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Lets Eat- Souls Cakes For All Saints and All Souls Day

All Souls is one my favorite Catholic days I must admit. Catholic Cuisine has a neat recipe and some fun history. See Soul Cakes

The Communion of Dear Hunting Unites Catholics , Protestants, Liberals and Conservatives

Father Neuhaus has not passed away a year yet but I still think about him a great bit and the influence he had on me. Neuhaus was a Lutheran that became Catholic. In my neck of the woods Lutherans are as about as rare as Jews or Eastern Orthodox. Basically the exposure is what you see on TV. So it was not till a few years after I became Catholic that I started looking at Lutheran Theology. Neuhaus was part of that window for me.Though he crossed the Tiber make no mistake his valued and celebrated his Lutheran heritage till the date of his death.

I think some non Southern Catholics have a very cartoon version of the Evangelicals we live around in the Jesus soaked South. The other day on a certain blog I was trying to explain the particular social contract that Catholics and in many cases Protestants that have varying degrees of differences among themselves all live under down here. Alas I don't think they get it.

Deer Hunting Season is upon us tonight in Louisiana. My parents are now Presbyterians. They had a nice event for hunters with Venison stew and the such to celebrate this "Holy Day". There were people of all faiths there including a few LSU Catholic boys that had come up to north Louisiana for the hunting. It appears deer hunting trumps the TULANE /LSU game.

But this night my thoughts ran back to a very nice article that Neuhaus had wrote. Go here to see it in it's entirety. I have always got a chuckle out of this part of it because well it is so true.

Then too, although in catechism class I heard about sola scriptura, we both knew we had a Magisterium, although I'm sure I never heard the term. When it came to settling a question in dispute, they had the pope—and we had the faculty of Concordia Seminary in St. Louis. It was perfectly natural to ask the question, “What's our position on this or that?” The “our” in the question self-evidently referred to the Missouri Synod, and the answer was commonly given by reference to an article in the synod's official publication, The Lutheran Witness, usually written, or so it seemed, by Dr. Theodore Graebner. Why the Spooners went to one church and we to another seemed obvious enough; they were Catholics and we were Lutherans. They were taught that they belonged to the “one true Church” and I was taught that I belonged to the Missouri Synod and all those who are in doctrinal agreement with the Missouri Synod, which community made up “the true visible Church on earth.” So, between their ecclesiological claim and ours, it seemed pretty much a toss-up. They were taught that, despite my not belonging to the one true Church, I could be saved by virtue of “invincible ignorance.” I was taught that, despite their not belonging to the true visible Church on earth, they could be saved by—in the delicious phrase of Francis Pieper, Missouri's chief dogmatician—”felicitous inconsistency.”

I doubt if ever for a moment the Spooner boys thought that maybe they should be Lutheran. I am sure that I as a boy thought—not very seriously, certainly not obsessively—but I thought about being a Catholic. It seemed that, of all the good things we had, they had more. Catholicism was more. Then too, I knew where all those good things we had came from. They came from the Church that had more. Much later I would hear the schism of the sixteenth century described as, in the fine phrase of Jaroslav Pelikan, a “tragic necessity.” I thought, then and now, that the tragedy was much more believable than the necessity. But in my boyhood, the division did not seem tragic. It was just the way things were. I do not recall anything that could aptly be described as anti-Catholicism. My father's deer hunting buddy was a Catholic priest, and deer hunting, for my Dad, was something very close to communicatio in sacris. In the Missouri Synod of those days, praying with Catholics—or anyone else with whom we were not in complete doctrinal agreement—was condemned as “unionism.” The rules didn't say anything about the deep communion of deer hunting.

Deer hunting as a unofficial shared Sacrament? Well I guess it is.

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Cool Photo of the Day-Chimpanzees watching the burial of one of their own

I saw this posted at my LSU sports board.
The November issue of National Geographic Magazine features a moving photograph of chimpanzees watching the burial of one of their own. Since it was published, the picture and story have gone viral, turning up on websites and TV shows and in newspapers around the world. For readers who'd like to know more, here's what I learned as I interviewed the photographer, Monica Szczupider.

On September 23, 2008, Dorothy, a female chimpanzee in her late 40s, died of congestive heart failure. A maternal and beloved figure, Dorothy spent eight years at Cameroon's Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue Center, which houses and rehabilitates chimps victimized by habitat loss and the illegal African bushmeat trade.

After a hunter killed her mother, Dorothy was sold as a "mascot" to an amusement park in Cameroon. For the next 25 years, she was tethered to the ground by a chain around her neck, taunted, teased, and taught to drink beer and smoke cigarettes for sport. In May 2000, Dorothy--obese from poor diet and lack of exercise--was rescued and relocated along with ten other primates. As her health improved, her deep kindness surfaced. She mothered an orphaned chimp named Bouboule and became a close friend to many others, including Jacky, the group's alpha male, and Nama, another amusement-park refugee.

Szczupider, who had been a volunteer at the center, told me: "Her presence, and loss, was palpable, and resonated throughout the group. The management at Sanaga-Yong opted to let Dorothy's chimpanzee family witness her burial, so that perhaps they would understand, in their own capacity, that Dorothy would not return. Some chimps displayed aggression while others barked in frustration, but perhaps the most stunning reaction was a recurring, almost tangible silence. If one knows chimpanzees, then one knows that [they] are not [usually] silent creatures."

The Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue Center was founded in 1999 by veterinarian Sheri Speede (pictured at right, cradling Dorothy's head; at left is center employee Assou Felix). Operated by IDA-Africa, an NGO, it's home to 62 chimps who reside in spacious, forested enclosures.

Szczupider had submitted the photograph to "Your Shot," a magazine feature that encourages readers to send in pictures they have taken. The best are published on the website and in the magazine.

Susan Welchman, the Geographic photo editor who sifts through reader-contributed shots looking for winners, was drawn to the candor of the image. "It caught my eye because you just don't see that much emotion--human emotion--with animals," she says. "It couldn't have been posed or faked; there's no way to make an animal look or act like that. It's just so real and true, so pure."

I have a Better Idea- Lets Get Rid of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines

The Volokh Conspiracy has an interesting post if Victim Impact statements and such should be part of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Judges.

I have a idea just get rid of them. For something that is proposed for fairness it seems to me the results are often more unfair. The taking away of Prosecution and Judicial discretion to a large degree in sentencing has in my view more often than not created the most absurd injustices.

Anti Pope Benedict Yard Signs

Well this is a new tactic.

Why Does Catholic Green Living Have to Look Communist

Some stuff we see comes out the 50's Soviet Union style of building it seems or current North Korea . The Anchoress has her thoughts and the link here.

Planned Parenthood Gives Halloween Costume Suggestions (Not the Onion)

I swear I thought this was made up. This is the organization that is subsidized by the U.S. taxpayer.

