Saturday, September 22, 2007

It is Game Day LSU V South Carolina(MOrning News Roundup)

Who Doesn't Love listening to the LSU Band Doing the Pre Game Song?

ITS GAMEDAY!!!!! I am Sick I am not in Tiger Stadium but I will Be there Soon. Great News. That pesky weather in the gulf that has worried LSU fans all week appears to be largely a non factor.

Prediction- LSU Wins but it will be closer than my fellow LSU fans think. This is a different caliber of opponent.

LSU News and Articles.

Rabalais: Spurrier gives S.C. hope(Baton Rouge Advocate)
Spurrier at home in Baton Rouge(Gannett Papers)
Deep purple(Baton Rouge Advocate)
LSU-South Carolina Matchups(Baton Rouge Advocate)
Time's come for putting all of the talk aside(New Orleans Picayune)

Silly Delusional South Carolina Media
Gamecocks not easily intimidated(Charleston Post and Courier)
Five reasons why USC can beat LSU(Charleston Post and Courier)
HEAD-TO-HEAD -- No. 12 USC at No. 2 LSU(Charleston Post and Courier)
USC On National Stage With LSU(WLTX South Carolina)

Dandy Don as Usual has a great post for game day.
And the Valley Shook Has Several great post to
Check out his Q&A with South Carolina blogger Garnet and Black Attack
and LSU vs. South Carolina preview


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