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No Blogging Today

I am on the road. I willbe back tomorrow. Check out my link section.

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LSU FOOTBALL IN PHOTOS (On You Tube Set to Queen's We Are the Champions)

We are having a tad more LSU focus on the blog today since it is gameday. The special Thursday night game is tonight. Great Youtube vid here that is pretty new

Geaux Tigers!!!!

Louisiana needs an exorcist for a governor!!!!

One of our all star Louisiana Catholic bloggers that is on hiatus because of his job has a piece up in the LSU paper called Louisiana needs an exorcist for a governor

Great piece

Its Game Day Baby- LSU Versus Mississippi State in Stark Vegas Tonight

Here is a little LSU Marching Band Moment to start off the day.

I was up all night watching that ESPN 25 hour marathon to College Football kickoff. They had the Mississippi State Pep Rally Live. Coach Croom got that crowd rev ed up. He was yelling Winston Churchill quotes, saying WE ARE GOING TO SHOW WHAT IT MEANS TO BE FROM MISSISSIPPI!!!, and WE ARE THE UNIVERSITY OF THE COMMON MAN.

I am sure Coach Miles and staff have got out boys in the right frame of mind tonight to play them at their place.

Geaux Tigers

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So Long and Thank You For all The Fish

as Douglas Adams would say as for blogging to day. Unless I get my home computer back tonight this is it for blogging for the day. So till tomorrow I shall give a roundup of the posts I did today for those that don't want to go through all these verbage I produced. Also check out my links section. They are much beetre bloggers than moi here.

So here are the posst from first to last for August 29th. Not sure with football starting tomorrow night how much blogging will be going on . There will be some but not as much as today. Thankfully the "boss" is excited" as I am thus we got to see more of my wit :) on display today

There Is A Big Catholic Retreat At The Catholic Center At The University of Louisiana Lafayette This Weekend.

Louisiana Catholic Blogger Roundup For August 29th

Vatican Air

Louisiana Catholics Need To Take Action On These Anti Catholic Ads Running In North Louisiana- A Proposal

Reason 234,156 why the EU is Very Bad Idea- Wants To Tax the Church

UK Catholic Blogger "Mad As Hell" at American Priest over his Comments over Guns

It is Wednesday and That mean it's time for Pope's Angelus-

Here is some News On that Big "Latin Mass Conference" in the UK

A LSU You Tube Memory and I Can't Get Any Work Done- We Will Have College Football In HOURS

The Full Text of The Pope's Angelus- He Talks about St Gregory of Nyssa and like Smokey the Bear hates people who start Forest Fires(see end)

The Catholic Blog of the Day- See Great rare Pictures of Pope Pius the XII and More

At Some Point we Have To deal With Islam On The Conversion Issue

It is Decision Time On Iraq Again

Do Catholics Believe That Muslims Worship the True God?

The Orthodox Patriarch of Moscow is Upset Again - Whats New

The Orthodox Patriarch of Moscow is Upset Again - Whats New

Actually the Orthodox Russian Patriarch has some other other interesting things to say as to the extraordinary form of the Mass. Father Z has that and the fact that he is complaining about Catholic in Russia again. Before I get into the negative I find a lot of good in what he is saying as to the Pope recent MP on the "latin mass". Catholics should take note of that. In the end our focus should be foremost on reconciliation with the "second lung of the Church". This helps

The comment section is interesting and a pretty big Orthodox Apologist and blogger that I see on the net alot is making an appearance.

I have certain issues with the Russian Orthodox Church I know. I love Orthodoxy and see our reunification as of the utmost importance. However it really is sad that the Catholics that were even more persecuted than the Orthodox are now being persecuted by the fellow Christians.

I am also a a tad nervous with how close they are to Putin and especially since the Russian Orthodox Outside Russia in the US has now reconciled officially with them. We shall see.

I find the whole discussion on Conversions and why Catholics can't be in Orthodox lands kinda of dishonest. I find the whole attitude toward Eastern Rites Catholics in Union with Rome about 400 years out of date and insulting . It seems that "Orthodox Churches" are expanding in "Catholic " lands all the time. Besides Alaska and MAYBE JUST MAYBE a small part of California what is the Orthodox claim here in the USA. Huge portions of this land were claimed for the Catholic faith. In fact we have evidence that English explorers before the reformation did that on the East Coast. Yet I am see expansion of Orthodoxy all the time here.

Americans should go over and look at our what our State Department says on this matter. Start looking at countries like Russian and many in Eastern Europe. It seems that long standing Catholic communities are not getting to say the least a fair deal. You can check it out Country by Country here.

Do Catholics Believe That Muslims Worship the True God?

One Final Islam themed post for the day. There seems to be a lot of confusion at what the Catechism teaches on this subject. I see anti -Catholics and just honestly confused people get this messed up.

I think Canterbury Tales has a nice clear explaination on this here at his post Do Catholics Believe That Muslims Worship the True God?

As a Catholic I think we need to start seeing what Islam is. It is a very much a Christian Heresy and not so much a different religion. It is pretty much Arianism and Calvinism on steroids in my book.

It is Decision Time On Iraq Again

AJ Strata has got a lot of good post today. Septemeber where the report is coming in from Genral Petraus. A lot has happened since a couple of months ago. There is success on the ground and we still have challenges with the Govt. I guess people know that read this blog that I agree with the President's course of action of late.

I really ask people to read the link he has here For The War Weary. That article is right on. The fact is that the comparison with the US Civil War is apt.

Check out his other posts
Bush Goes All In On Iraq

America Thinks Iraq Is Winnable

A Very Sound Idea For Iraq

At Some Point we Have To deal With Islam On The Conversion Issue

The Great Commission
16 But the eleven disciples proceeded to Galilee, to the mountain which Jesus had designated. 17 When they saw Him, they worshiped Him; but some were doubtful. 18And Jesus came up and spoke to them, saying, “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. 19 “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, 20 teaching them to observe all that I commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”
Matthew 28

At some point this has to come into play as to Catholics that live in "free lands". I am not reading a exception there that says "except in Countries where there is some Islamic Theocracy.

I am pretty pragamatic on this. I know we cannot expect the House Of Saud to allow maganificant Cathedrals in their Kingdom tomorrow. However it is quite bluntly unfair that they are funding gigantic mosques here in the US an have built the largest Mosque in Europe right outside the Pope's window. All this at the same time largely Catholic Asians that are servants in Saudi Arabi can't even get the sacraments. I do find it irksome that we hear stories out of Afghanistan like we do where Americans and others are shedding blood about what happens to converts. I realize the situation is delicate but we need make clear that this has to change

Now, I realize we can't expect everything to change now. It will be a series of small steps. I find a lot of hope in what we are seeing in the UAE for instance. But at some point these nations are going to have give ground here.

Tip of the Hat to Saint Mary Magdalen, Brighton, UK for this incredible and depressing story that ran in the Asian News- Hegazi case: Islam’s obsession with conversions. Must read news story of the day.

The Catholic Blog of the Day- See Great rare Pictures of Pope Pius the XII and More

Ok that is not Pope Pius the XII.

But it is another well known Catholic that was Royalty. I remember the day she died when I was a kid. Americans you should know her. Go here for some more great pics of that wedding. All very Catholic. She was a devout Catholic all her life. .This blog, Hallowed Ground is just incredible and he really goes out of his way to get great Catholic pictures to show his point.

