union.The “Relational Mysteries” are listed as Fidelity - Ruth’s pledge to Naomi; Grief – The Parting of David and Jonathan; Intercession – Esther intercedes for her people; Restoration – the raising of Lazarus; and Discipleship – the two encounter Christ on the road to Emmaus

You know we need to get back to excommunications. Better yet things like this make me think we should go back to the Papal practice of the interdict and put the entire City of San Francisco under it or at least Berkeley. Maybe we can return to Papal Armies!! Right now I would love a Vatican B-52 bombing raid of the Berkeley Newman Hall.
I would have no problem with people that have Same Sex Attraction using the Rosary and pertinent scriptures to try to live their lives in the fullness of the faith. Pretty sure that is not what is going on here.

Campaign Reform Threatens Catholics' Free Speech?

I truly think it does. I really liked McCain but gosh I hated that idea of his that got passed into Law. I was even more mad that Bush did not veto it as he promised he would in the South Carolina Primary. I think for those that voted for it but didn't like parts of it they thought the  Supreme Court would throw it out.


Inside Catholic has a good post and link here at Is campaign reform threatening Catholics' free speech?

A Czech Republic Catholic Talks About Success of Pope's Trip

Father Z has the fascinating viewpoint , with a lot of history I was not aware of, at From a reader in the Czech Republic about papal trip

Former President of Pakistan Says United States Looks Weak

Wonderful. Wheat and Weeds has the link and other thoughts.

Priest Writes Letter to the Editor Defending All Male Priesthood

A very good one I might add. Ten Reasons has the link at Abundant scriptural support.

That same blogger is thankfully in the comment section where the letter is at combatting numerous errors.

The Priest that wrote the letter , and also has a interesting life story, by way is the blogger Bonfire of the Vanities which is a very good blog.

Go Louisiana Tech Beat Hawaii Tonight (News Links)

Yes we are changing the banner again for today!! My alma mater has a big game tonight. It will be a national televized game on ESPN 2. This game is huge for both teams

Lou Holtz , Mark May and the ESPN gang of stars are coming to town too !!!


Hawaii game means a lot for Louisiana Tech Monroe News Star

Louisiana Tech coach wants big turnout for game against UH Maui News

UH prepares for worst Honolulu Advertiser

Warriors could lose their shirts with loss Honolulu Advertiser

La.Tech gets another shot at Hawaii Shreveport Times

Romney Supporters Still In Denial Over Why He Lost

I was over at Race 4 2012 and saw this post Matt Lewis: “Romney’s Enemies, Gearing Up for 2012″. The article is not what so much interests me but the comments. It appears the Romney supporters are still in denial over why Mitt lost. If Mitt wants to correct the problems he had in 2008 he will not be helped by some of his supporters still at this late date barking up the wrong tree.

It appears at the forefront of this is the Article VI blog written by an Evangelical Romney supporter that appears to be so invested in his theory (Mitt Lost because he was a Mormon) that he still at this very late date can't let it go.

He has just finished up a series of posts I intend to respond too in some detail some time this week. See his posts Telling The Story – Part III – ‘Clowns To The Left Of Me’ for the links. Article VI in telling his story of why Mitt lost and the Huckabee angle leaves out a good bit. Why was Huck so mad? Why did he dislike Mitt Romney? It had nothing to do with the Mormon issue. Again more later on that.

There is a amazing habit of Romney supporters and even the MSM that make Evangelicals the boogyman of ignoring the exit polls that give us indications of why Mitt lost. Why the media ignores this after spending countless millions to do them is good question. Why Romney supporters ignore them that so much want a future Romney White House is even more baffling.

I sort of hit on this here at Chairman of Republican Party Explains Why Romney Lost (The Mormon Issue Again and other Myths) and Blame Catholics Not Evangelicals For Romney Losing in 08

Mitt lost for many reasons the Mormon issue the least of his worries. I shall get into that in response to the above posts by Article VI.

One of the main reasons that Mitt came across as well mean. As the very good political analysis Jay Cost said way back when it appeared the wheels were coming the Romney campaign:

Why is it that most primary candidates refuse to run sustained, intense negative campaigns? The answer is that everybody is basically on the same side. An attacking candidate has to be careful about his opponent's core supporters. He runs the risk of alienating them - and they might ultimately refuse to support him after their guy drops out of the race. Romney might find himself in that situation.

His attacks on McCain and Huckabee have been as sustained and intense as any this cycle. And there is evidence that this has damaged him with the Mac and Huck factions. The Pew poll found that Romney's net favorable rating among these voters is not very strong: just +7% among McCain voters, and a whopping -9% among Huckabee voters. Of course, the sample sizes informing these statistics are small - but they are large enough to validate this modest conclusion:

Romney is relatively weak among Huckabee and McCain supporters. For comparative purposes: McCain is +30% among Huckabee supporters; Huckabee is +15% among McCain supporters; Giuliani is an eye-popping +69% among McCain supporters, and +33% among Huckabee supporters. [A problem Romney will confront if he wins the GOP nomination: he has a net -12% favorable rating among the general electorate. I'd wager this is also a consequence of the negative tenor of his campaign in recent months.]

This is of course ignored. Mitt supporters love Mitt and don't understand why not everyone does not share their obvious devotion. If they don't it must because of those "Evangelicals". Also Cost's statement will not go too far with them because they will have to admit their part in this political napalm like tactic that was engaged in for way too long. It very much disrupts Mitt and his supporters are the victim meme that is still being pushed. A meme I suspect Romney wishes was not being pushed at all.

Obama has a "republican" Problem- Jay Cost Nails it

I think this is one of the more insightful things I have read as to President's Obama's core problem. No he has not talking about Obama's GOP problem but Obama "republican" problem.

It is sort of fascinating that Bushes (Bush Sr, and Bush Jr) that descended and enjoyed the benefits of the northeast aristocracy of power and wealth did not have this attitude.

It has been reported Bushs Sr's mother was getting on to her son because he was talking about himself too much. Bush tried to explain to her that he had to do it on occasion. Bush Jr also carried a republican air about himself.

Obama that came from an opposite background seems the opposite.

Alternative Universe- President Mitt Romney's Health Care Bill

I noted this very critical piece RomneyCare vs. ObamaCare - yes it's the same. today.

I don't really want to get if it is the same or if RomneyCare is good or bad. I want to examine the politics of this and the strange stuff that went on in the past Republican Primary.

Some of the strong public voices against Obamacare are Beck, Hannity and Limbaugh that lead host of other conservative organizations and pundits. However these same organizations were the biggest supporters of Romney and served as attack dogs that never let up on McCain and Huckabee.

Does anyone find this strange?

