Saturday, September 22, 2007

Boudreaux the LSU Clairvoyant Corn DOG Game Day Thoughts and Predictions

LSU Wins!! I know big sup rise coming from a LSU corn dog. However this game will be closer than LSU fans think. It will also bring us LSU fans down to reality some that these blowouts are not going to be a weekly thing. SOuth Carolina is hungry and the Players really believe they can win. That is dangerous. Spurrier is Dangerous(HE IS EVEN IN MY MIND). It is a day game(which LSU fans and even players don't like). But LSU will win.

Florida v Ole Miss-
The Slaughter of the Rebs start at in about 40 minutes at 11:30 am Central. Easy Florida Win.

Kentucky V Arkansas-
Tough Game to call. I really want Kentucky to win because (1)It gives LSU some insurance in the SEC West, (2) We play Kentucky on the Road anyway so let them be highly ranked, and (3) I just like Kentucky and especially their QB. That being said they are going into Arky's stadium and mr Stud Heisman hopeful Mcfadden is ready to go. Boudreaux picks Arkansas even though he doesn't want too. This will be one of the games to watch today

Bama V Georgia-
LSU really needs Georgia to win this one. If Bama Wins then it is very likely they could be undefeated when LSU goes to Bama to play them. THE right to go to the SEC Championship game will be at stake. LSU needs some insurance here. Georgia is a hard team for Boudreaux to get a feel on. I think this is a must win for the Georgia Coach. Bama though getting lots of love is a tad more banged up than advertised I hear. I hate to say it but Boudreaux is picking BAMA Even though he really really wants to be wrong on this one. Expect a close game. This is really a toss up at this point and I think we are all just guessing. This game will show what too expect from both these teams in the future.

Auburn V New Mexico State-
Boudreaux picks Auburn. If Auburn loses this one well I can't even imagine the reaction.

Boudreaux is picking wins for all other SEC teams

Tulane Wins. Geaux Gay Wave :)

Upset Game of the Day perhaps. I think that Air Force/BYU game is one to watch. IF Boudreaux had tons of money to put on a dark horse upset it would be this one. The question is if there is something real actually happening at Air Force this time. We have seen false signs of this before.

I think the rest of the top 25 stays pretty intact today. Including South Florida that just started playing a few minutes ago. I am anxious about the Wisconsin/Iowa game. Boudreaux picks Wisconsin but they need a solid performance

Now two other interesting Game
Michigan V Penn State- I notice the line says Penn State will win barely. Boudreaux goes and PICKS MIchigan.

Notre Dame V Michigan State- Will Michigan State implode for like the millionth time as it usually does when playing Notre Dame? I don't think so and I think the Vegas Line is right on this game. Boudreaux picks Michigan State.

One last game in the top 25 that is a possible upset is Clemson v NC State. This is a very dangerous game for Clemson. The Vegas Line last time I looked was 7 and 1/2. Boudreaux picks Clemson but is wary of it.

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