Storm Causes Shreveport Methodist Steeple To Crush Car With Man Inside (Photo and Links)

Lee Greenwood Dedicates New Song to Liberal Episcopalians

It seems the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts had some thoughts about current events.See Can you hear Benedict XVI sobbing? A Country Music Legend is coming to their assistance in these exciting times.

Country Music star Lee Greenwood has been stirred to write a song to these brave souls and other that find themselves under attack by Catholics and especially by misguided fundamentalist Anglican traitors and heretics that believe in outdated concepts such as the Nicene Creed.

Creative Minority Report has the lyrics at I'm Proud To Be An Anglican

Rumor is that that Music capital Nashville is abuzz that Greenwood has been summoned to give a command performance for Bishop John Spong himself with also in attendance Katherine "abortion is a blessing" Ragsdale who is the dean of the Cambridge's Episcopal Divinity School .

It also appears esteemed Catholic mind Father Richard McBrien of Notre Dame is working to get Lee to perform this new tune pre kick off at a upcoming Notre Dame Football game.

All proceeds from the I"m Proud to Be an Anglican will be given to Charity.
Those Charities are :
The Episcopal Primate Katharine Jefferts Schori Legal Fund,
The Foundation for the Promotion of Maureen Dowd,
Planned Parenthood,
Religious Equality for Transgendered Eskimos,
The 2012 Obama/Biden Campaign
and of course The National Catholic Reporter for their fine work and assistance through the years.

Archbishop of New York Writes Powerful Piece on the New Anti Catholicism

Catholic better start waking up. See his piece here As he points out this is not really new but the same ole monkeyshines.

This has been a horrible week for this junk. As I mentioned earlier what is in the Washington Post was even more horrific

It happens so much that one gets used to it and perhaps misses the danger.

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Hopefully I will Survive to Post Again

Tornados popping all over the place and doing damage. Flash Flooding talks of Levee failure in Ouachita. The Tornados are heading my way!!!
The town of Haughton West of me about 45 miles took it hard with a Tornado lots of damage. That is directly west of me

Congressman Flake's Great Reason For Voting Against Confucius

Republican Congressman Jeff Flake, who represents Arizona’s Sixth District, today released the following statement regarding his vote against H.Res.784, a bill “honoring the 2560th anniversary of the birth of Confucius and recognizing his invaluable contributions to philosophy and social and political thought.”

"He who spends time passing trivial legislation may find himself out of time to read healthcare bill," said Flake

Louisiana Bishops Issue Health Care Bill Statement

Aggie Catholics has it at Louisiana Bishops on Healthcare

Great Second Amendment Yard Sign LOL

Tip of the hat to The Volokh Conspiracy at Funny Sign
This has got to be photoshopped

I Actually Am Starting To Feel Sorry For Levi Johnston

Althouse has

I'm worried about Levi Johnston

Getting Pumped For the Tulane Game- Mike the Tiger Scoreboard Vid

I love my Tigers but I am not paying nearly 40 bucks to watch the Tulane Game on Tigervision for goodness sake. You would think with this ESPN deal the orces that be could bribe Louisiana Public Television to put it on. Oh well. Before you listen to it on the radio here is a vid to get you pumped

It is almost like you are there!!

Cool You Tube Vid on New Orleans Accents!!

This is great see "Yeah You Rite." via Red Stick Rant

YAT POWER The last two women at the end are great

A Nice Story About Louisiana Governor Dave Treen- Rest in Peace- (Updated)

This was posted at Southern Appeal last year. He tells a story many might not know. See Happy 80th to a Great American

More tribute links and vids can be accessed here.

Red Stick Rant has thoughts here at Godspeed, Dave Treen.

Former Louisiana Governor Dave Treen Has Died (Updated)

A passing of a era. The first Republican to be elected Governor in Louisiana since Reconstruction and very good guy. I am going to have a lot more on this later. RIP Dave

Related see A Nice Story About Louisiana Governor Dave Treen- Rest in Peace

Religion Beat Reporter Takes On the Latest Ango/ Catholic Stuff (Humor)

What is sadly funny about this is though thepeice is intended as a parody, I actually have seen a lot of this in legit news reports and opinion pieces. Father at Standing on My Head has Todd Unctuous on Church Unity

I Need a Pope Benedict and Catholic Church Hate Meter!!

Because I think there has been a uptick of it in the media that week. Creative Minority Report has some thoughts at I Haven't Been Called a Cannibal Since...

Democrats Facing Political Armageddon In VA Gov Race (My Two Cents)

The media has finally decided they can't ignore the disaster that is playing out in the Virgina Governors race.

Despite all attempts of the Washington Post to make out Republican McDonnell out to be some scary Catholic Theocrat that worships Pat Robinson it looks like he is heading for a major victory. The press attention was of course helped by the Obama's jaw dropping stupidity of shifting blame a week before the election.

AJ has a great post on the current state of the race with a look at the polls. See GOP Crush In VA, Dems Way Off Track

A few observations-

First this is a major Pro-Life Pick Up and a Catholic Gov Pick Up at that. The Catholic part is important because it will I believe be a boost to Catholic Conservatives that have felt demoralized. Especially after the Notre Dame/ Obama Fiasco. The fact that the Washington Post tried to make his Faith a issue will make the victory so much sweeter.

Second, Be sure to watch the African American vote. I think the latest polls have got people really talking on this. It is not just a issue of if Black Democrats will show up but if the GOP might get a nice chuck of them. If a significant above average percentage of the Black vote goes to the GOP does this mean :

(1) they think the Democrat was such a idiot they are just voting GOP or
(2) Has the election of a African American President in a way has caused more African American to now consider a GOP person. Could this be indications of a nation wide trend?

Third, I doubt on Obama's election night few VA democrats could envision Hope and Change being a loss in the liberal bastions of Northern VA not even a year later..

It is of course always a tad foolish to nationalize elections like these in our minds without care. There is indeed a pesky transportation issue up in Northern VA that is hot and I don't understand it enough to comment on. Still significant losses among DEM voters and Dem leading independents if they occur will show a disapproval of the President in some regards. Democrat Deeds has run a bad campaign but it was not that bad.

Next the big issue is coat tails in the down the ballot races. We are talking courts , state wide offices, and the House of Delegates. All this is huge because of the elephant in the room. That is upcoming census and Congressional redistricting. A GOP win here and in the worse case scenario for the dems in New Jersey the same night will have major census implications.

Lastly, I think the Democrats and the GOP will be looking at the effect of the NRA endorsement for the GOP guy in this race. Northern VA while being more liberal has become more pro-second amendment over the years. A trend we have seen nationwide and seen in the latest Supreme Court Case where I think the Court was sensing the political winds changing. I am hoping in that in the exit polls some question is asked about the whole gun issue so we have a more accurate picture of what feelings are as to that issue.

Media Misleads on Justice Scalia's Statements Twice In One Month!!

