Friday, August 22, 2008

My Grand Prediction For Obama VP Is

As we await the text message heard around the world here is my bet.

It is the same person I have been saying it will be since January. That is Governor Tim Kaine of Virgina

He needs a Governor on the Ticket so it does not look so D.C. Inside the Beltway Looking

There is a segment of the voting public (with good reasons) that think Governors make good Presidents

If Obama can Get Virgina I have no idea where we Republicans will make up the electoral votes

It will help him with the Catholic Vote and no Doubt there will be legions of Catholics that will try to make the Case that Gov Kaine is best things for Catholics in the Public Square and the True Social Justice Catholic Ethic EVER

Anyway I have waited as long as I could to hear the news. My bet is that "text" could go out anytime after 3 pm TODAY and before the evening news to take advantage of the news cycle. In fact I suspect there is a good chance it will occur then. Have to get back on the road and travel back home

The Louisiana Catholic "Daily" Blog Update will be tomorrow

Well just got home and it appears I have lost my bet. It is BIDEN. I think this is a was a lost opportunity for Obama in mnay ways. I am breathing a sigh of relief. More in my next post


Michael D. said...

You might find my post on the electoral map interesting:

I agree with you about Kaine though Bayh would also make some sense.

Of course, I'm hoping for those reasons he picks Sebelius. :)

James H said...

Cool I am just waking up so I am going to take a look