Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Did Conservatives Get Played By George Soros In the Immigration Debate?

The Anchoress has a must read post called Soros behind the curtain, illusions & the ‘08 vote. I really think she is on to something. Let me recall some of the truest words the Anchoress said on this subject in a post early on over this hot issue called Immigration: Solomon asked for “an understanding heart”. She said in part:
And so, let us pray. Let us stop running on emotions and fomenting rage and focusing on where the flag is on the flagpole. (Of course I am offended by those pictures, but they are - in the end - a distraction, a misdirection - a way to get us feeeeeeling and not thinking. Take them with a grain of salt and keep your guts steady.)

I think that is very true and perhaps people should read her Soros article closely and wondered if we got suckered. Illegal immigration is a serious problem but I felt that forces were really hitting on the FEEEEEEEELING aspect. It worked. It also worked for a quite a few so called "Conservative organizations" that made a hefty bit of money off direct mail. Notice no one is plugging the minutemen anymore. Why? Because their fence promotion was a big money making fraud. They also used pictures, which need to be seen and at the same time taken in context, to whip up our feelings. There were conservatives from very hardline anti immigration advocates, to posters at conservative sites like the now defunct Clown Posse and a minority at the Free Republic(I was one of them) that did the early research. The Pink Flamingo was and is still is in the forefront. It really wasn't hidden. It was all there in public records and how 80 cents of every dollar wasn't going for a fence but back into people's pockets in Houston, DC, and Chicago.

I knew that the runaway emotion would harm us with Hispanic vote as well as others. I also knew it would create such emotion that people of good will on both sides of this debate in the GOP would be at peoples throats. IT worked. In 2006 I had far more emails about so called RINO republicans than democrats. We GOPERS sort of forgot there was election going on. The democrats won.
The problem is how much harm was largely hidden from many of us. Again as I have pointed out this Country views race/ethnic relations it seems through only the black/white dynamic

There was more media attention given to the racial dynamics of Rutgers/Imus, The Jena 6, Michael Vick, and now this silly Philly Quarterback thing than any issue dealing with what Hispanics were really thinking about all this. The media is conditioned that way because well its comfortable it doing it. However the fact is you cannot have major talk show radio hosst talking about "pandering to Hispanics", making jokes about Mexicans for the millionth time, and basically telling esteemed Conservatives like Linda Chavez to get her ass back to Mexico without suffering damage. I think we were played like a well tuned instrument myself.

Immigration is not the only issue this will be done on. Heed the Anchoress's words for the future. The ride has just begun.


Doc Holiday said...

Same song, new verse. I wish I were as optimistic as are you. I am afraid this nutty way of thinking has become main-stream that in many ways the inmates are ruling the asylums. When we have an alarmingly large number of Congresspersons who actually believe that idiotic super-highway exists and we are at any moment to be sucked into some great North American Union, I am truly afraid it is going main-stream.

Getting back to Soros, I truly fear the only reason we now have him with us is as an antidote to un-checked conservative lobbying of the past 25 years.

Now, that will start a few hard-balls coming at my head!

Keep up the good work.

SJ Reidhead
The Pink Flamingo

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I used the wrong blogger sign in!

SJ Reidhead
The Pink Flamingo