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Best Place for Louisiana Hurricane Gustav Information Across the State (Updated Through Out The Night)

It might shock people but the Other Topic Board at Tigerdroppings. I guess people will be reporting in as it comes in including this idiot at in Houma wish us luck

Blogging Updates Below the Important Link and otherInformation

Also see Live streams of WWL CHANNEL 4, WGNO 26, WVUE FOX8 AND WDSU CHANNEL 6

Three Drunk Guys from Houma having a Hurricane Web Cam and Web Feed. God Help us LINK

Other Important Links
Important links: Louisiana Dept. of Transportation Website National Hurricane Center Website Official State of Louisiana Website Traffic Cameras: New Orleans Baton Rouge Lafayette Lake Charles

Any Phone Number you need from pets to EVAC info to Missing Person to fraud

I shall probably not hit my regular Catholic and Political stuff till Tuesday. I will be updating with Stories as they come in. This post will be stuck at the top for a while.

12:37 AM-
Last bus leaves Lafourche The Houma Courier

11:45 PM-
SAVE ABITA BEER FROM GUSTAV RAVAGE!!! lol. Crunchy Con has got the story at Save the Turbo Dog from Gustav!

11:30 pm
I laughed pretty hard when I saw Mayor Nagin say all looters would be sent to the infamous Angola State Prison pronto. It appears the threat is working Angola threat deters looters in St. Bernard .
By the way I seriously doubt this threat is "real" if there were mass looting. The first major question is how exactly do you get the looters to Angola which is not exactly in the neighborhood if the raod system is out . Though in the pre storm hours a couple of guys got sent there as the article says. I think the presence of so many Louisiana National Guard in the city and the fact they are not tied up with Shelters of Last resort in Orleans will put a end to this problem

11:16- PM
Any other Louisiana residents find it odd that Louisiana Public Broadcasting TV is sticking to its regular broadcasting schedule? IT seems that LPB would be one of those great statewide one network for information that is needed?

11:14 PM-
Ahh Poor Plaquemines Parish. Plaquemines Parish furiously building makeshift levee

10:59 PM-
This is a pretty interesting blog Coast Rat - Thoughts from a Mississippi Gulf Coast Hurricane Volunteer. He is down on the Mississippi Coast right now and just updated GUSTAV UPDATE: Aug. 31 - FINALLY, IT’S HERE!

10:53 PM-
Contrary to what a lot of people think GUSTAV is not Spanish . Gustav - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

10:21 PM
Yes Johnny White's on Bourbon St. - OPEN!

10:10 PM
What About Our Beloved LSU TIGERS :(
ESPN has Waiting is hardest part for LSU players. The Picayune has Tigers taking Monday off, plan to reassemble Tuesday, USA Today has After opening win, LSU turns attention to Gustav

10:05 pm-
Michael Moore is a Idiot alert. See Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise is calling on liberal filmmaker Michael Moore to apologize after he said Friday that the timing of Hurricane Gustav

10:00 pm
CNN and FOX is doing a good job of showing how much of the USA's Energy comes from Louisiana and all those little oil wells out there. As well as the pipeline places (that also is where the imported oil comes in) Refining Operations etc. They have not even touched on how much of the seafood come from Louisiana. If I can hold down the vomit I will do a post later on doubt he ton of articles about "why do people live down there!! Why should we pay fo rebuilding that region!! That attitude comes from a dangerous ignorance.

This is why Louisiana is called a working Coast. We can not just evacuate every time a tropical storm comes into the Gulf or you would be paying about 8 dollars at the pump right now. All this stuff is not run by robots but real flesh and blood Americans that have kids and live in communities. It is indeed a national security concern. You start talking about the Intracoastal Canal the Mississippi River and few other things Louisiana importance to the rest of the nation comes into clarity

9:45 pm
On a Football Note what is the Poor Tulane Football program doing? Last time they camped out at Louisiana Tech. Here we have a update Michael Parenton taking a strong role with Tulane's football team from the Picayune

Almost all North Louisiana Schools are closed including Universities to prepare for the Crisis
See Louisiana Tech braces for Gustav KTBS and ULM, Delta cancel classes until Thursday Monroe News Star World

Fun Facts From Mississippi Reporter after Louisiana Tech "Upset" Over Mississippi State

A little lighter news. Besides being a big LSU fan I am a big Louisiana Tech Fans. I have a degree from both Schools. From the Clarion Ledger Blog

Hey, just sayin'
Posted 8/31/2008 8:40 PM CDT on
While at the laptop this Sunday night planning the week ahead, a couple of interesting notes concerning last night's Mississippi State loss to Louisiana Tech:

• The last time Louisiana Tech beat a Southeastern Conference team, that SEC team went on to win the league title. That's right. Alabama, in 1999, lost 29-28 to Tech. It won the Western Division title and beat Florida in the SEC Championship Game. (Of course, that didn't bode well for Mike DuBose.)

• I'm sure you recall 1988, when State beat Louisiana Tech in the season-opener and lost every single game that followed, all 10 of 'em, prompting that season to be nicknamed "Tech and Ten." An optimist — OK, a huge optimist — would try to make a case for "Ten and Tech," I guess. (Though two decades later, we're playing 12 games now, so it'd be "Eleven and Tech", but whatever...)
Louisiana Tech has a two-game winning streak over Mississippi State. Heck, State hasn't beaten Louisiana Tech in two whole decades. OK, so that's where the stats can paint an absurd picture — they've only played twice, though both Tech wins, since State's win in 1988. (by the way I was at that game :) )

Oh, and I'll be on WJFN-AM 970 at 7:25 in the morning, metro area listeners. I can only imagine that more radio gigs will pop up this week, with me trying to answer the question of "What's wrong with State?"

Litany of Our Lady of Prompt Succor and Hurricane Gustav

I saw this on another board and I totally agree

For those of us in danger, please do not be too proud or too scared to make the prayer linked below...... God's Peace be with ALL of you and be safe.

Litany of Our Lady of Prompt Succor

"Under this title,the Most Blessed Virgin has so often manifested her power and goodness, that the Religious have unbounded confidence in her." Two historical facts are especially worthy of notice here: the fire in 1812, and the Battle of New Orleans in 1815. Devotion to Our Lady of Prompt Succor was only beginning to be known in New Orleans when, in 1812, a terrible fire ravaged the city.

The wind rapidly drove the flames toward the convent, and the danger being imminent an order was given to leave the convent. Just then, Sr. Anthony placed a small statue of Our Lady of Prompt Succor on a window sill facing the fire, and Mother St. Michel prayed aloud: "Our Lady of Prompt Succor, we are lost, unless you hasten to our help." Instantaneously, the wind changed, the convent and environs were out of danger, and the flames extinguished. Witnesses of this inexplicable incident cried out unanimously: "

Our Lady of Prompt Succor has saved us!" General Andrew Jackson's glorious victory over the British in the battle of New Orleans, fought on the plains of Chalmette, January 8, 1815, is another signal favor rightly attributed to the all-powerful intercession of Our Lady of Prompt Succor. Before the combat, in order to obtain God's blessing upon the American forces, the weeping, terror-stricken wives, mothers, children, and sisters of Jackson's valiant little band spent the night of January 7th in prayer before the statue of Our Lady of Prompt Succor in the Ursuline Chapel.

On the morning of January 8th, Very Rev. William Dubourg, Vicar General and, later, Bishop of New Orleans, offered the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass at the main altar, above which the statue had been placed, and the Ursulines, through their Prioress, Mother Ste. Marie Olivier de Vezin, made the vow to have a Mass of Thanksgiving sung annually should the Americans be victorious. At the moment of Communion, a courier rushed into the chapel, announcing the glad tidings of the enemy's defeat.

After Mass Father Dubourg intoned the Te Deum, which was sung enthusiastically and with heartfelt gratitude. No one could reasonably doubt the miraculous intervention of Our Lady of Prompt Succor. Jackson himself did not hesitate to admit of a Divine interposition in his favor, and came in person to the convent, accompanied by his staff, to thank the nuns for their prayers on his behalf. The vow made by the Ursulines has been faithfully kept throughout these long years. Rome has officially approved "DEVOTION TO OUR LADY OF PROMPT SUCCOR." Most precious documents have, at different times, emanated from the Holy See, placing the Seal of Holy Church on this devotion andn conferring special privileges upon it.

