Friday, September 21, 2007

Great Quote By Church Father St Basil on Scripture and Holy Tradition

TIP of the Hat to the Way of the Fathers Blog that led me to this grat post at biblicalia called Tradition. GO to the link for the full great quote from this great Saint and Early Church Father:
Concerning the teachings of the Church, whether publicly proclaimed (kerygmata) or reserved to members of the household of faith (dogmata), we have received some from written sources, while others have been given to us secretly, through apostolic tradition. Both sources have equal force in true religion. No one would deny either source—no one, at any rate, who is even slightly familiar with the ordinances of the Church. If we attacked unwritten customs, claiming them to be of little importance, we would fatally mutilate the Gospel, no matter what our intentions—or rather, we would reduce the Gospel teachings to bare words. For instance (to take the first and most common example), were is the written teaching that we should sign with the sign of the Cross those who, trusting in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, are to be enrolled as catechumens? Which book teaches us to pray facing the East? Have any saints left for us in writing the words to be used in the invocation over the Eucharistic bread and the cup of blessing?
Great stuff. Again go the link to read more. By the way the Holy Father in his ongoing talks o Wednesdays about the Chruch Fathers talked about St Basil. Here is a short overview. HEreis the full text at this link Pope Benedict XVI: Lessons from Saint Basil the Great .

Speaking of St Basil. Do people remember how the Cathedral named After him in Moscow right by the Kremilin used to be such a common Cold War Image we saw in movies, in pictures, and on the News.

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