See these rare pictures of Pope Pius the XII at his post Working Man. Many more here at Attacked, but Not Defeated. I think this is a beautiful blog. Look at this post of the Catholic Mass being had on the Battle field and at War.

The Full Text of The Pope's Angelus- He Talks about St Gregory of Nyssa and like Smokey the Bear hates people who start Forest Fires(see end)

Another Pic of the Pope Today in his smokin Hat he was wearing today

As I mentioned here the Pope had his weekly Wednesday Angelus today. The Holy Father is back at the The Vatican and is contiuning to show us why The Church Fathers are not just a bunch of dead ole white guys and we need to know about them.

Thanks to the people that can speak and read Italian at the Ratzinger Forum here is the full translated text.

Here is a translation of the Holy Father's catechesis and various messages today at the General Audience held at St. Peter's Square:

Dear brothers and sisters! In the last catecheses, I spoke of two great Doctors of the Church in the fourth century, Basil and Gregory Nazianzene, Bishop of Cappadocia in present-day Turkey. Today, we will add a third one – Basil’s brother, St. Gregory of Nyssa, who was a man of meditative character, with a great capacity for reflection and a lively intelligence open to the culture of his time.

He proved to be one of the profound and original thinker in the history of Christianity. He was born around 335. His Christian formation was particularly attended to by his brother Basil, whom he defined as his ‘father and teacher’(Ep. 13,4: SC 363,198) – and their sister Macrina. He finished his studies, particularly attracted to philosophy and rhetoric. At first, he dedicated himself to teaching and got married. Then, like his brother and sister, he eventually dedicated himself to the ascetic life. Later, he was elected Bishop of Nyssa, and proved to be a zealous pastor who earned the esteem of the community.

Accused of financial malversations by his heretic enemies, he had to leave his Episcopal seat for a brief time but returned triumphantly (cfr Ep. 6: SC 363,164-170) and continued to commit himself to the battle to defend the true faith. Above all, after Basil’s death, virtually taking up his spiritual legacy, he cooperated in the triumph of orthodoxy. He participated in various synods; he sought to conciliate differences among local churches; he took active part in ecclesiastical reorganization, and as a ‘pillar of orthodoxy’, he was a leading player in the Council of Constantinople of 381 which defined the divinity of the Holy Spirit. He received various official assignments from Emperor Theodosius, delivered important homilies and funeral eulogies, and dedicated himself to composing various theological works. In 394 he participated in another Synod held in Constantinople.

We do not know when he died. Gregory expressed with clarity the conclusion of all his studies, the supreme goal of his work as theologian: which was, not to waste one’s life in a variety of things but to find the light which allows us to discern what is truly useful (cfr In Ecclesiasten hom. 1: SC 416,106-146). He found this supreme good in Christianity, thanks to which ‘imitation of divine nature’ is possible (De professione christiana: PG 46, 244C). With his acute intelligence and his vast philosophical and theological knowledge, he defended the Christian faith against heretics who denied the divinity of the Son and the Holy Spirit (as Eunomius and the Macedonians did) or compromised on the perfect humanity of Christ (like Appolinarius).

He commented on Sacred Scriptures, dwelling on the creation of man. For him, creation was a central theme. He saw in the human creature the reflection of the Creator and found in this the way to God. But he also wrote an important book on Moses, whom he presents as a man on a journey towards God: the ascent of Mount Sinai became for him an image of our ascent in human life towards true life, the encounter with God. He also interpreted the Lord’s Prayer and the Beatitudes. In his “great catechetical discourse” (Oratio catechetica magna), he exposed the fundamental lines of theology – not as an academic theology closed in on itself – but to offer catechists a system of reference to keep in mind when giving their lessons, almost a framework for the pedagogical interpretation of the faith. Gregory, moreover, was famous for his spiritual doctrine.

All his theology was not an academic reflection but the expression of a spiritual life, a life of lived faith. As the great ‘father of mysticism’, he traced in various tracts – such as De professione christiana and De perfectione christiana – the path which Christians should undertake in order to reach true life, perfection. He exalted consecrated virginity (De virginitate) and proposed as a model the life of his own sister Macrina, who remained a guide and example for him (cfr Vita Macrinae). Besides his various discourses and homilies, he wrote numerous letters. Commenting on the creation of man, Gregory showed how God, “the best of artists, has forged our nature in a way that adapts it to the exercise of regality.

Through the established superiority of the soul, and by a corresponding conformation of the body, God disposes things so that man may be truly qualified for regal power” (De hominis opificio 4: PG 44,136B). But we see how man – in a tangle of sins, often of abuses of creation, does not exercise true regality. Indeed, to realize true responsibility towards God’s creatures, one must be penetrated by God and live in his light. Man is a reflection of that original beauty which is God: “Everything that God created is excellent,” wrote the holy Bishop. He adds: “The story of the Creation proves this (cfr Gn 1,31). And among those excellent things was man, adorned with a beauty by far superior to all other beautiful things.

Indeed, what could be more beautiful that something made in the image of pure and incorruptible beauty?… A reflection and image of eer5nal life, he was truly beautiful – indeed, most beautiful – with the radiant sign of life on his face” (Homilia in Canticum 12: PG 44,1020C). Man was honored by God and placed above all other creatures: “It was not heaven that was made in the image of God, not the moon, not the sun, not the beauty of the stars, none of the other things that appear in creation. Only you, the human spirit, were made an image of that nature which is above every intellect, an image of incorruptible beauty, an imprint of divinity, receptacle of blessed life, image of true light, looking at which you become what God is, because through the reflected ray coming from your purity, you imitate He who shines in you. Nothing which exists is great enough to measure up to your greatness” (Homilia in Canticum 2: PG 44,805D).

If we meditate on this eulogy of man, we will see how man has been degraded by sin. Let us then seek to return to that original greatness, but only when God is present can man arrive at his true greatness. Thus, man recognizes in himself the reflection of divine light. Purifying his heart, he can return to be - as he was in the beginning - a limpid image of God, exemplary Beauty (cfr Oratio catechetica 6: SC 453,174). Man, purifying himself, can see God, like the pure of heart (cfr Mt 5,8): “If, through a diligent and attentive life, you can wash away the horrible things that have been deposited in your heart, the divine beauty will shine in you…Contemplating yourself, you will see him who is your heart’s desire, and you will be blessed” (De beatitudinibus, 6: PG 44,1272AB).

Therefore, we should wash away the filth that has been deposited in our hearts so that we can find in ourselves the light of God. Thus, man’s goal is the contemplation of God. Only in this will he find his fulfillment. To anticipate this objective to some degree in this life, he must progress incessantly towards a spiritual life, a life in dialog with God. In other words – and this is the most important lesson that St. Gregory of Nissa leaves us – the full realization of man is in holiness, in a life lived in encounter with God, who in this way becomes luminous even for others, and for the world.

Later, he synthesized the catechesis in English:

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Continuing our catechesis on the teachers of the ancient Church, we now turn to Saint Gregory of Nyssa, the younger brother and spiritual heir of Saint Basil. Gregory’s outstanding education and intellectual gifts led him first to teaching. He then embraced the ascetic life, and eventually was ordained Bishop of Nyssa. Like the other Cappadocian Fathers, Gregory contributed greatly to the defense of the faith in the period following the Council of Nicaea, and played a leading role at the Council of Constantinople, which defined the divinity of the Holy Spirit. For Gregory, the purpose of all learning and culture is the discernment of the supreme human good, the truth that enables us to find authentic and lasting fulfilment. This supreme good is found in Christianity.