The coverage of legal issues by the media is often very bad.

The coverage of the Supreme Court is horrible.

The coverage of Justice Scalia and his legal theories are often absurd.

Still one wonders if there is a intentional political axe being grinded in a unfair way against Scalia. I posted on how the parts of the Press was misleading about recent statements Scalia said in oral arguments just a couple of weeks ago. See Opinionated Catholic: Washington Post Misquotes Scalia on Cross Case

Yet here we go again!!! Ann Althouse has The phony quotes keep coming — and they go viral before even very quick corrections.

Ann points out correctly

The misrepresentation of Scalia's remarks went viral almost instantly, which is the way things go these days. Damage is done, even when the corrections are instantaneous.

When Justices speak in this public forum like Scalia does we sort of get a peek of OZ behind the curtain as to the Supreme Court. If journalists abuse this then all nine of the OZs might go behind the curtain and we shall see and hear from them from only behind the bench.

In the Discussion of Race We Need Rational Social Correction

Rod Dre her has a great column with great links that I am in the AMEN corner on. See Navigating the racial minefield

I think all of that is so true. We have entered the land of the absurd on this. White folks as the Atlantic author states so well that write " about race are always walking a minefield..."

Part of this is the racism charge is too easily thrown out as any McCain supporter can tell you. Do people recall the the funny ads that were run against Rep Ford in the Tennessee Senate and then later against Obama that had cute white blonds in it. The Ford Ad was funny (This was the whole Playboy Mansion ad).There were charges in both that its was some racist anti racial mixing of the races that was targeted toward the rednecks blah blah. Nonsense it was funny not racist.

The latest was of course the now infamous South Carolina Rep /Obama State of the Union episode. Dowd of the New York Times wrote that silly column after hearing racist voices in her head . She went through the check list

White - check
deep south southern accent- check


This is not helpful and not a good way to run a country. In Rod's piece:
No, what we must privilege is behavior, and this is why I think we have to return social correction to our racial dialogue. We all have racial prejudice, and sometimes, we say and do things that are insensitive or biased. These behaviors have to be corrected the same way any are, through gentle- and if warranted, not so gentle- reminders about what is and isn't socially acceptable behavior.
For this to happen, however, cries of racism cannot amount to "you are a bad person; you must be excommunicated. Prepare for your shunning." People must hear "What you said or did was racist", not "You are a racist." Accusations of racism should become more prevalent, but have less at stake. Racism must become another socially corrected behavior, like mild sexual harassment, excessive profanity or boorishness. Familiarity must build moderation.

This is important because we must have corrigibility; we must have correctability. No one is an end. Everyone is a process. Even the most noxious racist must have the ability for repentance, though we are under no obligation to invite them back into respectability. I am not suggesting that we should never have harsh censure for those who are persistently, maliciously racist. But we must keep the question open, and we must give everyone the ability to make a good-faith effort at ending their own racially unjust behavior.

I agree with this. For instance an example of how this was not handled right was the IMUS episode over the women's basketball team.

This is also why I am not one of those conservative bloggers that seems to want to point out when race issues come up that Senator Byrd was a Klansman in his youth. I am not sure what proves or means today. Again this is a two way street and both sides at times play the racism card.

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Billy Graham , The Republican South, and Desegregation

Action Inst has a nice review of a book I want to read. The book is Billy Graham and the Rise of the Republican South.

See their post Review: Billy Graham and the Rise of the Republican South.

I think one factor in the whole race issue was that not only was Graham a Southerner he was a North Carolina Southerner. It is often overlooked but white politicos in that State early on decided to take a more progressive (for the South at that time) stance toward the desegregation issue and thus that State avoided a great deal of the trauma that their sister southerner Statesendured

I think this attitude is one that Graham had also. Plus there was the Presbyterian influence in his early life that has at times a view point toward Social Justice. In fact his wife never stopped being a Presbyterian which I am sure was the subject of some interesting household discussions.

The book also seems to touch on the fact that his politics was a tad more complex than many people realize.

Did Graham help Republicans rise in the South. Well perhaps he did in some ways. Mainly I think he made Republicans acceptable in the Jesus soaked we love FDR South. His friendship with Nixon no doubt played a key in that. Nixon it should be noted did a lot of the heavy lifting toward enforcing Civil Rights laws and so no doubt they had a mutual interest there.

Still I would like to see the arguments in the book. There were many factors in the GOP becoming a viable party in the South. Much having to do with a coup by the Dem liberals that took away the power from the Catholic City Bosses and their Evangelical Southern allies through the change of Convention delegate rules. So people after they were frozen out went elsewhere

I will try to give a review after I read it.

New FDA Rule Will Ruin Louisiana Oysters


Will Pro-Life Concerns Sink Health Care Bill?

This does not appear to be going away. I don't know what Obama is thinking. He can get rid of this problem if he wants too. Is Planned Parenthood that strong ?

Pro-Ecclesia has Stupak Still Fighting Good Fight: Says He Has 40 Democrat Votes to Stop Health Care Reform Over Abortion Coverage; Says President Being Disingenuous

About National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

I swear I could watch this movie 80 times in July. Iti s just finishing up. I laugh so hard when I see it. Hopefully it will be on a lot this Christmas Season

So Should I enter The Face Book Era

I must be the only person not on it. I set up a personal profile to play around with it. Should Opinionated Catholic go Facebook too as an additional resource. I really don't think I know what I am doing here

When Will Jack Chick Write for the Washington Post ?(Anti Catholicism Alert)

I mean why not? Heck they might as well with what I read in there. Standing on My Head looks at the latest. See Dawkins' Venom

Adding Another Louisiana Catholic Blog to the List-Abita Deacon

Thanks for the tip in the comment section!! Here is another blog I will be putting on the Louisiana Catholic links (In the Catholic New Orleans section) and to the update.

Meet abitadeacon . He is now the third active Louisiana Catholic Deacon I have on the list.

His Profile is

Deacon Mike was ordained a Catholic Permanent Deacon for the Archdiocese of New Orleans on December 13, 2008. Deacon Mike has been married for 32 yrs to his wonderful wife Wendy and they have two great children. Jimmy is a doctor of veterinary medicine in Greensboro NC and is engaged to Sara. Elizabeth is now in her junior year at LSU. She is an honor student majoring in history. They worship at St. Jane de Chantal Catholic Church in Abita Springs, La. Deacon Mike is the pastoral care chaplain at the Rayburn Correctional Center in Angie, LA. He also supports the Covington Food Bank, Habitat for Humanity in West St. Tammany Parish and St. Joseph Abbey/Seminary College in St. Benedict, LA. Deacon Mike is a 4th degree Knight of Columbus. He loves all things LSU and enjoys friends, community activities and riding his tractor.

Cardinal Pell TO the Vatian? As Prefect of the Congregation for Bishops?