On September 27, 1851, His Holiness, Pius IX, graciously authorized the celebration of the feast of Our Lady of Prompt Succor and the singing of the yearly Mass of Thanksgiving on January the 8th........

The Media and Hurricane Gustav


(1) Can the media have people in areas besides Grand Isle and New Orleans? Every Hurricane it is like this. Slidell, Morgan City, Houma, New Iberia, and other areas with vast amounts of people seem not to exist. Despite the fact that the path of the storm is going that way.

(2) Can the media talk about Coastal Erosion and how we might have a crisis of National Security porportions because places like Port Fourchon are at huge risk right now partly because of that.

(3) In Louisiana in the northern part of the state there is a need for more shelters. Many Churches would love to do more but their insurance companies forbid it. It would be nice to see a report on that.

Well time to hold on

What Some Louisiana Catholic Bloggers are Saying and Doing Regarding Hurrican Gustav

I have not been online much the last few days because of the activity we have had in Louisiana and preparing for it.. Therefore there has not been a Louisiana Catholic Blogger Update. If the damage is bad statewide as I expect it will be there might be none for a few days because people will have no power.

The media is focusing a lot on New Orleans and Katrina but dangers West of New Orleans are not being talked about. Though those that lived through RITA recently they know all about that.

Our Deacon in New Orleans has evacuated Life on the (L)edge . See 3 YEAR'S LATER

Unskilled Labor (Lafayette Area) has left with his family and the closet he could a hotel room was DALLAS. See Hurricane Gustav Blogging

Moms and Kids At Home (Lafayette Area but North of I-10) has Southern Hospitality!

Cajun Cottage Under the Oaks (Lake Charles/ Lafayette Area) has left with the huge fmily and has a good post here at Catch-22 (which partly ansers ther question why Louisiana people keep living in these areas) :)

Up in the Baton Rouge area (that is in a safer position but has a huge threat of wind damage and the start of Tornado activity that no doubt will proceed North) we have For The Greater Glory. He has his family From New Orleans in his Apt near LSU has a post Gustav Update

Also in Baton Rouge Full Circle has Hurricane Gustav and DAWGS!

From The Recamier is blogging and giving thoughts about Gustav

Gustav Updates for Sunday Morning

This looks like the ultimate scary HUrricane. It appears Orelans Parish this time will be a ghost town. It has is mvong way fast with now predictions of it hitting it Moinday morning.

The problem with storm will be state wide. As anyone that was in Mississppi can tell you the destruction of Katrina went up north to Jackson. It appears this will be the same and even up here and with the speed it is moving I am antcipating being with power for a couple of days perhaps.

Louisiana Dept. of Transportation Website
National Hurricane Center Website
Official State of Louisiana Website

Traffic Cameras: New Orleans Baton Rouge Lafayette Lake Charles

For Road CLosures and Evacuation Route Info- Louisiana State Police

As of 10:30 am Sunday- Parish Evacuations
Allen - Recommended
Assumption - Mandatory
Beauregard - Recommended
Calcasieu - 12PM Noon Sunday, Mandatory
Cameron - Sunday, Mandatory for residents south of Highway 14, Recommended for the rest of the parish.
Iberia - 7AM Sunday, Mandatory
Jefferson - 8AM Sunday, Mandatory for residents on the West Bank. 12 Noon Sunday, Mansatory for residents on the East Bank.
Lafayette - Voluntary
Lafourche - 9AM Saturday for residents south of the flood gate, 3PM for all others, Mandatory
Orleans - 8AM Sunday, Mandatory
Plaquemines - 12PM Noon saturday, Mandatory
St. Bernard - 4PM Saturday, Mandatory
St. Charles - 12PM Saturday, Mandatory
St. John - 8PM Saturday, Mandatory
St. Martin - Mandatory
St. Mary - 4PM Saturday, Mandatory
St. Tammany - 7AM Sunday, Mandatory for residents south of I-12 and residents living near a major tributary.
Tangipahoa - Mandatory
Terrebonne - 4PM Saturday, Mandatory
Vermillion - Saturday, Mandatory
Washington - 5PM Sunday, Mandatory for residents of FEMA trailers and mobile homes.


If people are now just getting on the road and plan to use 1-12 to EVAC to Houston that seems to be a very very bad idea. Espcially since parts of that area are not out of the woods yet and for hours we shall be stuck on the road. Traffic is horrible. Better to somehow work your way Northward in Louisiana and cross over into Texas somwhere mid Louisiana and head then head south

Louisiana Tech Bulldogs Upset the Mississippi State Bulldogs

Wow what a game.

Sorry for the lack of posting the last few days but as you can tell things are a tad hectic in Louisiana!!.

Besides going fown south to help secure a hunting camp, I have been working with other peoples getting the local EVAC center ready . People are already coming in.

I did take time to go over to Ruston for the Big Game day in RUston!! What a game for my ole school.. The Tech Bulldogs really played with some heart as could be seen no doubt on ESPN2 . It was a good game and with LSU beating Appy State it made my day. However this was the major upset game I was looking for

Here are the articles

Tech downs visiting Bulldogs - Shreveport Times

Tech Get's a Dog of a Win Over Mississippi St. KTBS

Dogs Throw Away Opener At Tech

From our opponent of next week Looking ahead … La. Tech wins, too KUsports, KS

ROY LANG III: Win helps to exorcise Tech’s doormat tag

SEC STUNNER: Louisiana Tech bests Mississippi State in defensive ... Monroe News Star World

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Hurricane Watching and Palin

Hopefully Regular Blogging will occur tonight. I came down to south Louisiana yesterday to help "secure" one of my best friends hunting camps against the coming storm. Driving back in a few hours.

However lots of news this morning. Everyone is abuzz on the news it is Governor of Palin of Alaska. That woul dbe a good pick inmho though we shall have to deal the experience issues.

However if he picks her I CAN NOT IMAGINE A MORE PRO-LIFE PICK!! For all those pro-lifers that talk about being hesitant to support McCain then he cannot do much more to get your vote.

Anyway we are getting out of here pretty soon. Blogging later

Update 1

Ok we are out of here before the roads get bad. TIme fo the long trip back ip North. ABC News just reported Palin is in Alaska which if true means of course it is not her

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Work Work Work

Blogging will be about non existent the rest of the day. Have a deadline on a work project . I will try if I can to post the Holy Father's Wednesday Audience with pics later

Obama Needs TO Send Message To Russians During Acceptance Speech

He really does. This crap is getting out of hand. A nice message from Obama , and it just has to be a line or two, would remind the Russian Govt that just because we are having a free election and a robust discussion and debate of views not to regard that as weakness.

Obama and McCain's Last Pre Election Day Joint Appearance Will be at American Catholicism's Most Gala Event

Whispers in the Loggia has more at High Noon at the Al Smith. Again.

New Nancy Pelosi Patristic / Church Fathers Book About to Hit Catholic Book Stores

I can't wait to pick this book up to add to my Church Fathers Collection!!! In fact if New Orleans does not get blown away by the Hurricane that is in the Gulf , I hope to pick one up at the Daughters of St Paul Book Store when I go down for a Saint's game.
Curt Jester has more on this must buy

Tip of the hat to Pro Ecclesia

Update- I don't think Father Z is going to be giving a very good promotional blurb to the back cover. See Pelosi’s spokesman responds with more gobbledygook, quotes Augustine again
Please do not forget that St Augustine's Feast day is coming up this Thursday and his mom's is today. I think I have a few prayers in mind for both days

The Great Pro Life Hope of the Democrat Party

or so we are told Senator Casey of Pennsylvania was a huge disappointment at the Democrat Convention on our issue was he not?

He is not his daddy that is for sure

""Barack Obama and I have an honest disagreement on the issue of abortion. But the fact that I’m speaking here tonight is testament to Barack’s ability to show respect for the views of people who may disagree with him."


This sort of reminds of the not so good ole days when the Black folks got to come in the big house by the back door and get a little egg nog and a gift for the kids at Christmas. A reward for that being too uppity and creating problems like all those agitators that wanted rights and to be heard and stuff.