The whole GOP primary was a strange affair and one wonders what behind the scenes deals were cut. The mainstream media were too busy watching the Obama and Hillary show to take notice that they maybe should be asking those questions.

Mitt Romney passed a "Universal Statewide" health care bill that was the centerpiece of his administration and yet there seemed to be a almost a concerted effort by his supporters not to talk about it.

Now there are reasons that McCain was attacked of course in such a nonstop fashion. His mortal sin was campaign finance reform that pretty much threatened a ton of conservative power brokers in D.C. I was against Campaign Finance Reform on Const grounds but have no doubt that was not some of the so called "grassroots" organizations main concern. McCain had to be finished off.

But why was Romney picked and further why the well funded attacks on Huckabee when he was just an asterisk in the polls.

I am convinced that the Conservative establishment from National Review on down knew that they were going to have to make a deal on Health Care. In other words a solution and a compromise would have to be made. Romney was their man to do it.

It is interesting to ponder how a President Romney would have handled the health care bill issue. I was not a Romney supporter but needless to say pro-life concerns would have been a lot better protected.

What would have the conservative forces that were Romney's biggest backers gone along with?

Did the Catholic groups that want Universal Health Care sort of back the wrong man. Could they have gotten a better deal with Romney on many issues? The one man that might know is not talking .That is former Catholic Romney backer then Obama Catholic front man and now Ambassador to Malta Doug Kmiec.

Mitt Romney ,that was proclaimed the future of the GOP by the conservative organizations at the famous post election CPAC meeting, has been very very quiet during this debate.

Update- Related is a post I forgot I wrote that is insightful. See The National Review Hints Why They Backed Romney?

Why Catholics Have Closed Communion

Canterbury Tales has a good post on this at Do Catholics Wrongly Exclude Protestants? (Regarding the Holy Mass)

Here is just a part:

...........................The Catholic position even more so. In most cases, Protestants:

A) deny the the substantial change of bread and wine into the true Body and Blood of Christ;
B) They don’t “acknowledge the body of the Lord (either substantially or ecclesiastically as described in 1 Corinthians 11);
C) They deny the sacrificial aspect of the Mass;
D) They deny the liturgy of the Mass which does invoke saints at times;and
E) They reject the papacy and the apostolic succession of the local bishop–both are commemorated in the Mass.

Consequently, its impossible to “include” Protestants since they would “protest” elements of the Holy Mass nearly every minute of the liturgy.

So Protestants are welcome to enjoy Eucharistic communionem in sacris if they would like to do so–but only if they truly believe what the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is and what the liturgy says. If this were the case, they would be interested in becoming fully Catholic. They would cease "protesting" and would cease being "Protestant."

Likewise, if I desired to receive from the "Lord's table" at a Protestant church, I would have to renounce several of my beliefs (e.g. abjure transubstantiation) and hold their doctrines (eg. justification by faith alone, etc.).

In conclusion, the Catholic Church isn't doing something mean or intolerant. The Catholic Church is merely practicing charity. For us, the Eucharist is the source and summit of our lives because It is Christ Jesus. It would be wrong for us to allow others to partake if they denied this reality. Similarly, it would be wrong for a Protestant to allow a Catholic whom the Protestant deemed "idolatrous" to receive Communion...............

As I have always stated when you say Amen when you recieve the Sacramanet and say the great AMEN in the luturgy a Catholic is affirming a lot there.

A Pro-Life Reality Check on the Health Care Bill

This pretty much shows the depressing state of affairs. A list of common sense pro life amendments that have been defeated and those that still yet to be voted on.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Motivation for LSU Fans and Football Team (Beat the Dawgs)

Big game this weekend . To the team the media and some of your fans think you can't do it. Use this to motivate you.

Geaux Tigers

The Office on the Readings for the Feast of Holy Archangels

Ahh a great Feast Day today. The Anchoress has Feast of the Holy Archangels (scroll down)

Obama On Abortion Is Like Governor In The Whorehouse Movie

Just substitute Catholics for Texans and abortion for the chicken ranch and its OBAMA.

That about sums up what Obama has been doing on the abortion issue and the health care bill.

President Obama is running his presidency in much the same way that he ran his campaign—saying things in a way that can be interpreted differently by different audiences. His campaign was a Rorschach test, and I’m afraid he’s treating healthcare reform the same way. The issue of federal funding for abortion is a prime example. Depending upon whom you talk to in Congress, the president’s pledge means very different things. In his remarks to the joint session of Congress on September 9, he seemed to give the impression that his own bill would be forthcoming, or at least outlined in more detail, and yet nothing has been presented to Congress or the American people. The skeptic—and I am now reluctantly one—believes this is a strategy of delay. As long as people keep defining the debate according to their own interests, then the president can avoid taking sides, surf the confusion, and in the end just throw his hands up and say he must go along with whatever Congress produces, which will very likely be bad. This is not leadership. It is also not honest. But this deliberate ambiguity does serve to keep the Catholic voice largely muted.

It appears the NYT has even noticed that the abortion issue might kill the health care bill. See at Get Religion Obama: ‘Work it out within the party’

Work out in the party? Hey AMBASSADOR DOUG KMEIC THAT DOES SOUND VERY HELPFUL. Thank for your efforts in getting Obama the Catholic vote.

So An Anti Catholic Walks Into a Louisiana Catholic Church

I had to highlight this again from the Journey to Rome blog. It is in the Oh Lord forgive them for they do not want to do but still funny department. Downtown churches always attract the eccentric.

See A Funny Story from Fr. Joe

Louisiana Catholic Blogs Update for September 29, 2009

Time for Louisiana Catholic blogs update. This was the Catholic Louisiana blogs I AM AWARE OF have been saying over the weekend till today.

St Landry Catholic Church Blog has
Theme announced for World Communications Day ,
Feast of the Archangels ,
Homily for 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time ,
Happy Birthday Monsignor Romero!
Words from Pope Benedict XVI from the Czech Republic and Family Day in the Diocese of Lafayette, Louisiana
The Holy Father now in the Czech Republic
Family Day in the Diocese of Lafayette, Louisiana
Diocese and Archdiocese in the U.S. - Populations (Good Stuff)

From The Recamier has her Daily Update: September 28, 2009

Ragin Cajun Catholics has Top Catholic Speakers of 2009! , and
What do Catholics believe about the 'End Times'?

Witnessing Hope has URGENT prayer request: Violence feared in Tegucigalpa today and Obama’s foreign policy on Honduras “makes zero sense.”