In his many catechetical, spiritual and exegetical writings, Gregory emphasizes our creation in the image of God, our royal vocation as stewards of the created order, and our responsibility to cultivate our inner beauty, which is a participation in the uncreated beauty of the Creator. By purifying our hearts and progressing in holiness, we are drawn to the vision of God and thus to the satisfaction of the deepest longings of every human heart. I offer a warm welcome to all the English-speaking visitors and pilgrims present at today’s audience, including participants in the Summer University program sponsored by the European Union of Jewish Students, as well as pilgrims from Sweden and from Indonesia. Upon all of you, I invoke God’s abundant blessings of peace and joy.

He had a special greeting once again for Polish pilgrims:
I greet the Poles, particularly the pilgrims from the Diocese of Radom who have come here on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of its creation. I am happy that I was able to visit your city five years ago to consecrate your bishop Zygmunt. I also gladly bless the crowns which will adorn the image of Our Lady of Sorrows in Kalkow. I entrust you and all present to day to her protection. Praise be to Jesus Christ!

To the Italian pilgrims, he said:

Now I address a warm welcome to all Italian-speaking pilgrims. In particular, I greet the faithful from the various parishes accompanied by their respective parish priests and I hope that this visit strengthens everyone in their faith in Jesus and in giving generous Christian testimony. Next I greet the Delegation from the Republic of San Marino who have gathered here for the 25th anniversary of the visit to their country by my beloved predecessor John Paul II.

Dear friends, may the memory of such a significant event inspire in you a renewed adherence to God, the fountain of light, hope and peace. Finally, my thoughts to to the young people, to the sick and afflicted and to the newlyweds. May the heroic example of St. John the Baptist, whose martyrdom we celebrate today, call on you, dear young people, to plan your future with full fidelity to the Gospel. And to those who are afflicted, may it help you to face suffering with courage, finding peace and comfort in the Cross.

Dear newlyweds, may it lead you to a profound love of God and for each other so that you may experience every day the comforting joy that comes from mutual giving of oneself. The Pope ended his messages today with this appeal: These days, some geographical regions have been devastated by grave calamities. I refer to the flooding in some Asian nations as well as the disastrous fires in Greece, Italy and other European nations.

In the face of such tragic emergencies which have claimed numerous victims and enormous material damages, we cannot but be concerned about the irresponsible actions of those who place the safety of people at risk and destroy our environment, which is an invaluable common asset for all humanity.

I join those who have rightly condemned such criminal actions and I invite everyone to pray for the victims of these tragedies.

A LSU You Tube Memory and I Can't Get Any Work Done- We Will Have College Football In HOURS

This is a good well let me say EXCELLENT and fun vid with highlights from last years LSU/Miss State Game. Really gets the atmosphere of the stadium and fans even for a Day Game. It also hints at the fact that the game got delayed forever after halftime because of lightning. Great times

Good Grief, I can't wait. Tomorrow night LSU(Geaux Tigers) will be playing the Mississippi State Mixed Breed Bulldogs tomorrow night on ESPN nationwide. I have taken tomorrow off like I suspect a good many Louisiana folks have. The partying where I am going starts at like 9 am. I shall be getting there later. Like at 2 pm. So expect some post because I will have access to a computer tomorrow.

ULM v Tulsa is about a hour before the LSU game on ESPN 2 but lets face it everyone is switching over to watch LSU a Hour Later.

As I mention earlier until I get my Home Computer back, the LSU and Louisiana Tech roundups are on a hiatus. I usually start looking for those links as watch the X-Files late at night on the Sc-Fi Channel or on TBS. Anyway it is time consuming and I can't produce that real quick on a break.

To wet our Appetite here are some good articles on LSU to look at. Check out the real GREAT article on Matt Flynn that is the first one. I am going to be praying for that boy tonight.
Flynn ready to reap rewards of patience
LSU the hunted as foes seek to tame Tigers
Collision course for LSU, USC?
LSU crams for tougher test
Sanders quietly does his job

Louisiana Tech Fans I have been in shock the last week. The Louisiana Tech coverage in local papers has been decent.
Bulldogs' Brown determined to help better team defense
Jimmy Watson: Dooley's Dogs will be tested this fall Let me comment on this article. I almost called this sportswriter up this morning but what is the point. It is not too bad except for this part
No one will care about the negatives after Dooley's Bulldogs win handily over Central Arkansas in Saturday's opener. But when Tech loses its next four games against Hawaii, California, Fresno State and Ole Miss, things may start getting a little dicey.
Let me say I fully expect Tech to be competitive in those games and have a shot at winning them. To just say they are going to lose is outlandish. I am very bullish on our chances even at Ole Miss. Just wait and see. We SHALL WIN AT LEAST ONE of THOSE 4. I fell a upset coming maybe with Hawaii

Anyway I am going to have one more football post hopefully before the day is out

Here is some News On that Big "Latin Mass Conference" in the UK

Since I was sort of tough on one UK Catholic blogger I like today, I better for the sake of Anglo Catholic relations better say something nice about a another one real quick.

Anyway let me introduce Catholic mom of 10 who is also on my blog links. She has a really nice blog and I am stopping by it often.

Anyway there is a big "Latin Mass " conference that a lot of priest and important folks are at in the UK. I believe this is the one that the Bishop of Oklahoma City USA is taking part in too. Anyway how the extraordinary form of the Mass goes over in the UK will have effects here.

She has some updates.
Go to her posts for some details . I would be watching her blog for some updates on this important event.
Thank God for Archbishop Nichols

Excerpts from Damian Thompson's post as Vincent Nichols Archbishop of Birmingham...speech re the traditional Mass

Archdiocese of Birmingham celebrates Mass at the Latin Mass society Conference

Also for Newman Fans(who isn't a fan of all the Saints) check out her post here 11th August 2007 special Mass for Newman's Beatification

It is Wednesday and That mean it's time for Pope's Angelus-

Updated- at my post The Full Text of The Pope's Angelus- He Talks about St Gregory of Nyssa and like Smokey the Bear hates people who start Forest Fires(see end)
As certain as death and taxes on Wednesdays and Sundays , I will try to get the full text of the Holy Fathers talks at his Angelus on my blog. I do think it would be a great idea copying these and handing them out with the bulletins at Sunday Mass.

However the place , where I get the full translation has not gotten it out yet. So here is a preview of it in this Catholic News article. The pic by the way is from today where you can see the Holy Father is wearing a really smoking hat.

The Ratzinger Fourm (where I also get the full text translation-God Bless them) has this Petrus News Piece translated. Look for the full text later if it arrives before I leave work. Note they have more pics at the link

The Vatican has released the text of the Pope's catechesis today, but I can't translate till much later today. Here is a translation of various brief news agency items reported by PETRUS:

Too many faithful and too much sun: The Pope back in the Piazza wearing the 'galero' -

VATICAN CITY - Benedict XVI today resumed holding the General Audience in St. Peter's Square instead of Aula Paolo VI to accommodate some 12,000 faithful, twice the capacity of the indoor auditorium used in the summer months to escape from the outdoor heat. Most represented in today's audience were Germans, Spaniards, Polish, Greeks, as well as Turks and a delegation from El Salvador. As the Pope went through the crowd in the Popemobile before the audience began, he wore a red straw galero, the wide-brimmed papal hat, against the sun. He arrived in the Vatican earlier by helicopter from Castel Gandolfo.

