Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Ross Perot Is Selling the Magna Carta

I agree with the sentiments of Maritime Sentry that has has the his thoughts as well as the details in his post here.

I am not the biggest Ross Perot fan. Ever since he got on Sixty Minutes way back and said George Bush SR. tried to sabotage his daughters wedding , I thought he was indeed out to lunch on some things.

Now true it is his so why should he not do this. Well I do think that people that are blessed with wealth should think about giving back. He has lived in a country that has given him the opportunity to be a huge success and even run for President based on that. If one goes to the National Mall and to all the great Museums one is struck that people of wealth in this Country often gave a lot back. Have no doubt that much of what you are see was not bought by the Government. In fact the donation that was started this great treasure we have up there on the Mall was given by someone that not even an American. He was British and never even had visited the United States.

I hope Ross Perot has a change of heart and thinks about donating it to the American people.

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