Brown Pelican Society of Louisiana has
Are Extreme Radicals in the White House? Encouraging and covering up man-boy sexual activity are serious offenses! ,
Catch a Falling Czar… ,
FRC: Calling the Abortion Bluff, Marriage in America, Adult Stem Cells ,
How’s That Hope and Change Thing Working For You? ,
A Tutorial in Obama Iconography ,
Shock Discovery: Community Organizers Pray TO President-Elect Obama,
Thomas Sowell: The Brainy Bunch,
RE: THE LEFT–”Have You No Shame? Have You No Decency?”,
Reflections on the Struggle to Advance the Culture of Life,
EXCERPT: Obamacare is 21st Century Eugenics (Part 6),
What is Cult of Personality?,
Is Obama’s Cult of Personality So Strong That American’s Will Follow Him Blindly….No Questions Asked?,
Hitler’s Children: Seduction 1 of 5,
School Children Sing for Hitler,
School Children Sing for Obama,
Judge in Case of Arrested Notre Dame Pro-Lifers is Married to Pro-Abortion Notre Dame Professor,
Schlafly: Obama Wants Government Control of Health Care,
People Can Opt Out of Listing STDs, Abortions in Gov’t-Mandated Electronic Health Records, Patrick Kennedy Says,
Founder’s Quote Daily,
GOSPEL & MEDITATION: Angelic Company,
Feast of Sts. Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael, Archangels

Stranger in a Strange Land has a lot. Again he puts a ton into his posts. The postover the weekend are very good. See
Listen to Your Angel ,
In Him We Live, Move, and Have Our Being ,
The Departure is Always About Right Now - Hans Urs Von Baltazaar ,
Love Authority ,
False Theology ,
Killing Conscience in Seven Steps

Journey to Rome has funny post I will highlight later. See A Funny Story from Fr. Joe

Cajun Cottage Under the Oaks has Annie's Curls

The Catholic Foodie has Making Music Praying Twice... At the Dinner Table!

Life on the (L)edge has 'NUFF SAID , and I LOVE THIS!!!

Our expat Priest in Houston Fr. Victor Brown’s Catholic Daily Message has his thoughts at Feast of Saints Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael (29 Sept 2009)

Da Mihi Animas ,our expat Priest in New Jersey, has been very busy. See
Make Mine Freedom (1948) ,
The Feast of the Archangels ,
San Galgano Cathedral and Abbey ,
A Thomas Merton Prayer ,
Feast of the day: Wenceslaus ,
The 140th Missionary Expedition for the Salesians ,
If you've never failed... you've never lived ,
Fr. Robert Barron on Faith ,
Archbishop Dolan: The Church is the one who dreams... ,
Monastery Timelapse ,
Classic Don Camillo ,
Are you ready for the Vocation Boom?

Finally Father Allen's Site has his Saturday AM

The UK Guardian Goes After Pope Benedict in Vicious Attack Piece

Damion Thompson the Telegraph is on the story .See The Guardian's repulsive attack on Pope Benedict XVI

William Safire and the Stranded On the Moon Speech

I have not said much on his death. First Thoughts though shows us some interesting alternative history that would have come from the Nixon White House if things had gone wrong.

See Safire’s “Stranded on the Moon” Speech

Did Acorn "Elect" Senator Al Franken ?

Well of course they did!!

Democrat Mickey Kaus takes a look at a Minnesota article that is of course raising the troubling questions that no doubt are going through many minds.

See Did ACORN Elect Al Franken?

In responsible media age the Guardians of the Press would be raising major concerns if a current U.S. Senator is in office because of massive fraud. But he is a dem so he gets a pass.

Salon Talks About Home Schooling (It's for Liberals Too)

Looks like a very interesting series. Yes Home Schooling is for Liberals too!!!

Inside Catholic has thoughts and link 'Homeschooling is the new black'

Catholics and Other Christians are Being ‘crucified’ In Sudan

Yet we don't here a thing about it in the secular media or our Churches.

30th Anniversary of LSU / Southern Cal Game (GREAT ARTICLE)

The Picayune has a great article up today on this. See THE TROJAN WAR. I so wish someone would find the TV film of this game and replay it. It is perhaps the most famous game ever played in Tiger Stadium

John Bradley who wrote It Never Rains in Tiger Stadium who was on that team describes this night in vivid detail.

Of course there was the infamous call. A call that so infuriated LSU fans the police had to escort the USC fans out of the stadium after the game. Bradley also descrbes in his book how on his death bed more than 22 years later, LSU Caoch McClendon was lamenting that call against Benjy Thibodeaux.

The LSU Baseball Team Going to Meet Obama

Like tomorrow. It was announced last week that the team was going to the White House but they had to keep mum on the date because of security. Security must be pretty tight if we are announcing this the day before.

It is a shame it is a one day affair. What a educational waste. If they could take an extra day they will learn far more than in a LSU classroom for a couple of days.

Sadly I guess the Dreadlocks of Doom Chad Jones can't go since he will be having football practice. I am sure some LSU fans would have a stroke if they saw him in the White House. Still it is only a day.

Pope Benedict is Talking Affirmative Orthodoxy Again

Father Z has a link and comments here at John Allen on the Pope, Prague and “affirmative orthodoxy”

Lets Eat Jewish Tonight

I must say as a deep south Southerner I missed out on the Jews. The great history of Southern Jews mostly resides in graveyards. As my grandmother said who lived in rural Louisiana and knew many local Jews "they all have moved to Atlanta" .

A good Catholic friend of mine in the deep south town of Vicksburg who knew many Jews in her youth said "when the Jews leave the town you know it is about to go to hell in a hand basket"

I must say that appears to be true.

We still have Jews in the south outside the major Queen Cities but it was not like it used to be. I feel liked I have missed out. My grandmother used to talk that in nowhere Northeast Louisiana the Jewish store owners had their stores opened on Christmas Eve in a festive atmosphere for the Christian populace.

To my grandparents generations Jews were the norm. I never really knew a Jew till I went to Louisiana Tech and a Jew happened to be in my Golf Class. I can recall when I went to New Orleans and met these people that I had just read about in the Bible. Sadly I was so fascinated I think it turned off this really cute Jewish girl that went to to Tulane I was really hitting on at the time. I guess over drinks at Pat O Brien's is not to get into a conversation about the Jewish practices in depth. Kinda of sad but Southern Jewry is Gone With the Wind.

Well at least we can eat. Eating Habits has a nice recipe at OY VEY! EATING HABITS IS GOING KOSHER! (Yes I know it is tad late on the calender but still good to know our heritage as Christians)

St. Francis of Assisi Meets Islam

Mirrors of Justice has a good link to magazine article and book site. See Interesting New Work on Christian-Muslim Relations

This is an important part of St Francis's life I was not aware of. It appears the book had got some nice endorsements. I plan on reading it.

Monday, September 28, 2009

New Orleans Loses an Important Episcopal Priest

It does seem my posts on the The Episcopal Church are often negative. That is because (1) I am mad their leadership is destroying their community and spreading error, and (2) the effect it has on us all.

