Sunday, August 31, 2008

What Some Louisiana Catholic Bloggers are Saying and Doing Regarding Hurrican Gustav

I have not been online much the last few days because of the activity we have had in Louisiana and preparing for it.. Therefore there has not been a Louisiana Catholic Blogger Update. If the damage is bad statewide as I expect it will be there might be none for a few days because people will have no power.

The media is focusing a lot on New Orleans and Katrina but dangers West of New Orleans are not being talked about. Though those that lived through RITA recently they know all about that.

Our Deacon in New Orleans has evacuated Life on the (L)edge . See 3 YEAR'S LATER

Unskilled Labor (Lafayette Area) has left with his family and the closet he could a hotel room was DALLAS. See Hurricane Gustav Blogging

Moms and Kids At Home (Lafayette Area but North of I-10) has Southern Hospitality!

Cajun Cottage Under the Oaks (Lake Charles/ Lafayette Area) has left with the huge fmily and has a good post here at Catch-22 (which partly ansers ther question why Louisiana people keep living in these areas) :)

Up in the Baton Rouge area (that is in a safer position but has a huge threat of wind damage and the start of Tornado activity that no doubt will proceed North) we have For The Greater Glory. He has his family From New Orleans in his Apt near LSU has a post Gustav Update

Also in Baton Rouge Full Circle has Hurricane Gustav and DAWGS!

From The Recamier is blogging and giving thoughts about Gustav

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