The more Orthodox/ Conservative branch of the Catholic Faith would be doing cartwheels of that happened. Whisperss has the story at Rome-Bound?

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Rich LA Kids Break into Stars Homes To Get Jewels

Well what is wrong with that? I mean kids have to have fun when they tire of driving the BMW :)

Althouse has more on the crime spree of the week at
4 teenaged girls are arrested after they figured out what clothes and jewelry they wanted and which celebrities houses to break into to get them

On a side note I can recall a old interview with Katherine Hepburn. As a kid she loved breaking into houses for fun. However she did not take anything.

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin Has A Coloring Book!!!

I don't think he will buy it for the nieces and nephews though.

Tip of the Hat to the The Dead pelican

Former Slave Advocate Mississippi Proposes Major Civil Rights Advance (Mississippi Personhood Amendment)

History is an amazing thing

From 1861 and the Secession Convention of Mississippi

In the momentous step which our State has taken of dissolving its connection with the government of which we so long formed a part, it is but just that we should declare the prominent reasons which have induced our course.
Our position is thoroughly identified with the institution of slavery-- the greatest material interest of the world. Its labor supplies the product which constitutes by far the largest and most important portions of commerce of the earth. These products are peculiar to the climate verging on the tropical regions, and by an imperious law of nature, none but the black race can bear exposure to the tropical sun. These products have become necessities of the world, and a blow at slavery is a blow at commerce and civilization. That blow has been long aimed at the institution, and was at the point of reaching its consummation. There was no choice left us but submission to the mandates of abolition, or a dissolution of the Union, whose principles had been subverted to work out our ruin. ......

It advocates negro equality, socially and politically, and promotes insurrection and incendiarism in our midst........

Fast Forward some 150 years to a proposed Amendment

SECTION 1.Article III of the constitution of the state of Mississippi is hereby amended BY THE ADDITION OF A NEW SECTION TO READ:Section 33. Person defined. As used in this Article III of the state constitution, “The term ‘person’ or ‘persons’ shall include every human being from the moment of fertilization, cloning or the functional equivalent thereof.”This initiative shall not require any additional revenue for implementation.

Forever In Hell, unlike me ,is not pleased with this. But her blog alerted me to this so she needs to get the web hits. See her entry Personhood Initiative which has the interesting links.

A further note. Besides the Abortion and cloning politics of this there is a important opportunity for Orthodox Catholics in Mississippi. Would this not be a good time to explore Catholic teaching with your pro-life Protestant neighbors on other reproductive technologies. Such as In Vitro fertilization? It would seem the amendment , though perhaps not my authors intent, touches on that issue?

In Rome They Change the Clocks Too

I thought that was just some American Benjamin Franklin idea.

Pope Benedict Wants to Make The Church More Catholic and Protestants More Protestant

What is the Pope doing with this Anglo Catholic Gambit?

I think for those that watch closely what Pope Benedict says on a weekly basis, that read his Papal statements, and have read his works in his pre Pope days it is very apparent. This journalist gets it!!! Here is a part (the bolding is mine). My thoughts after the excerpt.

What Is at Stake?

If one looks at these meetings in the context of recent events, the essential point is this: Benedict XVI, though now 82, is moving on many different fronts with great energy in a completely unexpected way, given his reputation as a man of thought, not of action. (We are going to have to revise our understanding of his pontificate.)

He is clearly reaching out to reunite with many Christian groups: the Lefebvrists, as these meetings show, but also Anglicans, the Orthodox, and others as well.

He seems to be trying to make Catholic Rome a center of communion for all Christians.
This activity, occurring at an accelerating speed over recent months, looks almost like a "rallying of the troops" before some final, decisive battle.

The activity is critically important, in this sense, for our current global "culture war," especially our anthropology (can man be anything our technology can make him, or are their moral limits we should observe?), our sexuality and sexual behavior (how important is our sexual identity, how important are our gender roles?), and our traditional family structures (are these now outmoded, perhaps even to be completely discarded?).

Now, 44 years after the close of the Second Vatican Council, Benedict XVI evidently has committed some of his best men to seek unity with the most conservative wing of the Catholic Church, the Society of St. Pius X, and by extension, all so-called "Traditionalist" Catholics.
The plan is very ambitious: to go step by step through all of the great, controversial doctrinal issues of the post-conciliar period. This includes religious freedom, it includes ecumenism, it includes the Church's teaching on Judaism and the Jews, it includes the new Mass vs. the old Mass and the role of the priest of the laity in the liturgy -- all the great issues of the Council.
Benedict will be watched very closely here by progressives, who seem to be a bit off-balance, wondering what Benedict is really after.

And he will be watched by the Anglicans, some of whom are considering entering into communion with Rome, overcoming a schism which dates from the Protestant Reformation in the 1500s, 500 years ago.

And he will be watched by the Orthodox, some of whom are also thinking of overcoming the "Great Schism" which dates to 1054, as they have stated in recent days.

And he will be watched very closely here by representatives of the world Jewish community, some of whom are wondering which direction Benedict and the Church he leads will take with regard to Catholic teaching regarding Judiasm and the Jewish people.

In short, many eyes are now on Benedict, wondering what he really intends here.
The answer seems simple enough: Benedict is trying energetically to "get his house in order."
But which house?

On one level, it is the Christian Church -- a Christian Church under considerable pressure in the highly secualrized modern world.
In this "house," this "ecclesia Dei" ("church of God" or "community of God"), dogmas and doctrines, formulated into very precise verbal statements, are held as true. These verbal formulas are professed in creeds. Benedict is seeking to overcome divisions over the content of these creeds, these doctrinal formulas, in order to bring about formal, public unity among separated Christians.

He is trying to find unity not only with the Lefebvrists (and all Traditionalists within the Church) but also, as we have seen in recent days, with the Anglicans and the Orthodox Churches.
So this dialogue with the Lefebvrists must be seen in the context of multiple dialogues, all occurring at once: Catholic Traditionalists, Protestant Anglicans, the Orthodox Churches.
One might almost say this pontificate is become one of "all dialogue, all the time

But on a second level, considering world events and the evolution of the world's economy and culture, something else is also at stake.

Benedict is rallying his troops. He is trying to reunite all those factions and denominations and groups in the West that share common beliefs in the eternal destiny of human beings, in the sacredness of human life (since human beings are "in the image and likeness of God"), in the existence of a moral standard which is true at all times and in all places (against the relativism of the modern secular culture), in the need for justice in human affairs, for the rule of right, not might.

And so he is doing his best, in what seems perhaps to be the "twilight of the West," to build an ark, centered in Rome, to which all those who share these beliefs about human dignity may repair.

And this means that what Benedict is doing in this dialogue which got underway today is also of importance to Jews, to Muslims, and to all men and women of goodwill. Mankind seems to be entering a new period, a period in which companies and governments may produce, even for profit, "designer humans," a period of resource wars, a period of the complete rejection of the traditional family unit.