There was a nice article though on a young Episcopal priest whose contribution to New Orleans post Katrina cannot be overstated.

You often here a lot what is going wrong in Louisiana and New Orleans. However it is frustrating that the story of what is going right does not get out.

Red Stick Rant has a thoughts and a link to the story about the priest that appears to have almost literally worked himself to death for New Orleans. See Don't Mess With A Missionary Man.

I also like Red Stick Rant's thoughts here
"The loss also leaves our Diocese with one less strong, orthodox Anglican voice, which right now we sorely need. In so many ways, Fr. Jerry will be missed."

I think that should be noted. Too often liberals in all our communities want to try divide Orthodoxy form lets say Social Justice and service to those in need . The problem is for centuries there was no such divide and we see every day that good Orthodox Christians are in the front lines on these issues.

I will keep this priest in my prayers

Kansas City Accepting of Kids With Special Needs

Catholic Key had a nice inspiring article today. See Autistic Runner an Inspiration to His Team.

Please make note of this at the end of the post
We've written about the F.I.R.E. program in our paper several times, but I haven't introduced it to our blog audience. The Foundation for Inclusive Religious Education is a program that provides grants to Kansas City – St. Joseph diocesan schools allowing them to hire staff for students with special needs. Their mission says:

F.I.R.E is the only organization that provides financial assistance to parish schools for special education services that benefit children with special needs. Doing so, F.I.R.E. helps each child meet his or her highest potential, and enlightens and expands the lives of all children by teaching acceptance, compassion, and the value of every child of God. Our mission is to provide children with special needs the opportunity for an inclusive Catholic education in their home parish schools.

Boobs For Obama Care

I have had a long day and just getting in. Thankfully this from Instapundit gave a me a nice laugh.

OBAMACARE MIGHT GET TO 50% APPROVAL WITH this approach to preventive medicine: “A study by German scientists showed that 10 minutes a day of ogling women’s breasts by men was as good at warding off heart disease, high blood pressure and stress as 30 minutes of aerobic exercise.” Posted at by Glenn Reynolds at 6:24 pm

An Alternative Solution to the Illegals and Health Care Issue

I am mostly interested in the "illegal" issue because I am fairly sure we shall have some form of Comprehensive immigration reform and Pathway to citizenship.

Thus estimating how many people would at the end qualify and get through Pathway is critical and looking at the overall cost Still as to illegals we need practical solution. This also is going to touch on legal workers we have in the United States that are not citizens . How are they going to get Health Insurance I thought this made some good point and I wanted to post this a couple of weeks ago

UPDATE: Reader Richard Gelb writes: As a loyal reader, and an interventional cardiologist, I need to make the following point: Health care cannot be denied to illegal aliens, as long as they are in the country. Sure, nobody would argue that they should be given free Viagra, or scooter chairs, or whatever, but what about dialysis, or emergency heart attack care? (The last three heart attacks I have treated were all illegal aliens–migrant workers.)

How does it work? Do I refuse to treat them, which is a violation of my oath as a doctor, or do I just continue to eat the cost, as I do now? What about their followup care? Am I on the hook for that too? The only practical solution, short of sealing the border completely, is some kind of reimbursement for the care of illegals.

My idea is a tax credit to offset my costs. For that matter, giving doctors tax credits for treating the uninsured would solve a lot of problems at much less cost. Since we are mostly in high tax brackets, we would actively compete for these patients.

Give the same credits to hospitals and diagnostic centers, and the problem of followup care and ancillary services are mostly solved too. Simply not insuring illegal aliens, or any other unfavored group, unfairly passes the cost of their care onto me, my colleagues and struggling hospitals, which is the current status quo–not fair!

Catholic Campaign for Human Development Defunding Groups that Oppose Catholic Teaching

A little good news here.

Michael Moore , The Pope, and Caritas in Veritate

I am not planning to watch the latest Moore movie. His movies have been misleading in the past so I don't intend to endorse him.

Still the movie does allow us to look at Pope Benedict's latest statements on the matter. I should note Pope Benedict does not even mention the work Capitalism because it is such a loaded word in some places. But instead talks about the market economy which I think is a good direction for us all to go in.. Rod of Crunchy Con has thoughts and links to tow good articles at Pope Benedict and capitalism

Picture of a Young Babe Ruth On a Catholic Baseball Team

As usual click the pic for the bigger pic. Where is Babe Ruth? Go here to find at out.

An Update to Jefferson Davis Papal Crown of Thorns

I posted on this at Is the Jefferson Davis Papal Crown of Thorns A Myth?

More information has been gathered that appears to lean in the direction that no the Pope did not send a handmade crown of thorns to Jefferson Davis. See Update on Jefferson Davis’s Crown of Thorns from Civil War Memory.

The history of the Vatican and the Confederacy is a frustrating one to get a handle on. There is truth, half truth and just plain myths. The fact for instance that it has been accepted that Pope himself made a crowd of thorns for Davis and now perhaps is not true is sort of astounding.

Sadly the myths reach in some quarters a anti Catholic climax with absurd theories that the Vatican killed Lincoln.

I have no doubt that the Vatican took an interest in the United States and of course the South. It has often been said that the Rome and indeed the Vatican is the most important listening post in the World.

Our former Envoy to the Holy See Mary Ann Glendon commented that Rome because of the Vatican has assets all over the world constantly giving them information. She related a humorous story that the American Ambassador to Italy during the Andrew Johnson administration was begging for more money to hold more dinners because that was where much needed information was learned of various worldwide matters . It was like no other place in the world he remarked.

Further it is forgotten but for a great deal of our history American Catholicism was very southern. This increased with the purchase of Louisiana and thus the important Catholic and commercial port of New Orleans.

Finally it has to be admitted that Jefferson Davis was very Catholic friendly. He was educated in Catholic schools and in fact begged one time for the Priest of allow him to convert. He was friendly toward Catholic religious orders. Further it would not have escaped the Vatican's notice that of course Jefferson Davis had a career before the Confederacy. He was Senator of Mississippi (that had a early historic Catholic presence) and was Secretary of War.

But no doubt the Vatican was quite aware that Davis , like Lincoln and Johnson, in the 1850's, as a U.S. Senator from Mississippi was a strong opponent of the anti Catholic Know-Nothing's movement.

Still there is myth. A myth that is promoted by some considerable revisionist history but also by Southern Catholics wanting to show that yes they were loyal to their neighbors.

The fact is the Confederacy never did officially recognize the CSA as some promote. It was not "anti Union". In fact looking at this letter sent to Slidell (another Louisiana angle) it appears the Pope's major concern was how destructive in the loss of life and property this war was becoming.