He devoted the catechesis today to St. Gregory of Nyssa, brother of St. Basil and friend like him of St. Gregory Nazianzene - the two Father of the Church to whom the Pope had dedicated his four previous catecheses (two each for each one). The Pope said St. Gregory of Nyssa's teachings invited man "to recognize in himself the reflection of divine light." "Man's ultimate purpose is the contemplation of God," he said. "Only thus can he find his satisfaction. To anticipate this goal in some measure during life, he should progress incessantly towards a spiritual life that is increasingly more perfect." He said "the most important lesson St. Gregory of Nyssa left us is that 'man finds his full realization in sainthood."

he called him 'the father of mysticism', one who was "gifted with a meditative character, with a great capacity for reflection, and a lively intelligence which was open to the culture of this time." After the death of St. Basil, the Pope said, St. Gregory of Nyssa virtually "took up his spiritual legacy and cooperated in the triumph of (Catholic) orthodoxy." St. Gregory "recognized in himself the reflection of divine light." Speaking beyond his prepared text, the Pope added, "By purifying his heart, he returned to being - as man was before - a limpid image of God, exemplary beauty. Thus man can see God, as do the pure of heart, only by washing out the terrible things deposited in our hearts, can one find the light of God.

At the end of the general audience, the Pope extended a special greeting to a delegation from San Marino "who have gathered here today for the 25th anniversary of the visit made by my beloved predecessor John Paul II to that country."

"Dear friends," the Pope said to the 24-man delegation, "may the memory of that significant event inspire you to a renewed adherence to God, fountain of light, hope and peace." The delegation was accompanied by the Bishop of San Marino-Montefeltro, Mons. Luigi Negri. Finally, Benedict XVI invited the faithful to pray for the victims of the floods in Asia as well as the disastrous summer fires in Greece and other parts of Europe. "In these days," he said, "some geographic regions are devastated by great calamities. I refer to the floods in some Asian countries, as well as the disastrous fires in Greece, Italy and other European nations." To the appreciative applause of the audience, he said, "Before such tragic emergencies which have created so many victims and enormous material damage. we cannot be unconcerned about the irresponsible behavior of those who place the safety of persons at risk and destroy the ecological patrimony which is a precious asset for all of humanity."

He concluded, "I join those who rightly condemn such criminal actions and I invite everyone to pray for the victims of these tragedies."

UK Catholic Blogger "Mad As Hell" at American Priest over his Comments over Guns

Saint Gabriel Possenti protecting the good people of his Italian village with (GASP) a firearm.

I so enjoy On The Side of the Angels . As I mention before we differ on politics but his postings are usually very good. I do recommend his posts because he really brings out great points of view and I get a lot out of his blog

Well he is a tad upset over what was a very short post by an American blogger priest over the gun issue. Go see it here at In All Charity...get thee to a confessional father ! . There is another Catholic blogger from the UK who is a priest by the way , that is also in the Amen corner, on this. See his post here. There is quite a fun row over in that last links comment section. The Americans have come in and having their two cents. By favorite comment was :
I'd like to see some Nazis or Communists types, or fanatical Muslims try and kick our doors in and haul us off to whatever hell-holes they can concoct. Ain't gonna happen here.All I need to know about eurrup was that the first thing fanatics try and do is grab guns. Wouldn't be so easy to march Jews and other "undesireables" off to the gas chambers. A government which doesn't honor the right of the people to protect themselves is not to be trusted.If the British hadn't have tried to seize the arms caches at Lexington and Concord, you folks could vacation in Hawaii or Florida or wherever without a passport.


I think that is correct. During the immigration debate I got into an argument with lets say an extremist on the issue. He wanted to eliminated American birthright citizenship(from our English Common law tradition) and make it RETROACTIVE. Let me say that people that feel strongly about this issue do not support that. My response was if I ever see that happening and millions of Americans were having their citizenship taken away by fiat that I was off to the hills with my firearms. Via Revolution baby.

I have gotten into this argument before. At this time I would like to pimp the St. Gabriel Possenti Society. Yes we have a movement to make St. Gabriel Possenti the Patron Saint of Gunowners. GO read more about the Saint that saved Isola, Italy here.

As I always try to explain the Right to Bear arms is in our US Constitution. Therefore many of us get nervous when a city, a court , or whoever trys to go around that and make it null and void. If people don't like it they should amend it. That means my gosh going to the states and making a argument.

I see no contradiction between supporting the right of gun ownership and my Catholic faith. If people think we should be going to a "confessional" over that stance then they did to take a big breath. I mean why don't we make bars illegals. Then we would not have DWI's and deaths on the highway. It really is the same logic.

There is a difference in endorsing the Nanny State that this UK blogger points out all the time at the hilarious and informative Nanny Knows Best and the Right to Bear Arms here in the USA.
It seems the argument is that people get killed with guns therefore lets ban them. Again why not ban booze. Am I not being Pro- Life because I am for the right for lawful citizens to have a firearm?

Are people in the UK being Pro life when the Lancashire County Council demands ladder training for those who use ladders over three feet tall, the banning of ballons, banning milk formula adverts , the banning of a 39 year old tradition involving riding a donkeys on the beach because it is DANGEROUS, making sure people don't plant flowers because of insurance, the banning of yet another English Festival because LARGE CROWD OF PEOPLE ARE GETTING TOGETHER AND SOMEONE might get hurt , the banning of Glasses in Pubs, the banning of pirate flags , the banning of Barometers etc etc.

Well I guess I am must be a trueful anti Life bad Catholic because I think this is all rubbish. Same with gun banning. The problem is not gun ownership. People who would ban guns are trying to treat a brain tumor with asprin. That is not the problem.

A Great Post on The Beheading of the St John The Baptist

What Does The Prayer Really Say? has a great post today on this event we rememeber at this post.

He reprints a excerpt from St Augustine on the significance of what thi smeans as Christians.

Reason 234,156 why the EU is Very Bad Idea- Wants To Tax the Church

I have no idea why anyone Catholic or not would want to join up with this monster in Brussels. At some point this will have to come up for a vote in the UK and I hope they vote a big Ole NO!!! I often listen to a big Talk radio station out of London via the net. It seems that almost all the callers are anti EU when it is brought up

The Ratzinger Forum has translated this piece from a Italian Paper. Also on that link there is another insightful story on this located at that thread.


The anti-Church bureaucracy of the European Union has found a possible new way to 'get at' the Church - a truly depressing constant fact of life these days. Here is the translation of a report taken by Lella from Repubblica online tonight:

EU may investigate tax exemptions enjoyed by the Church in Italy BRUSSELS - The European Union will ask the Italian government for 'additional information' about 'certain fiscal advantages of the Italian churches' although it has not yet decided whether to open an investigation. This was stated by Jonathan Todd, spokesman for the EU Commission on Fair Competition, who said that an investigation in the context of the European anti-trust law would look into 'illegal aid' provided by the state. "We have not yet decided whether to open an inquiry," Todd said, saying the Italian government already responded to the Commission's initial request for information, but Brussels needs 'a surplus of information, which we are asking to be provided in written or verbal form."