Though I sure people like Doug Kmeic and perhaps others Catholic voices will be glad for scraps from the Massa's table

London Times - Obama's Problem is Not Race

Oh dear more truth. Truth from someone that is not invested in the U.S. elections and is a outsider. That is the Chief Political United States correspondent for the London Times

I have seen a depressing rise in "the people who are against Obama are racist" articles that seems to increase as Obama has increasing problems in the polls. I expect we shall see a increase of this in the weeks and months to come.

The London Times has It’s not the colour of Barack Obama's skin that is the problem, it’s his political flaws

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Good Grief Do the Democrats Know What a Clock Is?

It is 10:30 Eastern Time and 9:30 Central time and Hillary has still not given her speech!! Are not some of the most crucial battleground states in these time zones where people are about to go to bed or getting the kids in the bed? DO the democrats organizers think the average likely voter that would like to see it are putting their entire lives on hold for some speech they have figured is already been message tested with focus groups

I hope Republicans have a better idea of time and what states they are reaching out too when we have our turn in a few days

Since Nancy Pelosi has Put St Augustine in the News So Much

We Church Father fans better take advantage of the Media spotlight!!!

See what Good Ole St Aug said on the Mass at The Army of Martyrs post St. Augustine on the Sacrifice of the Mass

First Married Former Baptist Minister to Become Catholic Priest In United States

Interesting story here. Again The Deacon Bench , who diggs up so many good things Catholic wise, has the story at Coming soon: a married priest who will make history

Jesuit Priest to Give Opening Prayer At Republican Convention

Some Catholics that follow the politics (both Church and more secular related) of Catholic Church affairs in the United States will have a good laugh on who his brother is.

The Deacon Bench has the story at The GOP's Jesuit

Inspiring Story of HollyWood Screen Writer That Came Back to the Catholic Faith

I really like this story. A little bit because it so real. After his "Road to Damascus" experience the road back to the Catholic faith was no easy thing.

Crunchy Con has the story and link at Joe Eszterhas and amazing grace

Nancy Pelosi Still Misrepresenting St Augustine


Speaker Nancy Pelosi has responded. Please see Pro- Ecclesia's Pelosi: St. Augustine Agrees With Me - That's My Story and I'm Sticking To It

What can you say after Speaker Pelosi has been shown wrong she was by the traditon of the Church and her own Bishops. She is her own Magisterium!!!!

Politics wise you would thing she would see that it would behoove her just to be quiet.

This is why many Catholics FEAR and fight against a Pro-Abortion Republican or Democrat in the White House

Time to Pray For Louisiana

Posting is sort of light today because:
(1) I have a work project
(2) A major Funeral in my town
(3) Louisiana going into panic mode over the Hurricane in the Gulf.

Once the 8 a.m models came out I think it is fair to say the anxiety levels have gone up ten fold here in Louisiana. So I have been on the phone and shopping for POTENTIAL people coming here to stay if it hits

Pray for Louisiana. New Orleans as well as much of the Louisiana Coast after Katrinaand Rita is not prepared to meet another huge Hurricane.

Inside Catholic Article Questions Catholics Loyalty That Supported Immigration Reform

Inside Catholic that has articles from all points of view has a article up called Render Unto Caesar: The Church and Immigration . I am in the weeds right now on another work related project so there is much I want to comment on I can't right now. Immigration Reform is a hot button topic and there is too much either or in this debate.

All sides have valid points and there needs to be a coming together on this issue. I will examine his argument and article later on. However I must comment on this:

"If we let our sacramental sympathy to the fellow Catholic who might sneak across the border overwhelm our duties to the community where we live -- the United States -- we are not serving a "higher loyalty." We are committing a kind of treason. Likewise, when we snicker -- as so many Catholics quietly do -- that "America is just a Protestant country anyway . . . but we'll soon take care of that." "

This is outrageous. I rarely hear people saying this. Most Catholic Dioceses are not thrilled with the influx of people we have because we are not ready for them to say the least. We also know CHANCES ARE EVANGELICALS WILL PICK THEM OFF.

However because I backed and fought for Immigration reform I was called a traitor and a Quisling countless times. Sort of like how this article implies. This attitude was part of the problem and not one that could bring people together to discuss this matter in a calm rational manner. I will hopefully hit on this article later and try to fairly show where it is right and where I think it is deeply wrong. However questioning the patriotism of Catholics that might have a different viewpoint should not go unanswered.

My views on this and countless other Catholics and other Christians are no motivatedt to get more "butts in the pews"

There are valid points here and ones that sadly I think try to put those that are not for a Deport them all big and small policy all in one box.

Anyway more later. Perhaps we can meet a happy common ground. Those that support Immigration Reform will not assume that everybody that is against it is racist . Those that oppose it will not assume all their opponents have some alternative motive or are not loyal to their country

The Church Fathers and the Abortion- Why Prior "Lies" No longer Bear Political Fruit

The United States Speaker for the House's position that the Church Fathers allow her to be pro- choice is not new. In fact this was heard often just a couple of decades ago.

I thought the Patristic Blog The Way of the Fathers had a good post on the Church Fathers and Abortion at 70 A.D. and All That . He says in part:

Not since the book 1066 And All That: A Memorable History of England have the Fathers been so badly mangled and tangled. It would be funny if it weren’t so tragic. The early Church left clear paper trails on very, very few issues, but abortion is certainly one of them. It is condemned by the Didache, the so-called Epistle of Barnabas, the apocryphal Apocalypse of Peter; by Clement of Alexandria, Athenagoras, Justin Martyr, Tertullian, Minucius Felix, Hippolytus, Origen, and Cyprian. And that partial list takes us only to the middle of the third century. Those witnesses emerged from ancient Syria, Egypt, Rome, Greece, Samaria, and North Africa. So, as the Vincentian Canon puts it, abortion was condemned always and everywhere and by all. There is no exception in the ancient Christian record, and this is one of those moral teachings that set Christians distinctly apart from the pagan world. If there were Nancy Pelosis in the world before the discovery of California, everyone — pagan or Christian — recognized that advocates for the “choice” of abortion were extra ecclesiam, outside the Catholic Church.

Again Pelosi argument was not new but lately has not been in vogue. Why? Because it is so easy to be defeated now. This is partly because the Church Fathers are no longer just located in volumes that in remote parts of University Libraries.

The rise of Catholic Apologetics (that have a big interest in the Church Fathers) , the Internet, the increased interest in Patristics by the Evangelicals make such misleading nonsense easily defeat able.

This was not the case in the 1980's and earlier when the information to refute such issue was not so much available to the common person.

If Speaker Pelosi had made these comments in 1987 on Meet the Press she would have gotten away with it largely. However today is a different time

An Overview of Catholic Reaction To Speaker Pelosi's Nationwide Gaffe As to CatholicChurch's View Toward Abortion

Father Z has had somes good post and links.

FoxNews: reactions of bishops to Nancy Pelosi’s remarks
Catholic House Republicans respond to Speaker Pelosi (D-CA)
American Bishops respond to Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)
Washington’s Archbp. Wuerl responds to Speaker Pelosi (D-CA)
NY’s Card. Egan responds to Rep. Pelosi
Archbp. Chaput (RC-Denver) vs. Speaker Pelosi (D-CA)
An ancient Roman poet vs. some Catholic politicians
NatRev: Lopez on Pelosi’s gaffs on the beginning of life
Rush vivisecting Speaker Pelosi
Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on when human life begins

Also see

The Catholic Report has Speaker Pelosi's Outlandish Gaffe, A Teachable Moment For Church Orthodoxy By Dave Hartline

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Obama Campaign to Milk Joe Biden's Son's Deployment to Iraq?

I thought this was very interesting from the American Spec blog:

Today's Prowler column mentions an Obama advisor promising to milk Biden's deployed son for all he's worth: "Biden is very well aware that his son's deployment is going to be a big part of what we do in October. It's part of our narrative and we're going to milk it for all it's worth," says one of the Obama advisers. "Republicans would do the same."