ROME, December 2, 1864. Messrs. A. Dudley Mann, J. M. Mason, John Slidell, Commissioners of the Confederate States of America, Paris.

HONORABLE GENTLEMEN: Your colleague, Mr. Soutter, has handed me your letter of 11th November, with which, in conformity with the instructions of your Government, you have sent me a copy of the manifesto issued by the Congress of the Confederate States and approved by the most honorable President, in order that the attention of the government of the Holy See, to whom, as well as to the other Governments, you have addressed yourselves, might be called to it.

The sentiments expressed in the manifesto tending, as they do, to the cessation of the most bloody war which still rages in your countries and the putting an end to the disasters which accompany it by proceeding to negotiations for peace, being entirely in accordance with the disposition and character of the august head of the Catholic Church, I did not hesitate a moment in bringing it to the notice of the Holy Father. His Holiness, who has been deeply afflicted by the accounts of the frightful carnage of this obstinate struggle, has heard with satisfaction the expression of the same sentiments; being the vicar on earth of that God who is the author of peace, he yearns to see these wraths appeased and peace restored.

In proof of this he wrote to the arch-bishops of New York and New Orleans as far back as 18th October, 1862. inviting them to exert themselves in bringing about this holy object. You may then, honorable gentlemen, feel well assured that whenever a favorable occasion shall present itself, his holiness will not fail to avail himself of it to hasten so desirable a result and that all nations may be united in the bonds of charity. In acquainting you with this benignant disposition of the Holy Father, I am pleased to declare myself with sentiments of the most distinguished esteem.Truly, your servant, G. Car. Antonelli.

[Del S. S. L’I’mo.]"Official records of the Union and Confederate Navies in the War of the Rebellion. / Series II, Volume 3: Proclamations, Appointments, etc. of President Davis; State Department Correspondence with Diplomatic Agents,etc, pp.1249-1250.

Now some Southerners jump on this and say LOOK he is calling him President. The Vatican recognized the Confederate States. It should be noted that the Vatican sent a very explicit letter when this called an uproar that they in fact had not given any explicit recognition to the CSA as a nation. The Pope no doubt was much more concerned with ending a war, that was being destructive to his flock on both sides , than entering a debate of what the legal status of the Confederate States was at the time.

Charlie Melancon has North Louisiana Problem in Senate Race

It has only been a short time when South Louisiana politicians became sophisticated about the North Louisiana vote. Governor Blanco realized this very early on on her political career and her non stop presence up here for 8 years is one reason she got into the mansion.

David Vitter has been very good about paying attention to North Louisiana. This will present problems to his challenger Rep Melanchon. The Monroe paper has a good piece on this today at Candidate isn't well-known in conservative northern Louisiana

I actually think his name recognition is better than I expected-
According to the Melancon campaign's own polling, Melancon has 48 percent name recognition, while Vitter has 86 percent recognition.

His problem is well Obama. I am not sure how he is going to convince North Louisiana voters it is in their interest go give yet another Democrat party line vote for Dem Leadership and other matters.

Tip of the Hat to the The Dead Pelican

Main Stream Media Runs Great Article on the Latin Mass

Well blow me away. This is a hundred percent better than what we usually see. Father Z has the article and comments at Seattle: brick by brick

Current Events Show Tim Tebow Is the Anti Christ

And I saw one of his heads as if it had been slain, and his fatal wound was healed. And the whole earth was amazed and followed after the beast," (Rev. 13:2,3).
Of course the signs have been with us all the time. See 10 Signs That Prove Tim Tebow is the Antichrist

30 Years Ago John Paul the II Said Mass In a Iowa Corn Field

I never knew the Pope came to Iowa on that 1979 trip!! The Deacon Bench has the story and link .

I went to the Vatican site and found the homily here.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

College Football Saturday Live Thread Week Four

12:16am Goodness Tim Brando will be pleased. Houston wins against Texas Tech. They are legit.

11:01pm- Sigh Notre Dame won. Someone needs to stop these heretical Catholics before they get BCS National Championship hopes.

Texas tech is holding on 28 to 20 in the 3rd against the new Anti BCS hopeful Houston.

10:50pm- Well Upset Saturday is complete. Penn Goes down to Iowa. As aLSU fan looking at the day I am glad we just won

10:01pm 5) Penn State is self destructing against Iowa in the 4th in every way possible

9:45 Sorry for the delay but was cooking
Well Georgia hangs on and their idiot fans base is in a good of a mood as the idiot LSU fan base.
Vandy is pulling ahead of Rice early in the 4th 27 to 10
In a game that could have long term significance Texas Tech is only 4 ahead of potential BCS buster Houston. It is 14 to 10

7:40 Back from Mass and the after coffee.
Yes no doubt Florida and Bama are taking care of business. Tow of the few teams that met expectations
For Louisiana football fans ULM had a significant victory against Florida Atlantic
ULL on the other hand is getting their butt handed to them by Nebraska
Tenn is having more problems with Ohio than I expected

Much more later
4:23pm An amazing amount of upsets are still brewing and we have not even to to the nights games

Is the U back? That is the question we have heard all week. Well hold the parade. 11) Virginia Tech beating 9) Miami 21 Zip at the half

Oh and look at the West Coast. Hapless Oregon is beating 6) Cal 25 to 3 at the half.

A game of interest for us BCS anti Playoff fans 15) TCU is getting beat by Clemson 10 to 7 with 12 min and something something in the third

3) Bama is taking care of business against the hogs so far. Arkansas 0 Bama 14 at the Half

4:00pm- Attention LSU Idiots on message boards . My Rant
"College football has gotten to be about survival," a quote from Texas Head Coach Mack Brown last week

Something to contemplate as some want LSU to lose so Les can be fired and no doubt they will open up up their wallets to buy Les out .

Not that we have not seen abundant evidence of this the last week.

Lets us just look at the games that have finished up

(14) Cincinnati had to hold on to be Fresno 28 to 20
(23) Michigan barely got past Indiana 36 to 33
Georgia Tech beat 22) North Carolina 24 to 7
(18) Florida St. got beat by South Florida 17 to 7
(20) Kansas barely got beat by Southern Miss 35 to 28

DO see a pattern? And that was just the morning games. We have other upset brewing.

The Fan base and in particular theLSU message boards needs to realize that they better start to getting to know opposing teams better.

The common attitude of LSU has all the talent and everyone sucks is not adequate. But that is 99 percent of the threads . You are making judgements but have no idea who we are facing.

How many threads looked at Miss State going into Vandy and pulling out a win? I barely saw any threads on looking at Mullens or what he was doing. Perhaps the threads such as "How can we make Miles look bad on the radio show" and such made those substantive threads disappear too quickly.