He said the Commission wants to examine a provision in a 2006 financial law passed by the Berlusconi government which granted tax exemption to the Church's real estate properties being used for commercial purposes. The same exemption is given to all other religious and non-profit organizations in Italy. Brussels also wants to investigate a 50% reduction in taxes on the Church's commercial enterprises. Todd explained Brussels requested the information after 'some Italians', whom he did not identify, called the Commission's attention to the provisions of the 2006 law. Coincidentally, Avvenire, the newspaper of the Italian bishop's conference (CEI), published today a statement by Mons. Giuseppe Betori, CEI secretary-general, in which he points out that "The tax exemption applies only to those activities that are religious and/or social in nature, and are exactly identical to that given to other non-commercial entities.

Those who question the State's concessions to non-commercial entities are expressing a mistrust of so many social organizations of diverse inspiration who are particularly active in fighting poverty and need."

[NB: One rationale for tax exemptions given to religious and charitable organizations is that they are carrying out necessary activities that provide services which the government cannot.]


Louisiana Catholics Need To Take Action On These Anti Catholic Ads Running In North Louisiana- A Proposal

The Washington Post has a OP-Ed called up called A Strange Way to Woo Religious Voters. Again the anti Catholic Ads are not only evil but are making us look like idiots here in Louisiana.

Mitch Landrieu who is the LT Governor has finally said something. Kudos to him. Astonished, Yet at Home! has the statement and his commentary here. The statement reads:

A recent ad focusing on one candidate's religious beliefs is divisive, inappropriate and out of place in a meaningful discussion about Louisiana's future. As a person of faith and a Democrat, I am calling on the Louisiana Democratic Party to pull this ad.
My faith teaches me to treat others with respect and to bring people together. This ad contradicts the values of inclusion and compassion that most of us share. Faith is not a partisan issue.

Amen. I will take that. Mitch is ahead of his sister , US Senator Mary Landrieu, who seems to think the following is going to work.
A spokesman for Sen. Mary Landrieu says the senator, a Catholic, can't comment on the ad because she hasn't seen it. I asked him if she planned to check it out. He said she might, if it comes on a TV when she's watching it. I told him it was available on YouTube. He said that the senator would probably not be commenting on the ad, but that he would send me a statement if her office put one out.

What BS. This is our United States Senator. She largely got re elected because of North Louisiana votes. These ads are making us look like yahoos. What business is going to locate to Shreveport or Monroe or Mansfield if they think we are a bunch of ANTI CATHOLIC hillbilly bigots. Something that is not true.

Catholics must come together and organize a PAC to run television and radio ads now. These ADS will not be endorsing Jindal. They will ask people statewide to ask Democrats running for office this October the following questions:
(1) Did you approve of the anti Catholic Ads that the Democrat State Party ran
(2) If not what did you do to try to get these ads and this offensive web site pulled

This can run cheaply on Cable. It needs to be done statewide. Here is a proposed TV AD

Camera Focuses in on a real North Louisiana Catholic In Claiborne Parish in front of the historic Courthouse

Concerned real local Catholic talks about how he has concerns about anti Catholic Ads run by the Democrat party and how they make his Protestant neighbors look like idiots. Camera then sees Claiborne Parish Catholic walking right off the Court House square to St Margaret's Catholic Church where he then looks into the camera and ask those two questions from above. Those Ads can also praise Local Democrats that took a stand. It could also mention how we have elected Catholics all the time. In this instance we can highlight on the past mayor of Homer and our Catholic State Representative. This ad could have these theme with several examples of local flavor as I described.

IF Catholics do not respond and defend the faith we shall regret it later.

Vatican Air

Yes "Vatican Air" is up and Running The Curt Jester has a hilarious posting on why this Airline is different.

Louisiana Catholic Blogger Roundup For August 29th

Today's Roundup is huge. I start doing this at night or at least getting the links together so sorry for the delay. While I am without a computer at home this week it is causing some problems. Here are the links with some of my commentary

Starting Out In the Diocese of Lafayette.

Catholic Tube has a couple of Vids up. In the post below I have already talked about this promotional vid for a College Retreat in Lafayette that is this weekend. He has another vid which is pretty interesting. There is a Catholic town being built in Florida. The founder gives a interview here.

From the Recaimer has a pretty good post up. She talks about St Augustine and has a ton of important historic information for yesterday too. I want to highlights one of those many facts she mentions:
On this date in history, in 1565 the Spanish admiral Pedro Menéndez de Avilés sighted land on in Florida on this date, and consequently named the settlement he established the next month San Agustín. (Saint Augustine, Florida, is the oldest continuously occupied European-established city in the continental United States.).
If you really want to get me started on a rant, then ask me about the quality of history Classes being taught in Schools. Not only is it dismal the lack of focus on our Catholic related history is sad.

Getting off my Soap Box We go to the Diocese of Alexandria.

Thoughts & Ruminations from Fr. Ryan has updated and has got a couple of very interesting post up. He has a great post called Some Thoughts on Obedience. He has funny a couple of other funny post and What we learn from the movies under his Tuesday Entry. Go check them out.

Heading Down to the Diocese of Baton Rouge We have a ton of Catholic Blogging going on:

Full Circle has a great post where he is asking Catholic Converts this question which is also the title of his post What freedoms did you gain as a Catholic? I intend to give my response in his comment section later.

Astonished, Yet at Home! has a series of great posts as usual. Here is a post on the The Beheading of Saint John the Baptist .

We are remembering New Orleans ,Louisiana, Mississippi , and the entire Gulf Coast today at his blog and the horrid event of Katrina. I am glad he is doing this. The whole thing is quite painful for me to post on. Last night I saw a Louisiana Public Broadcasting Show on Katrina and Rita last night. It just made me depressed especially as to the issue of Coastal Erosion. That whole issue makes me mad and I am going to talk about it more as Rita approaches.

Oh goodness you want to see this. Astonished has You Tube Vid of Fats Domino in Milano, 1962 - Walking to New Orleans . That vid just made my day

Speaking of Music oh my gosh. This is great. We all remember down here when the had their first game in the dome after Katrina last year. I get chills thinking about it. Anyway here is a great performance U2 and Green Day - The Saints Are Coming . They were great at that game. He has another You Tube Vid that I will watch latter. I can only watch so many at a time without getting teary eyed called Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans? He has a post that is hopeful called Hope For the City . In his post Looking at Recovery he has a link of photos from the Baton Rouge Advocate that looks at the recovery 2 years later.

This post is a must read called Generosity Rescues Woman From Katrina Despair . That Baptist man is doing what St Benedict has talked about what all Christians should be doing. If you look at the Pope's Angelus from Sunday when he said "Nor will it suffice to declare ourselves 'friends' of Christ, alleging false merits: "We ate and drank in your presence, and you have taught in our squares" (Lk 13,26). True friendship with Christ is expressed in how we live: it is expressed with goodness of heart, with humility, kindness and mercy, love for justice and truth, sincere and honest commitment to peace and reconciliation. This, we might say, is the 'identity card' that qualifies us as authentic 'friends' of Christ. This is the 'passport' that will allow us to enter into eternal life."

Tobias has a post called Making Red Wine Better? Another great You Tube Music Vid Randy Newman - Louisiana 1927

Returning to Louisiana He has this important link Dear Presidential Hopefuls . I am going to be doing a series of post like this during the next couple of weeks including today. I suspect it will not make some people happy but it needs to be said. Expect that post up before Noon hopefully.

