Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The privilege of being an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion

Ah another touchy subject among some I know. I do agree that at times there are just too many and at times many should not be Ministers. The most shocking example I can think of is a NON CATHOLIC that was one in a parish I attended for years. Yes that does happen because I saw it. I have to admit I am wish we would all go back to the altar rail system. Every Episcopal Church I have been too has done that that way and it seems to work.

However where there has been abuse there has been reform and correction of that abuse. This UK priest blogger while in Vermont pointed out what this great Bishop was doing. I ahve been a Extraordinary Minister myself and there is need especially in the hospitial and homebound service.

I was really struck by fellow Catholic Convert The Kid Sister of Blessed Imelda and her post Almost My Last Service… May all that are Extraordinary Ministers have her attitude and same grace filled moments.

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