Actually, they're not. From the Gazette in Iowa:

McCain's son, Jimmy, 18, a Marine Corps enlistee, is now serving in Iraq, where more than 6,000 Marines have been injured and about 650 killed.
McCain, however, has said precious little about Jimmy's deployment. He did mention it to Linn County Republicans on Tuesday night, telling them his son has been promoted to lance corporal.It's unusual for McCain to talk about it, and Chuck Larson, senior adviser to McCain's Iowa campaign, doubts he will make a habit of it. [emphasis mine]

This isn't the first time Obama's campaign has exhibited symptoms of projection bias -- the psychological defense mechanism where the subject attributes his own unacceptable tendencies to others. The Democrats have repeatedly addressed the "Republican Attack Machine" (let's call it R.A.M. from now on) as though the Democrats (let alone Obama) have no idea who Mayor Daly or the Clintons are. They also have accused the McCain campaign's obvious race-baiting (subconscious and non-existent though it may be).The bright side is that defense mechanisms are meant to reduce anxiety. I guess Biden really isn't the cure for what ails ya..

That is very true!! Notice that article about Mccain was way into last year. In fact most people never knew and most people do not know now that the night McCain won New Hampshire his baby boy who was 19 years old was trying to get a jeep out of the mud in Iraq. The McCain people went out of their way to ask the media NOT to talk about his sons deployment. All this while in the middle of a very hotly contested race

If Biden wants to talks about his son service is fine. I do not think it is off limits. However it is curious how much they don't know about the person they are running against or as the piece points out this strange defense mechanism they have that is based on odd imaginary things. McCain is running a racist message etc that we have seeing so much of lately.

By the way, I suspect that Senator Joe Biden has not been fully briefed yet about what the Obama camp expect him to do as to this. I would not be shocked if he tells them to jump off a bridge

Fox Reporter Bashes Guam at Democrat Convention

"Rhode Island way up in the nose bleed section and Guam is now here what is up with that- They are Not Even a A State!! "

Or something to that effect. It gets my on nerves when the media sort is snobby toward US Territories that are pretty patriotic folks and also U.S. Citizens

I suspect these reporters have never been to places like Guam or seen out important military bases there.

This is just sort of a pet peeve of mine and I guess it is because I got family in the Air Force that served there

For the record
GUAM LOSES ANOTHER SOLDIER TO FOREIGN WARVictim, 25, killed by bomb in Afghanistan
By William B. Martin Jr. HAGATNA, Guam (Pacific Daily News, August 11, 2008) –

A 25-year-old son of Guam was killed in Afghanistan recently, bringing the island's casualties to five this year.

Petty Officer 2nd Class Anthony "Tony" Carbullido, who was a Navy hospital corpsman, is the 29th death from the region since the War on Terror began in 2001.

Carbullido was married to Summer Carbullido, who lives in the couple's home in Chicago. The couple have no children.

Carbullido's father, Anthony Carbullido, said the family was notified early yesterday morning.
Carbullido's father said he was told by a Navy chaplain that an improvised explosive device was involved in his son's death. He said he couldn't recall the exact date the incident happened.
Carbullido was on his second tour of duty. He had previously been deployed to Iraq.
Kevin Diego, a friend to the sailor, said he will always remember Carbullido's upbeat demeanor, especially at social functions.

"Tony is the kind of guy that never had a bad day," he said. "Not a care in the world. Everyone has their ups and downs; Tony's were almost always up."

More than 4,100 U.S. service members have been killed since 2001.

Lt. Donnell Evans, public affairs director for Naval Forces Marianas, yesterday said he couldn't release any information until 24 hours after the family has been notified, in accordance with Navy policy. Evans said information will be released today.

The sailor was last in Guam -- where he was born and raised -- in March, his father said.
Mass said

A special Mass was said for the fallen son of Guam last night at Mount Carmel Church in Agat. Services will be announced later, according to the family.

There were 10 regional casualties -- five from Guam -- last year. To date, 17 sons of Guam have died in the War on Terror -- the highest number of casualties from the region. All deaths this year have been from Guam.
Pacific Daily News:
www.guampdn.comCopyright © 2006 Pacific Daily News. All Rights Reserved

Needless to say I will not go through the detailed sacrifice these people have gone through since WWII.

Ok there is my pet peeve :) On with what has been sort of a very boring first night for a Dem Convention

Debunking Pope John Paul the I was Murdered Myths (Also other Pope John Paul I Stuff)

Yes this still goes around. We have seen in portrayed in the Godfather III movie, we have seen it in books, etc.

Anyway Lori’s Pilgrimage is examonign all this at Was Pope John Paul I Murdered? (Part I)

I think this quite useful because it does come up and there exactly a lot of resources that spend time debunking this nonsense.

Also she has some other stuff that is nice to see on this day we recall John Paul the I

See this vid John Paul I on Love - September 27, 1978
Also Pope Paul VI in the Words of his Successor and
Pope John Paul I and Pope John XXIII and
The Smiling Pope — 30 Years Later

Tip of the Hat again to Amy Welborn that has some great Catholic blogs I have not heard of on this post

Meet the The Miller Sisters Cafe -

“A Gathering Place for Christ-Centered Sisterhood”

Nice site.

Tip of the hat to Amy Wellborn

More Signs Romney Will Not Be McCain's VP?

The VP guessing game for the GOP continues. I just saw this at the Boston Globe Romney plans foray into Denver

There is a certain etiquette still to these things.

I think usually out of respect the other ticket does not exactly do a ton of active showing up at events when the convention is going on. There are low key fundraisers etc. Needless to say I doubt if Romney was going to be the VP pick like two days later he would be showing up in Denver on Wednesday.

Just sorta not done

James Carville Representing Louisiana Well At Democrat Convention

At his “James Carville’s Cajun Bayou Bash" !!!!!

It must must be one those Freaky Retro 1970 Cajun Bash Parties where people bring polaroid instant cameras and ever one oohs and Ahhs at how wonderful it is one can have a picture in just minutes that seems to have a "Yellowish tint" look!!!

I must admit over the years even many Republicans at least in Louisiana have gotten to like Carville again. I think LSU football unites us plus he is pretty fun. I heard some speeches he has given and he is pretty good


One person that went to the party said

"I got a contact high from the bourbon coming out of his pores.”

Is that a problem? :(

Wonkette has more details and the PIC at James Carville Reeks Of Alcohol At His Offensive Cajun Party

McCain Gets Daddy Yankee's backing- Girls Swoon

PHOENIX - In a concerted effort to make inroads with both Hispanics and young people, Sen. John McCain dropped by Central High School this morning to talk to the students.
After offering a few perfunctory words about the diversity of the student body and his hope that everyone would vote, McCain trotted out his ace in the hole.

"I brought a special friend, a great American success story," McCain told the students. "He's from Puerto Rico, married 15 years, and has children ages 14, 12 and 10. One of his songs I know you're familiar with, "Gasolina."

Oohs and aahs of disbelief greeted McCain's announcement as he said, "There he is, Daddy Yankee!"

The Reggaeton star walked in, hugging the girls and slapping hands with the boys as the girls cried "Oh my God," and fanned their flushed faces.

Daddy Yankee described himself as "a man of few words with a lot of action."

"I am here endorsing Senator McCain because I believe in his ideals and his proposals to lead this nation," the singing sensation said. "He's been a fighter for the Hispanic community...he's been a fighter for the immigration issue. So for me, he's the best guy to lead this nation. And once again, I just want to say thank you to everybody."

McCain referred to Daddy Yankee as "Ramon," and promised the students that the singer would stay to give them hugs and handshakes.

"Thank you , Ramon," McCain said, telling the students that he was "from a very poor family, lived in part of Puerto Rico where people make lot of wrong choices. He made the right choices. He did a little boxing, too. You all know better than I do his Latin Grammy-winning songs and the great crowds he draws to his concerts.

I just want to say, 'Thank you Daddy Yankee.'"
Daddy Yankee later boarded McCain's campaign plane with him to head for Sacramento and told reporters that he had met the senator two years ago "when he was named the most influential person on earth."

Asked what his song, "Gasolina," is about, he joked, "energy independence."
And asked whether McCain listens to his music, Daddy Yankee said, "His daughter does

Louisiana Catholic Blog Update for August 25, 2008

Time for the Louisiana Catholic Blog Update!!!

Unskilled Labor has Fay Hates Florida

Moms and Kids At Home has Big ol' field trip idea list

Just Another Seminarian Blog has Gearing Up to Slow Down

From The Recamier has her daily update here (She has Saints!! Saint Bartholomew, Apostle (died first century). She also talks about her entertaining small town crime news among other things.

