Saturday, August 23, 2008

Those Darn Keys are In the Readings At Mass This Sunday

This Sunday's Mass readings hit on areas dealing with the Papacy. That is both in the Old and the Gospel readings. I suspect most Priests and Deacons that give homilies will stick with the gospel. This is sort of a shame since the Old Testament reading also helps illuminate greatly what is going on in Matthew.

The Catholic Spitfire Grill at her old location has a great post that shows this at Those Darn Keys.....

Also her posts here on this subject that also hit on the "Key" and other Apologetics for the Papacy

I expect Pope Benedict will hit on this at his Angleus too which I hope to post as soon as the English translation is available tomorrow

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Anonymous said...

At our Saturday evening Mass the presider (it was an anniversary Mass and there were _six_ priests concelebrating) did make the connection.