Monday, August 25, 2008

Democrats Boo Teacher Unions At Their Own Convention!!

I have to admit I agree with Mickey Kaus I am a tad shocked. This thought this was another fascinating bit that was at the tail end that detailed the other excitement

P.S.: My favorite moment didn't concern the unions. It came when NYC schools chief Joel Klein called for a single national testing standard. Groff, a crowd favorite, made the conventional local elected officials' objection that you need flexibiity, one size doesn't fit all, "what works" in County X might not work in County Y. And he was booed! Loudly. By Democratic education wonks. Wow. (The "one size" argument cropped up in the welfare reform debate too--and I assume it's just as bogus in the education debate. We're a national economy with cities that look more or less alike. What works in County X is almost certainly also going to work in County Y.)

Very intersting. GO see Dems Rally Against Unions!

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