Footprints on the Fridge is BACK. She has The Simple Woman's Daybook (there are pics), and I'm Back

Catholic Tube has vids . See Reclaiming Your Kids to the Faith 2 and also see his previous post Reclaiming Your Kids To The Faith

The The Louisiana Brown Pelican Society( lay Louisiana Catholic organization) has their daily major update

For The Greater Glory has Biden? Seriously? ( I agree!!!)

ALIVE AND YOUNG has Week 1 is Done

Thoughts & Ruminations from Fr. Ryan has a Obama poster here. and cool link here List of fictional clergy and religious figures - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Fr. Victor Brown’s Catholic Daily Message our expat priest in Texas has his message here at 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time (24 Aug 2008)

Our Louisiana and LSU fan Expat Priest in New Jersey Da Mihi Animas has Hillsong United: Fire Fall Down! (Nice Vocation news) , Beatification for Louis and Zelie Martin: Parents of St. Therese , Feast of St. Bartholomew the Apostle! , a nice video here at My Redeemer Lives - Team Hoyt , and Jamey Johnson - In Color

Start Praying About Tropical Storm Gustav - This One Looks Bad

I must say this looks pretty bad and pretty developed already

Trying To Explain the National Crisis of Louisiana Coastal Erosion To Non Louisiana Politicians

I must say I am not thrilled just 20 folks showed up to listen, However the arguments here are a must read and we need to get down

Go see Coast Guarding that is in today's Gambit

Archbishop Chaput of Denver Responds To Nancy Pelosi "Catholic" Misunderstanding Regarding Abortion on Meet The Press

Wow it appears Archbishop Chaput of Denver is not going away :)

Here is the PDF file of a great response that he just issued to Pelosi. Once it comes out in full text form in non pdf I will post it in full. Click here for the pdf format. (which is the full text)

Tip of the hat to K Lopez (see I can say nice things about her) :)

By the way Archbishop Chaput will be holding a prayer vigil at a abortion clinic in a suburb of Denver tonight with the niece of MLK.

Update the Anchoress has some of Chaput's remarks in non pdf form (as well as her thoughts) here at Pelosi, Abortion & St. Augustine - UPDATED
This is one of his killer quotes:
Abortion kills an unborn, developing human life. It is always gravely evil, and so are the evasions employed to justify it. Catholics who make excuses for it - whether they’re famous or not - fool only themselves and abuse the fidelity of those Catholics who do sincerely seek to follow the Gospel and live their Catholic faith.

Update II Pro-Ecclesia has the more text here in non pdf form at Archbishop Chaput on Speaker Pelosi: "On the Separation of Sense and State"

FOX Ripping CNN In Intensive AD War

LOL. Go to Let's Get It Right and his post Fair & Balanced for the story
For the record I am no big defender of FOX. Fox often annoys me because for a network that has is part of the Murdock media empire they seem to use little of that to their advantage. Also I am not a big fan of pundits interviewing pundits which seems to what Cable News has become.
I do like Chris Wallace, Brit Hume, and the Ole Miss guy in the afternoon though on FOX.
MSNBC is the biggest offender of bias of course. However CNN does it too. The Lou Dobbs show is the most worthless piece of propaganda on tv

Democrats Boo Teacher Unions At Their Own Convention!!

I have to admit I agree with Mickey Kaus I am a tad shocked. This thought this was another fascinating bit that was at the tail end that detailed the other excitement

P.S.: My favorite moment didn't concern the unions. It came when NYC schools chief Joel Klein called for a single national testing standard. Groff, a crowd favorite, made the conventional local elected officials' objection that you need flexibiity, one size doesn't fit all, "what works" in County X might not work in County Y. And he was booed! Loudly. By Democratic education wonks. Wow. (The "one size" argument cropped up in the welfare reform debate too--and I assume it's just as bogus in the education debate. We're a national economy with cities that look more or less alike. What works in County X is almost certainly also going to work in County Y.)

Very intersting. GO see Dems Rally Against Unions!

New Orleans Catholic Families Make New Life In Shreveport After Katrina

I will be hitting a few more Louisiana based Catholic stories the next couple of days. The Catholic Louisiana News Papers are sort of out of their summer doldrums and have a lot of great stories.

I like this one because I actually attended St Josephs in Shreveport and they were crucial in helping Katrina folks from New Orleans and the rest of the affected areas.

Though it sad to see New Orleans loss it is nice to see these people now sharing all their talents in their new hometowns.

The Catholic Newspaper of New Orleans , The Clarion Ledger , in its August 23rd 2008 issue has the story in pdf format . Download the pages here .

This edition of the newspaper is very Katrina based as to be expected for this time of year. There are stories also of New Orleans transplants in Baton Rouge and Texas as well as how the New Orleans Diocese is recovering

A Look At New Orleans Catholic Football for 2008

It is very very close to Louisiana High School Football season. For those that have a State Wide interest in what is going on there is a short write up and schedule in the Archdiocese of New Orleans Catholic Newspaper on the famous Catholic league and other Catholic schools in the area.

It can be downloaded in PDF form here at page 8 and here at page 9. There is a schedule.

McCain Needs To Make Sure That His VP Pick Leaks On Thursday!!

The bad thing McCain will have to worry about is competing with the beginning of High School and College Football season for the big media news!!! There needs to be mega headlines on Friday!! On Saturday lots of people will not be switching over from football to watch McCain and his new VP in a big speech.

The Olympics is Over So China Arrests A Catholic Bishop


Father Z has the story at Zheng Ding: 74-year old bishop arrested in China

A Wonderful Catholic Vocations Poster

Tip of the hat to What Does the Prayer Really Say at a Great vocations poster (click link to see words better)

A Look at the Former Pro -Life Joe Biden

Catholics Against Joe Biden has a overview and thoughts at Biden's Position of Convenience

Bishops Must Seize The Moment in Wake of Sunday's Nancy Pelosi Scandal

Amy Wellborn has a good post here at Ardent. The Speaker of the House is "Teaching " Catholics and other bad information about the faith. Will she be the teaching office or the Bishops?

More here at my earlier post The Church Fathers VS Nancy Pelosi on Meet the Press

Archbishop Chaput of Denver Responds To Nancy Pelosi Catholic Misinformation On Abortion on Meet The Press

THe 30th Anniversary of the Death of John Paul the I Today

A Pope whose reign lasted all of 34 days and whose death set off a ton conspiracy theories . The Deacon's Bench has more at Remembering the OTHER Pope John Paul

Founder of Taizé -Calvinist pastor or Catholic or Both

Chiesa this morning has an good article up that sadly will be Cannon fodder for the extreme right of the Church and no doubt misused by the far left (sorry to use political terms but I think we know what we mean by them) I believe. No doubt the extreme traditionalist will use this to say look at these illicit Popes , and the extreme progressives will use it for let everyone go to communion and false ecumenical stuff (that is really not ecumenical) and related garbage.

However I found this to be pretty interesting

Go see
Was the Founder of Taizé Protestant, or Catholic? A Cardinal Solves the Riddle
Fr. Roger Schutz was both. He adhered to the Church of Rome while remaining a Calvinist pastor. Wojtyla and Ratzinger gave him communion. Cardinal Kasper explains how, and why by Sandro Magister

Noah's Nakedness in Genesis - A Case of Maternal Incest?

Genesis 9:20-27 (New International Version)

20 Noah, a man of the soil, proceeded to plant a vineyard. 21 When he drank some of its wine, he became drunk and lay uncovered inside his tent. 22 Ham, the father of Canaan, saw his father's nakedness and told his two brothers outside. 23 But Shem and Japheth took a garment and laid it across their shoulders; then they walked in backward and covered their father's nakedness. Their faces were turned the other way so that they would not see their father's nakedness.

24 When Noah awoke from his wine and found out what his youngest son had done to him, 25 he said, "Cursed be Canaan! The lowest of slaves will he be to his brothers."
26 He also said, "Blessed be the LORD, the God of Shem! May Canaan be the slave of Shem.
27 May God extend the territory of Japheth may Japheth live in the tents of Shem, and may Canaan be his slave."

