Thursday, September 27, 2007

An Update on the Anglican Communion From A Catholic Viewpoint

I have posted on the important events that were happening in the Anglican communion revolving around the big meeting in New Orleans. I think what happened has major ramifications for Christianity and for the Catholic Church. I decided to let the dust settle before I gave my thoughts. I am hoping to have a post up after midnight tonight on the matter. Till then go to Louisiana Anglican blogger Drell's Descants that has a lot of news and insightful commentary.


SJ Reidhead said...

I think it is a matter of letting the grown-ups run the asylum for awhile. No one is without sin in this whole mess. I've been documenting the problems the ultra conservative bishops from Nigeria and Uganda have created. I think we could have avoided much of this mess if someone had had the guts to tell them to go home, deal with the mess in their own countries, and just shut up.

I also think the problem would have been avoided if the same rules that govern clerical behavior in the Episcopal church had been applied to Robinson. He never would have made bishop, let alone remain a priest.

So - there is enough sin to go around. Maybe we can now survive. I am prayerfully optimistic.

SJ Reidhead
The Pink Flamingo

James H said...

I think that Episcopal Church USA will not survive as we know it but Angliganism will in the USA