Friday, September 28, 2007

Learning To Love The Virgin Mother

Radical Catholic Mom over at Vox Nova has a nice post called Learning To Love Mary. I like the post a lot since it appears to come from a convert viewpoint.

I think many converts, such as myself, have had that same path to devotion to the Blessed Mother. My devotion to the Blessed Mother and realizing her importance in the whole scheme of things took some time. I believe many converts once they personally come to the conclusion that the Catholic Church knows what it is talking about on the Real Presence, Bishops, Sacraments, Church Authority, etc etc sort of go "ok I will trust her on this Mary stuff".

I do not think it is strange at all that for most converts it takes awhile to go from intellectual assent of Marian Dogma to developing a real relationship. Relationships and developing them take time as they do with in the temporal world.

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