Years ago I was listening to Catholic Apologist Scott Hahn and he brought up the situation where Ham, identified as the father of Canaan, “sees the nakedness of his father” Noah and all hell procedes to break lose. Ham's son becomes cursed and well one can make argument that we have been affected by that ever since.

I can recall those verses disturbed me because this seemed sort of odd that such major consequences could occur because of Ham seeing his dad naked ( or perhaps nekid as we say in the South) or even if this was a case of Voyeurism.

Dr Hahn explained this was not what it appears to be to our ears in the modern day. That this most likely was a case of maternal incest by the son.

There have been four theories over time what is going on here.

They are
1) Ham literally saw his father unclothed.
2) That Ham performed Castration on Noah
3) Ham engaged in an incestuous relationship with his mother (and this relationship produced Canaan)
4. Ham raped his father. (His father was drunk so he was unable to consent.)

It appears that views #3 and #4 have gained some currency over the years as Biblical Scholarship with more evidence of Maternal Incest coming to bear.

I have thought about this from time to time and wondered if Hahn every built his case for this besides just a 2 minute blurb on a tape.

Well in fact he has here at Noah’s Nakedness and the Curse on Canaan (Genesis 9:20-27),” with John Seitze Bergsma, Journal of Biblical Literature 124.1 (Spring 2005), pp. 25-40.

It is pretty fasicanting and this event if we accept the maternal incest theory makes others parts of the Scripture to become more illuminated. It is a pretty short and easy read and I would recommend it

Conservatives and Republicans Need to Be Careful With Obama / Biden on Georgia Situation

I saw this post over at Vox Nova by a poster looking at Biden called Welcome Senator Biden. Let me excerpt this part:

The commonly believed cause behind Biden’s nomination is his foreign policy experience. Regrettably the product of that foreign policy experience has been for the most part belligerence. As Obama has entered the moderation phase of the election, he has been sending mixed signals on foreign policy, including remarks about the recent Georgia and Russian conflict that were slightly less belligerent than McCain’s comments, a less than impressive feat.
As noted in the
Austrailian of all places, McCain and Biden share an interventionist streak in policy. They in fact were co-sponsors of the resolution authorizing the U.S. to enter the Kosovo conflict in 1999. Both also voted in favor of the resolution to invade Iraq. Just this path month, Senator Biden requested that an additional $1B be given to the Georgian government. He stated in regards to that conflict, “The war that began in Georgia is no longer about that country alone. The outcome there will determine whether we realise the grand ambition of a Europe that is whole, free, and at peace.” That Europe apparently stretches now east of Turkey and almost borders Iran.

Now there are some things to quibble with perhaps..

Also I suspect this poster and I would disagree about what we should be doing as to the Georgia Crisis. However he does hit something I have been saying for two weeks. That Obama and McCain are pretty close on Georgia. With Biden in the mix it appears distance appears shorter. That is something to celebrate from my point of view and is very crucial.

Though it tempting to make everything political , I think this situation is too dangerous to do so. We are entering a very vulnerable time. President Bush is in a awkward situation as a President having one foot out the door already. We are involved in a heated race for the White House. The only more vulnerable time will be between when the President- Elect is known in November and Bush leaves in January.

I think it is very much realm in the possibility that the Russians calculated this into their timing. So why continue to be played for fools if that is the case?

So the more united a front the better. Especially since we have now American troops in the area and naval ships bring needed supplies to Georgia that are basically having to go around Russian ships

Conservatives and Republicans have not been great at this lately. For instance it is sort of disturbing to me that there are a million articles, blogs posts, etc on McCain perhaps choosing Joe Lieberman as VP and hardly done on Lieberman being sent to the Georgia and the Caucuses. In fact there were hardly none on Biden's trip there that was just last week!! What happened? What did they Say? Who knows!! Who Cares!! Well this a slightly more than a boardgame of Risk as we all indulge our political funt he rest of the time.

No doubt Obama statements on Georgia and now the adding of Biden to the ticket will give many of his base supporters a big case of the vapors on this issue.. While it is tempting to manipulate that I hope we hold back. There is huge need to come together on this.

So while I shall tear apart Biden and Obama on many issues, I am going to go out of my way to hopefully see the common ground here they have with McCain. There is too much at stake to do otherwise. In the end while we might be in disagreement with each other none of us want to see this escalate or our Eastern European allies in further danger by appearing weak and causing a miscaculation by Russia because of it.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Archbishop Chaput of Denver- Joe Biden Should Refrain From Communion

Well so it begins. Catholics Against Biden has more at Denver Archbishop Chaput: Biden should refrain from communion; "looks forward to speaking with him privately"

Also see their entries today:

Kmiec now making excuses for Biden

"We are complicit in this" -- Bishop Michael Saltarelli on "pro-choice" Catholic politicians

Msgr. Joseph Rebman and Bishop Michael A. Saltarelli

Deal Hudson: "Why Biden Will Not Help Obama Attract Catholic Voters"

The Church Fathers VS Nancy Pelosi on Meet the Press

One of the Nation's leading "Catholics" in public life very much misrepresented the Church's view on abortion and life today on nationwide television. If people want to know why a Pro-Abortion person on the Dem or Gop side in the White House gives us nightmares this is a small example.

That being said Rudy at least never did this during the year he was running for PREZ!!!

Catholidoxy has one of the best post on this at Pelosi on MTP: Catholic tradition vague, but Roe clear, on when life begins where she takes what Pelosi says and then pretty much demolishs her misleading statements. Her stuff on what the Church Fathers have said on this topic is excellent!!

U.S. Team Picked Georgian to Lead Them In Olympic Closing Ceremony

Well this is interesting. Good for them

Typology and It's Use in Scripture

The Canterbury Tales had a good intro and link up on this topic. See Peter Leithart on Typology

Does The National Review Worry About Selling Magazines? More Huckabee Bashing!!!

I think while I am watching the Dems this week talk about Hope ,Change and free butter and cheese for everyone I will have to start a new category on my blog. The Lopez Files!!! I have lot of entries I could put in that category.

The National Review and their NRO Online Editor in Chief is bashing Huckabee again. I think the Weekly Standard , the other conservative magazine of record, really missed out on a marketing opportunity. Huckabee Supporters Buy the Weekly Standard- We Don't Think You are From Dogpatch!!!!

Anyway this person , who is not a really a Huckabee Supporter, wrote a rational piece on Lopez's latest comment this morning at Huckabee Derangement Syndrome

Also see my sadly numerous recent posts on this SINCE JUST JULY
Lopez (Lets Unify the Party) at National Review Takes On Huckabee Again

Kathryn Lopez is Pimpin her Anti Mike Huckabee Article Again today

Mrs Lopez at National Review Is Attacking MIKE Huckabee Again

Kathryn Jean Lopez Obsession With Huckabee Continues

Is Governor Palin Really Out of Contention for McCain's VP -MORE VP GUESSING FUN

It is tempting to think so looking around at the reporting . If she had another three years in the Governor Mansion she would be all the talk right now.

However I find these McCain ads about how Hillary was passed over a tad weird. Mostly because I think they can so misfire. That is unless he has something planned!!!

It appears I am not the only one thinking this

Talk about the ultimate head fake. How many news media folks going to stake Palin up way up there in Alaska to smell stuff out!!

Can Genetically Modified Wheat Hosts Be used At Mass?

I never pondered that question untill reading Creative Minority Report's post No Genetically Modified Jesus!

Why It Will Not Be Romney For VP

I think this person at Race42008 makes some good points at Mitt is Not the Pick

This part grabbed me as very right on:

This scenario actually matches up very well with the events of last week. As as the Biden selection appeared more and more certain as the week went on, it was announced that Gov. Romney and Gov. Huckabee would make a joint appearance with Sen. McCain in Missouri on Aug. 31st. The flyer for the event is reproduced below: (see link for flyer)

It seems very unlikely that both men, who are reported to personally dislike one another (and who respective supporters without a doubt dislike each other), would appear at the same event together the day after the Vice Presidential selection and be forced to publically “kiss the ring” of his victorious opponent.

