Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fun Facts From Mississippi Reporter after Louisiana Tech "Upset" Over Mississippi State

A little lighter news. Besides being a big LSU fan I am a big Louisiana Tech Fans. I have a degree from both Schools. From the Clarion Ledger Blog

Hey, just sayin'
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While at the laptop this Sunday night planning the week ahead, a couple of interesting notes concerning last night's Mississippi State loss to Louisiana Tech:

• The last time Louisiana Tech beat a Southeastern Conference team, that SEC team went on to win the league title. That's right. Alabama, in 1999, lost 29-28 to Tech. It won the Western Division title and beat Florida in the SEC Championship Game. (Of course, that didn't bode well for Mike DuBose.)

• I'm sure you recall 1988, when State beat Louisiana Tech in the season-opener and lost every single game that followed, all 10 of 'em, prompting that season to be nicknamed "Tech and Ten." An optimist — OK, a huge optimist — would try to make a case for "Ten and Tech," I guess. (Though two decades later, we're playing 12 games now, so it'd be "Eleven and Tech", but whatever...)
Louisiana Tech has a two-game winning streak over Mississippi State. Heck, State hasn't beaten Louisiana Tech in two whole decades. OK, so that's where the stats can paint an absurd picture — they've only played twice, though both Tech wins, since State's win in 1988. (by the way I was at that game :) )

Oh, and I'll be on WJFN-AM 970 at 7:25 in the morning, metro area listeners. I can only imagine that more radio gigs will pop up this week, with me trying to answer the question of "What's wrong with State?"

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congratulations and good luck with the next opponent.

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