Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A New LSU Fan Asked ME Who Should We Would Root FOr in the Georgia/Bama Game

It is quite simple
1. If we run the table, we want Bama to win.
2. If we lose an SEC game, we want UGA to win since Bama is in our division.
3. If we're concerned about Saban having success and it helping him recruit, we want UGA to win.

Since we cannot predict the future and the only reason to root for Bama is if we run the table, I think it's clear we want the Dawgs to win. Plus, we hate Bama but only mildly irritated by UGA.

plus plus - As someone said today "I wouldn't root for Bama if they were playing marbles against Iran."(Except of course SEC fans have to pull together in Bowl play to keep the conference strong. Then its ok to root for Bama :) )

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Anonymous said...

We always dislike the teams the most that kill our dreams. When I was a kid, the dreamkillers for Alabama fans were Notre Dame, Texas, and Auburn.

More recently, we have not been able to measure up to our old rivals: Auburn, Tennessee, and LSU. We haven't looked great against Ole Miss and Vandy.

As for Georgia, they'd have been in the top five or ten every year for a decade without Florida (and Auburn).

Nick Saban in Crimson and White. Who'd believe it?