In other words, if you think that Mike Huckabee is showing up in MO on the 31st to genuflect at the feet of Vice Presidential nominee Mitt Romney- well, you have another thing coming (in fact, several sources of mine told me that they knew that neither Romney or Huckabee would be the choice when this event was finalized.)
Compare this to the fundraiser invitation that was sent out to Minnesota Republicans to an event with “Special Guest - the Vice Presidential Nominee.” Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s name appears nowhere on the email, an ominous omission if there ever was one

I think this very true. The rift between Romney and Huckabee and their various supporters have never healed. Also despite the fact Huckabee and all his delegates are being ignored don't think they do not play a role at the big event coming up.

Who is at fault for this rift? Well I am sure all sides including McCain as now the defacto head of the party is to blame for not coming in demanding and brokering a peace deal.

As a Huckabee supporter I see it of course from the Huckabee viewpoint to a certain extent. Still for all these comments in blogs about how McCain better not pick bad Pro-Choice Ridge but that Romney is a suitable replacement do not be shocked that this is not going to be met with a grand Catholic Mass:

a-a-amen, alleluia, forever and ever,. forever alleluia forever and ever amen

from all quarters.The fact that people do not recognize this is beyond me. Needless to say the same applies for Huckabee and how Romney supporters would react if he was named. They would go bonkers if Huckabee was named

I have resigned myself that Romney is in the mix. Though I am not sure why I should all excited about someone that four to six years ago was one American' s most Republican pro-choice Governors. IMHO he is the Republican version of Kennedy, Biden, Gore, Clinton, Jessie Jackson that used to be pro-life but now are pro-choice because of votes. Except this time in a rare exception we have a pro-choice guy becoming pro-life so he can run for the big prize. If this is progress or not I am not so sure.

However Comment 174 is intriguing:

Martha for M&M Says: August 24th, 2008 at 8:24 pm
Does anyone have an explanation as to why Romney only merits an afternoon speaking spot on Wed at the convention?
I think it’s a far more obvious clue to VP selection than any listed in this article

I think if this is the case then will the big Missouri Event be a true UNITY event with Huckabee and Romney having a big hug? Big thing to look for as this spectualtion increases the Mitt sends a message to the usual suspect to lay off Huckabee.

Update II- I am not sure how afternoon this time slot really is? I mean he is right before Cindy McCain big debut which seems sort of a great spot I mean he sort is the first major speaker of the night

LSU 's All-Americans Sylvia Fowles and Seimone Augustus Win GOod for the USA at Olympics

How enjoyable watching these women. LSU Sports net has Augustus, Fowles Win Olympics Gold Medal

Archbisop Chaput- Can't Cover Up Evil of Abortion with Other Social Issues This Election

If one is interesting in Archbishop Chaput's new book and what he saying I suggest the links here at Fantastic Interview with Archbishop Chaput's on his Book "Render Unto Caesar, about faith and politics."

A interview with Zenit Cathoic News Service is now up here at Faith and Politics: Better Together

These parts caught my eye:

Q: A chapter of the book was dedicated to St. Thomas More. In the same chapter you mention John F. Kennedy, the first Catholic president of the United States. What is the fundamental difference between these two Catholic political leaders?

Archbishop Chaput: As I say in the book, we should be wary of drawing too close a parallel between More’s situation and the problems facing American public officials. But More and his friend John Fisher stay so vivid in our memories for a reason. They kept their integrity at the cost of everything they had, including their lives. They put God before Caesar.

As for Kennedy, we need to remember the context of his 1960 campaign. Kennedy had plenty of talent and courage, but he also had to overcome 200 years of ingrained Protestant suspicion. Unfortunately, in easing those Protestant fears, he created a new and very flawed Catholic model of separating public service from private conviction.

He was acting in good will, and of course he couldn’t see the future -- but he did a great deal of damage. Over the past 40 years, his example has guided every Catholic public official who is “personally opposed” to some grave evil, but won’t do anything about it. We’re still suffering the effects.

Let me add I don't think the damage was limited to Catholic Politicians!!!

Q: In this election year there seems to be more talk of "wider" social issues that Catholics should consider when voting. How do you see this trend? And what do you see as the biggest issues facing Catholic voters this November?

Archbishop Chaput: The moral witness of the Church doesn’t change, whether it’s an election year or not. We face a lot of very important issues this fall: the economy, immigration reform, the war in Iraq. These are urgent and compelling, but they can’t be used as an excuse to ignore the unborn child.

No matter how much we want to cover it over with talk about “wider social issues,” the abortion struggle remains the foundational social issue of our time. There’s no way of wriggling around the profits, the brutality and the injustice of abortion with pious language or theatrical gestures. Abortion is legalized homicide. It has to stop. Every other right depends on the right to life. Q: The book is written mainly for a U.S. audience as it directly speaks of the Church in the United States. What could an international audience take away from the book?

Pope Benedict Angelus for August 24 2008 (Full Text)

Here is the Pope's angelus for August 24 2008. Since he is not at Saint Peter's and thus has to stand these Angleus talks are a tad shorter. Thanks to the Ratzinger Forum for the translation. Picturres of today will no doubt be availabe here and in the Italian photo section here. The Vatican will have the offical English translation here in the next couple of days.

Here is a translation of the Holy Father's words at the noonday Angelus today.

Dear brothers and sisters! The liturgy this Sunday is addressed to us Christians but at the same time to every man and woman - the double question that Jesus posed one day to his disciples. First he asked them: "Who do people say the Son of Man is?" They answered that for some, he was John the Baptist revived, for others, he was Elias, Jeremiah or one of the Prophets. Then the Lord asked the Twelve directly: "And who do you say that I am?" In the name of all of them, with impetus and decisiveness, it was Peter who took the word: "You are the Christ, the Son of the living God."

A solemn profession of faith, which since then, the Church has continued to repeat. Even we today wish to proclaim it with intimate conviction: Yes, Jesus, you are the Christ, the Son of the living God! We do so with the awareness that Christ is the true 'treasure' for whom it is worth sacrificing everything - He is the friend who will never abandon us, because he knows the most intimate expectations of our heart. Jesus is 'the son of the living God", the promised Messiah, who came to earth to offer mankind salvation and to satisfy the thirst for life and love that dwells in every human being.

What benefits mankind would have in welcoming this announcement that brings joy and peace! "You are the Christ, the Son of the living God". To this inspired profession of faith by Peter, Jesus replied: "You are Peter, and on this rock, I will build my Church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. To you I give the keys of the kingdom of the heavens."

It is the first time that Jesus speaks of the Church, whose mission is to realize the grand plan of God to reunite in Christ all mankind in one family. The mission of Peter and his successors is precisely to serve this unity of the one Church of God made up of Jews and pagans; his indispensable ministry is to make sure that it is never identified with one nation, one culture, but that it should be the Church of all peoples, to make present among all men - marked by innumerable divisions and differences - the peace of God and the renewing power of his love.

Therefore, to serve the internal unity which comes from the peace of God, the unity of all who have become brothers and sisters in Christ - that is the particular mission of the Pope, Bishop of Rome and Successor of Peter. In the face of the enormous responsibility of this task, I am ever more aware of the commitment and importance of service to the Church and to the world that the Lord has entrusted to me.

Therefore, I ask you, dear brothers and sisters, to sustain me with your prayers, in order that, faithful to Christ, we may together announce and bear witness to his presence in our time. May this grace be obtained for us by Mary, whom we invoke confidently as Mother of the Church and Star of Evangelization.

After the Angelus prayers, he made this special appeal:

The international situation this week registered a crescendo of tensions which raise serious concern. We note, with sadness, the risk of a progressive deterioration of that climate of trust and collaboration among nations which should characterize relations. How can we not see, in present circumstances, the great effort that all mankind must make to form that common consciousness of being 'a family of nations' that Pope John Paul II had indicated as an ideal before the General Assembly of the United Nations? It is necessary to deepen the awareness that we share a common destiny, which is ultimately a transcendent destiny (cfr Message for the World Day of Peace, January 1, 2006, No. 6), in order to avoid a return to nationalistic counter-positions which has brought so many tragic consequences in other historical periods.

Recent events have weakened in many the confidence that similar experiences are definitely a thing of the past. But we must not give in to pessimism! Rather, we must commit ourselves actively so that the temptation to face new situations with old methods may be resisted. Violence must be repudiated! The moral force of law; equitable and transparent negotiations to dispel controversies - starting with those related to territorial integrity and self-determination by peoples; faithfulness to one's given word; the search for the common good - these are some of the principal roads to follow, with tenacity and creativeness, in order to construct fruitful and sincere relations, and to assure to present and future generations times of harmony as well as moral and civic progress.