Keep praying for Astonished Father. There is good news at Good News Concerning My Father . HE has a interesting post that Tobias agrees with it appears Father Rutler Against Kindergarten and Schooling in General . I have to read it because it strike me as a bad idea right off the bat. I shall see if my mind is changed. Oh he hits on the immigration issue here with Choose Quickly: Mexicans or Nazis . Some people involved in this are not quite nice. I know I received threats from them on my former blog. I said some not ALL. I really urge people to read this post about the World's future military and how that related to the low child birth rate at One-Child Foreign Policy . I really wished that article had hit on China more. I think we could have a crisis there because of this that might get out of control.

He has a post that I don agree with at at all at Conservative Opposition to Our Absurd Middle Eastern Policy :) He has got a great link here at Such Beauty Can't Disappear which looks at how at beauty tells us a lot about God. HE has a Great Post with lots of Links on St Augustine at I Find No Rest Until I Rest In Thee . A great post on What Makes Southern Sweet Tea So Special?

Tobias goes off into another interesting but I believe wrong headed link at Vietnam's Real Lessons . I wish I had to go into what that article gets so wrong. However Tobias cleverly has posted so much good stuff I don't have time to give my insightful commentary :). Maybe later
A good link to a vid here at Debating the War

If there is link of his you need to see I decided it must be this one at Love and War . That photo is something else and so many lesson jump out at me.

Kudos to Mitch Landrieu ,FINALLY, for coming out against this anti catholic ad that the state democrats are running. I am keeping track of who is and who not is speaking out. Tobias has the details at More Would Be Better, Still Props to Mitch Landrieu . He has a post on Mother Teresa at Mother Teresa's Dark Night An Expiation for Atheism? Tobias has this horrible story here Abortion of Wrong Twin Leads to Two Deaths .

WOW Tobias tired me out typing and reading all that great stuff. I expect I will be on site a good part of the day when I get a break.

Now we go the the always very busy bee THE BROWN PELICAN SOCIETY. He starts out the day with
He has article on the latest scandal in the Senate What in the World is Going on in the U.S. Senate? Is Larry Craig The Face Of The U.S. Senate? I am going to make two comments here as to this. First I find it incredible he plead guilty to anything. I understand about getting it over with. However from a pure legal standpoint and after looking at the police report I don't think there is anyway they could have got a conviction at Court. Also let me comment on the first part of this article "Larry Craig will almost certainly resign his Senate seat. But Craig is a symptom of a deeper problem plaguing our politics. Until voters insist on honesty rather than payoffs, corruption will remain endemic to the halls of power..." Let me say that this has little to with the power and corruption of DC or any other similar talking point. This is some sexual fetish that I am not defending at all. But lets get real here. This has nothing to do with the DC culture.

The Pelican has a link to a National Review Article called Bobby Jindal is the GOP’s Cajun hope.
The Brown Pelican has another good link to a article called Louisiana’s Political Storm. I think that is a good read and much of its true. It is also amazing that the National Review has picked up on a fact that so many here in Louisiana have not. Let me quote this part:
It’s probably true that black voters will make up a smaller portion of Louisiana’s electorate than they did in the gubernatorial election of four years ago, when Democrat Kathleen Blanco narrowly defeated Jindal. Yet the drop-off is far less precipitous than some have suggested. Based on utility and postal records, the consulting firm GCR & Associates estimates that the July population of New Orleans topped 273,000 — a little more than 60 percent of its pre-Katrina level. (Another organization, the Greater New Orleans Community Data Center, says the figure is closer to two-thirds.)
Many of the vanished voters are black Democrats, but a lot of them left only the city, not the state. GCR predicts that 1.6 million voters will participate in this fall’s election and that Katrina will have diluted the black share by roughly 40,000 votes, or 2.5 percent

I keep pointing this out. Last year we had a very interesting Mayor's election in Shreveport Louisiana. The downstate papers oblivious to all politics north of I-10 failed to see the significance of what was going on. The Democrat party redoubled their get out the vote efforts and it was widely successful. At the time I thought it was a waste of money. Boy was I wrong . What we saw was a dry run of the Democrat party making up for the loss of their machine in New Orleans. Contrary to what you read North Louisiana is not all "white" republican and conservative. In fact we have a large population of African Americans up here that generally votse democrat. In other words they are going to be able to make up the loss of that machine. I think only one political scientist in Louisiana has picked up on this and what is happening up here and elsewhere.

THE POINT OF MONASTIC LIFE is a nice link that he has today. Another link on Senator Craig is located here at REGARDING SEN. CRAIG, CONSERVATIVES AND LIBERALS. The Pelican has a very interesting link here Milwaukee's Holy Cross Cemetery - Resting Place for Over 1,000 Aborted Babies.
The Brown Pelican has a post here with tons of links that I am sure a lot of Catholics will not like that is Trying to Skirt the Pope's (Cardinal Ratzinger's) Negative Appraisal of Harry Potter. I am pretty agnostic on the issue myself and I expect the criticisms are the off the mark myself.

The Pelican brings us good Pro-Life news at Nebraska's Catholic (Jesuit) Creighton University Cancels Pro-Abortion Speaker. This link of his is interesting and fun Vatican-Backed Airline Service Makes Inaugural Flight. HE has the SAINT OF THE DAY - THE BEHEADING OF JOHN THE BAPTIST. Lastly he has the meditations on today's Mass readings here at TODAY'S GOSPEL & MEDITATION - Witness to the Truth.

Down to the Archdiocese of New Orleans.

BY the way there must be a gaggle of Bloggers down here especially in this Diocese that I am not aware of. If you know of one let me know

Fr. Victor Brown’s Catholic Daily Message has a great post on Saint we honored yesterday. That post is located here. One can never get enough St Augustine :)

That is it for the Louisiana Catholic blogger Roundup for today.

There Is A Big Catholic Retreat At The Catholic Center At THe University of Louisiana Lafayette This Weekend.

Catholic Tube has a nice You Tube Vid that is a promotion of it. It's theme is Rediscovering Catholicism. The Vid has a lot of details and I am sure that any College Student can go to it if you call up.

I was quite involved in Campus ministry while in college. The University of Louisiana Lafayette(I still want to call it USL) has a big Catholic Center. Often Catholic Churches associated with public Universities are horrid. Not this Church. It has been a few years since I have been to Our Lady of Wisdom but the Church is beautiful

I shall highlight this again in my Louisiana blogger Roundup

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Catholics Should Have Sunday School

Catholic Convert David Armstrong and I agree on this. I have no clue why Catholics do not adapt a very good Evangelical model on Sunday School.

I have no idea why CCD shuts down for the Summer either

Priest Chaplin Becomes brigadier generals (Great story)

Stories like this remind me again we must not only pray for troops but for those that God sends to minister to them. It is truly a calling.

Brigadier pastor gets promotion-
It was night in the desert. The passengers and crew of the military transport plane were tired. They were in Saudi Arabia, far from family and friends, to support air combat operations over Iraq. It was 1993.

Jack Sewell, a Catholic Air Force Reserve chaplain returning from celebrating Mass at a military base, thought his duties for the day were over. Then a crew member approached him.
I am a Catholic but it has been many years since I made confession, he told Sewell. Will you hear it?