Benedict, from his high room in the Apostolic Palace, seems to be trying to rally the West in the twilight of an age, so that what was best in the West may be preserved, and shine forth again after the struggles of our time are past.

Benedict has two concerns. First he views the term Church in a most traditional Catholic sense. Let us recall the controversial and misunderstood statement issued by the Vatican that was a follow up on his past work under John Paul the II. That is Responses to Some Questions Regarding Certain Aspects of the Doctrine on the Church.

The fifth question asks why the ecclesial Communities originating from the Reformation are not recognised as ‘Churches’.

In response to this question the document recognises that “the wound is still more profound in those ecclesial communities which have not preserved the apostolic succession or the valid celebration of the eucharist”.[13] For this reason they are “not Churches in the proper sense of the word”[14] but rather, as is attested in conciliar and postconciliar teaching, they are “ecclesial Communities”.[15]

Despite the fact that this teaching has created no little distress in the communities concerned and even amongst some Catholics, it is nevertheless difficult to see how the title of “Church” could possibly be attributed to them, given that they do not accept the theological notion of the Church in the Catholic sense and that they lack elements considered essential to the Catholic Church.

In other words in Pope Benedict view ,and indeed in the Catholic / Orthodox/ Anglo Catholic world, one to be a Church must have Apostolic Succession and well Eat Jesus. Benedict has made to the determination as to Anglo Catholics that they will not be able to make the Anglican community more "Catholic" . In fact the Anglo Catholics are in danger of being pushed out altogether.

But what about these other Christian communities. IE the Protestants.

In the same document:
In saying this, however, it must be remembered that these said ecclesial Communities, by virtue of the diverse elements of sanctification and truth really present in them, undoubtedly possess as such an ecclesial character and consequently a salvific significance.

Benedict other aim is well to make the Protestant well more Protestant according to their tradition. A tradition that is shared with the "Church". 99 percent of which is the Nicene Creed.

The Pope views on this can be seen in remarks he made at the Ecumenical Prayer meeting in New York on his Papal visit. The full text which is worth reading in full is at Ecumenical Prayer Service at St Joseph's Parish in New York (April 18, 2008)

Here is the important part:
of grave concern is the spread of a secularist ideology that undermines or even rejects transcendent truth. The very possibility of divine revelation, and therefore of Christian faith, is often placed into question by cultural trends widely present in academia, the mass media and public debate.

For these reasons, a faithful witness to the Gospel is as urgent as ever. Christians are challenged to give a clear account of the hope that they hold (cf. 1 Pet 3:15).

Too often those who are not Christians, as they observe the splintering of Christian communities, are understandably confused about the Gospel message itself. Fundamental Christian beliefs and practices are sometimes changed within communities by so-called “prophetic actions” that are based on a hermeneutic not always consonant with the datum of Scripture and Tradition.

Communities consequently give up the attempt to act as a unified body, choosing instead to function according to the idea of “local options”. Somewhere in this process the need for diachronic koinonia – communion with the Church in every age – is lost, just at the time when the world is losing its bearings and needs a persuasive common witness to the saving power of the Gospel (cf. Rom 1:18-23).

Faced with these difficulties, we must first recall that the unity of the Church flows from the perfect oneness of the triune God. In John’s Gospel, we are told that Jesus prayed to his Father that his disciples might be one, “just as you are in me and I am in you” (Jn 17:21). This passage reflects the unwavering conviction of the early Christian community that its unity was both caused by, and is reflective of, the unity of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This, in turn, suggests that the internal cohesion of believers was based on the sound integrity of their doctrinal confession (cf. 1 Tim 1:3-11).

Throughout the New Testament, we find that the Apostles were repeatedly called to give an account for their faith to both Gentiles (cf. Acts 17:16-34) and Jews (cf. Acts 4:5-22; 5:27-42). The core of their argument was always the historical fact of Jesus’ bodily resurrection from the tomb (Acts 2:24, 32; 3:15; 4:10; 5:30; 10:40; 13:30). The ultimate effectiveness of their preaching did not depend on “lofty words” or “human wisdom” (1 Cor 2:13), but rather on the work of the Spirit (Eph 3:5) who confirmed the authoritative witness of the Apostles (cf. 1 Cor 15:1-11). The nucleus of Paul’s preaching and that of the early Church was none other than Jesus Christ, and “him crucified” (1 Cor 2:2). But this proclamation had to be guaranteed by the purity of normative doctrine expressed in creedal formulae – symbola – which articulated the essence of the Christian faith and constituted the foundation for the unity of the baptized (cf. 1 Cor 15:3-5; Gal 1:6-9; Unitatis Redintegratio, 2).

Benedict is worried that in the Protestant faiths there is a worse threat than perhaps the Reformation . That is under the supposed banner of Christianity that various Christian Communities are becoming vehicles of false teaching that undermines the very basics of the Christian message.

Benedict dual track here (making the Catholic Church more Catholic and the Protestant World More Creed Protestant) can be seen in recent actions. While Benedict was in the final stages of the Anglo Catholic discussions he was working the Protestant angle. A few weeks ago the Vatican within hours was quick to endorse a plan by the Archbishop of Canterbury "two track church"

For how the Vatican is playing a active road on the Protestant side of the equation see this excellent article that explains the background on this at Anglicans at Risk of Schism. The Two Roads of the Archbishop of Canterbury

Strangely people have not linked the Papal actions. This will play out no doubt in other Christian communities . I expect the Pope will look toward the mess the Lutherans are in next and help facilitate in any way he can that Orthodox Luther nans do not become extinct.

Benedict knows in the end in the coming decades we all need each other in this fight to the death.

So expect more of this. Pope Benedict wants to deal in honest dialogue with the Southern Baptist Albert Mohler's of the world and his like Minded traditional Protestant kin and less with the current Primate of the American Episcopal Church of the World and her kin.

Best Health Care Idea Ever!!!

Kaus says:

Shouldn't doctors give patients waiting to see them little hand-held beepers or vibrating devices like those some crowded restaurants give you when you're waiting for a table? That way you could wander around nearby instead of staying in the unventilated waiting room filled with coughing, sneezing people. ...

People Seeing Crosses Again - This Time at Penn State

If you recall we had this silliness during the Huckabee campaign in Iowa with his "Merry Christmas" ad. No folks it was not a cross it was a bookcase.

Now we have Huckabee Part II but in a college football setting. Bad Habit has AWB (ATHEISTS WITHOUT BRAINS)

Lets Talk about Catholic Exorcism

Bad Habit has a great post on this (with vids). See GETTING A GRIP ON EVIL

Louisiana Catholic Blogs Update For October 27th 2009

Sorry for the delay on this post. I have some sort of weird formatting problem with this post. Some weird spacing errors I still could not correct.