Let us transform these thoughts and hopes into prayer, so that all members of the international community, particularly those who hold the greatest responsibility, may work generously to revive the higher causes of peace and justice. Mary, Queen of Peace, pray for us.

In English, he said:

I am happy to greet all the English-speaking pilgrims and visitors present for this Angelus prayer. Today’s Liturgy reminds us that as Christians we profess with Simon Peter that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God. As members of the Church may we always find the courage to live faithfully and bear witness in word and deed to Christ our Lord and Saviour. I wish you all a pleasant stay in Castel Gandolfo and Rome, and a blessed Sunday!

He had these special words for Spanish-speaking pilgrims:

I wish to assure you that I continue to pray for the eternal rest of those who died in the tragic air accident last Wednesday at Madrid airport, and for those who were injured. May the Lord grant strength, comfort and hope to their families, to whom I wish to reiterate my sincere affection and spiritual closeness.

A Major Catholic Newspaper Looks at Catholic Capitalism

Tip of the hat to Mirrors of Justice for this link.

The Tablet is a major UK Catholic Newspaper that gets some play in international circles and of course in all English speaking countries. If that is good or bad is another story. However they have an article up called An Acceptable Face for Capitalism. Now this article also references this UK Newspaper article from the Guardian called What I told the Pope about how to shape the new capitalism

This discussion of course strikes at the center of our lives, the Gospel, and in particular the Catholic social justice Doctrine.

Now it is sad state of affairs but often these issues cannot be discussed without a huge ole partisan edge. This is not really and indictement but a natural part of human affairs. In fact a healthy partisanship is at times needed.

While advocates of Catholic social doctrine have been wrongly called all called socialist in the past many of the same people with lets say a more "progressive " viewpoint have being making silly caricatures of others. One would think that Republicans and conservative Catholics are advocating the most extreme Laissez-faire capitalism which is to say the least not always the case.

It is a frustrating state of affairs. Most people that are the most vocal and well known advocates of Catholic social doctrines in the United States are aligned with the democrat party. Thus their party loyalty clouds their views. We saw this when Brownback and Huckabee came under attack for various parts of their proposals. Not many from the Social Justice Catholic camp came rushing to their defense. They were not on their radar.

Archbishop Chaput of Denver said a few days ago:

for thirty-five years I’ve watched prominent “pro-choice” Catholics justify themselves with the kind of moral and verbal gymnastics that should qualify as an Olympic event. All they’ve really done is capitulate to Roe v. Wade.
-- Archbishop Charles J. Chaput

Vote for Real Hope and Change
First Things August 19, 2008.

We see that now many propose that Obama/ Biden is a great thing for the Pro-Life movement because they allege their polices will lower abortion rates.

We rarely see these "moral and verbal gymnastics" used toward Republicans. For instance the Bush Prescription Drug plan that was enacted was not a good start to them but something horrid and lacking and a huge farce. This sadlyjgust shows the partisanship that is hidden.

Some Catholics also from the more progressive camp play the Calvinist Card!! A very sort of dishonest way at times of trying to put needless divisions between Christians in a sort of US versus Them category. This is similar to the attacks of well a well known Catholic blogger that talks about the Calvinist far right conspiracy to get Catholics in the Republican party on the pro-life issue in the 1980's. Of course the facts that much of Capitalist theory has Catholic roots is ignored

Finally we come to the the biggie. United States Catholics share something in common with the population as a whole. Most do not have a deep understanding of economics.

I think Professor Garnett of Notre Dame a couple of weeks summed up the problem in some ways as relating to the 08 race.In his very good post Kmiec's question, and other things . . . he says in part:

It seems to be a premise of many of these "for whom should Catholics vote?" discussions that "on every issue that matters, other than abortion, the election of Sen. Obama will actually yield meaningful policy actions that are edifyingly in concert with the Church's social teaching, while the election of Sen. McCain will actually yield meaningful policy actions that are distressingly in conflict with the Church's social teaching." But, this premise is false.

It is false because it ignores, or at least downplays, the political, social, cultural and economic realities that will almost certainly prevent dramatic changes with respect to most matters, and so it overestimates the "good" stuff about an Obama administration that, it is proposed, outweighs the "bad" stuff. It is also false because Sen. McCain's views (or, more precisely, the policies likely to be pursued by his administration) on a number of matters -- not just abortion -- are, in terms of consonance with the Church's social teaching, preferable to Sen. Obama's. Or, so a faithful, reasonable, informed, non-duped, non-Republican-hack, Commonweal-and-First Things-reading Catholic could conclude. It's a sad thought, but . . . I'm not sure that productive conversations -- even among friends -- are possible so long as this false premise is assumed

Most people I think are sadly unaware that the problem exists that good professor from Notre Dame is talking about. One can make the jump from this specific part of history we are in and the same dynamics apply to Catholic social justice thought and the economy.

Now sadly this article, while a good start, falls pray to the some of the above. The author writers in part:

"While the True Wealth of Nations conference was representative of much mainstream Catholic American thought, there are other players in the field, notably the right-wing think tank called the Acton Institute. The main message of that institute, which is attempting to spread its presence worldwide from its base in Grand Rapids, Michigan, seems to be that American capitalism as conceived by Republican neoconservatives is as close as it is possible to get to a model of capitalism that Catholicism could approve of - an idea that greatly appeals to certain wealthy Catholic businessmen in the United States and indeed to the whole ideology of "Americanism" that the neocons promote."

I do wonder if I can get through the day without reading a article with the word "neocon" or "neo conservative" in it. I have been reading a lot of articles on the Civil War lately. A common theme is that those like and defend poor Ole President Lincoln are all Neo Cons. I read the other day that Joe Lieberman was a neo con( WHO KNEW!!!). If you are problems with the Russian invasion of Georgia you are a Neo Con. Now it is interesting that people are trying to make the description of neo con to have a bad tone to it and assume it does. However we now see these word , that seems to have a increasing expansive reach to take in all sort of people, now be applied to those that advocate capitalism and the Catholic social justice principles are neo cons. Or as we see later perhaps the territory of "right-wing lobbyists. "

Well there is much positive here because it does report an openness perhaps. I was not aware of this conference that they are reporting on and I intend to find out more about it.

Returning to the article I thought this was useful:

We were not without human resources for our conference. Catholic social thought is a lively academic discipline on American Catholic campuses, which are intellectual environments where religion has not been marginalised. My theory is that what gives Catholic social teaching an extra edge in America is the absence there of any significant Marxist or socialist tradition, ideologies which in their prime in Europe and elsewhere offered a robust challenge to free-market capitalism and shaped its behaviour. With the departure of those competing ideologies, European societies may also need something like Catholic social teaching as a counter-weight to run-away market forces - as Will Hutton seemed to see.

Now we can debate of course if run away market forces or perhaps too much state intervention in market is the problem in Europe. But I do think he is correct about the discipline of Catholic social thought being a lively discipline here in the USA to some degree.

One of the biggest challenges for Catholic Social thought and it's interaction with economic models is to realize that non Catholics have ideas. In fact one could not help but notice , that the largely Evangelical supporters of Baptist Huckabee and The Catholic Senator Brownback were at times engaging these issue. However both campaigns being cash deprived rarely were able to expand there thoughts and make it a part of the general discussion in the wider public square. However other noted. When the Catholic editor of National Review online is calling Huckabee "A Christian Socialist" then something is up. When Boston Cardinal Sean P. O'Malley praised Sen. Sam Brownback as the candidate whose views most closely reflected Catholic social teaching perhaps people should be paying attention. One would think that Brownback as one of the leading Catholics in the Senates, with his very friendly Methodist Social Justice background would have raised some eyebrows. Sadly though it not partly because of partisan bias and people putting folks in boxes.

This post is going on a tad longer than I wanted it too so let me finish up. If one wantes to get a well balanced view of what the Churches views toward Capitalism are please see Against the Grain's excellent piece here Pope Benedict's Critique of Capitalism


Speaking of Huckabee and this topic. The Action Inst has this interesting excerpt from a Huckabee interview