The ULL game is a prime example. We should have know from last year that this was not our Grandfather's ULL. The fact they upset a BCS team the week before should have alerted us. So LSU fans Calvin Coolidge is not Prez and also perhaps we should not be expecting to beat ULL by 50 points

There is massive room for improvement no doubt on LSU's part. But the fan base needs to improve if they are going to have the 4th negative week of gloomy Mondays.

2:50p, THANK YOU MARY JESUS AND JOSEPH. Within inches of losing. I feel like going to the heart doctor LSU 30 Miss State 26

Lot of morning games finishing up and some potential upsets
Sadly LSU is that category right now LSU 30 Miss St 24 10:13 in the 4th
Fresno State looks like they will lose this one Fresno 20 Cinn 28 with just seconds remaining with Cincy have the ball

Michigan 29 Indiana 33 with 8:53 left

Southern Miss 28 Kansas 35 with 11:30 left

Southern Florida 17 Florida State 7 2:59 in the 4th

2:06 Ugh Miss State refuses to go away :(
Lot of games that started in the morning coming down to the wire

2:02 PM CHAD JONES IS AWESOME- A Billy Cannon Like Return
He can gargle peanut butter
under his dreads....are more dreads.
Chad Jones can beat Chuck Norris!!!
LSU 30 Miss State 21 in the 4th

1:51pm- LSU missed field goal is why I have sinking feeling about this game. LSU 23 Miss St 21 with 2:52 left in the 3rd. MSU crowd very into it.

1:15pm Oh no the half is over!! I almost dread the second half for some reason. I am still very gloomy about thi\s game. That being said GEAUX TIGERS

1:05pm- Fresno is making a game of it . Fresno St 17 Cinn 21 with about 12 min left in the 3rd.
Michigan is having problems but I still think they win it. Michigan 21 Indiana 23 at the half.

12:54pm- WOW LSU got lucky there. LSU maintains lead 16 to 14.

12:50pm- Just get LSU into the half please!!!


Florida States Problems continue. South Florida 14 Florida State 0 at the half.

12:26pm- Well getting closer to some more significant games of interest kicking off. Sort of a blah morning schedule with all the excitement packed together later
By the way Southern Miss is giving Kansas significant problems. It is tied 14 to 14 with 7:26 in the second

12:06pm- Continued sinking feeling about LSU game
In other news Florida State having problem Florida State 0 South Florida 7 wit about 3 min left in the second quarter

12:01- OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!! We had another high snap earlier but this one cost us big time. They recover on one and get it in for a Touch down next play. Miss State 14 LSU 13. Sloppy Sloppy

11:55am This Michigan / Indian game is getting interesting. Michigan 14 Indiana 14 about to go to the second.

11:50am Yahoo!!! LSU scores 13 to Cowbells 7 still in the first.

11:46am Note why does yahoo take so long to refresh their scores on their scoreboard. They seem to be lagging some.

11:42 am. Yack Miss State scores. Miss State 7 LSU 6. Our defense is not looking great so far
In WAC news Fresno St 3 Cincinnati 14

11:30 am. LSU scores first but in comedy of errors can't get extra point. It is raining AGAIN. I can't recall when LSU had to deal with bad weather in 4 games straight. LSU 6 Miss State 0

Geaux Tigers Beats Cowbells of Mississippi State

Boy do I hate these 11:00 games. LSU never seems to click very well in day games. I am a tad nervous about this game.

MSU has improved(there was no where else but up) and that win on the road against Vandy was good for them

SO we shall see.

OH ESPN HATES LSU!!! Three people on Gameday called for the upset. I guess LSU will be on upset alert every week

British Politician Calls Catholics 'slobbering zealots'

Well I guess there is something for honesty. No telling what many American politicians say about us devout Catholics in private.

Damion Thompson has Catholics venerating relics of St Thérèse are 'slobbering zealots', says Labour councillor and Labour politician who called Catholics 'slobbering zealots' tries to blame Twitter

Immortals Getting Sick?-Typhoid Tebow Gets Swine Flu

But will still play!! Thanks Florida. I am sure the Kentucky Players and Refs are glad that Tebow will be spreading his life threatening illness around to them and potential THOUSANDS. But I guess in Tebows and Urban's march to the National Championship there must be collateral damage. Plus they are in Kentucky a State we only think about once a year for about 10 minutes so who will notice.

See regarding Typhoid Tebow

Tebow battling illness but still expected to play


Today's Matchups: Flu vs. Tim Tebow's immune system?
Tebow my converting Catholics in the third world Little friend Christ said heal the sick not make them sick. I am shocked!! :)

Marco Rubio Getting More Attention in Florida Senate Race

George Will has a nice column here.

I am going to support Rubio in this race. I like him and I think he is needed for the future of the GOP too. Plus replacing a Catholic Pro-Lifer with another Catholic Pro-lifer is sort of a big priority for me.

The Waste of Catholic Convert Former Protestant Clergy

Catholic Convert and now Catholic Priest Father Dwight Longenecker of the great State of South Carolina is the blogger Standing On My Head.

He has a nice column in the National Catholic Register The Convert Clergy Conundrum . A very good read that should be by the lay person in the pews, Bishops, and Diocesan Staff. The problems talked about here need to get corrected and soon.

I did find it interesting that this is not a an recent problem but one that has been with us for some time.

“Tom” is not his real name, and his story is a compilation of many such stories I have heard over the years. The simple fact: Most Catholic bishops simply don’t know what to do with convert clergy. The famous English convert Ronald Knox observed, “We’re like a bird who has got into a room where there is a cocktail party. Everyone is delighted we’re there, but no one knows what to do with us.”

That is a shame. In the year when the famous Convert and former Protestant Clergyman Cardinal Newman is about to get ordained we need to pay attention to this.

Father shows part of the problem:
A Catholic bishop can be excused for not knowing what to do with a convert clergyman. The range of Protestant denominations and schisms and breakaway sects is bewildering. A Catholic bishop has enough to do just to keep track of all the different Catholic groups, religious orders, lay movements, colleges and seminaries. How can he be expected to know about all the Protestant ones, as well?

Furthermore, each Protestant denomination is a little world of Christianity in itself. There’s no such thing as a Presbyterian or a Baptist or an Episcopalian or a Lutheran. Each denomination has a liberal wing, conservative wing, high-church wing and a low-church wing. In addition, they all have radical breakaway sects (both ultraliberal and ultraconservative) led by men with dubious credentials and questionable views

Father offers some solutions.

Also there is the question of pay!!! For all the talk of how Catholics want married Priests I am willing to bet no one wants to pay them a darn on the average.

I was talking to a Episcopal friend of mind and she says for their small Church they pay their Priest 85,000 Dollars plus housing plus car + medical + the usual other tidbits.