St Landry Catholic Church Blog has
Opelousas Catholic School News
RCIA - Learning more about our Faith
The Name of Jesus and the Compendium
Homily for the 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Letter from Pope Benedict XVI to the Mississippi River Symposium (THIS IS OS INTERESTING WILL HIGHLIGHT LATER)

Servus Mariae et Jesu has tow good post. See The Oxford Movement Continues... and Stalkers, Mystery, and --- a Catholic school?

From The Recamier has her Daily Update: October 26, 2009

Works and Prayers of a Fils Prodigue has Spring Schedule!

Brown Pelican Society of Louisiana has5 Messages for ‘Elite’ Republicans
Saved from Abortion: The Remarkable Stories Behind Four Pro-Life “Saves”
ARE THE U.S. CATHOLIC BISHOPS WORKING WITH FEDS TO CAMPAIGN AGAINST CONSERVATIVE MEDIA? , Largest Group of Catholic Doctors Calls for “Reset” of Health Care Reform , SOWELL: Dismantling America: ‘The Fundamentally Transformative Way’ , It’s Not About Health Care….It’s About Control!, A Closer Look at the Uninsured: Why the “46 Million” Figure is Profoundly Misleading, The Woman the GOP (and Newt Gingrich) Endorse: Pro-Abort Leftist Republican Dede Scozzafava Wins Margaret Sanger Award, The Greatest Grassroots Movement of Our Times, Obama Told House Democrat He Wasn’t Talking about House Health Bill When He Told Congress ‘Our Plan’ Doesn’t Fund Abortion, Founder’s Quote Daily, FREEMASONS IN CONGRESS, Catholic News Roundup 10-26, A Matter of Opinion 10-26, The Remedial Education of Congressman Kennedy, The Kingdom of Heaven Infiltrates and Enriches Everything It Touches, Tuesday of the Thirtieth Week of Ordinary Time>

Stranger in a Strange Land has AVOIDING FALSE HOPE AND PRIDE
Opportunties of the Holy Spirit
Jesus Christ, the First Fruits of the Resurrectio...
Armenian Chant
Hail Mary Full of Grace
Father Longenecker Spells Out the Slippery Slope

North Louisiana Diaconate has Internet Rules and Run with the Nuns

Journey to Rome has Reformation Sunday – Been there. Done that. Got the T-Shirt.

Cajun Cottage Under the Oaks has Remembering Aaron and Soapmaking

Check out the The Catholic Foodie ( I am sure he has updated my ancient computer is having problems opening his blog at the moment)

Life on the (L)edge has

6 AND 0 !!!

Fr. Victor Brown’s Catholic Daily Message has his thoughts at Feast of Pope Saint Evaristus (26 Oct 2009)

Father Allen's Site has Louis IX, King of France, Saint (Great pics)

Finally our expat Priest in New Jersey as usual has a lot of great stuff. Da Mihi Animas has

George Washington's Prayer for the Nation
Glorious Freedom
Innocent Blood by the waiting kind
Be prepared, but don't worry!
Senior Anglican bishop reveals he is ready to conv...
Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist...
Let' go Saints! Our time is here!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Yes We Shall Be Having A Louisiana Catholic Blogs Update

My Loyal Louisiana Catholic readers.

Look for it tonight . I have pressing business such as listening to the Afternoon sports show as we talk about Tebow's mental breakdown (what Press I am outta here get me to the team Bus), The Coach of Tenseness getting his like 1000th reprimand, The Saints come from behind victim, the pure awesomeness of LSU's victory over Auburn this week.

Priorities you know

LSU Coach Les Miles appears In Auburn Related Horror Movie

On the Coach of Tennessee is in trouble again CONSPIRACY! KIFFIN REPRIMANDED, TINFOIL HATS FOR ALL. Shocking I know

Breaking- Catholic Bishop Trautman Still Thinks You are A Idiot

Does he have any idea how offensive this sounds. I guess not since he keeps talking about this. By the way above is one of the "big words" he thinks Catholics will not be able to get in the new English Liturgy translations.

Bishop Donald W. Trautman of Erie, Pa., former chairman of the U.S. bishops' liturgy committee, sharply criticized what he called the "slavishly literal" translation into English of the new Roman Missal from the original Latin.

He said the "sacred language" used by translators "tends to be elitist and remote from everyday speech and frequently not understandable" and could lead to a "pastoral disaster."

The vast majority of God's people in the assembly are not familiar with words of the new missal like 'ineffable,' 'consubstantial,' 'incarnate,' 'inviolate,' 'oblation,' 'ignominy,' 'precursor,' 'suffused' and 'unvanquished.' The vocabulary is not readily understandable by the average Catholic," Trautman said.

The [Second Vatican Council's] Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy stipulated vernacular language, not sacred language," he added. "Did Jesus ever speak to the people of his day in words beyond their comprehension? Did Jesus ever use terms or expressions beyond his hearer's understanding?"

Pastoral Disaster? Let me say this to the good Bishop if Catholics in the pews don't have an idea what "Incarnate" , "Oblation" , and "unvanquished" mean among others we not only have a problem with the Catholic Church but with the Catholic and Public school system.

Mary and Joe Catholic are pretty smart people. They read books and look up words they might not have heard and even add those to their vocabulary. I am sure if you explain what these words mean we can handle it. We are not all just bumbling idiots that's main focus is too keep track when Dancing with the Stars is coming on.

Pro Life Movement Less Ideologically Monolithic Than Portrayed

A good example of this is a response to the latest talking points we so often here from the Pro Choice Pro Abortion (whatever acceptable name you want to call it) side.

See Welfare and the Pro-Life Movement

A good example of this was Mike Huckabee who ran that supported Child insurance measures and other such things. Or on the Democrat side where there are active Pro-life folks and who are pretty moderate to liberal Democrats.

Giving Obama a Huge Pass on His Guy Sports Bonding Thing

Alright I am speaking up for Obama.

I sort of disagree with where Althouse is going with this . See Obama's White House boy's club.

Sometimes guys just want to be with guys and if it is not at the bar it likely via sports. Nothing wrong or unhealthy about that. In fact it is very healthy.

Is Halloween and Horror in Essence Conservative?

There is a fun discussion on this at NRO right now. They have this Stephen King quote for instance
Horror Is Conservative, cont. [John J. Miller]

Another way in which the horror genre is conservative is that many of its practitioners are keenly aware of their own tradition. Theye track down the writers who have come before them, read the stories of Poe, Lovecraft, etc., and make allusions to them in their own prose.