Sewell did. That moment in the darkness of a foreign land, over the drone of the plane engine and in the company of a fellow worshiper "highlighted to me the universality of ministry," Sewell recalls.
"We can say Mass for 2,000 people and then we can turn around and do confession for one and experience that same spiritual healing," Sewell says. "That was significant."
The idea that faith has a place even in the harshest settings is not just Sewell's belief. As one of only four Air Force chaplains to achieve the rank of brigadier general in the United States today, it will also be his job.
Sewell's promotion to brigadier general takes place today at Our Lady of Fatima Church in San Clemente, where he is the pastor. Tod D. Brown, bishop of Orange, and the Air Force Chief of Chaplains Maj. Gen. Charles C. Baldwin, as well as up to 1,500 members of Sewell's civilian congregation, will attend.
"It's amazing," says Sewell, 55, a blue-eyed man with the trim build of one who has to pass the Air Force physical fitness test each year (Sewell passed three weeks ago). "I wasn't aiming for the top. I just wanted to be a chaplain. I really truly feel blessed and honored. It's a great opportunity and a great challenge."
Opportunity because Sewell will now be charged with overseeing the training and formation of 560 Air Reserve Chaplains, part of the Air Force's 2,200 chaplains serving about 400,000 servicemen and women around the world.
Challenge Sewell is a senior religious figure within a branch of the military bruised by repeated allegations of spiritual overreach.
In 2005, the Air Force Academy's chief chaplain was removed after complaining about excessive proselytizing by both evangelical chaplains and officers.

More recently, the Defense Department's inspector general concluded that seven Army and Air Force officers improperly participated in a video promoting an evangelical group.
"I'd like to know from Chaplain Sewell is he going to stand in these same shoes?" said Mikey Weinstein, the founder and president of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, a nonprofit advocacy group that says it has received complaints from 5,000 servicemen and women about proselytizing within the ranks.

Concerns about command pressure in support of any one faith group prompted Air Force officials to draft new rules on chaplain conduct that advocate respect for what Sewell calls religious "pluralism."
"We realize that we're chaplains to all kinds of people," Sewell says. "It's not our call to force or require any person to become any denomination."
Military chaplains are overwhelmingly Catholic, Protestant and Jewish, but must be willing to counsel service members of any faith.

Balancing denominational beliefs with the ecumenical military tradition requires judgment and tact, Sewell acknowledges.

It is a balancing act Sewell knows well.
Born on Bolling Air Force Base in Washington, D.C., to an Air Force pilot (his father) and a secretary (his mother), Sewell grew up in the military.

"I was baptized in the Air Force, I went to Air Force chapels all of my life," he says. "The priests that I knew were all Air Force chaplains."
Those chaplains impressed Sewell with their intellect and sense of humor, but also their "holiness, their faith, their willingness to travel all over the world," he says. "I thought, 'wow that's a wonderful experience.'"

Sewell's father, a Baptist, also impressed his son by agreeing to raise his children in his mother's Catholic faith.
"I came from a very Catholic family but I also came from an ecumenical family," Sewell says. "Dad was very supportive of my going to seminary."
The dual lessons of faith and tolerance in a military setting made for a "comfortable" transition into the Air Force reserve chaplain program.
That program requires all chaplains to minister to servicemen and women regardless of faith, denomination or political viewpoint.
Pope Benedict XVI is a critic of the war in Iraq. Sewell cannot be.
"It's not up to us to make policy," Sewell says. "It's up to Congress and our executive authority."
His role, he says, is to support the troops and their families by hearing their concerns. For those in doubt of the mission, his job is to gently "help them understand what is their role."
"They're wearing a uniform. So at some point in life, they made a decision," Sewell says. "(My job) is helping them to come to grips with a deeper understanding of where God is calling them."
He must also minister to families pressured by the increasingly long deployments demanded by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"Nowadays it's husband and wife, brother and sister and everybody goes more frequently," Sewell says. "The stresses are very much there especially when they have been deployed two or three times."

He must do all this while managing a 2,000-person parish in San Clemente, a balancing act he says he could not do without diocesan support.

Chaplain duty takes priests away from Catholic churches already taxed by a severe priest shortage.
"There are so few Catholic priests, especially in the military," says Sewell, who plans to make recruitment a major part of his job.

Moments of spiritual intimacy such as the confession he heard over a moonlit desert make such challenges worthwhile, Sewell says.
Such moments were "truly a blessed experience," Sewell says. "It helped me understand my priesthood in a different way

More Truth About Mother Teresa(A Unexpected Beacon for Many of US)

I cannot wait to get the book about Mother Teresa's and her private thoughts to her confessors and spiritual counselors. I think some in the media have missed the story here. Her struggles are a inspiration to many of us. Like we see in the Psalms, many of us endure the absence of feeling God's presence.

I think this often has to do with a combination of the media and people we know. We should never mistake the Spiritual highs and Ecstasies of people we see and know as the norm of a Christian life. I truly think that is one of the biggest errors people make. Can we be honest here. I think we all look at awe and yes sometimes even annoyance at people that are always talking about their closeness to God and how they can feel him 24/7. I have no doubt it true. However this book screams to me that yes I am not alone at times. God is full of surprises and has found a way for one of his Saints to be a beacon to many of us that we did not expect.

The Ratizinger Forum has two great articles. On this thread check out the story that is translated from a great article in a Italian Newspaper( it is the ninth one down). In fact that whole page is great.

Father Cantalamessa who is the Preacher to the Pope and his house hold and also a blogger has a great interview with Vatican Radio. Zenith News has an overview of that. I shall post that here.

Mother Teresa's Dark Night Unique, Says Preacher
Father Cantalamessa Calls Her Saint of the Media Age

VATICAN CITY, AUG. 27, 2007 ( Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta's dark night of the soul kept her from being a victim of the media age and exalting herself, says the preacher of the Pontifical Household.Capuchin Father Raniero Cantalamessa said this in an interview with Vatican Radio, commenting on previously unpublished letters from Mother Teresa, now made public in Doubleday's book "Mother Teresa: Come Be My Light," edited by Father Brian Kolodiejchuk, postulator of the cause of Mother Teresa's canonization.

In one of her letters, Mother Teresa wrote: "There is so much contradiction in my soul. Such deep longing for God -- so deep that it is painful -- a suffering continual -- and yet not wanted by God -- repulsed -- empty -- no faith -- no love -- no zeal. Souls hold no attraction. Heaven means nothing -- to me it looks like an empty place."Father Cantalamessa explained that the fact that Mother Teresa suffered deeply from her feeling of the absence of God affirms that it was a positive phenomenon. Atheists, he contended, are not afflicted by God's absence but, "for Mother Teresa, this was the most terrible test that she could have experienced."He further clarified that "it is the presence-absence of God: God is present but one does not experience his presence."

Martyrdom Father Cantalamessa contended that Mother Teresa's spiritual suffering makes her even greater. He said: "The fact that Mother Teresa was able to remain for hours in front of the Blessed Sacrament, as many eye-witnesses have testified, as if enraptured … if one thinks about the condition she was in at that moment, that is martyrdom!"Because of this, for me, the figure of Mother Teresa is even greater; it does not diminish her."The Capuchin priest further lauded Mother Teresa's ability to keep her spiritual pain hidden within her. "Maybe, this was done in expiation for the widespread atheism in today's world," he said, adding that she lived her experience of the absence of God "in a positive way -- with faith, with God.

