Friday, September 21, 2007

The Author of "It Never Rains In Tiger Stadium" Interviewed By New York Times

I was sort of promoting and talking about this great book by John Bradley here just a couple of days ago. It is a great read and like i said non sport fans will like it. Sports fans and former Athletes at any level will love it. I thought the NYT interview shows what the book is really about.

Coming up we are going to be slipping into a more football mode. Even though their will be a the regular liberal posting of politics and Catholicism with it all.

Tommorow morning expect one of the first post to be a major LSU Tiger gameday roundup of news. My Louisiana Tech Bulldogs have a bye week so no TECH news. Also I will have my predictions up for gameday either tonight or tommorow. I find a lot of these games harder to predict as we move into conference play so I shall be reading up tonight.

Anyway, I am staying in tonight. No big night on the town. I am worn out from going out a couple of nights ago. AHH getting old. The High School football team I follow is out on the road playing the Evil Catholics of Loyola Prep. 100 years of Loyola Football being celebrated tonight. Too bad for them my Pelicans are coming to town. It does seem these 100th anniversaries of highschool football programs are pooping up a lot lately. That will be fun over hte next few years

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