In other words, they recognize, study, and affirm a canon of work. Consider Stephen King, who is no conservative in the political sense. Years ago, he wrote Danse Macabre, a non-fiction book that is both a history of horror and a personal reader's guide to the genre. I keep an old copy on my shelf and thumb through it every now and then. An e-mailer points to a passage I had forgotten about, in which King makes the point I raised earlier today. Here's a taste:

I've tried to suggest throughout this book that the horror story, beneath its fangs and fright wig, is really as conservative as an Illinois Republican in a three-piece pinstriped suit; that its main purpose is to reaffirm the virtues of the norm by showing us what awful things happen to people who venture into taboo lands. Within the framework of most horror tales we find a moral code so strong it would make a Puritan smile.

Sure, these words are a little tone deaf to conservatism as we NROniks know it. Since when do pinstripes and Puritanism mix? But the general point is spot-on. 10/26 12:49 PMShare

See also LINK and LINK for more on this.

It is true isn't it. I mean in those horror slasher movies whenthe teenagers had a sex scene that was indication in minutes most likley it would be curtains :)

A Conservative From Texas Argues Common Sense in Scozzafava / Hoffman Race

This is what I have been Screaming!!!

How Scozzafava Happens [Kathryn Jean Lopez]
My syndicated column this week is on NY-23.Here's an e-mail in response, from a frustrated conservative in Texas:

I hope Hoffman wins. I sent money to his campaign. But . . .
It has become so "conservo-chic" to attack the GOP that it's becoming trite. It's also not helpful.The NY GOP nominated a very poor candidate. There's definitely a problem with the NY GOP and the process they used for this nomination. The biggest problem with the NY GOP, however, is that conservatives do not want to participate in local politics at a precinct level. Party involvement is not difficult. The GOP isn't the NFL, or the NBA - you don't have to run a 4.4 - 40; or be 6'-9" and have a 50" vertical leap. You just have to show up, and argue your points.

Currently, local GOP precinct conventions in my precinct have about 5-6 people show up. Usually 3 of them are left leaning women who want to talk about the environment. In the past, ONE more person siding with me could've prevented us from sending a left leaning climate resolution onward to the county convention. (Thankfully here in Texas those got voted down at the county level)

But the point is, the National level GOP has very little choice but to support the local GOP in their nominations. When conservatives don't participate and allow their local precincts to be overrun with left leaning activists, the result is left leaning candidates. If the "template for conservative success" becomes - abandon the GOP and challenge with a third party - It's doubtful anything will be accomplished but a Democrat victory.
10/26 11:40 AMShare

Exactly and this is why I think the current tactics advocated by some is a disaster. Also what is next. I really don't want liberal Republicans and Republicans for Free Choice supporting an alternative Consertive yet pro choice person against the person we picked in our Louisiana GOP primaries. But that may happen.

What will be the response. You opened up the pandoras box as it were if you support the National GOP in leaving the GOP candidate.

Get involved on the local level. Much more productive than just ranting on message boards and blogs.

Chaos Makes New Orleans A Leader in Urban Living (Great Article)

Inside Catholic has a link and a small taste of an article that worth is worth reading. See New Orleans a hub for new ideas in urban regeneration

The article is only three pages and it gives a good overview of this chaos and people moving in opposite directions and how this is a good thing. I liked this part:

Duany is sometimes (and unfairly) likened to a monk laboriously transcribing the texts of the ancients without contributing new ideas for a new time. But style wasn’t what irked him when I brought up the Make It Right project. It was the whole way New Orleans was approaching rebuilding.

“When I originally thought of New Orleans, I was conditioned by the press to think of it as an extremely ill-governed city, full of ill-educated people, with a great deal of crime, a great deal of dirt, a great deal of poverty,” said Duany, who grew up in Cuba. “And when I arrived, I did indeed find it to be all those things. Then one day I was walking down the street and I had this kind of brain thing, and I thought I was in Cuba. Weird! And then I realized at that moment that New Orleans was not an American city, it was a Caribbean city. Once you recalibrate, it becomes the best-governed, cleanest, most efficient, and best-educated city in the Caribbean. New Orleans is actually the Geneva of the Caribbean.”

Duany said that many of the shotgun houses in New Orleans were built by the fathers and grandfathers of people living in them today, and few of them meet building codes. But no one worries about paying mortgages or insurance. “The situation is that the housing is essentially paid off, and it allows people to accumulate leisure,” he said. “What’s special about New Orleans is that it’s the only place in the United States where you can have a first-rate urban life for very little money.” What happened after Katrina, Duany said, was that FEMA and others came to town with detailed requirements for record-keeping and property titles, then insisted on stringent building codes that would make all the houses hurricane-proof. This might seem like common sense, he said, but it’s “essentially unworkable for a Caribbean city.”

So the central problem, according to Duany: “All the do-goody people attempting to preserve the culture are the same do-gooders who are raising the standards for the building of houses, and are the same do-gooders who are giving people partial mortgages and putting them in debt,” he said. “They have such a profound misunderstanding of the culture of the Caribbean that they’re destroying it. The heart of the tragedy is that New Orleans is not being measured by Caribbean standards. It’s being measured by Minnesota standards

New Orleans the Geneva of the Caribbean!! I like that

An Anglican Asks Why Do Some Catholics Fear the Latin Mass?

I have to say I don't get it either. Though I think most of the complaints come people that have no problem using the liturgy (or corrupting it ) to impose their political or theological agenda. It seems in the real life of a Parish there is no dissent from that.

Father Z has An Anglican asks why Catholic bishops fear the Traditional Latin Mass

Evangelical Pastor Says Get Over 2012 Mayan Calender Hysteria

Thank goodness. It might help if some Catholic Priest gave a homily on this. I can't turn on the history channel without seeing this silliness.

It is all pretty silly and there is much misinformation. But it quits being funny when people in fear get involved in some 2012 cult of people make rash life changing choices based on this nonsense.

Do people recall the Y2K hysteria. This could be a thousands times worse

Tip of the Hat to Spirit Daily

Maureen Dowd Concerned that Pope Wears Sunglasses (Update)

I touched on this yesterday at MAUREEN DOWD Pontificates on Vatican "Inquisition" of American Nuns and Sisters (Updated) .

See now very two very good links on this with commentary. Father Z has The Nuns’ Story? and Bad Habit's MY SUNDAY SERMON…OK, IT’S A RANT

Give credit where credit is do . Even Michael Sean Winters at America thinks she is out to lunch. At love how he starts out
"Back in 1984, someone asked Barbara Bush what she thought of her husband’s opponent, Rep. Geraldine Ferraro, and she famously replied, “I can’t say it, but it rhymes with rich.” This anecdote came to me as I read Maureen Dowd’s column in the New York Times yesterday in which she attacks the Catholic Church for…well, it is hard to tell exactly what she is attacking the Church for because her brushstroke is so wide....."

Are College Football Players Prayers Worthy?

There is is an interesting exchange over at Mirrors of Justice on this Issue. Prof Rick Garnett made an observation about the different attitudes that Notre Dame Players versus Boston College Players at their annual game. (THE NOTRE DAME PLAYERS WERE PUBLICLY PRAYING).