"Not scandalous Father Cantalamessa affirmed that Mother Teresa's dark night should not scandalize or surprise anyone. The "dark night," he said, "is something well-known in the Christian tradition; maybe new and unheard of in the way Mother Teresa experienced it."He added: "While 'the dark night of the spirit' of St. John of the Cross is a generally preparatory period for that definitive one called 'unitive,' for Mother Teresa it seems that it was one stable state, from a certain point in her life, when she began this great work of charity, until the end."In my view, the fact of this prolongation of the 'night' has meaning for us today. I believe that Mother Teresa is the saint of the media age, because this 'night of the spirit' protected her from being a victim of the media, namely from exalting herself."In fact, she used to say that when she received great awards and praise from the media, she did not feel anything because of this interior emptiness."

How wonderful!!!!

It is the Memorial of St Augustine- Lets Celebrate with a Post

I love St Augustine. I think he has gotten a bad rap because people have often misinterpreted his writings. To this day even though the Eastern Orthodox honor him as a Saint, some Orthodox have misconceptions about him. I mean big ones and incorrect ones I find. The City of God is one of my most favorite books ever.

Father Z over at the What Does The Prayer Really Say? has a couple of great post to check out. First read Augustine’s bones . Father Z also has some St Augustine relics which can be viewed at his post Sabine relics of St. Augustine and St. Monica .

The Way of the Fathers Blog that is Church Fathers all the time has a monster of a post with lots of links. Check out the great post You Go, Gus .

Michael Joeseph has got a great post over at Vox Nova called On Reading Augustine . Check that one out

Here is a Picture of LSU's New Tiger Mike the VI(formally known as Roscoe)

More info on him here. This appears to be him. At least I think it is highly likely I mean how many Bengal/Siberian mix Tigers called Roscoe are there in the USA? Also an earlier LSU article mentioned that Roscoe was his name here.

"LSU recently acquired Roscoe, a two-year-old male Bengal tiger from the Great Cats of Indiana sanctuary in Idaville, Ind., but he must be quarantined and observed by veterinarians for two weeks in the non-viewable night house of LSU’s $2 million tiger habitat next to the Pete Maravich Assembly Center." -- from LSUBeat

Talk about weird but the other Tiger in the photo is called Katrina!!! I suppose the LSU Administration decided not to press their luck and get that one. So even though we got the Tiger from Indiana I am willing to bet this Tiger got transfered to Indiana and is now at LSU.

By the way it appears this Cat was donated. I really encourage LSU fans to donate to there organization. Here is there Press Release

Our tiger was transported from our facility to LSU via private aircraft on Saturday, August 25th, arriving in Baton Rouge in the late afternoon. He will now go through a quarantine/acclimation period for a couple weeks, then will officially become "Mike VI". At the request of LSU, no further information will be given out at this time. In the near future however, more information about the tiger, his background and the move, including photos will be posted here, so check back often!

Great Cats of Indiana and its Founders, Rob Craig and Laura Proper are honored and privileged to become a part of LSU’s rich history by being in a position to provide a tiger that is worthy of the distinction of becoming LSU’s mascot, “Mike The Tiger”. Because of the significance of this tiger, and due to the impact it has on all aspects of the university and those who have experienced it, we felt compelled to do our part to carry on LSU’s illustrious tradition by donating one of our tigers to the University.
Providing a tiger to fill the role of “Mike” is our way of doing our part to keep a tradition alive that has spanned for generations in the past and, hopefully, will span for generations to come. We hope that as “Mike VI” begins fulfilling his role that he will instill the same sense of pride, the same sense of school spirit, and bring the same level of joy and happiness that was experienced by all those who had the opportunity to know “Mike V”, and the “Mikes” before him.
We know that each individual tiger has its own personality, its own traits that make it unique and, as an individual, can never be replaced. We also understand; however, that the legacy of LSU’s “Mike the Tiger” is a significant, deeply rooted part of Louisiana State University's history and tradition. While Mike VI will never be a “Mike V” - and never should be - he will, nevertheless, continue to represent LSU’s rich, long standing tradition by fulfilling the role of “Mike the Tiger”, and in his own way, continuing to touch the lives of alumni, students, faculty and the community as a whole in a way that is only truly understood by those who have had the privilege of experiencing the awe inspiring, spiritual and heartfelt emotion that is, in a sense, by its very existence, Mike the Tiger
More here at this Guilbeau Article:
BATON ROUGE – LSU may have Mike VI, a new live Bengal tiger mascot, in his habitat across the street from Tiger Stadium by the home opener on Saturday, Sept. 8, but for now you can only call him, “Roscoe.”LSU recently acquired Roscoe, a two-year-old male Bengal tiger from the Great Cats of Indiana sanctuary in Idaville, Ind., but he must be quarantined and observed by veterinarians for two weeks in the non-viewable night house of LSU’s $2 million tiger habitat next to the Pete Maravich Assembly Center.“We want to make sure he will like his new habitat and be able to adjust to his new environment,”
LSU veterinarian Dr. David Baker said at a press conference Monday. “That’s why we have the quarantine. A move like this is a very stressful time for any animal, especially a tiger.”The quarantine began on Saturday, and Roscoe could be ready for a new name and for viewing by the Virginia Tech game a week from Saturday, but he won’t be carted around the stadium during the game.“It will not be in his best interest for him to be at either of the first two home games,” said Baker, who is concerned about the level of stress that 92,400 football fans could place upon the tiger. “Roscoe could be at some games later in the season. What will be the first one, I don’t know.”LSU’s second home game is Sept. 15 against Middle Tennessee, followed by a Sept. 22 home date with South Carolina and coach Steve Spurrier.Baker and LSU officials do not want to refer to Roscoe as Mike VI just yet.“If something would result in him not being Mike VI, then it wouldn’t be appropriate to call him Mike VI,” Baker said. “That’s why we’re not releasing any pictures of him.”Mike V died last May of renal failure following emergency surgery to remove fluid from his lungs. He was 17, which was nearing the end of the life expectancy of a Bengal tiger. Baker searched for months for a new tiger and “investigated several dozen Tigers.” This created quite a buzz around the LSU vet school.“Everyone has been talking about it since we heard they brought him here,” third-year vet student Marie Chartier of Boston said. “We don’t know a lot about him. They’ve kept everything quiet, but we know he’s a very big one.”Astrid Bigio, a third-year vet student from San Juan, Puerto Rico, said she thinks Baker will be glad when Mike VI is finally named.“Oh God, yes,” she said, “because all the students keep asking him about Mike VI.
Dr. Baker basically gets attacked by us. Everybody wants to know when we can see the new tiger.”The Indiana sanctuary is anxious to have its native Roscoe at LSU, too, as it put a message on its website:"Great Cats of Indiana and its Founders are honored and privileged to become a part of LSU's rich history by being in position to provide a tiger that is worthy of the distinction of becoming LSU's mascot."Baker said he could not be happier at this point with Roscoe, who if cleared to be Mike VI is expected to be LSU’s largest mascot ever as he is expected to reach a full-grown weight between 600 and 700 pounds.“Roscoe is a very good looking tiger,” Baker said. “He’s well muscled. He’s extremely well proportioned. He has all his teeth. He’s very handsome. He’s awesome, and I don’t use that word a lot.”Roscoe has already showed a lot of personality as well.“He is extremely inquisitive,” Baker said. “He is extremely confident, interactive and friendly toward people. He shows no sign of fear. When he entered his enclosure, he walked in like he owned it.”