Can you imagine a Catholic Parish having to pay that? I think they would go berserk.

Of course not all Catholic Converts Clergy have a vocation to the Priesthood via the Pastoral Provision,. But they would make excellent resources elsewhere (THAT BRINGS UP THE PAY and EDUCATION question again).

As Father says:

Most former Protestant clergy come into the Catholic Church with extraordinary gifts. They are often fantastic preachers, biblical scholars, pastors, experienced counselors and administrators. Some will be called to the Catholic priesthood or diaconate. Others will be called to serve the Church in other ways. Catholic bishops need to understand that as the Protestant denominations continue to splinter and disintegrate the number of Protestants who want to come home to Rome is going to continue to grow.
We have to be prepared not only to throw a lifeline from the Barque of Peter, but figure out how we can use them on the crew.

Former Vatican Ambassador Mary Ann Glendon To Receive Right to Life's Highest Honor

Again just to be technically correct it is Ambassador To the Holy See.

See Pro-Life Harvard Prof Glendon, Rejected Notre Dame Honor, Gets National Award

Friday, September 25, 2009

Bishop of Memphis Meet African American Priest John Raphael, (Obama Racism Cont)

I talked about this issue and why despite these remarks I really appreciate the Bishop of Memphis. See A Response to the Catholic Bishop Of Memphis on Racism and Obama

It appears that the full transcript of the Bishops words are available via Whispers. See "Racism," Cont'd.

Let me hit this part:
"When President Obama was inaugurated four buses full of African Americans Catholics drove for more than 19 hours to be present for the historic moment. But they felt that their celebration was muted because they had heard that so many of our bishops did not seem to understand the significant moment.

They seemed not to understand what the whole world took to heart -- that President Obama's election was creating or beginning a whole new era that rejected racial stereotypes and it was opening the door to more embracing international relationships."But many of our Church did not share that jubilation.

And this, people, I will admit to you too. Nothing was done during other administrations, nothing was said when other presidents who favored the war in Iraq with its constant killing, or who favored capital punishment were given awards in the name of the Church, even though those presidents were not adhering to Catholic Right to Life principles. Because of his clearly unacceptable stand on abortion many who are leaders in the church are willing to pillory President Obama with direct confrontation rather than with clear moral teaching about abortion and public law."

Oh goodness where to start. First as much as the Bishop might want the Vatican policy line on State Execution or the Iraq war to be on par with abortion it is not. The Church is quite clear that abortion is a whole different kettle of fish. In those areas Catholics are allowed prudential judgement. On abortion they are not.

Further to say the Bishops were silent on the significance of the moment of the election of the First African American President I think is pretty much hogwash.

Also we see the Bishop's political projection upon Obama. Almost what he wants Obama to be and not perhaps what he really is. I am not sure why Catholics should be beholden to that or celebrating what the Bishop so wants Obama to be.

The political projection is key. Does the good Bishop not realize that there would have been a similar response if a President Giuliani was honored. Did he not noticed the Catholics against Rudy movement and the very huge threat and promise given that many Republican Catholics would split if he got the nomination. That many of the people that were leading the charge on the Notre Dame Issue were the same against Rudy?

What if a President Hillary Clinton had showed up on Campus after having reversed the Mexico City Policy and reversing policy on stem cell research and appointing a host of Pro-Choice radicals to the White House? Does he not think there would be outrage ON a similar scale?

However let me end with this. Meet African American Priest .Rev. John Raphael, SSJ . He is the Principal of the famous African American St Augustine Catholic High School in New Orleans.

First read this news at Obama's honor from Notre Dame upsets N.O. priest which is a good Picayune overview.

Then go and see the vid of the stirring address he did at the protest at Notre Dame.

New Orleans African American Priest's Speech At Alternative Graduation at Notre Dame

Here is just a part:
indeed you are a minority on campus—and I know a little bit about being a minority on campus, it wasn’t all that bad!—You are not a minority in the rest of this great nation of ours! Recent scientific polls (Rasmussen and Gallup) tell us that 60% of American Catholics are with you, 52% of all Americans are withyou, and even 51% of Americans identify themselves as being PRO-LIFE! YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!

Your witness has been conducted with dignity, with charity and with respect for all. Like all witnesses for truth, you have come under attack. You have been called names and your intentions have been impugned. Because of the historic dimensions of the election of the first African American president of the United States, and because you have rightly challenged the university’s decision to honor him, you have even been called racist!

What shall I say…Blessed are you when men revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account.Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven, for such did they treat the prophets before you!

The truth is that you are anything but racist!

Racist is Planned Parenthood’s conscious targeting of African American and Latino communities for surgical and chemical extinction through abortion and contraception.

Racist is the fact that 37% of abortions in the United States are performed on African American women and their babies, who comprise 13% of the American population.

Racist is the genocidal magnitude of the 447,000 African American babies whose precious lives are destroyed each year before they ever get a chance to see the light of day.

Racist and sexist is the presumption that a poor, unwed mother, with the right kind of support and assistance, does not have the capacity to love her baby enough to allow him to live—with her, or with another loving family—despite the circumstances of his conception............

Amen more at the link


I wanted to highlight this small part from the New Orleans Picayune Link

"Part of me can say this is an unbelievable thing, " he said Friday as he sat in his school office. "As an African-American, I fully appreciate what this means."

But "no country is governed by symbols. We're governed by politicians, few of whom are free of shortcomings." Raphael said Obama's support for abortion rights compels him to speak out in an "alternative commencement" that a minority of Notre Dame students, faculty and friends of the university have organized to be held at the same time as the real undergraduate commencement.

May Father's political wisdom spread.

Pictures of the 50 Most Extraordinary Churches of the World

Yeah some are real ugly but there are some lookers.

Let me say looking at some of the pictures whoever designed some of the Catholic Churches in Brazil should be taken to the levee and shot.

Lets Look at the Federalist Papers!!

The Cranky Conservative has a good series he is doing on this. I hope to keep up with it and contribute. See his first post Federalist 1 – Alexander Hamilton*

Church to Canonize Two Saints With Health Care Connections

How timely as they say. One of these is the only Saint I think that has a Statue in the U.S. Congress's Statutory Hall.

Whispers has Saint Damien's Cheering Section

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Somewhere Shepherd Smith of Fox News Is Weeping...

Ole Myth 10 South Carolina 16 FINAL

Oh no. I wonder if he will mention this tommorow on his show.

Update- Meanwhile in Oxford some immediate reaction

one thing funny to me about this game.,,
nutts biggest mistake
Put your crack pipes up!!!!
About time
Just once
Laughing Stock in Texas
Ummmm.... yeah...

