Thursday, September 27, 2007

What We can Learn From the Apostle's Occupations

The more I study scripture the more I find nothing in it is by accident. Many things have significance we just don't catch.

I have often thought this as the Apostle's occupation. Especially the Fisherman aspect. If I was not rushed for time this morning I would post all the verses that had to deal with their fishing activities. These were in fact were businessmen. I am sure like today they often dreamed of setting the market for the day when they had a great catch. I have gotten to know some Gulf Fishermen recently here in Louisiana and their personality and outlook is unique. I think that is something that helps us in understanding these men. Pope Benedict in his new book gives us new insight on what happened around Crucifixion by looking at the occupation of the Apostles.

The Way of the Fathers Blog has a interesting post called Was His Barque Worse Than His Bait? that gives us some more insight into an important part of the Apostles life. I also suggest going to a site that is mentioned in the comments that is related. That is the post Fishers of Men at biblicalia. Good stuff.

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