One of the contributors responds and basically suggested this was a "immature theology".

Then another contributor responds with perhaps what the Notre Dame Players are praying for is not really worthy of a prayer.

Well I guess it is from where you are standing. I not sure why praying for the passage of perhaps a particular piece of legislation to pass, a political candidate to win, to pass the bar exam, or success in business is any more or less worthy than a bunch of college kids praying for victory for their team.

I suspect folks would have a different viewpoint if they were in these 18 to 22 year old guys shoes. They practice incredible long hours and constantly are in a battle with injury and pain. All the while being students. They represent not only Universities but States. In fact they read in the paper how their performance if they do not well could affect the funding of the University!!! Numerous Coaches and their families have their jobs on the line if don't perform.

OH and there is yet more pressure pressure pressure. The Wall Street Journal in a fun way made a serious point about the stupidity of some in this sports message board culture. It might be stupid but it has real effect.

Let me give a position of one school and one position. That is LSU and quarterback.

In Coach Les Miles tenure here J Russell went from savior to disaster to savior again among the fans and hundreds of sports media outlets. His successor Matt Flynn same thing all in one year. Matt Flynn's successor Jarett Lee when from disaster to savior to disaster to perhaps glimpses of savior again. The current QB Jordan Jefferson went from savior, flirted with disaster in the thoughts of some in the media and fan base and now is savior again. That is just one position. This is repeated all throughout the country.

Try being basically a kid and after class hearing your name ridiculed on 100,000 watts radio stations and heck on national radio and TV. Quite a big leap from playing at high school
We have not even got into the concept of team and how these players must really find themselves to win.

In the Notre Dame example you have the added pressure of playing for Holy Mother Church herself it seems. That a easy thing to do the last few years (well a decade) looking at the performance of the Notre Dame football team.

So as I examine what I pray for in Life , and I think those things worthy of a prayer to God, I am not quite sure what these prayers they offer are well any less worthy of mine.

In reality Jordan Jefferson (insert about every college football player in the country) at the age of 19 has to read the most outlandish and hurtful things about him in the papesr at times. When he gets home if he did not do well it is shown in live vivid color and scathing commentary to what is now a worldwide audience via ESPN. It is a sort of pressure that I would expect would put lawyers and doctors in the hospital.

In Anglican Catholic Debate Journalists Confuse Celibacy and Chastity

I know people often do but after years of covering this debate one would think Journalists with degrees and such would correct the error. JUST A PET PEEVE that Get Religion comments on at Chastity, celibacy and continence

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Does Les Miles Need To Stop Off At Radio Shack Before Playing Bama

Maybe so. He might need to pick up some things.

I am looking at the Sunday post game reactions to the day that was in College football and saw this.

Kiffin also took exception to the fact that headsets for Tennessee coaches were not working before the game. As a result, both sides had to disregard headsets for the game's first series. UT held Alabama's offense to a three-and-out.
"It was just amazing," Kiffin said. "Our kickoff team goes out, everything's working in pregame and about 10 seconds before the opening kick our headsets just happen to go off -- in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Amazing deal. Just like the penalties today. ... Everything was great. We tested everything, came out right before kickoff and all of sudden they don't work. I've seen that before and heard of it before. They have happened to come back at the end of the first series. Then all of a sudden they worked, after our defense wasn't able to get the personnel from upstairs for the whole first series. They happened to come back. It would be just great timing so Coach Saban and their defense would be able to have their headsets."

Oh NO!!! Trouble In Tebow and Urban Meyer Paradise?

During the LSU/ Aubrun game I was flipping and checking out the action in the Miss St/ Florida Game. It appears Tebow was having some rough moments on both the field and sidelines.

Florida's win leaves Tebow speechless
October 25, 2009 1:46 AM
Posted by's Chris Low
Rick Dole/Getty Images
Florida quarterback Tim Tebow struggled Saturday, throwing two interceptions in a 29-19 that left him in no mood to talk to reporters after the game.STARKVILLE, Miss. -

There were a couple of firsts for Florida quarterback Tim Tebow on Saturday night at Scott Field, neither one the kind we've grown accustomed to from the Gators' record-setting quarterback. He threw two interceptions that were returned for touchdowns by Mississippi State freshman Johnathan Banks, the first one putting the Bulldogs right back in the game when it looked like the Gators were about to take command at the end of the first half. The second pick was even more inexplicable. Tebow was trying to throw out of his own end zone with less than four minutes to play and the game already in hand when he was hit by Mississippi State's Pernell McPhee, and the ball fluttered right to Banks. And then after the game, which No. 1 Florida hung on and won 29-19 despite repeated woes in the red zone and a determined effort by Dan Mullen's Bulldogs, Tebow declined to talk to the media for the first time in his career. At least, the first time he was healthy enough to talk to the media after a game. Several Florida officials were asked about Tebow's availability, but they said he opted not to come down and speak with reporters and was already on the bus. So all the way around, it wasn't one of Tebow's better performances, especially for a guy who's been showered with positive publicity throughout his career. ........

Pressure Pressure Pressure.

Wall Street Journal Has Fun With College Football Message Board Cry Babies

This is great!! Let it load and then put your cursor over the individual babies

MAUREEN DOWD Pontificates on Vatican "Inquisition" of American Nuns and Sisters (Updated)

Well thank God Dowd has given her two cents. Where would we be without her wisdom. See The Nuns’ Story in the New York Times.

I don't know about you but when I have questions about Church matters and Theology the first person I turn too is Dowd that has written so vastly on the subject (SARC). Maybe next week she will explain to us the internal politics of Iceland which she might be more knowledgeable on compared to this.

Now the article is sort of funny in it's attempt to assert so many stereotypes (THE POPE WEARS EXPENSIVE SHOES!!) . She also has talks about the Pope's outreach to Anglo Catholics who she helpfully informs hate all gay people.

But what it is amusing in her own article she shows that indeed there is a problem but she is so liberal she can't see it.

When then-Cardinal Ratzinger was “The Enforcer” in Rome, he investigated and disciplined two American nuns. One, Jeannine Gramick, then of the School Sisters of Notre Dame, founded a ministry to reconcile gays with the church, which regards homosexual desires as “disordered.” The other, Mary Agnes Mansour of the Sisters of Mercy, headed the Michigan Department of Social Services, which, among other things, paid for abortions for poor women.

Well goodness what is the problem.

Oh Goodness Bad Habit has a great post on this. See MY SUNDAY SERMON…OK, IT’S A RANT

Thank You NFL For Not Embarrassing USA in London (God Save the Queen)

I always enjoying watching these NFL games in London. The Giants are having their way with Tampa Bay right now. Big crowd too. I love that Star Spangled Banner is sung along with God Save the Queen.
Thankfully the NFL today did not have some singer that sang some vulgar POP, Country, Rock, Blues whatever rendition of it and embarrass us all. THANK YOU.