The season isn't over yet.
I refuse to go on Suicide watch, yet
I'm ready to get drunk ASAP, how bout yall?
More rebel hopes and dreams smashed......again
5 Good Minutes

Update II

The Mississippi State Fans are of course consoling their Ole Miss cousins up the road (NOT)

Classics here

Check all bridges in your area for any Ole Miss fans atop them.... -


As expected. like the baseball team .... CHOKE!!!!!!!

Name another overrated team that gave up 16 pts to USC on a Thursday... -

Nutt is a dubmass. -

UM baseball & now Football: chokin is our business & business is GOOD! -

Directly from NAFOOM....they are suicidal...hahahahah -

Update III- I must say this CBS article is a tad brutal and wayover the top for this early in the Season.It is way too early to count Ole Miss out.

Update IV-

I have been waiting for Red Cup Rebellion to chime in. Some Language there because of frustration so don't leave angry comments because you were not warned.

See Post-Apocolypse: South Carolina . I have to admit I am strangely as not as pessimistic as Ole Miss fans are on their own school. I think a lot of this is due to an over hyped QB that yes is not superhuman and will have the usual growing pains. With all the teams in the SEC West playing each other with the exception of Auburn we should have a better indication where everyone is. Also the Ole Miss schedule has not changed which is still very beneficial to Ole Miss. We have for Ole Miss:

@ Vanderbilt Commodores
Alabama Crimson Tide
UAB Blazers
Arkansas Razorbacks
@ Auburn Tigers
Northern Arizona Lumberjacks
Tennessee Volunteers
LSU Tigers
@ Mississippi St. Bulldogs

SO their toughest games at home and NO FLORIDA and NO Georgia. I mean with the exception of their In State Rival Miss State and then Auburn they get all the SEC West games at home!! The schedule is still amazingly favorable

Everyone is Becoming Homosexual

Mirrors of Justice picks up on an article that seems to have a fact pattern we are hearing more and more

Austin doesn’t have to play “the pretend game,” as he calls it, anymore. At his middle school, he has come out to his close friends, who have been supportive. A few of his female friends responded that they were bisexual. “Half the girls I know are bisexual,” he said. . . .
“When I first realized I was gay,” Austin interjected, “I just assumed I would hide it and be miserable for the rest of my life. But then I said, ‘O.K., wait, I don’t want to hide this and be miserable my whole life.’ ”
I asked him how old he was when he made that decision.
“Eleven,” he said

Eleven? Half his girl friends are bisexual?

Crunchy Con explores this article too and no doubt the comment section will be interesting at Coming out in middle school. Rod states in part:

I am certain that many gay folks know from an early age that they're gay. I can think of a first-grader on my school bus when I was a second-grader, who was incredibly queeny. Everybody thought of him as a sissy, but we didn't know what "gay" was back then. He's now 40, and openly gay. I have other gay friends who "just knew all along" that they were gay. But I also have friends who, during middle school and high school, weren't quite sure what they were. I went to a boarding school my last two years of high school, and I know a few guys there who had gay sex simply because they were incredibly horny and the opportunity was there. At least one of them is now happily married, with children, and another one I'm thinking of was plainly heterosexual, just incredibly frustrated.

I'm all for creating situations in school and elsewhere where kids who are gay, or who think they're gay, can get along without being picked on. I'm not at all sure it's a healthy thing to encourage middle-schoolers to pick sides and publicly declare themselves during this difficult time of transition from childhood to adulthood, when identity issues are intense, and fluid.

Now unmentioned here is a lot.

One is the gay rights movement that often proclaims itself representing "Gay, bisexual, and transgendered" However you will note how quickly that bisexual is dropped. When a married man has a same sex encounter he is a HOMOSEXUAL. There are reasons for this perhaps being in part the strong dislike of truly homosexual men as to bisexuals or those that have slight degrees of SSM. Also there is a political motive at play here

But what else is lurking here a much more sophisticated view that our parents and grandparents had. That is they did not need studies that we have today to know that a pretty good number of average heterosexual guys and girls experimented a tad in their youth. Many were just sexually frustrated as Rod stated but in essence they were pretty much heterosexual. This was accepted as a phase. There is just too much literature talking about boarding schools for instance where this is hinted at.

Father Scalia, the son of Justice Scalia, works with the Courage group in Washington D.C. He often talks on this topic. He went into great detail in excellent article A Label that Sticks . He talked on this subject as well as the varying degrees of same sex attraction in this excellent Theology on Tap Audio. I really recommend that audio.

The article is also worth a full read and he gets into related issues. Let me just highlight these parts

The new approach, however, does just the opposite. It encourages labeling. Rather than struggle through the difficulties of adolescence, a high-school freshman or sophomore can now, with official support, profess to be gay—and he instantly has an identity and a group. Now he belongs. He knows who he is. Gone is the possibility that adolescents might be confused, perhaps even wrong.

Adults typically display a wise reserve about the self-discoveries of high-school students: they know adolescents are still figuring things out, and they recognize their responsibility to help sort through the confusion. So why is all this natural wisdom somehow abandoned these days—in the most confused and confusing area of adolescent sexuality? Of course, the phrases are tempting because of their convenience and efficiency. They are common, close at hand, and make quick work of a difficult issue. But they also identify an individual person with his homosexual inclinations. They presume that a person is his inclinations or attractions; he is a “gay” or is a “homosexual.” At some point adults have to admit that a fifteen-year-old who claims to be “a questioning transgendered bisexual” is really just confused...........

Adolescents need to hear precisely this: People’s sexual inclinations do not determine their identity. Nor does every so-called “homosexual” feel attractions of the same character or to the same degree. Some have strong and lasting homosexual desires; for others, such desires are slight and passing. Lumping everyone together as having the same orientation or identity is a grotesque reduction of a complicated reality, and it massively damages the very people it claims to help. Resisting the labeling temptation demands that we reject the culture’s vocabulary and adopt more precise terms. In popular usage, the words “gay” and “lesbian” imply a fixed orientation and the living out of a lifestyle.

Even the term “homosexual person,”which is used in some Vatican documents, suggests that homosexual inclinations somehow determine, which is to say confine, a person’s identity. Granted, the more accurate phrases do not trip easily off the tongue. But what is lost in efficiency is gained in precision. Terms such as “same-sex attractions” and “homosexual inclinations” express what a person experiences without identifying the person with those attractions. They both acknowledge the attractions and preserve the freedom and dignity of the person. With that essential distinction made, parents can better oppose the attractions without rejecting the child. And as the child matures, he will not find his identity confined to his sexuality.

There is a lot of wisdom here. The elephant in the room is what happens if gay marriage becomes a Constitutional Right. If that happens the schools will be called on to teach and promote the legitimacy of the new regime of thing. This dangerous labeling will than just accelerate.